First name: Engelbert
Last name: Herman
Age: 59
Location: Manila, Hilo HI
On websites: OurTime
Report: On this site with same photos as
First name: Peter
Last name: Lewis
Age: 60
Location: this time Bakersfield CA
Address: 400 Hume Lane, Bakersfield, CA
Phone: 661-374-0699
On websites: ?
Report: Almost word for word the same two emails already posted on your site. So very glad I found this website! Thank you.
First name: christopher
Last name: smith
Aka: James Morrison
Age: 53
Location: Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan)
Phone: 233240845279
On websites: facebook/ tagged
Report: Christopher he said was his sons name whom he loves so much that is why he used Christopher and that his name was Jamey. He was real nice and seem to be crazy about me I loved the attention he said he lived in NY the Bronx and he was A Army General and leaving for a mission soon, couple days later he was so happy he got custody of his 8 year old son Christopher and sent me pictures (what a cutie)He said his x-wife was abusive to him and she even stole money out of his account causing them to freeze the account and he cant do nothing about it till he gets out of the army he will be retiring at his next mission and when he gets back he will be able to get back to his money and he will help my daughter and I, I thought I found my Angle from God. A couple days later he was upset said he did not know what to do,He had to leave on his mission and Christopher did not want to go back to his mom's. And Jamey was going to Kuwait and he didn't know what to do he will not go to a stranger or he would let me keep him till he got back, and the next day he said he had a real good friend that Christopher loves and will stay with him. His name is Francis Takyi the only thing Francis job some times calls him out of the country and praying that he don't get called out.Well Francis did get called out, to Ghana and had to take Christopher with him. Once they got there and heading to the motel room they were in a car accident and both were in the hospital and Christopher was in bad shape in a coma he needed a 2000 dollar Operation or he would die and ask me if I could get him the money weeks went by of him begging and pleading threatening to kill his self if he didn't get the money he couldn't live with out Chris and how heartless people are he even got mad one time and left then came back on messenger to apologies I wondered if he was trying to scam me, Deep down inside I think I knew but I was desperate, I'm in a bad marriage and trying to get out with out loosing my Baby. But what I didn't know for sure he was not the one in the pictures he sent me, till later, that is when I knew I had to get this guy, For the man in the picture and stop him from scamming any one else.I did more research and found out the guy in the picture is a victim I am not sure of the identity of the guy or the boy in the pictures but I got as many pictures as I could from the scammer. I had sent him $90.00 through WU supposedly to Francis's Lawyer named Quarshie Mawutor But Called WU and cancelled it I was lucky I got my money back. I later found a e mail tracker called read notify to track My email to see were my emals were going BINGO! GHANA The only email that was not opened was I am not sure were that one comes from ButI still have all the info everything emails, pictures,Retirement documents he must have made up I want to help catch as many of these dirty Scammers as possible! need any thing else feel free to contact me. Thank you. Pamela (USA) Report N2 (added on October, 24, 2012) He say he is born in Oslo but grow up in USA. He works in the army in Afganistan and will retire in weeks. There is love up and down. He did not ask me for money because I told him that I don`t have any money and then he asked me to go to hell.
First name: ROLAND
Last name: BRADLEY
Age: 60
Email: roland
On websites: tagged
Report: he has emailed me and sensed he is a scammer when tried looking for him on facebook using his given email add
First name: john
Last name: Banks
Age: 52
Location: Ghana africa
On websites: Lavalife
Report: Met on Lavalife told me he was a widower had a dog named max. Needed money for documents in africa and money for food. Never sent money but kept calling asking for money.
First name: andrew
Last name: curbank
Age: 42
Location: inglaterra, lagos
On websites: mexicancupid
Report: yo estaba inscrita en el mexicancupid y un supuesto caballero de origen estadounidense pero radicado en londres me contacto, el yse dedica supuestamente a la venta de arte y artesanias del mundo, sobre todo de nigeria, especialmente de lagos... inmediatamente que conteste a su mensaje me pidio que me diera de baja del sitio de citas y me escribia largas cartas donde me conto su vida, y se dijo enamorado y con la intencion de rehacer su vida y la de su hijo conmigo, tambien que pronto me vendria aconocer a mi ciudad, todo esto duro aproximadamente 3 o 4 semanas. despues dijo que lo habian invitado a una exposicion muy importante en lagos en el kongi`s market una galeria de arte de la ciudad de lagos, me envio fotos de sus adquisisciones y menciono que su hijo se sentia algo mal de salud, me mando copia de los boletos a mexico ya que despues de sus compras vendria a verme. un dia despues llego el correo que decia que requeria como 600 dolares para acabar de pagar la cuenta del hospital, que sus targetas no habian pasado y que estaba desesperado, me dijo que mandara el dinero por western union a nombre del hospital donde su hijo estaba internado. le conteste que lo sentia, que no tenia tal cantidad y me contesto que los pidiera prestados que en cuanto el llegara a mexico pagaria el doble a quien me los hubiera prestado, le volvi acontestar que no pude consegirlos y en ese momento pararon los correos.
First name: Ashish
Last name: Harjit
Age: 36yrs
Location: Afghan - Uk national
Phone: +447543056862
On websites: often
Report: I got to know that person through a dating website namely and we have been in touch through his email add as mentioned above. he contacted me first. He presented himself to be a Doctor working for Military UK and was posted in Afghan. I hve been in touch with him since Mid Jan 2013 and he was meant to be visiting me on 25 of March. He gave me only time of arrival no flight number dn did not tell me through which country he was flying or via. He told me for security reasons he could not say On the day i was meant to be picking him up at the airport and i recved a phone call from an immigration officials from Kuala Lumpur telling me that the person Ashish has collapsed at the airport and been taken to hospital and also had some police problems see a huge sum of money in his suitcase. The immigration officer one Mr Karim from Malaysia - KL told me that he gave $500 as deposit at the Hospital and stood as guarantor and that the medical expenses will be $2500 and to send him the money via Western UNion. He gave me the name of one Cody Rasim and address in KL to whom i shall send the money and that as soon as i have sent the money, the Immigration officials asked me to ring him up to give him the code. He bacame aggressive when i asked for hospital documentations. I was allowed to speak to the said Ashish on the mobile since the immigration officer told me that he left his son mobile with him .. when i rand he could hardly speak and was coughing and i could feel that he was weak. I don't knwo if it is all a make up things or scam. As soon as i told the office am arranging for the money, he is ok. I really don't know if it is a scam as no proof given to me to substantiate the above. The said ashish when i talked to him told me to pay the money and that he will reimburse me and begging me to help him. i must admit that all seems very convincing except that they don't want to give me any details about the hospital etc ...
First name: Derrick Lee
Last name: Evans
Age: 49
Location: USA army
Email: Derrick L Evans
On websites: Plenty of Fish dating site
Report: I was approached by this man via POF. He claimed to widowed and looking for his soulmate for when he retired from the army in 5 months time. He asked me to add him to my Facebook and it was through FB messenger we communicated. A lady approached me saying that she was also talking to him and he'd promised her the world too. Then he started asking her for money to pay for satellite phones and to buy him out of the army. She realised he was a scammer and he laughed in her face. He asked me for my bank details so he could pay money into my account. As I didn't send details, he stopped sending me messages. He is still on the sites and still adding women to his Facebook
First name: anthony
Last name: baumgardner
Age: 37
Location: Campbellsville, Kentucky
Email: Ref:034/08777/Gd
On websites: money
Report: Flag this message Re: hi sirSaturday, March 23, 2013 1:37 AM From:
First name: lawrence
Last name: harisson
Age: 47
Location: boston,ma, united state
Address: 1156 washington street boston,ma,united state
Report: Customer Services Office. Tara Can courier company.. Door 4. Pacific East Asia Cargo warehouse, Jaldon Street, Mayor Climaco Avenue. Zamboanga Philippines. Contact: 09154653615 Tell: 065-2123441, Sender Data: Receiver Date: Lawrence Harrison Jessica G. Siose No. 1156 Washington Street, No. 2574 Lamesa street phase2 ugong Boston, MA, United State. Valenzuela City Manila 1441, Philippines. Cell:+639232388768 Shipment Date: March 14, 2013. Shipped Items: 1, SONY A450 Digital Camera. 2, TOSHIBA Satellite M200-A413D. 3, NOKIA N80 Touchscreen 17mgpixels.5inc. 4, Fabricated Rose flower. Delivery Date: March 20, 2013. 5, Amano Artisan Chocolate. Attn: Madam/Sir, Base on the notice given to you this morning We urge you to follow up, time is not on our side this is very urgent, The custom have already given us mandate of couple of days from today of notice to attend to this issue or else the parcel will be placed for storage and deformation which will result additional fee 3000,peso per day to avoid such, kindly attend to this matter as soon as possible, From OUR CONFIRMATION,, your parcel is very intact is not yet open, it was detected by scanner machine, we will schedule it for delivery it after clearance from the custom department is done. within 24 hours. Outstanding Charges: Administrative .......................... PHP,3,460.00 Clearance................................ PHP,10,500.00 TOTAL = PHP 13,960.00 only. A total of PHP 13,960.00 ,(Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred and sixty only) has been charge. In acknowledgment to this Notice, Send the Penalty fee PHP 13,960.00 as stated Above by the custom to (CUSTOM CLEARING OFFICER, Mam. Rissa S.Legaspi) Western Union using our above office address... and contact number to address THE PAYMENT. and clear your package, and quickly schedule it for delivery to your home address, We will be glad to serve you better. Mr. Christopher M. Pedro, Tara Can courier company Services.. South East Asia Regional Coordinator
First name: Maurice
Last name: Cavali
Age: 50
Location: Johannas south africa
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact with me on and claimed he had just relocated to Virginia from the UK a month ago. claims to have a daughter who he calls Linda and is 17. He then went on to say he was in the process of opening a antique furniture store and was currently in South Africa buying furniture...although i am weary and aware of the many scammers out there I went along with his story just to see where it would lead. he proceeded to write letters claiming his love for me, but i kept asking him if we could meet because i don't believe in love over night. this went on for couple weeks, and i didn't hear from him for couple days...when i finally did he claimed he and his daughter had been robbed at gun point and thieves stole their passports and money and the furniture he claimed to have bought was in storage and the shipping bill had not yet been completed so they wouldn't let him have the furniture until paid.claimed his daughter was in the hospital and he suffered a broken arm. I ask him what i could do to help. he claims he needs to go to embassy to renew passports (300.00) each and by tickets to get out of there. I told him i wouldn't send money, instead wanted to bring it to him in person and kept asking what address he was at, but he wanted me to send western union..he gave me an address but i can only remember a part of it because he erased it in messenger somehow. something about pheltons motel on 77th street in Johannas south africa.
First name: steve
Last name: james
Age: 50
Location: afganistan
Address: AT452,Accra-Ghana
On websites:
Report: I am really mad that they would use a person of the military. he started out that he was from match and was interested( he contacted me.) ask him to send recent pic and he stated hold on brb., ask for pic of him now holding cam. he said couldnt not allowed. gave pics of a man in military dress, even gave me a rank E8, said lived in California back in three months in beginning ,then later said be back in 1 month. The english was foriegn (have son they call Van-= first clue) always went off subject and sent long scripted text. then got around to asking could I send care package. i said sure he ask for I phone, and hp laptop, so I told him to give me address,told me diplomat would contact me, then gave me add of this diplomat, asked why he said cause he comes to the camp often(next clue-),He ask for the items at least 6-7x asking did u get them, I ask for direct address he refused to give me one. I have only text mess back and forth and pics of this gentleman. finally told him he was full of it and would report him
First name: frank campbell
Age: 59
Location: glasgow
On websites: facebook
Report: He contacted me through facebook and has been messaging me. I miss you love Frank. This man does not even know me. He says want to talk to you.says he is an engineer but has no idea of how to communicate properly. I told him I did not think he was for real amd he got mad and said I'm not forcing you!
First name: kenneth thomas
Last name: diane
Age: 42
Location: West Africa, Netherlands
On websites: emails back and forth
Report: Hi I was looking up kenneth and found him to be on scammers, he claims to be in west africaworking in the army and gave me his commanders name but he has photos of some els and im no at sure of the real kennath looks like . But is asking me to write his commander so he can take leave to so we can date and asked if he can use my account tosend me money to pay hisway home. I have not said when ,or i would. But am glad i looked him up in generaljust tobe safe.he claims to be from the netherlands also....
First name: John
Last name: Green
Age: 52
Location: American living in Dubai
On websites: Dating
Report: This man has asked me to marry him then asked for money,friends checked him out and his name appeared on scammers Facebook page.
First name: Michael
Last name: Merino Norcy
Aka: Michael/Micheal Norce
Age: 46/47
Location: Limon, CO stationed Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: Badoo, Mingle2
Report: I read report of this guy earlier today, now it seems to have disappeared. Scammed someone on Badoo, which I had found last week before finding your site. I met up with this guy on Claims undying love, wants to come home and marry. Yesterday says he figured a way to get home, text Dr. Allan (210) 201-5549 supposedly an army dr. that can get him the papers for early release out of army. Captain Michael Merino Norcy, E200 Victory Camp, Kabul Afghanistan. If I paid person on other end $2K by following day, within three days paperwork would be sent to service, he would be shipped home within 5 days. Have pics and further documentation.
First name: Harish
Last name: Raman
Age: 51
Location: Chesapeake Virginia
Phone: 757-414-7858
On websites: Bharat matrimoni
Report: This ASS HOLE is same guy. I posted my add again and this stupid sent me a request. I suspected with his writing but just to confirm I responded and sure enough the asshole send me similar email and my wordings form the email I sent him previously. Now there is a little twist in his story .HE CHANGED HIS PICTURE AND NOW IS IS RICHARD RAMAN has same kids with same dog but the age changed . now he clames a 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son with same names. earlier he lived in Dallas this time he claimed living in Chesapeake Virginia. I sent him at least four email but then I could not take and called him and asked him to pay me back. That was the end of any conversations. I am still surprised that these people are still out there and no authorities are able to stop them even after they are reported by several people
First name: Jimmy
Last name: Billman
Age: 48
Location: Torrance/ca
Email: jimmy.billman@yahoo
On websites: tagged
Report: He first let women likes him very much or fall in love with him. Then he tells he is a victim of a robbery in Malaysia. Where he is for bussiness .He tell that he is a dentist
First name: mark
Last name: pecelo
Age: 34
Location: Nigeria Africa
Phone: 2348022317166
On websites: Yahoo
Report: His daughter is sick and is trying to get back to the states
First name: Malick
Last name: Penn
Age: 48
Location: UK Scotland and Durbanville
Address: 75 Robyn Road Langeberg Ridge
Phone: +447031928039
On websites: Unknown
Report: He claims he works for ExxonMobil as an engineer. Resides in durbanville south africa and works in Aberdeen Scotland. He has asked a number of times for funds and promises to refund when he arrives home. He has different Mtn numbers. He claims to have 3 children with the names of Eric,Susan and marla. He sends flowers, romantic emails, calls and sends cheques from the bank of America, not sure if it's legit.
First name: Bruce
Last name: Miller
Age: 51
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Dating
Report: Has been reported to have ripped off women like as with large sums of money
First name: Robert
Last name: Jabron Major General
Age: 57
Location: Major General British Army {ISAF - Kabul}
Phone: +447928920017, +233545821303
Email: ,
On websites:
Report: My Dearest Irene, am very happy to read from you with your lovely photos - Though I have been extremely busy with my troop?s off camp due to recent happenings, it has been noted that Afghanistan over 240 incidents a week. We have been working with the Wardak provincial police after the blast in Jalrez district, and also coalition air strike killed a local Taliban commander and injured three insurgents. I think it is very important sharing more details, to help us in knowing about each other feeling close in heart. I am very happy and I believe that God is about to wipe my tears after losing my wife about three years ago. I believe that our meeting was not by a chance or accident but it was predestined by God so that together we would be able to discover God's plan for us. I want you in my life to be the woman that makes my life complete; I know that the days will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you. The days would come when we would always be together to spend the rest of the days of our lives forever in peace and harmony, to even miss you when I am sleeping! I?m the child of my Bulgarian Catholic-Christian parents - I have Bulgarian accent. My Mum, She and my Dad worked hard to bring me up. My father died when I was little. My mother was carrying everything all along; she?s been a wonderful woman and a great mother that I so much love. She brought me up very well in the ways to be of great man I think I am today by working for humanity; carried on working full time until she was surviving cancer and a heart attack. She never gave up on life and our family until the last day of her life; my mother passed away after been aged and weakened, she was 73yrs before death. My son Stanley Robert Jabron Jr. 16years studying foreign languages and information technology in his England affiliated school, he will be more than happy to have a wonderful woman like you, and we will make our family a better place. The most important thing is for us to be transparent with each other, always try to make an amendment if anyone of does something wrong and with better understanding. Two most important things loyalty and honesty, without these you have nothing - speaking about our common future, discovering the interest of our kids and how to help them achieve those things that they think are difficult to them. With thoughts of you, hoping you be the woman I will spend the rest of my life with - days would come when we would be together cooking in the kitchen, laughing together about how our relationship all started. I will be evacuating soon for my retirement because I need to take good care of my family. My favorites food is Rice and Salad and also Japanese food Okonomoyaki which is similar I guess to an English pancake but it involves different kinds of cabbage and meat and an egg - mixed together and then in the restaurant you would cook it in front of yourself and it's very delicious and usually you have barbecue sauce and mayonnaise on top. I also like paella, which is Spanish food. It has yellow rice and lots of different types of seafood and sometimes it can be spicy. Here is the available contact you can always use to reach me personally here, I got it working for our better communication - we can always talk on Skype instantaneously, to enable us feel closer to each other communicating always even while am busy in my office here on camp: My Dearest Beloved Sweetheart......UNSMA? ?? ????:
First name: Bernard
Last name: Forster
Age: 53
Location: Portland, Australia
On websites: Australia ...cupid
Report: Bernard Forster: Baby that is $4,800 Dollars and you need to go to RIA Money transfer . 8:21:22 PM RIA money transfer???? 8:21:53 PM Bernard Forster: Oh yes baby ,It is an instant money transfer 8:22:22 PM Bernard Forster: You could check that on the net ok IM 21 Mar 2013 8:37:11 PM 8:22:41 PM ok I will check that on the net ok 8:22:48 PM Bernard Forster: Go to google and check on RIA Money transfer 8:22:55 PM I will not be able to do it until Monday 8:23:24 PM Bernard Forster: Oh I see baby 8:23:39 PM Bernard Forster: Then i will have to tell him to wait ok 8:23:46 PM ok 8:24:36 PM do I have to use a name when I transfer the money 8:24:58 PM Bernard Forster: Baby you need the lawyer name 8:25:34 PM and his name is 8:25:54 PM Bernard Forster: Baby hold on ,I want to write down the details for you ok 8:26:06 PM ok 8:26:12 PM Bernard Forster: Thank you 8:27:22 PM you are welcom 8:27:25 PM welcome 8:29:25 PM Bernard Forster: Name : Mr,Maxwell Owusu Street xford Street,OSU City :Accra Bank name where you want the reciever to cash the money
First name: John
Last name: Green
Aka: Tushy, Nicholas1960
Age: 48
Location: Sydney, Scotland
On websites: zoosk, yahoo messenger
Report: He sent me a message on Zoosk, which I thought was strange because you cant usually view messages if you dont subscribe.Basically, he loved me immediately and pressured me into using Yahoo messenger, so we could get to know each other better. After about three weeks, he wanted me to pick him up from the airport, he was returning from the oil rig off Scotland, to Sydney. In his last email, he slipped up and called me the wrong name. When I challenged him, he called me common, paranoid rubbish and prayed I would rot in hell.I put a warning on FB and a friend's friend was also talking to him and was supposed to marry him in August.
First name: talbot
Last name: bekson
Age: 41
Location: clarkson, Mi
Phone: 4402963441
On websites: speeddate on facebook
Report: Daughter was chatting with this person on the site speeddate on facebook. She mentioned it to me and from being a fan of the new reality show CATFISH, I decided to do a little background check. I found that his pictures that he had sent to my daughter was linked to several other sites and emails. He claimed to be a soldier and deployed for the peace keeps in iraq. He wanted personal information from her testing if she would trust him. I brought my daughter up to TRUST NO ONE you met on line. Shes a good girl and as soon as she came to me about what he had wanted I knew it was time to jump in and investigate. He wanted emails and passwords. Wanted her to give up information she doesnt give me. Wanted her facebook access. I dont have that information. Ive since taken over talkin with
First name: alex
Last name: kayode
Aka: Michael Stamford
Age: 51
Location: atlanta usa
On websites: facebook and black singles dating
Report: I was scammed out of over 10k by this guy. Said he is part Jamacian and black. Mom is in Uk with son. Is singl e, lives in atlanta, georgia. Now posts as Alex Kayode in Nyac, NYC. Beware very convincing and total fraud. Used story of going to malaysia to collect dads inheritance. Introduced in mom and son in Uk. Do not believe for anything, total fraud.
First name: Marlon
Last name: King
Age: 42
Location: Springfiled MO
On websites: Black Planet and FB
Report: He pretends to be a widower from MO, lost his wife yrs back and is raising a daughter seven yrs old named Casie. on fb he has no friends but is there daily chatting with friends.
First name: David
Last name: Wilson
Age: 43
Location: Chicago, Il USA
On websites:
Report: Person I was chatting with very secretive about his personal information and uses poor English although he states he was born and raised here. Refused to give me the name of his company.
First name: Magnus
Last name: Carlsson
Age: 64
Location: Mosman Park Western Australia
Phone: 0432607824 and 0011827079518601
On websites: Initially friendship letters.
Report: Says he had inherited a $7 Million painting in South Korea but was short of $3,900 to be able to gain access to it. He would then reimburse the money the next day when he arrived back in Perth. I was suspicious as soon as he asked for the money and informed him that Rule #1 on the dating site was never to ask for money. He was upset with me because I wouldn't
First name: fred
Last name: morgan
Age: 51
Location: young australia
On websites: yahoo and facebook
Report: claims he has over 3 millions dollars coming from his father will when i died in belguim ask me to help him with legal fees over the last 10 months i have sent him over 10 thousand in the past 10 months as he keeps saying he loves me we r going to get married when he returns back to ausralia .. but i know i have been con .