First name: harris
Last name: moore
Age: 39
Location: lageo Nigeria
Address: 10 Church Street
Phone: 1-540-384-1553
On websites: yes
Report: Scammer asking women for money
First name: chris
Last name: richards
Age: 53
Location: south carolina
Phone: 8642809918
On websites: plenty of fish
Report: He initiated contact, told me he was in love with me n to remove myself from Pof website.he stated he was a geologist n worked for Exxon Mobil, said something went wrong while drilling, n needed money to fix the drilling machine, this way he could come back to the states to me. Yeah, out for this one cause he is ....smooth!
First name: Brain
Last name: Serrano
Age: 49
Location: Palm Harbor, FL
Phone: (323)594-8451
Email: knightings247@textnow
On websites: Chemistry
Report: Beware of this guy he is a sweet talker, tells you everything you want to hear then comes after your money. Claimed he is a structural and civil engineer who worked for turner construction and now is self employed. Claimed is widowed and has a 9 year old son who lives in the UK but will be coming this summer to live with him. He claimed to fly out to UK suddenly to finish a project and then claimed his accounts from Asia were broken into and frozen and had no way back to the USA. Claims the other woman saying he's a scammer on this site is only reporting him because he refused to meet her at a hotel for sex and yet she has the same story. He even skyped with me from UK. Same story different name.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Johnson
Age: 46
Location: Miami Florida
On websites: Black People Meet.Com
Report: I met this person on the dating site He initiated contact with me by sending me and email and requesting to talk on our private emails. We emailed back and forth for about two weeks. After emailing I suggested exchanging phone numbers because I wanted to see if he was sincere. We did exchange numbers and then we began to text one another. He said he preferred to text because he was from France and it was hard to understand over the phone. However he would call from time to time to say
First name: Paul
Last name: James
Aka: Goes by
Age: 50
Location: U.S.A.: Manning, SC, Campbellsville, KY
Phone: 515-650-2720
On websites: Match.Com
Report: Match.Com profile user name: Funforgetmenot00 , 50 yrs old, manning, SC Picture used:(does not match photos sent on yahoo) Wants to Chat on Match, then asks for you to go to yahoo to chat (since it is faster) email is : Traced IP to Ghana Africa Then wants to text since he is in Afghanistan and has to patrol Phone no used for texting: 515-650-2720 goes to a landline/cell in DesMoines, IA Called the number it goes to voice mail Provider is Verizon Paul James (goes by James) claims to be in the US Army and retiring in 3 months after 26 years. Sends a picture with patch : First Sergeant Claims that he has a 15 year old son
First name: Alan or James
Last name: James
Aka: Alan James Alan
Age: 51
Location: Franklin Square, New York, Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: Tagged
Report: This guy who is supposedly named Alan James or James Alan, claims to be working with the UN Peacekeeping based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He said he will be turning 51 this year and that his wife died 5 years ago and has a step daughter. He has been in contact with me for 2 weeks now, and recently started confessing his love and how he wants to have a future with me and be united as one family. My daughter started to feel fishy about this man, as I have been scammed in the past and she started searching on sites for scammers and here she finds pictures of the guy claiming to be someone else. His grammar sounded okay on the website tagged however when emailing and on Skype it started getting all weird and my daughter thought it wasn't right. He would always talked about finding a woman who would accept him and all these other things, also saying how he loved me and we would become a family. While chatting on Skype he said to give him some time before he showed himself online (webcam) as he was working in the
First name: Tom
Last name: Graney
Age: 55
Location: Ohio, England
Phone: 937-612-2369
On websites: Big
Report: I met him on as he replied to my profile. Seemed very nice as we emailed through the site at first and then emailed via personal emails. He was very much wanting to correspond via personal email or text. Gave me his phone number and asked that I text him. Said he was a widower of 5 years and that he had two teenage daughters who lived in his home in Ohio with the maid and that he was finishing an engineering job in England. He got very cozy very quickly calling me Baby and saying that we were destined for marriage. We did text back and forth. Some of his emails are identical to emails on this site sent to Andrea. My final red flag was when he said he was having a bad day and that his daughters needed $500 urgently and he was out of cash. He then asked if I could help. I told him I didn't have the money. I texted him that I was on to him and that I filed a report on him and I also did tell Big
First name: benjamin
Last name: Johnson
Age: 53
Location: Carrollton, Texas
Phone: 217-785-0844
On websites: Datehookup
Report: Man contacted me on datehookup as benjamin Johnson from Texas. We were in contact for over three weeks. Sent me pictures, stated he was born in Texas but grow up in Portagual. Spoke with him on the phone but couldn't understand due to the deep accent. Then he stated he does pipe lines and had been award a contract in Nigiera. He left Texas on 04/18/2014, we stated in contact. On 04/22/2014 he contacted me and was requesting $350.00 dollars to help pay for the Hotel and would pay me back by the Weekend. I have met many scammers on date sites and it is a shame nobody can be trusted. I ask the scammer after he called me from 2349035604835 several time, I asked him not to contact me again.
First name: Mark
Last name: Jensen
Aka: Christopher Smith, Stephen Murphy
Age: 51
Location: England Camberley, Toronto, Ghana Accra
Address: Oakfields, Alexandra Avenue, Camberley, Surrey
Phone: 233271385050
On websites:
Report: Mark approached me on Talked everyday for seven weeks from 02/03/2014 - 19/04/2014. Said he was 51 on 21st April, had two boys who lived with grandmother in Toronto. Very attentive. First time asked for money for a colleagues daughter, said no. Second time was for credit on his phone, checked out details and did ?25 through Third time was for a phone bundle, again checked it out, looked okay, send ?50 via money gram to Christopher Odio-Botsio in Accra, Ghana. Told Mark not to ask for any more money, which he respected. Continued talking everyday, until he was due to come back to England, and then no messages were sent. Suspected he was a scammer after he asked for money, but couldn't find his details on any site, until i uploaded his photo on and found lots of alias. Found more details about him on this site.
First name: Andreas
Last name: Mueller
Aka: Rob Mueller
Age: 51
Location: Norway, USA
Address: Heritage Lane, Andover, MA
Phone: 978-494-0471
On websites: Christian Mingle,
Report: We met through Christian Mingle and quickly started communicating through email. I spoke with him on the phone. We were to meet, but then he had to cancel. The next week he had a business trip to Netherlands. After 4 weeks of daily chatting online and by phone, he told me about a predicament where he needed $5,000 in order to finish his work and come home. That's when I got suspicious. I then found him on under a different name. He then disappeared and I couldn't reach him by phone or email.
First name: Brian James
Last name: Webber
Age: 58
Location: Netherlands
Phone: 233230424549
On websites: skype
Report: He said that his wife passed away 4 years back. He has a son Sean that i must write to him. He is workoing on the rigs. We chatted for two weeks and thatswhen he started with his money. I must send m oney for his son puppy that he promised him. but could not give him seeing that he is at sea and cant buy him the puppy. that was when i started to think that this man is a scammer. I found him under the scammers as Charles Presten. Same photos he send me.
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: Kevin Owen, Owen Kevin, Brison Gray, Gray Brison
Age: 58
Location: Wales, UK, Thailand; Oregon USA
Phone: unknown+447937412220 (H) +447516593427 (W)
Email: ;
On websites: YM, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook
Report: OMG, I met this Man on Fb last December 2013 and he said he find me pretty like a queen.. and introduced himself as Kevin Owen from Wales, UK. He said that hes got a private business. A son 15 yrs old and divorced he caught his wife cheating. After a few weeks of friendship he asked me to moved to Skype and sending me emails as well on yahoo how much he loves me. Last 22 January2014, he then called me that he was on his way to see me to Melbourne. with his son Kelly. I was surprised twas so sudden. Then next day i got a call from him distressed that he was arrested in Thailand. A woman voice on the phone claimed to be an immigration officer spoke with me and asked bail for them, Kevin claimed that I was his wife in Australia, same with Kelly as our son. They were detained in Thailand for taking over $100,000 English pounds to have holidays with me in Melb. That they are in the detention centre. The woman gave me a number a thailand phone no. and asked fro $5000 Aud Im in good faith that they were genuinely telling me the truth, so I immediately sent money thru WU, and after two days,the woman name is Somerjai Makjui a half Thailander and Filipino. Kevin calls me and asked his son kelly to speak and beg me for help and this woman asked again amount of $3500 Aud for the Money to be insured in the Bank. Kevin sent me a Bank Draft that I was his beneficiary to received his money to be wired to my bank account. He asked for my Bank account number. I am soo innocent, I have never fall in love like crazy and I believed and trust him. I cried and panic. I asked some money to my friend, and sent that amount of $3500 Aud. After a week, the woman again called and asked for money of $9000 Aud so that it will be paid for the Reserved Bank of Thailand to release the money and wired to me. They let me talk to the Bank Manager. I even let my friend talk to them too, we both believed that it was true since the Bank draft looks real and stamped on hold or stop order by Bank. Kevin promised me and my friend that if we help him he will double our money back. WE are stupid we sent the $9000 Aud to him thru moneygram. After then I begin to have some butterflies in my stomach, I contacted the Australian Embassy in Thailand and the UK Embassy in Thailand, they are not listed there. I hired a lawyer in Thailand to investigate... and the lawyer got back to me. He told me that my fiancee Kevin Owen is a scammer... He is around thailand with his woman Thai-Philippine citizen, a prostitute. His son is a recorded message. I took the opportunity to take the report to the International Police. I called MG to stopped and save the $9000 but twas so late, we were delayed and that woman already got our money thru her contacts. I still have all the evidence of my receipts and I ended up fighting with my Ex Hubby and my friend also fight with me and her husband. I reported it to the Australian Police here and also to and He still got a thick face he still calls me and sends me new name like Brison Gray in FB and Skype. He left me destitute and financially hard-up, I wish I got money again to hire some mercenaries to fix him up and his coniving son and woman who spoke with me. I pray and hope these people will rot in hell as they are sooo evil. He took advantage of me being vulnerable, lonely and grieving from marital separation. Thank You so much I found a solace in here to report this man. God Bless, Sarah
First name: dennis
Last name: bills
Aka: may be known as prince a or prince ajay and lawrrence walker
Age: 50-60
Location: ghuana aka va or washignton dc
Phone: all i know of the number is 206 and last four digits is 7077
On websites: okcupid
Report: This person is a scammer. He claims his name is dennis bills and that he lives in va. In his photos he is pictured as a brown hair brown eyed bussiness man. He claims he runs a gold business and is rich. He says he has a son lawrence walker and a business partner prince ajayor prince a. He is a liaHe has been cpntacting women from okcupid and other sites. First thing he dpes is send nice flowers. Then he will start saying ur his wife. Then he will want your bank innformation and ask you to let him set up a account. He will have u buy a green dot gold card. And he will ask u to send him money out of ur own pocket. He will keep contacting u no matter how hard u try to get rid off this guy. He is a scammer ladies so if u are online talking to anyone do not release any information. And be safe. Scammers are everywhere over these free dating sites. Stay alert
First name: Leon
Last name: Theron
Aka: or Leui Rafael
Age: 49
Location: San Jose CA
On websites: deleted profile Par Perfeito or
Report: I found this person profile on Pigbusters as been Timo Ambrus from Malaysia. His Story is always the same, he already used the name Manuel, Leui Rafael, Leon Theron What a day yesterday. Experienced giving food bags to homeless in front of a shelter and had a conversation with them, Anyway thank you very much for the note, I do appreciate it and i am willing to know you more good and better. I'm big believer in what is worth doing at all is worth doing well and wouldn't spend a second of my time on anything that doesnt interest me.. I say what needs to be said and don't stew up on things
First name: John
Last name: Green
Aka: John / Peter
Age: 49 / 6 years old
Location: Reston Virginia
Phone: +2348112252101
On websites:
Report: i met this guy online via and he was sending email to me each day. at first i was so excited but still i don't know what to do... it's so good to be true... and i suspected him because he was telling me that he has a son who's in africa... same scenario... so i ask my friend to check this guy then i found out that this guy is a real scammers...good thing i found your website before it's too late...
First name: Gary
Last name: Williams
Aka: Gary A. Williams, Gary Wills, Gary Wils, Craig Jenkins, Charles W. Howell, Ted Tate, Gary Craig Jenkins, Paul Jenkins, Stephane Azoulay, Desmond Cliff, Gabriel Jenkins
Age: 45-57
Location: USA, San Antonio, Houston, Rialto, Florida, Balitmore, Las Angeles
Address: 313 Berkshire Avenue, San Antonio, Tx
Phone: 210-560-3612
On websites: Mingle2; Facebook; Linkedin;
Report: I met Gary Williams on Zoosk in July 2013. We conversed and at the end of August 2013, he broke it off saying I was not the one for him. At the end of October 2013, we started conversing again (I initiated the conversation). Gary Williams indicated he lived in San Antonio, widowed (wife died at childbirth), Son Earl and both parents were deceased. He was self-employed in Sustainable Agriculture (note website mentioned), church going man. We exchanged emails, texts, pictures and spoke on the phone every day. Gary was very sweet and loving and we were suppose to finally meet in December (between Christmas and New Years). In December 2013, he won a bid on a large agriculture contract in Sweden. Around December 13, Gary indicated he had approx. 35 acres still to fertilize and needed money to pay his supplier. He indicated he could not wire funds from his account because of a set up he had with the bank that they would not wire funds without him doing it in person. His supplier would not take a credit card - why, honestly, I don't think I ever got an answer to that question. I sent funds to Stephanie Gardner with Bank of America in Dallas, Texas. After Christmas, he needed funds again (yes he indicated he stayed in Sweden over the holidays - that should have tipped me off right there) because of the delay in getting the other fertilizer, there were parcels that needed a different type of fertilizer (and I did look up this fertilizer and it is legitimate - I even sent websites to him to order it from India). Again, money needed to be wired. This time to Ushika N. Smith in Henrietta, NY. Then he indicated he had check in hand, but needed money to pay for the extra air fare (caused from changing his ticket twice). He said he had lost his credit card and the credit card his travel agent had on file was the one he lost and reported lost. This time money needed to be sent to Fanny Schulman in Dallas. That was it. No more money. He became belligerent and threaten to post personal pictures all of the web and send to my employer. I stopped communications and began digging deeper. I was scammed. I have reported this to (FBI and white collar crime) and have found several facebook accounts with his aliases and sent emails to individuals who say they are his friend. I even sent LinkedIn reports on the LinkedIn accounts I found. Business: Agro Industrial Service Gary A. Williams Chief Executive Director 12107 Stoney Bridge San Antonio, TX 78247 Tel: 210 560 3612 W: E: Education: Texas State University ? San Marcos Agriculture Some college in the Netherlands
First name: james
Last name: Dave
Aka: David Nicolay / James Sunny
Age: 46
Location: Ghana Africa / Beaumont Texas
Phone: 2543006636
On websites: black people
Report: He is a romance scammer, he will try to scam you out of money.. Be aware he will use God in his attempts to web you in..He will pray with you night and day proclaiming to be a Christian man!!!!..His objective is really to get your information so he can rob you blind and when that don't work he will try and get you to send him money... Be aware also that he will use his so called mother proclaiming that she is sick in the hospital to gain your sympathy...This sorry dog a** man is no good he is the devil himself!! ...Ladies guard your heart and be aware of who you're speaking with online it is not safe trust no one!!!!
First name: Rob
Last name: Frank
Age: 47
Location: Ireland Dublin
Phone: +447873699250
On websites: fb
Report: Is it ture??? Former one with exactly the same ... I know? But i was not just money making I am sure he ... He really is a liar? I almost like him ... I can't believe?I'm so said know that?
First name: samdon
Last name: samuel
Aka: Stella Samdon Samuel
Age: Unknown
Location: Ohio USA, Nigeria
On websites: Badoo
Report: He also hit me up with his second id by accident right after I added him. This is the ID he used.
First name: Alexander Eric
Last name: Monti
Age: 47
Location: Afghanistan Kabul
On websites: Badoo
Report: Now he is in Kabul were he is Sgt. Monti. m I have meet him on Badoo. It's a dating side. Now he will come to Denmark, and I shall paid all the fees, so he can come to visit me. He cut staid whit me as long as he will. I meet him in januray 2014. We have been together on facebook and gmail. Stay a way from him.
First name: Michael
Last name: Pender
Age: 51
Location: Los Angelos CA
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Michael is using the same exact lines I found on your website. I haven't been scammed, I just thought I would alert others that he is on Plenty of Fish website too.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: john mills
Age: 60
Location: Butler USA
On websites: SKYPE
Report: Using yhoo messenger and skype. Says he is an Admiral onboard a submarine outside Syria on peacekeeping mission.
First name: Fredrik
Last name: Normann
Aka: Fredrick Norman
Age: 46
Location: Norway
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: I was unable to send 20K so he sent me so long letter and then showed active or available on Yahoo messenger during normal day hours. He also included another picture ..
First name: David
Last name: Hanson
Age: 44
Location: UK, London
Phone: 447856344567, 447024083906, 60166939612
On websites:,
Report: Online dating scammer and loss my money
First name: Arnold
Last name: Carley
Age: 33
Location: Afghanistan and Africa
Phone: 512-593-2127
On websites: Badoo
Report: This person made me believe he was an american soldier in afghanistan. after a while talking he told me that he needed money to put in his paperwork so he can come home to me and retire, and start an auto business. I know better and i gave him the long run and never sent him any money. recently he was added as a verified scammer in
First name: Chukwu
Last name: Chinedu Franklin
Aka: David Knight
Age: 27
Location: Luganks,Ukraine
Report: The scammer's real name is Chukwu Chinedu Franklin,a student at the Eastern Ukrainian University(Mash Institute). At the moment,i have a court case going on with him in Lugansk. He accused me of taking 11,300 euros for the purchase of a 2006 mercedes benz 320 4 matik. He told the court that his parents send him money which is a lie. His father is a tailor in nigeria,He is poor and cannot afford sending money to Franklin. The next court sitting will be on the 23rd of april,2014. Tijani Alfred Olusola aka Jackie Miller is his friend and former flat-mate,now in nigeria after he was been looked for by the local police for scamming. I have all their pictures and personal informations,copies of passports.
First name: John
Last name: Ashley
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia,sarawak,punang
Email: and,
On websites:
Report: person who called himself John Ashley , Who was willling to convert and become muslim so as we can marry . He asked me to switched off my Muslima profile so that we can start to know each other. at first he was like normal people when they start to know each other but later on he told me he loved me and he said he is living in malaysia at the moment as he is working as project manager for couple of months and soon he will be returning to United Kingdon to marry. He started to communicating after few weeks later. at first i suspected something. this person didnt sound as scottish as he had african accent and then i asked him why his accent didnt sound scottish then he replied that he was raised norway. H ealso introduced me to his mom , his mom also sounded nigerian but still i was convinced that he was genuine person.Recently he called me and he said he lost his wallet and he was so sad . and i felt sorry so i send him some money ?250 at first he asked me 500 but i suspect him so i reluctantly gave him for that amount using western union. Few days later he told me he is finishing his contract and he will be coming home soon. on the day he was finishing his contract he told me he needs to pay tax bill before his funds could be released , that was when i realised that this person is trying to conned me. please .If your members are being contacted by a mobile with a +4470 +4475 or a +6010 or +6013 prefix, it is probably scammer. These are the prefixes used by scammers in the UK and Malaysia at the moment. And these scammers work in teams. My scammer is still using number +6014 771 3775 Remember: I never thought that one day someone can do that to me.
First name: james
Last name: earl
Aka: Miljal, Miljal678
Age: 48
Location: Finland, Espoo
On websites:
Report: While browsing your site I found a familiar face that has contacted me on by sending a message. His username on match is miljal678 and signed his message with Miljal. His photo in the profile is the exact same as James Earl?s photo. I haven?t answered his message at all.
First name: Jeffery
Last name: Hubbard
Aka: Jeff
Age: 49 or 43
Location: Finland Aanekoivisto, Turkey Northern Cyprus, Australia Adeleide or Melbourne
Phone: +905338225840
On websites:
Report: He initiated the contact by mail on We corresponed for 4 weeks of which the first week on and 3 weeks by email. I wondered why he sometimes wrote so bad english for an australian, but thought he just were so busy writing. There were also some gaps in his story and he tried to avoid answering my direct questions. Sometimes it seemed as he did not understand everything I wrote. The photos of his daughter and her grandmother bothered me too because the woman on the photo was too young in comparison to his story. When he called me he didn?t sound australian at all, but more like an african. Finally he requested money in order to pay off his workmen. He told about a construction site on Northern Cyprus where he was the constructor. The job would be finnished in the end of the week, but now his workmen refused to finnish up the work because they had not been payed in a while. He would pay me back straight when the job was finnished and he would get the money for the finnished contract. He said he needed 5000EUR altogether and that he had only 3000 and wanted me to send him the missing 2000EUR. Then I got sure about him beeing a scammer so I just sent one message where i said I dont have the money. He then offered to fax me the page from his passport. He tried to call and text me and sent email after that but I did not answer anymore. The same night his profile texts were changed and the pictures on the daite-site were deleted. In the altered profile he had grown shorter and younger and the hair had changed from white to brown etc. I reported the profile to but they have not deleted it yet.
First name: jan
Last name: morris
Age: unknown
Location: nigeria, south carolina
On websites:
Report: This person has attracted my elderly mother and now is requesting money to be sent to a capital one bank account so he can pay off his retirement dues, retire and fly to texas to be with my mother. She is committed to meeting him and not being lonely anymore. He inadvertently sent the same letter destined for another woman and my mother just said