First name: paul
Last name: wright
Age: 50
Location: florid
Phone: 2347059929266
On websites: yahoo.facebook
Report: Enter Your Comments...? Sep 13 7:43 AM Diane Bell:ok dear Sep 13 7:43 AM paul luis:so when you got it open it and send me the card number Sep 13 7:44 AM paul luis:cvv code Sep 13 7:44 AM paul luis:and expiry date Sep 13 7:44 AM paul luis:so it can be activated ok Sep 13 7:44 AM
First name: Richard
Last name: Caballero
Age: 48
Location: UK, CA.
Phone: 323-594-8451
On websites: richard-caballero
Report: Connected with him on the OK Cupid dating website. He told me that he was a structural and civil engineer and consult....looked him up on the Linkedin website and his profile is there. Were he study at New Jersey Institue of Technology and University of Essex in UK., worked at Turners Construction Comapny. He wanted me to get a loan for him to pay some taxes of from a check, that he recieved and included my name on this check, for over a million dollars in Uk....never got him the loan, then the asking for money went from 10-15K to 8K, to 2-3K to get a plane ticket to come back home to USA.....I still have the photo of the bogus check that he sent to me on Christmas Eve.....believe he is scamming more woman out there.
First name: ALEX
Last name: HERRY
Age: 40
Phone: +27846823143
Report: he claim to be a supervisor in bidvest bank in south africa and telling me to help him to claim the money us$15.2m.for his client that who deceased in mining accident which is that his so called client tHAT WE have same last name so i have the right to be his beneficiary athough we are not biological related.
First name: Richard
Last name: Grey
Age: 47
Location: florida usa london nigeria
Phone: +2347035675637
Report: He was the first to contact me on facebook but after a while removed his profile. Asked me to contact him via e mail as he u uses it more often. The relationship lasted 7 months. There was no love confessions in the beginning but when he went to Nigeria for work he started confessing his feelings. He has 2 kids which he took with him to Nigeria.He had a nanny that took care of them . when he went to work on the rig the kids stayed with the nanny and then he started asking for money because he did not leave enough money behind for them and he had no internet on the rig so he could not send them any money. he could not cash his cheques anywhere in Nigeria (strange) Got upset when I did not want to send money. After 2 weeks on the rig he returned to find that the kids were kidnapped. He did not ask for the ransom money he had enough but had to go to the states to get to his safe and bank to get the money. He asked for money for an airline ticket. Got very upset because I was not willing to help while his kids lifes were at steak. he eventually got the kids out with help from a stranger who got concerned about him (&400 000. ) A lot of money for a total stranger to help u with in my opinion. things changed . we drifted apart because I was not willing to send him money and was of no help to him. He did not want to involve the police or the embassy to help him get the kids back and he could not cash his travelers cheques in Nigeria and that was suspicious to me
First name: Craig
Last name: Sloan
Age: 38-42... I don't remember now
Location: UK
On websites:
Report: Write for me ando other womans for scammer in this site
First name: john
Last name: mcnamara
Age: 40
Location: calgary
Report: Met him and he is constantly talking about needing money to get his dog out which cost 1700 dollars. and there are accusations currently against him on this site
First name: Gregory
Last name: Arthur
Age: 43
Location: UNKNOWN
Phone: 234816 842 8795
Report: this person found me on an online dating site and tried to get $700.00 from me.
First name: Jack
Last name: Gareth
Age: 54
Location: Henderson, NV, Toronto, Canada,Accra-Ghana
Address: POBOX 509 nungua accra gahana
Phone: 6107071704, 233549186081, 23324414234, 233548240383
On websites:
Report: Enter Your Comments...He is FADDIKIDDI @ says he is London born, lived in USA 9 yrs and is American citizen, 2 daughters 16 and 10, Kirsten and Skyla. Is a gold investor living in Henderson NV, went to Toronto and then flew to Ghana to buy gold bars.was there 3 weeks, ready to return and passport was stolen by security companyemployee holding his gold. Sent documents that he bought the gold and where it is stored.Could not get passport replaced without 1200 dollars which he didnt have because cannot use credit cards for ATM cash withdrawals due to corruption there, etc. Was talking to him for over 3 months before he upposedly went to Ghana, was there 3 weeks then he asked me for the money. Did not give up the conversations after I said no, would ask occasionally for 100 or so, always professing love for me. Did not give any, thank God. was originally talking and texting with a US cell phone, then once
First name: Grant
Last name: Brennan Perez H
Aka: brennangrant100
Age: 53
Location: brisbane, Australia, LA, Sacramento, everywhere
On websites:, Facebook,, myspace, lets101, lavaplace
Report: Nigerian scam ring using the same suite of pictures of this man under at least 10 aliases on US and international dating sites for at least the last 3 years. I believe I found the real person and am in the process of notifying him. He also comes under these aliases; thebelovedone thebelovedone777 grant brennan brennan grant Brian Paradiso or Grant Brennan Perez H (dating sites and Facebook) William Moretti Frederick Green or
First name: Eric
Last name: Johnsen
Age: 47
Location: istanbul, turkey
On websites:
Report: This man asked for money, and telephone, said he was stuck in istanbul turkey, said he was starting children s charity in the area, asked for money for this venture, lost his phone had me send him one would pay me back as soon as he came home, on his way home his father died in wales, asked for money, i said no, he elimited his yahoo email, and drooped all contact
First name: michael
Last name: conwell
Age: ca.48
Location: scotland /west linton
Phone: +448719152798
On websites: facebook
Report: he contacted me at facebook.. he asked if we could write. he told that he was an engineer repairing ships. his wife was dead by breastcancer and he had a son .we write a longer period, exchanges pictures.. mails. phonenumbers.
First name: Glover
Last name: Smith
Age: 47
Location: lagos, Nigeria - Nashville, TN
On websites: Hi 5
Report: Enter Your Comments... I've saw yor report and I decided to give you new information. He is at Hi5 right now registered as Glover S, 47, of Nashville TN . He've contated me about a month ago, then he get in touch by mail, told me he was working in Lagos, Nigeria in a crude oil company. Few days ago asked me to get down the site. I did it, because .... just because. He is asking me if I want him come to visit me. all these happened before I find this data page. What must I do?
First name: Nigel
Last name: Davart
Age: 58
Location: Seattle, Washington USA
Phone: 253-235-1442
On websites: okcupid
Report: This person say he lives in Seattle Washington, USA. But he was Amsterdam....But he moved after 2 yrs to USA to progress and after the died of his wife, cause he say is widow and lost her in a crash motor accident.....He say is a civil engineer and he is looking for a good contract in some Constructions Company.....He lives with a friend but his friend is in not in USA cause he is working just now in Cambodia cause he is a animal founder....He left his daugthers in Amsterdam wihit his old mother....Their daugthers are 28 and 31 and they not married and doesnt have boyfriends....They have a partime job
First name: Daniel
Last name: Coffman
Aka: Daniel Coffman
Age: 48
Location: nigeria
Address: 2120 Ocean Ave
On websites:
Report: The scammer I would like to expose is using this poor mans pictures as his own. The man on this picture has nothing to do with the scam. The man I met on christian introduced himeself as Daniel Coffman, Dr. PH.d self-employed pharmacist traveling all over the world with contract work. The relationship if I can call it that started because he was intelligent, and that is what i admired. He had extensive knowledge in medicine, but never the less was an intelligent scammer. Here is the ruse: says he has a daughter Melissa (Mel) with his ex-faince Courtney. said his fiance got into drugs with some other guy and ended up in a mental institution in Scotland. Supposedly thats where she was from. She almost broke him financially because of the drugs. He always goes away for conferences or Seminars. When I met him he went to Leeds, UK. Starts to ask for money, starting under 1000 US dollars for this and that..contract didn't go thru, he only got 30% of money for contract etc..... He uses apple computers only because of security. Uses phrases as
First name: james
Last name: martins
Age: 50
Location: uk
Email: jamesmartins5060!
On websites: meetme
Report: loved in one day a, ask me for money 1 week later. i didnt send any
First name: knellinger
Last name: vincent
Age: 47
Location: texas austin
Phone: 00447035955242
On websites:
Report: he sending me mails with texts exactly i found from
First name: Peter
Last name: Schulte
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia Kuala lumpar
Email: Peterschulte&hotmail.comau
On websites: Unknown
Report: This man manage to get $25k out of me over a five month period? Even went so far as to supposedly involve his
First name: Istvan
Last name: Feher
Age: 23 ?
Location: Hungary Budapest
On websites: gayromeo
Report: I initiated contact. Website was Corresponcance for 1-2 weeks, after that meetings. Asked money and got cash and promisd to give back. Later also several times in emails askes more money transfer for several purposes, ill relatives, housing conditions. Outcome: no more contact, he disppered but still no money back.
First name: Ronald
Last name: Gorg
Age: 38
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites: tagged,com and facebook
Report: This scammer is very convincing and I think he searches for his victims names on database to find out about financial information..
First name: Mark
Last name: Henry
Age: 51
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +44 7310947389
On websites: Badoo
Report: He wanted ask money from me ,because he is in Kuwait arrested
First name: thomas
Last name: simon
Age: 45
Location: africa
Email: t,
On websites: craigslist
Report: Contacted a friend through a craiglist ad. Conversation not long.
First name: john
Last name: Clark
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria
On websites: tagged
Report: He contacted me from tagged date sitewas in Contact for a year he had to finish building a bridge in Nigeria. He came from Belgium when he was done was suppose to come to USA to meet me on the way to airport money was stolen from him. Then was in hospital. Needed money to pay bill. Few more times he needed money.wanted to put money in my checking account Had my information. Had a banker contact me to get His money in my checking. Did not work
First name: rick
Last name: johnson
Age: on different sites is different
Location: nigeria
Phone: +2348086271354
On websites: flixter, hi5, yahoo
Report: Started the communication with a lots compliments. Soon said he loves me. Then told he needs to get the property of his dad who s died recently but it needs to pay a li fee to attodney(or smb else, i dnt rem).When i sent it he started to ask more & invented all the time new & new causes why he cant to get the property & to buy the ticket to leave Lagos. Finally he invented the story about that his live is in dangeour & he was attaked by killers cos of property & that he s disappeared cos he was in hospital with damages after the attack. & then started again to claim the money. & then my patience was over & i sent him to hell
First name: Peter
Last name: finney
Age: 50
Location: Spring Hill. Florida
Phone: 786-519-3592
On websites: mate !/ was removed frome dsting site for fraudulent activity
Report: Met him on Mate 1 and, he talked about his business at first an then started asking for a loan. I should hv known better,he promised to pay me back.. Was supposed to have gotten attached in Malaysia..
First name: Morrison
Last name: J
Age: 59
Location: Plano, TX
On websites:
Report: This was the message sent to me.
First name: Kieran
Last name: Jones
Age: 34
Location: London, England
Phone: 011-447-448-237154
On websites:!/kieran.jones.9440
Report: Scammer contacted me on online dating site. We began emailing, exchanging instant messages, and talking on the phone. Scammer said he had fallen in love with me and would like to marry me. Soon afterwards, he called me asking me to send $1556.00 (2000 GBP) to the assisted living administrator where his mom was living so he could hire a band, pay for decorations, and food for her upcoming birthday party. He said he was on a field training for the UN as a Peace Officer in Tel Aviv and had forgotten his PIN Sentry in the UK. Well, after his endless pleading, I sent $1556.67 to Mr. Ebi Davis at PayPal to pay for his mother's party. I later received another call on Jan. 4, 2013 saying his mother had to have hip surger and will need to undergo therapy soon afterwards. He said he will need approximate 450 GPB ($773.53 USD) to put with what he already had to pay for his mother's physical therapy. He said since we would be husband and wife, we need to be there for each other. Well, I sent him $773.53 by MoneyGram on Jan. 19, 2013 since he said it will take to long for PayPal to change the currency and transmit. Kieran had been promising me since November 2012 to come on my birthday which is Jan. 23, and we would get engaged because he claime to had purchased an engagement ring for me back in November. I heard from him the day after he claimed the MoneyGram and he said he would call me back that evening but have not heard back from him since. I have tried calling several times but his phone always go to voicemail. I am so hurt and feel so stupid to have allowed myself to be taken advantage of in this way. I went on with good intentions seeking love and look what I got.
First name: David
Last name: Moyes
Age: about 25, pretending to be 50
Location: Nigeria
Address: 3935 E Renee Dr Phoenix Az 85050 USA (fake address)
Phone: +1 961 471 2509, +44 793 707 9053
Email: ,
On websites: Facebook , Zoosk
Report: After this scammer sent me email with 3 photos I traced his IP address which is in Nigeria IP address Hostname Track this IP address Results of IP Tracking for IP address Hostname Not available ISP Globacom Information Systems Department Country Nigeria Nigeria I can upload 3 of his photos . This Nigerian scammer uses soemone else photos . He pretends to be an architect from Phoenix AZ, now working in Glasgow. But he is actually Nigerian scammer . This I am absolutely sure.
First name: douglas
Last name: stellin malone
Age: 50
Location: garland,texas
Phone: +447012985735
On websites: yahoo mail.facebook
Report: introduced himself as working in chevron phillips company,he has house in garland,texas but she is from houston,texas,He is currently working as supervisor in high sea uk.he has daughter named belisa and son kilven.belisa is studying in monson,maine under the care of her godmother louise.
First name: jason
Last name: skylar
Age: 48
Location: high point, north carolina
Phone: 404-454-8173
On websites: military cupid
Report: every thing said by this person did not add up.... but he is a real sweet talker... found his pic and name on other scam sights
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Wade
Aka: Joseph Paul, Benald Kelvin, Colin Stainton, Nathan
Age: 46
Location: Los Angeles, Ca, San Jose Costa Rica
Address: 750 E Gage Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-929-2786
On websites: Vimeo, Facebook, Myspace, Blackplanet, Netlog, Chemistry
Report: I initiated contact by commenting on his profile picture at He was in my list of possible matches (by 'some others you might like'). I was in contact with him since mid November 2012, and he still tries to contact me at this present time through email, and text. (1-23-13). First strange event was that while he was gone on a business trip to Costa Rica, he lost his wallet and could not pay the hotel bill. I suspected then, but chose to believe him. Before all this happened, he sent me a copy of his bank statement which showed his balance after his client had supposedly transferred what was due to him. He requested $200.00. I sent it by Western Union to the name of who I thought then, was a hotel employee. EDDIE QUESADA JARA was the first receiver. Then JEISON SOBORIO VIQUEZ for $300 because he said he wanted to do something nice for his daughter's birthday. Then EDNIDER MURILLO CASTRO for $300. Then JAVIER MORAGA GARRO for $1007 because his daughter became ill and needed surgery. Then RUBEN QUESADA GONZALEZ for $900 to finish paying the hospital bill as to get his passport back. Then tried to send $636 to a female name that I cannot remember. (for the same hospital bill). I had reached my limit to send to Costa Rica. I then sent the $636 to Angela Thomas in the USA. Just when he said he got his passport he was taken into custody by immigration and needed $2052 for charges against him and taxes for him and his daughter because his papers had expired. This information was sent to me via email from who I believed to be an immigration official who also sent with his email a copy of his identification card. I sent this to the same Angela Thomas. Western Union contacted me and interviewed me, based on my answers, they returned my money. I then started my own investigating. I stopped answering his texts. He had a friend call me. I told the friend that I believed Kelvin to be a scammer. He is still trying to contact me even though I told him I have no more money. He tried to explain that these accusations all I had found out was not true.