First name: Edwards
Last name: Isaac
Age: 42
Location: Kabul
On websites:
Report: Mi dispiace che ho cancellato le sue foto, anche se sono sicura che sono false. Non penso che le usera di nuovo.Diceva che e dottore Edwards Isaac, lavora per US Army, in questo momento in Kabul. Gli ho preso il IP adres...erano 3 o 4.;; Voleva mandarmi una casetta di sicurezza piena con dolari, a un generale dell'esercito,uciso dai talibani.
First name: Jerry
Last name: Thompson
Age: 53
Location: Dallas TX; Athens Greece; Beijing China
Phone: 347-951-9217
On websites: Wayn; Facebook, Yahoo Messenger
Report: Romance Scam: For 6 months was in contact with this person who claimed undying love and offered marriage. He claimed he lived in a suburb of Dallas, Tx and was a Greek citizen. Claimed to have two children here in the Dallas area in College. Claimed to have a brother in San Antonio, Tx. The only problem was that he was working in Beijing China on a construction project (his company) and had run out of money. The hotel where he and his workers were staying was harrassing him for money (he had been there 4 months when I started chatting with him) and he had run out of money to finish his project. The first amount he asked for was $2000, which I sent.... unfortunately, (and I really do not want to admit this) he kept coming back for more and more and in the end, I was out $93,000. Two weeks ago, he disappeared. I can find no trace of him, his brother, or his children... and believe me, I have spent over 60 hours of computer time doing this.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Michael Osbourne
Age: 55
Location: Kabul Pakistan
Email: mickeymouse2013/
On websites: B2dating site/find someone Facebook
Report: I was lucky to get caught with this. But have a few emails, I asked to many questions that he couldn't answer, so stopped emails.
First name: Abelingo
Last name: Louise
Age: 55-60
Location: Bristol U.K.
Phone: 00447856580026/00447035935346
On websites: facebook
Report: 1.He initiated the contact. 2.Facebook 3.About 3 months 4.He asked for money and he didn't send it back. he also wrote many letters copied from other sites of dating. He said he would come and never showed up. 5.Send a blocked package with important documents and money inside. 6.The company name is global shipping, email: There were Dr.LUCIA JIRON and then other persons that I transferred the money Bank name: CIMB BANK Account no: 12590010891528 Swift code: CIBBMYKL Address: 151,Jalan 2/3A off 13 km jalan ipoh,68100 batu caves,kuala lumpur Country: Malaysia I transfer four times total 6150?. 7. He said he has been arrested in Malaysia. Never heard from him.
First name: Roy
Last name: Blay
Age: 50
Location: Lancaster city
Phone: 60166790335
On websites: R
Report: My lovely wife Pat, I have just had a good nap today and got myself physically and mentally ready for tomorrow , then think inking about u after I woke up , our love, future plans and plans and aspiration, I couldn't help it completing the poem I have been putting down for you since few days now to further express my happiness in knowing you and planning about a great a great future with you . I told you that you will be getting such poetic words from time to time as our love and affections for each other blossoms , I have been putting this down since few days now as I told you and was able to get it the way I want it today, it exactly tells about me me and you , let me know if this will increase your happiness today, I love you so much pat....
First name: Christian
Age: 53
Location: Washington, NC
On websites: E Harmony
Report: After being Cat-Fished by Eric Douglas on Christian Mingle recently, I decided to try E Harmony. First Guy since the Eric Douglas disaster, is 'Christian'....warning signs: He said he was widowed, ready to start a relationship right away, poor grammar-as if not from this country-even though he states on his profile that he has a Masters Degree! I corresponded with him safely and when I questioned him about scams and cat fishing, he said he had no idea what I was talking about...then after I explained to him what I knew about online dating scams, 5 minutes later, his profile is suddenly 'no longer available'!!!! I tried calling E Harmony tonight, but customer service will not be available until 5 am, per the recordng
First name: Donald
Last name: Laurvick
Age: 65
Location: Alpharetta, ga USA
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Introduced himself as Donald Laurick, a Belgian born self employed electrical engineer. He said that he lost his wife, Pamla and their 2 children in a tragic car crash, and is now sadly alone and seeking love. His story details did not add up which prompted me to look him up on spokeo and others...where I found that dear Pamla is alive and well, and
First name: mark
Last name: sergio
Age: 50
Location: London abuja Nigeria
On websites: facebook
Report: He ask me to be his friend in facebook and then begun the lovely mails he told me he lost his wife and parents in a car accident he was alone with his son Rick who has 3 years old. Soon it was Rick s birthay so he ask me money to send him a present from me at least 150 pounds then he promise me to come to live to my country nd marry me he asked me to divorce he told me won a big contract for 5500000pounds so with that amount amount of money he was coming to live here and we never be poor again . His contract was in Abuja, Nigeria he got to Nigria without no problem but in his way to the hotel he was atack for some gun mens they stole everything to him so he ask me for 1000 dollars he i did not send it to him he insisted for 3 days by now he is not writing me any more i hope he wont
First name: Jordon
Last name: Moore
Aka: Nigeria unknown
Age: 48
Location: Elitist
Email: Nicolas
On websites: Face book
Report: This man has lots of different names. Nicolas miller Jordan Moore. He. Goes on dating sites scamming Woman. And uses face book accounts .
First name: charles
Last name: miller
Age: 53
Location: p.o box ponte vedra beach st.Johns,Florida United State
Phone: +1407385209
On websites: filipino
Report: charles miller sending me a message in my E_mail, that he say he send me a package last dec. after 3 or 5 days ,theres calling me in my phone,he said ur parcel have arrived in manila, but need to settle the custom tax, so that it will deliver it to kindly settle the payment to western union uner the account name, of Nancy Delacruz,Address 2431 multi national village airport road paranaque metro manila. at the amount of 1,2500.i confuse of these i did not settle the payment of the tax ,mr. miller call me in my phone he say to use the money of my freind to get the package, but i did not do it coz i dont have money to pay if i use the money of my freind.
First name: Toni
Last name: Franchesco
Age: 6 May 1955
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumper; Melbourne, Australia
Phone: 60102098327; 61402574016; 60149278798; 6012098327unknown
On websites: Be2 and I have advised them
Report: We met on Be2 dating website, cant remember who initiated contact but quickly on Yahoo Messenger, relationship developed. He said he was Italian, moved to Australia when he was a child, grew up there, married a cheating wife and lived in Sweden for years, had one son who was expecting his first grandson. He was supposedly living in Melbourne Australia then took a short term contract in Singapore, he was a roading supervisor, got stuck with machinery breaking down and insurance didn't cover, I helped out, sending 2 lots of money via Western Union to his contact there Mary Tan. He ended up in Kuala Lumper and stuck there. Send two more lots of money to his own name there. Never enough to come here to me. Total about $4500
First name: Mark
Last name: Jones
Age: 48
Location: Ghana
On websites: Tagged
Report: Este Sr. Me dijo que trabajaba en la india, que su hijo vivia en Londres, el nino viajo a africa y tubo un accidente, desde entonces mi vida se volvio una pesadilla, empezo a pedir que envie dinero a cada momento, disque para el hospital,me pidio que le envie un telefono celular el cual envie por DHL y en resumen envie aproximadamente 20 mil dolares,
First name: Hart Derich
Last name: Alberich
Age: 60
Location: Norwich, UK
Address: 11b Telegraph Lane
Phone: 44 7442 767618
On websites: Facebook,
Report: Met Derich in August 2013. Stated he was a Antique Shop owner in Norwich, UK. Specializing in high end antiques. Stated he had two daughters Peggy and Lohan and two grandchildren Frazier and Cassie. He introduced me to his sister Berit Lundgren who I became friends with. Encouraged me to buy his antiques and planned to come to US to sell an expensive antique painting worth 1-3 million dollars. Plane diverted to Belgium and he began requesting money to pay Customs to get them to release his painting. Things kept coming up to prevent him from traveling to US. Kept pressuring me for money. All lies. No Antique Shop belonging to him and no sister named Berit. None of what he told me was true. He never came to US. and I was notified of his scam by a fellow victim.
First name: James
Last name: Williams
Aka: James Hooks
Age: 50
Location: Alexandria, Virginia
On websites:
Report: The first time I met this James was on and his last names was Hooks, and we talked for a while on yahoo. He told me he was in the Army. But then he started asking me to sent him stuff. Then I knew he was trying to scam me. Then the second time I saw him his last name was Williams and that was on and he is on that site now. He tryed to talk to me but I knew who he was. And I noticed that you have his pictures on here.
First name: jossy
Last name: cleef
Age: 36
Location: usa military in afganisthan
Report: he like old man , he is a soldier usa in afganisthan and after a lonfg conversation i says that is urgent to send you some value that have rescued in a mission because afganistan is very dangerous so he ask you addres and email and says that you receive by a diplomat a pakage whit some value to conserve until he come in your country because he love you and he want share life with you obviously ol the frases are stupid and no real
First name: Leonard
Last name: smith
Age: 55
Location: south Africa
On websites: Romace facebook
Report: now he is trying to get money from me Wanted about 2,000 or what ever I can send I did not do it.I blocked him from my Facebook page. I was waiting to see what he was going to do. so he asked for money this time. Last time it was on-line banking. this is what he gave:: Name Edegware o Tomo Daniel address-EDO- STATE NIGERIA 15 ON ORANGE HOTEL CORNER OF GREYS PASS AND, ORANGE STREET,CAPE TOWN,WESTERN CAPE SOUTH AFRICA I was thinking at first he was real,now I know he is a scammer-for sure.
First name: joe
Last name: francis
Aka: georgia
Age: 59
Location: ghana
Address: ghana
On websites: facebook tagged connecting singles
Report: he scammed me for over 600 dollors saying he own his company and he was from georgis but building a road in Ghana hes also used the name joecantrell and been on facebook as joe walker and michard steward I met in on connecting singles and hes been on tagged hes used stoled credit cards to have things shipped so the woman maoils to him in ghana
First name: Lincoln
Last name: Harrison
Age: 49
Location: USA Houston
Phone: 281-994-9101
On websites:
Report: I was contacted by him via about 4 days ago. My initial gut reaction was that he was a fake as his English was wonderful and then it would be bad. He did give me his telephone number this morning, but I have not spoken with him. The last letter I received was a duplicate of a letter I read on Deception of the Heart website. No money has been requested, nor would I ever send any. I am going to report him to Match also
First name: Michael
Last name: Duke
Age: 56
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 00233547143704 plus 6 more
Email: M.duke87@yahoo/
On websites: Older Dating site, New Zealnd
Report: Michael started to chat from a dating site, Older Dating in New Zealand, chat a few times then he suggested we talk on Gmail chat. We had contact for 5 months,. Requested monies for $500 at first to help with gold mining. Had up to 4 requested for money. Nearly $20,000 in total. The money was sent by Western Union and Michael Duke was the name used for pick up. He was suppose to be getting monies from the US and that was going to get him to New Zealand and pay me back. He just stopped contact.
First name: gen marquis
Last name: Hainse
Age: 52
Location: jheda
Report: i want to know abt his man if he is the real GEN MARQUIS HAINSE from canada
First name: authur
Last name: vanostward
Age: 53
Location: amsterdam, spain, england
On websites:
Report: his stories vary every time, he lives in amsterdam, tilburg or has a house in england. stationed in spain. avoids answering questions, when chatting, suddenly has to go to a meeting or to sleep then. he is widower wo he says.. had no relations till now. another mail said he had three, two betrayed him, one ended cause their love was over. his english is very poor.. even mine (and I am Dutch) is way better ! almost all of the text in his mails had it's oringe on:
First name: Erick Rud
Last name: Hannes
Age: 49 year, 23/06/1964
Location: UK
Address: Glasgow
Phone: +447999315979 and +447031852756
On websites: facebook-!/lucas.bayer2?fref=ts
Report: He found me via my facebook. I have got several e mails on my private e mails. After 5 letters he wanted me to sand 250.000 GBP because he is affraid of pirat attack. I am inteligent woman I didn't sand him my personal data and I am not contacting him anymore. On Google I found informations about scammers I haven't know about that before. I have also his pictures and mobile. Honey my problem now is, my money ( 250,000 ) Great British pounds which I kept in my cabin safe box. I do not want it stolen from me in the event of any attack.My plan was to use this money to buy Metal oil in drums from Australia and supply to a company in Mexico I already had contract agreement with
First name: Bryan Alexander
Last name: Mentor
Aka: Bryan Alexander, Bryan A. Alexander
Age: 50
Location: Chicago
Phone: +1 312-344-3324
On websites: Facebook, Skype, Googlemail, Whatsapp
Report: Ich bin eine Geschaftsfrau aus Deutschland. Bryan A. gab vor, zufallig auf Facebook auf mein Profil gesto?en zu sein und mein Foto hatte ihn angezogen. Er erzahlte in Chicago zu wohnen und Bauingenieur zu sein und dass er sich sofort in mich verliebt hatte. Seine Frau sei verstorben und er hatte eine 14-jahrige Tochter namens Emily, die bei seiner Mutter in Nebraska leben wurde. Er versteht es gut, bei einer Frau Gefuhle zu erwecken. Wir haben lange geschrieben auf Facebook per Mail und via Whatsapp, auch taglich telefoniert. Durch die Telefonnummer, die von Chicago ist, habe ich ihm zunachst vertraut. Stutzig gemacht hat mich, dass er nie bereit war, eigene Fotos zu schicken. Deshalb habe ich im Internet recherchiert und bin auf diese Seite gesto?en. Er wollte angeblich jetzt Ende Januar nach Deutschland kommen. Vielleicht hatte mich auch noch eine Geldanfrage erreicht, wie Margit aus Osterreich, aber dazu kam es nun dank dieser Seite nicht mehr. Habe den Kontakt sofort abgebrochen. Ich hoffe sehr stark, dass hier niemand zu Unrecht beschuldigt wird und die Daten hier stimmen, aber sein Verhalten hinsichtlich der Preisgabe von personlichen Dingen war schon sehr komisch fur mich. So ist mir vielleicht vieles erspart geblieben. Die menschliche Enttauschung ist schon reichlich genug ! Zumindest stimmen das Foto, der Wohnort, die Emailadresse, der Name, auch seiner Tochter mit dem uberein, was auch ich habe.
First name: Lawrence
Last name: Howard
Aka: James smith
Age: 53
Location: Houston Texas.
Phone: 001-832-589-0374
On websites: Badoo
Report: This guy took me for a lot of money which I am ashamed to say. he wooed me and promised me the world and that we wold be together. I sent him the money to save his business. On the Badoo website it says he lived in Australia, but his facebook was set up in Brussels Belgum. I have been commuicating with another female in the states that he also has ripped off. we want him caught. before he does this to anymore innocent women. Ideally we would like our money back but I guess that won't happen.
First name: Scott
Last name: Jones
Age: 29
Location: Gulfport- Biloxi-New Orleans-Texas
Phone: 504-457-7450
On websites:
Report: Scott claims to work on a oil rig in the Gulf. We met on on 1/4/14, by 1/10/14 he was telling me how much he loved me and that he wasn't sure if he said it but his father had passed away about 6 months ago and has a farm in Italy. He said that his father had never done anything for him and that he was skeptical about going there. Monday 1/12/14 he decided he was going. 1/14/2014 he has to pay taxes on the property which add up to 24,000. He at first did ask for the money but now needs it and wants me to go to my bank and give him 6,600.00 dollars which is the balance that is left the taxes for the farm. He also gave me a bank account number.
First name: steve
Last name: collins
Age: 50
Location: accura ghana
On websites: yahoo
Report: met online on dating site, has daughter rose allen collins, recently arrested for illegal gold mining, cid accura help him get free if send 1500.00.
First name: Roger
Last name: Bennett
Age: 58
Location: Scotland
On websites: twoo
Report: Dear -Am delighted to hear from you and thank you for your urgent respond to my message on facebook. I decided to write direct to your private email because facebook is a public site like I told you earlier.i hope you receive this message before i proceed to send my pictures here too.I want us to know each other much better. I think this is the time to tell you more about myself.I am 58 years old.Am an Architect for more than 23 years now. Am the only child of my Parents and both parents has Mom is from, France,Paris where i was Born and Raised Dad is a Native American...i came to Scotland . 28 years ago after mom Dad died when i was in high school.I married 26 years ago and we had one daughter kid.i have dated once since my wife died..But honestly speaking it has been hell for me so I decided not to date till now. My ex girl treated me so bad.I will tell you about that someday..I live now with my lovely pet Dogs.sometimes i do feel lonely despite that my Job keeps me away from too much thinking...I earn good for a living for about 23 years now...I?m very trust worthy, honest, caring man with a big heart and have a great since of soul mate is somewhere so i find her someday am a very easy going person, and what I hate most is lies, fight, cheat and drunk. I?m also friendly, courteous, affectionate, respectful, Nice, Caring, Loving, Passionate, Romantic and most of all a gentle man easily going with a good heart. I believe in being open and honest, loving your family, being a REAL friend, treating others with respect, being committed to the ones you love regardless of their actions, showing affection, doing the little things that show you care, listening before deciding, and of course true love. I love children and spending time teaching and monitoring them. In a
First name: Mounir
Last name: Oukazzi
Age: 33
Location: Meckesh Morroco
Phone: 212-636-109131
Report: This guy is a scammer he will tell woman what they want to hear especially when it comes to him asking for money for his moms medicine what ever you woman do,Please do not fall for his crap... you have been warned
First name: johnson
Last name: morgan
Aka: george peterson
Age: 54
Location: lagos
Email: dont have it
On websites: facebook
Report: I contacted him on facebook where he was a friend of a friend
First name: Eric
Last name: Douglas
Aka: David McCormick
Age: 50
Location: Charlottesville,VA
Phone: 434-218-5577 +44-7795-831-268
On websites: Christian Mingle, Facebook
Report: This guy literally lied to me for 3 weeks, tried to extort money--which he did NOT get! Even when I confronted him with a text I got from a friend warning me about scams...he denied it and lied horribly...a few days later told me he had gotten a job in UK and had invested a half million of his own money & supposedly a piece of equip broke and he needed 5K!!!! He also talked about his daughter Lois & sending her to nursing school in the Caribbean!! He says his wife died 3 years ago from kidney failure. his man is reprehensible He did not get anything monetary or material from me, but what little trust I was having in men just died! Also it hurt me terribly that a man would be so completely evil to play a woman's heart and emotions the way he did. He should be arrested and put away for a long time. I would definitely testify against him!!