First name: Lawson
Last name: Kennedy
Age: 59
Location: Afganhanistan
On websites:
Report: This person's identity has been stolen. He is a Marine, supposedly serving in US in Afganhanistan. I would like to know if Lawson Kennedy is still alive.
First name: Alexandros
Last name: Kouris
Age: 35
Location: Laconia, NH, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 603-676-7368
On websites:
Report: This person contacted me on He told me he was divorced for 2 years, was married for 14 and had a son. He claimed to have dual citizenship in the U.S. and Greece. We conversed for a while, he told me he was a solar energy engineer consultant, was on a job for one month in Malaysia. He texted me asking me to send money to him via Western Union due to an emergency at work.
First name: scott james
Last name: blevins
Age: 12/10 1956
Location: san jose CA 95117 (california) usa
Address: 3163loma verde dr #11
Phone: 408-374-2230 -- internet mobil 234 8023093803
Report: hans har svindlet .udgivet sig for at vA¦re amerikansk diplomat..undervejs til danmark ,strandet i Nigeria, hvor han skulle pA? en sidste mission . uden penge og hans kreditkort, hos bank of america kunne kun anvendes, nA?r han kom til Danske bank i Danmark, som sA? ville ringe banken op, nA?r han havde fremvist sit ID card.Bank of A troede han var blevet kidnappet , da han havde meddelt dem, at han flyttede til danmark og ville derfor ikke overfA?re nogen penge til en bank i nigeria..jeg, som han skulle besA?ge.har mistet kr 230.000 som jeg nok aldrig fA?r... har meldt ham til iNTERPOL til U.S.DIPLOMACY CENTER STAFF. men intet hA?rt
First name: Steven R.
Last name: Martin
Age: 45
Location: Bellevue, WA and Nigeria
Phone: 425 256 3908
On websites: Facebook,,, ,
Report: Contacted me on April 16, 2012. This man has scammed over 30 women on facebook after contacting them on different dating sites. The letter he sent to me is the same one he has sent to all these other women, after contacting some of these women, found that many have sent money to Nigeria supposedly where he is working.
First name: William
Last name: Bruce
Age: 45
Location: unknokn correct uses San Diego California
Report: William Bruce has been using Yahoo messenger and Yahoo email for the last 9 months to have me send him money and packages and i have sent this money and have addresses and proof to numerous people through out the USA,Australia and Nigeria. He must be stopped!!
First name: jason
Last name: mike
Age: 45?
Location: dayton, ohio
On websites:
Report: Nigerian Scammer posing as mixed race placing photo of a caucasian male with red hair from dayton ohio but visiting sick mother in Nigeria. Claimed to be of mixed race, born in Nigeria and father from the United States. Goes by the profile name coolhotmike40 beware scammer......
First name: Abraham
Last name: Dickens
Age: 54
Location: Benin
Phone: 22999731420
On websites: Dating
Report: Posts on dating websites as currently living in California. Informs that he's originally from Australia but grew up in London and is currently in Benin working on a construction job. Wife died of pancreatic cancer and he has no family. Gets a big contract and needs money to buy a 400.00 phone. Then gets in trouble with the tax guys and needs money. I don't think he got that is.
First name: Remi
Last name: Gablin
Age: 43
Location: UK London, US Washington
On websites: B2 (Dating Website) & LinkedIn
Report: I met this man on B2 and we started chatting for a while, He told me he was and art dealer and travels alot, then it went further to emails. After a while he finally asked me to help him with some money and send it via Western Union' because he lost his bag at the airport and It was stolen with his Credit Cards in them and the Bank had put a stop to his account, I started to ask him for more proof of who he is' I had asked him to send me a pic with him holding my name, As I was good with graphics' I had picked up the picture he had sent was doc't and the original photo was the REAL Remi Gablin holding an iphone or a phone of some brand. I had also done a trace on his emails and they came back saying it was from Nigeria, UK and the US. These guys are getting good with their documents and photos but not that good. But now I fear that the photo's I exchanged and videos will be used in the next scam!.
First name: Tim
Last name: Stewart
Age: 51
Location: Washington D.C.
On websites:
Report: I have sent him a lot of money to help him with solving money transfers. I know now that I have been scammed I know money is gone but want others to see his name
First name: brad
Last name: coward
Aka: Yuliya Natacha
Age: 30 plus
Location: California-France
On websites: friend finder
Report: liya natacha: Now you've just made me know you can't keep to your promise.. You told me to be online by 3:30-4pm my time which i did..m anyways I'm going offline now.. Just email me about when you have my time... 7:19:09 AM hopeforlife57: 7:19:43 AM hopeforlife57: Pretty Woman.........are you there? 7:19:45 AM yuliya natacha: Why are you just coming this time? 7:20:04 AM yuliya natacha: You shouldn't have come because I'm about to leave 7:20:08 AM hopeforlife57: Its 7:20 am........I just woke up again 7:20:31 AM hopeforlife57: what can I say, I fell back to sleep 7:20:47 AM yuliya natacha: Tell me what took you so long? It's 4:e0pm here already 7:20:55 AM hopeforlife57: Tell me good morning,,,,,,before you get mad at me:) 7:21:24 AM yuliya natacha: Anyways i don't have much time to stay on here.. 7:21:25 AM yuliya natacha: Good morning 7:21:25 AM yuliya natacha: How was your night anyways? 7:21:33 AM hopeforlife57: GOOD MORNING GREG..............i SURE DO LOVE YOU...........HERE'S A KISS FOR YOU:-* 7:22:02 AM hopeforlife57: I'm well........Now,,,,,,,,how ya doing? How are your titties? hmmmm? 7:22:11 AM yuliya natacha: GOOD MORNING GREG..............I SURE DO LOVE YOU...........HERE'S A KISS FOR YOU:* 7:22:20 AM yuliya natacha: Fine, thanks 7:22:25 AM hopeforlife57: Now that's better 7:22:33 AM yuliya natacha: Okay 7:22:37 AM hopeforlife57: So what's happening! 7:22:55 AM yuliya natacha: Well you got all i said in the offline,, right? 7:23:19 AM hopeforlife57: You said something about Uncle Brad having access to some cash..........that is all I know 7:23:36 AM yuliya natacha: When i sat down and calculated all i need to pay it was a huge amount.. 7:23:40 AM yuliya natacha: Yes 7:23:51 AM hopeforlife57: Yeah, I imagine 7:24:09 AM yuliya natacha: He's got some cash for me.. 1800 it is 7:24:24 AM hopeforlife57: So is that enough........? 7:24:32 AM yuliya natacha: And now it's left on me about how i will get the rest 7:25:26 AM yuliya natacha: Nope.. Why do you think i said we need to talk? It's because i want you to help me over the rest 7:26:06 AM hopeforlife57: You sure are somthing............That was my attempt at a gracious way of saying,,,,,
First name: Richard
Last name: Andrews
Aka: Ronnie Mclain
Age: 37
Location: Catoosa and Skiatook, Oklahoma, USA. Maybe currently in Ocala, Florida, USA
Address: 201 E 176th St, N Skiatook, OK, 74020, USA
Phone: 918-398-8361
On websites: Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Messenger
Report: In May, 2006, he claimed over the phone to be a U.S. active duty military or veteran of the Iraq War needing funds to pay health insurance premium for his injured knee surgery, but that he was about to marry into a jeweler family. So I gave him a loan by mailing two money orders totaling $1400 USD to the address he gave me in Oklahoma. He offered to help me in return. Then he told me that he was in a mental facility in Kansas and later confessed that he was in legal trouble and paid the money to keep out of jail. He never paid back me any of it. I discovered his bogus/hot check criminal case in Washington County, Oklahoma, USA. In about 2008 I tried to report this fraud to that county's D.A. and a private attorney. The D.A. wouldn't even meet me and the private attorney dismissed it as consentual rather than a crime.
First name: Jeff
Last name: Murphy
Age: 55
Location: Iraq
Report: I joined website some 10 days ago and was contacted by a 'Jeff Murphy'. He said he was in the US Army,based in Struttburg,Germany,but leaving for Iraq where he would be discharged as he was due for retirement.He stated he had a Mexican father and American mother and was from Alexandria,VA.I spoke to him on Skype(video) and have had a few phone calls from him. Email arrived this morning stating that the 'Iraqians had given him 150,000$ as a reward for his hard work in the army'.He goes onto to say that he wanted it transferred into his account in the States but the banking system doesnt work 'accurately as I wanted it...'.He goes onto saying that he wants me to understand his intentions and assist him with this as he is not here. He said he came up with the idea that he could get some gold bars,make the necessary documents concerning it and all he wants me to do now is to receive the package and keep it safe until he arrives here in Australia in less than 27 days. Although I have spoken to this person on video through Skype and on the phone,I have been doing a check on him myself and what he told me about his rank etc appeared to check out,but I still was not convinced. I received a call from him this morning and he said to check my email,read it and reply and write back to him soon. Naturally the 'alarm bells' are ringing very loudly and I am now convinced he is not who he states he is.
First name: Robert
Last name: Jones
Aka: Michael Lewis Wheeler
Age: 50
Location: USA
On websites: Likes dating sites
Report: This man is highly intelligent, charming and handsome. He knows every step in the book. He has been using the name of Robert Todd Jones for 17 years, but his ex wife has explained to me he is really Michael Lewis Wheeler. He probably changed his name originally because he scammed another woman. He was actually married 3 times before he met me. His ex wife has explained who he really is since he left me. He told me he was born in NY, but lived most of his life in Toronto. He said he was an only child and his parent were dead. Turns out he had two sisters and never lived in Toronto! We opened a business together after being together for 6 years. Times were tough, but what I did not know is he was gambling on line (horses) and at the casino over $45,000 in one year. He had me put all the business charges on my personal credit cards ($60,000)and claimed the store was not making it. He did not pay the bills and took the cash money from the store. On January 19th he disappeared. Left no trace of where he went or why. We believe he has probably taken on another identity. This was my fiance...originally he wanted to get married, but I wouldn't. However, we lived as man and wife for 6 1/2 years. For the first 4 years I handled the money and paid the bills because he traveled. He liked to play poker at the casinos, but I thought I knew what was going on because I made sure all the bills were paid and we were not in debt. He came to work for the law firm I worked at for 14 years. Made the company a lot of money and a year later they fired both of us. I wonder now if they found out something about him I did not know. I was devastated and he wanted to move to AZ and start over. We had bought a beautiful house and he pushed to move to begin our lives over again. Promised he would take care of me. We moved and a year later we moved my elderly parents to AZ as well. Again, he promised he would take care of me and we would take care of them! Right now I am responsible for the mortgage on the house, 3 year lease on the store, the debt around $100,000. We went through a majority of my savings and he was mad because I would not sell my house in California. He is a wonder sales person, was licensed to sell insurance. He is 6'2
First name: Troy Vany
Last name: Martins
Age: 42
Location: Guana, CA, TX
On websites: facebook,myspace, twitter
Report: Stolen Identity he is using is the identitiy of Sgt. Mark T. England. After being in the war in 2007.
First name: Fabio
Last name: Lorenzo
Aka: Sgt Vermette&Richard Stoltz
Age: 37?
Location: Nigeria,
Address: Ikotun Road,Lagos
On websites:
Report: This person has tried to con many women,myself included,out of money,unable 2 find his i.p,now worried of any comeback
First name: Thomas
Last name: Johnson
Age: 43
Location: U.K.
Report: I am thankful that i saw this site and share it.. in order others may be aware of this. Hi Darling! I bought my ticket and confirmed my flight to Venezuela late so I was busy running around to make my journey and also send the parcel that I promised. I have sent the parcel containing Perfumes, a gold ring and necklace with a rose flower and the sum of 7,500 pounds sealed in the same pack to enable you settle some of your daily needs and to take good care of your self, I can imagine how hard you could be working just alone to make a better life. Just accept this token from my heart. Since there was no time to contact you any longer for your bank account details to do a bank transaction I had no option than to sealed the money in the same pack with the gold ring and necklace, perfumes and flower as promised. I sent it to your name and address you gave me. From my inquiry the pack will arrive to its destination 3 to 4 daya€™s time. Name: A-Z Logistics Services Website: Tracking Number: 59922661 go to the company website and tracking it through online tracking to know when the parcel will arrive to your country. Please let me know when you receive the pack. Dear you know my heart is open for you .This short moment we have met and chatted together has been an elevation in my life so i willingly decide to share with you . I will always be there for you. I have to go in a hurry now. Just few minutes away to departure. I will contact you when i arrive. or you can contact me with this numbers CALL ONLY +447031741923 SMS ONLY +447935552024 I love you, Thomas
First name: chestnut
Last name: churchill
Age: 46
Location: usa chicago il
Address: 301 CHICAGO AVE 2CE OAK PARK,IL 60302-2370
Phone: 708-240-3410, 201-512-51812
On websites:
First name: Murray
Last name: Pierce
Aka: Murray
Age: Around 45
Location: London
On websites: Facebook
Report: He said he works as an engine room director on a big cargo ship.
First name: John
Last name: Williams
Age: 54
Location: Chelsea, UK
Email: williams_love62
On websites: Date in Asia
Report: pretended to be apprehended in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, asking for &1,000 to help him get out of the airport, allegedly because of having in his possession a huge amount of money from London
First name: roy
Last name: williams
Age: 45
Location: i lives in malaysia..he is pretending to be in Uk
Phone: +0169588056
Report: roy_williams_roy@ymail.comSpamReply2:25 AM 4/21 you know l'm so much happy okay, because if you play with me l will play with you too, what is so important to me is your photos and l have it all okay, so people that know you will see you well and they will remember you too, when they see your breast and if you like don't reply me or you can delete your yahoo email address as you did in facebook, but l don't care because l have all l want, all is, that's your photos and your pussy and breast, which l have show to you as well..but if you want us to me happy as much as we are before, never never never ever ever play with me okay, l want to you from you that you have made the payment, that's all l want to hear from you tomorrow morning, but if you want to see if l'm hurt, than don't...this guy ask be treathen my wife for money to him..he keeping on send her message for money..calling her so many names.please do something now..
First name: roy
Last name: williams
Age: 45
Location: i lives in malaysia..he is pretending to be in Uk
Phone: +0169588056
Report: roy_williams_roy@ymail.comSpamReply2:25 AM 4/21 you know l'm so much happy okay, because if you play with me l will play with you too, what is so important to me is your photos and l have it all okay, so people that know you will see you well and they will remember you too, when they see your breast and if you like don't reply me or you can delete your yahoo email address as you did in facebook, but l don't care because l have all l want, all is, that's your photos and your pussy and breast, which l have show to you as well..but if you want us to me happy as much as we are before, never never never ever ever play with me okay, l want to you from you that you have made the payment, that's all l want to hear from you tomorrow morning, but if you want to see if l'm hurt, than don't...this guy ask be treathen my wife for money to him..he keeping on send her message for money..calling her so many names.please do something now..
First name: Ezechimerem
Last name: Emeoyne
Aka: Hillary
Age: 53
Location: Thornton, Colorodo- Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 4049550470
Report: Hillary is out to marry any woman in order to gain US citizenship. He lies about having money. He is will begin telling that he loves you after your second phone call and will say that the Lord has shown him that you are his wife and that he is your husband. Then he proposes marriage to you. He will continue to litterally beg you to marry him so that he could become a US citizen.
First name: charles
Last name: groover
Aka: charles
Age: 62
Location: Louisiana,USA
Phone: 585 201 1101
On websites:
Report: He requested a sum of 1000USD from me,
First name: Kurt
Last name: Erdmann
Aka: Kurt
Age: 54
Location: South Africa Cape Town Milnerton
Report: Dating Buzz Scammer
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Tyler
Age: unknown
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 442032398069; 447045778436; 2347081825698; 2347065927674; 2348136787076; 2348088959735; 17087027489;
On websites:
Report: This is a group of gang from Nigeria. They are doing cheating and bribing money through online dating site. He used fake picture to send to target victim. He claimed as a children doctor who has a facebook on The profile he posed on is the same as the one on the facebook. He claimed he was going to Nigeria for volunteer and setup his hospital over there. Then he wanted to transfer money to a victim by saying he couldn't take with him by traveller cheque. Once the transfer started, many people came to ask for money and he claimed he got an accident before he came to join the victim. There were a doctor who sent email with pictures to prove the accident. Then from time to time, they made up so many story by adding more senior people from banks (Union bank PLC Nigeria, Skybank Nigeria, Standard Chartered bank Nigeria, Barclays bank London, Lloyds bank London) Nigeria high court, United nation, NDLEA, UNICEF for membership certificate, IMF, Metropolitan police London. They made up many fake document pretending to be from Nigeria high court, United nation, UNICEF, banks, Supreme court of London. By the date he was supposed to come to meet with the victim through online dating site, he was pretending arrested by a government from foreign country, and then claimed to be kidnapped by someone for money. The victim contacted local police, then the story ended. The guy also used a name called Nick Tyler to receive money. Another helper is called Tyler Tyler who claimed he is an officer from Nigeria high court. His email is, whose number used is 2347091212922. Please keep the report content unpublished so the scammer will continue using the same number without knowing he is reported and traced. So the law enforcement agency can trace them. Some IP addresses he used to send email can be provided for tracing which internet cafe he visited often. If more info is needed please contact the email below for all fake document.
First name: james
Last name: brown
Age: 20-35
Location: Ghana-accra
Email: unknwon
First name: Mark
Last name: Evans
Age: 44
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
On websites: Dating site
Report: Evans posted his picture on the above dating site. He suddenly stated last night that he was on a business trip in the States. He claims he has his own computer type business...He advised me that he was depressed because he
First name: Naseer
Last name: saheed
Age: 51
Location: Luton,England
Address: Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0163138529
Report: I know him at TWOO as a friend.He said he was from Luton London.He was a British Muslim.He said now he already 2 yrs at Kulala Lumpur Malaysia with his daughter as an engineer to overseeing his late father company, Turnermoore construction.He want to find a mother for his 10 yrs old daughter.He promised to marry me and want to buy a house at my hometown.He will come to meet me after he get back his money at Malaysia labour Govenrment.He said he want to stop his contract with Malaysia Government.On the 11th.April 2012 he call me he said he want to take his cheque at Malaysia Labour office but he can't because he need to pay for the tax to malaysia Goverment around RM150,000.So he call me to bank in to him using Malaysia girl account no.RM10,000 because he has not enough money.He said he only have Rm140,000.I not bank it to him because I know this is the method of scammers to get money.Almost same method happen to others women in Malaysia.I inform him I have not enough money.Then he message me again to bank him min RM1,000.I off my handphone and don't make any contact with him.Many of Africa,Nigeria scammers in Malaysia used British or Arabian Photos and name for his personality.
First name: Adeyiga
Last name: Alagbe
Aka: Azeez
Age: Ade, Adeyiga and Armand Chukwudi Frank Chukwudi
Location: Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador
Address: Calle Ibarra No. 9, 3A? piso, Ecuatoriana, Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador
Email: He used to use Frank, but I don't think he uses that now.
On websites: He uses about 30 + different dating
Report: This man is currently 'romancing' the daughter of a friend of mine. They 'met' online at Badoo dating site Spanish version. He sent her letters written in capital letters, with just a few spaces where he had filled in ELENA her name. I checked the letters online and found they are typical of scammers and copied from love letters German women sent to Adolph Hitler during the second world war! He said it was the first time he had used a dating site, but when I checked him out on Google in English, I found that he had about 30 - 40 profiles on different dating sites using different names, but his own photo. On the religious dating sites he claims to be 1. a good Muslim 2. a good Christian man which does seem to be a contradiction! Has recently started using USA dating sites on which he claims to live in Croatia and he has stopped putting his photo on dating sites, as I think he knows someone close to Elena is on his trail. Elena is very vulnerable, as her fiancA© died in a tragic accident just 10 months before she got 'hooked' by Adeyiga. He told her that he had never used a dating site before, but we were able to show her that this was a lie from the list of his profiles with his photo on and the list of women he was in correspondence with. However, she forgave him and continues to visit him in Quito and send him money. If anyone wants to see if he is on any other dating website, all you have to do is to enter the first few lines of this spiel that he puts on most of his profiles:
First name: Williams
Last name: Campbell
Aka: Billy
Age: 49
Location: Afghanistan. Kabul
On websites: Badoo
Report: He gets girls to want him he says he is a soldier he asks them to marry him and wants them to pay the military money for his leave to get married then gives a phone numbers yo send the money and doesn't show up he will yell degrade the women lie ti them telling them they don't love him if Horney dint send money and in the end he willcall them liars fake and to go support other men with their money