First name: Alexander
Last name: Blair
Aka: Jose Teixeiras
Age: 44
Location: Cape Town SA/Canada
Phone: +15599273949
On websites: Unknown
Report: Working here in SA on contract, wanted to meet me, then wanted money to help his sick daughter back in Canada, then asked again for money to get his parcels through customs at OR Tambo airport.
First name: John
Last name: Britt
Aka: Britt John
Age: 11/7/1963
Location: Manchester, UK
On websites: Facebook,, hi5, Tagged
Report: I was contacted first by John Britt via a private Facebook message June 1, 2013. I found the message October 16, 2013 and replied thinking it would be fun to have a Facebook friend in England. We corresponded for approximately 2 1/2 months. His grammar and phrasing were odd at times which I chalked up to how people write on social media. John had a business trip come up in November to come purchase replacement parts for the equipment for his construction company. We decided he could come to meet me afterwards. He supposedly arrived in the US Nov. 21st, conducted his business over several days and had to arrange shipping for the parts. On Nov. 26 he emailed me asking for $5,000 because there was a problem with the amount he was being charged and a wire transfer from his company wouldn't post quickly enough for him to come visit me on the 28th. I refused to send him money. He asked for money several times but each time asked for lesser amounts. We continued corresponding through December 2013 but I have received no emails since December 28, 2013. I sent an email Jan. 3, 2014 telling him not to bother me anymore. I've traced all his emails from the yahoo account to Malaysia.
First name: jerald
Last name: bush
Age: 49
Location: nigeria , south africa
On websites: bearshares
Report: scammed 15,000 from me said he needs help to come here , each time i send money to help something else came up , if i never send money got abusive, have got documents from him , saying it was his lawyer or bank manger photos and emails
First name: Stanley
Last name: McDonald
Age: 46
Location: Manchester, UK and Sandton, SA
Phone: 0840317860
On websites: Dating Agency SA
Report: I started communicating with him on website, then email and phone. He then asked for money after an explosion on site at Exxon Mobil. I refused. We started communicating again after a while. Then he asked for money to fly back to SA, as he could not cash his cheque in UK? I paid R5000 into an ABSA account, but then he had penalties to pay and needed more. I refused. After 2 months he asked if he could send me his cheque so that I can cash it and deposit into his account. I said yes, but then received an invoice from Global Logistics Agency for custom charges of R12100. I refused to pay. I have a fake passport copy, photos of him and his son but they are not theirs.
First name: David
Last name: Garreth
Age: 26
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 12076967291
On websites: yahoo, Confirio dating site
Report: Met him online Confirio dating site. Portrayed himself as Indian actor John Abraham from Bollywood movie, also use male actor model from Brazil, Lucas Malvacini. Says he is from north carolina...says he is Spanish, but online he sounds very Nigerian...Has this woman who says she is his aunt, her email, hillbillybarb that is her phone number online the report.'the police have been notified and they actualy know her.she lives online Maine, usa.. The scammer likes money sent western union only....has a guy named alex pick up money.
First name: Sami
Last name: ahmed
Aka: Sami
Age: 26
Location: Amman jordan
Phone: 962-799-160-264
On websites: whatsapp
Report: I found him online dating site based online the U.K. After that he convinced me to load the whatssapp online my pc. We talked a lot. He was very sweet and nice and told me everything a woman woud want to hear. He would not give me a last name at first but then told me it is Ahmed... He did not ask me for money fr a long time but then dd just a weeek ago...He asked for 2500.00 so he coud pay off a bad loan deal for a business that went bad.. He use photos of a very cute young man..He also loves naked photos of his victims.. I did not send money as IF know just from the dating site Confirio I met him online.. Full of scammers!!!!! I just would like to see him stopped!!!! He likes to call his victims baby, or Habibi...Claims to be the head of his household as the father left his mother... But will beg u to come to Jordan..
First name: Rodney
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Capt. Rodney Wilson
Age: 48
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Address: US military base, kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 1-443-478-8994 and 1-718-504-7061
On websites:
Report: He told me that he has sent me a package with some jewelry and a cash of 650,000.00 thru global mail. The parcel was held in malaysia for custom clearance and needs 10% of the amount which is 65,000.00. I sent 13,000.00 and the rest he provided. The parcel reached Canada, and the Homeland Securities held it and needs 7500.00 to be delivered. I refused to give the money. Lately he gave me a second number cuz the US army gave him a new phone. I told him he is a scammer and thats when he disappeared.
First name: james lucas
Last name: nathaniel
Aka: james oliver nathaniel
Age: 55
Location: kabul afganistan
On websites:
First name: travis
Last name: brooks
Aka: martin peters
Age: 55
Location: afghastan
On websites: yahoo
Report: as like the other lady he befriended me on internet claiming his adopted son elikem segbefia had been involved in a road traffic accident in Ghana. he claimed hi was a lt gen in the us military he asked me to send money for medical bills once I got the information about where to send the money I checked the name out and he came up on scammers list as I am writing this report I am receiving unsavoury messages on my phone ladies beware
First name: Michael
Last name: Carroll
Aka: Leo Mike, Leo, Mike Carroll,
Age: 46
Location: England
Address: 63 Tottehnam Court Road, London, W1Q 7AW, United Kingdom
Phone: 447452055544
On websites: Badoo, Facebook, Yahoo messanger
Report: I was contacted by him on Badoo in a very inquisitive way. Soon he asked me to chat on Yahoo Messenger. He told me to be a football scout (agent) and he was dealing with Dorchester Town Football Club. He also told me to be born and raised in Portland Oregon, had lost his wife in an accident 10 years ago and is currently living in London. He has a sister called Debbie (she has a husband and two children) who is living in Aberdeen and his mother Elizabeth, she is still living in Portland. We were in contact for about 2 months. We chatted hours and hours and he was always available. He sent me romantic personal emails, was interested, warm, open, funny and easy going. After 1 month we were planning to meet. Take a trip to the tropics together after is contract was done. He was to make all the reservations as soon he will get paid. So 4 days prior the departure he had sent me via email this affidavit to indicate that he was expecting an important payment of Dorchester Town Football Club. This document was the fund of ?250,000.00 is on hold on an account because of the unpaid taxes. He should pay ?6,800.00. Then he asked me for money to help him pay this funds. Not the full amount but anything to help free the fund. I totally refused and he got childish and offensive. He is a very good liar and he is very intelligent. His English knowledge seems to be his mother language.
First name: Sam David
Last name: Perkins
Aka: Perks Perks
Age: 46
Location: Syria-Aleppo
Phone: +0210000007
On websites: facebook
Report: at october 17th 2013,he added me by facebook chat,names Sam Perkins.he said that he like me and make friendship. he said that he was a single man,US Army and had duty as peace keeping mission at Aleppo-Syria. at december 03rd 2013,he said that his account was disabled and added me again by new account,names Perks Perks. that was made me so doubt, it must be something negative,but I kept followed his games. each time when he got online,he said that he loved me and want to meet me. he told me that he was bored and scared with the situation on conflict area. he wants to get leave and go back to US. he wants me to help by sent letter to his commander as his fiance. I write letter at december 06th 2013 and got the reply,from that I know that his leaved needed processing fee USD$1,100 and should be sent via WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM to their agent in Iowa-USA,names Vilaykham Baccam. I ignore that!..but still contact with him. I saved the letter,completely. today, he delete me on his facebook friendlist.
First name: jack
Last name: redd
Aka: Krzysztof
Age: Adamski
Location: Afghanistan
Address: 21 Castle Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Phone: 447935276356
On websites: Polish Hearts
Report: Contacted me on the Polish Hearts site, asked me to go on skype and comunicated on there with me daily for weeks and also on my mobile. Claimed to be born in Warsaw but lived in Scotland for 30 years. Told me he was a colonel in British army currently serving in Afghanistan. Asked me to top up his o2 phone , which I did twice, professed to lve me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then told me that he couldn't get back from Afghanistan without my help. Apparently the Afghanistan government had given the high ranking officers like himself, 12 gold bars as a reward for helping their country ( yeah right !!!) said he couldn't get the gold out of the country himself because of security reasons and needed my help . Said he had a man he trusted who could bring the gold out for him called Emmanuel Marku who would liase with me by email and make the arrangements. Figured out pretty early on that he was a scam artist but played along to see what he wanted. Told him that I had the police monitoring all his calls to me and his corresponce on skype, at which point he became rude and aggressive and promptly disappeared !!!!
First name: Jones
Last name: Smith
Age: 30s
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 2348058317186
Email: Don't know it
On websites: Facebook
Report: He is a black guy who is acting like a guy that's white named jones smith and has a retarded woman think he loves her and has her to send him money,her name is Lisa HUTCHINS.she's in Kingsport,tn 37660.just go look at the profile jones smith...fake all the way.i looked up the pics on google image search and this guy has been doing this for years,but the lady he is doing it to named Lisa does not and will not beleive he is fake because she is!
First name: Murphy
Last name: Sweeney
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 52
Location: Heswall-Galway
On websites: Facebook
Report: This guy, i know him as Murphy Sweeney, emailed me through Facebook. He asked me to sent emails to his acc He introduced himself as living in Heswall, Galway ireland and had a 9 year old daughter. He worked as a engineer at a Sanko ship. They travelled lot and were heading to australia. He asked me for money for sending me a package. His ship was in serious trouble and could be attacked by pirates, because they were too slow. He had 200,000 brittish pounds in his cabin and wanted to sent them to me. The package was sent by a diplomatic transshipment agency in malaysia, because they were in that neighbourhood at that time. I believed him and helped him. I got a telephone call from that agency. They had my adress. I got documents by email, which i had to show to the delivery when the package would be sent to me, as an identification. I paid 650 euro for inland taxes. Later, of course, the money was found through a scanner at customs. So i had to 'free' the package for him by paying 3750 euro's! I refused to pay. I did not trust the whole story anymore and i found out that the ship he was 'working' for, did not exist and the company 'sanko' did not know him. The ship had been sold 1,5 years ago to another company. So mr murphy sweeney did not get what he wanted. Talked very sweet and sent emails once ever day. I also found another victim in Holland with exact the same story. This was august/september 2013. Please beware of this 'charming' guy! He is not real!
First name: Samuel
Last name: Werst
Age: 62
Location: New York, Arkansas, Lagos in Nigeria
Phone: 2348121810251 from Lagos, Nigeria
On websites: Meet me, Badoo
Report: I was contacted by this person through Meet me, by the way I was not suscribed in that page, anyway he sent some pictures after two months of correspondence he had an accident but that time we have already establish a relationship, so he asked for money, I did send him the money, later on I discovered that he was also using other names sent a report to the US Ambassy in Lagos, you can check with them. One day I received an email from FBI Agent Smith from Nigeria with the mission to hunt this man, he wanted me to send more money through Western Union to capture him, I did'nt do it I already lost a lot of money, when I told this person that I wasn't going to do it he stop writing and said that if he captures him he will let me know, I have pictures, also there is a testimony of another woman he tried to scamm, no success she read my report. I found out that he continues active.
First name: James
Last name: Brooks
Age: 54
Location: Atlanta Georgia, Manchester UK, Ghana
Phone: 619-333-6771, 23-3249781093
On websites:
Report: He contacted me about a week before Christmas and said he wanted to get know me. I knew instantly he was a scammer however I wanted to get as much information as I could. He claimed that he owned the jewelry store in Atlanta GA but in researching it he is no where on the ownership papers. Claims to have a son named Bright that is going to turn 21 on January 1, 2014. After talking to him for only one or two days he asked me what I was going to get his son for Christmas. I played along and ask what did his son want. He said he wanted me to buy his son a Mac computer the cost about $2000. I laughed. Then he changed his mind and said to give the son an iPhone. I told him sure but I would only give it to his son person. He dropped the subject. Then he said he had to fly to the UK on Monday for business. Then he said he decided to go to Ghana with his son because he was worried about him going to see his girlfriend. After supposedly arriving he claimed that the bank would not take his travelers checks and wanted $700 in cash from me. I told him to use a credit card or to call his accountant at his company and have them send money. Needless to say he ignored all this, then several hours later I got a call from the man claiming to be the bank manager. The man that called me had a very thick African accent and said his name was David Ofiri. The supposed manager told me he was calling on behalf of my husband and I told the man I am not married. He ignored my comment and asked me are you going to send us any money? I simply told him no I was not sending any money and he hung up on me. When I did an Internet search on a David Ofori he came up as being involved in multiple money scams. James started to get very abusive when he saw that I was not going to send any money. Started to blame me for his situations. This man has horrible grammar and uses English in all the wrong ways. We did speak on the phone once or twice, he has a thick accent and did not appear to understand most of what I said. He also sent me pictures of his supposed son and the girl whose his son was going to see in Ghana.
First name: Allan
Last name: Hughes
Aka: Michael Cacace
Age: 48
Location: Malaysia, Lethbridge, Alta
Phone: 778-724-3293, 601126158903
On websites: Plenty of fish facebook
Report: I was contacted through plenty of fish by a man using the username rickolive. He told me he was a civil engineer working in Malaysia, with an adult daughter who is studying medicine in Cyprus. He claims to have been a widower for 15 years who had never dated. Within a month and never speaking to me in person, he claims to be in love. He claims to be a catholic who attends mass and is very devout. He has not yet asked me for anything, but I am nervous of anyone who claims to be in love instantly. I looked at his Facebook page and the first time it listed his name as Rick Cacace, then I looked again and it said his name is Michael Cacace. I don't know what made me look on this site, but I recognized his photo as Allan Hughes. Fortunately, I have not given him anything and certainly am not in love. A bit sad that a cute man turns out to be a dud, and probably a criminal.
First name: Chris
Last name: Fuller
Aka: Sgt.chris Fuller
Age: 46
Location: Kabul Afghanistan. Illinois
Address: USA
On websites: Mostly dating sites
Report: This man is pretending to be in the US Army ... He was dismissed for mis conduct... On many dating sites and has scammed an lot of women mostly from USA .. Through this man I lost a lot of money of course he said he would pay it back ... Of course it never materialised... He is an scammer and has been reported to the US Army. Also involved with this intolerable male is an Sgt.Caleb Jedege.. Also claiming to be in the US Army... He was also dismissed... So ladies if you see him on an date site in US Army Uniform .... Beware !!
First name: Charles
Last name: Myers
Aka: James A.Kearney
Age: said he was 63
Location: said he was from Sarasota, Florida
On websites:, facebook
Report: This guy contacted me on He claims to be an engineer, working in Texas, returning to Florida in January. He gave me his address but the address he gave me belongs to the real James A.Kearney who is a sheriff. He even described the car he has which is in the real James Kearney's driveway,. We did instant messaging on When he asked me to send him money, I got very suspicious. I reported him to the real James Kearney and they are in the process of tracking him down. Good luck with this one. I found the scammer's picture on this site He goes by Charles Meyers. This is the same photo that was on Facebook and
First name: william m.
Last name: alfred
Age: 52
Location: sumter south carolina, london united kingdom
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Marc Bruce Johnson
Age: 53
Location: USA, New Jersey
On websites: Skype
Report: The beginning of June , I checked the dating site , where already the next day I received a letter with an offer to meet you. Almost a month and had a conversation every night for at least two hours of Skype conversations . Then this person Marc Bruce Johnson stated that it is retired and flies to Riga. My e -mail was sent a flight information to the flight to take place. Armed with this information , I did not doubt that this flight really happen , if only noticed discrepancies bid amounts making. It visually see that something is not so , but can not understand , and indeed does not address this uncertainty. Consequently, the flight continued on a daily basis to communicate both with e -mails, as well as Skype . June 30 evening , after a flight information Mr.Johnsons was already in Accra ( Ghana ) came a phone call with a certificate that will be carried out immediately boarding, flying to Rome. At the time when the aircraft would have to ascend , there came a phone call that he was detained by customs in Accra , as gold was transferred , the transfer of the documents which have been arranged in Kabul , while Ghana had different laws. Being needed 9,000 euros to pay customs duties . Mr.Johnsons asked me 5000 euros as from the correspondence was known to him a bit more than 4,000 euros. At first, I did not respond to this call , because I do not own the money , and I felt doubts about the deal. But Mr.Johnsons very convincingly told him what the problem is , that is why he is not on to Riga , he has been given a deadline in 7 days , otherwise he will lose everything he owns . I recommended that he seek the assistance of the U.S. Embassy as well as to their friends. His arguments were so compelling that if you think about it , it 's all what he said was completely real and believable . He sent me a bank account number . To which to transfer money and that he will get to deal with clearance . The next day I unexpectedly got a chance to borrow this amount of money . In a spell , could see the
First name: robert
Last name: whitefield
Aka: frank jet
Age: 43
Location: Kabul,Kuwait
On websites: facebook
Report: He contacted me on Facebook.He pretended to be capt.USArmy in Afghanistan(Kabul),now he is in Kuwait.He promissed love,marriage....He sent his belongins in 2 military boxes.Need to payed 720euros.I think he is scammer,but the picture is not real.
First name: cole
Last name: schubert
Age: 63
Location: usa
On websites: faebook
Report: He was in and wrote the same e mail and questions on the previous report exactly. never wanted to tell me where he lives first he put Round Rock texas as an Engineer. and that he was in Imdonesia doing some contracts.
First name: Frank P
Last name: Thomas
Aka: jfrank101
Age: 41
Location: Waterbury,CT Valencia,CA West Africa
Phone: 011 234 809 826 0217
On websites:
Report: I had initiated contact with this person on the Marry me sugar daddy site ( Have been corresponding since December 4th. He fell in love with me very quickly. His profile is well written and very long. He wanted me to chat on his email instead of the site. On the instant message his sentences sometimes don't make sense. He abbreviates word like brb and sometimes disappears. Said he has one parent who is West African. Father is German. Has asked me for photos and has asked for money first, $150 dollars and then $100. Claims he will give it back when he returns from Africa on Jan5th. Wrote me a long love letter asking me to be his wife.
First name: Wilson
Last name: Cray
Age: unknown
Location: London, United Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 00447011146396
On websites:
Report: Abigal Mathins ; Manchester College of Arts & Technologies '96 ; Lagos Nigeria , Paul Padagas New York, Paul Padagas ? ;, Spencer J. Diederich London ( )
First name: Fredrik
Last name: Normann
Age: 46
Location: USA Boston, UAE Dubai
Phone: 617-396-7694 and 234-705-688-2905 and 44-702-407-7650
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Fredrik contacted me on Christian Mingle in July 2013 ... by October 2013 he had scammed me for 139K .. promises of marriage, family as he had a son Brian 17 years old and my daughter was 14, his wife had died in a tragic car accident. His mother lived in Norway and his father passed away 10 years ago. I have several photos of him and his son .. Norway, and UK but none local claimed to live in Denver Co. He claims to be a Petro Chemical Engineer. Fake documents were a wire transfer for work he was to have done and Next of Kin paperwork making me next of Kin as his son was still a minor. Phone numbers that my caller ID picked up and that he gave me to call him are .. 234-705-688-2905 and 44 702--407-7650 .. colleague in Boston that he called me from 617-396-7694. Other women he wanted me to send money to as my bank was attempting to tell me a scam, and he insisted on the banks trying to keep us apart, the other woman were Sonya K. West in CA. Lynette Spillman in IA, and Carmela Piazza in CA, sisters of colleagues he claimed to have. He claims to have been sent to finish a job on an oil platform, there was an explosion, he had to pay for damages before they would release his money.
First name: Hart Derich
Last name: Alberich
Age: 60
Location: Norwich, UK
Address: 11b Telegraph Lane, East Rasom Road
Phone: 44 70 2304 5777, 44 7442 767618
On websites: Facebook and dating sites
Report: Derich initiated contact via Facebook. Corresponded with the scammer for six months. He went from crisis to crisis. Yet details were not provided as was his postal address, recent pictures, etc. Money for a visit and other situations was requested via PayPal, Bank transfers and MoneyGram. This all happened on four times. Final outcome, no money, no Derich.
First name: christpher
Last name: jenson
Age: 55
Location: kuate afghanastan army
Phone: unknown+233273866591
Email: dont know
On websites: yahoo and militry ,com
Report: i have been talking to him on yahoo ihe contacted me on the dating site militry .com ,asked me to chat on yahoo ,his name on yahoo ic chris _jen 1957 told me he is a us army in afganastan ,for a few days then told me a story about 5 children he rescued from a burning car and they needed food but he didnt have money as he was in the army there asked me to send money i told him i didnt have a lot as i was looking after my family children 2 of them on my own i foster them , so anyway ask where would i send this money told me western union , i did send ?60 to them but now hes telling me the 17 year old boy as maleriea and he would die as the hospital have to charge ?3500 , he wants me to send that amount or a deposit to start injegetion s sorry not very good speller , as he saye they wont help as they have to buy the medication , and i know this is not true ,so i wont be sending money but i would like to know how to catch them out ,please as im still chatting to this person ,
First name: Alex
Last name: Smith
Age: 40
Location: Nigeria
On websites: no
Report: accomplice of Benson Michael that I reported earlier. Claimed to be a US Lieutnant , in Nigeria on special assignments. Sonetimes the money I send to money via to him also. Found him to have scammed a lot of other women also. Sorry, i think i forgot to put Benson Michael email address in my earlier report. his email is
First name: Benson
Last name: Michael
Aka: Nil
Age: 48
Location: Sudan
On websites: yes, on FB
Report: Scammed me of $18000 telling me he is a General in the US Army, stationed in Sudan. Asked me to help him to pay his bank charges in Malaysia and to get hom first class ticket to be home. He promised he will be home soon to pay me back. Promised that we will get marry once he is home. Bought him 6 times first class air tickets to be home. He said the US Military have forsaked him and left him to die in Sudan. 6 times I trusted he was mistreated by the US Military and I gave up upon his failing to be home after that 6th times. All money was sent to Malaysia via a third party with different names like Richard Filmore, James Michael, Bob Maupin. All these guys faces are in the FB.