First name: Gerard Van Ginkle
Last name: Moore
Age: 50
Location: Nashville TN
Phone: 256-279-9858 and 011 233 23 488 4685
On websites:
Report: This is a romance scheme to get you send him money in Ghana Africa. He says he gets a contract through the UN to build school dorms in Togo and then the adventure begins. I caught onto what was going on real quick and then within 2 weeks he is saying he loves me. Never met, never talked on the phone and had only sent a few emails then starting texting. At that point I knew exactly what this was. I played along in order to get the proof needed to post. See how the story unfolds.
First name: Steve
Last name: McReid
Age: 47
Location: London
On websites: Face Book
Report: He contacted me at FB through Personal Message I Had a bad feeling already and start finding out by looking if his email addres is correct and now i saw thessme reported name. We just started chatting today He send me two different pictures
First name: james
Last name: hurdle
Aka: bradley nolan
Age: 48
Location: afghanistan, wimbledon uk
On websites: Be2
Report: he initiated contact with me on Be2 dating website and i was in contact with him for 3 weeks. No strange occurences but he declared love on the 2nd day he emailed me.10 days later he wanted to come and see me had to buy his unofficial leave. He claimed to be an intelligence officer with special forces on a solo mission in afghanistan. hE ASKED ME TO APPLY FOR THE LEAVE WITH HIS PROCESSING OFFICER A COL ROB GO. This Col G O EMAILED ME the process inluding ?1900 TO PROCESS THIS LEAVE supposedly for security resons i had to pay an extra ?5000 which would be refunded on arrival of james hurdle to the UK. The moneygram was received by an April Gurgaunas in North Carolina and had to be split in half. I sent ?1900 and balked at the remainder of ?5000 that is when i researched on military scams and his photo was displayed and found out it was a scam. i then told him and he said it was the taliban that was using his pic to discredit him. i then demanded a video call which he did but could not hear his voice. i then broke off contact.
First name: Ashton
Last name: Purple
Aka: Col. Ashton Dave Pool
Age: 50
Location: Medford, Washington, USA
Phone: 708-374-7659
On websites: Zoosk (Armyman7777e), Yahoo Messenger (colashton)
Report: Armyman 7777e from Zoosk contacted me on August 3rd, told me his name was Col Ashton Pool, then it changed to Col Ashton Purple (said one was a nickname?). Said he was stationed in Afghanistan, Deputy Commander of Task Force White Eagle; sent about a dozen pics of the same guy, many in uniform with name on it, taken somewhere in the middle east because of the signage in the background. (How do I load pics here ? would like to share so no one else gets conned ? as well, who is this poor soldier whose identity is being used?!? Sickening.) Even gave me a phone # to text: 708-374-7659 ? said that all deployed soldiers are given a cell phone to chat with their loved ones. Looking up that #, I discovered it was a landline in Deerfield, Ill. Unfortunately, the hinky feelings & red flags were not available until after I began chatting with him & exchanged a couple of emails. I now realize quite clearly that he follows the definite scamming pattern: going to retire soon, wife died 7 years ago, 16 YO son back home, parents are dead ? said he loved me after 1st chat, wants a military wedding right away - going as far as to say that he already told his son, & that he was excited to meet his new mom (we had briefly only chatted twice!) I deleted & blocked him on Yahoo, stopped my Zoosk account. Is there anywhere else to report this? Thank you so much ? helps me to realize for certain that my gut feeling was right, and that I am not alone. Thank you. I feel like such a gullible idiot; it?s scary how easy it is ti fall prey when you?re simply lonely.
First name: sean
Last name: carter
Aka: sean
Age: 46
Location: fontana
Phone: +447035919456
On websites: netlog mylife b2
Report: he claims himself to a researcher doing research about african culture claims to be an american from fontana california. currently claims now to be in UK after being in nigeria for 4 long years.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Mart Albert
Age: 57
Location: Apeldoom - Netherlands
Phone: +2235480083
Report: On the 22nd July 2013 Mart Albert (Jack Redd) Skype me for friendship. He told me that his being a widow of 3 yrs, worked as exploration engineer with the Tullow oil company as a DS (drilling superintendent). He said that he had a 13yrs going 14yrs old son living in London with a school parton. We talked everyday 18 day. Something did not sit right with me, called it a woman 6th sense. I went along with it to see if he was playing me. On the 8th August he gave me his email address so I could send him some photo of myself and the email address he gave me logged straight into this scammer website. I checked Skype details the was a weird message on my screen that stated, Contact send to Mart Alfred and underneath it read Martins Macauley, Skype name (martins4223) that totally surprised me for I did not put it there, I have no idea how it got there (hacking I think). I was one of the lucky one. He did not get nothing from me. I suffered a double stroke 13yrs ago and he sort in his head, disabled woman easy target, he has dead wrong. He gave me his we email address that lead straight to you. Thankyou so much for naming and shaming the conman
First name: Mikkel
Last name: Forde
Age: 49
Location: 1.Bay Area, Texas 2.Calgary, Alberta 3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4. Oslo, Norway
Phone: 5873270378
On websites:
Report: This person who introduced himself as Mikkel Forde on the dating site Christian Mingle had asked me to communicate with him via his personal email address at yahoo. We have written email, sent photos to each other and communicated via IM and text messages. He claims to be an Norwegian engineer who worked in Texas and moved to Calgary for a consulting job with Shell and now currently in Kuala Lumpur for a three weeks contract. He sent his apparent flight itinerary to Malaysia before leaving Calgary. When he was supposedly in Kuala Lumpur, he claims his funds is depleted due to his mother being critically ill. He then requested me to give him a loan as he needs to pay required taxes in Malaysia of about $13,000, 1% of the 1.3 million dollar contract he received from a company called
First name: Jason
Last name: Shane
Age: 39
Location: Africa
Phone: 1-765-203-1035
On websites: zoosk
Report: Jason had emailed me from zoosks site. He wrote emails couples times then asked me to remove myself from zoosk so that no one else can get me. After 2 weeks or so of correspondence from emails to text, he had told me that he loves me and that he wanted to start family with him and ask me if I would have a child with him. He promised that after selling his dad's construction company at Africa that he would come see me and we decide where we are going to live. He promised to buy me and my kids house and that he wanted to be a mega millionaire. It was too good to be true so I looked him up on facebook and saw him. I thought he was legit but i requested one of his woman friends from facebook and she accepted and we chatted and that is when we both realize all the stuff he said to both of us are the same. He professed love to both of us and wanted marriage to both of us once he is done with his business in Africa.
First name: Raymond
Last name: James
Age: 54
Location: Chicago IL 60616
On websites:
Report: Hello, I guess you should truly know who i am ,I don't really know how this is to work, but hey! here is an exclusive. If at my age i do not know what and when to say, then what would i be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own. WIfe and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom i can call a partner in crime, A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. To make you know more about me,.I will break this down to segments and it would be like a case study. MY BACKGROUND I am James Raymond, most friends call me James . I was born to a loving couple, a home, by an American man from Chicago IL and a British woman for Sussex. My father was an international business man who met this British orphan whose only family were close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist. sometimes she says she sees same in me, During my father's global movement, while i was twelve i left to study in Lethridge Alberta in Canada where i got the first degree in civil Engineering and then i later moved on to Join ma back in the UK. My father died and she was left alone, I met my wife and best friend in Paris, she was a fashion model Very good at heart. Actually i could say i met her in a funny way, would explain that later. MY JOB I am a global contractor. I do basically rig constructions and renovations or over water bridges, We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project is my last on the field and i shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think i really have gotten to this height because i embraced work for so long trying to get over my wife, thats why i worked this hard, but i think i now realize i can move on. MY DREAM I have told you how my typical dream day would be like, i just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we cant make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo. I am a total package , i only need someone who understands the value of a good smile. I cant wait to hear back from you. please write me soon my dear i will wait to read from you soonest.
First name: Leo-Frank
Last name: Tisal
Aka: Mark Davids , Mark Davidson
Age: 50
Location: London (Houghbough,Kent), Lagos (Nigeria)
Phone: 4474522401132, 2347014646691
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on and said he was ending his time @ Match as his daughter only got it for 1 month. He wanted me to contact him through his email. This was back in late April and we talked over the couse of 3 months. He claims to be a Fund Manager working with AGIP Investment firm International. Claimed that he was a widow for 10 years and his father and son died in a car accident. His mom living in Italy became very ill and he went to visit her and she died 2 days after he left Italy to finish up work in London. Had to go to Dubai on special assignment and then made this claim about putting me down as a investor in this AGIP company and selling shares that were put gift money of 11 million dollars in my name as he could not take money from clients (against company policy) ,.He drew me in saying it was all legal and I would only be helping him get the money back into the states,so he could start his own fund manager business.He had resigned from the company and wanted to go solo . He had me open up the account in Spain@ this private bank. Then made up Tax Certificates and Clean Report Certificates saying I had to wire money to the bank for them to release this money in the bank account. This was all happening at the end of May. In June, I had a good idea he was scamming me and tried to avoid his calls as I was on vacation out of state and tell him that I would not be able to help him. He kept pressuring me and made up a offical letter from the EU dept. of Treasury that said if I did not pay for the Clean Report Certificate that it would be assumed that the money in the bank was to supply the terrorist and I would be investigated by the authorities in the EU and U.S..I was running scared as his calls would be more pressure untill I finally said i will help you. So I sent him money as I had a specific timeline to get this done or it would cost me more. Well needless to say the deadlines kept moving and my wire transfer would not get there in time. He kept asking for more money each time and the stakes were higher and more ostacles to go through, he also claimed to have a friend that was supplying him part of the money. It was a real circus run-a -round that he had me doing . He got me for thousand of dollars....I finally went to my ex for help and got myself back into reality with his help, but it was too late for all the money I had lost in the process. I will never use another dating site in my life now.
First name: Richard
Last name: Ruben
Age: 54
Location: Virgin Islands, USA
Phone: 316-252-3837
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Met scammer on Christian Mingle. After a couple of days asked me to leave sight, so I did. Told me he was a widow, wife died 3 years ago from lung cancer and had a 5 year old daughter Elizabeth. Fell in love with me within 2 weeks. Sent me pizza and sandwiches from Dominoes, two dozen of beautiful roses, teddy bear and candy. Had to go to the Ukraine on business, he designed and built transformers that were powered through the solar system. Had to leave the next day. Once he got there, he needed a phone because of the
First name: Anthony
Last name: Ritch
Aka: Tony
Age: 46
Location: Charlotte, USA
Phone: 704-728-0142
On websites:
Report: This person initally contacted me via website OKcupid. he gave me his phone number to text call when i felt comfortable. within aprrox a week of texting I called him and we started speaking daily. He mentioned he was going out of town for work but would return in approx 3-4 weeks. Within 3 weeks of texting- we of course had not yet met because he was
First name: Rick
Last name: Nielson
Aka: Basten Boadu
Age: 45
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: contacted me via skype
Report: This scammer contacted me via skype around 15th June,2013 though hesitant I accepted the request. He introduced himself as a Captain currently serving in US Army in Afghanistan claiming to have worked for the past 30 years. Did not divulge much information but immediately requested for a relationship stating that he was looking for an African woman desperately on grounds that his wife had died about 5 years ago. He shared some of the pictures already on this website plus a few others and I now note that he changed the clothing in one of them to Army apparrel. He also shared picture of this son and his late wife during their wedding day. After a few chit chats, the tone of the conversation changed to him wanting me to help him to access some funds that he had in CAL Merchant Bank in Ghana. This was on grounds that he could not do it because the USD 3.5 million he had was money had had been awarded during a rescue operation by NATO and US Army in 2008 in Accra as they sourced for weapons from Afghanistan. Long story... anyway he then sent me a copy of certificate of deposit so that I could write to bank on his behalf and claim the money for him. This was after a calculated series of email communications and on grounds that he did not have proper internet in Afghanistan. By then this man had promised me heaven and played with my emotions including having made a marriage proposal that he claimed to be very serious after a series of prodding me. I however noted poor spelling mistakes in his communication and the fact that he changed his emails and writing time to odd hours like 2.30 am in the morning. He never fully answered questions that I posed to him and at times never answered some emails that I sent to him especially when they had questions. I now believe he works with one Barrister Sam Okudeto in Ghana and Dr. Frank Adu of CAL Merchant Bank in Ghana because he finally requested me to contact these people to help him access some of his money on grounds that he could not get the funds while in Afghanistan. Dr. Adu his main player and then the Barrister come in later. These persons have since contacted me in the name of processing the money transfer for Rick . Dr. Adu contacted the lawyer to help me with transaction and the lawyer Sam Okudeto asked to be paid USD 650 first. I actually sent him the money via Money gram this Satuday 4th August . I noticed that he requested that the money be paid to his secretary by the name Emmanual E. Onoja. Amazingly when they again requested that I wire USD 3850 and this is when I got suspicious and cut off my communication completely. This scammer Rick Neilson or Nelson is very dangerous and calculating in my view. Not sure if his son and wife are part of his scams. He has since then been sending emails from a different yahoo email and stopped skype communication on grounds that he cannot access skype. His last communication with me was on 5th August,2013 in which he was begging me to send the USD 3850 as the money was urgently required by CAL Bank inorder to finalize the transfer to my account. I then decided to browse the internet for scammers, the so called CAL Merchant bank and the Barrister Okudeto . Alas! I bumped into Rick Neilson's true identity and pictures. I have some information including letters and an apparent contract that was sent to me today 6th August by Barrister Okudeto to sign and to wire back the money. How can I share these to save the next potential victim?
First name: David
Last name: Benson
Age: 57
Location: USA, Houston
Phone: 44-7700083197 (London, England)
On websites:
Report: David is a smooth talker. He declares his love quickly. When I questioned his integrity he SWORE to me that he was legit. I played along with him for a while, but kept digging. Finally, he sends the
First name: Raymond
Last name: Smith
Age: 51
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233269382827, +233241572666
On websites: skype
Report: Raymond Smith contacted me saying he is an engineer in West Africa, wants to marriage me, i had a videocall, and he said i am a woman of his desire. Then he requested to send him 5000 dollars, otherwise his project and contract are under danger. He threatened me. After some time, when i deleted raymond smith from my contacts in skype, he came under different names Stephane and mark w anderson.
First name: John
Last name: Randebe
Age: 48
Location: Soth africa
Address: 24, Eldoriagne Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa
On websites: OASIS.COM
Report: We met on a dating site, fell in love with each other , and then he told me he was doing business in dubai, took lots of money from me and disappeared never heard from him
First name: Stuart
Last name: James
Age: 55
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: Yahoo date line
Report: I was contacted by this gentleman through Yahoo date line and conversed with him on Yahoo IM, May/Jun 2013. He seemed to come out of nowhere onto the Yahoo site to contact me and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Again, I do not have any conversations saved with this individual, but I do have photographs of him. He is showing as one of your top six scammers, same last name of 'James', but different first name. Also he is in the same profession of a helicopter pilot with the US Airforce, in Kabul. I will do whatever it takes to help you guys and other woman, who these guys attempt these scams on. Thanks for all you do to help us out with this great site. PS:I'm not sure the '1200' on the email address is correct, but the rest of the email address is.
First name: Marvin
Last name: Skeen
Age: 54
Location: Ottawa ON Canada
Phone: 6133176192
On websites:
Report: I have already reported this gentleman to you in June 2013. Unfortunately @ that time I had already deleted all his emails, we conversed with each other from Mar-Jun 2013. All the emails were almost word for word with the ones that were sent to the two ladies who's emails are already on your site. I do however have quite a number of photos to forward to your site of this gentleman, in the hopes, this will help your cause against these men, in some small way.
First name: Horace
Last name: Gaar
Age: 58
Location: Scotland and Nigeriia
Phone: 0112348069767487
On websites: Christian Mingle, Yahoo , gmail
Report: I met him on Christian Mingle
First name: Randy
Last name: Smith
Age: 53
Location: Normal Illinois
Phone: 267 530 57 52
On websites:
Report: Apparently comes from Ghana. Victims are women 45-55 old. Send flowers and chocolates to the victims, the contact at Send poems copied from internet and says the writes to the victim.
First name: Mike
Last name: Peska
Age: Unknown
Location: Cotonou Benin
Email: Unknown
On websites: Yes
Report: I've been talking to him fo 4 years
First name: David
Last name: Raymond Erico
Age: 48
Location: Cape Caneveral , and Malaysia
Phone: 0016469263896, 00601113005501
On websites: Facebook
Report: I came upon a frustrating and embarrassing situation. I befriended on facebook, David Raymond Erico, a Brazilain man naturalized American who lives in Florida. David travelled to Malaysia in June. The purpose of his trip was to purchase nine ancient sculptures, or so he said? David had been hired by some art dealer and the New York National Museum to finalize the transaction and bring the precious pieces to the USA . David supposedly successfully bought eight sculptures then he ran out of money for the purchase of the last one. And this is when it all started... David called me and asked me to loan him 1600 Euros which I did. First 1400 Euros June. 19. As prescribed by David, I transferred the money to Penny Arrayo Candaza via Moneygram.(transfert number 0972431) Then 2 days later another 200 Euros. David Raymond Erico said that Penny Arrayo Candaza was a curator. Then on June 25 David called me from the airport. He was flying back to the USA with an open plane ticket but was encountering problems with the custom . He was needing 1000 Euros which he didn?t have, in order to pay for the Malaysian custom taxes. When I refused to send him the money, he sent me the below Malaysian document as a proof of truth and as a legal validation. He also gave me his phone number in Kuala Lumpur: 00601113005501 and his USA phone numbers: 0016469263896 1 321 328 9393 1 646 926 3896 When I told him that he should contact the American Embassy or that perhaps I should contact the American Embassy, he panicked and begged me not to do that because he was doing some black market and was putting his life in danger if I was to do this. David contacted me again yesterday via my yahoo message center and when I asked him to send me valid phone numbers, names and addresses of contact numbers and to sign me documents proving that I sent him the 1600 Euros, he first sent me false phone numbers and no names nor anything that could validate his situation. Today he is nowhere to be seen. I don?t know if the whole saga is a scam that was crafted to extirpate money from me or if we are really dealing with an unlawful art trafficking or if David is in dire trouble and needs your help. This is the situation today. I thank you in advance for looking further into that story and hope to be hearing from you soon, Isabella
First name: alfredo
Last name: feronti
Aka: alfee
Age: 60
Location: new york and london
Phone: 646 397 5695: 07700093339; +234 8159616777
On websites: Match
Report: I am communication with this person who has declared undying love after the third email. He has sent photos to demonstrate a luxurious life-style. I have spoke to him once over the phone. He continues to ring me several times a day including sending me a photo of a contract his 'company' has secured with Kenya. He hasn't asked for money-yet, but have no doubt that he will. I've already emailed you with copies of some emails plus some photos. I would be grateful if you would confirm that i am now a registered user of your site. With thanks Lesley
First name: Alpedro J
Last name: Johnson
Age: 53
Location: Sandton SA apprently from USA
Phone: 0848467962
On websites: Afrikaans Singles
Report: Started communicating via e-mail since Dec 12, apparently he left for Spain - work related and in Feb 13 needed some money to be transferred to a bank account to assist in paying his domestic worker. The amount paid to him after a few month R31 500... I stopped any payments. He was supposed to be back in SA after 3 month.... have not heard (via phone or e-mail) from him for 3 weeks. Will provide e-mails and photo's if required as well as proof of payments made
First name: Michael
Age: 47
Location: Beverly Hilss
On websites:
Report: He asked me if I have a house and sent me lots of lovely letters. He said he will make a short trip to Poland to import fabric the States.
First name: paul
Last name: williams
Age: 54
Location: usa san antoniouk manchester
Address: 5907 hidden iron circlesan antonio tx78250
Phone: 2105701614
On websites:
Report: Had to go to Uk on a business trip within one week of initial contact. Toldme he was deaf andcouldnt hear on the phone so we never spoke - used text messages and Yahoo I'm plus email for all contacts had some problems with is ears so couldntfly for awhile then claimed there was a Uk tax clearance that hedidnt have the money for. Asked me to deposit a cheque and to wire him the money when the cheque cleared initially my account showed the chewue as cleared so I proceeded to do the wire transfer. Next day the chewue was returned as fraudulent. I have had no further contact from Mr awilliams and am out $90000.00.
First name: Michael
Last name: Wilson
Age: 43-44
Location: Adelphiia, New Jersey
Phone: 00447066805721
On websites: eHarmony and Yahoo messenger/mail
Report: This guy contact me on e Harmony. I sent you a quota from his email presentation
First name: Frank
Last name: Grasberger
Aka: Frank Raymond Grasberger
Age: 46
Location: Wisconson and Indiana, USA
Phone: 724-427-5624
On websites:
Report: Started out saying he was from my home town but currently in Afganistan as a Captain in US Army. When I questioned from where near me, he said he put in wrong state and was from Indianapolis IN. At one point told me he loved me, after a few text messages, and said he was lonely after his wife died. The more questions I asked, the ruder he got. I noticed he removed his profile from meetme (previously myyearbook). When I asked why, he said he wasnt searching anymore. I had red flags from the start and googled
First name: Leo-Frank
Last name: Tisal
Age: 57 (11/6/1956)
Location: England , Kent
Phone: unknown also 44 7452240132
On websites:
Report: 1. Leo initiated contact. 2. Website: Match .com 3. 3 months ( April 27 - July 29) 4. The montary gift he received from his client in Dubai he could not take, so put the money in my name, for him. Needed to pay for special certificates to transfer money from Bank in Spain to my Bank in the States. 5.See the note from # 4.Also when the deadline was missed because of the wire transfer going to another country, would have to pay more money for the Certificates They also said that if the deadline was not met for the cerificate that the gift money would assume to be used for supplying Terrorist and I would be investigated. 6. The person requesting the money be sent was the bank (Platunim Credit Union of Spain). There was 4 wire transfers of different amounts which totaled up to be 500,000.00 in the end.
First name: Alex Thomas
Age: 47
Location: Reino Unido
Email: alexthomas444@hotmail
On websites: si
Report: Hello Honey, Darling thanks for your love and care for me and our Son Luis, you are really giving Luis a motherly love,I so much love that,I'm now fully getting set to travel with Luis later tomorrow and see you in your country, my Love the Doctor said our Son is OK now and he has been certified to fly,all things been equal we will be with you in soon, though the doctor is yet to discharge Luis from the Hospital,He gave him health bill to me this morning,The drugs we bought and the total amount for treatment the Doctor gave me a Bill of $1,730 dollars because they said the sickness was complex,I have paid $1,200 already,because I wasn't expecting such a huge amount,I couldn't pay the full amount because I have already spent the Money I came with on goods and the shipping, and on Flight tickets to your country,I am just left with $90 dollars,So they needed me to complete the balance at the hospital of $530 and my Credit card can not work here in Africa because of their poor Banking system and awful way of Living,So please I need you to send me $530 to enable me payoff the balance at the Hospital and get out of this bad country,so that they can discharge our Son Luis from the hospital,so that we can Embark on our Journey to your country.Darling I will pay you back immediately I arrive in your country,because I have confirm it that I will be able to use my Credit Cards while in your country. I really love to meet you also I know Luis love to meet you too,remember what we share the INNER Beauty,for love and one family,Kids and a brighter discuses about our future,I love you honey,thanks for been there for me and our Son,I love you. Much Love,Kisses and hug for you,I expect your reply immediately,so that they can discharge Luis from the hospital Immediately, I love you. Please honey the doctor said you can send the money via western union money transfer or Money-Gram Transfer from any departmental store or post office in your country to me directly, Receiver's Name: Mr Alex Thomas Receiver's Address: No 110 Adesina street,Lagos, Nigeria. Honey I'M counting on you because you are my only hope in this my trying time, I vow not to break your heart. I will pay you immediately I use my credit card in your country. Honey I promise to Love you all the days of my life. honey thanks for your assistance and love , God bless you YOUR HUSBAND ALEX..