First name: Steve
Last name: Edward
Age: 55 ?
Location: Maylasia
Phone: 00603+ 1116299354
On websites: facebook
Report: I am not sure if he belongs to this group but I am suspicious. He will only communicate through private page on facebook and he has no activity listed on his timeline. He has no friends but only 2 followers He evades answering any of my questions regarding his beliefs, or his work. He insists on being intimate in messages, even though I have said I am not looking for that kind of relationship. He contacted me first, asking to be friends. I blocked him once but he came back again saying God was leading him to me.. He may be a genuine man and I wish him no harm or malice. He has also another lady who he has contacted, who is getting the same messages from him as me on facebook.
First name: Mark
Last name: Kohl
Aka: Mark Hertz, Mark Gerhardt
Age: 50-51
Location: USA - NH, MO, TX
Address: 15 Grappone Rd, Concord, NH
Phone: 512-994-4758
On websites: Chemistry
Report: He is a real charmer. Poses as a civil engineer. Whenever you search his number, it comes up with his name and job title. He really pushes the civil engineer part. He claims he was from Germany. Lived in the US for the past 7 yrs. divorced the past 2 yrs. claims he moved to Texas where he works for CB&I I Engineering, there US corporate office is in Texas. He now claims to have been living in Concord, Nh for the past 2 years. Claims to have a cook and housekeepers. Travels a lot for work. After 2 weeks of communicating, he had to go to Ghana for a work project. Once he got there, he texted me saying his bank can't transfer his funds for several days and asks if I can send him money. He would pay me back with interest. I doubted his story, asked for him to send me a picture of himself in front of the Ghana hotel so I can see where he was staying. I told him he was aliar. He said he was insulted and is giving up on trying to find love. Never heard from him again.
First name: Taylor
Last name: Robert
Age: not sure in his 50 he says
Location: not sure
On websites: not sure
Report: I am promised true love and send what looks like copy and paste letters one is about marriage and I never asked, and this was in response to me telling him I am very very sick and probably go into hospital and he like to also chate
First name: Jordan
Last name: Bedouin beznes
Age: na
Location: Jordan
Email: na
On websites: na
Report: Warning Beware of the Jordan Bedouin bezness. All the boys from the bedouin village by Petra, Wadi Musa, Wadi Rum are scammers and liars! Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Ahmed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Ali Albdoul and Ahmed Bedouin Petra known as Johnny Depp. Their business is to fool and cheat all the girls they can into falling in love with them. They do it for business - to get money and sex. They often have 2-5 foreign girlfriends at the same time. Their family knows and lies as well. All the ?nice? people you meet lie! They all lie for each other because they all want something? Gifts, sex, money, phone, computer, cloths, gasoline, a donkey, even camels?The money they get from girls they use to get other girls. They will make you believe that they are different from the others and you will see the love in their eyes. But it is not true! Don?t ever trust them! They are all the same. They do anything to fool you! They will take you to caves in the mountains, to the most beautiful views, they will make fire and cook for you, take you to their family, dance, drink, watch the sunset and sunrise on a blanket under the ?shooting stars?. They do business with girls! They go with tourists and then they charm the girls to believe that they are in love with them. The truth is that they just want sex. When the girl goes back home, they will make friends with her on facebook, messenger, skype, email or phone. They are on all social media and have a lot of different accounts and names, so all the girls they trick don?t know about all the other girls. They will try to get you to come back to Jordan. And if you go back ? they will pick you up in the airport or hotel, but when you leave they go pick up the next girl or a new tourist. If you had sex with one of them please go to your doctor and get tested for all sex diseases (HIV, Chlamydia, gonorrhoea etc..) and Hepatitis B. They are whores, gigolos, scammers, trick thieves and they have sex with all possible. It is like trick rape, so don?t ever think that is true that a Bedouin boy from Petra loves you or want to marry you! They will all tell you that you are special and that they love you, but also tell you lies about that their donkey died, their car is broke, their motorbike was stolen, they have to go to the hospital, someone complained about them so they have to go to jail. They often pretend to get into trouble and want you to send money through Western Union. They come up with the craziest stories ? Only to get the money from you!! They look like Johnny Deep (Jack Sparrow), most of them have kohl in their eyes, wear scarf?s or have long hair. If you are with your husband or boyfriend they will fool him too, they will let you believe you are his best friend but also try to fuck your wife or girlfriend! Names of boys doing this for fulltime business (with variations of their names): Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Othman Salm, Mohammad, Ahmed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Albdoul, Albdool, Bdool, Bdoul, Mohammed Ali and Ahmed known as Johnny Deep (but they are not the only ones). They are all the same.. All the boys, men, girls, women and kids in the village is making business and living by cheating tourists. And you will believe every lie they tell.. They are really good at this business!! There are thousands of stories from girls around the world who experienced this, but- The government in Jordan knows about this problem but they don?t do anything about it! The police know about this problem and should warn all tourists especially in hotels, in Wadi Musa and around the main gate to Petra about these people, but they don?t. The embassy and the airport of Amman and Aqaba should warn all women who come, and especially the women that come more than one time, but they don?t! Jordan is the ?peace? safe country in the Middle East, so they don?t want to destroy that image for the rest of the world. It is also good for the Jordanian economy that all these girls keeps coming and it is very bad for tourism if the world knew the truth about the secrets of beautiful Wadi Rum and Petra. Join our new group that wants to stop this and tell your story ? Share the names and the lies: We understand if you want to be anonymous, so create a new anonymous facebook account (like they do!) and join the group. Together we will open this story to the world and try to get the authorities in Jordan to warn about this and stop it!
First name: Peter
Last name: Frank
Age: 39 or 44 (19th June)
Location: United Kingdom (Leeds), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Phone: +447541595928, +60173915611
Email:, peterfrank4god (skype id)
On websites:, facebook (Peter Frank)
Report: Very nice guy, engineer, divorced with a son named Johnson. He contact me on and sent me a lot of love letters and pictures, asked me to marry him after three weeks we started to chat. Asked for money around 1000 dollars
First name: Warren
Last name: Lambert
Age: 53
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 1-916-525-7523
On websites:; yahoo messenger
Report: Met him via Left his cell phone number on his picture and I foolishly texted him. He had me go to yahoo messenger to talk. His profile vanished from BBP within a day. We talked non stop and he said all the right things. I feel for him hard. He used the name Warren Lambert. Age 53 with dob 4/14/61 from Elk Grove, California.States he was born in US but moved to Italy at age 6 and back to US at age 25. Was married 17 yrs now divorced. Had a 8 yo daughter named Jenny. Sent me numerous pictures of them both. Said he was an engineer who worked from home. He was a loner. After two weeks talking he said he had to go to Nigeria for two weeks to work on an orphange for the Nigerian government. I warned him to be careful as I have heard of scams from there. He left with his daughter as he said he could not find care for her. I meanwhile had learned how to research pictures to see if they linked to scams and told him about it. His only concern was if I checked his and if they were clean--which they were. So I got curious and started to research him but could find nothing.....not even his home address. He later made an inappropriate comment about my daughters lips so I was more determined to find something and I did! On this site! I told him and he of coursed denied. I cut ties and stupidly did not block him. He then came back and said Jenny had malaria and needed money to treat her. When I said I had nothing he threatened to blackmail me with a nude cam video of me topless when he came back to the US along with my name and home address. I told him to go ahead it was just boobs since I was going to report his precious pictures to scam warnings sites. And the FBI! He was so nice and sweet--I never dreamed he could be a scammer but one never knows. Be careful out there!
First name: Basten
Last name: Boadu
Aka: John M. Thomas
Age: 19.12.1956
Location: Afghanistan, U.S.A. Philadelphia
Report: April 24, 2013 request for contact on Skype chat May 13, 2013 request for a loan on a trip to Africa for his son Kelvin, who is studying in London 05/16/2013 I sent in the name of Kelvin Thomas, London West Union service USdollars 2,957.00, respectively. ? 1800.10 only once 05.30.2013 again request for 4000,00 U.S. dollars for delivery West Union to Ghana in the name of Alfred Andrew to Accra Ghana
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Randy Morgan
Age: 56
Location: Did not say
On websites: do not know
Report: He of course loves me and has yet to ask for money, he has one son who he adopted and he will join me later since he loves me so much
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Gonzalez
Aka: Kelvin Gonzalez Nancy
Age: 46 or 42
Location: Chicago Heights,Illinois,USA or Stamford,Conecticut,USA
On websites: badoo
Report: was initiated by Kelvin Gonzalez. 2.He wrote to me as first on badoo.From the begining he was suggested wedding.He was looking for a wife and somebody,who will care for his daughters.He represented himself as american soldier in mission in Yemen. 3.our contact last one month,we written and skyped. 4.about after 3 weeks he sent retirement process form to me in which asked me for 1000 EUR.This amount of money i had to send to person in Kuala Lumpur. Money i did not send fortunately,he sent 2 abused mails to me,i did not answered on them.
First name: Roland
Last name: Cannon
Age: 52
Location: Falls Church, Virginia
On websites: Facebook/Are You Interested
Report: Hi dear, sorry you haven't heard from me. Am in the Philippines. And am in a fix right now. Please dear can you loan me some money please? I need about $2790. Do reply me soon. Sent from my iPhone
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Wilden
Aka: Kelvin Wildenn
Age: 22 June
Location: UK (London, Manchester) / Ireland (Galway)
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man,
First name: Anthony
Last name: Jamgotchian
Age: 50
Location: England, Battersea and Nigeria, Port Harcourt
Address: 1 Gironde rd london
Phone: +447418469352 and +2348100814898
On websites:
Report: I was scammed by a man operating out of england/nigeria. His name is Anthony Jamgotchian. He contacted me from and sent me beautiful love letters via our personal email addresses. When i suggested after a few weeks that i wanted to visit him, he quickly had to go on a business trip to nigeria to work on a contract. He was structural engineer. He would come to visit me after his contract was complete in 2 weeks time. Once in nigeria he was robbed. He asked for money so that he could sleep in the hotel and register his company to start working. He would be paid there once his work was complete and i would get the money back. I had quick video contact with him. It was the same face as in the photos. I also asked for the name of the hotel, looked it up on internet and called that number. The hotel confirmed that there was a man who was robbed and had slept the entire evening on a bench in the lobby. Against all warning signals i gave him money via moneygram. One week later his work was done and i received a happy message from him that he was paid on a transit account. He asked me to transfer all of the money to my account and from there send him enough to pay for the workers he had hired and a return flight. He attached a program which would login to a citibank acocunt and gave me his userid and password so i could transfer the funds of 900,700 pounds. He also gave me a contact name from the bank. This information is shown below. Bank Name: Citi Bank Plc Account Login Page : The account Officers name is, Omoruyi Peter Email Address: Contact Mobile Number: +2347054333703 Plot 250, Trans Amadi Ind Layout, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Tel.: +234 81683 85125 E-mail: Reynold Construction Company...RCC was the local company name he used to work through in nigeria. My dear here is my address: [.]London SW6 7DY
First name: Dan
Last name: Reynolds
Age: 56
Location: Arlington, TX USA
Phone: 682-777-3716 & +27(12) 7435771
Email: and
On websites: badoo, ourtime,
Report: I met this man on We started communicating via our emails and he also gave me his local phone number in case I needed to contact him. He said all the right things, that he was widowed 5 years and was ready to find the woman of his dreams. He sent me the link to his construction company that he said he owned which is listed above. We did not meet in person because I would say within 1 month he said he had received a construction job in S. Africa but would return in 2 weeks. He sent me his phone in S. Africa which is listed above. We emailed and he would call. He also sent a picture of himself, which I questioned where he was from because he sounded African and the picture was of a white man. I was suspicious early on but was curious to see how long it would take him to ask for money. I have saved all his emails and voice mails. He said there was a terrible accident on the rig that he was working on and his assistant got seriously hurt (he even sent me pictures of the hurt man and the rig). It took him at least 2 months before he started asking for money to help his assistant in the hospital. I was not out any money but the address that he has listed for his business belongs to a Dan Reynolds, but not this Dan Reynolds. t
First name: WEEL
Last name: R
Age: 48
Location: Los Angeles,California
On websites: TAGGED
Report: I found out through google Sgt ROBERT SANCHEZ has being deceased quite sometime. As I was browsing tru TAGGED WEEL R 48 from LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA has a membership on TAGGED I was devastated to find out this sick individual using a dreads man identity. Please for his family sake follow up and help this sicken psychotics to stop this Sincerely RZ jordan
First name: henry jerry
Age: 47
Location: aghanistan
Phone: 2347038605930
On websites: connecting singles
Report: Met him on connecting singles I asked if he had an APO OR FPO address or unit address he gave me the run around and said he was on a secret peace keeping mission. When he types his sentences do not make any sense words are misspelled..
First name: James
Last name: Ronald
Aka: Lucas James
Age: 54
Location: Afghanistan. Living in Maryland.
Email: Skype: james.ronald103/
On websites: Skype and Facebook
Report: He contacted me via Skype. It was only for 3 days.
First name: Scott
Last name: Murray
Age: 45
Location: UK. London
On websites: Gaydar
Report: 1)Self-proclaimed a petroleum engineer living in London, born in France (Typical) 2)Contact me via pm 3)Copy and paste Love letter on the web ( most of them were used by scammer) 4)Ask you for phone number 5)Call you with strong accents (France/African) 6)Give you his number with +44701424585X 7)Told you he believe in God 8)Want you to live with him in London after only 4-5 emails exchange 9)Busted before he ask for money
First name: Steven
Last name: Walters
Aka: Steve
Age: 52
Location: Australia
On websites: RSVP Australia
Report: We communicated on RSVP and I was suspicious of how quickly he professed to have feelings for me. On top of that he said how he loves nature .. the flash of a fox at dawn...which left me feeling either I?m communicating with the most romantic person ever or its not real. The other alarm bell was he thought our relationship (about 4 emails in total) was epic like a wonderful love story. I doubted myself and thought that perhaps I was being too cynical and that perhaps he was this wonderfully romantic person. On Sunday night I googled scammers and started doing some research. This morning I received a message from RSVP saying that they had removed his profile. I want to report him so others can be warned.
First name: scott
Last name: newman
Age: not sure
Location: germany
Report: Scotts photos have been stolen from and put on this website. this is not him, someone is impersonating him
First name: lucas
Last name: james
Aka: Jerry Balmer
Age: 38
Location: USA
On websites:, and
Report: this person pretend to be US military man based in Afghanistan. demand money.
First name: Mark
Last name: Hubert
Aka: Mark Gilbert
Age: 57
Location: Malaysia
On websites: Match
Report: Wow, I copied this guy's photo from an email he sent me and then google imaged the photo and found him on this site from 2012. Well, it is May 2013 and the exact same story, same dead wife and son living with grandmother. Similarly, I received a second request from another suiter the same day as Mark but this other guy claimed to be in the military in Afghanistan. Both were on Match but suggested I get in touch with them on Instant Messenger. Within days I was getting the
First name: Derrick
Last name: Miles
Aka: Michael Goldwin; James Walker
Age: 45
Location: South Africa
Email:; ;
On websites: Afrikaans Singles, Christian Dating
Report: I got to know this man as Derrick Miles. He stayed just a few block from me but never wanted to meet in person. He had to rush of to the UK to attend a court order for the company he worked for as they owed him and other workers money. Once there he got the check and then had problems clearing it on the airport. Ask me more some money to pay the duty fees, I gave it to him wanted more and I said no and then he vanished. Just to pop up again later in my life under different names. I hope GOD will take all these guys and punish them good. Good luck girls
First name: James
Last name: Chapman
Age: 51
Location: USA Caswell Beach
Address: 2512 W Beach Dr. Oak Island NC
Phone: 203-433-2246
On websites:
Report: Found his picture on your site have emails and IM exchanges along with photos he has sent me
First name: William
Last name: Sneed Jr
Aka: PoohBear on
Age: 59
Location: San Leandro, California USA
Address: 14635 Merced St, San Leandro, CA 94579
Phone: cell 01160102152189
On websites:
Report: This was a man who represented that he was William Sneed Jr. He said that he was an engineer who drilled for crude oil and re-sold it. He called me from overseas. He told me that he lived in a 5 bedroom home in San Leandro, California, that was worth $750,000. I searched his home. I am a professional writer, so I know how to research people. His home was actually 1500 square feet and had three bedrooms. 14635 Merced St, San Leandro, CA 94579 Map View larger map Not for Sale Zestimate: $355,456 Rent Zestimate: $1,991/mo Est. Mortgage: $1,281/mo See current rates on Zillow Bedrooms:3 beds Bathrooms:2 baths Single Family:1,578 sq ft Lot:5,460 sq ft Year Built:1953 Heating Type:Contact for details I also found out that the person who lived in the home was 68 years of age and not 59 years of age. I have pictures of this man, but I don't see where to attach them to this report. Please let me know where to send the pictures of this person. I asked him to scan his passport and/or license. He promised to do so but failed to deliver on that promise. Sincerely, Andrea Noel Ottawa, Ontario Canada
First name: Dennis
Last name: Gregory
Age: 52
Location: London England , Houston Texas and Nigeria
Phone: 447045708437
On websites:
Report: This was combination of both romance scam and money partner scam where I agreed to assist friend I met on line free his money from customs and he in turn would pay me back and lend me money
First name: Steve
Last name: McReid
Age: 46
Location: Great Britain, London
Address: 140, Hampstead Road
Phone: +447045717258
On websites: Yahoo Messenger, Badoo
Report: I was contacted by him on Badoo in a very charming way. Soon he asked me to chat on Yahoo Messenger. He told me to be a football scout (agent) and he was dealing with Dorchester Town Football Club. As he told me he was born and raised in Portland Oregon, had lost his wife in an accident 10 years ago and is currently living in London. He has a sister called Debbie who is living in Aberdeen and his mother Elizabeth is still living in Portland. We were in contact for 5 months We chatted hours and hours and he was always available. He sent me romantic personal emails, was interested, warm, open, funny and easy going. After 1 month he started to indicate that he was expecting an important payment of Dorchester Town Football Club. Then one day he showd me a document that the fund of ? 250'000 is on hold on an account because of the unpaied taxes. He should pay ? 4000.00. I've sent him ? 2000 on an account (tax administration). Then he asked me for more money (unpaied FA licence, unpaied rents, loan sharks, etc.) Everything to get free the fund. At least I sent him ? 12500.00. When I told him that I could not send him money anymore he told me that had cancer. I still told him to not be able to send him money anymore he got aggressiv and offensive. He is a very good liar and he is very intelligent. His English seems to be his mother language.
First name: John
Last name: McNamara
Age: 40
Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
Email: Sgt.johnmcnamara
On websites:
Report: Tried to rent a room on my property very scary that he came across so nice I'm so glad I googled his name and email address. Dangerous to women.
First name: kevin
Last name: lennon
Age: 49
Location: Detroit, MI and Capetown, South Africa
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact from and explained that his membership was running out and could I contact him on his private email address. He said was a construction engineer and owned his own business. He was raising his 13 year old daughter, Flora alone, as his wife had died of cancer 4 years ago. After corresponding for a few weeks, he told me he received word from a firm located in London that he was to attend a meeting. Soon after, he called to say he'd be awarded a very good contract in Capetown, South Africa. He contacted me saying that he'd packed two blackberry phones and an IPad to use on the job (one of the phones was a gift for his site manager) and they had been stolen out of his luggage, and he'd maxed out his credit cards and invested all his money in this job, and could I help him? I did. Then, later: the government required special electrical meters to be installed on the jobsite that he hadn't accounted for and could I help? I did. He asked again for a very large amount and I found this website with him on it, thank God I didn't send it. He is very good at what he does.
First name: Frank
Last name: Richard
Aka: Texas, Nigeria
Age: 55
Location: Texas, Logas Nigeria, Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +12403219784
On websites: FB, EMail
Report: This person is not what he pretend he is. He did got hold of me on FB, Chatting with all the nice words and said that he is in Texas, his wife died 2 years ago of lung cancer and that he had a daughter by the name of Alondra who is 15years of age. That he is originally from Maryland (USA) and that he is working on a contract basis in Texas. He wants to get married, send though sweet emails, contact me by phone from a private number, said it is the companies phone, but can't speak life to me, not allowed on the ship where he is working doing Drilling stuff in Texas. Then ask for $500 Dollors for a cell phone for his daughter, give a adress where I must send it to. This was not right for me at all, so I did put a Tracking on my Emails (got the proof), and notice that the Emails are opened in Logas, Nigeria. Got alot of pictures from him, and also check on your list that the Pictures I've got, compares with other scammers. Please, this must stop. He even send me a Pasport of him.
First name: Greg
Last name: Graham
Age: 52
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Address: 13727 Marsh Harbour Dr N Jacksonville? Florida? 32225 Americawn
Phone: +1 (253) 216-4589 +1 (347) 603-0266
On websites: Internet dating site Blenda
Report: Poses as a widow, wife died in car accident 8 years ago, 22 yo daughter in Uni in Miami, works as engineer sometimes abroad, said he 'loved me' after chatting on yahoo messenger for 1 week! 2 1/2 weeks later asked me to send him $1,700 to help him pay his workers wage to finish the work on a construction site so he could paid???? He'd just brought his daughter a BMW? For her birthday...