First name: August
Last name: Wead
Aka: Halverson David, Thomas Logan, Johnathon Walker, Carl Witt, John Clark, Eddie Nathan, Daniel, Samuel Oliver, Rene Victor Davis, Jeffrey Walker, David Samandi, David Samandi, Mark Hector, Patrick, Larry Steve, Bernard Pearce, Moritz Helmuth, Edwin Philip, Kelvin Greg, Martin Fernando, Williams Owens, William Johnson, Bryan Gabriel, Charles David, Nicholas, Barry Gaines, Fred Williams, Maxwell Frank, King Arthur
Age: 56
Location: Miami, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Amsterdam, Netherlands; New York, USA; Kassel, Germany; Melbourne, Australia; Tempe, Arizona, USA; London, England; New Jersey, USA; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Benson, Arizona, USA; Brussels, Belgium; Hamburg, Germany; Maipu, Chile; Rome, Italy; Bangkok, Thailand; Seattle, USA; Sweden, Maine, USA
Phone: 2348175709603, 3146691743, 905348686379, 12089635114, 330644670936, 19802896935, 2347032404764, 639264824146, 393505651619
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Curtis
Last name: Bonds
Age: 42
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 1 5156087589
On websites: Tagged
Report: Everything was going good. Seemed like the perfect man. Kept asking me about my bank and info. Asking me to buy him a phone or send him money.
First name: Samuel
Last name: Zawanski
Aka: Ivan Colina
Age: 29
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234 803 073 9429
On websites: Upward
Report: He pretended to be in the Marines. One week into talking, he was ?deployed? to Africa on a peacekeeping mission. He wouldn?t be able to talk or make video calls. He ?paid? off my credit cards so I could send him gift cards. When it came time for him to ask for leave, he wanted $32,000 to get here. That is when I knew for sure he was no good.
First name: Erik
Last name: Johansen
Age: 52
Location: New zealand
Address: Cupertino
On websites: Instagram , Hangout
Report: Contacted me on instagram, was a sailer , sweet and handsome man , divorced father, with a 16 year old son. Wanted to meet me, sent me a packet , who i had to pay for , first 300 then it got suddenly stopped in the custody in Denmark and i had to pay tax for it , i stopped there because i am not a fool, who will pay 1500 euro for a packet he said the packed also included his documents that he really needed to get his salery so he could leave the harbour in new zealand and come to me, he also sent me pictures of the things in the package, clothes , jewelery, phone, bags and so on , he sent me alot of pictures of him from work on the ship , he said he wanted to retire to settle down with me , been chatting for months, i also checked up the company who suppose to sent me the packet , but it didnt look serious, i found A similar case on facebook with a packet with similar content. I also tried to call the company , but it was a very strange call , they picked up the phone but didnt talk , just playd music in the background while the sounded like the car was driving
First name: Denis , deny
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Katrina Lopez Moore , David levay
Age: 54
Location: Uk Nigeria
Phone: 4142387991
On websites: Pof
Report: Need to post this man he also pretends to be Nicole Cutler and uses women to speak to men on dating sites as Nicole on POF , Christine , and other dating sites .
First name: Ivan Henry GE
Last name: Asiriuwa
Aka: Ville Valo
Age: 35
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Google Chat and Instagram Facebook
Report: He contacted me on Instagram site following Ville Valo. He told me to go to Google chat. He sent me the exact romance scam letters you have on here. He said he was Finnish singer Ville Valo. He said he secretly married Christel Kardu and she was divorcing him and the court froze all his assets. He needed money to pay his lawyer. He needed money for a plane ticket to come see me. He even answered me with some Finnish phrases as I was studying Finnish on a language app. He?s very smart. He must have read everything about Ville Valo online because he could answer questions. He was also controlling and threatening if I did not do what he wanted or if I blocked him. Don?t believe it?s Ville Valo. I wish it was, but it is not!!!!!
First name: Wilson
Last name: Rose
Aka: Wilson
Age: 62
Location: USA San Jose California
Phone: 669-257-6067
On websites: Tinder
Report: Wilson spoke with me 2 to 4 times a day, every day for 16 months. He claimed to work for Solaris Biotech in Italy and Berkeley, California. He stated he lives in San Jose, California. He will call you Mrs. Rose and ask you to marry him. He had a Liason, Berker Baris Demir, who emailed me a contract so Wilson could be allowed to reenter the USA. Wilson stated he was born and raised in Milan. He has a Milanese accent. He said his deceased father's name is Jason Rose and his mom has cancer. She lives in Milan Italy.
First name: Larry
Last name: Nigel
Aka: LarryNigel31
Age: 60
Location: Syria
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Larry is on the male scammers website. He also is on Instagram. He uses Hangouts to chat while professing his love.
First name: Timothy
Last name: Rophus
Aka: Rob, James Townsend, Kennedy Desmond, Kelvin Alexander, Tron Jonah, Zach Miller, David, Justin Borgstrom, Bryan Osborne, Torres Parker, Benjamin Bruce, Allen Roberts, Hans, Espen Wilson Donald, Charles, Harry Smith, Marco Lorenzo, Emery Lucas, Vernon Desk, Alex, Mark Dona, Kelvin Nelly Anderson, Kelvin Judge, John Herrison, Mark Peterben, Christopher Johnasen, Robert Williams, Ryan Duke, Daniel Goodman, Stephen Allen Price, Richard Wolf, Donnald Talor
Age: 57
Location: Lagos, Nigeria; Absberg, Bayern, Germany; Busan, South Korea; Kansas, USA; Seattle, Washington, USA; Miami, USA; New Jersey, USA; Arizona, USA; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Winton, Dorset, England; California, USA
Phone: 27637069895,5616725778, 447763823675, 61434128748, 8187147771, 16692507665
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Michael
Last name: Scott
Aka: Patrick Mik, John Smith, Jackson Roms, Promise Precious, Gregory Gonzalez, Billy Karinda, Eric Hill, Brent Acree, Michelle Moon, Jeff Chen, Leslie Lung, Hyun Joon, Edwin Jordan, Dickson Oliveira, Clark, Louis Wood, Patrick Shafer, Bruno Mike, Klork, David Lewis, Bryan Scott, Stefan Martins, James Cooper, Michael Noah James, Simon Campbell, Victor Sin, Leo, Johnny Prince Mark, Harris Crystal, Nelson Joe, John Stawson, Simon Callaway, Victor Lahm, John Scott, Melcon Jason, Harris Brad Lee, Anthony Finley, Ron Kittle, Kelvin Hunt, Brett Scott, Douglas Jefferson, Paul Walker, Claud Williams Smith, Mark Steven, Larry Byrne, Lancelot Adams, Dennison Moodle Buckland
Age: 49
Location: Damaskus, Syria; Delaware, USA; Sparks, Nevada, USA; Lund, Sweden; Ascot, Quebec, Canada; Cheadle, England; Texas, USA; Berlin, Germany; Utah, USA; Madrid, Spain; Toronto, Canada; Florida, USA; California, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Valencia, Spain; Strasbourg, France; Houston, USA
Phone: 14057637591, 2349034386121, 7139133016, 3305685596, 15879062623, 19549020733, 9203285045, 7205930058, 2348034007101, 8044452998, 12102484511, 16129309011, 15302372624, 447535500197
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Stevens
Last name: Richard
Aka: Sargent Richard, Richard Stevens
Age: 36
Location: Alabama Birmingham United States
Address: 121 mill street
Phone: 18609710831
On websites: Tiktok , instagram
Report: I met Stevens from tiktok a month ago. Very charming and respectful though his English was off at times and said he was in the army on his last deployment which I never thought anyone from the military has time going on tiktok or any other site. I wasn't feeling it though I went with it moved our conversation to WhatsApp we spoke about life in general he fell in love pretty quickly. I happened to copy paste what he love to do for fun,I found the same exact words on a page I blocked him finally when he asked for my help with sending money to help him eat. He is in the army of course they feed him!
First name: Heather
Last name: Knibbe
Aka: Berwick Ella Rey, Christopher Wallace Wilson, James Welsh, Erikson, Scott, Mark, Thomas Oliver, Derrick Thomas, George Will, Thomas Franchina, George Martin, Bobby Hendrik, John Wilson, David Jabos
Age: 56
Location: Ohio, USA; Askola, Finland; Chicago, USA; Surbiton, England; Paris, France; Texas, USA; Edinburg, Scotland; Lagos, Nigeria; Hamburg, Germany; Missouri, USA
Phone: 16099618248, 13302493418, 16139120789, 447391531344, 17854228294, 447825432715
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Thomas
Last name: Radford
Aka: Dave Martin, David Mason, Wilson, Lucas Clifford, David John, Blindly Blish, Milton Smith, Paul Thomas, Charlie Brown, John Pendro Diego, Bradley Scott, Jameson Park, Cedrick Westbury, Kevin Williams, Michael Cruz, Michael Rob, Cheristian Zubber, Alex, Kip Moore, Walter Benjamins, John Stawson, Joe Marino, Richard Chan, Kelvin Wilson
Age: 58
Location: Stetten, Bayern, Germany; Manchester, England; Zurich, Switzerland; Washington, USA; Hongkong, China; Durham, England; Miami, USA; lagos, Nigeria; Houston, USA; London, England; Kalasin, Thailand; Bangkok, Thailand; San Antonio, USA; New York, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Berlin, Germany; Accra, Ghana
Phone: 09166770832, 14079860827, 19548203476, 2347048791567
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Alfred
Last name: Mark
Aka: Vigil, Johnathan Libby, Morris Micheal, Richard Barkley, Smith Hogli, Joss Juyen, John Smith, Joss Juyen,,, Morris Emerson, Alex Walker, John Marcel, Patrick Kelvin, James Maddof, Walter Johnny, Brain Nicholas, Siew Yoong Ker, John Downing, Donald Hyler, Louis Noah, Andrew Larry, Matt Carnell, Robert Collins, Frank, Eric Roger, James Lee
Age: 56
Location: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia; Jacksonville, USA; Si Chiang Mai, Nong Khai, Thailand; New York, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Houston, USA; California, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Berlin, Germany; Baltimore, USA; Bangkok, Thailand; San Diego, USA; Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 16198005432, 15104736453, 9294141609, 61488892845, 14433437119, 19013218788, 6233491238
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Harry
Last name: Miller
Age: 50
Location: San Diego
On websites: Interpals, Google Chat
Report: This guy started talking to me on Interpals and suggested we talk on google chat. He started a romantic chat but was very cagey on details. He tried a meeting video call and it looked like i was looking at a laptop screen through a phone and the words were out of sync. He asked for a gift card to upgrade his phone - traditional red flag so luckily i lost no money but did lose my confidence and probably a bit of mu heart
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Hunt
Aka: Kyle Weeks, Brandon Weeks, Zind Lee, Godwin Brace, Frank Johnson, Chris Billy, Joshua Donatus, Bryson Carlos, Billy Tolley, Jeong Lee, Smith Brown, Steve Morgan, Terry Armstrong, Chen Yangling, Edward Chen, John Kevin, Lee Hong
Age: 54
Location: Houston, USA; London, England; Damascus, Syria; Arizona, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Las Vegas, USA; Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania, USA; Baker, Florida, USA; Dublin , Ireland; Astra, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 2139297295, 19712641938, 233561344203, 2348080039850, 18722011009
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: John
Last name: Lucas
Aka: Philip Hull
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria
Report: Notification of Bequest In Your Name On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the Estate of Late Philip Hull ,I hereby attempt to reach you again. I wish to notify you that late Philip Hull made you a beneficiary to his will.He left the sum of thirty one Million five Hundred Thousand Dollars.($31,500,000.00 ) to you in the codicil and last testament to his will. This may sound strange and unbelievable to you, but it is real and true. Late Philip Hull until his death was a very industrious man who loved spaceships, photographs,Traveling, also an ex-military, who loved to give out and a devoted christian. His great philanthropy earned him numerous awards during his lifetime, Late Philip Hull died at the age of 71 years.According to him this money is to support your activities and to help the poor and the needy. Please You should fill the information below for more directives 1.Full Name 2.Telephone number 3.Age address/Country 5.occupation 6.Facebook name Yours In Service, John Lucas (Esq) Cotact me on:
First name: Godwin
Last name: Emefiele
Age: 50
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Address: Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way, Central Business District,, Cadastral Zone, Abuja, Nigeria
Report: The Central Bank of Nigeria International Remittance Depart. Headquarters: Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way Central Business District, Cadastral Zone, Abuja, Nigeria. ATTENTION FOR THE ORDER FROM THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA. Provision of Affidavit of Claim Certificate for Legal Cover/ Protection of US$12.5 Million Dollars. Please let me start by apologizing to your humble and noble person, this is because your payment file worth the total sum of us$12.5 Million us dollars was brought to my desk for cancellation which I have to take my time to look into your payment file to know why you're overdue payment should be cancelled and I found out that it was because of your inability to secure your Release Approval Order Certificate (RAOC) that is why they decided to cancel your payment of us$12.5 Million USD. However, due to humanitarian ground and sympathy and because I do not want your payment to cancel, so I immediately called up the president and explain your matter to him as regards to your payment and he personally called up a meeting which was resolved that all payment charges and any payment fee should be reduced to it?s barest menial in order to help you afford the fee. To this end, it will interest you to know that every and any fee/charges required has been reduced to only the sum of $150. us dollars this step is in order to enable you to afford this only fee so that your Release Approval Order Certificate (RAOC) will procure in your name to enhance the immediate transfer of your $12.5 Million USD dollars into your bank account or ATM Master Card will be delivered to your home address Depending on the choice which you wants to receive your money. Please I want you to know that you have from now till the end of this Month to effect the required payment so we can clear, release and effect the transfer of your fund worth us$12.5 Million dollars into your account, So I will advise you to copy below information and address to effect the payment of $150. us dollars through any Ria, Western Union Money Transfer or money gram transfer and send back the payment Receipt to this office immediately the payment is effected. Send the $150. us dollars. We want you to know that we are indeed very sorry for any inconveniences and delay this must have caused you in having your fund paid out to you long before now. You will never ever regret paying the fee this is a promise to you after all your pains in the past as we are here to serve you as our word is our bond to you. Also, reconfirm your personal information and any ID Card for verification. as stated below: 1. Name in full. 2. Address. 3. Nationality. 4. Age. 5. Occupation. 6. Phone No. 7. Present Country. 8. Fax [optional]. 9. Email address. 10. Sex Confirm the receipt of this e-mail by you immediately and be rest assured that you will be smiling to your bank once you comply with the above directives now. Your urgent response to this e- mail now will go a long way in helping us ensure your payment is released to you within 48 hours of you acting as instructed Looking forward to reading your email with the payment details of the required of $150. Email; Yours Faithfully, Mr Godwin Emefiele (CON) Governor Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN)
First name: Johnatan
Last name: Marsh
Aka: John Carter Ogar
Age: 45
Location: Dayton USA
Phone: 23327743073
On websites: Facebook, Instagram
Report: He contacted me on Facebook. We wrote for a month.He asked for money to leave the army and offers marriage.Mr. Marsh's real wife alerted me to the scam.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Flores
Aka: Mason Vasquez, Mason Edwards, Henry Anderson, Narcisus Masibay, Joseph Francisco, Ray Sorensen, Omar Borkan, Greg Thevot, Albert Murphy, Edward Maxwell, Kevin Caray, Nando Malachovski, Leo Thomas, Alain Sommer, Bernard Clark, Eric Mullar, Brenald Williams, Lucas Dominic, James Finnegan, Alex Felix, Ahmed Abubakar, Andrew Grace, Kenneth Pieper, Ninoga Antonio, Ben William, James Moren, Felix Tefue
Age: 56
Location: Abuja, Nigeria; Jamindan, Western Visayas, Philippines; Damascus, Syria; California, USA; Dubai, UAE; Usa River, Tanzania; Kyancutta, South Australia, Australia; Oslo, Norway; San Francisco, USA; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, Thailand; Lagos, Nigeria; Longwood, Florida, USA; Texas, USA; London, England; Brooklyn, USA; Amado, Arizona, USA
Phone: 26879787976, 3146040797, 12898132393, 16074256617, 447520635887, 2349052626261, 4915145100513, 17038141601
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Drewe Scott
Last name: Williams
Aka: Frank Lawson
Age: 58
Location: Texas
On websites: Google chat, Facebook
Report: He took me for $1,450,000.00 All I had. Lost my house, including money from the sale of my farm $950,000.00 Now living in poverty on broken down trailer. No heat or hot water. My home was worth $800,000.00 Even the police could not locate him. He was on Go fish website first. Then Facebook, he used a Google phone number. Extremely smart. Spoke excellent English. Internet is a dangerous place to be, even now there are more scams than ever. Bitcoin scams & online dating scams, business scams identify theft scams. I am 68 years old now with no money or home to my name now. These scammers have no conscience. I hope God will judge them accordingly. Of course these scammers don't believe or care what Gid thinks. Police cannot track him. He is living the good life with my hard earned earnings. Internet was the worst invention ever. Old way of phoning was safe.
First name: Mike
Last name: Herring
Age: 55
Location: UsA
On websites: Instagram
Report: Instagram and chat I got in touch with Mike Herring, he contacted me. Talked in instagrams DM fore a while, but son he wanted the conversation switched to google chat, and I agree. Got me to check up the internet and there were photographs of the person I chatted with. Via MK (the real) instagram he wrote about scammers. I was cheated, the Scammer told me he had a problem with his wife. The scammer wanted me to contribute money to an orphanage. He and some colleagues would help this orphanage, which was close to his heart. When I refused to give him money, he got angry. It ended well, for my part, that I found photographs internet.
First name: Antoni
Last name: Koval
Aka: David Gullett, Philip Gullett, Bill Winters, Bill Johnson, William Fleshman, Charles Bryan, David Porras, Danehen, Steven Keller, Alexander Hans, Moses Scott, Stephan lee, David Michael, Japheth Kings, Brent Tufford, Stewart Ary, Ariyo Gbenga, Franklin Smith, Davis Adalson, Michael Serge, Stanley Jenkins
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan; Miami, USA; Tucson, Arizona, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Bucharest, Romania; London, England; New York, USA; Blato, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia
Phone: 4092020729, 17572962284, 18039981482, 393509145971
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Robert
Last name: Mood
Aka: Robert Hilson, Jakilini Ndune, Kim Ji-hoon, Patrick Shadley, Brian Booth, Micheal Fischer, Zhang Chang, John Pendro Diego, Scott Rozmarenoski, Kylian Ricardo, Smart Ferdinand, David Anderson, David Oil, Randy Moran, John William, Phillip Hajun, Bill Dickson, Moses Hakan Gibson, Berry Black, Gaby Hummel, Duke Stefan, James Antonio, Richard Lukas, Fred Perez, Ryan, Alex Harrison, Kyle Cordima, Alfred Wong, Tavio
Age: 58
Location: Fresno, California, USA; Buckland, Alaska, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Sharan, Afghanistan; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Tennessee, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Vienna, Austria; Washington, USA; Seoul, Korea South; Melbourne, Australia; Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia; Dillingen , Saarland , Germany; Toucheng, Ilan, Taiwan; Seattle, USA
Phone: 639169319321, 15022575202, 254741625614, 12012280075, 7069934399, 2084814961, 6613398430, 6613397241, 44746700648, 48732121157, 61421654178, 18115228163
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Jenkins Moses
Last name: Williams
Aka: Brian, William Kelvin, Mark Ramos, Brandon Nathaniel, Clark Huntlaar, Tico Managol, Barry Kovacova Fernadez, James Asquith, Gerrard, Fredrick, David Louis, Ferdinard Brian Luuk, Austin Andres
Age: 57
Location: Sharan, Paktika, Afghanistan; Abbeville, Alabama, USA; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Los Angeles, California, USA; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Texas, USA
Phone: 19294047917, 17548370835, 61493452779
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Anthony
Last name: Zack
Aka: Jose Betro, Martin Wong, Doe John, Philip Henshaw, Williams Campbell Boris, Kim Parker, Gilbert James, Alex Daniel, Fernando Gnomes Pinto, Kelvin Clerk, Alex Hartmann, Bob Rawlinson, Jiang Marcus, Tony Brown, Bruno Johneson, Marvis Akadu, Pang Harry, Thomas Jamesstone, David Chan, Nelson Joe, Mark Henry, Randy Reece, Frank Dickson, James Tucker, George Morris, Steven Micheal Dye, David Richaards, Robert Lee, Hermann Alvin, Harry Mason, Vivem Scott, Stephen Frank, William Cameron, Peter Fox, William Nelson, Kelvin Erffa, Jacob Mason, Pham Whitney
Age: 52
Location: Artana, Castello, Spain; Kaset Sombun, Chaiyaphum, Thailan; Owerri, Imo, Nigeria; Ancaster, Ontario, Canada; Hamburg, Germany; Aichelberg, Germany; Brooksville, USA; Colorado, USA; Beterou, Benin; Zurich, Switzerland; Singapore; Paris, France; Osaka, Japan; London, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Herndon, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; New York, USA; Maryland, USA; Adelaide, Australia; Los Angeles, USA; Abenberg, Bayern, Germany; Lakeland, Florida, USA; Shiongshui, Hongkong, China; Cambridge, England; Albanel, Quebec, Canada; Dallas, Texas, USA; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Phone: 2348025416998, 17163020480, 17242018406, 19092736209, 393510810987, 601137025334, 17408481144, 7205930058, 13233100190, 12058508895, 4917661055810, 2348139008296, 14156327562, 4790662674, 14026156694, 6622553743, 15053570310
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Alexander
Last name: Morrison
Aka: Alex
Age: 64
Location: UK, Bradford
On websites: Facebook, Bearshare
Report: Writing as I have found his record here. I had a contact with him on Bearshare and Yahoo twenty years ago. That time he told me he was 34. I do not keep his mobile number anymore, but I remember it was one of those you can get online and it is redirected all around the world though it looks like British (+44 71x xx...). I think he is well educated as his English is excellent and his British accent is perfect, which is rare among scammers. He does not behave in an aggressive way and always very kind, rarely makes faults, so that it could be difficult to reveal he is a scammer. I was suspicious, but not sure for quite a long time until he called me from the number located in Afrika. He didn?t do me any harm as all the time, not being sure about him, I played with him as well since there was a group of people on FB that taught others how to recognize a scammer, check him and behave to be safe. And, I was one of the admins, :D.
First name: Donald
Last name: Wills
Aka: Surgeon Donald
Age: 60
Location: Sydney
On websites: Tagged
Report: I met this man on Tagged. After a few messages, he asked for me to join him on Chat. I did this. I asked where he was from, said Sydney Australia, but is in Ukraine war ,working as a doctor. He told me he has a 13 yr old daughter in boarding school in the USA. His wife had passed away .This did raise alarm bells. But I gave him a chance. Then he started pledging his love to me, & wanted to marry me. This i said was far to quick as I didn't really know him. We had chatted for 2 weeks. Tonight he asked me could I help him. I said what kind of help. He said he wanted to leave the Ukraine, & come to me. Then he sent a written essay stating the words I had to say in a reply letter. For him to be granted leave ,it was going to cost money. I told him I had no money. Then he asked me to take out a loan. I said ,I couldn't do that. Then he said he would transfer all his money in my bank account if I gave him my bank details. This I didn't do. I knew at that time, I thought I was dealing with a scammer. This made me very nervous, as I felt pressurised by him, in which I told him so. I haven't heard from him since. I do not believe he is from Sydney Australia. I believe he is from USA. He told me his name was Donald Wills
First name: Allan
Last name: Carlos
Aka: Richard Mike, Richard Wong, Wong Mark, Travis Franklin, Harris Albart, Patrick Morris, John Mark Reyes, William Rucker, Lee Wong, Martinez Chris
Age: 55
Location: Dallas, USA; Sevilla, Spain; Kowloon, Hong Kong, China; Santa Clara, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; New Jersey, USA
Phone: 12602253069, 12092867069, 14242355541, 905338449687, 905338355800
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Ardian
Last name: Florin
Age: 61
Location: Sacramento, CA
Address: 2745 Orchard Lane
Phone: (916)637-0022, +44 7869 978739
On websites: Nextdoor App
Report: He found me on Nextdoor App, and was in neighboring town. But turned out not. He said he's from Albany, a lumber business owner. A month after started talking, he went to Australia for business, got accident, then asked for money. When I refused, he got mad, put guilt trip on me. Then his profile on Nextdoor disappeared.