First name: Toni
Last name: Hernandez
Age: 40
Location: Perth WA Australia South Africa
Phone: +27 (81) 3134464
On websites:
Report: This person is a scammer, I have been in contact with him for about 10 days and he
First name: richard
Last name: mass
Age: 53
Location: afaganastaion
On websites: IM/Yahoo
Report: I think Richrd is Scamming me for money
First name: Mark
Last name: Meloney
Aka: Donald Armstrong
Age: 48
Location: scottland uk
On websites: facebook
Report: I beleive he is a scammer as his photo was on here as Mark Meloney , now he is on my face book. I had talk with him for over 3 years , fell deeply in love with him, but he still message me. How do you find out if someone stole his photo or is he the real scammer?
First name: Allan
Last name: Xavier
Age: 49
Location: Valencia, Spain
Phone: 447031982447
On websites:
Report: Xavier contacted me in response to my profile on Stated he was widowed with 3 children, currently in Independence, MO - his mother
First name: Terry
Last name: Adams
Age: 40
Location: Kuala Lumput
On websites: Meet Market Adventures; Facebook, Linked In
Report: This individual approached me on Meet Market Adventures and attempted to develop a relationship. Repeated phone calls and Yahoo chats. He soon gave me a story about his company being charged tax by the Malasian government and asked me to send him $5000. I refused and he ended the relationship.
First name: Alan
Last name: Cliff
Age: 52
Location: UK Manchester
Address: 51 Loveridge Avenue Hull,North Humberside HU5 4DZ
Phone: +447035906467;+447045773994
On websites: Friendscout24
Report: widow, son Kelvin, 11 years, buying cars to Ghana
First name: gabriel
Last name: anderson
Age: 53
Location: working in new delhi resides in Bradford U.K.
On websites: skype gabriel.anderson42
Report: things where going fine for three weeks now he supposively wants money had no family his son in care accident i gave him numbers for the St Alexander hospital in Bradford for finance, social worker and liason he tells me i do not trust in him they cannot help only doctor can called him on that he seems persistant about this i told him the nanny should be paying for fees while he is away since it was supposively her driving the car boy was in her care i have given him all the answers he needs yet he still wants me to believe in his story??
First name: ROBERT
Last name: LESTER
Age: 52,so he says
Location: NIGERIA
On websites: lester2004 on
Report: He told me he was a pediatric nephrology consultant in the Los Angeles area. I researched him by image under his specialty. Every doctor with that name did not look like him. He gave a bs story about having a 7 year old daughter. I asked for further info on his
First name: Edward
Last name: Rick
Age: 45
Location: Spain, Bethany Beach delaware
Phone: 6086201841
On websites:
Report: Asked for me to email him and text him, sent flowers, asked for money to be wired to his agent in New York and then he would get it.
First name: Clarence
Last name: Taylor
Aka: Lonely man New Jersey
Age: 43
Location: Malaysia Kuala Lumpsur Jersey City New Jersey
Phone: 5513331298
On websites: soul single
Report: I met this guy on soul singles very well spolen not the usual scammer with broken english. Very Smart we have been talking for 8 months. He started having financial problems and need to boorow money always promising to pay back.He continued to ask for money in which I was going to help. But after reseaching his email address I began to find out information that he is a scammer and I cut it off. But ladies please this guy is very convinving..
First name: Daniel
Last name: Vasquez
Age: 54
Location: USA Mesquite
Phone: unknown5123487570
On websites: skout
Report: I had been corresponding with this man for several months and the day before he was suppose to come back to the states from working on the roads in Ogbomosho, OYO he called and was all excited telling me everything about his flight and then I have never heard from him again
First name: Larry
Last name: Francesco
Aka: drlarry
Age: 56
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Address: 6608 Piedras Blanco Dr. Austin, TX78747
Phone: 5124878339
On websites: facebook
Report: Claimed he is s vet doctor, lost his wife 7 years ago, has a 24-yr-old daughter, appears very loving and writes very well, he recently got a big contract and went o Malaysia to get vaccine he needed, lost his wallet, short of money, asked me to wire to a Malaysia business, which does not exsit from any internet search. He is from Italy, lived in Scotland and practice as vet doctor in Austin, Texas now,
First name: Sanders
Last name: Ferry
Age: 43
Location: Aftghanstan
On websites: Badoo, Facebook
Report: Sanders contacted me on Badoo. I've found him on Facebook with same name. The profile on FB is one of several pictures he sent to me though I've deleted them. Sorry. He claims he's an American soldier and is willing to relocate when he time is up to come to be. BUT...I have to pay for it. As you can tell quite quickly through his conversation that English isn't his first language nor American as he claims. I knew he was a scammer and kept the conversation going until I had proof from his own words...he was NOT happy. The pictures he sent to me were of a man dressed in a suit looking straight ahead and not at camera, 3 of them were in combat gear dressed as a soldier, one was a civilian dress head shot wearing glasses. I contacted Badoo and Facebook to let them know about his scam using them. I have kept a copy of our conversation in Yahoo messenger and I can send it to you if you wish, please let me know. Thanks
First name: Wilfred
Last name: Campbell
Age: 48
Location: Nottingham, Uk
On websites: 4 different facebook accounts
Report: He had left a message in my email asking to be friends on facebook. I replied asking who he was and how he had gotten my profile. We started talking on facebook for a few days and after awhile red flags went up. It was almost like he was writing a romance novel, and when I would call him on some things he'd get really flustered and his grammar got really bad. Nobody in their right mind would profess how I was obviously his soulmate and that he was a man in love. The more I called him on this the more desperate he became, it was almost laughable. I don't think that this man is using his real name or real picture. He is still active under 4 different facebook accounts and I think he should be stopped. I have unfriended him and put a block up;
First name: George
Last name: Morgan
Age: 53
Location: scramento,ca
On websites: Christian Mingel
Report: I met this Guy on Christian Mingle two weeks ago posing as a independent Oil contractor he has a web site that to the naked eye is quite Impressive he poses as a life long Christian widow says his wife Tonya passed away 4 years ago. says he has a 16 year old son that is in China with his sister Susan who is a China.he says that he has 2 months left on his supposed UK drilling site and that the next one is in TX. I had odd activity going on with my e-mail that put up a red flag with me.yesterday my daughter in law is a PI she did some digging last eve she found that the pic in the web site is photo shopped as are the others if he send you a pic with him by a red white and blue Helicopter its photo shopped he is quite charming Bald blue eyes groomed mustache gote salt and pepper says all the right words she found the Real George Morgan whom is in the Oil business and is contacting him today to enlighten him on his identity being used by this thief..he did not get $$ from me I sent word to CM last eve and received word back that CM has shut him down on there site removed him sad thing is he will create a new name and Identity and start this process over he also says he is from Austria and has a very heavy Austrian accent is a bit hard to understand on the phone God will truly deal with this person who ever he is in his own time in his won way.
First name: Glover
Last name: Smith
Age: 48
Location: lagos
On websites: miume
Report: He contacted me on this dating site and is asking to come see me at the end of the month.
First name: George
Last name: Rogers
Age: 50
Location: Bronxville NY Scotland
Phone: 347-399-4151
On websites:
Report: Met George on George sent his cell# asking me to call him. I dislike writing back and forth so I agreed. I recently lost my late husband and grandaughter so I was't thinking clearly. George quickly asked me to remove my profile so we can foscus on each other. George then said he was a sub contractor.
First name: Craig
Last name: Conovan
Age: 56
Location: nigeria, florida
On websites:
Report: Met on, he contacted me first. He said he fell in ove with me, requested $, has sent me pics, passport photos, etc.
First name: Mike
Last name: Demir
Age: 36
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: I am a gay man and live in Sydney Australia. I had a profile on and got contacted by a certain Mike Demir who said he was in Turkey and then 3 days later, he ended up in Abuja, Nigeria for 'Business' purposes...... The picture he had on POF was that of Andy Garcia, a Hollywood DJ but I believe he is Nigerian This whole thing happened in February 2012 and ended in May 2012 after sending him AUD$30,000 by bank transfer to a bank in Turkey...... Also, I sent him about $7,000 from March to May by Western Union to Nigeria..... Nearly every email he wrote melted my heart until I discovered a Love Letters site from where he had copied all emails...... I am still uo to today trying to find him. Has anyone been scammed by this guy? I would really appreciate any information about him. I have contacted the Police in Nigeria and in Turkey to no avail.... They are simply not interested in fighting crimes!
First name: Mitchel S.
Last name: Brown
Age: 51
Location: San Antonio, Texas
On websites:
Report: I met this man in . He said is a army Colonel deployed in Sudan,, He sent me some pics.. I research on Google Image, all the pics he sent me are of Senator Scott Brown,,.I used IP address Lookup to search the IP from some letters he sent me, were sent from Sunnyvale, Whittier- Ca.. others from Plano-Tx, other from Lagos-Nigeria.. He also said had a son that lived in Canada, his email- Somebody need to stop this man, still have a active profile in Tagged with Senator Scott Brown picture.
First name: John
Last name: Muyila
Age: 45-50
Location: Dakar senegal
Address: villa no29 sicap Amite
Phone: +221778613208
On websites: S-Dates
Report: r The grace of God is always with his people when we allow him to direct us in all that we do in this life, when u begin to think of God's mercies upon us i came to know that we really, really cares about us. I have made a promise to you that by the grace of God whom i serve that i will always try my best to make sure that everything will be done accordingly Based on this i want you to promise me now that you will handle that money in this DRAFT CHEQUE properly there in your country Germany I will be very, very happy because she want's compensate you for trying to help her (although it didn't workout for you and her) Meanwhile, i have gone to the courier service (DHL) and they charged only 135 euro to send the DRAFT CHEQUE to you in Germany .so that's the money you will send for the (DHL) cost to send the DRAFT CHEQUE to You in Germany, Now i want you to use my name and my address below here to send the 135 euro immediately through western union money transfer so that i will go back to courier service company and send the CHEQUE To you immediately i receive the money RECEIVER NAME; JOHN MUYILA. Country Senegal City Dakar ADDRESS; VILLA NO 29 SICAP AMITE AMOUNT.; 135 euro I will be waiting for the information on how to get the money so that i will send the DRAFT CHEQUE to you immediately And immediately you send the money inform me, I will always pray for you and your family for God's mercy and protection May my Good God guise and protect you and your family as you go your normal business Amen I will stop here for now until i here from you again Thank and remain blessed Your brother in the lord +221778302259 Rev Joh
First name: michael
Last name: caregar
Age: 51
Location: Dallas Texas
On websites:
Report: He is a big scammer, he lied to me several times and took my money , and promised to pay back , but I have not heard from him anymore since then.
First name: Gary
Last name: Dewhurst
Age: 58
Location: Olympia, Washington
Phone: 253-216-4589
On websites: facebook, google plus
Report: This man contacted me on I was going through a horrible divorce and he befriended me. He wanted my email address which I gave him and we started corresponding. That was last November. In January he emailed me this very gushy love letter with a song, which was Iwannagrowoldwithyou - It was touching. He said he owned a construction company and was wealthy. I have trust issues anyway, so I went along with it, knowing that there were scammers out there (my girlfriend sent me a link when she heard I was talking to him). He called me every day 2x but I could never get in touch with him - usually. Then he said he was going to Bankok for a contract. He said he was a widower. He had an 18 year old daughter that needed a mother. He wanted to marry me and wake up in my arms. This guy is good. Yesterday after prepping me for the last week or so about money, he asked me for $15,000.00 US, which I said no to, started digging on the internet, found your wonderful site and warned him that if he contacted me again, I would get the proper authorities involved. Oh ya, he has a very european accent, so thick that it's hard to understand actually. BEWARE!!!!!
First name: Sean
Last name: Grant
Age: 47
Location: United States
On websites:
Report: He contact me today with love latter but the latter written as scammer..
First name: Ryan
Last name: Geiger
Age: 49
Location: Winter Park, Florida
On websites:
Report: ryangeiger42: The Hospital Bills is $2980 i have paid $1500 and right now the Doctor said if i don't balance up he will stop the Treatment redsonja004: OMGoodness....can they do that over there? ryangeiger42: Sandra i have tried every possible means to get the Balance to pay the Hospital but nobody to help ryangeiger42: I would be really glad if you can Loan me some money..Pls Sonja ryangeiger42: Sonja no amount is too small amount is too big..any amount you have to loan me will make Impact in Kim's life so pls help me with any amount you can
First name: Aaron Ray
Last name: Guevara
Age: 47
Location: Kabul,Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook,Are You Interested
Report: Aaron I met Last April in Are you Interested adn we chatted only twice cause he disappered,and last month he returned and saw me again in Are You Interested,saying that he was redeployed for a mission and just came back,and opened an FB account.He's still on chat with me till now but I'm sure he's a scammer too for he sent me an Identification Card which look fake,please verify it for me before publishing.I will send you the pics and the copy of Identification Card as soon as I receive my report number.By the way he's starting telling me about leave request and the payment.
First name: JOE
Last name: WALKER
Age: 47
Location: Dubai,UK,Paris
Phone: 0012098908512
On websites: Are you Interested,Facebook,YAHOO
Report: I maet him in Are You Interested on May 2012,we became friends, he sometimes called me .Her said he's a global conractual engineer working on rigs in Dubai with his 9 engineers and called them rascals.He was a widow of a Paris Model and have a 19 year old son name Nathan who lives with his mum in UK,he also have a house in Paris.But during his stay in Dubai,two weeks before the contract was finished,an accident of 4 laborers was happened and one of them died.He sent me also his plane ticket to meet me but unfortunately was put in jail for i did not help 7000 for the deceased family.I will send you letter and pics as soon as i receive my REPORT NUMBER.Thanks
First name: Richard
Last name: Berry
Aka: Jaye
Age: 44
Location: richmond, Va
Phone: 8045517521
On websites: tag, black people meet, google
Report: this guy is a scammer, and th picture he post on the meeting sites is not even him. he is always on line trying to meet women so that he can scam them out of money. he will start out all smooth and laid back and then he will start to tell you about all the troubles he is going thru like his dad is dying, his son has a teminally ill desease (Lukemia)and his daughther is always sick, oh yea and his brother is in the hospital with blood on the brain the doctors thinks its a tumor. of course next he will start to ask the women to loan him money for differnt things like rent , traffic tickets,, storage, or what ever other bill he can think of at the moment. the guy is a complete fake, he asked me to loan him $400 for rent after only knowing me 2 weeks, he is a supervisor at a construction company in ashland so i don't know why he doing this but he is. so ladies if you see Richardb he calls himself on some site where he has a muscle man picture posted up with no shirt on . run like hell.
First name: Richard
Last name: Maker
Age: 56
Location: Ghana
Report: Money scammer,writing nice love letters,use my soul,heart wery pain.I was stupid I believe him
First name: Allen
Last name: Miller
Age: 37
Location: west palm beach
On websites: facebook and hi5 and badoo
Report: I was recently scammed by a guy name Allen Miller or Miller Allen the names he used he clamied to had been in the military serving in Afghanistan he said he was deployed since 2008 and that he was a intelligence officer..He clamied his wife died he was the only child he said his parents had died and he was raising his son name giovanni all by his self he said his wife died in a car accident..He stared calling me baby on the second day we talked expressing his love to me saying he wanted to get married when he came home in march he claimed to had a house in west palm beach florida..he sent me charming pictures and emails..We talked for like 3 weeks until he asked me for 800 dollars than thats when i had a feeling this was a scam i never sent him money i learned my lesson i was never a fan of internet dating but it upsets me because this is a real us solider serving in the military and i really dont know if he know that someone is on the internet using his photos and photos of him and his son pretending to be him..I reported this to facebook and they still havent took the profile down its very sickening for me to eeven look at the fake profile..