First name: Jack
Last name: Reed
Aka: Alex Donald
Age: 56
Location: Lexington, Alabama
Phone: 256-667-0943
On websites: Christain American Singles
Report: I started chatting with him shortly after Christmas. Told me he had a daughter in Tennessee. Her name is Jaiden.. He's a contractor who works from home. Made a big financial deal in Spain. Since Im from Portland, Oregon so he told me I could live in a house he currently has here rent free. I noticed he never wanted to talk about the house. I was suspicious, my daughter did background check on him and he wasn't the owner. He says he's in Spain at the moment, but lost his wallet. He needed money to stay in a hotel. I didn't want to. But he send me a document saying he needed money to release his money in Ghana. So I send 150.00 thru Western Union. Then he got me to release my bank account which I'm closing. He wanted me to help with 562.00 for tax purposes. He showed me a bank account showing he made over a million dollars. So I send it. Another document he send me for fraud and money laundering in Ghana to release his money. 300.00 this time but I finally got very suspicious and started investigating. At this point he's still wanting me to help him. I think he's going to give up on me because I told him he picked a woman who didn't have money.
First name: Welch
Last name: Campbell
Age: 47
Location: Millersville,Maryland 21108
Address: 1175 Gold finch lane
On websites: Hi5,Badoo
Report: He is working with a David Dombrow, he has been in Nigeria,Maryland,Saudi Arabia. Major scam he scammed me for over 20,000. And he got me for 900.00.
First name: John
Last name: Green
Aka: Peter Miller, Sean Grant
Age: 49
Location: Reston,Virginia,USA
On websites: International Cupid
Report: we met on a dating website where he told me that he wanted to marry me and build a life together. he also said he had a son and sent me a picture of himself and his son. he also said he owned a gallery and stayed in Reston Virginia USA. when i used the pictures on google image it lend me to this site hence i reported this.....
First name: Jerry
Last name: Thompson
Aka: Adams
Age: 58
Location: Las Vegas, Nv
On websites: Badoo
Report: Scammer Jerry Johnson is now operating on badoo under two new names and a new set of photos. He is now going by
First name: eddie
Last name: Stuart
Aka: Jeffery Richards
Age: 51
Location: nigeria
Phone: 13122059443
Email: jefferyrichards85@yahoo,com
On websites:
Report: He is not who he says he is just looking for money. and romance, he is a big lairer
First name: Cliff
Last name: Malloy
Aka: Larry Jones
Age: 48
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: 164 East Legon Road, Accra Ghana
Phone: 011233268064082
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man here meet me on this Website
First name: Richy
Last name: Romero
Aka: Brian
Age: 48
Location: Janesville, WI
Phone: 3235948451
On websites: eharmony
Report: Too good to be true. Had only been chatting with him for a couple weeks and he wanted me to go with him to Spain on a business trip in a couple months. He was very willing and encouraged me to video chat with him to prove that he was who he said he was...being the same guy in the photos he sent and the same guy pictured in the profile. This was after I said I need some proof he was not a scammer. I did not video chat with him. He was very willing to come and meet me in person. He just needed to know where and when. I was also given the story about his 9-year-old son living in UK but nothing about him being sick or ill. He talks a lot about working for Turner Construction and SEARs in the engineering field. He also stated that he had his own company, consulting at one point, knightings247. He sends pictures from I finally received an email from eharmony stating that his profile activity was suspicious. I did some more checking and found him already listed on this site.
First name: Klaas
Last name: Nieuland
Age: 53
Location: Madrid
Address: England and Holland
Phone: 003168895335 and +2348176546989
On websites: e-darling
Report: He contactet me by a dating site e-darling he told me he was a British Militar and after a few weeks he asked me to ask his home office for a leave and yes of course i did and i had to pay money for his leave and stupid as i was i did now is asking the bank money for a code to get acces to that account were his leave and benifits are he asked to leave the base in spain and to come to a base in holland and the home office did aprove this the get the code i have to transfere more money. In between some one contactet me and told me don't transfere more money and gave you're side to me in one of his mails is that last true??
First name: Luis
Last name: Garcia
Aka: Joseph Miller, Alex James
Age: 44
Location: Canada, Toronto
Phone: (978) 912-0762; +234 8141662167
On websites: Zoosk
Report: 1. I initiated the contact 2. through Zoosk - I winked at his profile picture and he sent me a message asking to talk outside of
First name: Chris
Last name: Bailey
Age: 48-59
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: (514) 416- 7208
Email: I have other email addresses
On websites: and many other sites
Report: I met this man when he contacted me on I found out that he has several ID's and is a well known scammer, using several ID's, on many sites. I have chats where is is asking women for money.
First name: James
Last name: Muller
Age: 54
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +2348100710032
On websites:
Report: This person contacted me on and requested that we start communicating on yahoo messenger. I told him we could communicate on whatsapp and he started communicating there. also asked for my email and he has been sending me mail there. He said he was from San Antonio Texas but when i checked his phone number, i realised it was form Nigeria. i cheked the website where he had first contacted me and HE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. The person is now asking for my 'help' and then i got suspicious. asked why he had a nigerian number yet he said he was from the US then he got angry. he still has not given me convincing answers. So i suspect he is a fraud.
First name: Royce
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Royce Emilio Johnson
Age: 52
Location: Naples, Florida & Ghana
Phone: (904)419-8291/ 233576352349
Email: yahoo messenger: emilioroyce1
On websites:
Report: Emilio Johnson: babe are you there countrygirlpink: Yes Emilio Johnson: I having been out all day babe Emilio Johnson: trying to sort out things Emilio Johnson: i feel sad during tough times like this you leave me all alone to suffer the pain ,it hurts my love alot and makes me think deeply. countrygirlpink: Oh did you have good luck? Emilio Johnson: i have never felt this lonley ever in my life countrygirlpink: I cant even imagine especially this far away Emilio Johnson: the moment when you think everything is going so well then just because of this everything seems to be falling apart Emilio Johnson: You leave me all alone in this hard time which makes me think how you would feel if something should happen in the near future yu will trun your back on me again countrygirlpink: I agree when you were down in Rio seemed so good and all then crazy after that countrygirlpink: What are you talking about ??? countrygirlpink: Are you refering to me in this statement: You leave me all alone in this hard time which makes me think how you would feel if something should happen in the near future yu will trun your back on me again Emilio Johnson: even in this situation that should not be holding us is and you turn your back on me , in the near future if something bigger should come up you will turn leave me alone to face that ountrygirlpink: Are you going to at least answer my question?? countrygirlpicountrygirlpink: I am asking you if you are referring to me when you say that?? cnk: Your silence answered my question. How could I be so blind to let this go on. My kindness is taken for weakness. My heart can mend but you are showing to me that you are nothing but a slick con artist . There was no love on your part only trying to work a kind woman. Don't ever contact me again Emilio Johnson: Did you just use that phrase 'con' for me? but why? Emilio Johnson: the connection went off again and that was the reason i could not reply countrygirlpink: because of what you said above and wouldn't answer Emilio Johnson: there was no love on my part? countrygirlpink: That was cruel and hurtful what you said to me Emilio Johnson: that is how you feel now? countrygirlpink: I don't understand what you said to me above came from and it hurt me to the core and there would be no reason to say that. countrygirlpink: I have done nothin but be kind loving and supporting Emilio Johnson: sometimes you have to do just more than that for the one you love. Even though God forgives us all our sins anytime we confress it and ask for forgivness he still gave his only begotten son to come down and die for our sins countrygirlpink: I have never asked for anything but your safety and well being and to come home countrygirlpink: That goes both ways Emilio Johnson: Now my life is on is at risk with everything that is going on ,i have been feeling very ill but im trying hard not to let that bring me down, i feel very feverish ,i feel the symptoms of malaria Emilio Johnson: what will all become of it if something should happen to me and i die down here Emilio Johnson: you will maybe even never get to know Emilio Johnson: but that is how life goes sometimes countrygirlpink: I have given you the benifit of the doubt so many times since you have been wherever countrygirlpink: please dont contact me again. You are a con man and I am done . Emilio Johnson: So eveything you said to me were things you never meant countrygirlpink: I am not sure I believe anything. You saw a woman that looked overweight and had a nice smile that is kind and tried to take advantage countrygirlpink: I did care and love the person that you tried to portrait to me but not the man you are Emilio Johnson: what?? Emilio Johnson: i did what? Emilio Johnson: oh my God countrygirlpink: I meant them to the person that you showed me but not the one that berated me for money and tried to guilt me into giving him a fortune Emilio Johnson: betray? Oh my word .. tried to guilt you countrygirlpink: Yes you tried to make me feel that if I didn't give you money that you would not be able to get a safe and secure hotel or get out of the hospital and now be able to come back to the states and it may cost you your life ! Come on Emilio Johnson: its rather unfortunate that all all of this had to happen at the time its the last thing we need countrygirlpink: It is unfortunate is right. countrygirlpink: What you said to me today is the last straw. I am done. Emilio Johnson: What did i say to you? I never knew you took everything i said to you as a joke Emilio Johnson: saying you gave me a benefit of doubt. Emilio Johnson: meaning you had second thoughts everytime you said you me I love you Emilio Johnson: you said to me Emilio Johnson: You think would give up all of what i have been working on over the past few months just for what countrygirlpink: No after the first time you tried to get me to send you money for a hotel countrygirlpink: I dont know either countrygirlpink: I thought it was real Emilio Johnson: Why would you on earth ever think I'm trying to make up all the situations i found myself in since coming down here even including been sick and addmitted to the hospital ? Emilio Johnson: right now i feel as if all we talked about and confessing our love for each other was not real Emilio Johnson: You never did believe me because you gave me the benefit of doubt in everything i said countrygirlpink: My heart doesn't understand either it was real on my part but not sure about yours countrygirlpink: Why would you ask me for thousands every time Emilio Johnson: Why would i show you my face on a live camera if I meant to take advantage of you.. Emilio Johnson: I have never had to ask anyone for anything in my life countrygirlpink: I thought that too but why would you ask me several times within the last couple of weeks for thousands of dollars Emilio Johnson: it unfortunate it had to happen this time, countrygirlpink: We dont even live together and haven't even been going out and having a relationship more than over the phone and internet Emilio Johnson: sometimes things in our lives only happens just to make us stronger people and know the people who will really be there for you rain or shine Emilio Johnson: Without faith we wont have come this far countrygirlpink: I was in every way commited and nurturing and always there for you in every way but financially Emilio Johnson: sometimes the best things in life is not even seen just yet felt like never before, just like we feel the air and God Emilio Johnson: The devil works in mysterious ways, always trying to destory something good because he hates to see good things. The bible says in Matthew 4 ,that Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil Emilio Johnson: He was tested by the devil on three different occations but in all Jesus over came him. Emilio Johnson: its the same way life always throws challenges at us but it takes strong people to stand the test of love which comes in different ways Emilio Johnson: right now i feel the saddest i have ever felt in my life, knowing that the only reason you turned your back on me was just because you thought everything i said to you was made up countrygirlpink: I am sad and feel so hurt inside that everything was wonderful and loving and all until recently and it turned so cruel and made me question everthing before once large sums of money was requested from you to me ripping at my heart and feelings for you that your health ,life and safety was in my hands. That is what makes me feel the saddest. Emilio Johnson: Everything was wonderful babe and we all enjoyed everything but when the difficult times came you left me to face the battle alone because you thought everything i said was made up. Emilio Johnson: What burns my heart the most countrygirlpink: No it was not my thing to deal with until we had our relationship evolve into more Emilio Johnson: what burns my heart most is the fact that i would of been home long way before now..i was supossed to finish everything out here and then have the lights shipped out to the construction company to have it installed. Later we both came up with idea that i leave this helly place and come home with the bars so i can finish the designs from the comfort of home, when things too a twist you left me behind to fight alone Emilio Johnson: If i had any negetive thoughts i never would have showed myself to you over the live video camera for no reason on any occations Emilio Johnson: No one ever has used such a word from me Emilio Johnson: because i would never hurt a fly.. Emilio Johnson: now i know why Emilio Johnson: God knows i never said anything to you that was not me Emilio Johnson: why would i send you pictures of my entire family countrygirlpink: Why would you think that I would be able to send you thousands of dollars to assist and not just once but more than once. Then when I couldnt make me feel horribly that was so hurtful and crue Emilio Johnson: You dont know the conditions here countrygirlpink: Why would you request so much Money from me knowing that I don't have it!! countrygirlpink: I am not able to give something I dont have! Emilio Johnson: it breaks my heart to be in this condition and knowing the love of my life is not trying to put in any effort to turn things around for good countrygirlpink: I did everything within my power and you dont even care or believe me and question me. Emilio Johnson: In all i feel very sad and broken, to know you had such negetive thoughts in your mind but never said anything to me until now Emilio Johnson: but im thankful you let it out now countrygirlpink: I didn't until you came to Africa and didn't want to believe how I was feeling when you were so mean to me when I couldn't help Emilio Johnson: You were happy with me during the joyfull days Emilio Johnson: but during the tough times i should face the battle one right countrygirlpink: It hurt and I kept pushing back how hurt I felt and then thought that no it is okay then again when the driver said that you asked him to ask me to pay your hospital bills. I didnt hear it right from your mouth so I pushed that aside and the other day when you Emilio Johnson: you felt hurt i was dieing in the hospital and someone called you and said that Emilio Johnson: where is the love babe? countrygirlpink: Enough! You are turning everything I say around ! countrygirlpink: I am done! Emilio Johnson: you just said that you felt hurt but you did not hear it from my mouth countrygirlpink: Emilio I'm done Emilio Johnson: 3 words i will never forget in life, the last words you said to me countrygirlpink: Because it is all about MONEY Emilio Johnson: but hopefully when i come home, i will make you see me just so you know i never said anything to you that was not a lie Emilio Johnson: money means nothing Emilio Johnson: but love does countrygirlpink: Why were you so mean to me when I tried to help but wasn't able to financially! Not just once!! Emilio Johnson: If i were in your shoes and you were down in a terrible place like this, i dont think i would ever be able to put my head on a pillow to rest until i get you home. I have never been this humiliated never,to ask for someones hand in what im doing countrygirlpink: I dUont know how that feels but I told you all I could offer you was my love. You never listen to me when I tell you I dont have the money to send you! Emilio Johnson: you have to know its just the 2 of us and the world now countrygirlpink: That hurt and when you kept on it made me mad because you questioned my love, feelings and me and then the mean statements this morning just made me feel that I couldn't do this any more countrygirlpink: I think you need someone that is affluent and can financially be there to help. Emilio Johnson: money means nothing in life Emilio Johnson: i will choose real love everyday over money any given time countrygirlpink: It does when you are in situation that you are now. Emilio Johnson: if i was home none of this would be something to argue about countrygirlpink: All I have to offer is love and that wasn't good enough Emilio Johnson: i just said money mean nothing to me because i feel i have enough to care for us Emilio Johnson: it just breaks my heart you are there and im here and its just for money issues Emilio Johnson: i love you Emilio Johnson: around you i have built my world babe Emilio Johnson: are you happy been all alone now?
First name: Alexandru Claudiu
Last name: Albert
Aka: Alex Catalin
Age: 23 DOB Nov 8 1990
Location: Romania Targu Mures
Address: Bolavard 1 December 1918 , # 235 apartment # 6
Phone: 0044 7474 13100
On websites: was on
Report: Very plausible , great at telling stories and modifying the truth to suit him but forgets what he says over time . Says he goes to Faculty of engineering in Targu Mures on a scholarship and struggling to pay his rent and bills . But now says he has left University and cannot find a job and cannot pay the bills and desperately wants to leave Romania . Never sends photos or ID or any proof but I am fairly sure that this is his real name and real address
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Age: 56
Location: St Lazare Canada recently from California
Phone: 8052533758
On websites:
Report: communicated for 6 weeks; just before we met he asked me for 10K; I have records of all of our communication from Skype and Yahoo messenger
First name: eric rud hannes
Last name: hannes
Age: 49
Location: UK
Phone: +447999315979, +447031852756, +905488735832
Report: Love letters calling in the middle of the night, writing me an essay about his life, about his work in a Ship ....
First name: Stephen Ekene
Last name: Palmer
Aka: Stephen Ekene Palmer
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria Lagos
Address: UK, Manchester city
Phone: +2348105339520
On websites: Facebook
Report: Good day! He has scammed my mother in Russia. Be very carefully with him. As I understood he is very dangerous. I can pay to anybody to kill him, I am serious.
First name: GREG
Last name: MEYER
Age: 56
Location: MArietta ga.,houma uae
On websites: zoosk
Report: this man approached me on zoosk persuaded me very aggressively and his daughter Shelly was at boarding school outside London but school was not for girls only.bogus He claimed jis worker was hurt in fire at estate where he was staying and lost everything needed money for food and to pay for funeral.He had more reasons for money and stupidly i accommodated him.After memorial day holiday i refused anymore.He continued to pressure me until the holidays thanksgiving & Christmas claimed to be in a uae jail, couldn't give name since in Arabic became furious when i contacted Dubai police.relationship ended .In January 13 I was contacted by Richard Lawson everything he said & did was too familiar the style of writing the phone calls sounded the same as with Greg.I believe whomever this scammer is one in the same
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Wellington
Aka: Rodney C. Jackson
Age: 51
Location: Bremen GA
Phone: 60146346632 Malaysia, 678-954-8577 GA USA
On websites:
Report: claimed to be CEO of Rodney Construction out of Bremen GA Nov 19/13 via dating site then through yahoo. Stated traveled to Malaysia for big contract with Mingu International Trading company for $600 000 roofing products partnership used fake documents related to BCS law firm based in GA. had multiple phone numbers used for both text and phone calls. Operated under this alias from Nov 19-Jan 20/14. Asked for money. Claimed daughter Rachael, 27 years old. Stated traveled to London, and Australia and Nova Scotia. Stated US citizen.
First name: sami
Age: 24
Location: jordan
Email: ?
On websites: whatsapp
Report: He is asking for nude pics and sex
First name: joe
Last name: gendy
Age: 21
Location: egypt
Email: ?
On websites: facebook and whatsapp
Report: Came in contact with him on Facebook in january2014. He wanted to go on Skype. Instead went on whatsapp. Wanted nude pics and sex. Said he works at clothing store...
First name: William
Last name: Morris
Aka: Day Morris
Age: 39
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: This person contacted me on Facebook, said he was 39, a colonel in the army. We have emailed back and forth for about a week, he sent me pictures and wrote long eloquent love letters. The only personal information he got from me was my address and phone number because he said he was going to send me a letter. But he sent me a picture of a fake outdated id via email tonight and it was totally photoshopped, then I found him on here and this ain't hell (Facebook page).
First name: James
Last name: Norman
Age: unknown
Location: London, uk
Address: 63 Clayponds Gardens W54ER
Phone: 447448344339
Report: This man has been communicating with my mother. She says that she can't remember where they met, but I will get access to her browser history. They have exchanged several emails since Jan 4 of this year as far as I can tell and he says that he plans on flying here to meet her on Feb 10, as his trip has been delayed due to an unforseen business trip to Sri Lanka. He also explained to her about being widowed, almost the exact same email that I saw on the page when i googled him. I couldn't find more info on his business web page so I started looking into him a little more. His 'business website' had popups and it doesn't exist anywhere else. I checked for his business and the address associated with it appears to be residential. I have more pictures then the one I saw on this site, as well as more correspondence, most of it very superficial. But its definitely the same guy. likes to brag about working out. As far as I have been told, he did not request any money, and I had forewarned my mother about that from the beginning. Too good to be true kind of story. As far as the outcome, I have just found out about this and it is still ongoing. I will speak to my mother about it tomorrow, ASAP. i have told her not to communicate with him until I've spoke to her. As I mentioned, he has her convinced that they are in love and will be spending valentines day together and live happily every after.
First name: George
Last name: Summer
Aka: Anthony
Age: 53
Location: New Zealand
Phone: 0044759193359
On websites: B2
Report: Meet on a dating site, when I got photos, decided to check out Malescammers. Com. And there he was. He said he lived in Gisbourne and travelled to Palmerston North. But all of a sudden he had to go overseas, that's when I new he wasn't real. Thanks to your site. I been saved having to thru anything with this man, he on your site under another name as well, Mark Williams.
First name: jackson
Last name: arroys
Aka: arroys jackson
Age: 46/47
Location: kabul afghanistan
Email: facebook/ arroys
On websites: facebook
Report: He had made contact with me in march 2013.... Via facebook.....we spoke for almost nine months then he changed his profile we lost contact and then finally had found eachother again.... within the fisrt three months he had asked me to send funds for him to take leave for four months here in australia with me not thinking anything was strange i had started to send funds to nigeria for his leave... as he told me he had fallen inlove with me and wanted to be with me.. he also said he had lost his wife buf whenever i mentioned her he dint want to talk about her and he had a son living wjth his mother in marylands together..... i did send funds up toabout 1300$ bht the cost of his leace was about 3400$ i recieved mail from the police abd told him about it he said i didnt need to worry because he not a scamner and that they were looking for tge real ones as they were making all soldiers look bad...we quarrelled a few tines and he tgreatened to harm himself if i left him so i continued tge contact..... but.....he found his way to another fenake and againwithin three months asking for funds for his leave bht i secreckty warned her about him then when he found oht he got angry and blocked me then unblocked me... i mentioned as a trick that i had saved 4000$ he responded instantly!!! He also knew that i was a single mum and had a reltioship of 20yrs but that didnt stop him..... i had actually fallen in love with him and was hoping this was all real guess i was wrong...... my main concern is they have personal details in nigeria and worried my identity maybe used...... please keep anonimkus for my familesvsake.... i think he is still having contact with the other feamale as he never adds friends or even have friend list wen i asked if he had anotger female he denied it and said he was only to her for funds to cone and be with me :(
First name: Fabio
Last name: Pablo
Age: 49
Location: Capetown, South Africa; New york, USA; London,UK; Paris, France
Phone: 3057073952
On websites: Zoosk, yahoo messenger
Report: Fabio contacted me first on the Zoosk site on January 13th. We started emailing back and forth for the last 18 days! I thought it was a little suspicious when he said His job in South Africa was ending and he was coming back to the states and was going to come straight to visit me. He said his plane was to get in at 6:30am and there are only 2 times that planes fly into the smaller airport that is close to my town. Plus, His emails were flowery and over the top and he started telling me he loved me. That is a little soon!! So I started investigating and checking out scams. I followed a few of the tips and when I entered some of the flowery words into a Google search it led me to your sight. The scam emails from Thomas Scott to Jodi are almost an exact word match to the ones I received from Fabio. The only thing he asked me for was to help him get an itunes card for his daughter, which I did $25. But even then something seemed strange and I paid for it with cash in case there was some way to link it to my account when they activated it. This morning when I woke up there was an email stating that he loved me so much! I sent him back an email saying he should really check his tickets out because there is NEVER a plane scheduled to land in Garden City at 6:30am. I don't think I will be hearing from him again.
First name: Gilbert
Last name: Hill
Age: 56
Location: Va
Phone: 17579058192
On websites:
Report: This guy contacted me on the He came on to me quickly, used the same language that Mike Connor used. I think they took his profile because there actually was 2 and it went down to 1 profile. This man may not realize that he has been hacked. But I realize the things he said and the way the first profile read was it wasn't the same.and it had a different state on the 2nd profile. He claims he was a widow has one daughter Kelly and a 5 yr old grand daughter. He claimed how he wanted us to be together, God brought us together and his spelling was off. Said he was mixed race spanish/caucasion. Because his Dad raised him in Jamaica he had a accent. I only talked to him about 2 days and he wasted no time giving me numbers and was calling me baby, and telling me how he was my man. Claimed he had lots of money and he posted many pictures, that
First name: Christioan
Last name: Palma
Aka: Chris
Age: 57
Location: Kabul Afsganstan
Phone: 233547115617
On websites:
Report: Big romantic story about him working for UN intelligence in Kabul retiring soon, gives the impression of being very wealthy. Has grand daughter in New zealand. Next thing granddaughter has accident then he flies her to Ghana where he claims a top us military surgeon will operate, starts off wanted $15,000 than when I played him for a while and said my funds were inaccessible he went down to $2000 -30000. Before this he tried to get my confidence by asking me to receive a password for a container of gold he had sitting in Sydney ready for a buyer. This code was to come from a US military lady. I refused saying I didn't want the responsibility. Phoned, skyped and sent loads of photos of who I am not sure now. very cool very professional. I had read profiles here and initially thought he was OK
First name: Anthony
Last name: Raddock
Aka: Richard Harris
Age: Around 50
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: I saw this man on a friends site on Facebook.....He come on me in and we talk on messenger for a while....He wanted me to recive a package with gold and money they have found under a raid in Afghanistan. I stop talk to him...I can't remember his name I think it was Gary something but not sure. he had a daughter he say and show photos on her same photos you have here. I have others I take from Facbook and will send to you..........
First name: Mario
Last name: Stefano
Age: 45
Location: Ontario, but work in UK
On websites: chemistry
Report: Was going out of Country for a contract, Engineer building new road in UK, need money to finish is contract and then he got assrested to try to go out of that country while he was coming her in Canada, so all bull shit, of course never came
First name: Riley
Last name: OConnor
Age: 68
Location: Ghana
On websites: (reported)
Report: This Riley OConnor and his friend Conway O'Reilly (3676) picked me up from the same site on the same day. Letters are very similar and often have same detail. Eg chicken heads left on in soup. Have same business contact who has an emergency. They are both scammers, probably same person. Didn't realize I needed a photo so 3676 is not accepted but managed to get a photo of this guy. Both asked for money and both refused.