First name: Wayne
Last name: Coker
Age: 41
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: 1-213-478-2401
On websites: b2
Report: This man tried to get me to give him money and when I refused he stopped talking to me. It was $3800 he was asking for.
First name: Holic
Last name: Gabriel Simon
Age: 51
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland UK
Phone: was 00447924566191
On websites: POF
Report: I met this guy on POF dating site and we corresponded for a couple months. I ended up sending him money to come to Calgary to work. He is an Aeronautical Engineer and he had been to Calgary to write an exam and was given a job to come here. This all happened about a week or 2 before we started corresponding. He sent me his photos and papers of where he was going to be working in Calgary (Jet Support Services Inc. as an Aeronautical Engineer). I also had a reference letter of his. I figured because I had this paper work for him, that it was all legitimate. Not only did I send money for the flight, but then he said he needed money in his pocket to show Immigration and that I would get that money back when I picked him up at the airport. He quit his job in Scotland and was waiting for his money from the co. which I was told was going to be about $90,000. He said that he was first told that he would have the money soon and as a couple months went by, he still had not received it. He had to be in Calgary to start his job by a certain date or he would lose the job, so that's why he asked me for money and said as soon as he got his money or after he started work here, he would pay me back. The name I have for the co. he was working for was Kapital Aviation Ltd, 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9WJ. I don't know what info. you need, as this is my 1st time for this sort of thing.
First name: mark
Last name: louis
Age: 52
Location: California
Phone: +15623543171
Report: Please check the person is a scammer,i know him from Christian cafe site
First name: DAVID
Last name: MATTA
Age: unknown
First name: daniel
Last name: willams
Age: unknown
Report: states he is anerican soldier I believe he is really in Nigeria...asks for money, gold bracelrt and gold watches but gives Nigerian address to mail it to.
First name: George
Last name: Macario
Age: 52
Location: Liverpool UK
Phone: +447035930418
Report: This man has ben contacting me since 9th of August,we ben chatting every day, he keeps telling me how much he loves me.Talked about wanting me to be his wife and the mum of his 10 year old doughter. Than he had to go to Malaysia for a work contract. He send me a messege, he needs to get 4.500 Euro real fast so he aint going to get problems and be stuck in Malaysia. He supose to come to visit me next week. I keept telling him that i dont have that much monney, he was begging me to ask friens and family for help. I surched for his name and saw his name and foto in
First name: fred
Last name: lewis
Age: late 20s
Location: ny ny
On websites: black planet
Report: met him on black planet he wanted my emal address an i told him no but i told him that i could add him to my yahoo messenger an i did wasn,t on there but about 10min. then he said he had something to show me then this phrase came up an said accept or declined i accept an it was my picture file i have on the computers an don,t know how he got them that quit then u wanted my phone number an i gave it to him not thinking before all of this happen,an then he said he had to go an he said he others sites to go to tomorrow an he loged off.
First name: George
Last name: morgan
Aka: Christian Mingle USERNAME was Talk2thesoul
Age: 53
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 011-44-703-196-4097
Email: and for yahoo messenger
On websites: Christian mingle, ok cupid, match, maybe plenty of fish
Report: I was scammed out of alot of money by this SCUM BAG because I believed him when he told me that he was in love with me and I thought he was a christian, a Godly Man but he is a liar and he was very convincing and seemed to be genuine and sincere. He told me that he was an Independent Drilling Contractor working in an oil rig in the UK for his last 6 weeks with the contract. He said he was from Sacramento, CA. but his profile said, Vincentown, NJ and when I questioned him about that he said his sister lives in Vincentown, NJ and she put his profile on the site for him because she wanted him to meet somwone in NJ. To know that I was talking to this SCUM BAG and liar on the phone and he was setting me up for a scam the whole time and the person I thought he was didn't even exist. The picture is, of someone, but not who I thought I was talking to. They use fake pictures and TEMPLATES so they know exactly what to say and when to say it, especially in their emails. They are so convincing. They will lore you off of the site to their personal email so they can move forward with the scam. They basically brainwash you into trusting them. They use a weird # with country code 44 and an area code 703 and I found this out to be true on google. So if they give you a weird # with this country code and area code cut yourself off from them fast. I feel VIOLATED and don't know if I will ever trust again because of what this SCUM BAG did to me. He convinced me to help him with money and eventually I agreed because he told me he was in love with me and I had fallen for him too. He not only stole money from me but he stole everything else as well, my joy, my peace and the happiness I felt even for a short time.
First name: David
Last name: Dick
Age: 50
Location: United Kingdom
Address: Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-828-6052
On websites: any dating site, I met him on Metrodate
Report: Over August and Sept. 2012, he scammed me out of about $12,000 thru romance scamming on the internet. I first met him on the Metrodate site, he said he fell for me very soon after that. He would text msg me very often, email me, and we would instant msg a lot. Every time he requested money he emphasized emphatically that it was a loan, that he was planning on returning to the US and pay back everything he owed to everyone. He said he was working as a corporate pilot on an oil rig out in the ocean for the Bluegate Oil Co. from Va. He was on a contract job out in the sea near the United Kingdom and would soon be finished around late August or early Sept. He mentioned during our talks that he had a daughter Cherryl, 10, who was in a boarding school in London while he was working there. He asked for money several times, twice for his daughter's school, then money for a business investment he said we would own when we married, then money for a plane ticket so he could leave, and money for his taxes so he could leave there. If I would refuse, he would turn it around on me and say
First name: George
Last name: Macario
Age: 52
Location: Liverpool
Report: Im not sure if he is a scamer, he asked me to send a lot of monney to him
First name: Michael
Last name: Diesel
Age: 62
Location: Arabia, CA. Kent, England
Phone: 44-792-459-9091
On websites:
Report: Claims to be a fund manager for Diamondbond Investment Intl. Traveling for business in Dubai. Educated in Germany and Scotland. Born in Italy, widowed ten years ago. Uses very bad English, Lots of copied romantic stuff, easy to Google. Madly in love, etc. Doesn't ask for money but wants to use your name and address for business deal. Other reports of same dialog on Scamwarners. RUN!!!
First name: Glover
Last name: Smith
Age: 47
Location: Logas, Nigeria - Nashville TN
On websites: OkCupid
Report: This person calls himself Glover Smith and has a profile on the dating site called OkCupid. He has the user name of glsmith441 and says his email is Here is the link to his profile - He said today that he is in Logas Nigeria but that he lives in Nashville TN. THIS IS A SCAMMER - Please stop him.
First name: andy
Last name: francesco
Aka: claim born in ireland grew up in italy with a nigerian accent
Age: 51 or 52
Location: austin texas
Report: Such a charmer so in love claim he is a horse doctor but needs money to be wired to Malaysia for some type of at Sirium for research.
First name: martin
Last name: riches
Age: 52
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Address: 1320 Austin Highway,San Antonio Texas ,78209 U S
Report: recruiting nanny for united states asking me to pay half of the fee the agency he recommends will work for me
First name: Billy
Last name: Waller
Age: 57
Location: Africa
On websites: Yahoo
Report: hes always asking for money , he will say he loves you , and he will tell you he have a son named Henrey , which he dosent , half of his family members are , dead , and he will keep beggin and asking you for money
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Ryan
Age: 50
Location: Leeds, UK
Phone: 44-701-118-3574;44-703-199-8455;44703-197-8227;234-810-039-8062
On websites:
Report: He described himself as civilian engineer, working for Hewlett company in Leeds, UK. Very fast fall in love. He got government contract to deliver to Nigeria electrical goods and will get from this contract $450k profit. His good arrived in Nigeria, but arrested, because he has no enough money to pay custom's fee and asked me to send him rest, $4.500. I asked him to send me copy of his passport, and definitely his passport discovered to be faked. I stopped any contact with him, he didn't get any money from me.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Dyer
Age: 49
Location: arkansa,,,,,or east africa
Email: thomas
On websites: meetme,,,,,,, messenger
Report: he is deffinately a male scammer, claims to have a 8 yr old son Dave,
First name: Fred
Last name: Kindel
Aka: Christopher Antonini
Age: 44 years old
Location: Italy
Phone: 1-518-832-9841
On websites: yahoo
Report: Claims he is working with private company to secure gold and oil. Claims he has sick 11 yr old daughter in hospital and if you send money he promises to refund money. Wants you to receive western union funds but wants information on your credit cards....etc..... don't fall for it ladies. He's a lier.
First name: James
Last name: Anthony
Age: 46?
Location: Branford, Connecticut
On websites:
Report: Typical internet dating scam, with Nigerian building contract, has some photos that look very real and not photoshopped, needs money for hotel, food, equipment, flight, but never has access to webcam, photos on cell phone, does call with regularity from various phone numbers that look like they originate from Nigeria (proper country code), tells you he loves you, only you, wants to marry you. Told me he had his son with him in Nigeria. I tried to research online before sending money, but I obviously did not look in the right spots.
First name: John
Last name: Aska
Aka: Adelusi
Age: 33
Location: Beijing, China. Originally from Nigeria
Address: Rm 503, Unit 2, Building 1, Block 8, Liqing Rd, Lishuiqiao,Beijing, China
On websites:;
Report: He has an account on which he log on all day long seeking girls. He claim that he wanted to have a very serious realtionship and wanna get married, but actually he is multiple dating and sleep around. He is also a scammer for money. He has at least 10 different ids on posting very different ad looking for gf. But acaually he is just a womenizer&scammer.
First name: Harish
Last name: Raman
Age: 51
Location: Dallas Texas
Address: 5349 Amesbury Drive,Apt 2110, Dallas Texas 75206
Phone: 469 221 9415
On websites: Bharatmatermony
Report: I met this person who is Christian however he claimed that his father was a Hindu & mother Canadian, only child & a widower with 2 children girl aged 8 Joan & boy aged 6 Chris. On 1/6/12 they travelled to Thailand as he said his company was awarded the contract to help re build Thailand after the floods in July 2011, then they were supposed to come to Uk. He contacted me to say his luggage was stolen that had his wallet with credit cards, it's September now & apparently they are still there , I've been stupid, I've sent lots of money, by western union, but was not in his name, he said he would go with the hotel manager, all the signs are there for him to be a fraudster, but I have spoken to his daughter, uk time was 11.15, Thai time would have been 5.15 pm, & us time 5.15 am, would a father wake up his child that early, also they were due to fly back to Dallas on 1/7/12, he got BA to send me an email with his flight details, but on the way to the airport he was involved in a car crash, & a dr contacted me. I have kept all communication between us, he also appears on Facebook he has used the same photo for his profile & on the dating site, he appears on Skype, I also found him on america's white pages, my life . I have a photo of him with his children , one of his daughter with his uncle. I know I've been stupid, hopefully this will make others aware of him if he tries it with someone else.
First name: maicon
Age: roughly 55
Location: usa
On websites: dating POF
Report: He starts out very friendly and like all scammers, building up to ask for money, I got out before the going got tough. It was all too good to be true and I am sure he was going to use a long sob story about his 11 year old son...yet another nice man's photo ruined by scammers!!
First name: crawford
Last name: walters
Age: 52/55
Location: usa
On websites: dating POF
Report: According to me he has stolen a nice man's picture and is using it to scam. I never fell for it. He wanted money because his ISO certificate was expired and he needed it to close a deal for raw nuggets in Campsbay, South Africa. I kept his first letter and the 2nd one he wrote. I also kept a photo of this person.
First name: Emea
Last name: Nnoke
Age: 24
Location: odulukwu rd eleenwo porthacourt , Rivers statet Nnigeria
Address: odulukwu rd eleenwo porthacourt , Rivers statet Nnigeria
Phone: 08032715913
On websites: yahoo messenger chat
Report: This guy is from Nnigeria, 24 years old, i talk to online chat and to scam me to send him a money.Its a first time we talk chat in yahoo and He say i love you to me and then he want money to send to him. negronation: are you a christain o_analou: why negronation: do you go to church o_analou: yes i did negronation: no just want to knw negronation: whic church do u attend o_analou: church of God, negronation: is that the name negronation: is it advantis church o_analou: yea it is , its iglesia negronation: wht is iglesia o_analou: the name of church negronation: love u negronation: love u negronation: wht kind of currency do ur country use o_analou: pesos negronation: hv you seen niria bfor negronation: dats my currency o_analou: what niria? negronation: naria o_analou: no negronation: naria is wht we use negronation: my currency negronation: will you want to see it o_analou: no, just next time negronation: my country is very reach o_analou:really? negronation: if ur interested to see it i will send it to you negronation: then you change it and use it negronation: thru money transfer o_analou: aha, negronation: i will lik to see ur higher dinomination currency of ur country too o_analou: yea negronation: so i can knw hw urs currency is too o_analou: our currency negronation: my country is very rich negronation: yea o_analou: ok good negronation: when will you send it so i can send you my too negronation: when will you send your country currency so i can send my too o_analou: i will send it you? negronation: when o_analou: how can i send? negronation: so i can send my negronation: when will you do that negronation: yea negronation: there is money transfer here o_analou: give me your complete name, and address, and your number o_analou: is there mluiller? o_analou: can i see you? negronation: Name:Nnoke Emea NnoKE , phone number ; 08032715913 o_analou: ok o_analou: can i see you? negronation: 24 odulukwu rd eleenwo porthacourt , Rivers statet Nnigeria o_analou: ok o_analou: let me see your ID? o_analou: you have ID? negronation: can you see it o_analou: invite me negronation: can you see the id negronation: is a driving licence o_analou: pls wait dear o_analou: show me ur id negronation: can you see it negronation: are u there o_analou: yes negronation: ok negronation: ok o_analou: can i see your id? negronation: hv u seen it o_analou: yes o_analou: i see it o_analou: ok now negronation: is driving licenc negronation: so hw will you do it negronation: hw will u do it negronation: you will send diffrent type of ur currency the higher dinomination like ten negronation: how will you send it negronation: so i wil know when you have send it negronation: with the address i gave you o_analou: what is youf fb? negronation: when will you send it so i will know negronation: Nnanna Emea negronation: wht is fb o_analou: what is your last name? negronation: Nnoke negronation: wht happen o_analou: ok negronation: why are you askin o_analou: you want to send the money? negronation: when wil you send it negronation: my Nnoke Emea Nnoke my name o_analou: give me your postal adress negronation: 24 odulukwu rd elelenwo porthacourt , Rivers state Nigeria west Africa negronation: phone number ; 08032715913 o_analou: ok negronation: send it thru WESTERN MONEY BANK TRANSFER o_analou: ok o_analou: so how i can tell you if i send the money already? o_analou: what is your e mail address? negronation: text me or send me an email o_analou: yea o_analou: what is your email? negronation: bcos the bank will ask yu to send me the information u use to send it in bank negronation: hi negronation: are you there?
First name: Frederick
Last name: Cacace
Aka: Fred
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 60-112-621-9852
On websites: plenty of fish / facebook
Report: Fred will message you and
First name: Rueben
Last name: Griffin
Age: 50
Location: Houston, TX Brooklyn, NY
Report: Check him out on the site Anti-Scam-Forum-NL and you'll find the following standard letter he sends women : Reuben Griffin How are you doing??? hope you're having nice times over there ??? and i just thought of surfing the web because i was idle then, i stormed on your amazing profile and it caught my attention.Am really sorry for bugging your privacy.So,i decided to wait and say hi and tell you little about my self. ..This is all about me...My name is Rueben Griffin,am 47yrs old.I live in U S A New york,amity ville but am from Houston,Texas(Born and raised)anyway,am a Civil Engineer cum Architect particularly based on road construction and other general construction...I'm 5'11''ft and 180lbhs,..l am single but a single parent,got a daughter who's 10yrs old now...If you care to know more about me you can send me a mail here or add me to your buddy list,here is my mail id i will be hoping to read from you soon. Take care and God bless. Love ... Rueben Another version : Cooldadrueben View Profile OnLine View Message Trail 8/24/2012 10:18:07 AM Subject: Hi Message received: Hi and how are you doing??? hope you're having nice times over there ??? and i just thought of surfing the web because i was idle then, i stormed on your amazing profile and it caught my attention.Am really sorry for bugging your privacy.So,i decided to wait and say hi and tell you little about my self. ..This is a little about me...My name is Rueben Griffin,am 50yrs old.I live in U S A New york,amity ville but am from Houston,Texas(Born and raised).I am into gems and artifacts...I'm 5'11''ft and 180lbhs,..l am single but a single parent,got a daughter who's 10yrs old now...If you care to know more about me you can send me a mail here or add me to your buddy list,here is my mail id (rueben_griffin at yahoo dot com) Hope to read from you soon. Take care. Love ...Rueben Here's another link : HERE'S ANOTHER LINK I FOUND HIM ON : Romance Scam a€? Rueben Griffin, www.roman... - I I?I?I?I‰I?I?I?I¬ I±I€I?I?I·I?IµI…I?I­I?I· - I?IµI„I¬I†I?I±I?I· I±I…I„I®I‚ I„I·I‚ I?IµI»I?I?I±I‚ 1 I?I·I?I?I?I?IµI…I?I· - 24 I?I±I?. ..This is all about me...My name is Rueben Griffin,am 47yrs old.I live in U S A New york,amity ville but am from Houston,Texas(Born and raised).
First name: Jeremy/Thomas
Last name: Stelmach
Aka: jeremyheart72
Age: 57
Location: camden london
Phone: 002348178752901
Email: or
On websites:
Report: So yes I was scammed on match. It started on 15/9/12a€¦.. This person is very good a€“ I was absolutely smitten, couldna€™t eat, sleep a€“ he was in my thoughts 24//7a€¦ He told me he was from texas and had moved to Camden in April 2012, leaving his 12 year old daughter Nicole, with family in texas. He told me he imported and exported horses. He said all the right things. We were supposed to meet up and it got cancelled, he said hea€™d been in a long mtg on the monday morning and on tuesday night had to fly to Ghana and then onto Nigeria to purchase about 18 horses. We IM, emailed and text for several hours every day. He sent me a copy of his BA flight confirming his flight home for monday 24/9. Whilst on his way in a taxi to the airport apparently got attacked and ended up in a police station, having lost everything and very apologetic that he would not be seeing me on the weds. This is when I become suspicious a€“ his email telling me about the attack just did not feel right so I looked up scamming on the internet and lo and behold he was almost text book perfect. I did not get to the stage where I handed any money over, all I had done was top up on my phone for international calls. Im trying to think that for 9 days I felt more alive than I have for a long time but deep down I miss the attentiona€¦a€¦ I will never use a dating site again and would not recommend them. I will put this one down to experience. It is just horrible to think that everything he said was a lie. I also feel very sorry for the guy whos picture is being used. Hope this helpsa€¦.. Linda x PS. I did get a text, he told me that he had recovered his phone and had I got his email. I told him not to contact me again and have heard nothing morea€¦.. x
First name: Joseph P
Last name: Cecil
Age: 57
Location: Maysville, Ky
Phone: 516-554-9327(cell)
Report: I was scammed by this person on He has a Norwegian accent and claims to be an american born who moved back to states when an adult. He also claimed to be a civil engineer out of Maysville Ky,worked for a construction company for nine years and bid on a Malaysian road contract. He sent copies of check paid to him, contracts and pictures, all false. Tried to get me to let him transfer money from bank in Malaysia into my account, not happening.After that I sent him a little money, then in car accident, needed money to get out of hospital etc. etc. Havent't heard from him in a month because I played it as long as I could until he knew I was on to him. I have and will continue to file reports until I see him crop up somewhere else. He also claims owns his father's house in Vt and plans on opening his own construction company after Malsysia project.I have pictures and will post wherever I can as needed. 2
First name: Lucas
Last name: Amend
Age: 42
Location: New York, America
On websites: and facebook
Report: He contacted me through NZ dating. moved to email chatting. package sent 19/09/2012 from New York to arrive NZ 4 working days. package includes laptop,phone,money,shoes,jewellery. Sounds too good to be true. promising house and marriage advised him I'm broke and on welfare so not sure what he wants I don't have money I am not worth scamming. posing as a jeweller merchant with 8yr old son.
First name: jefferson
Last name: terrens
Age: 44
Location: lagos nigeria
Address: lagos nigeria
Phone: 002348092469887
On websites: Date in asia
Report: the take money from me in euro 394.00 and change dollars amount of 485.72 i have my evidence the receipt in western union MTCN 598-313-6037 dated september 2,2012 284.23 euro in dollar 350.00 the other one MTCN 599-513-4150 dated september 6 2012 amount of 110 euro in dollar 135.72 her name date in asia is Bankyoo1 Iwant to get my money back coz he lie with me he told me that he will open bank account. Thanks....