First name: David
Last name: E Wilson
Aka: egoh chigozie
Age: 30-35
Location: Nigeria/ United Kingdom
Phone: +2348135255174; +2347039282971
On websites: facebook, yahoo messenger, skype
Report: This man left some facebook messages to me and said he wanted a long-lasting relationships and true love. He said he is from Manchester and he is a dentist. At the beginning, he would pretend to be so nice and honest to keep chatting with you so that u will feel his sincerity. Then, after several days, he will tell you he have to go to Africa to do some volunteer work. He will tell you when he has arrived in Africa. Then, he will tell you to help him buy a smartphone because he said he went to the airport to get the internet and said it is costly to online in airport. After that, he would tell you he had bought something for you and there would be some money inside the parcel and let you not to tell the staff. Then, he would tell you that you need to pay for the taxes and charges. After the taxes and charges, that so-called Speed Post would tell you there is a huge money inside the parcel and then you need to pay for the three certificates, they are: 1. Anti-Terrorism, 2. CUSTOM YELLOW TAG and 3. MALAYSIA CUSTOM CLEARANCE RECEIPT. Then, he will tell you he is sick and have no money to fly back to UK. Then, he will plead you to help him again and again. And he will always tell you he is sick and he is crying. I did give him some money, also through western union and he definitely takes advantage of one's sympathy and kindness. These are very serious. I must report this to you.
First name: Derry
Last name: Olin
Age: 61
Location: Jaya,Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia
Address: 5B,1st Floor Jalan 5/12 Petaling
Phone: 60103629213;4475231855638;60111260972
On websites: removed his e-mail around March after I caught onto the scam.
Report: I did not know about this kind of scam until I was taken for money. My Bank got wise and looked him up on your sight, then he tried to tell me someone had stolen his ID. ( Really) I don't expect anything from this just feel sad and ashame I was so stupid He broke my heart and I will never help another person who seems to be in trouble. After I looked on your web sight and saw Cecilia (South Africa letters) I knew what a fool I had been. Just keep him on the scammer list and maybe it will help some other old lady who is too kind of heart and willing to hear a request of someone in real trouble per his e-mail in danger of loosing all his money he had saved for 2 years and his oil contract with Mexico. What a dumb person I was. I do not want to post anything or all about the money as noone knows but my banker the scammer and I. I just thought this might help someone from making the same foolish minstake I did. It has taken me this long to ever tell anyone and I hope this will help me by tell you to heal. I think of it so much. Thank you for listening.
First name: Maxo
Last name: Lombard
Aka: Jonathan Marcellus - Brice Marise
Age: 30
Location: Haiti Port au Prince
Address: Bas fort national # 26-28 Port -au-Prince ,HAITI
Phone: 509 3704 0169
On websites:
Report: Maxo Lombard is to find on much dating sites like Badoo He uses Facebook, Skype, Yahoo messenger to contact his victims. Between my Facebook friends, I found Nikerson Gay and Evens Joseph. Brice Marise is also a mutual friend. He has asked for a Christmas Gift A digital camara! See date, time and conversation below. December 11, 2012 1:24am Maxo Lombard I EXPECT MY CHRISTMAS GIFT AS PART OF YOUR December 24, 2012 1:32am Maxo Lombard can you give me a camera digital just to take the picture for you . Curious, I have been googling on the name Maxo Lombard. This is what I found : So that is the reason why he asked me for a Christmas gift. Especially an expensive camera! I barely know him. Now I understand his game. His girl friends may now read all his dirty messages.
First name: Maurice
Last name: Cavali
Age: 51
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
On websites:
Report: He contacted me from Match around March 13, 2013 and said that I was the only one that he had interest in. At first we conversed on Match through IM and then we continued on Yahoo messenger. He is very good at writing and expressing himself and he certainly knows how to say the right things, he is a very smooth operator. He mentioned that he moved to Jacksonville Florida from England and lived there for a month and that he has a 2 bedroom apartment. He has a daughter Linda 17 years. He has been in Johannesburg S.A buying antiques that he planned on shipping to the US and open a antique store in the US. He e-mailed me his ticket itinerary that showed he planned on returning to Jacksonville on April 10, 2013. Then the next day is when he contacted me to tell me that he and Linda was robbed and Linda got shot in the leg and had to go to the hospital. Both of their passports and all of his money has been stolen. He was supposed to have money on him to pay for his shipping bill, plane tickets, and warehouse expense. He asked for money to replace passports 400/each, warehouse bill 5K, shipping 30K, Linda's hospital stay approximately 1,800.00. He usually ask for you to send money via Money Gram or Western Union and never to his name. He uses Augustine Eghenegi and Adunola Daniel Olatune. On 4/30/2013 on the way to the airport they got into a car accident and Linda is now in a coma and he has to get $35,000.00 to fly her out to get better treatment. I don't know how many women that this Maurice or whatever his name has scammed but ladies, do not listen to a word that he is telling you, it is all a scam.
First name: richard
Last name: morrison
Age: 30
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 00233277012132
On websites: manjam
Report: Looking for relationship. Too good to be true. Chawchaw3 profile name. Sent money for passport. He knew the number 3 days before issue....
First name: Dave
Last name: Draper
Age: 53
Location: Nigeria
Address: West Ghana
On websites:
Report: Says he's a widower who lost wife and daughter in auto accident. His son Johnny is all he.has and he lives in Ghana. He's a sargeant in the army 27 yrs and is about to retire.Johnny's birthday is coming up. Could you send him some sneakers and perfume? I'm in Afghanistan and I can't. (First scam got me.spending $76.00 and still...I believed. Stupidity, thy name is woman!!!) S wee?
First name: thomas
Last name: koch
Age: 45
Location: lagos, nigeria
On websites:
Report: Acts like a doctor and says he works at a privately owned hospital and he is the second doctor in charge.
First name: derrick
Last name: parker
Aka: george morgan and wilson
Age: Says 45
Location: Sacramento CA
On websites: facebook
Report: Claims to be an independent oil contractor in the United kingdom. Says he needs money to pay for a drill bit to complete the project. Claims he has a son named Treasure and sister Sue both in China. Says wife died of leukemia four years ago. Says he is a christian and will play that a lot into conversations. Falls in love quickly. .very convincing. Also says he's from Austria. .thick unknown accent on the phone. Had me fooled but got no money!
First name: Micheal
Last name: Arne
Age: 56
Location: Miami
On websites: US Military Singles
Report: Would talk on line
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Morgan Ken
Age: 56
Location: Albany,
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on the website and immediately asked to go to yahoo chat.He told me he worked for a private government agency. He did not want to post his pictures due to the nature of his job. He finally sent me two of them. He said he lived in Albany, New York. We chatted for about a month But I started to suspect something strange due to his grammar. He was romancing me but when I told him I suspected him of being a scammer he got really upset and disappeared and I blocked and deleted him from my contacts.
First name: Calvin
Last name: Willson
Aka: Calvin Clinton, Alex Zulu
Age: 28-40
Location: Midrand, South Africa
Phone: 0849238479
On websites: Just single parents (SA), Facebook, net
Report: Calvin Willson, contacted me via the dating web site just single parents (SA), we chatted and he asked me to chat with him on Facebook, then on yahoo messenger (alexzulu) we chatted within hours he was professing his undying love, he said he was working in the states,his parents were old and lived in the uk, and that he wanted to come back to SA the land of his father the last week in May he said he had lost his wife and children in a car accident. I gave him my mobile number,when he called me from a SA mobile number even though he was in the USA at the time, he sounded like an local African, I asked him why Alex Zulu, he said his names were Calvin Alex Clinton Willson. I have limited my contact as I told him, that he doesn't seem to be who he says he is, I asked him for photo's and proof he said he will get back to me as he was in a meeting. When I did research on the web, his Facebook page had woman young and old, with not much history, when I looked up his email address on the web it took me to the net blog site for Calvin Clinton (zulualex). In being contacted by 5 different men, all born and raised in both SA and a foreign country,widowed,poor English, 2 coming back to SA in the last week of May, all from the same dating site. I have since deleted the emails before I got to know roderick and Tim better
First name: Tim
Last name: Baxter
Age: 50
Location: Sandton, south Africa
Phone: Blackberry messenger pin 27C3C4FE
On websites: Just single parents (SA)
Report: Tim contacted me via the website, and then requested my email which i provided At first I wasn't too suspicious the language was a bit strange, it was only when I started to see similarities between two other people, Calvin willson aka Alex Zulu and roderick Louw (which I have reported) we have only had contact via email, via bbm, no money request as yet. He uses slang in his messages (bbm) which are not age appropriate
First name: Roderick
Last name: Louw
Age: 48 d.o.b 13 April 1965
Location: Sandton, south Africa
Phone: 0847266663
On websites: Justsingleparents (SA),
Report: I added him as a favourite on the website, he however contacted me via the dating site late April. He then asked for my email address which I supplied, the correspondence started 28 April 2013. I was cautios around the language being used and lack of details, also I received 5 similar scenario requests via the dating site. All south Africans working abroad widowed similar age group. I will report each one separately. Also professing his undying love which I thought was strange he called me for the 1st time from Manchester uk but with a south African mobile number on the 9 th of May at 11:10am SA time. He also sms'd then he emailed me his flight details and yesterday he asked me for ?1500 to be paid to his agent. I emailed him this morning after he called 3times between 08:19am and 09:04am SA time 10 May. I emailed him to say I will not pay him any money and the fact thar he requested the money was contrary to everything he had told me. When i called him back this morning at 09:04 am I told him to read his email. I haven't heard from him since. I have emails, SMS, photos, flight booking, money request
First name: Thomas
Last name: Metwally
Age: 52 (unsure)
Location: Georgia/ Nigeria
On websites:
Report: This scammer contacted me through After initial contact he asked me to continue our discussions through yahoo messenger. We corresponded for about a week before he asked for a money loan in the amount of $100; which I sent.
First name: Scott
Last name: Newman
Age: 38
Location: New York
On websites:
Report: Promises of returning money upon arriving to my country, needs 550 dollars to flee Africa after a chemical spill
First name: Roland
Last name: Harrison
Age: 57?
Location: Malaysia
On websites: Facebook;Net log; Tagged
Report: He communicated with me while he said he was in United Kingdom. Then from there he started borrowing money to be send to certain name because he need to pay his friend's hospital bills in Cyprus that got in accident. There he started to keep asking me for more money and he promised that he will pay it back and never happened..
First name: Frank Allen
Last name: Cruz
Age: 21
Location: South Africa - Johannesburg
On websites:
Report: Am glad to hear from you and looking forward to know you more. here is a little about me. my Name is Frank Allen Cruz. my Father is a Spanish and with South African background and my Mother is from Portugise. i live at Krugersdrop but i work under the Shell Company as a Freelance. i do Contracts on Oil pipes services and drill-age. i have worked for 12years now and been very successful. is a bit stressful but i do enjoy it cause i make much profit after doing the Contract. i have a Project currently in UK and is almost done, i have been here for over 8months now but am glad my Project is coming to an end now. am Single because i lost my wife in an auto crash 5years ago. she was my everything and the reason for my happiness but God knows the best. i was so depressed after her death. it was so hard to cope and carry on without her and is hard to find a woman that will love, trust, care and support me like she did. now, all those things belong to my past now and am ready to move on, remarry again and create a good future with my soul mate. that is why i joined that dating site to see how good it can go for me in my quest for a life partner cause i really don't have time to go out and meet with people because of my Contract, that's why i join that dating site. am not there for so long time now and i don't intend to stay for so long on a dating site. am just giving it a try coupled with all my busy day at work, i have a dog,her name is Dugan, She is so beautiful have a daughter as well, her name is Crystal and she is 9years old now, she needs someone to call mother. i have my Mother around me and she lives now in Eastern Cape with her younger sister, she takes care of my house with everything in it whenever i travel. my Father died when i was just 10 years ago and am the only child and we are from Eastern Cape. i love my Mother, my Daughter, my bird and my Dog so much. i also own my House in Krugersdorp and have my Car packed there. Am planning on quitting working on Contracts because it takes me away from home. as soon as i found my soul mate, i will stop working on Contracts and start doing investments with all the Profits that i have made in life doing the contracts. i would love to investment on Properties and any other thing my partner would love us to invest. i have a very special way of loving and caring. am very romantic and passionate man who wants to be loved and love as well. I enjoy meeting new people and my attitude toward life is a positive one. I think people like my honest and just simple way of thinking and living. i have a loving heart in me and wants to share it with someone who loves and wants to be loved. i have many goals but still have no woman in my life but now, i seek someone to grow old with. i can offer trust, sacrifice, freedom, care and validity.
First name: Nicolas
Last name: Ramiro
Age: 51
Location: Australia Melbourne
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: Met on, seemed genuine, said he was an architect and going on business to Newcastle, England. Chatted on yahoo messenger for 3 to 4 weeks, now he is in England, he cannot get his heavy equipment home to Melbourne due to shipping company asking for payment up front and now has asked me for 3'900 pounds, which he promises he will pay back once home in Australia. I have not met this man.
First name: Mike
Last name: Karri
Age: 51
Location: US.Ghanna
Email: don't know
On websites: Netlog
Report: Mike Karri is one of the shamless scammers on Netlog.He pretend to be a very very rich man and would like to send you lots of expensive gifts.After all he'll ask you to pay little money to get the parcel
First name: john
Last name: dabney
Age: 46
Location: houston
On websites:
Report: vocational leave, he want money for this, he said i need to register myself in, to be as his fiance.
First name: Michael
Last name: Royal
Age: 52
Location: Ikeja Lagos Nigeria
On websites:
Report: I met Michael on supposedly working in Nigeria, then the day before he was to come home he gets robbed of all his money his daughter gets hurt real bad and the man that was suppose to pay him for his work gets killed by an unknown gunman.
First name: William
Last name: Renaud
Age: 48
Location: Afghanistan
Phone: 720-248-8808
On websites: Our time
Report: William contacted me on Ourtime dating site. He said that he was getting out of the service soon. We wrote back and forth for 2 months. He finally said he received his deployment papers but needed $500 to file his paperwork to come home and that it was make the process quicker. After I sent the money I barely heard from him. The money was sent to the supposed diplomat for Afghanistan which was in Accra Ghana. The receivers name was Samuel Appiah at the 37 military base. Supposedly William was widowed for 9 years and lost his wife to cancer.
First name: James
Last name: Robert
Aka: Robert Smith
Age: 45 0r 35
Location: Malaysia/ United Kingdom
Phone: 1447561862675 and 60169067556
On websites: hi5/tagged and Facebook
Report: Met Robert Smith on Facebook he asked me for my friendship. And wanted me to move to messenger yahoo. I found him on hi5/tagged with a different photograph. He used James Robert on hi5/tagged. Then told me his account was hacked that's why he no longer is active on hi5/tagged. He blocked me on Facebook. Then he started to ask me to send him a phone for his business and that he would pay me back. We went on cam through facebook. I couldn't see him he could see me. He told me he dropped the laptop and the camera needed to be fixed. We continued for awhile 3/28/13 to 5/8/13 until I did not want his friendship after being demanding about why I did not tell him I couldn't send him the phone. Blackberry and Apple iPad. I told him I was going through financial issues. He tells me he loves me and wanted to marry me. He is in Malaysia but is going to United Kingdom. I have his phone numbers on Skype.
First name: Mark
Last name: Williams
Aka: Gen.Mark Williamsown
Age: about 50
Location: Kabul (from NY)
On websites: dating sites
Report: Thank you for your kindness and time for the opportunity given to me to introduce myself and be your friend. After i lost my wife Angela and two grown up daughters Mabel 28 years and Anita 26 years on auto crash last two years my life became so miserable and devastated. But these your response i received today added a new life in me. I decided to write you at once to further introduce myself more to you and also to re-affirm my seriousness and decision to be your friend. My name is Gen. Mark Williams, I came from United States of America, New York City . I am a U.S. Soldier currently serving here in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission, I am in 3rd Infantry division here in Kabul. I have been in service for 28 years now and I have less than 48 days to complete my mission here in Afghanistan, then I will retire from military, I have about 50 able combatant men which I trained here and I have also traveled to different Countries to train boys too, I am a patrol leader here, loyal, responsible, active, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted, warm, accommodating, compassionate, tolerant, laid back type, outgoing, welcoming to people generally, I love listening to music and dancing to the beat, swimming, playing Basketball, going to GYM and comedies. I love public intimacy and want a good woman with a good heart, one with good knowledge about love and who knows how a man is been treated, age or color difference does not matter to me at all, as long as she loves me, I want a relationship that will last forever and won't fade no matter what, I came in contact with you because my desire is to meet a lovely, caring, warm single woman who wants a serious relationship, a woman who really understands the meaning of love and have respect for relationship, however I seek your friendship, understanding perhaps create avenue, and build our friendship very well. Remember that age is just a number, I am 54 years old but very loving, strong and caring. Please always write me here for our better communication because I am not always online due to the nature of my work here in war zone, and it is not easy with me and my men here, I am trying to complete my mission, then I will retire from military and start my new life. We need your prayers always for us to come back victorious. Here, I attach my picture and my late wife's picture Angela with my only surviving son John and will like you to tell me a little more about yourself and also send me your current pictures. I wish you a wonderful day and nice thoughts, take care of yourself as i expect your introduction and pictures.
First name: erick
Last name: anthony
Age: 46
Location: London
On websites: facebook / yahoo messenger
Report: This guy had sent me a random friend request on Facebook. On asking him how he found me he told me that I was on suggested friends. Then asking me my email address, we then spoke on messenger Told me he worked night shift on an oil rig name The Royal Dutch Platform He had also mentioned that when hiscontract is finished, he'd love to come visit me in Australia ...hahaha ! He told me a couple of days ago when I asked him things regarding his work that his contract actually finishes in two weeks. After discovering this site and the story about him from a girl in Ghana, put two and two together and realised we were talking about the same man. Thank God Im a wake up to these sort of FOOLS that think they can get away with such behaviour.
First name: James
Last name: Williams
Aka: James
Age: 54
Location: Marlboro - New Jersey USA - Kabul Afganiztan
On websites: - -
Report: He contacted me by Declared he is a soldier at service in Afganistan. It's supossed to retire soon, aprox. after three weeks counting since now.(May 7th). First he asked money: 3000 dollars for his son Kingsley. Of course I didn't send any. After few weeks, He asked me 500 dollars. then,He aparently decided to tell me he got a big amount of money (four million dollars) , and wanted to send it to me 'cause he can't leave kabul with the money. I refused at least we get directly in contact to talk about all these matters. Now ,after I registrer here I found out he is a scammer. 'cause I 've just found his picture here, so I inmediatly made this report to help other women in a similar situation.
First name: Darren
Last name: Nick
Age: 51
Location: USA,Jacksonville
Email: I'd his address before but I deleted it
On websites: was active on Netlog,now on Facebook
Report: Darren Nick is a scammer .It's the 4th time he changed his photos.I know about it because I'd messages from him and he wanted to scam me.He posted me mails but I delated them after I was sure that he's a scammer.He asked me to pay the bill for his parcel instead of him because he was offshore and couldn't pay it.Of course I understood he's scamming and told about it.He's angry.It happened a year ago.But then I saw him with different photos on Facebook.I have his photos from Facebook but didn't know how to send you
First name: Stock
Last name: Moore
Age: 54
Location: Cape Town
Email: stock
On websites: Wayne Dating Site
Report: This person contacted me on this dating site Wayne . He seemed nice and certainly good looking . We talked on Yahoo messenger and a few e mails on yahoo. He said he was having a birthday and wanted a gift from me ... a wrist watch or I Pod 5 . I told him I could not afford it. He told me that his parents had passed and he inhertiated a construction company from his mother. He had a daughter going to school to be a Dr. in the Uk. I did some research and I was right as I found him on this site as a scammer . I told him not to contact me anyone as I felt he was scamming me. I just received a e mail from him ... saying I was not a nice person and I was calling him names and no one had ever treated him this way.
First name: Ratchanee
Last name: Labut
Age: 33
Location: Cairns, Kuala Lumpa
On websites:
Report: sending photos of a female and indicating an interest to meet, have spoken on the phone and is giving a story about parents being Czech and Thai and killed in Dubai in car accident. hasn't asked for money yet but I googled the name and it has come up on this site
First name: Henry
Last name: Peterson
Age: 37
Phone: 631-604-0477
On websites: cougar life
Report: He contacted me on cougar life in april and he got serious very fast, said he was an architect and designer. Said he had an appartment in Manhatan, had a villa in Spain but had to sell it. Had several sail boats. Had an apartment in Toronto.He had to go work for 3 weeks in Istanbul and sent me 3 bouquets of flowers within 2 weeks and was telling me how much he loved me and i was gonna be his wife one day..( all this withough meeting in person) He was going to come and meet me the long weekend of May but all of a sudden he became very ill and was hospitalized. I was starting to become very suspiscious when he would not give me the phone number of the hospital so i started to look up info on internet and her we are now.. Finding all this info on here.. SURPRISE.. i started reading letters he wrote to other women and they are very similar to the ones he wrote to me..