First name: Austin
Last name: Cooper
Age: 46
Location: Jacksonville florida
Phone: 904 370 3421
On websites:
Report: Says he is from New Zealand divorced for 2 years as his ex- wife was on drugs. Is in the computer business has a son that wills with his brother in New Zealand. Parents are gone very religious emails. Will ask for money to send to son in New Zealand as his American bank accounts he can not get to since he travels so much.
First name: BROWN
Last name: Royce
Age: 43-45
Location: USA
Email: mulitiple
On websites: facebook
Report: Here are the different names on facebook: POSES AS DIFFERENT US ARMY SGTS. POSTED IN AFGANISTAN. Mine was sgtJames Chris royce. All of these have the same photo's, A real big scammer 10 different profiles and names. you will find that this person is in Nigeria. So watch out ladies, you don't need broken hearts. Gee I was starting to be convinced it to be real. Chatted only for 2 weeks and then started investigating. The english of this person was like they were trying to think in English, asked me lots of personal stuff, dreams, hopes, whether I was a player, had children, what sort of job, how much i earned, what food I liked, what colour rose I liked, what music, home decor colours, would i be protective in a relationship, wanted photo's. Well everyone here are the profiles i found with the same photos and profile with different US military jobs and study etc. For surname Royce US Army 1.Royce Brown, Resides Miami, Florida, birthdate aug 8 1970 2.Raymond Royce studied at Started Working at US Army Fort Benning 3.Stephen Royce Works at The U.S. Army Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan From Salt Lake City, Utah 4.Bob Royce Worked at US Army Fort Benning Studied at American Military University Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan From Louisville, Kentucky ? June 21 5.Royce Jeffrey born Hometown ? Watertown, New York. Studied at Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy Past: U.S. Army, Department of Combat Medic Training. There?s a wedding ring on in that photo. 6.Royce Fred Works at U.S Army Infantry, The U.S. Army and US Army Fort BenningStudied at U.S. Army War College Past: Bronzeville From Chicago, Illinois ssgt rank e-8 7.Smith Royce Worked at The U.S. Army Lives in Baghdad, Iraq profile photo changed 26 June 8.Raymond Royce Worked at Military (US Army) joined facebbook april 2013 In a Relationship with Mary Helen Flores june 28 See Friendship Worked at The U.S. Army Studied at American Military University Past: Kentucky Country Day School Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan From Louisville, Kentucky 9.Royce Rick Worked at The U.S. Army Studied at Army Strong Past: University of California, San Diego This one says on probile Dad from Us and Mum from Germany and that you are a US army recruiter from Tampa recruiting from the Melbourne recruiting station. 10.There is even a profile Rick Royce Lives in Kansas City, Missouri From Saint Joseph, Missouri this dated June 27 not even in uniform? SO EVERYONE HAVE A LOOK AT THIS SCAMMER.
First name: Ben
Last name: Woods
Age: 20.01.1970
Location: New York
Address: 1061 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Phone: +1(347)987-0744
Report: I met him at meetme but there he has no longer an account
First name: Aaron
Last name: Bittencourt
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria Lagos
Report: He has ask me to send money to him
First name: Edwards
Last name: Christopher
Age: unknown
Location: London,manchester
Address: unknownAddress:141 Cobbet House, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Oxford Road , Manchester , England , M13 9WL
Phone: Tel:+447923168931
On websites: send message via facebook while already add another doctors to be his friends
Report: My dear friend, First of all I thank you for your kindness and love to be reply my email and be willing to know more about me , it is a thing of Joy to my heart because as I told you , for a long time now since the death of my wife i decided to be lonely and always use my job as a hobby and it makes me to be busy and forget about things. But since I have a new doctor in my office , now i can have a spare time to look for my soul mate and I believe God sent you to me because you are the only woman my spirit see and accepted and i know you if we can love each other , you will never be disappointed with me because i know myself and trust myself very well.Love is not a job, love simply is. Unconditional love is what I offer you, and with you I receive the same. You are my heart of hearts, my soul mate, friend, lover and partner for life. Thank you for not giving up on me. For having the
First name: Hadji
Last name: Babakan
Aka: hadji
Age: 40-60
Location: Abidjan, koumassi
Address: 09 koumassi,cote d'lavoir,Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
Phone: 256 776 5834
Report: Hadji Babakan is a criminal. What he did to me,I see him worst off than the dogs in the streets. Hadji is a worthless thief. Annick johnkoussai told me to contact him inirder to transfer a trunk which her father left her after his death. Hadji told me that annick's father was his ex client and I was made the sole benificiary. We corresponded for about four months. He asked me for money to transfer the consignment. He asked me for money five times. Finally he he emailed and called me on the phone. Informing me that the diplomat (mike dickson )was at the airport in aruba. But he is in custody and the consignment confiscated by customs. He asked me for $7000 to releas it from customs to my home. This wad the end. He had already scammed me of $2100.00 unfortunatell,I did not ask him for a picture becaude i believed what annick said. These people ended up being internet criminals. I am julius junkere residing on Aruba. I am available and await your speed reply. He told me to send payments to his lawyer Mark limba. Both hadji and annick told me that they collected the monies from western union. I made an officialreport to the police in my country but they said that the scammers are not on Aruba.
First name: sgtjames chris (colt)
Last name: royce
Age: 44-45
Location: Afganistan in us Military based in Nigeria
On websites: facebook
Report: met this person two weeks ago on facebook, he then requested my email, sent that off and since then has asked me personal questions. He could be legite, but have since found this out. his message on another scam website posted April last year. Said he is in afganistan, going back to Seattle Washington DC, even I know being a New Zealander that Washing DC is where the president resides. Seattle is in Washington state.: I wanted to take this further just to find out how far it would go, but really can't be bothered and thought that another single, lonely woman might get caught up with this individual. I did see on his photo and the other ladies report as him being a scammer. Nice photo's very convincing. But after seeing another report this person is not for real. Shame, But I am a happily married woman, and also very curious when someone wants to be my friend. Please be aware of the email and if you do get tied up with him ask for his AKO address to talk to him. This person is based in NIGERIA. I only emailed for two weeks, did not like the questions asked. Decided from today July 2013 that I did not want to take further and be scammed for money below is the other persons report: dated april 2012 Re: MANY FAKE MILITARY AND ALL SCAMMERS. by crispus on Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:14 pm James Royce, michellelokeyg on ConnectingSingles welcome to my world I am a: 44 yr-old man seeking women, 30-60 Location: Greenville, Texas USA Height: 5' 6
First name: John
Last name: Dolce
Age: 47
Location: Winchester MA, Dallas Tx
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He has contacted me on Christian Mingle for a little over a week now. He started chatting with me after I sent him a smile. He sent me word for word some of the letters from your site. Here is an example how are you doing ? thanks for the respond, i would like you to know that i'd really appreciate it. Well it's my pleasure reading from you, am John. I like your profile and i would love to get to know you more and correspond further with you, am here to find love and am not out for games, looking forward to meet someone i will spend the rest of my life and we will be happy together forever, would like you to write me more about yourself, you can write me with more about yourself and send me some recent full photo to then i will write you back and tell you more about myself and my photos, and you can also drop me your email address so i can write you an email with more about myself and add you up and talk to you. Hi Dana Am glad to read your message inbox, i was so intrigue when reading your profile, i would like to meet a woman who i will meet and see where things will leads to, am in an army of United States also i am with the Special Force on deployment in Afghanistan, and would like to meet a woman who is one man woman because soon am coming back to the state and we will meet and have a dinner together, am living in Winchester, MA, and tell me some more about yourself, your profile is stunning and would like to correspond further with you, i have been looking for a way to meet the woman i will call mine after the death of my wife and you ? i have a lovely daughter her name is Tami, I am easy going and open minded person, easily get along with love and respect. I have a great sense of humor, love to tease with good jokes, love to cook, talk many positive things, love to watch the movies at theater, am Christian and very humble and love to meet new friends with my smile, honest and will always be honest also to my country, caring. non smoking and occasional drinking. good sense of humor, to me distance shouldn't be a problem at all for the fact that we are ready to get to know more about each other and moreover i don't mind relocating for the right relationship that comes my way..God's timing is the best, steady is cherished, like to read God's words. like to garden, travel and camping weekend, my goal is to look for sweet and lovely woman. think and talk positive way to get along, be happy in anything we do on daily life, pray for each other and be strong with faith in God.That is what I am seeking through God's guidance for my future. I would like you to email me back with your full photo and tell me more about yourself. I want a woman that I would be able to share both my good and bad experiences with. A woman that we would both love each other for the rest of our live. For now, I would like to know what you like in a man,basically your likes and dislikes, how you expect him to behave and how you expect him to treat you. I think I have stated that I am looking for a long term relationship and I am not ready to settle for any thing lesser than that, I am not into casual relationships, i enjoy going to the movies Very Much,I enjoy going to live theater It is great!, I enjoy a walk in the park It is the most enjoyable outing!, I enjoy watching Baseball and Golf, I prefer R&B music,My three favorite movies Sound of Music, As Good As It Gets, The Lake House,My favorite actor is Tom Hanks, My favorite actress Julia Roberts,My favorite singer Barry Manilow, If am were granted one wish, what I will ask is a True Love. Basically that's all on me for now unless if you're willing to know more, then you can ask!. meanwhile I'll love to know more about yourself also. Then i would like you to sign up for YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNT and install yahoo messenger on your PC or phone to enable us chat very well every day, that will moves us closer because here we don't have access to Phone,Bank account and Computer, this is my COMMANDER PC, but my CO is on tour and this computer was left with me to receive signals and reports. Do you exercise regularly? Are you considerate and thoughtful of others? How often do you lose your temper? What do you do when you're alone? Well that all about me, i would wait to read from you. Thank you for your time God bless you and God bless America! John
First name: Daniel
Last name: Bail
Age: 42
Location: Nedrow, NY, USA
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He contacted me via Christian Mingle.. I've talked to him for a few days now. I entered some of the things he wrote me in email on google and your website popped up with word for word what he wrote me. Here is just one example. Hello Dana Nice to read from you..Great to wake up to an email from you.. Its something that I could get used to... Well let me answer a few of your questions before I proceed... My daughter lives with her grandma in Scotland.. I have full custody of her but I have not settled down yet and this is part of the reason why I want to get settled... hopefully she would get to move in with me... I see her a lot when ever I am in Europe which is very often most times.... another reason why I want to settle down.. I am trying to localize!! lol... and since you have been around for so long maybe you could help me with chic... wink wink.... just teasing.. oh well I must commend you.. you really did a good job telling me about yourself the important details of course although there are some questions that I have to ask but I would ask them probably after the 4th or 5th email so that our communication does not turn into a therapeutic Great Job you got there.... I like the pharmaceutical field.. maybe cos my college girl friend was in that field.. she ended up sleeping with my best friend for over two years all behind my back and so should I be afraid of a lady that works for Bayer Health care... you tell me... lol.. I also thought I found the lady of my dreams and that was my daughter's mother.. we dated for about 7yrs too.. but she is somewhere locked up.. but not in prison however...its a bad thing to have in common.. locked up exes.. well.. thats life... at least we are free and hope we get to find happiness somewhere... So tell me what do you like in a man? believe each of us has something to contribute on our respective journeys of discovery. Sometimes that contribution is an enduring one, sometimes it is otherwise. The qualities I value most in a partner are the ones that continue to reveal themselves the longer we are together. Beauty style and confidence are appealing and important to me, but without a light than illuminates the inner beauty, the external attraction often fades too quickly. Depth, self-assurance and humility along with a curious intellect can radiate in a woman and bring out her soulfulness. A desire to understand as well as be understood can create a strong foundation for an enduring connection. Knowing what you want and treasuring it when you get it can create a sense of appreciation and contentment that can be irresistible. I am drawn to partners who value family and friends and have an appreciation for the finer things in life but never take them for granted. Someone who can adapt to a variety of situations easily... yet never lose sense of her own authenticity. She will be looking for one partner, someone capable of building something special. A partner that is capable of living in the present moment, someone who desires to grow and awaken something new, something different. She is looking for an end to the partner shopping, trading up, trading down, posturing, an end to all the silliness that often accompanies the dating game. By the way when you said that you tried Internet dating once and it ended badly? were you referring to you 2nd husband or another person.. I just want to be clear.. not judging at all.. lol.. I recognize that there is no such thing as the ideal woman or man. The absence of perfection is the one quality we all have in common and in the right person, it can also be the thing that captures our hearts. I feel that passion, honesty & mutual respect are essential to any lasting relationship. For me a compatible intellect is important, but even more important is a desire to grow, explore and an underlying faith in what is possible with the right person at your side. Errr this email is getting too long and I don't want to risk starting to bore you.. This is my first time with the Internet dating thing.. and like you have asked me to be honest.. I would like you to be honest with me too.. lets get this friendship started on a clean slate so we could avoid any unnecessary surprises.... Its been hard for me to open up or talk to people after my last relationship.. I just stayed focused on my career and died emotionally.. I am trying to get back to my usual and kinky self and sending this email is a good start... I am attaching some of my pics as promised.... pics are not always definitive though and thank God for technology now.. we can make video calls and chats and have a better mental note of how we both look.. Till next time.. Have a great day... and I promise not to write an email as long as this next time.. lol.. Cheers Dan
First name: David
Last name: Witson
Age: 42
Location: dallas, Texas
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He sent me an email word for word on the ones you have posted here.
First name: keith
Last name: williams
Aka: keithwills
Age: unknown
Location: says cape town
Phone: 0717005247
Email: or
On websites: with me yahoo
Report: keith williams unknown real name he speaks with a heavy accent but says he was born in italy when i questioned him with a english surname if he is from italy he gave me garbled answer says he has been working and lving in cape town on contract as an engineer at the moment he says he is in the uk but returns next week,he has been asking me to top up his cell phone airtime which i have done
First name: Redmond
Last name: Walker
Age: unknown
Location: Miami, Fl USA
Phone: 585-548-6016 (fake)
Email: w/h/a/t/l/u/ (fale?)
On websites: claims got my email on Zoosk
Report: Letter saying he is in Africa, will be home in two weeks, is a contractor and alone, wife/daughter died/ wants a loving relationship/ wants to meet when he gets home..parents deceased, he was only child...He claims mixed but gives no nationality......says lives in Miami.......came to USA when 19 yrs old.........
First name: diego
Last name: thomas
Aka: maybe Richmond Walker
Age: 54?
Location: Pompano Beach, Fl; San Antonio, Tex
Address: 1901 Bay Drive, Pompano Beach given////unknown
Phone: 754-220-0402
On websites: writing for relationship with women, any age
Report: Many sweet, loving emails pledging love, then asked for money to get back home from at sea with oil riggers, need money for equipment to fulfill contract with OPEC.......wants all info on me but reluctant but defensive if asked questions and projecting guilt for asking.......says is alone, wife/child died as result of losing family in 911, deceased parents, only child.......tries to make gult by saying won't help him, uses Bible/church-Catholic to give himself to be from Nandes, France----had American father in Miami who died getting a tranplant..........
First name: Arrison
Last name: Wade
Aka: Wade Son
Age: 48
Location: United Kingdom
Report: The scammer contacting me first on the Facebook website.It's been 3 weeks we have known each other and I found out something is wrong with him. I try to find the information about him by surfing the Internet until I found his conversation with another woman from another country.
First name: steve
Last name: anderson
Age: 47
Location: new jersey-afghanisten
Email: not sure he cansel it
On websites: badoo
Report: hhe is a dating scammer...almost scamed me ... trying to get woman to pay for his leave.
First name: Carter
Last name: Bittencourt
Age: 50
Location: I Paja Lagos Nigeria
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report: Saying his a military. And talk to you for days saying that his in love with you and that he wants to get married to be home but you need to sign a paper for his leave request. This is rhe email address that send you the paperwork then they tell you that you have to be responsible. For all the process requiere sending to them 850.00 USA dollars .to I Paja Lagos Nigeria
First name: Thomas
Last name: Stelmach
Aka: Jeremy
Age: 50 or older
Location: Little rock, Houston
Phone: 281-817-0501
On websites:
Report: Saw a reference to him here when I googled him, and cut off our conversation.
First name: Laurence
Last name: Martins
Aka: NA
Age: NA
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Email:, and
On websites: black people
Report: Made me a favorite on Black He asked me to email him. His email seemed very strange from the start. When I went to look for him on BlackPeopleMeet again he was gone. His emails said he was divorced has one daughter named kelly. He works as self contractor in the oil business.
First name: James
Last name: McConville
Aka: Gen. James C. McConville
Age: unknown
On websites: Skype
Report: Requests for contact at skype with a pretext of romance. Obviously a Romance Scammer! No REAL GENERAL in his right mind would do something like this at skype!
First name: lorenzo
Last name: thompson
Aka: Thompson Lorenzo Mills
Age: 65
Location: Uruguay Houston, Texas, Dickinson
On websites:
Report: Hey honey, how are you doing? i can't wait to meet you in person !!!! want to to send you some money for you to manage for sometime, I misplaced my MasterCard while i was switching hotels, but that has been taken cared of, my bank is yet to issue another one. I just can't wait to be with you for the first time, i have a very big surprise for you!!!! its a top secret! i'm gonna be busy for the next few days, in case you don't hear from me on time. Do you have a USAA checking account?? so i can transfer money to you from my military account. cos there is no western union, monogram nor Walmart around here. or you can get USAA or this two account... and let me know when you have it done ok send me the user id, the account number and password when you're done ..i mean all the details honey...So i can put money on it honey.. The nearest place to get western union is Montevideo city, which is about a 1000 mile from here. I would arrange a chopper and go there during the week if i don't get busy cos i my schedule is very tight at the moment, my work is time consuming, Lol. but you can make the usaa online now. thats much easier for me. I'll wait n see what you give me in return? lol...Tell me the name of the bank you use and see if i can wire to the bank or not. Pls i need you to some me a sexy pic of yourself! One more thing you will soon take off your profile on i don't want another sugardaddy to snatch or take you away from me Lol (am serious about this) I hope you are for real too. I'm a lucky man!, can't wait to be with you! *NUMEROUS EMAILS ASKING IF I GOT THE MONEY BUT I KNEW HE WAS BS JUST LET HIM WASTE HIS TIME.. THIS WAS MY RESPONSE; ACTUALLY
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Damon Scott
Age: 54
Location: Saracota (Florida)
On websites: Facebook, TopFace, Skype
Report: Hello! This bad person wrote to my mother of the letter, swore love, called the wife etc. After a week of letters - urgent work in Nigeria, the contract for $2000000, sent the contract picture copy for the first class, made in the Paint program, with grammatical mistakes besides. The monetary help I didn't manage to ask, everything became clear, after this picture was sent far and for a long time. Don't trust this bad person, on a site Facebook under its photo it is written that he is swindler number one in the world. It is a pity that we late saw it.
First name: kevin
Last name: darlington
Aka: michael edwards
Age: 52
Location: mt. lake terrace wa, cape town south africa
Address: 35 La Vivier, Parklands. Table View. Cape Town. South Africa.
Phone: +27-784-286-485
On websites:
Report: This man will try and win your affection then tell you hes on a business trip and lost his luggage. He asked me to send an galaxy s4 and ipad and ipod which I told him I was not able to afford but I fell for the ipod now that I have found that this was a scam I am now having my package intercepted and returned to me
First name: Joe
Last name: Roger
Age: 45
Location: minnesota in US
Email: Joe Roger
On websites: Netlog
Report: He said that he wanted me to be his wife. After that, he ask me about supporting he as a husband.
First name: Jordan
Last name: Fields
Age: 34
Location: Sydney, AU
On websites: facebook
Report: 1. He did 2. Facebook via messenger 3. 3 days 4. Death of his friend and co-worker Jackson Hawkins 5. No money 6. No money 7. broken hearts
First name: Bright
Last name: Tamita
Age: 45 & 46
Location: Valrico Florida
Phone: 512-200-9291
Email: and
On websites: ,, facebook
Report: 1)He initiated the contact(Bright Tamita) 2) It was initiated on Christian via mail sent. 3) 8 (eight) days. 4) Yes, there was weird events such as he stated he lives in Valrico Florida (10 minutes away from me) and he ask me several times
First name: Jackson
Last name: Hawkins
Age: 31
Location: Shrum, MO
On websites: Facebook and Twitter
Report: 1. Matt Jenkins 2. I added him as friend on Facebook because he was friends with Matt Jenkins 3.June 1st 2013 until June 26, 2013 4. Yeah he died today. When his friend Matt came on he said Noooo and now both accounts have gone along with Jordan Fields. 5. no money 6. no money 7. broken hearts
First name: victor
Last name: cahill
Age: 50
Location: ghana
Phone: +233546796381
On websites: courting women..sending gifts
Report: i met this guy in the internet ..topface..and we become friends until we were connected in facebook..he claimed to be an engineer,widower with one daughter..and presently in ghana for a project..later he started courting and sending me emails..and chat in fb..he told me since hes so in love with me..he bought a diamond necklce and decided to send it tru a UN diplomat named Jonathan Baily and this diplomat will be contacting deliver the parcel to my country and city..this is baily's email wants to know if this is a scam..tnk u.. am reporting this so i will know if the guy is a scammer or not..
First name: James
Last name: Martin
Age: 43
Location: Kabul,Afghanistan
Phone: 626-537-9846
On websites: Date hookup
Report: Met on the site started texting told me he loved me was in Afghanistan a long time and wanted leave time to come see me he said he requested it and after a couple days was excepted he said he needed money for his plane ticket to New York by moneygram sent to an OH address and he planned to retire from the army and marry me.
First name: Andre
Last name: I Dayang
Aka: LovableCrush1965
Age: 47
Location: North Vancouver/Malaysia
Phone: 60 11 1633 6508
On websites:
Report: Met on Said his mother was sick in Malaysia. When we were supposed to meet he had to fly to Malaysia. Had to stay longer for his Mom. Called, emailed and texted everyday. Built up my trust and then when he was to come home he got detained at the airport trying to bring diamonds his mother gave him. Then got a call from his lawyer. Then the story just got better and better. His friend contacted me about his dog. He said he would send him money but needed me to contact him and get Western Union details. It became very far fetched. He built my trust up and said he loved, etc, etc. Once they started talking Western Union I was out of there. SCAM!
First name: Alan
Last name: Smith
Aka: Allen
Age: 44
Location: canada
Address: N/a
Phone: N/a
On websites:
Report: he is a scammer took my 200,000$, I was so stupid and In love please help me