First name: Anthony
Last name: Raddock
Aka: Richard Harris
Age: Around 50
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: I saw this man on a friends site on Facebook.....He come on me in and we talk on messenger for a while....He wanted me to recive a package with gold and money they have found under a raid in Afghanistan. I stop talk to him...I can't remember his name I think it was Gary something but not sure. he had a daughter he say and show photos on her same photos you have here. I have others I take from Facbook and will send to you..........
First name: Mario
Last name: Stefano
Age: 45
Location: Ontario, but work in UK
On websites: chemistry
Report: Was going out of Country for a contract, Engineer building new road in UK, need money to finish is contract and then he got assrested to try to go out of that country while he was coming her in Canada, so all bull shit, of course never came
First name: Riley
Last name: OConnor
Age: 68
Location: Ghana
On websites: (reported)
Report: This Riley OConnor and his friend Conway O'Reilly (3676) picked me up from the same site on the same day. Letters are very similar and often have same detail. Eg chicken heads left on in soup. Have same business contact who has an emergency. They are both scammers, probably same person. Didn't realize I needed a photo so 3676 is not accepted but managed to get a photo of this guy. Both asked for money and both refused.
First name: kelvin
Last name: vanderweide
Aka: kelvin james
Age: around 56
Location: accra, ghana
Phone: +233267267717
On websites: badoo
Report: this has a very slick tongue.. he is good with words..that he was coming home.. afganistan . kelvin was coming thorough accra, ghana...then he would be back in the states... he is very slick with his tongue and know how to use the words... he asked for small amounts.. and said he was coming and never show.. which i knew he wouldnt.. so i just want you to watch out for him...
First name: Conway
Last name: OReilly
Aka: Charles
Age: 69
Location: Ghana
On websites: (reported)
Report: He initiated contact, request go to yahoo email, January 4 to Jan 20th. Used same story as Riley OConner with few minor differences. Happy to send them through.
First name: saxan
Last name: beacher
Age: 48
Location: United Kingdom
Email: Beacher Saxan ;
On websites:
Report: He is pretending to be a craft gallery owner with a 6 year old girl named Vanessa with pictures Hello dearie, I want to thank you for your emails so far.You have brought good fortunes and hope to my life,I get surprises by the good improvement I get on a daily basis since you came into my life,You are God sent to me. I truly appreciate and respect your kindness towards the growth of this relationship and for you to appreciate my kind of person. Thank you so much for the wonderful words of encouragement so far.Thank you honey for the love message's you have been sending to me and your lovely daughter Vanessa. Honey,this morning at the Gallery I received a call from an agent in West Africa that tomorrow being Tuesday 21st of January 2014 the Art and Craft Exhibition Show market shall kick off.I was so surprise and I had to immediately plan for it, Because my Gallery is almost empty. I really need to buy more Crafts in the Gallery, this is just an opportunity, I?m really making plans for a trip to Africa and I have 3weeks break to go for the trip (because I really want to rest), meanwhile the Art and Craft Exhibition shall last for 4 to 5 working days so I still have fresh 2weeks so I was thinking if it will be possible to visit you and spend time with you in your country, and then go back to my base and try to arrange my Gallery before resumption date for my customers at the office.I want you to inform me if it is possible to come visiting you this time in your country and I will have to come over with Vanessa because she is going with me to Africa.Her school is already on break and she will want to come visit you,celebrate her birthday and see her new mother.I want you to understand that I will be able to take care of any expenses during our stay and I want you to inform me where we can locate a nice and suitable hotel that is not very far from your resident of stay. Honey,I believe you are ready to meet me and you can't wait to hold me tight because I feel the same way, Honey I really want to see you,I have purchase our ticket because I will be living tonight around 10pm so that we can meet up with the exhibition date. Honey I shall await your swift response soonest.Please darling I don't want you to be nervous with this news, just be calm and be yourself. You don't have to go to the best hair stylist to make your hair or go to the best beautician to look nice for me.I will love you the way I meet you. Remember what we both care for each other,the inner beauty we share.I love you and I will forever cherish you and distance can't be a barrier if you really love me. Please reply this mail immediately so I can start making plans to visit you in your country. Vanessa is so anxious to see you.Thank God I will see you soonest. With love your husband Saxan
First name: mackain
Last name: alex
Age: 41
Location: london, south africa portugal
Address: u Everton, Doncaster, United Kingdom and london
Phone: 00447031995801 and 0027718070858
Email: mackain
On websites: skype facebook yahoo email
Report: he says he his drilling eng in the company BP and libes in london never cames on web very good english and talks with you for months until he gets the money he will say that he loves you and sends you an parcel to your destination then makes you par for the customers fees then its money after money he took allot of money from me i have fotos and banks detalis would like to know what to do
First name: ernestro
Last name: ashely
Age: 41
Location: liverpool
On websites: facebook skype
Report: he says he is working in india in shipping company MMS his son name is anthony and the child is 2 his wife died in a car accident his number is 00447024054540 he believes in god so much be carefull please
First name: Richard
Last name: Donnovan
Age: 52
Location: Calgary
Phone: 1-661-3790319
On websites:
Report: Well this is a long one, I met him at the 24 May 2013, and he was suppose to live in Calgary, but he was working for the UN as and Orthopedic Surgeon, and he had to live to go to Manilla. He had a son Dereck was epileptic 13 year old. He asked me to send him some money. And I did too. At the end I told him to stop lying and he told me that he had is own business and working for charcoal.
First name: Fredrick
Last name: Donovan
Age: 53
Location: Cranbrook BC Canada
Phone: 011905349102603 or 1248-413-3952
On websites:
Report: This man he is suppose to be from Cranbrook British Columbia Canada but now he is working in Turkey to some reparation on the Yath, he have a daughter she is 12 her name is Lucy. Now he stop working because he hurt himself on the knee, and now he supposedly in the Hospital in Turkey and he cannot pay the bills, he asked me for money
First name: Anthony
Last name: Seller
Aka: Tony Seller
Age: 42
Location: Cape Coral Florida
Phone: 239-205-4048 or 239-205-4843
On websites: connecting
Report: He look very honest and he is using his girl Kathy 8 years old. He ask me some money to send his girl Kathy to come her to Canada. He told me that he was from Teas. US but the phone number doesn't match the place he suppose to live I check and it say Cape Coral Florida I did send him some money today to flight is girl her because he was suppose to go to UK. MTCN 168-832-8843 and I send it to Christina Cendrowski East Lake Ohio 44095 phone number 855-437-2160'e I have pictures of him if you like to have them. Thanks
First name: richard or other
Last name: james
Age: 54
Location: gulf of guiena
Phone: 5623537086
On websites:
Report: On 17th january this person contacted me through dating site Some he gets into there system,just enough time to send a email with his address and phone #.Yes, my heart was ripped out and stomp on, all the things he told me. Then as of last night we were texting,and I asked when his birthday was,he told me Friday, then I caught on , no military men will tell u the day of the week, they will give u #,month,&year, so I didn't end the conversation, instead I ask him what he would like? His response was very fast: he told me an iphone,I ask what color ? Once again fast answer. Then I thought for a minute, and I email him back and said
First name: Nick
Last name: Diego
Age: 61
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
On websites:
Report: Received a hit on Said this was his last day on and could he contact me via email. I did allow this and then received a personal email with his entire name. No name came up on my Google search so I search the company he works for and the exact words from his letter came up on this site.
First name: David
Last name: Clark Olds
Age: 14 February 1964
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Address: Anchorage Alaska
On websites: Facebook
Report: David Clark Olds come forward o me in November 2013....In 3 of December he tell me he had lost his mobile in action ask me to help him get a new one with wifi. Coz he was divorced he only have me who coulld help him.I tell him I could send one I not using. I should contact a agent in Turkish Istanbul and he was the registrated military supplier....+0905362848522 was the number I should call and get information to send my mobile......coz I not could send a phone I should send money. For security they could not accept a mobile to send. Only money for bye one and send. Say I not had so much money to send. David have not be so much online after that. He give the reason that he not have the mobile...Today he come forward and ask my help to get out 2,8 milj $ he get over for the future for us....He will use Diplomatic sending he say and I should stand as a reciver for the sending...I belive this is a scamming.
First name: Allen J.
Last name: Arckerman
Aka: Brian Anderson, Mark Aaron, Micheal Richmond, Jon Crowley, Trease Burk, Michael Hall, Chris Howard, Aaron Lubbers, Michael Allen, Eric Jack, Robert Viger, Brandon Mays, Gilbert, Charles Evans, George Lexman, Roland Petrov?
Age: 54
Location: USA, Houston
Phone: +18108527979 sms,+12818456517unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: ?I met him First site. We went to chat website. We wrote every day and he told me that he start to work on Sea drill Inc. And the Bank did not give enough the loan to buy the necessary equipment from Taiwan. He told his lawyer and 'sister' Ethel Glenda and her husband to lend him some money and there are other friends who gave a loan. And he also asked me for money, if asked to take a loan. He sent a lot of evidence in documents and even a copy of his passport. I said that it is not possible. Since then, communication began to fade. I checked afterwards his data and found him in many a different name, and I can see he was a scammer. He used names Allen J. Arckerman, Brian Anderson, Mark Aaron, Micheal Richmond, Jon Crowley, Trease Burk, Michael Hall, Chris Howard, Aaron Lubbers, Michael Allen, Eric Jack, Robert Viger, Brandon Mays, Gilbert, Charles Evans, George Lexman, Roland Petrov?
First name: micheal kelvin
Last name: shandy
Age: 52
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348037697246
On websites: lovetime
Report: He add me at lovetime dating site at november 2013, then we chat at skype and ym, the first time he asked me for money i dnt want send, he told that he need for release his father fund at tonich security at london, i had email from this company, after 3 month i chat with him, i send him money, the total 1450 us $, it is a lot for me, then he asked me more money and i start to search his picture that he give to me, i knew that he was a scammer! He already give me a website fast away courier that he send the thing to me, i track the website i knew this is fake My life now really mess cause this money is my saving, and i really broken heart
First name: Richard
Last name: Randebe
Aka: Terry smith, Roderick Hakan, Dennis Osten, Ronnie Osten
Age: 51, 53
Location: Fulham United Kingdom, Nigeria and Ghana Africa
Phone: 0112348146003171
Email: Ronnie.osten
On websites: Facebook, yahoo messenger
Report: Roderick Hakan then in England initiated conversation on Facebook We chatted for a couple of months then he asked me for money to fly his daughter to the us so we could all get together I would not do it so he cut me off. Then I saw him on yahoo messenger and we started chatting again he then gave me his phone number and said he was in ghana his name then was Dennis Osten same face different name. Again he asked me for money I said no so he cut me off again. Shortly after that he changed his name again to Ronnie Osten. And now was in Nigeria on a work site I have been chatting with him once again and today he just asked me for more money and like the other times I said no so he cut me off. I have also warned two other women when I found out their names on his Facebook account they both thanked me and now we re friends I told them he was a scammer and man was I right
First name: Richard
Last name: Plate Suffy
Aka: Capt Richard Plate
Age: 39
Location: Alabama/ Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 2347087859599/ 201 212 5588
Email: /. Alpha212units@rescue
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: Military Scam person poses a a Us army then deployed to Africa. Will scam you for satellite phone fee and ask you to request military leave and pay for military leave as well as air fare to fly back to USA He contacted me first thru text. His 'friend' is in contact online with someone I know and asked to be introduced to a single woman. My friend gave my cell nu and email. He contacted me by text and then thru yahoo messenger. He requested money for satellite phone and merge cry leave and air fare with the promise of paying me back once back in USA. Claims he wants to retire and live with me and marry me. Sends love poems I even talked to him on occasion thru phone calls. Asked me to send money to western union and he even has a Wells Fargo bank account under the name of Kent Moses. Started asking for more money to donate to orphanages in Africa. When I refused, he starred cursing . I search then for army dating and was led to army dating scams and realized I was scammed. Reported him to IC3.
First name: Aaron
Last name: Boateng (Freeman)
Age: 54
Location: Ghana (Hackney0
Phone: 00233231143256/00233266709564
On websites: facebook
Report: i met this man on face book and he told that hes going to ghana for an order of cacao ,then he said that he is stuck there due for lack of documents,hes a big scammer told me once hes free will come to meet in my country and get married ,when he was suppose due to come ,he told me that the ghana police arrested him for lack of documents ,pls don't get in the clutches of this man ,his english is his mother tongue
First name: Eric
Last name: Carson
Age: 51
Location: South Africa, Cape Town
Phone: +27 (78) 2194938
Email: and
On websites:
Report: I registered on the Christian Dating site on Friday 17 Jan 2014. Eric Carson contacted me the same day. We corresponded briefly on the dating site then via email and Google Hangouts. He confessed his love and marriage proposal after 2 days of chatting online and by cell. He told me he was on 4 year contract in RSA from USA. He claims he is Turkish, a widow and father of 24yr Laura in California. He claimed he owns his own business Robson and Co Construction and is contracted to BVI. I called both companies and he is unknown there. He said the contract is for R1,8m over 4 years. This seemed too low to me as he said he employs a team of 38 members. He said he was paid 50% upfront but went on to have no airtime and no money to but a new smartphone (claimed his IPhone 5 was damaged so was unable to send fresh or new pictures). This all just seemed to be strange for a professional with a masters degree. He asked in appropriate questions after just 2 days of meeting online. Like where do I work, do I get paid monthly and how much, whether I owned my own home and if my ex husband bought it for me, whether my ex pays for the kids maintenance. He even asked for my ex tell number- none of which did I give. I knew he was a scammer for sure when he finally asked me to buy him a bulk SMS bundle to enable us to chat via SMS. I replied that I was unable to do so. I have googled his profile and he has pictures on Facebook and LinkedIn without revealing any personal information about himself. Has no friends on FB either. I last contacted him on Thursday 23 Jan 2014. I have pictures and chat and email history.
First name: Nicolas.
Last name: Miller
Aka: 48unknown
Age: 48
Location: Nigeria
Email: Nicolas miller 7085@
On websites: Dating sites face. Book
Report: Nicklose miller aka jordon Moore. Nicolas steinson Has 4 different profile on face book. He. States he his a captain in afgan and need. Money for leave
First name: Wesley
Last name: Turner
Aka: Wes Turner
Age: Richard a Beckham
Location: Malaysia. Nigeria, USA
Address: melbourne beach florida
Phone: 0060143679296. 447937606008
Email: richardabeckham489.
On websites: facebook . yahoo. google+
Report: He say he is an engineer and have contract from opec, he say he is in custom in malaysia just now. want money to leave .He have many scamfriends who help him . say he has a daughter Jasmine who is in catholic school in USA. His lavyer Jonathan wilson live in Nigeria and all money go through him. Larry Okafor, wesley.turner78 he use all this mail adresses
First name: William
Last name: Seeman
Aka: David Richardson
Age: 53
Location: Red bluff, Cac
Address: unknowns
Phone: 530-746-0184
On websites:
Report: Met this man on Corresponded with man for 7 months. He said he was a civil engineer. Showed me a business website. He said he went to Malaysia to finish a condo project. Had contract he sent to me.. He ran out of money and said his accounts were frozen due to being out of country. He finished project and was coming home. Then got sick, his mother died need money for taxes to leave. All requiring money.
First name: Richard
Last name: Meyers
Age: 42
Location: Claims to be from Santa Cruz but currently in Nigeria with the US Army
Address: unknownP.O.Box 795, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. zipcode: 23434
Phone: 831-842-4603
On websites:;;
Report: He claims to be a US Army officer in deployment in Nigeria for special assignment but asks you to send him items such as watches, or Iphone so you can communicate better with him.
First name: Joey
Last name: Queen
Age: 32
Location: Sunnyvale California
Phone: 1 312 380 9346
On websites: yahoo
Report: New Romance Scammer Postby jazmin2905 on Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:11 am His name is Joey Queen , he say he is from California , here his info : : Joey Queen Cell Phone : 001 312 380 9346 Email : He contact womans in Internet and tell them he is widowed with a two year old daugther , so he can?t work right now and spend all his time in care his girl , he ask for a relationship with woman overseas , but sent the sames romantics emails to a many at the same time , he didn?t ask for help or money yeat , but for sure that will be the next steps , just becareful with this man !!!!
First name: Christopher
Last name: Banks
Aka: chris christopher
Age: 58
Location: Alabama, Accra Ghana, Sierra Leon Ghana
Phone: 232246216269 , 312-463-9616
On websites: Christiansmeet, christianmingle
Report: I have been talking to this man for several weeks and he has been telling me he was born born in Itality went to collage her was a civil engineer and was a widow of 5 years and Had a 14 year old son he was raising on his own .named Derrick we met on christiansmeet and began talking I to am a widow. he have text non stop for about 2 weeks and things began to get more intence he sent me flowers telling me how much I met to him and that he wanted to be with me and I should sell my house and move in with him and his son. then about 3 days ago he said he had to go to Ghana for a project and would not be gone long . He has taken his son with him today the 23rd. of jan he called telling me he had no money and the bank would not take master card or Discover and he needed money for food for him and then he said to me OUR son. Trying to get me to barrow or sell anything I could to send money by western union he then told me I would have to send the money in the name ofMicheal Adams which was his driver to 52 Ewutu Accra 00233 and he would send him to pick it up.He told me he was in Accra but number was Serria Leone #
First name: paul
Last name: schimer
Age: 56
Location: united states LosAngeles,CA.
Address: 3203 south hope st. LosAngeles,Ca. 90006
On websites:
Report: He contacted me,relationship lasted 3 weeks, he was away on a job in diffrent country asked for money,I said no and he ended relationship. He was also scamming another friend of mine at the same time,she broke it off with him when we discoverd our common conection with him. I also have a fake drivers lic,and the picture he used to make it with, I have a document,and other pictures he used,im just not sure on how to post them with this report.
First name: Mario
Last name: Vito
Age: 50
Location: West Palm Beach Florida
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Mario initiated contact with me through Christian Mingle. He was very charming and sophisticated. I received several emails and calls from this individual which read word for word like the ones previously posted. I received several phone calls from his daughter as well. He went without communicating for almost a month.
First name: Mark
Last name: Doven
Aka: Mark Dovenkorf
Age: 58; DOB: 12/26/56; DOB: 1/8/57
Location: Dallas Lake, TX; Takoradi, Ghana; Accra, Ghana; Sacramento, CA
Phone: 940-268-4708
On websites:
Report: Claimed he was a divorced father of one daughter, Diane, (her birthdate changed from 12/26/2005 to 12/31/2005; he also changed his birthdate from 1/8/1957 to 12/26/1956). Said he worked for an oil company (Kosmos) on a rig. Said his daughter needed special education and that he hired special tutors and nannies for her when he was out of country working. Claimed that his younger brother died of throat cancer in 2011. Said he had to spend all of his savings getting his daughter set up with the nanny and teacher and needed money to secure an apartment in Takoradi for a 3-month contract. Funneled 6 iPhone 5s through me stating that he was getting them for his co-workers, but was having them sent to a
First name: Greg
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Joseph Aquino,Antiono Russo
Age: 42
Location: Chicago,Milwaukee,Cape Town
Phone: 1-773-432-8130
On websites: Match, Chemistry, Urban, Zoosk,My Life
Report: Greg contact me through, said he was from Chicago moved to Milwaukee after grandmother past. I corresponded for 2 months and he said he had to leave to do a job in Cape Town ,South Africa and would return to Milwaukee in a few weeks. he started saying his client could not pay him so he had to stay longer. Asked for $200 for rent and groceries because he had used all his money to pay workers. requested several times on 3 different occasions. No money sent, became aggitated and said I did not love him.