First name: brian
Last name: fitchette
Age: 41
Location: nigeria lagos
Phone: 0023480384862
Report: told me he is an american with a sick child sent him more than 5000 euro
First name: Micke
Last name: Eriksson
Age: 40
Location: Sweden, Falun
Report: He makes first approach on dating site and aske for your private mail. In her profile he claims to live in your country. The dateingsitee I meet her was Match. I corrensponded with her almost on daily basis fr 6 weeks. I did suspect i was a scam but contiued the conversation to see where it would end. Male claim 34 years old. Want a familly and a nice life. Quickly he found you as her perfect match and want nothing else then meet, He cant afford ticket so he ask for the money. He sends a lot of nice pictures, when he doesn't get money he start to complain how misserable her life is without you and that he doesn't know what to do. Then he makes herself anonymus. He claim to not have phone, he is not aloud to specify where exactly he works and so on.
First name: chris
Last name: burke
Age: 55
Location: nigeria
Report: he says he has a daughter of 5yrs. says he works for Unesco and Unitar. captin in army work is everything to him. shows pictures of him daughter and his mother. told me his mom died last yr.
First name: Donald
Last name: Perry
Age: 54
Location: USA, Houston
On websites:
Report: I met this person online on 3/3/12. I was skeptical from the beginning because he was 'in love' with me in like a day and I could not find his name associated with his alleged job, Independent Geologist Consultant (which happens to be a real job). By day 2 1/2 I was extra skeptical and did an online search for some of the phrases he was using in his messages and was immediately taken to the website and to another website. I would estimate that 95 percent of the stuff he types is totally lifted online somewhere. He claims to be a widow with a young son named Sam...he never asked me for anything...I wasn't gullible enough and caught on too quickly.
First name: Alex (Alexander)
Last name: Karl
Age: 43-44
Location: London, Greater Manchester
Phone: 7924225102 + 7024082917
On websites: Badoo, Net Log .......
Report: says he is an only child, his wife (Lisa) died of cancer 3 years ago, only her mother in Bolton. born in Norway but moved back to England as 6 years old when his father died. works as corrosions analyst at oil wells. bidding for contracts. work performed in Iraq, Pakistan or Nigeria. Money must be sent to Melvin Alfred, Asaba, Nigeria Delta, Nigeria claims he is staying in England the english phone number and IP address, then it must be good at IT for redirection of calls.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Age: 60
Location: Ahagastain
Phone: 233245839467
On websites: yahoo and
Report: scamming for money,. says he is in the US Army and stationed in Ahagastain and is retiring from army in a couple of months,,,,used his son as living in Acura, Gahana. and wants him back in the states to be here when he gets out of army...also said he was sick and need money for doctor and medications,,,,has no other family other then his son and lives in los angels CA.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: LonelyRed; flavormind1
Age: 56
Location: High Point, North Carolina; UK
Phone: (828) 305-6319; 011447024018519
On websites:
Report: Very soft spoken. Says he has a sick uncle in the UK. Claims to have to go oversees to handle a technical job for his uncle. Tries to get money out of women by saying the equipment he shipped is being held by customs.
First name: William
Last name: R
Age: 51
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Tagged
Report: He said he was from the Uk but hes in Nigeria doing electical work
First name: Bentley
Last name: Alexander
Age: 54
Location: Kandahar Afghanistan
Report: Bentley Alexander sent a message through the inbox on my facebook account. He introduced himself as a British soldier serving in Afghanistan. In an email I received he said that he had assets of $ 1 million in cash that was seized during the raids on NATO troops in the home former president Ghadaffi Libya. He said the money would have to get out of Afghanistan before his term ended in December 2011. He asked that I would accept the money and keep it until January 2012 he came to Indonesia. He said the money would be taken out of Afghanistan by courier diplomatic immunity and I have to send money for cleanup at the airport in 7600 dollars to the agent Luke. Two days later a man called me and asked me to immediately send the money.
First name: Bruce
Last name: Hamman
Age: 53
Location: Ikeja Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 2348038510664
On websites:, yahoo
Report: This man is 100% a Nigerian scammer. Claims he is white man from California, in Nigeria for business buying antiquities as his business is dealing art/antiquities. Claims has 15 yr old daughter named Yvonne. Actually created a white pages acct with a picture and the address he claims is his 1MM+ owned home. Was robbed a few days before he was due to come home, asked for money I never sent. But he continued to contact me and was very persistent and wasted a lot of time on/with me telling me how we were meant to be together, loved me wanted to marry me, etc. Although I suspected him being a fraud since receiving the email about him being robbed and his daughter shot and needed money for surgery. I never sent him money and told him to take a hike, disgusting scum of the earth. But he continued to contact me, promising, swearing on his life that
First name: Paul
Last name: Mcallister
Age: 44
Location: Afhganistan
Report: We met on dating site and few weeks later he asked me to send some money for his secure line. He said that he is captain of US Army and serving in Afhganistan now. He gave me the ts2 agent names are Cindy Riojas, Texas, Kingsville, Zipcoad 78363, USA and Nurit Cohen, St Aavoda 11, City Holon, State- Telaviv, Israel, Zipcoad 58140. Now I believe he is a scammer on dating site. I am a stupid. I had sent some money to those agents for his secure line.
First name: thompson
Last name: wisdom
Aka: jhon water
Age: 50's
Location: united kingdom
On websites:
Report: first, he introduce himself working in an oil rig in u.k.. and his luking 4 a serius relationship online.. he wants mw to go to him and be with him for the rest of his life.. and he promised me to process all the stuff needed in going out of the country..he even send me letters that he had contacted his lawyer and started processing my papers..there he started asking me to pay for my medical certificate which cost 350usd. and be submitted to the british embassy and assuring me to pay as s0on as i can t0 mke the pr0cessing as early as possible.. he also send me a copy of the application letter from the british embassy.. and when i ask him about his fullname and address he told me it's not even neccessary.. when he gave me his address i immediately checked it n the internet and i found out that there's no place like the address he had given me.. and even the add of the law firm he have told me wasnt true..
First name: Miller
Last name: General
Aka: Joe miller general
Age: 49
Location: Says Afghanistan but is not
On websites: Skype, yahoo messenger
Report: Poses as an American soldier in Afghanistan and will promise women access to his Box which he will give you the code so you can get money out of it but he only takes. He is scum and needs to be stopped or killed. He wants you to wire money to Nigeria but will never call you direct or video chat only works on Skype or Yahoo messenger he works with several men with middle eastern names Mohammed ,for example he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison
First name: David
Last name: Icenogle
Aka: Dave
Age: 42
Location: USA Springfield
Address: E Chestnut St., Chatham, IL
Phone: (217) 572-7596
On websites:,
Report: David Icenogle is on several dating websites and is in a full-time relationship with someone. He claims to be
First name: Barry
Last name: Clanton
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia
Address: JalanUSJ3/7 Subang,Selangor.Malaysia.47600
Phone: +60162869315
Email: Barry Clanton
On websites:
Report: he in also in the same place or group as Wesley Englund
First name: Wesley
Last name: Englund
Age: 56
Location: Malaysia
Address: JalanUSJ3/7 Subang,Selangor.Malaysia.47600
Phone: +60162869315
On websites: contrator
Report: Wesley is asking for more money and when I called the Embassy in Malaysia to ask if they had Wesley passport on file they didn't and all the other things he said did not come to be the truth ether.I wish it wasn't true but it is a scam
First name: Terry
Last name: Hopper
Age: 50
Location: Weston, Florida
Address: 2800 South Commerce Parkway, Suite #400, Weston, Florida 33331. USA
Phone: +15125414933
Email:> ,
On websites:
Report: I met Terry on a dating website. He claims to be a businessman. When I caught him on his scam, he claimed to be the mafia and threatened to kidnap my duagther.
First name: Larry
Last name: Gaius
Aka: Sainte, Saint
Age: 51
Location: Michigan, Detroit, London, U.K.
Phone: 248 677 6150 and 011447045792350
Report: Supposely lives in Detroit, Mi. Was on Match.Com - says he is a engineer and owns his company. Travels a lot out of state. Claims he is only child, his parents killed in car accident, wife died four years ago, he is raising a nine year old daughter, claims she travels with him, he hires a tutor for her, when home he has a nanny. Claims to love you immediately, Said he was raised in Germany, has a very deep Accent. Spelling is very bad. Ask me for money within a week of being in London, needed $4,500.00 - said I didn't have he ask me to get him what I could - he tried for me to get $1000.00 and than ask for $800.00 CLAIMED tax people came to his job site and shut him down because he needed to pay their tax bill. After he came up with money for that he told me he needed money because his daughter Sandra and him had no money to eat.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Nelson
Age: 56
Location: Ft,Lauderdale, Florida
Phone: 19543789634
On websites:
Report: I met him on the we chat on IM at yahoo from 02/20/12 he write beautiful messages that got me suspicion so I did some research I just want others to be aware of him
First name: Darrell
Last name: Carter
Aka: Tristan
Age: 48
Location: NYC
Address: 324 E 108th ST
Phone: 6469125595
Email: g-mail, hot-mail, aol, yahoo
On websites: Senior People meet, BBP Meet,
Report: This man come across like a great guy. Good job, has a daughter 9, gets you involved, may even meet you. He is a black male, average. Has a fake picture on his dating web pages. After he has enough information on you, his side kick Sabrina calls you and starts harassing you. Say she is his woman and to leave him alone. He will ask for pictures. Naked which they use to black mail. She is very sweet at first then turns evil.. They play Good Cop, Bad Cop, then she goes after your job and family. Looking for money. I did not go that far because when she went after my job, I went to the police. There is a report in the Cayuga County police dept.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Menz
Age: 49
Location: Seattle, WA
Email: dennismenz4luv
On websites: Yahoo, Christian Mingle
Report: was born and raise in Germany Berlin and move to United State 4 yrs now.I have been single for about 4 to 5 yrs now...My ex wife was a cheater and i hate to be single so i just want to give my self a second chance to see how things can work true out here,,,I haven date American woman before so am giving it a try to see how it goes and how things can change in my life..Am very simple guy with few words and hate to cheat or play silly games with someone feelings..The reason why i divorced my ex wife was because she was sleeping with my best friend i used to take good care of him and his family..I used to travel a lot,because of what i do for a living,Then they are very happy that am living for a project work,so they can have fun and sleep together.The was a time i travel to France Paris and my business doesn't exist so i used to come back home and i was trying calling my ex phone and the phone was off and i try calling my house line and she doesn't pick the call...So she is not knowing that am on my way coming home,I came and enter my house and looking around and i couldn't saw anyone around..My daughter as been in school on that day...Then i have to go upstairs and change my self then get some rest to wait for my family to return back home...But the time i went to upstairs i hear some noise going on over and over...I open the door and it was my ex and my friend making love together and laughing at the same time...I didn't say any word to them and i went down stairs and pick somethings and went to see my ex parents..I told them what happens when i got back home from my trip,this is what i saw..I told them am done with their daughter and i can't be with prostitute and am getting a divorced papers right away...That means my divorced ends 4 and half years now before i moved to U.S.A...My parents have pass away for about 6 to 7 yrs now and am the only child..My parents are very wealthy before they pass away,My dad was a gold dealer and he put me into his business in about 35 yrs now...I do enjoy the business very very much and is very interesting job...I take in charge of the 2 houses because am the only child...I rent the 2 house for 15 yrs before i move to here,I do this because the must be a time my daughter will be mature and handle everything her own..She is my queen and everything i own in my life...I want to be with someone who can love me with all is heart and not because of my money..You seems very nice person to me and i will like to know more about you...I'm looking for someone,caring,understanding,trust,honest,kind,passionate,affectionate,cheering,respect,faith,God fearing and good sense of humor.Dennis 4:14:14 PM dennismenz4luv: I need you to do me a favor ok4:14:23 PM dennismenz4luv: Please don't let me down4:14:31 PM dennismenz4luv: You have to do this tomorrow4:14:58 PM me: Let me are going to ask me for money right?4:15:43 PM dennismenz4luv: Am going to send you my passport to take loan for me,Then when am back i will pay4:15:51 PM dennismenz4luv: Used my passport to ask loan for me4:15:54 PM me: No.
First name: Kent
Last name: young
Age: 47
Location: Los Angeles
Email: kentyoung14
Report: He sends letters through email. I found pieces of the letters on other scam sites. He says his mother is in the hospital and had open heart surgery.
First name: Herbert A
Last name: Hansen
Aka: Antonio Salvatore
Age: 50
Location: Gurnee Il
Address: W Westwood pl Gurnee il
Report: Met this person on asking for money for a donation for a friends funeral.. who had just been killed the day we met...
First name: James
Last name: Krot
Aka: James David Krot; James Alexander Krot
Age: 48
Location: Madison, WI; UK; Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-628-5598 (this is the Dallas landline, it is a
On websites:; facebook;yearbook
Report: I met this man on dating site.
First name: Brian
Last name: Hebbe
Aka: bhbh17
Age: 42
Location: Lake Cathie Australia
On websites: RSVP; girls date free; are u interested
Report: Avoid this man at all costs, He iis a serial conman with many devastated women left in his wake. He avoids introducing to family as they well aware of his nature with women. Generally dates women in the medical field , financially stable , with children , occasionally hospitality. Follows distinct pattern. Is unpredictable and dangerous. Please. Beware!
First name: felix
Last name: dowels
Aka: harrisonjdowels
Age: 42
Location: manchester england
Email: felixdowels@yahoo,com
On websites: unknownfacebook
Report: he wants to marrie me then say he going to send me a packace said i had to pay 350 $before it can be delivered then when i said i didnt have the 350 i got blocked
First name: David
Last name: Schafer
Age: 61
Location: selangor, kuala lumpur, malaysia. 47500
Address: 1 sunway hotel
Report: just sent email but forgot to put in 58 in my email
First name: David
Last name: Schafer
Age: 61 yrs
Location: Selangor, kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 47500
Address: 1 Sunway Hotel Rd
On websites: msn
Report: Emailing lovely love letters,says he lives in Nelson, New Zealand, then starts asking for money(ringgits) sent him money but very persistantly keeps asking for more. Says he is contractor on road and bridge. Sent photos with first email, very convincing. Asked for money for tax bill, then air ticket, then hotel bill, I will not give him more money, but he still persists. I dont know where to find help to help others.He supposed to come to nz today
First name: Shawn
Last name: Robert
Age: 50
Location: USA uk
On websites: Lava
Report: Supposed to be a self employed oil consultant with petrofac. They don't know him. He asked for A?1200 to purchase a work contract. Had lots of photos and was on the Internet search as a consultant with genuine photo that matched him on web cam.
First name: Michael
Last name: Taylor
Age: 51
Location: UK
Phone: 00447035909627
On websites: sukker
Report: He asked me for my emailadress straight away because that was more conveniant to him. I talked to him 3 times in the phone. He wanted me to call.. We had contact for 2,3 months before he asked for money. His suitcase were stolen..Transfer to China, Bejiing. He said he was from UK but sounded more like an US-citizen