First name: Ken
Last name: Harris
Aka: Fawehinmi Plusone Fila
Age: 42
Location: NIgeria, curently Sth Africa
On websites: imesh, facebook, yahoo messenger, IM messenger, msn messenger phone and dating sites by adv
Report: inetnum: - netname: Telkom-Mobile-UGW-PPR descr: UGW-PPR country: ZA admin-c: CA9-AFRINIC tech-c: CA9-AFRINIC status: ASSIGNED PA mnt-by: TF-165-143-0-0-165-149-255-255-MNT source: AFRINIC # Filtered parent: - person: Chris Aucamp address: Telkom SA Ltd address: Integrated Network Planning address: Private Bag X74 address: Gauteng address: Pretoria 0001 address: South Africa phone: +27 12 311 1224 fax-no: +27 12 3114171 e-mail: e-mail: nic-hdl: CA9-AFRINIC remarks: Abuse complaints can be directed to mnt-by: TELKOM-SA-IPNET-MNT source: AFRINIC # Filtered IP address Information The IP address was found in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. It is allocated to Telkom SA Limited. Additional IP location information, as well as network tools are available below. NetRange: - CIDR: OriginAS: NetName: NET41 NetHandle: NET-41-0-0-0-1 Parent: NetType: Allocated to AfriNIC RegDate: 2005-04-12 Updated: 2010-11-09 Ref: OrgName: African Network Information Center OrgId: AFRINIC Address: Level 11ABC Address: Raffles Tower Address: Lot 19, Cybercity City: Ebene StateProv: PostalCode: Country: MU RegDate: 2004-05-17 Updated: 2010-06-28 Comment: AfriNIC - Comment: The African & Indian Ocean Internet Registry Ref: ReferralServer: whois:// OrgTechHandle: GENER11-ARIN OrgTechName: Generic POC OrgTechPhone: +230 4666616 OrgTechEmail: OrgTechRef: OrgAbuseHandle: GENER11-ARIN OrgAbuseName: Generic POC OrgAbusePhone: +230 4666616 OrgAbuseEmail: OrgAbuseRef: Function Organization Tech African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) Admin African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) Abuse African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) NetRange: - CIDR: OriginAS: NetName: NET41 NetHandle: NET-41-0-0-0-1 Parent: NetType: Allocated to AfriNIC RegDate: 2005-04-12 Updated: 2010-11-09 Ref: OrgName: African Network Information Center OrgId: AFRINIC Address: Level 11ABC Address: Raffles Tower Address: Lot 19, Cybercity City: Ebene StateProv: PostalCode: Country: MU RegDate: 2004-05-17 Updated: 2010-06-28 Comment: AfriNIC - Comment: The African & Indian Ocean Internet Registry Ref: ReferralServer: whois:// NetRange: - CIDR: OriginAS: NetName: NET41 NetHandle: NET-41-0-0-0-1 Parent: NetType: Allocated to AfriNIC RegDate: 2005-04-12 Updated: 2010-11-09 Ref: OrgName: African Network Information Center OrgId: AFRINIC Address: Level 11ABC Address: Raffles Tower Address: Lot 19, Cybercity City: Ebene StateProv: PostalCode: Country: MU RegDate: 2004-05-17 Updated: 2010-06-28 Comment: AfriNIC - Comment: The African & Indian Ocean Internet Registry Ref: ReferralServer: whois:// OrgTechHandle: GENER11-ARIN OrgTechName: Generic POC OrgTechPhone: +230 4666616 OrgTechEmail: OrgTechRef: OrgAbuseHandle: GENER11-ARIN OrgAbuseName: Generic POC OrgAbusePhone: +230 4666616 OrgAbuseEmail: OrgAbuseRef: # Query terms are ambiguous. The query is assumed to be: #
First name: captain patrick
Last name: m walsh
Age: dont know
Location: accra ghana
On websites: yahoo skype
Report: He says he is captain patrick m walsh a us diplomat in kabul afghanistan,, he is a romance scammer ,I have been talking to him for 4months and paid money to him,which has been sent to ghana,I now know he has taken this man,s identity off internet for his scam.
First name: David
Last name: Lankford
Age: suterday,08.mar.1958
Location: greenwood,usa
Address: unknownGreenwood,SC , 29649
Phone: unkn+133646447310
On websites: skype,yahoo,dating military,
Report: HE IS A BLACK MAN FROM NIGERIA (ask me for picture) --------------------------------------------------------- SC-Carolina, Greenwood, IN 13:44 = Berlin 18:44 ( 4 Hours diference David Leonard Lankford! David L Lankford Greenwood,SC , 29649 (6) 803873 xxxx David Leonard Lankford Davis Lankford Saturday ,8 March 1958 TELPHONE: +133646447310 AOL : E-MAIL ID: ( ACTIVE) 55 YAHOO ID: David L Lankford 55-59 years old WhitePages Member ? 864-538-0622
First name: mihael
Last name: andreaw
Age: friday,2feb.1962
Location: new york, usa
Address: unknown888 6TH Avenue, New York City, NY 10001
On websites: skype id: genmikeandrew8 -icq
Report: first Sergent, - and others -i show his picture here by this wesite from by the most active scammers i am from United States my name is Gen.mike, U.S Army Mulch-National Force Syria Second Commander Chief of Staff of the USA Army..OperationSyria Freedom. I am presently in Syria -Aleppo, regards to the War skype id: genmikeandrew8 (active) My Hobbies: reading new papers, watching tv,listening to music ,Sport, Particularly Swimming, Traveling , Religious, Roman Catholic my plans for my future to find a woman and settled down now i found you in my life i want to settled with you honey. 888 6TH Avenue, New York City, NY 10001
First name: Bentley
Last name: Williams
Aka: maybe robert wood
Age: 54
Location: Afghanistan and his son in Ghana
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact on by liking my photo and then added me to his favorites. I believe his username on match was Niceone50894in Austin. We then corresponded through emails and chats on yahoo. Soon after we started chatting on yahoo he took down his match account. We communicated from Dec 3 or 4 until Dec 13. Mostly by yahoo chat and Skype. same user in Skype; no voice communication. He asked me to cancel my match account, which mine was about to expire and was not planning on continuing any way; so I did. He wanted to confirm that I had cancelled my match account and I was so stupid that I gave him my user name and password; now I can not get in ; he changed my email address. He had said that his son was on a trip to Africa for his birthday and had asked him for money to celebrate w/ his friends ; he then asked to help his son w/ $ 500, because he was in Afghanistan and could not transfer funds to Africa. I immediately stopped communicating w/ him. He knows my date of birth. I believe he also hacked into my yahoo account as in my yahoo recent account activity I see a log in based out of Ghana IP number
First name: Robert
Last name: Wood
Age: 50
Location: Chevy Chase maryland, united sates
Phone: 239-676-4132; 740-469-0323 for text
On websites:
Report: This person initiate contact w/ me at and then we went to chat in yahoo. We corresponded for about two days. There were no strange events , however once we started speaking on the phone he had tel numbers in the states but you can tell that the connection was over the internet. He used one the 740 area code for texting. He had a very strong european accent. Did not get anywhere. However, looking a the chats in yahoo he might also be another person that contacted me under Bentley williams. Which I will also report
First name: Franck
Last name: Jackson
Age: I Dont know
Location: London UK
Address: Job :Engeneer Marine in England
Phone: 00447937425179
On websites: unknow
Report: Oi, eu falo portugues.Eu sou do Brasil.A pessoa que me enganou me enviou um documento de confirmacao de voo
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Flinks
Age: 55
Location: Afghanistan (Kabul)
On websites: Meetic; Facebook
Report: He insisted that we should chat through skype, but I refused so he hadn't the chance to ask for money
First name: Richard
Last name: Hansen
Aka: Rich_hans
Age: 54
Location: USA, San Rafael
Phone: 415-5482478
On websites: Millionairematch
Report: I met this man on a dating site and soon I got suspicious. Het wanted to go of this datingsite to Facebook. There I saw he just entered Facebook and didn't show friends. Lot of things he said didn't match. And he didn't want to use facetime or Skype. I called this man once and found out that the voice was completely different than I expected. It was like I had somebody drunk on the phone. He started very quickly with too nice words en falling in love. I started to search on the internet and there I found prove this man is a Nigerian scammer. I took a screenshot of the site. From that moment I stopped all contact.
First name: BALE
Last name: AORTA
Aka: bale aortas, Bale Andrei Aorta
Age: 48-51
Location: Lagos, Nigeria - Sarawak or kuching Malaysia
On websites: google+. faebook, many dating sights
Report: This man is a chamelion of sorts. he will tell you what ever you need to hear to STEAL your money. His stories are so real and believable. He makes you want to help him. He will tell you he loves you, is falling in love with you, you have a connection with each other. Lead you on with other investors that are comng to help fund his ici he needs for his bid for over seas projects in underwate rconstruction. he will tell you how dangerous it is and you will feel fear and sorry for him , that yo u might loose him. He will ask you for money with the intent of paying him back. YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOU MONEY AGAIN . he will tell you ihe will pay you nack in 6 weeks time, and then you will live happily ever after. He will send you his bogus flight details to p/u at the airport upon his return. He will gult you into LENDING him the money. Telling you it is a once in a life time opportunity, that these offers dont come along very often, He will want you to buy reload it prepaid cards - scratch off the back where the pin #s are and then send the pin # to himand then he can load them onto his own debit card. He will tell you that it is the easiest way for hm to have the money b/c it i s a hostile are where he is workng and he doesnt want to carry a lot of cash around wit hhim, HE HAS MANY M.O. AND USUALLY TROLLS THE DATING SIGHTS.. I THIK HIS MAIN TARGET AER DIVORCED WOMEN B/C THEY ARE PROB THE MOST VULNERABLE AND ESY TARGETS B/X THEY ARE PROB LONELY AND WILL FALL FOR HIS BULL SHIT EASILY. IF IT SOUND TOO GOOD THAN IT PROBSBLY IS STAY AWAY FROM HIM AND ANY ONE ELSE THAT WANTS YOU T SEND THEM MONEY W/O MEETING THEM FIRST..
First name: YA
Last name: HUANG
Age: 41
Location: Chengdu-Sichuan CHINA
Report: This person is making out he is a widower and from russia living in china claims he needs help with saving his house and then needs help with airfare to get out of china he has done this too many women including myself and he never turns up or you never hear from him again he has photos and i believe they are not his also i spoke with him for over 15months this guy is good at his scamming
First name: Ron Ronald
Last name: Jeffries
Age: 42
Location: afganastan, kabul, nth carolina, malaysia
Phone: +61 16-915 4243
On websites: facebook
Report: He found me on a dating site Zoosk and then face book, then later chatted on yahoo messenger, I am still in contact, as he is at a airport coming to me as he says he is, I have been asked to send money which I did through the military and nato to get him out of afganastan and now in Malaysia paid a custom officer for the taxes that he needed to pay to get to me, he says he has been detained until he gets a custom clearance certificate and pay it, I presume he is still there,
First name: Nigel
Last name: Bacon
Age: 44
Location: Usa,Hong kong,Turky
On websites:
Report: This man is absolutely son of a bitch.. First he found me on kong I think he just open an account &paid for a month...It's strange that the way he talk on the first mail was so serious looking for relationship. after that he wanna chat on whatsapp & keep texting me only at night..only 10 min a day .. Lie to me That he own a company exporting-importing cereal,seed,whole wheat..etc in u.s & travel a lot to turkey to london to see customers...signing contact..lastly,he wanna come to see me in Bangkok and stay for 3 weeks! WTF how can he stay that long? he already book ticket etc but the day before leaving,he text me bout his financial problem & asking me to help for taking a big loan!! Hah,I knew it! asshole ...I reply that I cant help anyway..etc and block him this scumbag! WARNING any women who spend money to not for free dating websites..u gals still meeting this shit..there are many motherfuckers scammers in everywhere! so check it out first!
First name: Joseph muggins
Last name: Andrea
Age: 46
Location: Mt gambier, Australia and Lagos
Address: 16 gilmore cl, mt gambier and 121 acme dr, lagos state
Phone: 002347045930628 and 0061384004330
On websites: Uniform dating
Report: Met on dating website, went to Lagos due to sick mother, had wallet stolen and requested money. Whilst there allegedly found out late father had $6.5m deposited in fund and requested money for solicitor whose name is not registered and phone calls unanswered. Document also appears fake. Contacted uniform dating they have removed him fro 03.12.2013 as a scammer
First name: Reynolds
Last name: Samuel
Age: 48
Location: New York, New Mexico
Phone: +1 646-504-5192
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo Messenger
Report: Made contact with me about 1 month ago on Facebook, saying that my smile caught his eye and asked to be friends. After exchanging a few inboxes he asked me to add him on yahoo messenger and to exchange emails. The first few emails he told me that his wife passed 5 years ago from cancer and he had 2 children a girl Sue 10 and a boy DJ 8-6. He also said he was half german/half australian. He also said he was an engineer working over in the USA and travels back to australia as often as he could to see his children. We talked thru emails and messenger and then he asked me to buy him an apple mac to finish a project so he could be back in australia for xmas. I then realised something was wrong and found a picture of him on here. He sent me numerous emails declaring his undying love and affection. He also sent me pics of him with his children and his children sleeping. When i broke the communications between us he became really irrate. I could go in on forever about this guy... i really do feel sorry for the women he cons next and i feel deeply sorry for the poor man and children whose photos he used.
First name: Jeremy
Last name: Petry Ford
Aka: Mark Doven
Age: 56
Location: Lake Dallas, TX, USA; Takoradi, Ghana; Accra, Ghana
Phone: 1-940-268-4708
On websites:
Report: Mark approached me on Christian Mingle stating that he was divorced and looking for a wife and new mother for his daughter. He said he was going to work an oil rig in Ghana and had to give most of his money to his nanny and needed some money for living expenses. I foolishly believed him and wired him the money in care of Norbert Nortey; once in the amount of $400 and the other in the amount of $500. He recently told me he was going to have some goods shipped to me and I got suspicious and started doing some deeper digging. I found this site and found the picture of he and his daughter - both of whom I had seen live on webcam.
First name: victor
Last name: james
Age: 38
Location: nigeria
Address: ile ife osun state nigeria 23401
Phone: 2348188014300
Email: victorpeace12
On websites: Waplog
Report: Hi i am here to let you know that, i found this person in that website and then we start talking about our supposed life and then in couple days his tell me that his getting trouble tell me that if i love u i have to help him with money cuz someone broke his car but am not believe in that history i feel is something wrong and i do a many questions and his told me please babe help me i will be ur husband and i said not is something wrong and his tell me one and other have to help when yhe problems coming anf i think that is a fake history and nothing is true is a fake history so be careful with that gay his now active on Waplog
First name: Robert
Last name: Korschun
Age: 62
Location: Miami Fl
On websites:
Report: I believe he is a scammer,after some conversation he went overseas and of course a disaster happened and he needed money. I have several letters saved if you want them
First name: Anthony
Last name: Dorsett
Age: 47
Location: Australia
Phone: 0422 022 726
On websites: Love again
Report: scammed $2000 dollars for sick child wanted me to get a loan but I told him no him tried to get me to take out a loan but when I would I have not heard from him again
First name: Daniel
Last name: Briggs
Aka: Dan
Age: 38
Location: Netherlands
Phone: (562)395-0482
On websites: Date Hook Up
Report: He almost got me scammed...good thing i searched online and found out he already scammed someone by the name of Jodi. He still texts me. I dont know how to get rid of him. He now knows my phone number, my mothers name and where i live and work. Im scared that he might come for me and hurt my loved ones.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Davidson
Age: 47
Location: Florida
Email: captshawn.davidson
On websites: facebook, badoo
Report: Good evening, I would like to draw attention to the scammers U.S. Army, they claim to be . He promised me love and finally wanted me to help him from the army. He sent me a document with a logo and silly me is true. After follow you pay money to release him from war zones to our guild . I would love it if you checked him out , thank you greeting Lidlova
First name: Paul
Last name: Dibos
Aka: George Kay
Age: 53
Location: Mississippi
Phone: 405-563-0963
On websites: Facebook
Report: He contacted me through Facebook in the beginning of October. Said he was an Engineer and got a job in Malaysia. He needed 32000 for taxes so he could start the job and come home to me. Then go back and we would stay and finish the job together. When I said I didn't have that kind of money the amount kept getting reduced.
First name: John
Last name: George
Age: 58
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Facebook
Report: States is a widow and lives in Austin Texas and is a civil engineer flying to London England for a contract joonce there needs money for daughter due to injuries, then for her surgery then loses his wallet and credit cards needs money for the hotel and flight home pictures that he post was stolen from model Scott Wagner from Colorado
First name: michael
Last name: todd
Age: 49
Location: united kingdom,dorchester
On websites:,,hangout
Report: He was found me on the,very intelligent,dual citizenship.borned in us and lived in uk later.he is an united nation worker and in lebanon working together with the peacekeeping team as an orthoped doctor.saying exactly the same things what is in this site.fall in love within hours,sending love poems at all times.requested my email address to keep closer.asked me about marry with him asap.after a week,he wanted me to send 1500 usd to an united nation agent to pay his vacation fee and he'll come home.only i can save him.the agent name is fake as well -of course - Terrance White.when i asked his address he sent me a lloyds bank address in petersborough in uk.i was googled it.he sent me the bank details of the account holder (terrance white) and he will sort everything out if he get this money.i was curious to try how far was he able to go with his lies.but enough was enough.he gave up,i always questionned him and it was never straight answer.his behaviour was exactly the same what i was read on this site.thank you for your help.
First name: Alex
Last name: Cohen
Age: 50
Location: walla walla WA
Phone: 541 233 5388
On websites:
Report: This guy found me on the dating site and we started to email and messenger he wouldn't do talking on phone...told me he was a widower, his wife died of cancer a few years back yet his daughter Tracy was back in the Ukraine as her mother wanted her there before she died. He said he was Finnish and when I asked if he had an accent after 12 years in US he said a lilttle bit of one, which I thought would be light and ok as have been to this country. He sent me poems every day and professed I was the one and undying love etc....he told me he was a civil engineer working on a big project in Walla walla.....he was very convincing and asked me lots of questions and mainly told me things that were now I feel looking back all scripted...I have kept all the Yahoo messenger talk files. he did not want to talk when I suggested the phone, which I found odd but also liked the fact he didn't want to rush anything but after a week, he started to talk about his daughter coming over for Xmas and how it had been some time since he saw her and that hew would want me to meet her and be like a mother to her...all this stuff was way too soon and I found it unsettling and odd - we had never had a vocal conversation and he's talking about me being the one and that he would move to be with me etc,,so I pushed for the phone call a week later and he called me but I was not available as driving, when I tried to call back I got a Pinger account message, he had not set up voicemail...he never left any messages but then he called later that evening and he sounded nothing like a European, he sounded like an Indian or Arabic man, it took me by surprise and I said so and he gave me excuses that he was mixed up with traveling and living in US...that was my first alarm bell and then the phone line dropped and he said his battery died and we went back to typing on Yahoo but I started to ask questions nothing to arouse his suspicions but i tripped him up as he changed some of the answers he had previously given me., he then said about coming to visit and his daughtere was hoping to come too, all odd!..I then asked for another photo of him at work (to verify he was actually what he said) and I got another like off the dating site, so then I asked for webcam and selfie on the phone all to no avail after two days of me asking for a photo of him insitu he stopped contact, because I asked for a real live image or webcam, it was the thing that stopped him but the info I did gleam from him as to his company and his details have all turned out to be fake...his photos were too good to be true and the Indian Arabic accent did not match with anything he had said...
First name: Robert (Captain)
Last name: Whitfield
Age: 43
Location: Afghanistan , Kuwait
Email:, facebook/Robert.whitfield.552
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted me through Facebook. He is claiming to be a US army captain, in Afghanistan. He has claimed he was sent to Kuwait for an assignment before he had leave. And always promising love, marriage proposal and coming to New Zealand. He sent his belongings in 2 military packed boxes. Theses box left Afghanistan, went to Russian and sent on to New Zealand. Once arriving here an email was sent saying the boxes arrived with out the right declaration. A payment of $ 720 Ned to be paid to release the boxes. The payment was to be made through Western Union to Russia. Your boxes are special military packed. The mistake could be from the sender looking for an easy way out. Please obtain this document from Russian clearance office within 32hrs to allow us hand over your boxes to the delivery company. Contact me immediately for payment.
First name: David Emmanuel
Last name: Austins
Aka: David Humbel, David Pecker (Peck)
Age: said he's 50
Location: Oklahoma, Cape Town, Sout Africa
Phone: (405)456-9771/ 278-498-54097
On websites: Facebook, Plenty of Fish
Report: Claimed in this case to have lost both parents to cancer, and his wife and daughter to a drunk driving accident 8 years ago. Business referenced as import/export (buys worldwide, imports to London Warehouse). I found him on: And on
First name: Raphael
Last name: Maartens
Age: 46
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 002348149193104
Report: he contacted me on facebook and we start chatting. after a while he said that he had feelings for me end that he was in Nigeria for the legancy of his father. After a while he started asking for money because he had to pay a lot.
First name: Curtis
Last name: Bradley
Age: 37
Location: Boston
On websites: Meet Me
Report: He hasn't scammed me yet, good thing that I like running background checks. Especially as those claiming to be soldiers. Particularly good looking soldiers.
First name: LAURIE
Last name: DALEY
Age: 47
Address: 2352 N 7 STR,CLINTON,IOWA,ZIP CODE:52732
On websites: DATING SINGLE