First name: Jon
Last name: Parsons
Age: 56
Location: Houston
Phone: 9035727417
On websites: Pof. Hangouts
Report: Met on pof stayed he was an engineer lives in Houston but working in turkey
First name: Chris
Last name: Johnson
Age: 47
Location: NYC, Carl Junction, Malaysia
Address: 4891Pretty View Lane ,10001
Phone: 4172738373
On websites: Fiesta Joyride Topface
Report: This Gentleman here is a Fruad. He has so many way to rip innocent people and he is so good at photoshopped. Chris is just good at what he does.
First name: Marius
Last name: Tuyet
Aka: Tuyet Marius
Age: 34
Location: Frankfurt Germany, Manila Philippine & Bangkok Thailand
Phone: +63 947 646 6174
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Indonesian man call Rendy Firdiansyah who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a Founder & CEO of PT. Rendbar Abadi Pratama, Director (company) at Seven Media Indonesia and Marketing Director at Indomedia Advertising. This scammer said to me in WhatsApp online that he lives in Frankfurt Germany, as a Real Estate Manager and he is into real estate firms here in Germany & Thailand. He told me he is from Bangkok Thailand but he was born & raised in Germany. He's father is from Thailand but he's mother is from Germany. I also ask him why he had a Philippine phone number and he told me he was in Philippine in March before the virus started & bought the line there. He has a Estate in Manila Philippine. He is single with no children.
First name: Gabriel Michael
Last name: Williams
Age: 46
Location: Istanbul Turkey
Phone: +2348147318139
On websites: Instagram
Report: Gabriel contact me over Instagram and later we go on over WhatsApp he tell me that he is a carpenter and that he is an American man live and work in Istanbul now he tell me that he is a single man and he loves me he want marry me as soon as possible without meet me face to face today he tell me that his company don?t pay him his salary because of the Corona Virus and he need money to buy some food and care he have had nothing to eat since days and he ask me to transfer some money to him
First name: Mark
Last name: Johnson
Age: 61
Location: portland. Oregon
Address: SE cora St
Email: markccp4040@gmail
On websites: hangouts
Report: I met Mark on Words with friends..We started talking for months and he ended up telling me he loved me, wanted to marry me, etc. Over the course of a few months, I would ask him personal questions which he always avoided or got upset and wouldn't answer. I finally asked for a picture of his driver license. It took him 3 days to supply but he did. A few days later I asked for him to take a copy of his mail and send it to me, which he didn't. A week or so later, I suggested that we video chat, he declined. A week later, i asked for his phone number, which he wouldn't give me. All during this, he kept telling me that he loved me and he was coming to visit me. When I searched the web with his name and birthday (3/21/59) nothing showed up. So I search for a match with his picture. He is using the picture of Coronel Telhada in Brazil. The pictures I saw on the coronel were some of the same pictures he sent to my gmail account. He's definitely a fraud.
First name: Benes Erik David
Age: 58
Location: London
Phone: +447723739197
On websites:
Report: I am 100% convinced that this person is a scammer. I know this after three e-mails, because he put the same text, he had poor English, and his texts to be found on the Internet, but I kept it with the correspondence for a month, until he wanted to send me valuable documents. Maybe wasting time on me, he didn't pull on someone else. I have a photo, e-mails and correspondence on Whats app. Unfortunately, I don't know how it can be published here.
First name: Donald
Age: 56
Location: Lubbock
Phone: 312-205-9778
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof, claims to be an engineer asked if I lived alone red flags
First name: James
Last name: Frankly
Aka: Lebukgang Mace Mashigo
Age: 43
Location: San Francisco California USA, Cape Town South Africa & Johnnesburg South Africa
Phone: +1 209 314 6097
On websites:, WhatsApp & Hangouts
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Brazlian man call Doctor Luis Eduardo Oliveira who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a Medical Doctor I met this man call James Frankly on a Dating Site call Zorpia/Twoo, and he lives in San Francisco California USA, as a Medical Doctor and a Dentist. (Specialist). He also told me he owns a clinic in Cape Town South Africa. I talk to him on WhatsApp Online and he told me he was a Dentist Doctor so what a mixed up. He also told me he is a widower with one daughter and he started to ask for money. James Frankly and he's daughter in South Africa Hospital etc:
First name: James
Last name: Ramirez
Aka: James Oros
Age: 45
Phone: 970-305-4900
On websites: WhatsApp, Hangouts
Report: Says he is a Sgt in the Army stationed in Norway...
First name: Mark Eric
Last name: Scott
Age: 50
Location: Reno Nevada, Dubai, Nigeria
Phone: +1 (707) 405-0398
On websites: Plenty of fush
Report: Asks for money to fix his truck because he is stranded in Sacramento with his 16 year old daughter. Also said he need money because she is sick. Can?t get money from his parents because they died is car accident two months ago in South Africa. I blocked him
First name: David
Last name: Russo
Age: 71
Location: Kanas and Texas
On websites: Pof
Report: Looking to see if he is a scammer
First name: Martin
Last name: Wilson
Age: 64
Location: Orlando, FL, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-532-8097
On websites: Sugar Daddy Meets
Report: Met him on Sugar Daddy Meets. He said he is 64 but his picture looks to be in his late 40s or early 50s. Says he loves to travel, dance and every year tries new hobbies. Romantic, Loving and caring heart is open to sincere feelings and you might find in me a truly devoted partner. Says he is honest (LOL) open and friendly. 5ft 7in, hazel eyes and black hair. These specs matched the pictures on the site but when he sent me more pictures they were of a much older man with solid white hair. When I questioned it he said the site pictures were some years ago. But when you compare them the nose, chin, eyes and eyebrows are not the same guy and those things don't change with age. He quit messaging after I called him out on these pictures.
First name: Bourgeois
Last name: Desmond
Age: 53
Location: Illinois, Boulder, CO, Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: 217-931-7471
On websites: Facebook Dating
Report: Met Bourgeois on Facebook Dating. Says he lives in Illinois presently but moving to Boulder Colorado in September and wants me to wait for him. Originally from Serbia but moved to Illinois 9 years ago. Has a 14 year old son in one of the pictures, LOL He called me and I couldn't even understand him. Found his stolen pictures on the net. So tired of dealing with these guys. They think we are Stupid.
First name: Andrew
Last name: Lee
Aka: Chao
Age: 41
Location: London
Phone: +447902190351
On websites: Kinder
Report: He met me in kinder to say hi and politely by using a Korean guy photo said looking for serious relationship and I make him think about his late gaining my trust sent a lot of sweet Korean couple photo. After that he said he award a contract in Cyrus and need help for settle the deposit for the supplier. And send all look real evidence such as what's app live to show where he is. After I sent 2 k he pushing me send money in few days. Then today I sent another 3 k. Talk about marry and stuff. But since last minute I talk to him still doubting his scammer. Because I am Buddhist, so I think thing happens for a reason. So I send those money. Since first day I know I have been searching difference scammer check website and google and stuff get none of his information so I do have 30% of trust of him. If he did need help for business as he said will pay me back. Beside he is using a Chinese company NRA account to received money and a Chinese guy personal account in China to received the money But I find out someone post this information, of true detail of him on your website: On websites: & WhatsApp. Report: I met this man call Curtis Greg aka Chao on a Dating Site call ... He is originally from Lavtia but now he lives in London UK as a Managing Director at Lee construction.
First name: Glitz
Last name: Loid
Age: 39
Location: Boston Massachusetts USA & Brisbane Australia
On websites: & Hangouts
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in Starkville, Mississippi USA, as a Co-Founder/Owner of Zero Films Productions & Sergeant for US Marine Corps. This scammer says to me in Hangout that he lives in Massachusetts USA, as a Health Practitioner. He is single, never married with no children. He is also a Catholic too
First name: Victor
Last name: Francis
Aka: Pharaoh of egypt, Veek, king, Dr VICTOR
Age: 61
Location: Madinaty, Cario, Egypt
Phone: +20 122 880 4422
On websites: Facebook match me and tinder
Report: This Man contacted me on facebook with a story that he was looking for a wife. He then asked me for money to view him on web camera, when i refused he blocked me. If you do more investigation, you'll find he's already married with kids.
First name: Benson
Last name: Lewis
Aka: James Lewis
Age: 35
Location: Miami
Address: No. 14 b Bruck estate Top Hills Miami
Phone: +1(818)863-6483
On websites: Instagram
Report: He spoke to me on Instagram. Says he's a normal easy-going person. Looking for the right woman who is also his best friend. Wants to share music and makes many compliments about looks or smiles. Wraps you around your finger quickly. And at some point the question of Amazon voucher cards or something similar comes up. Watch out, he does it very skillfully. Asks several times for amazon, steam or similar cards. Then he needs money to apply for his vacation. For this he needs 11500 ?. When that's done, he was attacked and lost his weapon. Now he wants to buy this on the black market. For that one should send money again. Contact has been going on for 2 months and is still ongoing.
First name: Jeff
Last name: Chris
Age: 62
Location: Los Angeles, California USA
Phone: +1 323 510 1700
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in Los Angeles USA, as a Actor for a TV Show call
First name: Edward
Last name: Glenn
Age: 60
Location: USA Colorado Springs
On websites: InterPals and hangouts
Report: I met this guy Edward Glenn 6 months ago on InterPals. He wanted me to switch real quick to hangouts. I resisted at first but finally moved our conversation to Hangouts. As time went by he told me he had a 7 year old done and his wife died 2 years ago. We talked for about a month then came the requests for iPhone and ebay cards I sent a couple but he always has excuses he sent me copy of from bank saying his account was frozen. Now he was supposed to be gone 2 months on a oil rig out in the Pacific Ocean. After 2 months he was still there. He said because of corona virus they were having trouble getting replacements. I found that to be plausible. Then two weeks later he claimed that the rig sustained damage that he had to pay for. He asked for $20000. I didn?t send him any money then he halved it to $10000. Then I didn?t hear from him for some weeks. He said he had the virus and almost died. Then today he wanted $5,000. I let him know about himself told him I?ve been on to him for some time. He blocked me of course. This guy is unbelievable he love me can?t live without me. , yet keeps asking for money. He also kept asking me for my bank account numbrrs
First name: Fabio
Last name: Albert
Aka: Bradley Thompson, Davis Wood, David Grant, Lawrence Raymond
Age: 56
Location: Turkey, Uk, Syria
On websites: POF, Zorpia,, Facebook, oneSmour
Report: This is another name of the scammer. Ladies be aware he steels a lot of money. Pretends to be a doctor under UN, oil rig engineer. Very crafty and dangerous as well. His latest scam was parcel delivery scam. Uses the photos of Russian businessman Ivan A. Uses fake ID documents fromUN and fake passport. Will sing you ballads saying that he is totally in love with you, don?t you give him any money.
First name: Lucas
Last name: Thomson
Age: 50-60
Location: Turkey
Phone: 1-786-224-6116
On websites: WhatsApp or Hangsout
Report: Originally used Dr Pinto and Joe Cross pictures Claimed UN Orthopedic Surgeon in war zones Sudan and then moved to Italy and in jail in Turkey; needs none to get out of jail; his money in safety deposit box in Instanbul
First name: James
Last name: Gustave
Aka: Bertrand Piccard
Age: 60
Location: NY, Switzerland
On websites: Uniformdating
Report: James has used the identity of Bertrand Piccard, aviator and psychologist as his own. He has requested money in order to return home from offshore.
First name: Stephen
Last name: Murphey
Age: 59
Location: Mexiko,New York,berlin
On websites: Tinder
Report: Er sagte er sei Ingenieur auf einer Bohrinsel im Gulf,er hat eine Tochter,die Fotos wurden von einem Radiomoderator aus Danemark gehackt Dan Rachlin er fragte nach geld immer wieder er est sehr einfuhlsam und geschickt
First name: Marc
Last name: Teressi
Age: 56
Location: erie pa & Atlanta Georgia
Phone: 814 580 8475
On websites: zoosk
Report: met this man through zoosk very charming would only talk on phone then would make up excuses not to meet. He was fantastic sending love songs and very sweet with his words.he state he is the owner of Solar Farms in Atlanta Georgia.With in the last week he has request for me to purchase amazon cards and yesterday he informed me he was in London on business and needed my bank information so some that owed him 8000 dollars could deposit it in my account and he would give instructions to how to wire the money to him. When I refused he began telling me i was a stupid woman that could not follow instructions. He has stated he has a son in illinois and a daughter in dallas texas. He goes by the name simply casual on this site.
First name: Dato
Last name: Ray
Aka: Dato Man aka Duke
Age: 54
Location: London UK
Phone: +44 7520 638454 & +44 7520 638926
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Russian man call Doctor Sosnovsky Stanislav Olegovich who lives in Saint Petersburg Russia, as a Andrologist, Pediatric Urologist, Reproductologist & Urologist in ABIA Hospital. This scammer has got three fake Twoo Dating Profiles Ad on the Internet etc: Dato Man 54 London, Dato 59 London & Duke A 60 London. This scammer says to me in WhatsApp online that he lives in London UK, as a Surgery Doctor. He is a widower with no children. He's wife died three years ago.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Robert
Age: 56
Location: Alaska, Pontiac,MI, Florida, and Dubai
On websites: Marriage Minded People Meet
Report: I met this person on marriagemindedpeoplemeet. We spoke on that website before moving to the hangouts app. I was given a story of how his wife and daughter died the same day. He was from Florida, but moved to Michigan. When I asked about meeting, the story changed to he was working in Alaska for the next month. Then he began pledging his love and how we were meant to be. During one such text, he mentioned having a home in Dubai and the red flag waved. I then copied and pasted his text and did a search and I came upon this website. The exact wording he used was listed in the scammers text here. I looked at the new scammers and didn?t see him listed so I wanted to add him. When I questioned him about how often he went to Dubai, he became agitated and lashed out because I mentioned that other men I talked to had homes in Dubai too. I asked why is it that so many men had homes in Dubai. Luckily, I didn?t give away any money. I?m thankful that this website exists because this is the third scammer I have encountered.
First name: Jesse
Age: 35
Location: Kabul Afghanistan, Sydney Australia, Perth Australia & America USA
Phone: +1 213 806 3285
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and in he's Dating Profile of Twoo it says he lives in South Perth, Perth Australia not in Afghanistan or America USA. He is also using a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Number: +1 213 806 3285 (e.g. Skype or Google Voice) Original carrier: 365 Wireless, Llc. (213) is a California (CA) area code Major cities: Los Angeles. This what scammer wrote to me in WhatsApp online: I'm Jesse I'm with the US army I'm currently on deployment in Afghanistan I have a son but I've never been married both my parents are from Australia but they had to move to the states when my Dad joined the US army I grew up there with my siblings and that's where I'd met my ex.3 years ago I came to Australia and that's when I decided that it's where I want to settle down I've been talking to a realtor about a property in Sydney and Perth I'd be in Australia if not for the virus
First name: Richard
Last name: Canela
Age: 41
Location: Boston MA
Phone: 5088456393
On websites: Linked In, Twitter, Facebook
Report: Person contacted me on Linked in, claimed to be an Orthopedic Surgeon from Boston, on his way to Seoul Korea for a 4 month contract with the Army Medical Corp to work at Camp Humphrey. Was a single dad of a 7 year old son, who he was leaving with the nanny that raised him. Both of his parents, deceased, no siblings. Very entertaining story from the start. He has all sorts of stress once he gets to Seoul, hates it there, can?t FaceTime or video call as it is against policy on the base and the military has his phone ?altered? after he sends pics against the rules. His laptop ?dies?. He did one voice call, and I pointed out his accent was not remotely from Boston. We chatted almost daily from March of 2020 until early July. He attempted a couple of scams, which I laughingly refused to participate in. 1) he caught Covid, and was admitted to the hospital, and wanted to deposit money into my banking account, in case something happened. I told him to send it to the Nanny, or just mail me a check, I would hold it for him or send it to her if something did happen. Then, he decided 2) he could sell ventilators to a hospital in Dubai, and if I would deposit a certificate of credit into his bank for him, he could come home early. Because he didn?t trust the internet there in Korea . . .He mentioned a bank name while he was trying to convince me this was harmless, and when I search for it on the internet, there was no such bank. I told him that the US Government monitors all large financial transfers in and out of the country, so if it was shady, I would be the one they came after, so no, I was not going to do that, nor was it possible since that wasn?t a real bank anyway. Then, the best one, he claimed the nanny was now sick, and there was no one else, other than her messed up daughter, to go take care of her and his 7 year old son. And she was refusing to go and do that unless he sent her $1000 CASH through fedex. I was rolling with laughter (good thing we only chatted via WhatsApp). He does everything he can to convince me to send cash, even sending me a fake text from her with the address in Baltimore MD, and her name (shouldn?t he know her name?). I told him, no worries at all. You can send her cash from your phone, via western union! No matter what her issue is, she will be able to get to Western Union to pick up cash. After that he never was mad, but he was very ?sick? and he didn?t chat for a few days. During that time, I did a search on that address. What came back was more than disturbing. 4 names, of people that all have criminal records, one for 1 and 2nd degree attempted murder. Over 268 arrests, just for this one person. A cannabis business is also registered to this apartment, and the owner? Not a resident, but listed as Nigerian. None of the residents have the scammers name, phone number or the name of the business owner. So I chatted with ?Richard? for an other week or so, never mentioned what I found out, and the next time he went 4 or 5 days without chatting, I blocked everything. I have been waiting a while to report anything, as I realize the people at that address are the scammers, and possibly are part of the Nigerian group that do this around the globe. I still do not get a hit on the photos he is using. I have the names from the residence in Baltimore, and the most recent WhatsApp chats saved. Screen shot of his twitter and linked in, though the linked in is now gone, along with the initial connection and messages (probably why he uses Linked in). I can provide the names of the people and the Baltimore address for you to see if they match with known scammers. I didn?t want to do this prematurely, I guess I will wait for an admin to contact me for next steps. This was all very entertaining and amusing, right up to when I started reading the heavy duty criminal records of the people in the Baltimore residence and realized the possibilities of the global network. I see that the person reported can provide proof they are not a scammer and be removed, I do not see if you contact them and tell them how they were reported - I have very real concerns about the people that are connected to this.
First name: George T.
Last name: KIng
Aka: Shawn Richardson, Joseph Maxwell
Age: 57
Location: Texas
Phone: 346-760-0493
On websites: Facebook Dating
Report: Pictures stolen from Alexander Kishkin. Messaged me from Facebook dating. Says he is a Senior Business Analyst and a Mechanical Engineer working with Hilcorp Energy. Said he also worked with DrillQuest for a few years back in France before moving to Texas 11 years ago after his mother passed away. She was from Houston while his father from french. Told me to look him up on Google where he actually created a page for himself. He also created a Linkedin page for himself too. Said he grew up in Amiens and usually visited France once a year. He plans on retiring in August and was talking about moving close to me. He sent me several pictures and I was able to find him through google images. He is very polished and has been taking a lot of care with this new scammer name George T King. I found these pictures used for other names as far back as 2015.
First name: Ben
Aka: Stolen Pics from Radiy Khabirov
Age: 65
Location: Cincinnati Ohio
Phone: 216-816-2903
On websites: Sugar Daddy Meets
Report: He contacted me on SDMeets and said he was looking for a long term relationship. After a day he asked for my phone number or hangouts. We spoke there and I asked him to send me some pictures. He did and I found him on scam sites. Pictures stolen from a Russian Politician Radiy Khabirov. I quite messaging him and after 3 days of him messaging and saying he missed me, he sent me two more pictures claiming to be him and his daughter.