First name: Adam
Last name: Beavers
Age: 43
Location: Kabul, Aphganistan
On websites:
Report: Started romancing me on site. Soon requested that I move over to yahoo messenger. After 4 days of conversing starting telling me that he loves me. Then just a couple days later offering marriage and asking me to write to his commander asking for a request so that he may come home, Explained to me that they will reply with dates and length of stay and I am to choose one and pay the requested fee. But that the money will be paid back with his allowance. I immediately deleted all about him.
First name: James
Last name: Walker
Age: 45
Location: Manchester, UK
On websites: facebook
Report: Mr James Walker invited me to confirm friends to be added on Facebook. The reason I added him I recognized the picture of a friend of mine. There was another picture he has posted on Facebook exactly as David Raddock Jr here on your pictures of scammers. i had another scammer used the same pictures and he was on WAYN. I had made contacted with a friend and told him that there were people copying his pictures but using different profile information. The one from Facebook just made contacted today and told for a bit. I had n=mentioned about in general how people say they are someone else and hide behind pictures. He did not say much but continued on with conservation. I have not deleted him as yet to find out what his email address or phone number. The one from Malaysia said he was a contractor from the states and need to get money sent to him to help with the contract and promised that pay back when he came here. I did not send any money. Also I find that the scammers will not go on cam a dead give a way something is strange. Hope this helps
First name: Vincent
Last name: Bennett
Age: 65
Location: Denton Texas usa
Phone: unknown214-785-3206
On websites: Date Hook up
Report: his man is posing as a Ohio resident who is in texas as a business man
First name: Milovan Derk
Last name: Sturn
Aka: Milo,George Boye ,Fuller, P
Age: 51
Location: Usa,SAN DIEGO, CA,...Albion Park NSW 2527, Australia,ACCRA Ghana, Chula Vista.Ca
Phone: 619-500-9115 (0242570016)
On websites: milosturn massager on ,speed
Report: Contact Name: George Boye 3rd lane Avenue Dansoman ACCRA Ghana Phone: 0242570016.....By terms of sale incoterm ups Commercial Invoice &Invoice scam me too send a laptop and ipad
First name: Richard
Last name: Maker
Age: 55-57
Location: US
On websites: aol-Dating site
Report: [20/11/2012 10:29:12] Richard maker: If you really care for me help me with money, [20/11/2012 10:31:05] Eva: I can't because I don't have money.You need to find a rich lady to love you [20/11/2012 10:31:40] Richard maker: Then live me alone
First name: Andy
Last name: Johnson
Age: 55-57
Location: US
On websites: aol -dating site
Report: Requesting money for taxes to be paid for some sort of oil shippment
First name: clark
Last name: miller
Age: 34
Location: amercia
Report: i dnt knw if this is a scammer but he is in afghan and an amercian solider pls if he isnot real pls let me knw thnxs
First name: taiye
Last name: dickson
Age: 26
Location: lagos nigeria
Phone: + 234 808 119 3702
Email: taiye dickson
Report: he is askin for money to help someone run a business bit dnt knw if he is a scammer
First name: donald
Last name: dardner
Age: 57
Location: ohio,south carolina,africa
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report: he told me he love me and conned me out 2,000 i really could not afford said he was stranded in africa after he went with a one way ticket there. kept saying he and his son was hungry and needed money to eat and things were very expensive.after that amount i refused to send any more or do thing i know they sounded shady and said no so he kind of dumped me but he was the one that loved me bought me a ring and was going to marry he has a differant id is donaldmissinmywoman and has been talkting to me.said he was beaten and shot in africa they too his pc he dont remember much ,one day he remembers me and when talking to some one i am talking to he tells him what i says. so dont know what is real with him. do think he played me and scammed me to many lies saw the red flags but said give him a chance thought with my heart not my head,NEVER again.
First name: Douglas
Last name: Shepherd
Age: 49
Location: Chicago
On websites: Facebook
Report: This guy says he is a contractor and he has a daughter 5 years old and her name is katlyin and he is in Africa working and now the daughter is in hospital and he needs money to get her released he is telling he has no money and he can't get any till he is back in the states so he can update his bank information he is a scammer I caught him in action. I also have picture of him and his daughter if u want it I can send it
First name: henrick HP
Last name: sorenson
Aka: HP
Age: 37
Location: Denmark
Address: henrick HP sorensen
Phone: 004540825182
On websites: and yahoo messager
Report: He has been asking for money to treat his sick son. He ask for $10,000 to operate his sick son. Same format for my for my friend... His a big scam
First name: Nadir
Last name: Baraka
Age: 20
Location: Tangiers, Morocco
On websites: Facebook, Skype
Report: This man is from Tangiers, Morocco. He is a manipulating person. He managed to lie to me, make me feel sorry for him and steal over $1300 in cash. I don't have any of his information such as physical mailing address, email address or phone number. But he is on Skype and he is on Facebook. I have the FB transcript of our conversation, where he is requesting money and the Money Gram and Western Union receipts from money sent to him. Don't talk to anyone from foreign countries, block them and if they even ask for money, report them. They are scammers.
First name: john
Last name: banks
Age: 52
Location: nigeria
Report: met on lavalife told me he was a widower ask me to delete profile and then asked me send him money1000.00 i refused. still asking me for money
First name: Daniel
Last name: Powers
Age: 49
Location: Spain
Report: He has gotten $3000 from me. Says he's in Spain on a mining job. He didn't have the correct papers and got fined, then he needed money to get clearance on the being able to ship the gold he mined. Now he wants money to ship the gold. He's ask for money for a hotel, ask if I'd take a check, ask for bank account infro, ask to transfer money to my bank, ask for a credit card, asked me to sign him up under my infro on a Nanny site. There's no end to what he can do to scam you. I've been talking to him for 8 months now. He went slowly at first, started calling me baby after a month and then poems. So he was really hitting my heart and I'm a older woman too. I'm getting tired of all the emotional crap that it's causing me.
First name: cole
Last name: james
Age: 60
Location: england
On websites:
Report: told me. he was wanting to send memkney to my bankaccount. & then told me. he. waswanting me to send him money.
First name: David
Last name: Shade
Aka: Dshade27
Age: 49
Location: Belleville il. Manila, England, India
Phone: 7732179929
Email: &
On websites:
Report: He scammed my mother out of a lot of money last week after telling her her was from Belleville il n was on a business trip to Manila n he told her it was n emergency situation n they would not cash his cashier travelers checks n asked her to western union him money n after he found a place to cash the checks he would send her her money back n he also said he has a daughter name Marilyn n was born in Naples fl n lives some time in India n England n currently Belleville il but is on a business trip to Manila so watch out for this man he is a scam!! Named David shade
First name: james
Last name: roddock
Age: 52
Location: afghanistan
Report: he told me to be a soldier on a peace keeping mission in afghanistan. he told to be american, from N.Y, bronx. to be weadow, to have a son 12 years old.
First name: Kevin
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Kevin Wilson
Age: 38
Location: New York
Address: Albnay
Phone: 15187722026
On websites: Tagged
Report: Try to scamm by asking to transfer money by western union
First name: Alex
Last name: Agostino
Age: 49
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Address: 39 Olive Park Folkstone Way Parklands Tableview Cape Town, South Africa 7441
Phone: 01127782405719
Report: I was scammed of close to $4000 USD from this man, who I met on and then had a series of
First name: Larry
Last name: Gordons
Aka: middle name Fabio
Age: 49
Location: Malaysia Lumpar
Phone: 601-437-06460
Email: also
On websites: used to be on on Facebook
Report: He sent very nice emails claiming love. Said lived in Glendale, California but working in Malaysia. He asked for $5000.00 to cover materials due to problems with bank and to pay bills. Started to call me his wife and said was dissappointed that I didn't trust him and wouldn't help him.
First name: John
Last name: Mark
Aka: in military
Age: 47-49
Location: Brooklyn, NY
On websites: yahoo
Report: I think is the big scamer, on dating website Hookupdate. He seams very polite and friendly demending money for his deployment. I lost big money , but i believe in God, the justice is coming...
First name: Johnson
Last name: Williams
Aka: Williams
Age: 47
Location: London, UK
Phone: +447031878962, 0060102528670
On websites:
Report: Promised to come to me to marry. He said he flew to Malaysia and got hold at customs for luggage and money issue. He asked 1,060 ringgit to pay for tax. I sent the said amount. After three hours asked again 3,500 ringgit for international insurance tax. I told him that I cannot send anymore, but he insisted that I have to borrow from my friends or relatives. He kept on calling and texting that I have to send him the money. I did not tell him that I knew already their scheme,but I didn't send money again.
First name: RAJA VIKAAR
Last name: MOKHTAR
Age: 36
Location: PAKISTAN, Rawalpindi
Address: Unit # BB 661-52 Eidgah Road Ferozabad Rawalpindi
Phone: 00-66-867939684 00-66-809629139 00-66-851291308
On websites: ebasystore.worldnumismatic76
Report: favourite trick is to buy coins/banknotes/old books/stamps/etc for cash and then put a small deposit down for a large amount of stock and disappear. TRIES ALL WAYS TO OBTAIN CREDIT. secondary trick is to profess love for rich lonely women and obtain cash/favours. dresses in long sleeve black or brown shirt with exposed hairy chest.
First name: Mcgrath
Last name: SMITH
Age: 35
Location: Usa'Riyard Saudiarabia
On websites: face book
Report: He use Lt'mager general Michael Ferriter photo from US army for fake me and sent the messess to me asked for my photo after I replied he got loss.
First name: chris
Last name: richards
Age: 51
Location: new york
On websites:
Report: i talked to this guy for about 2months, he told me he's doing an oil deal in kuwait, he also told me he will come and visit me, so he is sending 2 boxes to me with a courier company in kuwait, but this company you can only pay 61% and the receiver must pay 39% before the boxes can be send to me, and a rep will mail me to tell me where i must pay the money in...he also send me a courier slip as proof, but i think its a false document..
First name: Richard
Last name: Martin
Age: unknown, approx. 55-60
Location: UK, Ireland?
Phone: +44 701 298 9624
On websites: Hotmail
Report: I connected with this person on Christian Mingle about 2 weeks ago, but he asked me to use his personal email instead, then he immediately disappeared from CM. He has never tried to phone me but always includes the above information on every email. He claims to be an engineer and CEO of Deacon Oil. I checked out the website of his company,, and it looks legit until you read through some of the information which is strangely worded--wrong tense, etc. There is also no address listed--highly unusual for an oil company, supposedly worth millions. He is pledging his love and lifelong devotion to me without having my photo or calling me in person although I sent him my number and he texted me in return. Now he is asking for my phone number again. When asked for personal information, his age, marital status, address, he doesn't respond to those questions. He sends a lot of poems and non-descriptive email that could be generic copies. He claims to be very religious and uses a lot of biblical quotes. Otherwise, he sounds too good to be true and before moving forward, I'd like to know if you have any history of this.
First name: Johnson
Last name: Williams
Aka: Williams
Age: 47
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Phone: +447031878962, 0060102528670
On websites:
Report: Lured me to get marry at my country. he said he's coming and got held at customs in Malaysia. He asked for MYR1,060 ringgit to pay for luggage clearance fee. After three hours he sent SMS telling that he was asked to pay for international insurance tax and asked from me again MYR1,500 ringgit. He lost contact afterwards his email address doesn't exist anymore. The next day he called again askinf for money, but I never send again.
First name: Martin
Last name: Haggard
Aka: Perry Carlson. Retired commander
Age: 52
Location: Says hes a soldier in Afghanistan but is in Ghana Africa
Address: P.O Box AT 2509 Achimita Market Accra Ghana
Phone: 0233 beginning 12digits? & 317-225-5601 cell phone (African accent)
Email: And
On websites:
Report: Contacts as a lonely betrayed husband/soldier in Afghanistan. Love every other word, want to be with you etc. obviously a hoax. No one new talks like that. Played along to see how far he would go. demanding to rush to the USPS to send items/packages. Sim card, Cell phone, perfume, cookies, t-shirts, boxers.... Just stuff. First of all, a man doesn't ask for perfume or boxers. Simple questions could not / would not be answered throughout emails. Soldiers won't provide certain info., not so much info as this imposter. Army brats know better! Asked to contact a retired commander for address to send package and to send to Ghana? Really?! Nope!! I guess they are not smart enough to know we are smart enough to know better. Interesting experience. Its Amazing the stories they make up.
First name: Robert
Last name: Dickson
Age: 40 -47
Location: London ( he said he is from London)
Report: he claimed he sent me a gift via courier service after 2 weeks we knew each other. i never said i am inlove with him as i just took him as my online friend. 1 day i received a call from a man by the name of Murray Gibson claimed that he is from GL courier service company ( the company is from France)and he is the representative station in Malaysia. he said i have a parcel sent by robert dickson and asked me to pay Rm1,600 for costom clearence. i have no c hoice as mr robert ask me to help him paying as he said he is working in the ship. i paid but that was not the last payment. he made pay more and more as he tthreten me the malaysian costom found cash money in the box. HE cried and said that was the only money he have for his mother and son. i was syphatize with him and thinking i shldI help him as he is in trouble.I end up paying Rm 478k. All my saving gone and i have to take bank loan to pay them. when i call malaysian airport cargo section than only i know i was cheated by this people. Now i left with nothing and have to pay debt and bank loan. i am really suffer now. robert still answering my call and keep promise that they will pay back but until now none.
First name: james
Last name: morgan
Age: 50
Location: minnesota/texas
Phone: 617-391-8109 and 0-144-04=577-6339
On websites: tagged, taboo, at least 5 different ones
Report: He said he was looking for an honest person, he was building a bridge in London, after about two months he claimes the job ended then he said he couldn't cash his check there and that he wanted to get back home where his home was in califionria my Family and my brother's wife gave him almost all our saving thinking we were helping him to get back to the united states we were in touch with different people we tried to file complaint with interpol but they never got back to us it's so embarressing I don't think I'll get my families money bu this is a group who's doing this I've seen and ran across others and they ALL say their from ITALY and then there's a sob story about either wife dying or cheating, and they claim to be madly in love after TWO corresponedense (Spelled it wrong sorry) please help me to let other women know it's a lie my husband was killed in 02/08/2009 and I was not trying to find anyone just in pain about my loss and this was TWO years later just a friend one who undertood my pain so I thought, and he took from MY FAMILY who oly wanted to help him he stopped using the international number (the second one0 he called and said he was in Texas and that if we could send him 500.00 to help get him to us but said you have managed to get from London to Texas hitchhike we have no more money and since then the number rings and rings it's a magic jack so my sister in law has one and she's station in germany but her magic jack has a texas number because that's where she lived when she purchased it before! she left for germany so I feel and so does she that he's still somewhere in London and someone got him a magic jack to keep scamming women..thank you for at least hearing my story.