First name: Richard
Last name: Benson
Aka: bensonseeks
Age: 52
Location: Australia
On websites:
Report: He wants me to send money to his daughter in Ghana
First name: sutton
Last name: frank
Aka: clark sutton
Age: 47
Location: tripoli libya
Phone: 1-512-666-4990
On websites: asking for money
Report: Found me on BADOO chat site,was charming said he was in Tripoli Libya since May 2012. From Ohio City, Ohio, wanted me to email photos, I did, asked me if I could pay $220.00 to charge his phone so we can talk, I did via Western Union to a receiver name of Mr.Patrick Daniel in Coutou Benin ..then he did call me and had a Nigerian accent, that was it, I stopped all contact. I was scammed.
First name: Michael
Aka: Charles Stanley
Age: 40s
Location: MN
On websites: been nailed and banned from ConnectingSingles but still is on Tagged. com
Report: He was doing his bad job recently on ConnectingSingles as Anderson1968 and been banned (caught with his hidden location, he said he was in France but untrue) That man is still romance scamming women around and lieing about his location (hidden) after the support of Tagged has been warned about him ! Maybe is he using a paying account so they don't want to do anything ! How can i proof them he is a scammer ? He surely is a Canadian, as he can write french. On he is now supposed to be from USA , MN... (Michael something ..., 46yo)
First name: David
Last name: Hudson
Age: 45
Location: Houston, Texas and Scotland
Phone: 469-524-8572
On websites:
Report: I met this man on and he immediately asked me to text him on his cell phone. I sent him a message right away and we sent a few text messages back and forth that first night. He then texted me each of the next few days and also sent emails back and forth. By the third or forth day, he sent me a very heartfelt email telling me that he had fallen in love with me. A few days later he wanted to marry me and wanted already to plan a honeymoon and buy a new house and all new furniture for the house. He said that he had some kind of a bond that was going to mature in May and would have 2.2 million dollars. He claimed that his wife died from cancer and his 5 year old son died by way of something that was his carelessness but didn't say what. He said that his mom and dad both died also in the same year and all he had left in the world was one sister in Ireland. We texted back and forth for hours each day and tried to talk on the phone. Talking on the phone was hard to do because he has a very thick accent and was hard for me to understand. He said that he was born and raised in England but went to school in Spain. His accent didn't indicate either. His accent was much like a couple of friends that I have who are from Africa but he insisted he was from England. He claimed to be living in Houston, Texas and his phone number is a Texas number so at first, I didn't suspect anything. I have never heard of online dating scams so this is all new to me. He said that he had his own business and designed and built machines for big businesses and had jobs going in Texas and overseas. Within a short time, he claimed that something had gone terribly wrong at the other job site and had to go there to straighten things out in Scotland. After breaking contact for a couple of days to get to Scotland, he then told me that the guy that he left in charge was spending all of the money he was suppose to be doing the job with on drugs and wasn't paying the crew or doing the job right and had broken the piece of machinery called a Kuka while doing this job and the Kuka is needed to do this job. Shortly after getting there, he claimed to be in a terrible car accident that nearly killed him and was in the hospital. Then while recuperating from that, was hospitalized again when his blood pressure went sky high and nearly caused him a stroke. By this time, he had a friend of his emailing me to tell me how he was doing with his blood pressure and he had also had his sister emailing me to get to know me. Then as he was getting very frustrated because of the bad fortune that is coming on him, he says that the company is threatening him with breach of contract and the bank won't loan him any money to buy another kuka even though he has 2.2 million coming to him in May. At this point I just knew he was going to ask me for money and of coarse he did. We were talking on Yahoo IM and he asked me to help him by sending him some money for the Kuka and he will pay me back 10 times over again. I told him that I had none to send him and he pleaded with me to send him whatever I could to an account in China which belongs to a friend and he would be going there to buy the Kuka. I told him that I would try and then offered to charge part of the Kuka on a credit card because I had no money. He didn't want me to use the credit card to charge anything, saying that they don't take credit cards but wanted me to take a cash advance instead and send it to the account in China. I told him that my card limit for purchase was 1800 but for cash advance I can only get 400 so he said that he needed to think of how he could use the credit card. The subject didn't come up again before I confronted him. He acted hurt but said he still loved me and had to think and concentrate on his work. We didn't talk again for several days and then I asked him to meet me on IM. By then I had found him on facebook as agen conte by his sister's supposed email address but it was the birthdate he gave me for himself on the facebook page and it said male as well. He denied that it was him and told me it was probably his sister's husband that put the account there and that I should ask her but When I asked about that, the facebook page immediately was deleted within minutes, he disappeared from IM and I have not heard from him since. There is so much more to the story and I have over 3000 text messages between us, probably a hundred emails and lots of Yahoo IM conversations so it would be hard to put everything here but this man said all the right things. I was separated and nearly divorced when we began contact and I will say, this man has definitely done plenty of this before and knows just what to say. I really believed that he loved me with all his heart and I am not a mushy person at all, I normally do not believe in love happening fast and I do not fall for anyone easily but he swept me off my feet. Fortunately I pray a lot and ask God to guide me and I was paying close attention to detail and picked up on some things. On this website I was able to put in the IP Address from his emails and also from the emails that I got from his sister Anna Green and his friend Michael Aaron and all 3 of them are in Africa. I never even knew that it was possible for me to check where someone was that way. I will be putting all of his pictures on here if possible even though they are probably of some other unsuspecting person and any details that I can to make sure that other people are protected from him and others like him. I have definitely felt really silly and stupid about this whole thing but the hard thing for me to grasp is that I have felt so hurt, betrayed and broken hearted. I wanted so much for everything he said to me to be true. It is just evil that anyone would prey on the emotions of other people this way. When I think of how much my heart has sunk over this. All of this transpired in about 7 weeks, I feel just horrible for the men and women who have been victimized even longer and fell even more in love and for the money and property that some lose over these hurtful criminals. It is so sad.
First name: Harry
Last name: Brown
Age: 49
Location: London, Shaftesbury Avenue
Phone: +447938067674
On websites: FB, Yahoo mail, Yahoo massenger
Report: He was the first one to send me a message on my FB account. Our virtual relationship lasted for a month. He presented himself as a divorced man with a 12 years old daughter, having caught his wife with his best friend. Being disappointed by what happened to him he said he had lived a lonely life for seven years. He said he was employed in BP shipping department being involved in international business trips he was not able to take care of his daughter so ha had to sent her to live with his sister's family in Miami. The story was touching and he seemed very serious without any signs to be a scammer. He pretended to be in love with me and was about to come to me to get married, but first he had to go on a business trip to Australia and he was to come right to my place and his daughter and sister as well. He asked me to find a house that he would buy in my place, so we could have a family house both here and in London. When his business trip in Australia was over he informed to have been given a project i Qatar so his coming to me was prolonged for 2 more weeks. He asked me to write him my address so he could send a parcel to me with his valuable things as he didn't want to take them to Qatar because as he said he had to work down the sea. So I gave him the address and he sent me a copy of the airway bill which confirmed that he sent that parcel. He also gave me the web page where I could track the parcel. The parcel's route was Australia-Malaysia-Macedonia. It was stated that he paid for the insurance and the transport and the clearance was to be paid in Malaysia. So i had to pay $1600 to CANEAR ANAK PIRINE. So, I did. But in the afternoon they called me and sent me an email saying that the scan discovered a great amount of currency and he was fined $9500. I phoned him and he acted as if being surprised and out of his mind. I told him I didn't have that much money, so he later pretended to have pleaded with the people in Malaysia and they agreed to pay them $5000. I was not able to get as much money, so he started pretending to ask his sister borrow 2500 dollars and me to send 2500 dollars. So, I managed to borrow that amount and sent it to another person: PATRICK ABOLARINWA ABIOSE. Then I tracked the parcel having arrived in Turkey. And in the middle of the night he called me saying that the people from Turkey scanned the parcel again and did not want to send it to me until we pay the rest 4500 dollars. Again he said his sister found 1500 dollars, and I borrowed another $3000 which I sent to the same PATRICK ABOLARINWA ABIOSE. Two days later, early in the morning I was awaken by someone telling me to read a message on my email. I was shocked. They were asking for$2200 more for another insurance. Then I talked to him and told him that someone is trying to steal his money and probably it is scamming but he didn't want to listen to me saying that it's all his fault because he sent that money to me. Then I started doing a research on the internet and found out that last year he was scamming Russian women using another name which is Frank Anderson,email: I found this data simply writing his phone number on GOOGLE search. So he used the same phone number using another name. Next, I didn't tell him I knew he was a scammer waiting to see what is next. When he realized I am not able to send him the $2200 he stopped writing to me. I tried to play a game saying that I am willing to sell my house and compensate him for what he lost in the parcel. He asked how much money I would receive for the house and I told him it would be about EUR 150.000 at least. But he stopped here and never wrote to me again. Amazingly, two days later I got two more messages on FB but this time they were sent by two different people. Their names are John Britt and Franklin Nicholas. I suppose he is going to try to get the money ,,I said I would get by selling my house,, I cheked the names of these two people and found out they were already registered scammers.
First name: michael
Last name: chester
Age: 46
Location: granville ohio
On websites: do not know if on this site
Report: This man presented his self as a single father living in grandville ohio with a 10 year old son and wife and 2 other children had been killed in a car accident he stated he was looking for marriage and i was asked to add him to my yahoo account
First name: Bradly
Last name: nolan
Age: 50
Location: south afriac/ikeja
On websites: dating site
Report: I met Mike online about 3 months ago . He said that he lived in Calif. some were and was over seas in a class that he had to take. and that he would be home in about 3 or 4 weeks, well that never came. and then one night we were talking and i said something to him about needing a job , and he started opening up to me and i told him that i have know for a while that i knew who his really was. Bradly and first he acted like he didnt know what i was talking about , then when he stoped and thought about it , ive know for a long while and that i still was talking to him and he liked that about me , i wasnt judging him he thougth. just here in the last few weeks in march and april we have talked about becoming bussiness partners. after he came home soon and then he asked me to send him a little bit of money . i said no and i have not heard from him again. so much for us being partners right lOLOlOLOL! sorry what i joker he said no time you can call me your king and i will call you my queen ,,for real !!!!wow
First name: Michael
Last name: Brown
Age: 51
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 1-954762-7523, 234-818-722-8449
On websites:
Report: Michael initiated posting from dating site as engineer in oil industry, originally living in New Jersey, but sent to Nigeria for contract shortly after we start posting, within 8 days. I was so trusting person, never been before on any dating site, wasn't aware of scams going on. This was catholic site, on top of it, site found in church bulletin. Problems began, that he was short of money, couldn't change his travelers checks, need money for contract, was rubbed, injured. With money provided won contract, made me responsible to finish his job, fix special filter for oil exploration, hiring people, lease the land and transport machine to US. Provided documents, pictures even check paid for his name sent to me as guarantee for his truthfulness and good intentions, accompanied by swearing on God, Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary that all is true. relationship started in mid of March 2011, until Sept 2011, during that time I lost a lot of of money. After 4 months break, it was another attempt in Feb 2012, to scam me for more money, as investment my money I sent, in bank of Ghana, During 4 months break period, I educated myself, and checked all resources, by finding phone numbers of institutions provided and calling them directly, not by phones provided by scammer, scammers. I saved all documents posted, sent, pictures, transactions of money sent, check received for amount of 500,000.00$ in Michael Brown name and messenger conversations. I reported scam to IC3 for investigation.
First name: Ranjit
Last name: ajay
Age: 36
Location: Uk
On websites: online
Report: I met this guy on a matrimonial site He liked my photos and immediately fell in love with me. Claimed to like me the way i was. Sent me very emotional texts, emails and a lot of things. I am being cheated once always been careful so i tried to check his name, photos could not find him on any social networks, he also never asked for video chat, never sent his current photos. He totally got me emotionally involved by his charming talks and personality of a doctor who is rich and working in army had indian parent and wants to come to india and all bullshit. Somewher my sixth sense was telling me not to believe all that and then i searched with his phone no. and found this website where with the same phone no. similiar details only names were changed. I was very distrubed although i was not too much involved or gave any money i felt bad. I do not want others to suffer from this hence i am posting it here, i just hope he gets caught.
First name: Michael
Last name: Scott
Age: 48
Location: Iran
Email: ms192battalion
Report: I met Michael on He sent me a chat request, we have been talking for about a month...he has asked me to buy a satellite phone so that I can talk to send money for his kids lab fees and stuff at school...2 kids that supposedly live in Australia with his mother, but he told me he was born and raised in New York. He asked me to look for houses with property near where I live and send him pics...he tells me he loves me and wants to be married in July...he now is asking for an iphone 5 unlocked for his BD April 10th?
First name: Nick
Last name: Dwayne
Age: 42
Location: London or Algeria
Address: Texas
Phone: 786-558-3431
On websites: badoo
Report: I met him in Badoo website and i have talking to him for mote them 4 months. I know for fact he scammed me do to stuff i found out afterwards when i did some investigation on his story and real place he's at. I send him money like a dummy at first i was convinced that he was real but now im sure he' s not. He has a accent saying that he's Itlalian descent. He will make you beleave that your his only love by sending you love letters, pictures, text messages, calls and convince you that he will married you. He will say he's another country like In London due to a Contract that he did for his construction business. Then he will call you to write to you that he needs money because he wants to come to the US to married you but he can't do to some tax problems he needs to pay to leave that country because his contracyor send all his money to a bank of america in the USA. He needs money to come and that if you can deposite in his friend bank account in new york city bank of america and once he comes to the USA he will repay u to married you.
First name: Paul
Last name: McCollum
Age: 48
Location: USA Tennessee
Address: 7386 Wooley cove street Memphis Tn
Phone: +1 (310) 219-6843
On websites: Dating DNA
Report: This is the last conversation I had with him: lizimavaz(00:27:25 (UTC)):What darling collumpp(00:28:26 (UTC)):I make a contact to one of my old Workers . He is just a 26 years old guy .. Working For me as Join man .. He will be coming to Mexico with some of my guys .. collumpp(00:29:24 (UTC)):He need to get himself together For the trip . I am suppose to get him along . But I can't get anything done right here ., I am suppose to send him some Bucks . collumpp(00:29:45 (UTC)):It is not Much.. Just that I am occupied here And I can't get it to him . collumpp(00:29:55 (UTC)): I want to ask maybe you could do this For me collumpp(00:30:47 (UTC)):He will be coming From Indiana lizimavaz(00:32:15 (UTC)):I gotta go now... I will get to you on that.... Bye collumpp(00:32:48 (UTC)):Okay baby .Will you be able to get back online . collumpp(00:34:30 (UTC)):It is 8 35am here . thursday
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Nigeria
Age: 53
Email: different
On websites: different
Report: I recognized this man on your front page. He is one of the most active scammers. He asked for contact with me on Skype, wrote: My name is Arnold Jones, I am 57 years, widower, I accepted his request and he used this picture, which is here.. First he wrote (he always wrote), how sad he is because he can't get over the loss of his beloved wife (she died 2 years ago) after 20 years of great marriage, but at the same time he wanted a new He wrote, he is a ship engineer, working in Florida, resident of Albany, New York. He had traveled on ships all over the world and wanted me to go with him. Suddenly-today- he asked me this:On his ship on the way to China died a rich passenger, who had 10 million US dollar in his cabin, the captain and he kept 5 million for themselves (gave the assistent of the owner the rest) and he couldn't put this money on his account, and asked me to help him to get the money on an account in an other country. Later he wanted to invest this money. I refused and realised, he must be a scammer and blocked him. I found him in your site, first page.
First name: George
Last name: Draper
Age: 57
Location: London - Washington
Email: -
On websites: Badoo
Report: 1) He initiated contact 2) Via Badoo - a chat site 3) Still corresponding 3 days 4) he purports to be a CIA agent 5) Nothing requested from me - yet I have photos he sent me but do not know how to send them to you
First name: Marvin
Last name: Fletcher
Age: 45
Location: UK and Oxford, GA
Phone: +44 77000 083498
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Thanks for communicating with me and also for your giving me your email addy..I really appreciate it...So how are you and how was your?day? Its always really difficult to start a conversation especially when you know its with someone that just might become special and you don't wanna?put a foot in the wrong direction....I don't know how to start but please feel free to ask me for any information you feel So I'll tell?you a little about myself....My name is Marvin Fletcher... I am divorced and I'm an Engineer...I generally involved in the supervision of?construction,Maintenance and renovation of public works.Eg. Buildings,Bridges,drainage,roads,etc etc.... I love my job and I hope you would too.. I?have an only daughter,Tammy,she is 15 and lives with her mom.I am moving to your end pretty soon to take up a consultancy job. Basically,i am in search of my true love and my soul mate. I am not here to play games.I am looking for someone to share/spend my life with.I am a true romantic person and I don't think romance is dead, I think people are just lazy or are discouraged or have been hurt. I am here, I am me,?and I believe. I am an awesome guy and I am waiting for that special someone.I am looking for a friend someone who I can trust to share anything?with. Someone who understands what a relationship is and understands what being faithful is all about.I would like to find someone that is?adventurous and wouldn?t be afraid to try anything. Someone who knows how to communicate and is able to come to a common solution to topics that we?may not agree on. Just looking for a good friend to share in life with. ? If I were to describe myself I would say I am easy going,up beat,an extrovert,gregarious,caring,cultured, well-travelled,charismatic, well-educated,affectionate and reasonably fit.i'll say i'm the standard for a good man,that doesn't mean i'm flawless,..i got some flaws but that isn't a?problem,life is too short to be fussy about everything,i tend to live life to its fullest by having fun and making others share in the fun,i think?the basics of life isn't to live a thousand years but the few years we live should be to impact the life of others;a legacy that will last for a test?of time..most of the greatest men didn't live up to 100years,but their names were written in gold,my life is being dedicated to God,My daughter and?of service to humanity in extension,VANITY IS VANITY....i smile alot to people and make them happy,..i'm a softie to the plight of the needy,i tend?to help in anyway i could,..i do so many things for fun,but sport is my major eventhough i'm picky now,..i'm a soccer fan,..i watch soccer week-in,week-out when its on season.i also watch other sport but i'm soccer crazy.I also the theatre, ballet, spending time with friends and?entertaining,cooking (looking forward to teasing you with one of my favorite recipes....hopefully if we get along)fine dining, weekends away and good?communication.I enjoy a variety of music from modern, soul and rock to classical and opera,gospel, I love jazz and I adore laid back blues, cinema,?intellectual conversations, fashion, history, and philosophy. I have diverse taste and interests in the arts. I value monogamy, commitment and?integrity. I love to read, learn about anything and everything; explore new things and places,i like to see the outside world,it could be fun you?know?I am fun and adventurous when you get to know me. I'd spend most of the weekend studying as i have a presentation on wednesday.I bidded for a contract with a multinational company with branch office in England and i was short listed so i need to do a presentation for the company so the can know my skills.So i am going to be studying all through this weekend.I need to get back on track. I contacted them before i even told you about the debt.Lol...I am smart,I found every available means to pay without having to tell you before i called you.British people are usually very mean people.They would confiscate the cargo if i do not make payments within the next few days.I am not british and secondly,This is the first time i am having these issues.If i was a regular,They probably would have given me some time or something like that.I have made contacts and my sister has gotten half of the money available.I need the other half so i can get this all sorted out. I believe God will send someone else to help me as my sister has done.xoxo Thanks for stopping by.I haven't yet but I'm sister has payed some part of it and my wouldn't get money to them until after a couple of working days.I don't knw what else to do. I haven't sent him any money and I won't. I had his IP address checked out. There are comments on his IP address and all his calls are blocked. He is also on Facebook as well.
First name: Frank
Last name: Moore
Age: 55 and 57
Location: London Uk Lagos Africa
On websites: Yahoo, lavaplace, Confirio
Report: He contacted me via He responded to my profile on I am still contacted from him at this date, 4-2-13. Yes, He has asked me for money. He tells me he is in UK. He tells an aquaintence of mine he is in Lagos Africa. He is on her facebook. He has asked her to buy him ipods and send them to him in Africa and sent her credit cards to cash for him to send him the money. I refused to send any but pretended I would to get the name and address of contact person which is....FRANK MOORE
First name: Daniel
Last name: Moretti
Age: 52
Location: Abington, Maryland
Phone: 8639490390
On websites:
Report: He is saying he is from Clewiston Florida and recently move up to Maryland to get away from memories.
First name: bill
Last name: smith
Age: 48
Location: n.y. california, texas ??
On websites:
Report: I met him on in dec.2011 .he was in N.Y and flying home to Texas the next day then he was leaving for a contract in the U.K as he said he was in car sales. he did want to marry me 2 weeks after we started talking on yahoo messenger. then he started asking for money for his cars in N.Y that were there while he was out of the country then his stay in the U.k went past the time he said he would be there and he needed money for food and hotel going on until november 2012 he kept saying every time he fly they would arrest him then he wouldnt talk to me for a week one time and 4 days another finally nov.30th 2012 he say the arrested him in n.y and flew him to ohio he say they need money again and he had someone text me from this number 713-587-6158 they couldnt prove they were who they say he gave me this address to send money to-wayne wochele in 7918 harvard ave, cleveland ohio 44094 zip is wrong lol he has many accomplices and uses them to get money or ask you to transfer money into your account which later will be taken back out and you will have to pay it back also he will send you fake money orders as well. and they will try and take your idenity and also send you checks from people they have done this too. he is on connecting singles now as KELVO65 from los angeles california boy i cant believe he didnt age since i met him lol lol beware he has alot of ideas heres some names he uses in his schemessimon okoroji, michael eigen phone # 917-545-3628 simon smith,gregory ifode, nwosu david, troy rollins. cant forget the fake checks also. im sure he is using differnt email and names now.
First name: Herbert
Last name: Wacort
Age: 58
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa
On websites:
Report: Scammed me out out 36,000$..Promised to pay back money taken off of credit card...when he did pay it back he gave the wrong routing numbers
First name: ammar
Last name: ogli
Age: 31
Location: latakkia syria
Phone: 011963992705054
On websites: skype, y-messenger, facebook, msn
Report: claims to love you and wants to marry you. asks for money then u become a burnt card for him. he is looking to get out of Syria any way he can. goes from on woman to another and possible men too.
First name: kennedy
Last name: barren
Aka: kenny
Age: 61
Location: united kingodm/pakistan
Phone: +886277314096
On websites: ASIANKISSES.D
First name: chris
Last name: hawkins
Age: 37
Location: republic bein
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: Have talked to him for over 5 months told me he was working there in Africa and couldnt cash his money there due to no access to his account started asking me to open an checking account to have his client deposit money to it and then I would send him the money.. I refused.. Claims hes a widower and has young child... That he has malaria and needs medical attention and has no food... Please send money his son is starving,,etc.. Claims loves me and wants to marry me and will come back to the states and we will be together,, etc....
First name: Graham
Last name: Hector
Aka: Loveth
Age: 47
Location: Bolton, Lancs
On websites: looking for women
Report: This person claimed his home town was Bolton Lancs but he is serving in Afghanistan with the American army. It soon became apparent that his stories were fabrication, his information was sketchy and at best far fetched. He very quickly started claiming undying love for me and asking me to send money to him, as he was unable to activate his mobile phone because he was not allowe.d by army regulations to access his bank accounts whilst in Afghanistan. I knew this was lies as I have family members in the forces. I refused his requests and he became hostile. I believe this person or persons has stolen the identity of a U.S soldier, has posted photographs on dating sites, opened a false facebook profile using this soldiers name and photographs which have been stolen. I believe this person/ persons, as I believe there is more than one involved, is operating from an African country as advised by the official data issued by the U.S military. I have been in contact with other women who have suffered the same experience with this person.
First name: kelvin
Last name: mcdonald
Age: 47
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348131647449
On websites:
Report: Kelvin is listed as kelvincaresforu on says he lives in Manhattan NY and is a widow with 2 children. Has a trip to africa and daughter needs surgery send money. already listed on pig busters.
First name: John
Last name: Chavarria
Aka: sgt Chavarria john
Age: 47
Location: Washington dc
On websites: asking for money, yahoo chat/ messenger
Report: i met sgt john chavarria about a month ago on fb through a mutual friend, within a couple of minutes he had asked me to marry him. over time he has come up with a lot of reasons to try and get money out of me from asking me to help pay for family forms, the latest is he was redeployed to West Africa and needed to feed orphan children as his mission. i have spoken to another female on his friends list today and he has has tried a simular scam on her.
First name: micheal
Last name: scott
Age: 45
Location: iraq
On websites:
Report: He has been speaking to me for a good while now, he is telling me that he loves me and want to get married in the next three months. I've been sending money to him as well, in total i have sent $2035 US dollars for him. I'm trying to get him to video chat with me but says he doesn't have any webcam devices. I ask him his phone number so that i could speak to him to hear his charming voice but he said he doesn't have any phone as well, he said that he is the army and he is Iraq, well in other words he said that he is a soldier! I really want to know if this man is real. He sent me some pictures which he said it claim to be him an feel in love with his looks. I look up his name on google and saying that this person his already dead and was a soldier from the army. The pictures that he sent me i saw them on google and it was a man in an awards ceremony receiving an plaque.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Keenan
Age: 32
Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: I am a gay male who responded to a profile on a gay dating site and began corresponding with someone claiming to be Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan, age 32, currently deployed with the Fifth Mountain Regiment of the US Army and stationed at Camp Eggers, Afghanistan. We've been corresponding for about a month now, and today I had some suspicions as to whether he is who he says he is so I began doing a little research, and that's when I discovered that I was actually corresponding with a scammer posing as a US military personnel. I now know, in all certainty, that Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan is indeed a scammer. It's early in our correspondence and thus far he has not requested I send him any money or packages, but I'm sure those requests will soon be forthcoming. I just received another e-mail from him today and so far he doesn't know I know he's a scammer and that I'm on to him. I'm trying to figure out a way to nail his a$$ good, lol, sort of turn the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine so to speak! Would love to send him a computer virus but have no idea how to go about that, lol. Maybe I should ask HIM to send ME money or maybe an IPad!
First name: Christopher
Last name: Noell
Aka: Ranger Noell, Noell C Ranger
Age: 38-49
Location: Miami Fl, Marathon, FL, Hawaii, Dahlognea Ga
Phone: 3058344415
On websites: myspace, facebook,, militarycupid
Report: He along with other scammers are popping up on without photos. They want contact souly through messenger. Noell wanted money to secure a dedicated call line ranging in price from 175 to 600 per month, :e says he is with secret service on US Nato mission but his text are random. After you tell him no money you will see his yahoo acc9ount is on all the time. Before that he would say he is on patrol or on break. He starts with a long non intereactive paragraphs of what he is looking for and then has a barrage of questions. He emailed photos taken from a myspace site saying he was a widower and has an 8 yr old daughter named Jessica. His language is varies from fluent to poor english. He pulls you in by saying he wants to merge families together. He encourages you to close your account on the dating site as he has found the one. I directly asked him why he lied about his ex Theresa being dead, no reply, the daughter pictures he says are his nieces. account His explanation for the false sites is tha terrorist stole his identity and he doesn't want to relive or talk about it and anything you find out about him is in his past.
First name: Raymond
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Macdonald Helton
Age: 49
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
On websites: International Cupid
Report: I met Raymond from International Cupid. He is very charming. He sent me over 30 pictures of a handsome man and said he was Norweigan but lives in Northern Ireland. He had been divorced for 3 years and had custody of his son. Most of pictures were of himself with his 8 year old son Donald. He says he is a real estate developer and travels alot. Has a nanny from the Phillipines that watches his son while he is away. We chatted via email daily for about a month and then he asked me to cancel my profile as he wanted to have a serious relationship. About three weeks later I convinced him to call me and when I heard his voice I knew he was of African descent and not the person in the pictures. I hung in there a little longer maybe a week hoping that I was wrong about the accent and I was indeed speaking to the man in the pictures. I finally insisted on a Skype video chat so after that he stopped contacting me. His Skype account is raymond001147. Your site popped up when I did a search on one of the pictures he sent me. Another poster said he was gong by the name MacDonald Helton (when following up with me please note there are 2 underscores in my email address and then a j )
First name: Donald
Last name: Brook
Aka: Donny B
Age: 37-40
Location: Manchester living in Malaysia
Address: 424 Wilmslow Road, Withington Manchester
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I met Donny on Zoosk.. He stated he was living in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. He is chemical engineer, who specialises in pipelines. He started asking for money about 3 weeks into our relationship, using my visit to Singapore as the reason why I needed to hurry up and help him, so that he could visit me before Xmas. Nothing ever worked.. The scam was for giving him money to have his materials released from customs, then helping him pay his income tax, then insurances, them stamp duty etc.. Flights home in between that and living expenses.. He promises to give you every cent back. The scam finished and not one cent was returned. He claims to have no-body else that could have helped him with money. He has one sister. Geraldine and mother margaret who lives with his sister, and he supports them. His dad died of diabetes some years ago. Donny grew up in Amsterdam from 5 to 16 and went to the University of Newcastle in England. He had a mobile phone, but claimed it got lost.