First name: Kim
Last name: Chun Mun
Aka: Wiso Wagno, Don Davis, Kendrick, Jeremiah Walsh Smith, Kim Jesta, David Lawrence, Henry Garcia, Isaac Linski, Maxwell Elliot, John Mckinley, John Snyder, Jeff Snyder, Thomas Cole, Williams Swazler, Greg Lambert, Ahmed Kelvin, Justin Bergner, Owen David, Josh Steven, David Nicholasdima, George Peterson, David Good, James Mills, Jason Robinson, Marcus Walker, Harley James, Michael Williams, Ken Adams, Jeffrey Ballad, Patrick Davidson, James Panda
Age: 58
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Peking, Beijing, China; Meppel, Netherlands; Geneve, Switzerland; Tiba, Japan; Zurich, Switzerland; Famagusta, Cyprus; Dakar, Senegal; Los angeles, USA; London, England; New York, USA; Ohio, USA; California, USA; Gdynia, Pomorskie, Poland
Phone: 17602488950, 447441412458, 17736357862, 17546001367, 17472317494, 7037492560, 19297862718, 18188619856, 9142943928
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: David
Last name: Fiona
Aka: Alex Gomez, Pedro Rolan, Brian Dorothy, Nathan Strong, Michael Freeman, Steven Cheng, Desmond Cheng, Wiktor Siwik, Raul Brenton, Harris, Mark Robert, Ben Camer, George Luke Evans, Akihiro
Age: 58
Location: New York, USA; Rome, Italy; Milan, Italy; Berlin, Germany; Miami, FL, USA; Suleja, Nigeria; Los Angeles, USA; Tilbury, England; Kharkiv, Ukraine; Oslo, Norway
Phone: 393881291364, 7865059309, 6573013853, 0480048285, 380976478252
Email:,,,, Lipno, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland;,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Chris
Last name: Owen
Aka: Bruce Weave, Daniel Rockwell, Ken Gonzalez, David Clark, Hutton Philips Fred, Mark David, David Hilton, John Rex, Mark Milley, Wong Chin, Wong Aziz, Andy Halford, Joe Declan, Charles Rayes, Patrick Wesley, James Henderson, Paul Thompson, John Byerly, Marcco Iyan, Eric Wong, James Martins, Mark Carter, Chris Lucas, Albert Clifford, James Haller, Jeff Anderson, Michail Adrian, Elias Fenwick, Daniel Hudson, Min Jun, Philip Robertson, Paul Francisco, Frank Johnson, Rowland Jay, Scott Antonio, Antonio Martinez, Kenny Green, Michael Donald, David Waltson, John Page, Walsh Smith, Peter Russell, Micheal Stevendye, Ernestine Brooks
Age: 57
Location: Houston, USA; Damascus, Syria; California, USA; London, England; Buffalo, NY, USA; New York, USA; Texas, USA; Osaka, Japan; New jersey, USA; San Antonio, USA; Paris, France; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Seoul, South Korea; Bratislava, Slovakia; Lisbon, Portugal; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Tokyo, Japan; Lagos, Nigeria; Newton, New Jersey, USA; Brooklyn, USA; Brookeville, Maryland, USA; Halland, Sweden
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Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Rob
Last name: Cole
Aka: Robert
Age: 53
Location: Russia
On websites: Hangouts
Report: He scams for money first gift cards like apple iTunes, Google play stream He claims to be an independent contractor work on an oil rig in Russsia. He shows pics of an Irish man similar to the ones on this app. He says he lost his wife in a car accident & his daughter died of Covid. He?s taking care of his grandson or so he says.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Weeks
Aka: Micheal Snyder, Danny Kim, Thuy Paul, Thomas Henny Williams, John Williams, Kim Jose, Youn David, Dawn Greg, Lukas Faber, David Richard, William Fields, Jordan Allen, Leo Albert, Sotelo Smith, James Kort, James Booker Brown, Bernard Dren, Henderson Park, Paul Sparrow, Steven Copeland, James Morgan, Fredrick Holmes, Bernd Wallisch, Michael Frank, Charles Bedford, Gustavo Mateo, Gregg Franklin, James Roland, Jason Kaufman, William Jack Jay, Maxi Mclement, Fred Brayan, Jerry Ramirez, William Carroll, Steven Lucas, Chukwuebuka Buka Pee, Bryan Rollins, Zhang Wu, Amber Smith, Sealy James, Colins Ferrells, Ted Allen, Chris Lukas
Age: 60
Location: Houston, Texas, USA; Texico, New Mexico, USA; Metepec, Mexico, USA; New York, USA; California, USA; Washington, USA; Frankfurt, Germany; Kyiv, Ukraine; Liverpool, England; Texas, USA; Chicago, USA; Illinois, USA; London, England; Ash Fork, Arizona, USA; Kassel, Germany; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Dubai, UAE; Ban Tak, Tak, Thailand; Lagos, Nigeria; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 2139297295, 7203107712, 18065450812, 447931360721, 27670546626, 14313044882, 17812300443, 15052186494, 18102790928, 3204347195, 19092431759, 5014380690, 447978335411, 16303963085
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Mark
Last name: Statham Cunningham
Age: 49
Location: California
Phone: +1 (949) 542-6491
On websites: Whatsapp, Instagram
Report: This man contacted me on instagram on Christmas night. He did the same with another friend of mine, and with several other women. We started chatting and switched to whatsapp. In a few days he was telling me that he was falling in love and that he wanted to start a family because he was raising his daughter only because his wife had fallen into drugs. That he was born in the UK but lives in CA and that he was working in Berlin, and later in Dubai, but that he wanted to come and meet me in my city so that we could meet and if everything came up, he wanted me to marry him and go live to California with him. He sent me photos of him and his family. he sent me texts that corresponded to another woman because in those messages she said that she was in China, but as soon as I asked her she deleted them and gave me an excuse. He says that he is an electrical engineer. The same messages were written to my friend, and to other women changing the place where he was working. He sometimes got confused and sent me photos of his sister saying that she was a friend, other times a relative... many lies that escaped him. I was an idiot and I didn't want to see it. We had many live phone conversations. Many. I fell like an idiot. And one day he suddenly disappeared from my instagram, from my whatsapp and never replied to my hangout messages, which was the last application we were talking about.
First name: Curtis
Last name: Hawkins
Aka: Chris Edgar
Age: 47
Location: Florida
Phone: +1 (561) 927-5008
On websites: Instagram
Report: Update to my report to Chris Edgar. Today I found a picture of this man in the new scammer reports as Curtis Hawkins, so probably you could put the reports together. I can add also a photo and a screenshot of his Instagram profile to proof that it is the same man on the photo of Curtis Hawkins.
First name: Mike
Last name: Thomas
Age: 56
Location: Amarillo texas
Phone: 731-470-0230
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof is working in poland
First name: Sunny
Last name: Bill
Aka: Kim Huang, James Hamilton, Gabriel Johnson, Leo Wyatt, Sung Wong, Justice Ozuma, Eric, Josh Steven, Jeph Henderson, Jeffrey Thomas Martin, Collins Jackson, Philip Don Charvey, Korie Festus, Joseph Akeke, Patrick Ford, Kim Anders, Guss Milton, Brett Hart
Age: 55
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Phone: 2348104726356, 2543465617, 17745521046, 15715443634, 5204644659, 5625433178
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Brett
Last name: Baxter
Aka: Wellam Zack, John Anderson, Nicholas James, Nicholas Lee, Desmond James, Emma William, Fernando Malachovski, John Harrison, Adam William, Murphy Lucas, Geem Jaewoo, Liucheng Steven, William Scott, Chadwick Moreno, Chris Albert, Mark Smith Jerry, Benson Wallace, Liam David, Asiwa Jude, Andy Harry, Alex Moreau, David Bill, James Bamford, David Smith, Steven Townsend, Patricia Diaz, Mike Greyham, Jonas Pedro, Austin Clark, Fedrick Tambaya, Frank Lawson
Age: 57
Location: New York, USA; Colorado, USA; Alberta, Alabama, USA; Anvik, Alaska, USA; London, England; Berlen, Germany; Dallas, TX, USA; Hawaii, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Bangkok, Thailand; Afton, Texas, USA; Arapiraca, Alagoas, Brazil
Phone: 13474801231, 3525759978, 447425352367, 13462090455, 2348120291506, 447438104904, 9712488590, 15592061564, 7707271687, 3199751702, 7204775519
Email:,,, Hudsommarcel668@gmail com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Denis
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Katrina
Age: 49
Location: New york
Phone: 4242387991
On websites: Pof, christine, okcupid
Report: Name named Denis Alex Morgan is pretending to be a Nicole Cutler and ask for money from men on POF and other dating sites
First name: David
Last name: Miller
Age: 59
Location: Aleppo, Los Angeles
On websites: Facebook
Report: Borjade gilla mina bilder pa FB, blev misstanksam efter att tidigare blivit scammed. Bilden tillhor General Austin S. Miller Sager sig komma fran LA men bor i Syrien
First name: Michael
Last name: White
Aka: Harry Scott, Harrison Yepes Andrea, Christian Verdier, George Murphy, Christian Philips, Walton Johnson, Rowland Jay, Fred Brayan, Fedrick Tambaya, David Osborne, Marko Newton, Hamdan Khalifa, Bryan Williams, Jefferson Scott, Raymond Burge, Francesco Polito, Meri Nguyen, Agnes Murphy, Jason Osmond, Pedro Lucas, James Dolphh
Age: 59
Location: Los Angeles, USA; New York, USA; Andal, Senegal; Angouleme, France; Sydney, Australia; Berlin, Germany; Ontario, Canada; Alamba, USA; Brooklyn, USA; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Fresno, California, USA; Sveti Nikole, Macedonia
Phone: 15633167312, 14092340165, 14076551932, 13412016227, 447978335411, 2084172214, 447915602410, 447440318828, 447517006771
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Adam Greg
Last name: Robert
Aka: Adam Robert Johnson
Age: 49
Location: USA
Address: Ohio, Seatl
On websites: Hangouts, Facebook
Report: He claims to be a German living in the US, supposedly working on an oil rig in Norway... She says she has a dog named Milo, a brother who has an addiction problem...
First name: Daniel
Last name: Deneese
Aka: deneesedaniel
Age: 42
Location: Afganistan or Pakistan
Phone: 612-470-7330
On websites: Words with friends, Hangouts, Whatsapp
Report: Creating this to help a friend who was scammed by a criminal they met through the Words With Friends app. The victim was groomed over a couple months in late 2021 before the demands for money began. This fraud has since been reported to authorities. The scammer was using the identity of Daniel Deneese, claiming to be with the American army based in Pakistan or Afganistan.? No one by that name exisits in the?DFAS or Veterans databases.
First name: John
Last name: Maleo
Aka: Kelvin, Charles Dawson, James Albert Tracht, Daniel Blood, Corby Maupin, Eden Montalvo, Hendry Scott, James Hendry, William Jorge, Ivan Wallace, David Brown, Philip John Zalesky, Manual Powell, Julian Arroyo, Michael Scott, Edward Massingale, Andrew James Baldwin, Micheal Scales, Stephen Blanco, Michael Peter, Robert Baca, Alison Lewiston, Claywood Mckinney, Julio Andreas, Michael Frank, Christopher Owen, Thompson Leon, Alexander Mark, Wilson Jeffrey, Eric Kyung, Bryan Rockwell, Leon Jay, Obehi Frank
Age: 56
Location: Hwasun, Chollanam, Korea South; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Durham, England; Santa Ana, California, USA; Alabama, USA; Frankfurt, Germany; Iranshahr, Iran; Texas, USA; Jarocin, Wielkopolskie, Poland; Cavite, Southern Tagalog, Philippines; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France; New York, USA; Herat, Afghanistan; London, England; Accra, Ghana; Los Angeles, USA; Oslo, Norway; Rome, Italy; Atlanta, USA; Walcott, Iowa, USA; Sydney, Australia; Ottawa, Canada; Miami, USA; Hawaii, USA; New Orleans, USA; Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 2348071118416, 14692510484, 5856537122, 5039746324, 14092922118, 2348101312569, 12134972866, 9172750564, 256777333950, 18038231508, 13477869985
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Brian
Last name: Cortez
Aka: Lucas Joger
Age: 60
Location: Irving, TX & Woodhaven, MI
On websites: Imstagram Facebook
Report: This man ..promised the world to a female senior citizen family member but she was smarter than to fall for his games. She's got a broken heart now but it could have been alot worse.
First name: Robertson
Last name: Herr
Age: 39
Location: Miami, Florida
Phone: 3045082775
On websites: Facebook , instagram, TikTok
Report: A guy named Robertson Herr friend requested me on Facebook messenger we had been talking for sometime. he told me his wife died 4 years ago from breast Cancer nd how he is in the military a secret agent in Nigeria he lives in Miami Florida his grandma raised him because his parents left him, he is a only child etc. then on Thanksgiving I got blocked. Then about 2 weeks later he hits me up on Instagram giving me a phone number to get ahold of him. He proceeded to tell me that his account was hacked nd asked me to help him set up a new tiktok account because he was having problems
First name: Brian
Last name: Steven
Age: 45
Location: Indiana
Phone: 5083061595
On websites: Woo Plus, Hangout
Report: He claims he works for ONU as project manager.. After a couple of weeka chatting and of course saying he loves you then he did a trip to Canada and asked for $500 as he forgot his medical supplies.
First name: Andy
Last name: Ramirez
Aka: Eric Lopez, Godson Lopez
Age: 50
Location: Los Angeles
Address: 377 Edsel Road, Oakhurst Los Angeles 90014
Phone: 15089367699
On websites:
Report: This man connected me on LinkedIn by the name of Andy Ramirez in Nove, 2021. Later I also found that he has other LinkedIn accounts by the names of Godson Lopez. He stated that he is working now on a military base in Turkey as a contractor - repairing helicopters. He told me he was a waelthy person, living in a big house in Beverly Hills. He wants to retire after his last job and woud like to live with me and provide me a comfortable life. He said that due to poor network connection he wanted me to transfer money from his bank account to a spare part provider. He has given me the access codes and I could transfer the money from his account to the spare part seller. Later his bank account became inactive - I was asked to send emails to his bank and clarify the situation. Bank was asking for 17k USD registration fee at IMF in order to activate his bank account. He asked me to lend him this amount and transfer the money to IMF whuch I did. After this his ank stated that a Certificate of Origin needed to be issued also by the ECCB. This would have cost 40k USD. He again asked from me this amount but I refused to provide him. Finally he asked 13k USD for a sofware that he needed for a helicopter repair. I also refused his request. I told him I know that he is a scammer. He denied it. I used image recognizers and found out that he also appears on different dating sites. He is always using the picture of US Colonel Eric Lopez.
First name: Scott
Last name: Walter
Age: 63
Location: USA
Phone: 407-476-8214
On websites: POF
Report: I have received emails from this person that are exactly like the emails this site has posted from a scammer named Andrew Robert to Catherine. Word for word. Only this time, I was able to link a Scott Walter to Rhone Global Financial Services from a site that showed his company photo ID. So they are using the identity of a real person in this same scam. He probably doesn't even know it. I am sending word to him through that site to try and warn the real Scott Walter.
First name: Robert
Last name: Smith
Aka: Dan Nelson, Chima Ugorji Chekwas, Donald Hernandez, Bobby Dodge, John Caquilino, Roger Scott, Micheal Joe, Francis Goh, Ronald Cheong, Ronald Chong, Ronald Yong, Tang Leong, Richie Zhang, Mahmoud Aboelgheit, Tony Anderson, Austin Allen, Jason Hamic, Joseph Ben, Alexhan, James Wass, Frank Chi, Mason Clark, Marek Golas, Mark Wong, Luca Armstrong, Ben Peters, Carol Hughes, Jason Hamic, James Spicer, Robert Powell, Noah Milan, Lucas Finn
Age: 57
Location: Hamburg, Germany; Alexander, New York, USA; Miami Beach, Florida, USA; Canberra, Australia; Abenberg, Bayern, Germany; Aynoumane, Senegal; New Jersey, USA; Huston, Texas, USA; California, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Berlin, Germany; Munich, Germany; Beijing, China; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Kachin, Nigeria; Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada; Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada; Singapore, Singapore; Paris, France; Sanaa, Yemen
Phone: 19157398849, 15672080711, 22898505712, 61480008956, 6582625728, 6588973843, 905360552368, 14038301034, 1805883001, 447876491085, 17344309180, 2136525770, 601172467316, 12058311826, 16364392585, 3239219501
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dr Mark.richadowong@gmail.con,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: David
Age: 54
Location: Vancouver
Phone: 7782162360
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Scammed me through Bitcoin?want to know if this happened to anyone else. This f***** needs to be taken down?.disgusted with myself. I am a single mom with a child with a disability
First name: Derrick
Last name: Brian
Aka: Espen Christopher Stevens , Benson Kelvin, Brian Derrick, Gates, Nathaniel Adne Eriksen, David Davis, Lucas Graham, Nicolas Flamel, Alexandros Nicholson
Age: 50-60,
Location: Los Angeles , Hamburg, Essen, Bradley, King City
Address: 93426
Phone: +19492031802, +19492347758
On websites: ,
Report: This guy who appears on the photos is a scammer and sadly I have to admit I fell for him and got scammed . I have spent quite a lot of time trying to track him down and these are all the names I came across with the pictures used. He has several FB accounts as Derrick Brian & Brian Derrick stating he is from Perth Australia and lives in Los Angeles. He is on Pinterest as Lucas Graham, Twitter as Benson_Kelvin, and on one dating site as David Davis, another as Gates. I just want to warn people not to send this guy any money what so ever. Derrick Brian claims to have a daughter named Amanda his wife died when giving birth to their second child. He claims to be a Doctor of Surgeon working for varies helporganisations. Latest post in Yemen. He is a smooth talker and takes his time. Ladies be aware ...
First name: Peterson
Last name: Brown
Aka: Peterson Liam Brown
Age: 61
Location: Bamako Mali, Africa. Orlando, FL
On websites: Word wars. Hangout
Report: He claimed to be a Major in us army special forces. Part of Nato EU. Claimed he loved me after a month. Said he was in combat zones a lot. Lost many of good men. He plays the part very well. Sent me very few pics. I was stupid but i knew all along and just played along. After a while started asking me for ebay cards that he could use for units to keep in contact with me. O did send some. It ended wen he supposedly was retiring and was due to fly out of africa on dec.10th back to the states. His last thing was asking me to get him a cell phone and mail it to him so he doesn't lose contact with me. Wen i said no i have not received a word since. He is a low life coward.
First name: Maxwell
Last name: Williams
Aka: Harrison Paker, Michael Justin, Wallace Currey, Eric Marker, Anthony Mastrangelo, Hector Bruce, Harrison Slater, Mark Welsh, Joshua George, Benas Collymore, Jerry Dennis, Peter Romero, Luke George Evans, Samuel Thomas, Greg Anderson, Johnson Rogers, Ryan Martin, John Angels, Clinton Patrick, Wong Wei, Hoang Seng, Tony Dohrman, Ryan Kinson, John McClay, Sagbah Elvis, Jacob Davidson, Agustin Laut, Jonathan Fletcher
Age: 57
Location: Lagos, Nigeria; Kachia, Nigeria; Milan, Italy; Denver, USA; Austin, Texas, USA; Munich, Germany; Arkansas, USA; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Sutton, England; Pescantina, Veneto, Italy; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; Nong Khai, Thailand; London, England; Washington, USA; Ugoofaaru, Raa, Maldives; Los Angeles, USA
Phone: 16182073259, 7163241843, 7242783372, 15513513416, 353899831302, 447441418360, 233572081492, 16145949042, 8024687846, 19514444952
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Wyatt
Last name: Kennedy
Aka: Erik Douglas
Age: 56
Location: Hilo, Hawaii
Phone: 415-888-0845
On websites: word with friends
Report: Wyatt contacted me thru Words with Friends. Stated his name was Erik Douglas. He was from Norway and came to US when 14 with his mother. Said he lived in Hilo, Hawaii and was a widower. His wife died 8 years ago. He is an independent architect. Became romantic very quickly. We talked for about a month and he won a contact on an oil rig in the Atlantic. After he was on the rig for a month, stated his test of the equipment faulted. In order for him to get off the rig by Dec 22nd, he would need to replace the pipe; otherwise, he would have to stay on the rig until Feb 22nd. He gave me wiring instructions to send him $60,000. He tried multiple stories to get me to wire money to a Chase bank in Manhattan, NY. Thank God I found your website and found his pic. I also found out that architects are never required on rigs.
First name: Lonnie
Age: 53
Location: Kearney, Nebraska
On websites: Facebook dating
Report: He asked me if I had a credit card to help him get an inheritance from his lawyer
First name: Kyle
Last name: Hurley
Aka: Thomas Riley, George Brain Tracht, Jack Morshower, James Boyce, David Frank
Age: 53
Location: Arizona, USA; Acton, California, USA; Bremen, Germany
Phone: 18133586720, 14438056644
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Kyle
Last name: Walter
Age: 39
Location: Usa
Phone: (904) 658-0833
On websites: Whatsapp,
Report: I met this man on, he claimed to be a SSGT Marine. We added eachother 9n whatsapp because supposedly that's the only way he could communicate. Pictures were sent back and forth. After watching the famous show catfish I try to not be naive and have my guard up. So I started looking at the pics more and more and started image searching. I noticed a sweater he was wearing and searched the organization and found it on Instagram. The real Kyle was not a US Marine. He has a family and was posting daily. I knew deep down the man I was talking to was not who he said. Yes he asked for money through bitcoin. He claimed it was for his leave. I haven't sent the money and now I have cut our conversations short.