First name: Mukhtiar
Last name: Phagoora
Age: 67-70
Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA
On websites:
Report: Maybe this scammer cheated the photo of another male whom I dated before. I was very surprised having seen the photo of the other male on his profile. After I asked him about that he replied me that was his photo. He wrote he lives in Albuquerque city in NM USA, has a mother of 87 years of age and daughter Deborah, who lives with his mother while he was leaving for Iraq...SH35549745 Larger Photo Age / Height 56 yrs / 5' 9
First name: Peter
Last name: Miller
Age: 47
Location: London 3 St Andrew Street, London, EC4A 3AE, United Kingdom
On websites: CupidInternational
Report: Herewith copy of email as received. Kindly note that no such address or business exists.
First name: Patrick
Last name: Chandler
Age: 51
Location: LA California; afganistan
On websites: badoo, Yahoo IM
Report: This man has contacted me on several occassions. Within the first week he asked for money to come home from the military so that we can become married As soon as I told him that i will not ever send money he stoped communicating with me. I asked him if he was a scammer, he denied and I gave him some names that showed in relation to his picture in scammer websites and he got angry. I told him i will never send money, if he does not want to ever recieve money from money we can continue talking. Communication completely stopped. In our earlier conversations i asked why his english was so bad, he denied it being bad and said it was
First name: damian
Last name: myler
Age: 45
Location: malaysia (now) from san jose california
On websites: yahoo ,tagged .com facebook
First name: bernard
Last name: bush
Age: 45
Location: southafrica
Phone: +2348165967047
On websites: facebook and tagged
Report: that he is a us marine and needs me to apply for vacation grant when approved i will have to pay a fee of 850 and this will be given back to e on his arrival to the bahamas the adree that the monies was sent to was captain keline benjamin state of oyo city ibadan nigeria marine zonal division the letter also stated that this monies will be deducted out of his vacation and now he staed he needs money for health insurance and i need to send 500 dollar so he can travel
First name: Marty
Last name: Martinez
Aka: Jorge Martinez
Age: 42
Location: Kabul, Kansas, New York
On websites: Skout, yahoo messanger
Report: this person was first contacted by my mother. As time went on and she continued to talk to this person he wanted her to send money to another lady in Idaho to pay for a plane ticket for him to come from Kabul to meet her. He originally contacted her out the dating website skout. Then asked for the account number to her home equity loan so that when he sells a house he can add money to her home equity, on the last day he asked her if she had a paypal account and wanted that information. Then proceeded to tell her that his computer is broken he was using the commanders computer and they would not be able to chat. I found it fishy and started searching up his name and the information he had given her and found him here. My mother talked to him for about a month and a half total, the odd thing was on skout it shows at the top where you are located, when you go to a different state or city this information changes. His information has always said that he is in Chicago. My mother deleted most of the messages that were sent to her so I have now found him on skout and he is laying all down to me just like he did to her. He sends me exact paragraphs that he has sent to her and I feel now it is a matter of time. The only difference is he did not tell me his name was Marty he told me Jorge and there is a new yahoo id. He also told her he has houses in Kansas and he told me he has houses in New York. So with little change it is all the same. I am saving all of the messages that he is sending to me and all of the pictures to the computer.
First name: roman
Last name: Peters
Age: 56-59
Location: turkey, USA, Australia
Address: Old Spring New Yor
Phone: 00447840455540
On websites: FB
Report: He first contact me on FB, then we star to change messages by e-mail and by phone (mobile).He phone me everyday, saying he love very much, but the voice does not correspond to the photo on FB...... I was suspected that something was not clear and went to google, trying to find something and then I saw you web site and discovred that may be I am one of the ''victims'' of this guy. Thank you for allowing me to see more about this situation. Ana
First name: Frank
Last name: Richard
Aka: David Cole
Age: 55
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: +447511798411
On websites: Facebook
Report: He sent me a message on Facebook asking for an email address. His ship broke down and he is sending me his money so it will not be stolen. I have only 3 days to get money to this company in Malaysia. Now he has filed an extension because I could not do it that time frame.
First name: Victor
Last name: Hernandez
Aka: hernandez111112
Age: 38
Location: South Africa
Phone: 0740251826
On websites: WeChat, Facebook
Report: Contacted me on WeChat on Saturday - quickly starting talking about visiting me and made all kinds of remarks how he want's to take care of me. The whole weekend we chatted and shared information about each other. He is supposedly taking care of his fathers business after returning from Afghanistan where he was in USA army. This morning got a distressed message he on sea and his daughter is very sick. She will need a operation immediately and he needs R10,000.00 for the operation. Can he please call me.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Briggs
Age: 44
Location: West Africa
On websites:
Report: His letter Hello Irina, How are you doing today? I am glad to have met you on the site, and am happy to chat with you as well. I can say you are courageous, haven come on here, I have experienced a lot in life, and i got to know the life without Love is like a drink without strings, I am a very considerate person , cheerful, honest and i always like to be myself at all times. I like reading good books, chatting and making new friends and i don't allow the issue of race difference stop me from making friends. To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this. As food is needed for the body, them same way love is needed for the soul. Food strengthens the body while love strengths the soul. A person is incomplete without love. Some say love is life, but love without hope and faith is an agonizing death, People need love the most when they deserve it the least, Dedicate your life to God, though choose carefully who you dedicate your love to. What's meant to be will always find a way... Where do i start from? Really it is disturbing to come on this dating site to see how much people appreciate love, but yet We have to go the extra mile to get this great status. Forgive my manners, i am Daniel Briggs, i work for the US ARMY, I am scheduled to go on deployment with the Forward Operating Base to West Africa for a special secretive mission, I just got my deployment confirmation 3 days ago, and am not sure of how long i will be there, but i think it should be a short term deployment, so sad that i have to travel just when we met online, i would have loved to meet with you sometimes . I have come to realize that we are nothing without a partner, someone who would stand by me no matter the situation.I can promise to protect her beyond all vices. A woman who tells me, honey, you can do it, no matter what i want to do. I have seen faces of women on this site, many of whom have been taken for granted , many of whom are not being reciprocated, but i have come with a good news and a bad news,. the good news is i came here to pick my woman to make her happy , my eight wonder, my best friend, my copilot, but the bad news is that everybody i have met here just wants to have sex and that is the end. I saw something in your face, something that made my heart pause to read you, something that tickles in the heart, you can always write me on my private mail box and we communicate that way to get to know more about ourselves because of my work Your new friend. Dan
First name: Tom
Last name: Scott
Age: 58
Location: San Francisco
Phone: 214-449-1552
Email: tom_s43/
On websites:
Report: Several copied texts in emails to me which I noted on other online scam reports. He contacted me on on 6/21/13 then continued through his email as recently as 7/13/13. I have a copy of the picture also. first email--From: Tom43 Date: Fri, Jun 21,2013 Subject: Tom43 has sent you a message Tom43 wrote: Hi my name is Tom how are you doing today?hope you are having a great and productive day?I just register into this dating site and i was searching profile today,i saw yours and found it very interesting.I would like to correspond with you and get to know you if you are interested.. I am a single dad originally from Poland but have been living in the state for over 23yrs now,i am a single dad of a lovely 18yrs old daughter who means the world to me.I am a construction engineer into building,remodeling of houses/construction of roads and bridges.I am the only child of my late parents. I am a very honest,loving,caring,understanding,creative,sensitive,down to earth person with good sense of humor.who has a lot of love to offer to the right person.I do treat people the way i want to be treated.Your profile is so refreshing,very honest and everything you wrote interest me,so genuine.You also look so gentle,honest and kind,i could not pass by so that is why i am emailing you,please read mine and let me email me back if you are interested on tom_s43***o/./c/o/m/. i would be putting my profile invisible after sending you this email. You can email me so will can get to know more about each other. I better stop now and wait to hear back from you. Warm regard Tom
First name: steve
Last name: boehm
Age: 60
Location: from N.Y. stationed in Baghdad, Iraq's
Phone: 447-937-017839, 191-68667435 fax t4484474?798
Email: trustedsteve1@yahoo.con
On websites: chemistry. com
Report: Steve played the usual con game single parent, one child in England a daughter. he claims to be widowed he of course was immediately in love. hey claims he will be discharged from the military in 2 weeks.He also statesthat he found 7.1 million dollars.since I am the only one he can trust hey wants to ship the money to my house his contact for me is,McCray diplomats a yahoo. 888 I have also kept all letters text and pictures from this gentleman
First name: JERRY
Last name: SPEER
Age: 53
Phone: 512-693-9259,2348159783843, 2348067813242
Report: This guy presents himself as a widower raising his 15 year old daughter. The pic he uses for her is a 14 year old missing girl, He contacted me from Match. and asked me to friend him on Facebook. Within a couple days of talking He had to go out of town for contract bids, A day later he is talking to me from West Africa and is pledging his undying love to me. After talking for a couple weeks he suddenly had a situation. He had previously e-mailed me a copy of his bank account balantne and now he can't access his money and asked me to send him $1500.00. I told him no and he spent the next day trying to make me feel guilty for not helping him because he has nobody else to turn to.
First name: joeseph
Last name: filippo
Aka: joe Smith
Age: 51
Location: tampa, Florida
On websites: says he's a military man
Report: I met joe 15MONTHS ago, on datin site Badoo, we have been talkin via Yahoo messenger ever since. At first he was in lagos, nigeria with the US ARMY on a mission to teach the nigerian military combat tecniques, he went awol he says for me was left in Nigeria by his commander because of this and needed money to get back to the states, I sent him over $1500, and he never returned always gave me excuses, anyway he got back to ny where he lives and was arrested by military police and taken to florida where he is now under house arrest in his commanders home.
First name: ben
Last name: stefan
Aka: luke ohonsi
Age: 59
Location: rome italy
Address: italy
Phone: 011393892144529
Email: and
On websites: mingle2
Report: met on mingle2 dating site and corresponded for about a month.Said he had to go to italy on business, he collected antiques and raw diamonds.To make long story short he said he needed money for shipping taxes so he could get his goods to america.
First name: Max
Last name: Wright
Aka: Desmond Hogan
Age: 64
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 541-562-7532 & 011-233-244498111
Email: wright,
On websites: mingle2
Report: widower, Miami, Florida. Worked for Dell UK, London, Uk, Human Resources Mgr. Now a marriage counselor. Only child died of sickle cell anemia. No family. Says he is terminal with cancer. 3 mo's to live. Last ditch treatment in Ghana , Kidney Foundation he and late wife started. Was going to leave his estate to me to take over Foundation and run after he died. When supposedly got to Ghana credit card would not charge. Waiting on bank to send him money would take 4 days to clear needed money for his pills or he would die... Send him $500, bank will send me the money , Take my $500 out and send him the rest. Was suspicious of him but had to play it out on the off chance he was truthful/dying...Saw his pic on another scammers site, Actually several pics.
First name: Phillip
Last name: Frank
Aka: Phillip
Age: 45
Location: kabul
Email: skype phillipfrank1
On websites:
Report: fiveoh | 45 anos | 1 imagem VER O PERFIL Caddington , Bedfordshire , Reino Unido A procura de: mulheres To: conhecer pessoas , conversar gratuitamente Eu sou um oficial militar britanico, atualmente em missao no Afeganistao. Gosto de conhecer alguem que possa fazer eu e minha adoravel filha feliz para o resto de nossas vidas Ela tem que ser honesto e inteligente
First name: henry morgan
Last name: williams
Age: 38
Location: uk, nigeria
On websites: skype
Report: 2 weeks ago I got a request on skype by this man because he looked sympathetic, I accepted the request.We were chatting and the next day I received a long email about him and his alleged life story. He is the widower and has a son ten years old. he sent me three pictures of himself and three pictures of his son.
First name: Timothy
Last name: Dawson
Aka: Timothy Sobolewski
Age: 68
Location: Malaysia, Nigeria, St. Paul, Mn
Phone: 601-496-80916
Report: I met Timothy Sobolewski(the name he was using at the time I met him now 2 years ago). We talked on the phone and e-mailed each other for months. He sounded very polite and trustworthy and expressed to me that he was an honest, caring and never lied to anyone. He said that he liked my profile and thought that I was the type of person he was interested in. About late in June of 2011 he went to Malaysia to build and construct a shopping mall in Malaysia. He said that he would not be paid until the project was completed and needed money to buy essentials etc. He only needed $1K and definitely would pay me back when he received his check that he was expecting to be in the amount of $850.000. after the first time that I sent money he would call me 20 to 25 times in a day's time to harass me to send more money at large amounts for one excuse after another one. He offered me 30% interest on my money and then I knew that I was being scammed since if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. I had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer so was very vulnerable. He proclaimed that he loved me and would always take care of me. When I refused to send anymore money he said unfit things to me and threaten that he would kill me. I think that he has a violent temper. I would like to see someone stop him since most likely he was scamming several other women at the same time. Think that everything he ever told me was a lie. Am hoping that someone can stop him to make this world a better place for everyone. I met him on a dating site called
First name: Charles
Last name: Myers
Age: 58-59
Location: Kearney, MO and 117 Woodcrest Ln Aliso Viejo, CA
Phone: (213) 344-5701
Email: and
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Sent many photos and emails. Also called. Fell in lve with me immediately...very pushy about loving me. Sending long, long messages of love. Has a 12 yr.mold daughter, Mary. Sent photos of her as well.. Occupation seemed varied, as sometimes an Engineer and sometimes worked odd jobs. Never could get straight answers. Claimed to be part Italian/Irish. M (USA)
First name: Gregory
Last name: Martino
Age: 58
Location: Burbank CA
Phone: (949) 465-8464 (773) 741-7293
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Contacted me various times. Claimed to be from Florence Italy and attended the University if Florence. His wife died 4 yrs. ago and he has been in the US for 26 yrs. He also has a gmail account....Absolutely a scammer. Signed emails at the end
First name: Joshua
Last name: Mclenny
Age: 53
Location: Cape Town
On websites:
Report: I have been romance scammed by a person in Cape Town South African. I meet a man on (Dating site) who said he was from my town of Bathurst NSW Australia with a Bahamas origin, this occurred 17 April 213. His name was Joshua Mclenny a software engineer who worked by contracts, he told me he had to go to Melbourne Australia to bid for a contract and seminars for a month, so we could not meet face to face. After he introduced himself he encouraged we exchange personal email addresses so then we could keep in contact which we did. After month he advised he had to go to from Melbourne to Chicago America to do work ( contract work) on a naval base out to sea. During this time he reported he had various money issues with his current contracts, then banks frozen due to laundering alerts ectra. He requested if I could help him as his assistant in Cape Town doing a presentation on his behalf as she was robbed and the electronics for the presentation where taken. I financially assisted in purchasing the following items Apple Macbook Air MD231ll/A 13.3-inch Laptop & NEW UNLOCKED BLACKBERRY Q10 WHITE 16GB. I FedEx them to the following address and person -Ranz Buch 35A Le Vivier Villas Parklands Cape town 7441. Ranz Buch he called the courier inspector of the Villas where his assistant was staying, his phone number given was +27849406232. Fedex shows A Kiko signed for the package. He also requested further assistance for $3000 through Western Union which I did not do and named his assistant name as Gerry Barbill 26 Raats Drive Cape Town. Joshua Mclenny is using the following email account and the phone number+19704257585 and Yahoo MSM engjshmc. He stated he now currently is in Cape Town trying to sort out business problems. I don?t believe he was any where else but Cape Town. I have read notification on the last two emails I have sent and they show 86% Cape Town. Last night he rang me and I didn't pick up and the call ID was the courier inspectors number Ranz Buch.
First name: Alvin
Last name: Nelson
Age: 49
Location: US New york ,nigeria
Address: flushing, 196-53 ,45th ave,
Phone: 0019172590300,002347051873057
On websites: jwfriends
Report: my scammers did take 35 000 dollar from me by asking for help buying antiq grandfathers Clock. A loan and help for travell and more . started dec.2012 ,still have short Contact by app friend caller. He wanted Money by Western union to Nigeria ,efferun, also Liberty reserv. He Went to Egypt to buy Clocks but then escaped to Nigeria without visum and came to be arrested in the city OREcity. He has been in arrest now for almost 3 months waiting for a trial. A barrister Jude Uschendo ,he said he was from US embassy took Money for to bale him out from arrest 5000 dollar ,but he was taken back two Days later. he also claimed that Alvin was very ill in malaria and needed a doctor,hospital .a.s.o. now he is waiting for a trial and want more Money for a new barrister. He also say he is a widow and have a Child,a boy 10years old. I have been to the police in sweden but they can not do anything.
First name: Richard
Last name: Ruben
Age: 54
Location: El Paso, TX, and MD
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Profile had El Paso, TX, but told me he was from Maryland. Had a child about 5, Elizabeth. We had a couple of conversations, but I knew he was a scammer.....high paying job, poor spelling, poor grammer, poor expression of ideas. I told he that I knew how scammers worked...and he asked me how I knew, told him the basics about himself. Never heard from him again. M (USA)
First name: David Richard
Last name: Thompson
Age: 53
Location: New York, UK
Phone: 3473095225,011447012971101,646-475-6736
On websites: Badoo
Report: he has contact me through badoo, works for kcadeutag, has money problems because contract will not be paid until everything is inspected by the company
First name: chris
Last name: purple
Aka: christopher r./matt/chris purple
Age: 55
Location: arizona, usa
Phone: 480-442-5132
On websites: badoo
Report: He waits 3 months and is patient to ask for money. He woo's and asks you to marry him and he needs you. He is ready to retire after 20yr plus military army service. He has been on 6 real missions and this is his to retire. He is possibly from Sedona Az. He asks for small amounts at first 120 then 140 each two weeks. then he has accidents or lost things. He says he will loose his career if you don't help him. He asks money be sent under an assumed name thru western union or money gram and eventually check up with western union or money gram to see if they aren' t on fraudulent list.
First name: matt
Last name: purple
Aka: arizona
Age: 44-55
Location: arizona
Phone: 480-4425132
Email: sgt_mattpurple
On websites: badoo
Report: Posted pictures on website of himself at different stages of his life. In the latter he forgot he used the same clothes but different web sites. He usually waits 3 months to tell you he is overseas and stressed in war. He looses his meal card and asks for money. He is patient.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Johnson Carter
Age: 53
Location: from Jersey City, New Jersey, living as a soldier in Iraq
On websites: Dating Cafe (Germany)
Report: He sent me a message on 'Dating Cafe' (German dating site) We corresponded 1 week, no money was asked yet everything went too fast : 'I want to marry you' after 1 week; he always used the same sentences about love and friendship, as if he were reciting from a book; he repeated things he had told me the day before (bad memory); his English was sometimes good and sometimes very bad; he didn't answer questions about his job; there were too many deaths (unbelievable) in his family : his parents, his beloved wife, his best friend killed in war...when I went deeper into the subject, he left the conversation
First name: Jon
Last name: Felton
Aka: Tim Daley
Age: 38
Location: United Kingdom, Virginia, Canada
On websites: Ok Cupid
Report: I'm not sure what he was after. He faked being English that I couldn't understand him on skype. He was always concerned about where my daughter was at. He sent me a pic where he sloppily cut his wedding band and the leg of his son off. He was weird. I tracked him to other websites where it shows him with a bunch of computers. And also said he was in the Canadian Royals.
First name: Patrick
Last name: Cook
Age: says 70 pictures are younger and different on vari
Location: Dundee Ky, New Castle Delaware
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Got in a message the following: llo, I am Patrick Cook i am a widower and i have been a widower for over 10yrs now. i am 70yrs old...I have just only 1 lovely daughter and she is 15yrs old After the sudden and devastating death of my wife, Who was a wonderful, sweet and caring wife and mother..Have been single for the past years, am a man with a strong heart, loving, caring, honest, compassionate,affectionate, i also believe in God.I am new to this online thing so please bear with me. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am interested in getting to know more about you after reading your profile on zoosk. You got a wonderful and fascinating profile.I cant just ignore my eyes on what i just saw concerning you so i had to send you an email and show my interest.I guarantee that I am a nice man and i know how to treat a woman... I have a degree in Construction engineering. you seem to be a very down to earth woman and I really admire that! .I guess I will leave you with this for now. I hope your day was well spent and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading this! I practically wrote you a book! Hehe! . .I would want us to continue this conversation further through my e mail, send your response to, so i can send you an email with some of my pics and we can talk more better online on yahoo messenger. patrick_cook101. He has numerous profiles on FB