First name: Lucas
Last name: Joe
Age: 44
Location: england, UK, Australis
Phone: +447937423831
On websites: Facebook
Report: It is the same letter as you have posted for Scam Email(s) from Jarrod Bernard to Mariola (Polen). He sent a message and went on and on about his feelings and such not even knowing me. Said he worked at westward freight as an engineer on the sea....
First name: bradley
Last name: nolan
Aka: williams roland jordan
Age: 40
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: badoo
Report: Contacted me on Badoo website. Loves me, wants to marry me. Lost wife to cancer. Has lost both parents. Two children, a boy, Nathaniel and a girl, Linda. Has multiple pictures. Would like money sent to him for emergency leave. Thank goodness for websites like this to keep women from being scammed.
First name: simon
Last name: brown
Age: 36
Location: claims to be in birmingham uk
Phone: +447937446893
On websites: badoo
Report: This man found me on a social site called badoo. he was looking for love , lost wife and kid in a car accident 2 yrs ago . he claims to be working for the army in UK from Birmingham.we started chatting on the 24 of February 2014. he calls me every night from a private number and claims , the number is not showing because it is frozen in UK. everything went well and said he bought me new clothes bags and shoes and phones. sent me pics. said he is using a diplomat to deliver them.then the day arrive , the lady ( fake diplomat with a Nigerian accent called joy smith called me as he said, she is in Capetown airport with the boxes, he told me in a later stage that he has put 5000 pounds on one of the handbags. and a ring. i must use the the money its a gift and the , they the lady ask me to put money to pay for customs R4400 to this account.she claim the guy is helping her. The accomplice is Mr charles Phoku , Have and account in FNB: 62439060279. the other accomplice is Zwelinzima Balanda with an FNB account as well acc no:62460488648. they the lady said the packages has been cleared in customs .she is gonna border a flight to durban from capetown at 1:45 pm, on the 25/03/ 2014. a few minutes later she called and said they have scanned the package and found the money, there is someone who will help for us not to be charged for money laundering, i said to her i need proof that she paid in customs and some delivery documents , she sent me a fake document , said she is going to send me the documents, few minutes later, i cant get hold of her. number .0848375762. then Simon claimed to be innocent in all this . he said the agent he used said that he used a different courier company then the one he usually uses. i asked him to get me the company details ie. location telephone numbers so that i will verify . and he said he will send it to me first thing the next day. nothing came and he is not answering his calls anymore.
First name: Marco
Last name: Lorenzo
Aka: Charles Brown
Age: 58 (he said)
Location: London
Phone: 00447924339789
On websites: Facebook
Report: He sent me a friend request at Facebook. We talk and phoned together from th 1st march until 22th march 2014. 10 days after the beginning of ours conversation, he told me he has to go for business to Nigeria, he had a big contract there. Few days later he called me to ask me for CHF 5'000.-- to help him because his bank in London bloqued his credit card. He needs this money for mobilization his workers on site. receiver's name of the money:AZUKA IFEDIORA, 181 Etete Road off Sapele road, G.R.A. Benin City Edo State, Nigeria I told him, I will not send any money to somebody I never seen. So the contact with him stopped immediately and he just wrote
First name: Adams
Last name: Scott
Age: 48
Location: Chicago, IL
Phone: 630-360-2379
On websites: Badoo
Report: This man contacted me from Badoo Dating Site. Claims he is in Chicago working as an engineer. I will forward the email he sent me.
First name: Chris
Last name: Harris
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria. Bronx, NY
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I had been in contact with him. He claims he is working in Nigeria and that his bank accounts are frozen. The machines are broken and needs money. He asked me for $700 so he could by supplies.
First name: Glover
Last name: Robert
Aka: Glover Martin Roberts
Age: 55
Location: Newport Beach California
Phone: 949-873-8483
On websites:
Report: Says he is from holland lives in Newport Beach moved here from holland 11 yrs ago. Has one son named Erick, wife Robyn died 3 yrs ago from breast cancer, branched out to be his own boss and created wincore construction ltd based in Amsterdam. Has pictures taken at south coast plaza at Xmas time. Photo of himself at 20 yrs old, photo of him and his mother. Has a irvine based phone number 949-783-8483. Very good at concocting a convincing profile. I have about 6 different photos of him, including the one posted on this site. Says he is going to work in Qatar to help build project to get ready for the 2022 World Cup
First name: Henrik
Last name: Madsen
Age: 64
Location: Auckland NZ, Perth Australia
Phone: +61406058849
On websites: Be2 - notice he is has become inactive
Report: Contacted me on Be2, recently living in Auckland, NZ, has a contract in Perth for short time as a pipeline engineer. Communicated by email, google chat and skype and he even rang me a couple of times. There was an accident on site which caused financial difficulties and subsequently has asked me for financial help giving me bank details for a money changer in Sydney. He should have an Irish or Kiwi accent or even some Scandinavian from his story but very softly and slowly spoken hiding any accent. Must be in a country with poor internet access and phone access, tried talking live on Skype but wouldn't happen. His IPS are and and
First name: Alessandro
Last name: Gray
Age: 38
Location: Massachusetts
On websites: Mingle2
Report: I found this guy on mingle2, he seem a perfect guy for me. After i talk to him for awhile, i found out that something is not right about him. I came across the male scammer. Com so i do the searching. I saw a report about patrick messages to daun and patrick's messages is exactly like alessandro 's messages that sent to me. I'm sure he is the same guy. He's not yet ask me for money yet, but i need help to catch this guy. I don't want him to be around scamming innocent girls or guys anymore.... Please help
First name: Larry
Last name: Wale
Aka: gayman32
Age: 28
Location: Concord, CA
On websites: OkCupid.
Report: On Monday, March 24, 2014 2:51 AM, Larry Wale wrote: Hello How have you been since the last time we talked ? hope you've been having a nice sorry i have to write you pretty late, just been quite busy... as you know,I decided to join this site because of the lonely times I experienced since me and my ex were no more dating each other, and I pray things work out this time around, Am new to this as I said before
First name: Noah
Last name: Braxton
Age: 24
Location: Auckland NZ
Address: Apartment 85/405 beach Road New Zealand
Phone: 6412666447
On websites: POF
Report: Noah Braxton is romance scammer that airplan ticket and pertner visa. I know Noah Braxton on online dating site POF. Noah Braxton who lived in NZ but He is Austlaian. He is med student 24 years old though. We had chatting on LINE everyday and everytime. Noah Braxton told and said me
First name: Alex
Last name: James
Aka: Alexander Malls James, Duke Haggard, Dave James, Charles Duke Lamptey, Nathaniel Babbington, Rick James, George Wilson, Jerry Balmer, James Ronald, James Morgan, Gregory Martino, Stuart James, Harry Steele, James Rockson, Frank James, Frank Armstrong
Age: 48
Location: South Carolina, Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: 843-968-4590
On websites:
Report: Alex James initiated contact Contact was initiated by email through website I corresponded with this person for almost 5 days I became suspicious when he asked me for yahoo IM so that we could chat. Also became suspicious when he told me that he was a recipient of the Purple Heart. He also was recently divorced. He also had the wrong age on his profile. He told me that his laptop needed to be replaced. No money was requested. I ran his picture on this website and there he was but known as Lucas James.
First name: peter
Last name: miller
Age: 49
Location: reston virginia
Phone: +2348112252101
On websites: internationalcupid
Report: we met online said he is a single father with son kelly age 6yrs who needs mother's love told he has travelled to nigeria, for charity exhibition but son got sick he is in the hospital cant use credit card so told me i send him 650USD. he ll refund me the moment he arrives in kenya for he had told me he was bringing his son to meet . he ll be allowed to use his credit card here in kenya, then i can refund other people money. He conned me the money i had borrowed from relatives, now am lost don't know what to do. i need help
First name: Ricardo
Last name: Juan
Age: 52
Location: London, England
On websites: Cupid
Report: I suspect this guy is a scammer. Right away he was in love with me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I will forward email and pictures.
First name: David
Last name: Napier
Age: 48
Location: Afghanistan, CA
On websites:
Report: I can tell by his email and chats that he is setting the stage. He is widowed, has a
First name: Jay
Last name: Cornell
Age: 48
Location: San Jose, CA
On websites: Cupid
Report: I met Jay on and received a few emails and pictures from him. He has been verified as a scammer on
First name: David
Last name: Scott
Age: 60
Location: Usa New York
Report: This man is very active scammer. He contacts me on I made google image search, and I found a lot of information of him. He is using an English mans pictures. Here is a link, and a lot of information of his scam profiles. Karin
First name: David
Last name: Hackett
Age: 48
Location: Bristol, CT; Aurora, CO
On websites:
Report: This is a know scammer in Nigeria. I was in conact with him for about 10 days. He asked me to accept money from a client and send it to his shipping agent in West Africa. He claimed to be in the Army stationed in Afghanistan. He said he is widowed and has a son named Mark. I have about 40 pictures that he sent me and several emails. I did not accept or send any money to him. When I refused to send the money he turned very nasty and threatened to call the FBI on me because he claims I scammed him out of flowers. I found out he is in Nigeria on the website
First name: Thomas
Last name: Brandy
Age: 60
Location: Rock Hill, SC, Bronx, NY, Hollywood, CA
On websites:
Report: Very smooth, told me he was born in Marseille, France and had been here for 30 years. Has one son, Mason, who attends Stanford University and will be graduating this year. Said he was retired but had been a real estate consultant but had recently come out of retirement to oversee the finishing of a hotel in Portugal. Sent lots of pictures. I got suspicious when I tried to Google and Facebook him and could not find him anywhere. Also he was on yesterday and is not on there today. It's like he was never on there. He made contact first through Very quick to want to correspond off of the site. We have only emailed twice back and forth. He has not asked for any money yet, but did ask if I would meet him for dinner or drinks the weekend of March 28, 2014.
First name: Georg
Last name: Williams
Aka: Dirk Sabastian, Henry Morgan, Henry Morgan
Age: 58
Location: ghana, U.K.
On websites: be2, facebook
Report: I got contacted by this man through a contact servise at the beginning of year 2014, said he was living in U.K.Introdused himself as Dirk Sabastian 58 years old, wife died of cancer 11 years ago, no children. Went to Ghana to buy diamonds in the beginning of feb. has money problems and wants me to send money. Says he has never been as much in love as what he is with me, can't live without me, wants to spend the rest of his life with me,e.t.c. Speaks with an African, South American accent, shows his face while talking on Skype, writes poorly English, does not answer many questions, more busy talking about love.TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL TIMES. Can also hear a child in the background when talking from Ghana.
First name: sean
Last name: lawrence
Age: 45
Location: kabul,Afghanistan and jacksonville,ar (usa)
Email: and
On websites: zoosk,yahoo messenger
Report: He is a scammer he is getting money from women and telling them he loves them and they are the only ones for him. He tells everyone hes in Afghanistan, has been telling me hes coming home well it was last month and then its this month and now all of a sudden hes been shot in the line of duty and has stopped speaking to me, after thinking i was helping him get home from war he took my money and invovled his family as well. He is also known as seanlaw on zoosk and sean4luv also on zoosk beware ladies hes a scammer and gets other people involved and gives you a line you cant refuse and makes himself look think the perfect mate and hes not
First name: Scott
Last name: Bolton
Age: 56
Location: London UK
Report: This man is a scammer! He contact to me on sites. I did a Google image search and the pictures are of quite different person. When he sent me an email, he deleted his picture from sites.
First name: Mark
Last name: West
Age: 52
Location: Scotland, UK
On websites:
Report: This person was Mark West. He contacted me on His email is, he is also on yahoo messenger as MarkWest6319. He is a romance scammer who claims to be from the states working for a museum. He said they taxed him (up front) on 3.5 million and owed 350,000 so he could leave the UK (Scotland). He claims to have a heavy french accent however it's not french. Sounds more mayasian and at times he is very muffled. He works all angles, had his son Treyvon email me and then had his mother Sue even call me to try and con me into believing his story. I knew pretty early on the deal and played along for 4 months. I eventually had to give it up because he was calling me at all hours of the night and from multiple numbers. When I confronted him, he called me the liar and cheat. Just so glad that these sites are out here to alert unsuspecting folks of the caliber of men and woman out there. They will do anything to make a buck. They just won't be making it from me
First name: Alexanda
Last name: Finn
Aka: Charles Preston
Age: 56
Location: USA, Oakland
Phone: +12134162425,+14065451990
On websites: Facebook
Report: His story from private Facebook messages: Its good to always be happy because i just noticed your smile and it cut my eyes as i was on facebook here Yes i live at United States of America but am a citizen of Switzerland but i have been living in United States for over 12 years now and also lived at London,and Zurich but am still looking for a good and nice country to settle down and live a happy life. Well i came across your profile as i was searching for one of my workers who go deported from United States,i lost her contact,so as i was typing her name,yours appeared too because she bears the same name with you. Well i am 56 years old and i have only one child and her name is Sharon,she is 22 years old and she studies medicine in school because she wants to be a medical doctor in future m opening a new art gallery here at Oakland maybe in 2 months time but they have already started working at the site And i love art works too so so much and you? No i dont have a partner,am widowed and this was 5 years ago,i was ones a married man but i lost my late wife,through cancer of the lungs because she smokes so badly and she only had 6 months to live I and my daughter was watching my wife and her mother,counting days and nights,waiting for when she will be gone and finally when it was told,God took her away from us 5 years ago So every since then,i have been all alone,taking care of my daughter all to myself but we have a family maid at home My daughter lives at boarding school but she comes home ones in every 2 weeks to spend weekend with me and go back to school All the way,day and night,am always lonely,and i hate myself for that because its not good to be lonely at this age There was a time i use to go to work at 7:00 am in the morning do you know why? Because of Loneliness My formal neighbor,her children likes me and my daughter so much and they use our house,like their second home,sometimes,they sleep over because we all felt like family but when they moved to Philadelphia last year,everything changed yes i have 2 dogs,one for me and the other is for my daughter We bought it as a gift for each other on our way back from Miami last year My daughter likes pets,they day she lives for school her dog wants to go with her,but the maid will not allow her,Their names are Buffy and Bedsy Buffy is color white and Bedsy brown and white too My birthday is also coming on April 22nd,last year i celebrated it all alone because my daughter travelled to London to visit my relations there but this year,we will celebrate it together,i plan on taking her to Miami beach,so we can spend time all alone to ourselves.
First name: william
Last name: smith
Age: 50
Location: siria
On websites: skype; yahoo messanger
Report: Smith was presented on skype as four star general marines on a mission of peace in Syria ... He said he was a widower with a daughter in ghana ... close to retirement. He began to woo me, and shortly after he asked me 200 euro for his daughter ... I unfortunately I have sent him through money gram. When shortly after he asked me for money yet a freak accident happened to his daughter ... I started to become suspicious and doing some research I found that here knows a photo in this finger scammer ...
First name: brian
Last name: smith
Age: 49
Location: uk
On websites:
Report: He contact me in tagged Hi Dear, It is always difficult to describe oneself without the risk of sounding immodest - but here goes: My name is cap.t Brian Smith, a captain with Cosco shipping company. Though I know it sound strange to you, since you do not know me, but I will appreciate it, if granted this Privilege to know you more. I'm currently working inside the ship using the company computer and I will prefer us to communicate through email because of my work. What is your email address? I will write more about myself and also send you my recent picture as soon as I hear from you Waiting Thanks, Cap.t. Brian Smith
First name: chris
Last name: jackson
Age: 50
Location: syria (says he is in Toronto Canada)
On websites: skype
Report: Says he is in Syria, is a dentist, went to Stamford and a few other universities in the US. Has a 14 yr old son who is in military school in the UK. The wife was killed in a plane crash. He is now in Syria working as a medical doctor under contract for the government but is returning to Toronto Canada when his contract is up. He was using all these romantic paragraphs during out conversations, I happened to plug one of them into Google search and sure enough he has copied all of them off other websites...took him off my Skype.
First name: James
Last name: Muller
Age: 52
Location: San Antonio/Nigera/Kenya
Phone: 210-900-2574
On websites: AYI
Report: Posing as Draymond on AYI site age 48. This is an African guy pretending to be white. Want to use Yahoo Messenger and will email you on your email account. He uses Keep records to review later for accuracy. Sent pictures of him and his daughter on the beach and several others as a white guy. He almost immediately asked for money. Said he is special forces and was deployed to Kenya. I checked with someone I know in the Army and they said the rank didn't match the person I described. Also said he was caught spying and they beat up and he needed money to get out. When that didn't work he asked if I would open a Frost account so he could send money to me or if I trusted him with my information. After this went on a little while I finally told him I needed either face time with him or needed to speak with him by phone. He didn't want to do either said he didn't have the ability to do a web chat but could view me on his end. After I insisted he called briefly trying to disguise his voice and immediately I knew he was posing as a different person. He really isn't all that smooth if you really listen to the conversation ladies. If it sound stupid it probably is. Don't be fooled. Always ask for face time and even to meet at a neutral location. Never go with email alone. Be smart.
First name: David
Last name: Miller
Aka: Eric
Age: 49
Location: Afghanistan, Kabul
On websites: Target
Report: He contacted me looking for a serious relationship I had decide to check on this person because he didn't sound to normal and the picture matches with the one he had send me.
First name: justin
Last name: miller
Age: 41
Location: west africa nigeria
Phone: 203-491-0446
On websites: zoosk
Report: I found a report on him in this site with the name Steve before this one. He said he was in Africa and after selling his late father company he Will return, we started to talk via email and then texting, I a report on him in this site, he said he was looking for a soulmate and that he felt it was me, send me beautiful love email about four of them, he sign stay blessed