First name: Gary
Last name: Halvorson
Age: 61
Location: Philadelphia, PA USA
On websites:
Report: I think he is using someone else's profile wording. When I received a message from him he
First name: ROBERT
Last name: BAKER
Location: UK; LONDON
Phone: 00447598904392
On websites: Facebook
First name: jhonson
Last name: nice
Age: 61
Location: colarado
On websites: conecting singles
Report: he contacted me on date we exchanged emails first then chat he said he was leaving on business to malaysia the next few days he arrived there but they lost his suitcase with important documents and he was late for airport and had put his wallet in with all his money in to in his suitcase so he was left with no money could I help him he needed to pay hotel and hire a security guard and hire a driver and a car and he needed money for the job he was doing he said he is in construction business he builds houses and could I lend him 50,000 pounds I said I don't have 50 pence never mind 50,000 pounds well after that no more emails and he came on chat a couple of times but never really said any thing he was not as chatty as he had been then I went to send him a message but found he had blocked me ..
First name: James
Last name: Walton
Aka: William Christopher
Age: 19601118
Location: Liverpool
Address: 52 Salisbury Street
Phone: 00447031913386
On websites: Facebook
Report: His just playing with other womens feelings and promise them money and to get merry with them and move to Stockholm!
First name: Costas
Last name: Riley
Aka: Riley Donatus
Age: 40
Location: Afganistan
On websites: Tagged
Report: Claiming to be a US marine in Afganistan and was to retire Aug.'13. Sent me a copy of his passport...warning bells went off. Said he was from Ohio, but PP said Mass. Looked closely at copy and you can see a pic was placed over someone else's on pp and the name didn't match. Said he sent a package only to be asked to send $550.00 through Wester Union because cash was supposedly in package. I refused...had already been in touch with local Customs...scam!! He threatened me and my family.....
First name: Maxwell
Last name: Anderson
Age: 48
Location: New York, New York
Phone: 6072140738
On websites: Interracial and big/ beautiful date site
Report: I have be talking, emailing sometime skype but he don't have web cam on his end. Maxwell Anderson ....funlovingman11 username on bpm. Ladies be aware he claim he own a jewelry business in 119 maiden lane New York, with his dad Andrew Anderson who pass away 9 months ago. Business name is breitlin gemstone. He also say that his wife died in car accident 3 years ago and he have 8 daughter name Cassandra ...Cassie for short. Who live with his mom in LA. We communicate for about 3 weeks, when he told me that he flying to Malaysia to buys supply of gems for his business in New York. About a week in he didn't have. Money to have the gems test so he told me that his pastor sending him 4000.00 and he need 2600 more, he let his mom ask me for money cause he shy to ask me. He's a scammer and prey on widows. Now it time for him to return with his gems and he get to custom and they told him that he have to pay non resident tax for purchases. He also send me copy of the gemologist test certificate and the letter from custom that they stop shipment until he pay the fee He need more money I know he was trying to scam me out of more money so I was going for that so I turn the table on him and start asking him for money. He went to the length of have his mom Mary calling me asking for money,,,,,,Ladies don't go to sleep on this scammer, he's very handsome with this beautiful little girl. Most all his pictures he's with his daughter. I have pix if you need
First name: Mark
Last name: Cone
Age: 46
Location: London Uk/ Mainstee Michagan
Phone: 011-447-024-079952, 630-489-9130, 234-7062731852, 231-994-4739
On websites: people's fishing network. com
Report: I Was contacted by a man calling himself Mark Cone. He Contacted me on the website called The peoples fishing net, We Are currently still communicating with each other. We met 8 monthes ago now. He Told me that he was in London on a business trip. While. There in London his mother became ill And needed a blood transfusion That would take place in India. He Said the transfusion and trip to India would cost 400,000. Dollars. He Ask me if I would send money to help him pay the cost. I sent him money over a period Of 8 months totaling 1100 dollars. He also ask me to open an account so be can send money to it so we will have money for our marriage. Burger Never let the money stay in the account, he always need me to send the money to someone. Angela
First name: Michael A
Last name: Smith
Age: 51
Location: Hometown San Antonio, Texas
Phone: +234 705 8241230
On websites: Facebook/AYI app
Report: I first contacted him. He was an army officer, command sergeant major, detailed in Kabul, Afghanistan (retired Aug 2013). Asked me to pay for satellite installation of phones so we could communicate with each other. Said his bank account in US was frozen because someone had hacked $20,000 from his account. Asked me to help him cash out his stocks of more than 2 million dollars but had to put out money to cash them out.Asked me to sell my real estate properties to raise the money. I was unable to sell these properties. Made him mad at me. His 12 yr old son who was with a nanny in England got sick & hospitalized. Needed money to be sent to Nigeria to buy his medicines. I refused to do it. Stopped communication with me, he was upset. Two months later, started talking. Retired from the army, will come to meet me in my country but had to pick up son from England. Ran out of cash he claimed.Had a cashier's check, big amount, but unable to cash it. Wanted me to send him $8,000, promised to pay me back. I said NO. He got mad & that ended our story.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Keenan
Aka: Richard Keenan
Age: 35
Location: Libya
Phone: 630-359-8354
On websites:
Report: Keenan, as he referred to himself, sent me a message on back on Sept. 20, 2013. Within a few days we had exchanged phone numbers so we could text. We worked opposite shifts so we never had the chance to talk on the phone. Things started to seem a little strange. His English wasn't always the best...kind of strange for someone who's profile was very well written. After doing much research, I realized that a lot of what he was telling me were all lies. His wife died of renal failure a few months after giving birth to their son. At first he told me his parents were both dead but a few weeks later I tried to catch him in a lie and he said that his mother had died and that his dad lived in Fresno, CA. Early on he told me his 3 year old sons name was Riley but during a conversation he slipped and called him Daniel. We made plans to meet in person and the Friday before that Sunday he suddenly has to be deployed to wait, he got that wrong he later told me. He was giving me the wrong time when asked so I think he had to change the location to match the time that he told me. So...for right now he's in Libya, or so he'd like me to believe. I kept asking for pictures, wanting him to prove he was who he said he was. He had plenty of pictures to send to me but I (with the help of a friend) was able to determine that they were not recent like he claimed.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Ballard
Aka: Frank Smith
Age: November 17, 1959
Location: Liverpool, England UK
On websites: Facebook
Report: He contacted me on Facebook as Frank Smith his email address is He started contact with me August 5,2013 last talked to him September 16,2013 He asked me for $2000usd ad said he was in West Africa and that his mastercard didn't work, when I said no he then asked for $1500usd and I said What part of NO don't you understand!! Also his English was terrible and he laughed!
First name: Roland
Last name: Walker
Age: unknown
Location: Cordova South Carolina
Phone: 325-261-9246
On websites: christian mingle
Report: Claims to be a divorced father of one who is a road construction contractor and who opened an orphanage in Ghana.
First name: DONALD
Last name: WILLIAMS
Age: ??
Location: ??
On websites: facebook,cupit,singles 2 meet
Report: please see attached e-mails I received from this idiot
First name: Eric
Last name: Andre
Age: 59
Location: L.A. California
Address: L.A.unknown
Phone: 213 633 7902
Report: met on dating he lives in canada,American born,works in Egypt right now.Ask for money to be sent to O.Ibrahim in Cairo Egypt via Western union
First name: mark
Last name: west
Aka: Kevin Smith
Age: 51
Location: London, United Kingdom
On websites: tagged, Myspace,zoorpia,
Report: we met on this website and all started with my comments about his lovely daughter and soon we chat on yahoo messenger. He currently working in Sarawak as builder contractor. He keep on asking me if I really wanted to take care of his daughter which I really want as I do love this girls when I saw her pics in his profile in tagged.. then he ask me to find out about the school for his daughter. He told me he will bring her to Malaysia and we will be one family..happy family.I really believe him and then 3 weeks ago, he went back home to london and from there he called me and the number are the same number listed in previous report.. +447526350269 . He told me he will fly to Venezuela where his family live and there we chat on messenger and i saw his family member on cam which look so REAL. He told me that he cannot answer my call as his credit in his Malaysian number are not enough so he asking me to buy him the reload which i also bought for him. After few days there are no news from him, which make me so worried as I know he is flying back with his lovely daughter to Malaysia but he already inform me that they will be stop over in Vietnam as he have another project there..He arrive on Saturday morning,28th Sept, and text me that they safe reach there, I was so happy as soon we will be together. All day, I was too busy but still keep on texting him as I wanted to know they arrival time . This time he told me that they will only flying back on Wednesday as some problem in the project there instead coming back on Sunday as planned. There this scam begin as he asking me to do his favour to send money to one of his staff in Sarawak as he have problem with foreign worker. He ask me to send him $5000 to pay the Immigration. I was never suspect anything but on Monday, I was in hospital and being there make me thinking to search about this scammer online. I was really shock to find all about him , who he is and he is also very active in other social website.
First name: Chris
Last name: Richards
Age: 50
Location: Greenville North Carolina
Phone: 325-732-3768
On websites: Twoo
Report: I met Chris Richards on a site calledTwoo, and he and i talked for approx a week and then he told me that he had to go out of country to Argentina for a week, and that he would be back in a week. While he was there, he got what he went there for and he even got the paperwork and sent me a copy of it by email to which I still have; but then when he was ready to come back he called me and told me that he needed some money to pay for his paperwork as they found that it was expiring, and i told him that i found that hard to believe as they don't let you leave the country if you don?t have at leave 6 months left on your passport and you have to have a visa to go well. He told me that they just saw this and that he was just given the paperwork, and that if he doesn?t pay the money then they aren?t going to pay him the money that was promised to him. Anyways he wanted me to send $3500 dollars to a woman by the name of LaTina Stevens, who was supposedly located in Fort Worth Texas and that she would take care of things and then he would be coming home to me and together he and I would go and get Bryan from the boarding school, but when i told him that i didn?t have the money, he got mad and would ask me if I had people that I could borrow it from and all kinds of things like go and take a loan out at a bank and many more. There was one time he even asked me to send money to his son(Bryan)whom he told me was in a boarding school and that he didn't have the money to send to him, but that he would repay that to me as well. This kind of stuff went on and on and eventually when he finally seen that i was not going to send any money to him or Latina or to his son he told me that once he got back home that he was not going to come and see me and for me not to be in touch with him at all. Once Chris made it back here to USA(supposedly) he contacted me and told me that he was home in North Carolina and the he has Bryan from the boarding school and that they are having a good time. Chris has been in touch with me from time to time like on his birthday he contacted me to tell me that it was his birthday and that he and Bryan were celebrating it and having a good time and I wished him a happy birthday and told him to wish the child well also. When I come to this site and see his picture here I am sooo thankful that I didn?t send money and that I followed my instincts. I am glad that there is such a site here as this one and I pray that you all will keep posting pics of people that do stuff like this.
First name: Mark T.
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Mark C. Roberto or Mark Leo Anderson
Age: 48
Location: Rhode Island, USA, Florida, USA, Germany, Brazil
Address: Unknown
Phone: 401-484-8296 and 305-735-1539
On websites: Facebook,, yahoo
Report: This man scammed me out of thousands of dollars by professing his undying love for me. He said he was divorced from his drug addict wife and his two kids lived with his parents in Brazil. He claimed to be a free-lance civil engineer living in Rhode Island, but working in Florida on a contract. He needed money to finish his contract so that he could fly to me as soon as possible. I fell for it for it until I got smart. Beware. He uses different names and email addresses for each victim. He claims to be god-fearing and he is unable to eat because he doesn't have money.
First name: Chibuike
Last name: Offor
Aka: bykes, handsomebykes
Age: 34
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Address: Kortedala
On websites: friend finder, zoosk, lavaplace,
Report: Nigerian. Married to a Swedish woman. Acts out a usual falling in love scenario, saying hes single, studies at university and works hard. Asks you for money, gets very offended when you say no. Can get really aggressive and abusive.
First name: Martin
Last name: Dempsey
Age: 61
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, US
Email: I don not
On websites: Skype
Report: I was contacted via skype
First name: Michael Jerry
Last name: Louis
Age: 47
Location: Los angeles, US
Address: CA 90066
Phone: +19499889484, 601123144961
On websites: I don't know
Report: For the short detail, it started in this January he is American, lives in Los Angeles. He requested to be my Facebook friend and we are talking since that time. He told me that he had the job contract in Malaysia in this April and then he will meet me to make the wedding plan. But when he was at Malaysia, he told me that he had the problem about credit card and had the project problems that need the urgent money. I had sent my money several times and the last time I told him to go back LA to solve his bank and credit card. After he went back to LA he told me that he can't return back my money because someone hack his account bank. And in May that was the last time he told me that he got the car accident, admitted in UCLA medical center and then he disappeared. I can?t contact him after that and I think he is the bad guy to lie for my money.
First name: Donbell
Last name: Mahon
Age: 49
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +447012991553
On websites: Facebook, Asian Dating
Report: Contacted thru Asian in February 2013. Claimed working in England but leaving for Enugo, Nigeria in a week for contract job. He's a petroleum engineer. while in Enugo, broke his cell phone & asked me to send him a new one since he did not have time to go shopping, Then, ran out of cash for his hotel, they don't take credit card. Promised to pay me back soon as he gets paid. He was given a post dated check so unable to get cash & don't have HSBC bank in Nigeria. Disasters followed one right after the other: money to pay for plane ticket, customs wanted him to pay taxes before allowed to leave, robbed mugged, hospitalized, & more. All the while, I kept sending him money till I ran out.
First name: kelvin
Last name: mayer
Age: 41
Phone: 914-341-5274
On websites:
Report: he asked many questions about my work and properties house car ....where I work, how long . after I tried look him on facebook and I find him at two profile and a lady comment his pictures ... she post: WARNING SCAMMER so it is the reason why made me scare. now I find his picture on this page.
First name: Daniel ( Sinclair on Topface)
Last name: Lambert
Age: 51
Location: Boring, Oregon and on oil rig Arabian Sea
Phone: 503-410-3500
On websites: Topface
Report: Wanted to immediately get off site. Said he was widowed no children and had moved from Chicago to Oregon after her death. Had grown up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Working on oil rig outside of Doha for Allied Petroleum and Gas. Fell for me within < 1 week. Wanted me off Topface to be only his and asked me to write so he could get leave. I did so and received a reply of consideration within 10 minutes. When he contacted me next he had an interview set up. Next day he was told they would not pay to fly him home so was asking me for flight money. When I said I was broke and had an inaccessible retirement account and no credit he asked if I could take a loan. He had no friends except for one on the rig. I told him I could not and he said ok he would keep trying. Needless to say I haven't heard from him since but saw he was back on Topface I would hate to have someone fooled as he is very sweet initially and mannerly. Also said deceased wife's name was Sandra. I could not find any record anywhere re him or her.
First name: Kendrick
Last name: Simpson
Aka: Ken
Age: 52 or 53
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota and England
Phone: 612-548-4806 & 234-738-1078
On websites: Match
Report: He contacted me on Match. We started emailing than phone contract. He told me he had to go to New York for work. There he was given a contract for a oil rig. We kept in contact everyday. About2 weeks after he was there he lost his wallet. I ended up in thw hospital and he wanted to come home and I said no. A week after I got home he started saying he needed money to get the equipment out of customs. At this point I started to get suspicious. Even though I loved him and trusted him. I said I would send him money and asked for the information ti send it. He did and I found the same info on a scammer site. He continued contacting me even no money was sent. 2 weeks ago he called and all of a sudden told me someone was there had to go and said he would call back. He seems to have disappeared. Do you need photos?
First name: Peter
Last name: Nathaniel Sparks
Age: 51
Location: GB
Address: Dudly W. Midlands UK????
Phone: 00447024041048 / 00418704255/
On websites: hi5/tagged
Report: He contacted me from UK then travelled to Nigeria , Akure, was there for almost 1 year. He digged for gold, asked me to send him money, so that he could ship the gold back home.Because I did not, he wrote, that his insurance gave him a help and he lives now happyly back home in UK with hi son John. He got so angry about me, because I did not give any money-help, for we were so closed, how he told,, that he did no more contact me after his return home.. I don't mind!!!
First name: James
Last name: Krulak
Age: 59?
Location: Oakton virginia
On websites: Skype
Report: He randomly phoned me and said he was in Afghanistan in Kandahar marine military camp as General James Krulak on a mission there. At the end of the conversation wanted to get married!!
First name: John
Last name: Gomes
Aka: OurGrace878
Age: 62
Location: Reno, NV
On websites:
Report: Asked immediately to use his email and then says his subscription will
First name: Jan
Last name: Morris
Aka: Dr. Jan Carl Morris
Age: 67
Location: Lagos, Nigeria and 101 Meridian Dr, Rochester, NY
Phone: 011-234-813-464-6558
On websites: Unknown
Report: After being divorced for 30 years and raising 5 children on my own, I decided to get on a dating site and meet someone. I first met a man named Michael Albert, who after two months declared he was in Malaysia and needed $50.000 to save his 16 year old son's life. He had dived into the pool and broke his neck and the doctors would let him die without the money. I figured out his scam and got rid of him immediately. Then along came a good looking educated man named Jan Morris. He contacted me on AYI (Are You Interested) Dating Site , August 13, 2012. He called himself
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Williams
Aka: Charles Lewis Lee, Henry Joseph,John Loyl Phillips
Age: 48, 55 56
Location: Lagos, nigeria
Phone: 2348034557438. 2348182207074
On websites: Yahoo
Report: Said he was FBI agent and that I needed to get hold of him for he had documents stating I had won 6.5 millions dollars from the govt. of Nigeria over a lawsuit that was filed. Told me that I needed to send him 400.00 to get the paper work started then after that needed more money . I fell for it cause he was so nice and very professional. We began chatting everyday and all of a sudden he was so in love with me and needed money to come to the states to see me and marry me . In all I lost a great deal of money . I was just looking thru this sight and how shocked I was when I saw his pictures 3 times under different names so I decided that I needed to add another name that he uses . He sent me all the pictures of him that was shown . I hope that he gets caught and nobody else gets hurt by this man .
First name: Mason
Last name: Daniels
Aka: Henry daniel Aka Robert Henson
Age: 52
Location: Orlando Florida, Acarra Ghana
Phone: 561-285-4440 233544381774
On websites: Facebook and Chirstian Mingles
Report: Its started my first day on Christian Mingles he send me a sparks than he email me on that site so we chat after a day or so he ask me to talk privately on Yahoo we did, he told me lol that his wife and daughter was killed in a car accident he and his mother is raising his 7yr old son ..So we cant meet for a couple of weeks because he had to go out of town to work lol he told me he is from Orlando Florida boy was he smooth he even know the streets around here.. Any way he got there to Ghana and phone me telling me he lost his luggage and he only have some cash for the hotel but he need some money to get his license to do whatever business that he was into so I send him 700.00 than later on he told me they would not take his traveler checks so can he send it to me to cashed well it turn out it 5000.00 pf worthless conturfied check thank god I ask the bank to check it out before I cashed it I would of been to jail. So I call him up he got upset with me and till this day he will not answer my call lesson learn and am not in jail small price to paid!
First name: general william
Last name: caldwell
Age: 59
Location: syria columbus georgia
Report: wanting to know all my information, financial,personal etc seen recently he is a scammer