First name: Ian
Last name: Terry
Age: 62
Location: Ciudad de Luxemburgo, Luxembourg
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: Clinton
Age: 53
Location: Sun City West, AZ
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer ? image stolen
First name: Alan
Age: 50
Location: Houston TX
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Report: Scammer ? images stolen from NASA Austronaut
First name: Michael
Last name: Burman
Age: 55
Location: London, Stockholm
Address: London
Phone: +44 7405010331
On websites:
Report: Pretendent to be in Sweden for Work at the hospital Theo he is to sell hos company, travers to London Has problems, breds to go to Dubai Get stuck Nejds money....
First name: James
Last name: Johnson
Age: 39
Location: Virginia USA
Report: So this individual is black mailing me!! He send me an email on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 and stated: ?I almost lost my modeling job career also by you texting the admin and the manager of that IG account because I know I was also fined, you spoiled my reputation.? First off I NEVER reported this individual!! Like they claim I did! This individual is.conniving LIAR and is looking for some kind of excuse to get there revenge on me!! Second thing is this person is ruining the REAL person reputation!! Who ever this impersonator is, is real clever what there doing and don?t let them fool you. Comes off real nice and bam that?s when they start asking for money and confessing there love to you.
First name: Cory
Age: 47
Location: Dallas
Phone: 281-994-7234
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof stays he?s in Thor my in Dallas
First name: Arthur
Last name: Arnaud
Age: 45
Location: Canada
Address: 1148GyphorsWalk ReginaSaskatchewan
Phone: +15068036536
On websites: linkedin
Report: it is important that i discuss this with you Via e-mail, can i trust you? if yes,then very good. I am currently work with Canada Research Center here in Canada, I am the assistant purchasing manager of my company. There is a product call (GENESIS CORE) It's what my company uses as the active ingredient in the production of medicine in our lab. As i am the assistant purchasing manager of my company, it falls under my portfolio to purchase and make any material available for production when needed. The product is mainly found in Asia. Malaysia, Bangladesh and India to be precise. Now, there was one Mr. Dinesh from Malaysia who used to supply this material to my company, but unfortunately, we lost him five months ago due to the fact that my company find out that he is selling the product to us at a very higher rate and its really affecting my company financially. And that has lead to underproduction in the production rate of medicines in my company. Just recently, my close friend who is working with Japanese based pharmaceutical company in UK told me that such product is available in your Country at a very cheaper and affordable rate. She told me that her company normally buy the product from India at the rate of $2950us dollars from one Dr. Mrs. Karuna, Hindustan Agro International from your country . My company has budgeted to purchase this product and i would like you to act as the main local dealer of the material because my company does not know the dealer and all the arrangements of the purchasing of the material is under my table as i am the assistant purchasing manager. The good thing is that nobody from my company knows the local dealer nor has her contact information except me. My plan is that your acting as the local dealer of the product from the Indian dealer buy at the rate of $2950usd per packets and resell to my company at the rate of $4800usd per packets. I want you to understand that my company will take the responsibility of the bulk order in this business. When the material is been confirmed, My company will ask you for a bulk order of 500 packets and an advance payment of 50% will be paid directly to you upfront to help you facilitate the arrangement of the material . And this is a continues business as it take place for every three months. The profit of the business will be shared equally between us. I shall forward to you the contact of the India local dealer of the product once you show interest in this. If you can handle a genuine business I will give you more detail. Looking forward to hearing from you soon..... Thanks. Arthur Arnaud
First name: Alex
Last name: Avram
Aka: Jay, Austin, Alexander
Age: 69
Location: Long Beach, WA
Phone: 424-283-6998, 281-624-5014, #011-61-480-023-299
On websites: Match, Facebook
Report: May 17, 2020 was the first time I saw Alex Avram on I received a FREE MESSAGE so I inquired. Later that day he responded stating he was very happy to meet. We chatted on and off for about the course of 3 weeks. During this time we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. Very polite and talked about life in general. Had to go to California a few days after meeting online and stated he'd like to meet after his business trip. OK, so during his California meeting had to meet with Investors from the UK and Australia later that weekend. He travelled to Sydney, AU to have this other meeting. At the time I didn't question but then he had to go to New Zealand where his mother was residing with Aunt. She supposedly had leukemia and wasn't taking medicine and was taken immediately to hospital on May 29, 2020. He left his meeting in Sydney to rush to his mother. She died on May 31, 2020 and his Aunt was so distraught she was taken ill and put in a coma (?). The Aunt recovered and he had to plan the funeral (which he didn't know how to start) as he told me over the phone. Funeral plans made and were on June 4, 2020. He left June 5, 2020 to return to Sydney to conclude business. He left Sydney on June 6, 2020 to meet with an Investor (that came to NZ for mothers' funeral) and he had to meet him in Dubai. Off he went to Dubai. He called to say he was there and would get back to me soon. Well over the course of 3-4 days didn't hear a word other than an email stating he needed my assistance. It was not money that he was after but my full name and place of residence. The reason for this was to have the Investors send me the Certificates (which he could not put in his name, as, he was not fully released from CommonWealth International Investments (which he also stated he gave 20 days notification of release of his involvement with them on June 5, 2020.) He needed me as someone who was not his wife (nor had his name) so he could be involved with the NEW Investor in Dubai and his affiliates. Well, I never gave him this information but questioned him on all the details which he said it was nothing illegal. But, he never explained or phoned me so we could talk. I also believe that his picture is not WHO HE IS. I did a very in-depth search and found the MAN and PICTURE of whom he was stating it was HE. Well, I did skype once maybe twice, but the picture was a little distorted but it
First name: Joe
Last name: McKane
Aka: Joseph McKane
Age: 55
Location: Pennsylvania
Address: 102 Oak Ridge Drive,Milforde.PA
Phone: 845-283-9051
On websites: Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat,Twitter, Youtube, Dark Web.
Report: Joe McKane is currently aggressively stalking my best friend, myself and mutual friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook messenger. He lures women in via his Cinik Radio Podcast on Youtube and on Facebook messenger. He extorts them for money. If he does happen to meet women in person there have been two alleged accounts of sexual assault and common assault perpetrated by this individual. He is making multiple fake Facebook accounts to scam and stalk his victims using illegal TOR maleware. He has been sending illegal Russian porn and kiddie porn to many people via Facebook. He has sent death threats to many people and will not stop.The police have been notified but are not doing much to stop him.
First name: Jacob
Last name: Holger
Aka: Holger Jacob
Age: unknown
Location: Aarhus Denmark, Denver Colorado USA, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia & Edmonton Alberta Canada
Phone: +60 10 951 8913
On websites:, WhatsApp & Facebook
Report: This man here is a dating scammer and he stole photos off a Czech man who lives in Prague Czech Republic, as a former Czech Freestyle Skier who participated in aerials and Host/Hostess at Ceska televize. This scammer said to me in WhatsApp online that he is originally from Denmark but now he lives in Denver Colorado USA. He is currently working in Malaysia as a Structural Engineer and he told me about he's job he specializes in maintenance and installation of pipelines. He has been divorced for three years and he has one daughter. He divorced he's ex wife because of her infidelity. He also gave me he's fake Facebook profile it says he lives in Edmonton Alberta Canada what a mixed up!!