First name: Lucas
Last name: Jonas
Age: 44
Location: Houston, TX and Nigeria
Phone: 8327364286
On websites: and zoosk
Report: Good morning baby Inbox x jonas lucas Jun 16 (1 day ago) to me Good Morning to you. I hope your night was well. What is it about you, it is as if though you have put a spell on me. I cannot stop thinking about you. I dreamed of you last night. Woke up today wondering about how you touch a man? How do you smell? What is your idea of romance? Anyway,just wanted to share with you some of my feelings. If this or I am a bother to you, please tell me. You have just given me a reason to smile again. A reason to imagine again. A reason to feel great! I hope all is well with you. Sweetheart!! Inbox x jonas lucas 9:15 AM (8 hours ago) to me THINKING ABOUT YOU My heart has already found it's way you. I want you and no one else. You mean everything to me. I think we should try and make this work. You have to know you're the one, and only one I want. Not only are you perfect for me, you're the perfect soul mate i have been looking for and I hope we can and will be more....Like getting married and building a new and strong family. I could never ask for better then what we have had. I am hoping you're feeling the same way because my heart is set on you, and only you, baby.I have so much inside my heart that it keeps me from breathing sometimes. I know we just met but these feelings that I have for you keep glowing and growing every day. Now that I am with you, I sleep thinking about you and the next morning I wake up smiling. Lucas. Lucas.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Seargeant Daniel George
Age: 56
Location: Afghanistan
Email: Seargeantgeorge@
On websites: Skype
Report: George contacted me on skype he called about 8 times before we had a clear reception then we typed after the first Skype he sai he loved me and I was the woman of his dreams his picture that was posted on Skype was a handsome man in us army uniform. After sky ping I asked what his first name was an he said it was Daniel sergeant daniel George stationed in Kabul Afghanistan the next day he'd said he wanted to see me and he contacted the consulate to get special permission to take A 2 week vacation to come see me in Germany he needed me to send his diplomatic assistant 1500 euro by western union The reason I found all of it suspicious is I wor for the government and have access to military pay and lots of government contacts and cpuld not find anything on him he gave me no information and when I asked questions he would get upset and accuse me of not trusting him which he was right .i had access to the consulates office but the assistant he wanted me to send the money to also was not listed nor known by anyone there he would not give me his unit information nor his banking information just wanted the money sent by western union I did not send any money he sent me a picture and low and behold when I came to your page there was the same exact same picture of George only his name I jack redd I thought he had quit talking to me but he just skype s me a few mi tues ago asking how I was
First name: Elton
Last name: Jones
Age: 51
Location: Kansas
On websites: facebook
Report: Hello Dear, How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying your life at the great age! so sorry, if contacting you here is wrong, My full name is Elton Jones. I was searching for an old friend here on face book and i saw you on my face book page today so i decided to contact you and see what future have for us and i will like to know more about you, I am a single dad with 1 daughter. I am 51yrs Feb 12. My hobbies are swimming, taking a walk by the beach, hiking, camping, traveling, reading and some times i do volunteering. I do I do like to know more about you. Tell me your hobbies and what you do for fun. Please do write me back through my yahoo email address as i am not always on face book eltonjones33@yahoo. com I will love to hear from you soon. Hug and Care, Elton. Then he become my friend and we have like a relationship and then he began to ask for money. In the beginning for helping his daughter and then for returning to America because he was in Falkland working and he told me a story and continue asking me money. I never gave him any money. So then he disappear from my friends in face book and never chat with me again.
First name: nigel
Last name: advart
Aka: Goldworth and Family, Goldworth Merino
Age: Unknown
Location: Claiming to be in Texas and different locations
On websites: Trulia
First name: Kenneth
Last name: English
Age: 47
Location: Seattle
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Romance scammer, tells women how much he loves them and eventually trys to get money of you by telling his run out of money on his credit card
First name: Donald
Last name: Jenkins
Age: 46
Location: USA Springfield
Phone: 12179600442
On websites: Facebook
Report: The scammer man has contacted me. He told me he's name: Donald Jenkins, that he was an engineer from Springfield, Illinois, USA, widow (his wife had passed away - (breast cancer) with only one daughter in her 15's. That he had his own business and that we had signed a very good contract to build a condominium in Malaysia. He travelled to there and when he arrived there, he told me he had lost his credit card and since he had very few money, I tod him I could help him, by sending him some money, that he would pay me back. He accepted immediately! I sent him $2.500, 00! (through Western Union).Some days after he hadn't given me any notice and when he gave me again, after some days he told me he would come to Brazil to visit me! The day I went to the airpor he didn't come and the message I got from him was saying me he couldn't come, because he was in a cell custom's detention in Malaysia under the charge of money laundering, because he had not declared the money he had with him..
First name: Miles
Last name: Nicholas
Aka: Darrel Nicholas
Age: 47
Location: USA, UK and South Africa
Phone: 44 795 082 0927
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on and like previous reports note he quickly tells you his profile is not working on and he is trying to fix it. Same story...Civil Engineer working in Naples on a Russian friend's mansion. He takes a two day course in construction safety and has to leave before the final night because his son Richard is sick. He flies to the UK. Promises me he will return when his son is better and we will meet. He continues to email and call me from the UK. Gives me a number for him in the UK 44 795 082 0927. I googled everything he gave me...he is on Linkdin. His name...Darrell Nicholas is filed for tax purposes in Plymouth UK. When I googled his phone number...I found Effie's report. Thank you Effie.
First name: Patrick
Last name: O'neill
Age: 48
Location: USA, Jackson heights, NY
Phone: 347-480-1605 or 347-509-8004
On websites:
Report: Met on-line dating site. He became quite aggressive real fast w/in days. He had been asking me to remove my profile but I didn't. A day later I received an email from the site urging me cease communication with him. I continue to communicate with him by way of phone. I had already began to suspect something was wrong even before the email. My questioning on him led to dead end. What really raised my attention was he didn't have any family or friends. He could not provide me names of anyone who could validate him. He got angry with me for trying to vet him. He cease communication after I informed him I would be contacting the police.
First name: Gilbert
Last name: West
Age: 44
Location: USA, Virginia beach, va
On websites: Our
Report: Subject profile pics was of a radio personality in Philadelphia, pa. I discovered it today when a friend google his picture and the name of the personality/ model pop up. Along with that I was able to go to the personality Facebook page and found his picture. The pic the scammer is using is for Albert Butler, Pennsylvania, PA.
First name: NICK
Last name: DWAYNE
Age: 42
Location: Austraila,
Phone: 7865583431
On websites: zooks, facebook
Report: He inquired me on zooks I have been talking to me since 3/16/13. I now know for a fact that he scammed me since I have been investigating his story. I sent money and was convinced he was real. He has an accent that he is Italian decent. He will make you belive that you are his only love and wants to marry you and have a happy family together from the letters he writes. Then he promises to fly to see you and the next thing you know he can not leave the Australia because of the tax that he owes and his account is on hold with Bank of American and can not get funds to get a plane ticket home. He wants you to send him money to his friend to help him get his taxes paid and get his ticket. Was also told he was involved in an accident on the way to the airport by one of his friends. He promises if you help him pay the hospital bill he will come to the states to make things right and marry you.
First name: James
Last name: Derek
Age: 51 March 3, 1962
Location: New York & UK, now visiting Nigeria (of course)
Address: Manchester, England
Phone: UK 447035902544 & 2348076174324 Nigeria
On websites: AFF
Report: First he contacted me on the site (maybe 3 months ago). His profile said he was from New York, (never mentioned he was British). His profile was simple, said he wanted a woman who he could be happy with. I sent him a reply, it was also simple, just casual and talked about New York. He didn't reply for a week or more. Then I didn't reply for a couple of weeks. Then he replied with a very flattering message. I replied maybe a week later. Then we started talking. He convinced me to let him cancel my profile from the site. I let him take charge, which I liked at the time, but I gave him to much charge. He asked me to give him my password, so he could take me off of site, not thinking, I did. I checked that day, May 26, 2013, and my profile was gone. He was very insistent with me with a lot of things in a soft way. He convinced me to get a international phone service, so I would have the ability to call him. He said he would get his calling card the next day. He proceeded to tell me that his wife had left him for a richer man, and he was raising his 8 year old daughter. He said he made his living as a sports agent, who procured soccer players from around the world. He said that presently he had left New York and was in England bringing back some American soccer players. His daughter always went with him when he traveled, and she had a teacher and a nanny who went with them. He said his x wife wanted a fancy life. She wanted to have breakfast in Paris, lunch in Italy, and shop in Brazil in the afternoon. He obviously was creating a picture of him being wealthy. He said he owned a house and had 2 cars. I never asked, he volunteered this information. Always said money couldn't buy love. After a short while, he said he was talking to his sister about me, and she said just open your heart and tell her how you feel. He said he was tired of being single. Then, you know what happened. Yes, he would tell me how much he loved me, on and on. He wanted to marry me, etc., etc. He kept saying he hoped I wouldn't break his heart and he for sure wouldn't break mine. Of course, it was hard to believe, but woman love this stuff and these
First name: Mark
Last name: Luk
Age: 52
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Address: 13th Street Dansoman Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone: 233576301547
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: My mother started speaking to
First name: Michael
Last name: Maughan
Aka: Tommy Garreth and Alec Couros
Age: 48
Location: Ohio Dublin
Phone: +447031987408
On websites: Badoo Facebook
Report: We started chatting on Badoo, he said he lived in London and was a engineer. He got a big contract and left a week after we met. He claims to have two kids, Maria and Lex. His wife cheated on him with another man strange how he got the kids. Well told me he loved me and that once the contract is done that he will come and visit me. Once on the ship he wanted to get married or engaged. I agreed and then the fun begun. He wanted 1200usd from me to pay for an engagement certificate. When I said I dont have it he reduced it and when I still refused I became the wicked woman and I broke his heart and I am killin him and what not. I found him to have two other profiles on facebook and when I ask him about it he said that some stole his identity strange how all the photos is all the same. Well he got his attorney to contact me and his so called best friend to try and get the money. Then when I refused I was the bad one and he deleted my off all profiles he had. So girls look out he is cruel
First name: Erick
Last name: Simpson
Age: 35
Location: United kingdom
Address: AB10 1YN
Email: Erick Simpson ; Cherry Simpson
On websites:
Report: He writes that he is living in Norway. Then he went on a business trip, and his daughter began to write letters of complaint. Asks 1500 euros for a trip to London
First name: charlie
Last name: brawn
Aka: christy
Age: 37
Location: Great Britan, London
Phone: 011447031972338
Report: I have been emailing this individual for almost three months During that time it became a romantic relationship.. I never really believed it and new that there was a possibility that this situation would trun out to be a fraud. My cousin recently google the email address cbrawn90@gmail.comand it took me directly to this site. The description of Charlie was nearly identical to that of Christy. He was an engineer who lived in Dublin and now works in London. He like Christy lost their partner and had a 10 year old daughter with the name of Annie. I am anxious to turn over any and all information to help apprehend this person. I read on description that a person wrote and it was errily chilly to the email that I got this morining. This person needs to be stopped and put in jail.
First name: Jeff
Last name: Johnson
Age: 56
Location: Liverpool UK
Phone: +233244922219 and +233236215821
On websites:,,
First name: William
Last name: Bandy
Aka: Steve Kent Williams
Age: Said 39
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 12034910446
On websites: Zoosk
Report: He contacted me through zoosk talking about wanting to meet new people & eventually find true love. He said he was in Nigeria trying sale his late father's company but it was taking a long time. He finally began to talk alot about me being his soul mate & that GOD had brought us together. He then talked me into sending him money to help him close the deal on the sale of his fathers company so he could come home & marry me! Unfortunately I fell for it & sent him $1500.00 before another woman contacted me through my email about him & gave me this address. I am actually still in contact with the scammer because I have not let him know that I know yet! I want him arrested but don't know if they can ever actually catch him!!! I feel like a fool for falling for this scam because I know I will never get the $1500.00 back but I hope by reporting him, I will help someone else not be scammed by this heartless person!
First name: Joshua
Last name: Ting
Aka: James tingstrom
Age: 51
Location: not sure
On websites: Senior Dating
Report: Well i am not sure what you want tme to write to be honest . Well i first had contact with who i have got to know as LTC James Tingstrom He first got in contact with me via a Dating site called Senior Dating .com which is based in Australia . I am still corresponding with the so called scammer ....I am still in disbelief that i have fallen victim to such a horrendous thing i feel so stupid that i have done this i have sent money believing that this person was indeed legeit I had no idea to start with but just over the past few weeks thing have not felt right and i just had this gut instinct . i wish i had taken notice sooner and i would not be in this situtation i am in now . The money requested was that for him to get leave granted . I had received a letter from the US Defence Dept stating that i need to send this money to a Diplomant in Australia i sent $600.00 aus . I was then requested to send more to this diplomat and was given the same person . I thought that was all i need to send .... but guess what i was wrong . the latest request was for flight to get him here and i was given the diplomats address The person that was requestig the payment was Catherine Davis from the Dept of Defence I have all emails that i hae been corresponding with the so called person Named above . this has occured over the last 8 months that i have been in contact with this so called scammer ( i am numb) i can not beleive that i fell for this i should no better . the amount has varied but the final amount that i have sent is close to about $ 8 thousand dollars give or take . I have not been in touch with the scammer james tingstrom if that is even his name but the last contact i had was on sunday evening 9/6/13 and i have not heard since but i was just putting it down to his lies saying that he need to finish his paperwork so he could be with me soon . We have regular contact and i do not want to beleive that it is him .... I am waiting conformation from the so called catherine Davis re his flight Details in 3 days time (yeah right) I am not sure how the outcome will be as i have not confronted him on this as yet . i am waiting to see if i get what i am waiting for ( i know it will not be good ) . I feel sick to my stomach that i could of fallen for such a scam i honestly beleive that this was different gee whiz how wrong was i . i would like to know the outcome if this person is who he say he is and get Justice as a warning to other woman out there that no matter where you live they wil get you .
First name: John
Last name: Ross
Age: 45
Location: Fife, Cardenden Great Britain
On websites: meetme
Report: This guy isnt working at this moment. he is living with his father in Fife Cardenden Scottland and also with his 5 year ols son. He has also a 2 year old girl she lives with her mother I have no email he is a friend of mine in meetme
First name: joe
Last name: stevens
Age: 49
Location: UK/ South Africa
Phone: 011 27836735237 ...1-334-209-8704
On websites: Imesh music program, Yahoo Messenger, Google,
Report: I first met him back in September 2012 started talking on imesh music program which seems to be the place for scammers to start sometimes and at the time I did not know this and was lead over to yahoo messenger for chats with him. We seemed to talk 2-3 times a day morning and at night. He is very calm and laid back nice guy to chat with very respectful. He told me he was from Alabama and had went to Texas and was working on a job proposal has a civil engineer. He knew I lived in Texas so we had talked about meeting and he seemed very upset that I had mentioned this after talking for 3 months he stated he was too busy and all of a sudden the next day he told me he was leaving for United Kingdom in Leytonstone that he had been working on an international contract. So we talked for a couple of months after this and he started asking me for a few hundred dollars to help him get by because he was putting all his money into his job and the workers and he needed to eat and pay a few bills so I sent him 450.00 then a month later he was needing more money to get food so I sent him 600.00 Then just last month he needed to have a Gallbladder surgery and he had been saying that he was sick for about 2 months. He needed 2000.00 for his surgery so he could get better and continue with his work there so I was stupid and helped him. Then 3 weeks after his surgery I was told that his Attorney Barrister Richard Smith had contacted him and he had been working on his fathers estate settlement in South Africa But this was after I had ask him how was Africa...He ask what do you mean so I played it off and said I was just wondering if you had ever been there I was looking at some pictures of S. Africa when in reality I had found a program to run his URL and it located him in Gambia South Africa so I knew he was already there. Then supposingly after he arrived there I was told he needed 2800.00 for processing of documents and he had made me the Benificiary of the will so I would be receiving 60% he gets 30% and 10% to charity of choice ...I told him that was crazy and how could that be he stated that is how his Mother and Father had set it all up he needed to have a Fiance or to be Married before we could do this also. Then he had his Attorney call me and tell me where to send the money wire to and that the name went to his assistants account in his office and once he received it he could have all documents processed in the supreme court there and the bank would be in touch with me and he would let me know if I needed to come there or not. He sent copies of the Will to me in my email and a deposit slip from 1998 showing where Joes mother and father had made such a deposit of 1.850.00 million dollars with my name on the will has beneficiary. Since then I have done further research to find he is from Nigeria and moved into South Africa for the winter there and he after a month still text me and sends me emails and calls me to try and help ask why am I doing this to him and he put his faith in me and gave me his heart why would I make him suffer then I found a couple of web sites such has one in Finland where he has one of the same pictures posted that I have and he just opened a Facebook account May 31 2013 with a couple of ladies on there has friends I told him I had a facebook acct and had found him there. And got into this argument with him about this and the females I have also warned them of his actions and sent them proof of what he is really trying to do. I hope this helps someone out there. Some of the scammers get you on Yahoo Messenger to chat with you and get you from there so just be very careful of all of the stories I have been a fool for the past yr up until now when I started getting skeptical and checking some things out so ant place like this I will let it be known and thank God for websites like these where we can go to check out things.
First name: John
Last name: Martin
Aka: John O Martin, Aniston Harris
Age: 28.04.1964., 12.08.1964.
Location: Springfield (Illinois), Orlando, Toronto
Address: 3716 Ponceau street, Belle Isle, Orlando, 111 Sunset drive, Tampa, Florida
Phone: +13524504313, +12179600442
On websites: Facebook, Tagged
Report: The first time i was contacted by this person was in december last year, i got a message from him on Facebook. I liked his pictures and i answered.From then began our daily correspodance.A month later he told me he won a contest and he travelling to Malaysia ( constract of a shopping center).And from there on I started on my decline....he lost a credit card, he has to pay some kind of tax for his job so he could take out money from his check.Then he told me that he want to see me, he sent me a flight infomation of his flight to Italy,but he has so many cash money with him and he was arrested at Amsterdam airport. They tooked him back to Malaysia for verification and he was arrested.I was contacted by a lawyer and so on and so on.....I sent a money by Western Union and by Money gram, but unfortunately i done some money transfer even with my bank.....3 weeks ago i was contacted by certain Dr.Kelly Malvin, who informed me that Mr. Martin got a car crash. I asked him for some prove...i wanted a medical report...and it was ridiculous...this man was dying of cancer......after about 10 days i had a new messege from the doctor....Mr. Martin want to talk to me....his health is good now....he has a new profile on Facebook, becouse he thing that his profile was hacked....i am still in contact with this person...but for me is not the same one....All the time i was sent the money, the name was different, but i have all the receitps, and all the docunents and i have some pictures too...... All this is so painful for me, becouse he has ruined my life....and even i have so many downs and not too much ups, i don't want to give up....he must pay....not only for me... i am sure that somewhere is another victim.....i have no more money to send him.... Thank you so much.
First name: Christian
Last name: ferguson
Age: 12-06-1972
Location: amsterdam, Malaysia, new yersey
Address: medison, new yersey
Phone: 0060163026477
On websites: badoo dating site
Report: He. Says he is in malaysia for work. In arts. And his bank account is frosen. Than he starts to send email and calling a lot. Sending pictures of his son joshua. Telling you you are going to be his wife and mother of his son. he played with god a lot. Because I am a christian. He knows the bible wery well ,and what christians believe. He plays a lot with that. His letters are very convincing as well as his voice. he begins with some money than he asked for more. Totaal of3600 euro he says he hit a boy with the car before he gas to take the flight. do you srnt more money. He sent me a visa document fot malaysia and a KLM confirmation of his flight.
First name: laurell
Last name: williams
Age: 60
Location: texas
Phone: 44 70 35938192
On websites: face book
Report: this man claims he lives in texas have only know him a week claims to be in love with me but refuses to get on web cam so we can see him he is talking withme and another women
First name: anthony
Last name: jamgotchian
Aka: peter omoruyi
Age: 50
Location: uk, manchester
Address: 23 overdale Swinton,
Phone: +447418469352
On websites:
Report: money scammer Report made to Manchester police Stephen Allanson
First name: anthony
Last name: long
Age: 43 - february 27
Location: fort campbell, Kentucky
Phone: 8599516325
On websites:
Report: I received contact from this person almost immediately after signing up on within 48hrs of beginning to correspond with him, his profile was removed from match (decisiontolove70). I became a bit suspicious after a second email which had repeated parts of the first email but I brushed it off thinking I was just being paranoid. today I received an email with a phrase I didn't understand so when I searched it on google, I found almost the entire email on a fraud site!!! I have been digging a bit deeper and am finding almost every email from him, in one form or another, on various sites throughout the internet! I feel like a complete idiot for falling for this guy!
First name: Eric
Last name: Moore
Aka: Love2love739
Age: 48
Location: Usa, forest park, GA; Johannesburg, South Africa
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I am a true born Mexico guy my mom is from Georgia while my dad is from Mexico i was born in Mexico and grew up in Georgia Forest Park. I was living with my mom before she died, then years later my dad died as well, i am the only child... Right now am in South Africa, I am a construction engineer, ive been working here for almost a year... have been to alot countries due to my work . I have been to Japan, Slovekhia, Germany and India this is my first time in Africa And I hope am gonna find It cool... Am Looking forward to meet my New Queen to Start a New Life With... One of my Goal Is to set up a good business for myself cause i have Started thinking that Am getting old for the travelling thing... I am trying to be open to you even if it going to hurt me just trying to make my self happy i am looking for my soul mate, I want A woman who can laugh with me, cry with me, love with me, etc. A woman with a good personality and sense of humor a life partner, a soul mate. If you are looking for a good Godly man without all the games and drama and lies, that will commit to you and will love you forever and never betray you or lie to you or leave you or give up on you, If this is what you need and search for in a man, Lets talk, lets meet, lets get together, lets try! I am an intelligent young man who loves life and loves family and friends. I am looking for an interesting woman to talk with. I am a sweet funny guy on the exterior, but if you look deeply you will see my spiritual side and all of my hopes and dreams. There is more to a book than just the cover. I am a respectful and honest man who is not into playing games and has no time for those who revolve around drama. I don't like to argue, so I won't waste time doing so. I am not high maintenance, there are many things I enjoy in my life. I like to travel to new places and experience new things. I enjoy movies, comedy and even some thearter, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I love kids and maybe have some someday with my partner... Well there is my winning sales pitch, It may not be a professional pitch but it's who I am. I will like to know more about you, i mean everything about you and what you do for a living, do you live alone how many kids you have, you still have parents , what are the thing that make you happy in a man and more... I guess if it works I may hear from you....Eric.
First name: Matthew
Last name: Cutriss
Aka: James McCoy
Age: 46
Location: United Kingdom
Address: 429 Becontree Road
Phone: London
On websites: Eharmony RSVP
Report: Matthew Cutriss /? James McCoy This person poses on dating sites like RSVP,, Eharmony, etc as a widower saying he is from South Africa, moved from Perth but now lives in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane and works as a Sub Contractor for an oil rig - company Nexen or Apachecorp OIl Rig in the North Sea. He will send you romantic messages, emails and even send you flowers and poems, only to tell you his credit card was hacked into from sending you flowers or has an emergency with his sub contracting project and needs to order ?Drilling Cones? ?and then requests you send him money on Western Union. He will ask you to send the money to Matthew Cutriss at 429 Becontree Road, Dagenham UK or to James McCoy 2 Loftus Road, London. He will even ring you on 0011 44 7424 261551. His email address is or ? please see reports online about this person. DATE: 21/04/13?? MCTN 8734851258?? MATTHEW CUTRISS, $600, ADDRESS:? 429 BECONTREE AVENUE, DAGENHAM, UK, DATE: 24/04/13??? MTCN? 2671872961 ? MATTHEW CUTRISS, $800, ADDRESS: 429 BECONTREE AVENUE, DAGENHAM, UK, DATE: 02/05/13?? MTCN 3828870850 ? JAMES MCCOY, $1500,? ADDRESS:? 2 LOFTUS ROAD, LONDON, W127EN ? Google reported my Gmail being illegally hacked into on Saturday, April 13, 2013 6:33:50 AM UTC? IP Address: ( Location: Charlotte, NC, USA He will try to chat to his victims online (Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo etc) and tell you how much he loves you and wishes to start his life with you. He will ask you to send provocative pictures of yourself, however tell you he can?t chat with you live online (skype etc) ?because he has an old computer or the internet is dodgy etc. After numerous complaints to EHarmony and RSVP from women, he has been removed. Found out Matthew Cutriss? /? James McCoy used photographs of a person called Walt Neuschaeter, located in Austin Texas - We have set up a website and .
First name: Alan
Last name: Smith
Age: 50
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Phone: 646-653-2964
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: I began a conversation with him
First name: kevin
Last name: Darlington
Age: 56
Location: north vancouver, Cape Town South Africa
Phone: 27-78428648
On websites:
Report: He contacted me from He goes by Kevin Darlington. He claims to be a Civil Engineer working on a road project in Cape Town South Africa. He supposedly grew up in Australia but has a British accent, Claims to be a widow with a 20 year old daughter Samantha.And currently live in North Vancouver he has asked me to send him a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and and Ipad. being that his luggage was stolen from airport. I did not send these items and he told me I was selfish and did not care about him as a friend. he gave me an address and name to send them to Address: 45 La Vivier, Parklands, Table View. Cape Town. 7441. South Africa. Name: Micheal Edwards I asked him to leave me alone. He continues to call but I'm not sure why
First name: Peter
Last name: Nelson
Aka: petar.pace.400
Age: unknown
Location: claiming to be in Cabul
On websites: looking for a wife
Report: Asking to be add on the contact list of Skype . Claims to be an general - in Kaubul - wife no longer alive - using the photo of the retired general Peter Pace ( USA army) for his profile photo. 1.One name used on the profile : general Peter Nelson 2.Aka: petar.pace.400 3. Photo fake: its the photo of retired US army general Peter Pace