First name: George
Last name: Mensah
Aka: George Mensah, Banker in Accra Ghana
Age: Middle age
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites:
Report: (Shortened story)There were some that were wanting to help me recoup money. A gentleman banker jumped on.If you look you will find him at Guaranty bank Accra GH. He sent me many mailngs about it. I paid a lot in, to the one concerned With him. He had even called me. To this date I have gotten nothing and all lied. It would seem him also. I did put in a great deal. I got nothing, he is in it.(there were two other scammers in, but he knows all. I have letters. My very recent sent, was 621.00 Joyce
First name: keith
Last name: hernandez
Aka: quito hernandez
Age: 54
Location: usa/accra, ghana,west africa
Phone: 281-406-1174
Report: he chated with me on datehook. he immedicately wanted to exchange phone numbers and email addresses. he said he had been praying to God to send him the right person. he said he was a widower. lost his wife yolanda and son edward in a car accident 9yrs ago. he only has one son left, alex. he fell in love with me quickly. then he had to go to accra, ghana, that's when his troubles started. he needed money for this and that. he also needed an i-pad. when i finally realized what was going on he stopped contacting me.
First name: john
Last name: allen
Age: 59
Location: gana kabul
Report: scammer
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Williams
Age: 40
Location: Malysia
Phone: 805876344
On websites: Yahoo massager
Report: This guy say he live in calfornia sant ana had contract for building petro station in malysia after few day he was there started to say he forget his wallet home and some of things he bored money from me more than 8 thousand dollar then he never explain why he s not coming back .anyway I have never hear such thing of scam before then one of my question was he doesn't remember what he lie before after 4days he change middle name he say is Johnson next time something eals so I need some one to stop this is bad
First name: Yakubu Abdul
Last name: Bassit
Age: unknown
Location: Tamale Ghana
Report: He continual begs for money from many different people, all in the name of GOD, saying his parents are ill, they have no food, no school supplies, many of his friends on FB have sent either money or school things and he keeps manipulating all of us, when asked for numbers to talk to postal office to locate a package he claims never got there, he avoids doing so.
First name: Robert d
Last name: wilson
Age: unknown
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 234-8058746301
On websites:, facebook
Report: This man has scammed my wife out of $19.000.00 or more. His real name is POPOOLA AFEEZ
First name: richard
Last name: schlenker
Age: 60
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348185402784
On websites: dating sites
Report: asks for money . says he is going to buy a plane ticket to come see you. friends grandmother gave him over 2000 dollars .
First name: Robert
Last name: Bills
Aka: Antonio Roberts
Age: 53
Location: Colindale, London Malaysia
Phone: +447749436379 +448719151186 +60147114298
Report: Tried to scam money from me after romancing me for 3 weeks. NAME:OYETOLA OYEYEMI OKE ADDRESS: JALAN PAHANG H S LEE 5000 KUALA LUMPAR MALAYSIA Wanted me to transfer to this from Post Office through Western Union
First name: Michael
Last name: Page
Age: 54
Location: Afganistan
Phone: 233240845279
On websites:
Report: He say he is born in Oslo but grow up in USA. He works in the army in Afganistan and will retire in weeks. There is love up and down. He did not ask me for money because I told him that I don`t have any money and then he asked me to go to hell.
First name: Steve
Last name: Roberts
Age: 58
Location: Oslo
Phone: 601116320262
On websites: sukker. - no -
Report: He say he is born in Australia, but visit Norway and will live here. He got on a business trip to Malaysia with gems and diamonds. So it`s the big love up and down and then he asks for money to come to Norway.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Cole
Aka: kelvin cole edward
Age: 56
Location: phoenix, az, canada, Nigeria and tucson,az
Address: 4201 E Monte Vista Dr Apt B 205
Phone: 2347038567918 and 4166282889
On websites: chemistry. com
Report: I met him on chemistry. com,, He fell in love in a weeks time. He was always saying how much he loved me. He said he lived in carefree,as but his profile said phoenix. After two weeks he had to go to Canada on business. Raw gold inport/export. Then he had to go to Africa. He tried to get me to buy some gold with him. I refused. He later needed to get his shipment of gold home and wanted me to western union him $500.00. At this point I have only known him a little over a month. We communicate By messenger and email. The phonenumbers did not work most of the time. He only gave me the number when iI told him I was not going to keep messageing. When he made the second request for money. I asked him to send me his drivers license so I would know he was the person he claim to be. He did but the photo was photo shop. The background was not the same color as mine. And he was short numbers on his licence number. Also the name was darker in print. I did not send money on either occasion. His spelling and language was very bad also. He claim he had a son in south Africa. His wife had died in a plain crash. He was Italian and African. He was a white male the pictures he sent was much older then the one he had on the dating site. I have notice he is no longer on that site with that name.
First name: Denis
Last name: Mcloughlin
Age: 55
Location: Quebec City
Report: Met on and the next day hehad remoced profile stating he had found his match and did not need dating site. Stated he was a businessman from Quebec City exporting gold from Ghana. Hit a snag once in Ghana and requested large sum of money which I sent.
First name: Jason
Last name: Corbin
Age: 68
Location: Ikeja, Nigeria
Address: 23401
Phone: 0112348025196173
Email: or
Report: He told me he was in love with me and a couple days later said he needed some money to keep his internet going as he didn't want to loose contact with me and not be able to chat! He would pay me back with interest when he returned to the States. He sent me gifts the day he received my money and keeps trying to chat with me on Yahoo Msgr. I have deleted him twice - but he keeps coming on! I don't respond, but would like to tell him to leave me alone! What should I do?
First name: zheng
Last name: leong
Age: na
Location: china
Report: Email: Dear Friend, Let me start by introducing myself, I am Mr. ZHENG C. LEONG, Non-executive Director of the Bank of China, China. I have an obscured Business suggestion for you. In 2004, a businessman and also was a Major Gen with the Iraqi forces (Major Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush) came to our bank and made a Fixed (Numbered) deposit of Thirty Million United State Dollars (US$30,000,000.00) Only in my branch for 12 calender months. Upon maturity, I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. A month later, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered that he died along with his wife and only daughter during the war in a bomb blast that hit their home during the war in Iraq in 2005. I found out that he died without making a WILL, and all attempts to trace his next of kin was fruitless. After proper further investigations, it was also discovered that he did not declare any next of kin in his official papers including the paper work of his bank deposit and he also confided in me the last time he was in my office that no one except me knew of his deposit in my bank. So, Thirty Million United State Dollars is still lying in my bank and no one will ever came forward to claim it. What bothers me most is that according to Laws of Republic of China, at the expiration of Seven (7) years the funds will revert to the ownership of the Chinese Government if nobody applies to claim the funds. Against this scenery, I have all the information needed to claim these funds and I want you to act as the beneficiary of the deposit, there is no risk involved in this matter, as we are going to adopt a legitimate method and the attorney will prepare all the necessary documents. I have evaluated the risks, and the only risk I have here is for you refusing to work with me and alerting my bank. I am the only one who knows of this situation, good fortune has blessed you with a name that has planted you into the center of relevance in my life. Please endeavor to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this issue. Once the funds have been transferred to your nominated bank account we shall share in the ratio of 50% for me, and 50% for you. I send you this mail not without a measure of fear as to what the consequences, but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold. Please observe this instruction religiously. All I require is your honest co-operation and I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. Please accept my apologies and keep my confidence. Considering the money involved, and due to the nature of this transaction, it is necessary for you to be sure of whom you are transacting with. I want to be sure that you are ready, to execute this transaction with me, What I expect from you is trust and commitment, I want this large sum of money transferred with your assistance and you should have nothing to worry about regarding legality AT ALL, because what affects you Shall also affects me too, considering the paper work we are about to sign together but, I will appreciate you to follow my directives amicably as everything shall be done in accordance passing through all international banking laws, and as a banker I know that if we follow up this transaction diligently it would be completed within 9 working days. Please get back to me only if you are interested so that my attorney can start the paper works and re profile the documents to your names. You can reach me on; Kind Regards, ZHENG C. LEONG.
First name: keith
Last name: hernandez
Aka: edward
Age: 50's
Location: houston,tx usa
Address: 18810 flagstone creek rd houston,tx 77084
Phone: 281-406-1174 / Accra in Ghana W.Africa 233261216620
On websites: datehookup and I'm sure all others
Report: Started chatting with him on datehookup. His first reply was that he had been praying to God to send someone for him and his son. He said he lost his wife and first son in a car accident 9 yrs ago. His living son, named Alex is 12yo. He made sure how important believing in God was and going to church and praying. He believes in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He then said he was retiring and building a hospital. He traded in gold and diamonds and travels over the world. He sent a picture of himself via email, after wanting to remove himself and wanting me to remove my profile from datehookup. We exchanged phone numbers, he said his name was keith Hernandez. He was born in Milan, Italy. He did speak with a broken Enlish, he said he lost his parents when he was 19 yrs old. His wife was named Yolanda and his son he lost was named Edward. His phone number he called me from 281-406-1174. He would not answer when I phoned, but the same number would show up on my caller ID when he would phone me. We were to meet and go to Church on our first date. 2 days before we were to meet he said he had to go to London to purchase gold. Then he said he had to go to Accra because not enough gold bars in London. He has sent me photos of himself, bars of gold he purchases, his 2 dogs, and photos of Alex. He then phoned me while in Accra, Ghanna, West Africa sayng that when he left he needed a few things and he will repay me. An i-pad, headphones, cover for the i-pad, phone charger and please fed-ex them to Accra,his driver Roland Wilson will pick them up. Cost being close to 2 thousand dollars. He then called and said that he did not realize his license had expired, needing 2 thousand dollars, then he needed to purchase a specific form another 6 thousand dollars, then he needed 3 thousand dollars, then he needed tickets to return home, another 3 thousand dollars each. He said that he had to borrow money from his driver and his family and also the apt. manager. I did go to his address 18810 Flagstone Creek Road, Houston Tx 77084. No-one was there. All this happened within one week. Each time he called me back he would tell me that he loves me, saying that God had sent me to him. I have always been very slow in forming relationships. He told me that his son wanted a mom so bad, that he wanted to start calling me mom. I did hear a small boy's voice when he called me from the airport upon leaving. This happened so fast, and I just got caught up in falling in love and having a son to raise. When he last phoned me a few days ago, needing more money because of a form that he needed costing %10,000. I told him he needed to stop all of this. He said he would be arrested when he arrives back into the U.S. because of not having this specific form. When I did not go back and send him anymore money he stopped calling me. That is when I looked back on DateHookup and found his same profile. His user name is christinme 7. He is using the same profile.
First name: noah roy
Last name: martin
Aka: martin noah
Age: 42<45
Location: asheville, nc
Phone: +60162403656
On websites:
Report: I met this man, introduced himself as martin,on datehookup,says hes in us army servervg on a peacekeeping mission in libia, i have talkd to him for over a month. Hes asked for money on 2 occasions, hes gave me a email agents name and send money western union to break his contract so he can come home. I was stupid bought into it.He even sent a plane ticket confirmation frm klm flights, i have all the proof and letters in my email. The day of his flight he text my phone said they would not let him board he needed $1500 for bta funds. I told him i didnt have it. He says he still has 8 months in libia. Has given me a phone # in texas for his mom. I have not called. Says his wife died 2 years ago has 12 yr old son being taken care of by a nanny in asheville, nc. I googled his moms # checks out to b a working # in texas but i have not called..hes still pleading for my love..
First name: Mackmillar
Last name: Reinherdit
Age: 52
Location: Unknown
Report: He said that he worked at the United state's army in Afghanestan
First name: eugene
Last name: riverdale
Aka: gene
Age: 42
Location: united kingdom
Phone: 2348106444357
On websites: we met on
Report: he said he was lagos,nigeria for the kongi harvest gallery with his daughter elsie.he was supposed to be there on aug.28 to 30.he was to fly to manila,philippines on sept.1 and he sent me a klm booking info that looked official enough.but on the day of the flight his daughter can't be discharged due to excessive hospital bill amounting to$1,980.he said the banking system at nigeria has a problem and he has only $200 cash.he asked me to wire him money tru western union and of course i did not do that.he asked for $480 so they pay the hospital and finally proceed to airport to see me in my country.
First name: William
Last name: Jones
Age: 46
Location: Manchester
Phone: 447934487748
Report: please check him
First name: Chris
Last name: Brown
Aka: Lt.gen.chris brown
Age: 59
Location: Kabul
Report: Using British army name
First name: James
Last name: Otis
Age: 41
Location: USA
On websites: unknown Hi5
Report: uses false identity, name and email address...
First name: Michael
Last name: Davisen
Age: 47
Location: Shaker Height USA
Report: He worked part time with ICRC in Iraq as a doctor. His contract was expire and want to relocate to Thailand. He sent me a load and there was Mr.Joe collins contacted me once on his phone no.+447908280484. But I haven't got it yet. I wonder if he is a scammer.
First name: Frederick
Last name: Russell
Aka: Paul Russell (his son), Lisa Russell (his sister), Howard & Bertha Russell (his parents)
Age: 42
Location: El Monte, California, USA
Address: 3839 Baldwin Ave # 131 El Monte, CA 91731-17511
On websites:
Report: I was lucky enough to figure out that this was a scam before I lost anything, but as far as I can tell this is an adapted version of what has been going on by women for a while. He has changed it to fit him living in the states, and having a dead wife of one year. He speaks with a VERY heavy German accent, which was a red flag since he supposedly grew up in California, USA. 4 days after our first email he sent me his Resume (red flag#2), I mean REALLY who sends their resume to a potential mate? I looked at it and things just didn't add up. He went to schools that the internet had no record of, he graduated High School at 16 but it took him 6 years to do a vocational course, also for someone who was smart enough to graduate at 16 and who has lived in the US his entire life, his grammar and spelling are horrible. He sent three pictures two with him and his son, and one with his sister and her son. We had been emailing for about 3 weeks, but only spoke on the phone twice, and even though I was his
First name: Jack
Last name: Carter
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria Osun
Phone: +2348179403545
On websites:
Report: Hello, I corresponded several months not suspecting that he scammer. Introduced military on missions in Iraq. The Widower two adult kids. For help to kids I have sent the amount of the money in Nigeria, ostensibly from there can send to army. In considerable detail described its
First name: James
Last name: Willis
Age: 45
Location: Abu Dhabi
On websites:
Report: He corresponded and chatted for 3 weeks claiming to be returning back to the states after completing his contract work in Abu Dhabi. He tells me that he is confronted with having to pay an upfront 10% tax before he is given his salary. He needs $250k and tells me that he has paid $140k, a friend is lending him $32k and his mother is sending him $30k. He first asks me to get loan for him since I told him I did not have any money to lend. He later asks me for $5k. He even had a woman call me to say she was his mother. Of course I never sent him money. The chatting, e-mails and phone calls stoppeed since I would not send him money.
First name: Derry Paul
Last name: Hughes
Age: 56
Location: Swindon, England
Report: Very believable, is an ugly, short bald man with a gloucestershire accent so not what you would expect. If you catch him in a lie he resorts to trust issues and gets really cross. He doesnt ask for money but accepts gifts, airfares etc. When caught in a lie he cuts contact.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: James, Jamey, Christopher,Francis Takyi , Quarshie Mawutor
Age: 50's
Location: Bronxville New York, Kuwait, Accra Ghana
Address: Accra Ghana
Email: jamesmith
On websites: Twoo
Report: A friend from a game sight referred me to a sight to meet people and play games, well when I joined I thought it was like omgpop it was different then what I thought but I don't mind meeting new people instantly I got response and there was 2 that stood out Christopher Smith (and Robert Klekowski whom I suspect but need more info before I report him.) Christopher he said was his sons name whom he loves so much that is why he used Christopher and that his name was Jamey. He was real nice and seem to be crazy about me I loved the attention he said he lived in NY the Bronx and he was A Army General and leaving for a mission soon, couple days later he was so happy he got custody of his 8 year old son Christopher and sent me pictures (what a cutie)He said his x-wife was abusive to him and she even stole money out of his account causing them to freeze the account and he cant do nothing about it till he gets out of the army he will be retiring at his next mission and when he gets back he will be able to get back to his money and he will help my daughter and I, I thought I found my Angle from God. A couple days later he was upset said he did not know what to do,He had to leave on his mission and Christopher did not want to go back to his mom's. And Jamey was going to Kuwait and he didn't know what to do he will not go to a stranger or he would let me keep him till he got back, and the next day he said he had a real good friend that Christopher loves and will stay with him. His name is Francis Takyi the only thing Francis job some times calls him out of the country and praying that he don't get called out.Well Francis did get called out, to Ghana and had to take Christopher with him. Once they got there and heading to the motel room they were in a car accident and both were in the hospital and Christopher was in bad shape in a coma he needed a 2000 dollar Operation or he would die and ask me if I could get him the money weeks went by of him begging and pleading threatening to kill his self if he didn't get the money he couldn't live with out Chris and how heartless people are he even got mad one time and left then came back on messenger to apologies I wondered if he was trying to scam me, Deep down inside I think I knew but I was desperate, I'm in a bad marriage and trying to get out with out loosing my Baby. But what I didn't know for sure he was not the one in the pictures he sent me, till later, that is when I knew I had to get this guy, For the man in the picture and stop him from scamming any one else.I did more research and found out the guy in the picture is a victim I am not sure of the identity of the guy or the boy in the pictures but I got as many pictures as I could from the scammer. I had sent him $90.00 through WU supposedly to Francis's Lawyer named Quarshie Mawutor But Called WU and cancelled it I was lucky I got my money back. I later found a e mail tracker called read notify to track My email to see were my emals were going BINGO! GHANA The only email that was not opened was I am not sure were that one comes from ButI still have all the info everything emails, pictures,Retirement documents he must have made up I want to help catch as many of these dirty Scammers as possible! need any thing else feel free to contact me. Thank you
First name: Jerry
Last name: Cook
Age: 47yrs
Location: Florida
On websites: Yahoo
Report: He has borrowed $44,000.00 and disappeared. He promised to pay back as soon as his diesel containers were cleared in USA.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Brick
Age: 60
Location: Australia, Netherlands, Ghana
Phone: +31687336049
Report: Talked on Skype, never quite met, he traveled a lot for work. Talked about marriage, travel to Rome, buying a car for me. Said he was held up by armed robbers & wounded in Ghana as he left the airport. Now in hospital & needing $1000 to get out & get help with his travel insurance. He has an assistant helping him named Mr Amoah Bismark, Osu, Oxford Street, PO Box 3, Ghana - Accra. This is the address where the requested money is to be sent.
First name: Eddie
Last name: Jackson
Age: 61
Location: Brewton,AL USA
On websites:
Report: This is his email to me.Hello Angel Wow!!!! Lead me not into temptation, heaven help me to be strong. I can't fight all that I'm feeling, and I can't do it alone. Help me break this spell that I'm under, guide my feet and hold me tight. I need 10,000 angels watching over me to night. One need not look towards the heavens to find an angel for I have one here before me, If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes and also am Willing to Relocate for the rightful Woman in my Life I'll sweep you off your feet, and make God regret he left an angel behind, you know what Heaven's lost without you if I were an angel... I would choose to watch over you can we please chat if you don't mind. My Email is dreamluv080 and also Its also my Yahoo Instant messenger IM, Oh less I forget My Name is Eddie Jackson Well i got to go now... hope to hear from you soon N .B My membership Here do ends today and I never would have thought your profile was going to get me Intruge and I would Love to hear from you directly to my personal email address alright Thank you.. Eddie