First name: Harold
Last name: Shawn
Aka: Morris
Age: 47
Location: Reston, Virgina, USA
On websites: Brazil Cupid
Report: This man send me this message; Ola querida, Eu sou Sr. Harold SHAWN MORRIS Acabei de ler o seu perfil e eu realmente gosto dele, por favor, podemos ser amigos? voce pode por favor me envie o seu endereco de e-mail privado para que eu possa escrever-lhe e dizer mais sobre mim mesmo. Meu e-mail e, eu tambem ira enviar as minhas fotos para o seu e-mail. Obrigado e espero aqui de voce em breve Hello dear, I am Mr HAROLD SHAWN MORRIS I just read your profile and I really like it, please can we be friends? can you please send me your private email address so that I can write you and tell you more about myself. My email is, i will also send my pictures to your email. Thanks and hope to here from you soon Morris April 8, 2014 2:55 PM
First name: Jack
Last name: Reed
Aka: Michael Pierre
Age: 43
Location: London, UK
Address: UB4 0HF
Phone: +44 7700 3094 48
On websites: Yahoo., Skype
Report: Ladies, be careful with his sweet talk... I was noticed when he posted his son pictures and I kew that he is scammer .. I am glad that I can share this in here . I met him on FB request as a friend, but when I took a look on his son pictures, it remind me the actor Zachary Gordon, who played A Diary f Wimpy Kid... that's ' stupid of him to post that picture ... Later on he communicate with me via Skype using his uniform as a engineering at oil companies.. but his photo edit so badlly... I even can recognize him using Photoshop...
First name: Dennis
Aka: unknowndennisd4u70929H
Age: 54
Location: Long Beach, CA
Email: IDK
On websites:
Report: I have not corresponded but saw his picture in uniform and decided to google the picture. That is when this site appeared with the same picture he is using on
First name: JAMES
Last name: MCNEILL
Age: 42
On websites: skype
Report: this man is single has son is field engneer in mediterranean sea
First name: David
Last name: Murphy
Age: 59
Location: new york new york usa
Report: This man is known by a few names: Terry Blay David Young Williams W Peter H Garlin David Martin claims to be a military foot dr in Afganistan and has a son Romeo in Accra Ghana
First name: andreas peter
Last name: kells
Age: 49
Location: the UK,London
On websites:,,
Report: This man introduced himself as an engineer that works in sea. He always has contact through chat on but he has no camera at all. He explained the reason of the absense of his cam by his work conditions. But at the one moment he sent a message on my mail and informed me that he cant get his money( the sum of 1 mln euro) for his work in 2012 in Ghana, Africa. And then his financial consultant fron Accra Dr.Philip Quansah appeared with his own documents. Dr. Philip with Andreas Peter Kells together scammed me some money for the diplomatic delivery of the briefcase with cash . To my regret I found your site very late but I think its very useful.
First name: Eric
Last name: Dawson
Aka: Neymar, Charlie
Age: 51
Location: Los Angeles
On websites:
Report: I just joined after having a bad experience with Speed Date. Not more than 20 minutes from the time my profile posted then I was being contacted but 30-40 different men. This one stood out, said all the right things. But since I was previously burned I signed up here. I did a search on this fellow and his letter to me and guess what? The letter matches word for word.!
First name: Frank
Last name: Rob
Aka: Williams Sarah
Age: 47
Location: Dublin Ireland
Phone: +447521128370 +447873699250
On websites: facebook, twitter
Report: This scammer first approached me on Facebook in late Nov 2012 but I did not notice his message. Until late July 2013, he messaged me again. We started to chat with facebook message. He sent me emails telling me he came from Dublin Ireland and working as a Marine Engineer in Arco Marine. His wife passed away due to cancer and he is surviving with a 7-year old son called Sam. Later in August 2013, he told me that his job needed him to travel to Australia for 1 month. After arriving Australia, he would fly direct to my place to meet me. Then in late September 2013, he told me that his ship got serious problem and there was sea pirates from Indonesia blocking the sea and its unsafe to continue sailing. He would call the the security company to deliver his safe box to me and ask me to keep it for him until he is safe. So after 2 days the so-called security company called me and said there was a safe box from Frank Rob to me and asked me to pay for the insurance. I did not notice it's a scam so I have the payment done at once. A week later, the security company told me that the Malaysia Customs found that there was a lot of money inside the box when they trying to leave the Malaysia Airport. I told the security company I did not know there was money inside. I only knew that there was some important documents. The company said I needed to get the Inernational Monetary Transfer Certificate and Anti-Drug / Territorist Certificate too. I paid again. A week later, the company called again and said the Custom needed me to pay for the tax. I said I have no money. I called Frank Rob and told him I did not have money. I would not help me anymore. Then he told me he wanted to commit suicide if he could not get his safe box back cos the documents inside were very important to him. It was his late-wife's memories. He kept telling me he would die and asked me to take care of his son. He kept bothering me with tears. I felt so boring and frustrated. I did not think too much about the scam, I only pity his son cos he already lost his mother. So I helped him again and again. But this heartless scammer made use of my kind-hearted and finally scammed all my money. Since I have money withheld by the Alliance Islamic Bank of Malaysia cos of something wrong in the processing of Bank Transfer before, the Malaysia bank said the beneficiary could not be contacted. Maybe the bank also noticed he is a scammer. But the scammer even called me and asked me to contact my bank to release the money to his account in March 2014. I rejected and then he blocked me from his facebook.
First name: david
Last name: elkayam
Age: 59
Location: lagos
Address: 2465 Lake whatcom blvd Bellingham, Washington USA
Phone: 3204335397
On websites: AYI (are you interested)
Report: This person as reported by Jane told me of the same story. He has a contract in cairo egypt with egyptian electricity holdings Last February . An engineer. Then lost his tools stolen by taxi driver in cairo. Able to finish work but need to pay tax of 30k so his pay can be transferred to his account. Asked help from me, already calling me honey and my wife, to raise 10k as his daughter has already sent him 20k. Even mentioned t g at his pay of3m is deposited to Flanders bank in cairo Egypt. Website for this bank is the phone number on this site is from New York. Then gave me a number to call the bank +201123272560. He also gave me username an password for his account in this bank. I was able to access the alleged account and all the info about him and his daughter as next of kin was there. Home address as stated. He has become more sophisticated and really upset that I don't help him. I checked list of banks in egypt no such bank. Picture he sent me looks different from one in the site now.
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: Michael Johnson
Age: 61
Location: London, Barcelona, Syria
Address: Willesden, London unknown
On websites: POF, facebook
Report: Also has a facebook account in the name of Alexanda Finn, from Zurich but living in Oakland, Cslifornia
First name: Richard
Last name: Conners
Age: 41
Location: USA, Medford, OR
On websites: How about We
Report: This man got me to email him and was trying to get me to drive up to meet him at his home in the Applegate Valley, 12 miles east of Meford. He sent me photos of a boat and a house, which he downloaded from the Internet. After using the Google image search tool, I was able to find out every image he sent me was from the Internet.
First name: David
Last name: Brown
Age: 60
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Email: ?
On websites: Facebook
Report: He say to be a Doctor in Afghanistan and are on a contrcact. work on USA Amy General Commander Study John Carroll University in Cleveland Ohio.......Have contarct money on a bank in UK......seams to be have some trouble with it..I have mail to forward about it......
First name: Michael
Last name: Smith
Age: 51
Location: Manchester UK Denmark Western Australia
Phone: +447053842695 +234 70511609068 ?
On websites: Facebook
Report: He is in Nigeria waiting for have the clearing Fee changed with 20% so he need about 4,200? from me.....
First name: Bob
Last name: Grant
Age: 55-65
Location: Carlisle close in London
Phone: +4477-044-4294 +447513810176
On websites: Top Face
Report: He was on Top Face.....Work on ship on sea north of London......Wanted move to Sweden buy a house or Appartment.......He have a agent Kerry Whittaker I should call on this number talk to and give my number for my bankaccount. The agent should inform me how I should do......On a search on the photos he was very like a person with name Bob Dudlee Vice President for BP.......
First name: Jack
Last name: Thompson
Age: 44
Location: Kabul Afghanistan Houston Texas
Phone: 7134912584
On websites: facebook
First name: Alex
Last name: Evan
Aka: Seanharvey
Age: 51
Location: U.s.a
On websites: Meetme
Report: Posing as a soldier in USA army faulted dr documents
First name: cartley
Last name: gillis
Aka: sam Gillis
Age: 36
Location: Kabul afganistan
On websites: mingle 2
Report: Met this man in January claiming he was a sgt deployed in Kabul Afghanistan.started to tell me how much he fell for me and loved me.Then started getting little excuses to send him money for a broken tablet or he had a debt to pay before he could come home to me. This dragged on for about 2 months finally I sent him the money for his debt to come home.He said his paperwork was completed and the welfare office would send me his itinerary and he was going out to celebrate that night with his crew. So I recieve an email of the information and it was a plane ticket saying what time he will arrive at the airport. I told him to message me before he got on the plane so I waited he never did. I ended up going to the airport and as I am sitting there I get an email from the same welfare department that sent me the ticket information. Continued to tell me sgt cartley gillis was in an accident while he was out celebrating and is now in a coma and they needed 745 USD to help for the surgery. That's when in knew it had been a scam the whole time.They will make you believe anything you want to hear don't ever fall for this.i have been reading other scams and it sounds almost like the same person they have just been using different names. Don't fall for sgt cartley gillis.
First name: Robert Joseph
Last name: Burke
Age: 51
Location: Texarkana, USA/Dallas USA
Phone: +27 847358863/ +19032312729/
On websites: Twoo, Facebook, Zoosk
Report: I was contacted through Twoo by Robert Joseph Burke during the end of Feb. Saying he was new to online dating due to the loss of his wife and son in a car accident, but was now ready to enter into a new
First name: james
Last name: hackman
Aka: bruce wheeler
Age: 58
Location: alanta georgia
Phone: 233-544-045085
Email: do not know his email
On websites: facebook, skype, and yahoo messenger
Report: James told me he was a single dad raising his 13 yr old daughter Jimma. His wife died 8 yrs ago. I skyed with him. he said he had alot of money and that he had fell in love with me. He planned a trip to Ghana to purchase gold. He was very nice til then. Said they got robbed when leaving airport. Money phones and briefcase. That was the first of March 2014. Last night was the last time I spoke to him. He kept asking me for money so they could get home. He said he had 950,000 dollars in travelers checks but the bank there would not cash them because it was to dangerous.
First name: Demirhan
Last name: Sungur
Aka: Demir Sun , Demir , DemmDemm , Demirhan Sungur
Age: 31
Location: Turkey Ancara
Address: Turkey Ankara
Phone: +905325513681 ,+905 532 551 3681
On websites: criminal and speculator, dating scammer
Report: Hi everybody ! attention !!! warning !!!! I want tell about one very bad person Demirhan Sungur from Ancara Turkey ,Demirhan Sungur was at first very lovely what to ingratiate with me, it communicated on different subjects and as though by the way, learned detailed information on me, asked photos of a family and friends, asked to show the passport what to make sure that I it I, then Demirrhan Sungur start to demand money and to threaten that if he money won't receive that I will have problems and Demirhan Sungur will create many fake profiles and me will dishonor, I didn't move on its blackmail and it began the crimes and fraud, stealing my photos from social networks and placing them on a porno sites!Demirhan Sungur extends on the Internet a pornography and a sensuality,Demirhan Sungur criminal and speculator also continued to blackmail me by phone and to demand from me money, otherwise it will compromise me ! dear ladies! you can encounter this criminal anywhere! vk, fb, travelgirls sites if you see Demirhan Sungur photo don't tell hem about youself information and a contact information! he put it to escort sites and will ask you money fore stop it! Demirhan Sungur swindler and criminal! be attention if he contact you !!!! he's fake telephone +905 532 551 3681 Demirhan Sungur fake email : Alice Itali
First name: Daniel
Last name: West
Age: 48
Location: Miami US
On websites: He was on
Report: This guy asked me to send him money through Western Union......The money was to be sent to Ghana.......He also sent me what i believe to be copies of fake id, and also other fake documents.which i have I met this person on He sent me this message after i questioned him, as to who he really was..This is what he said.......21:17:39 danielwest6040: Am Ofori Kojo Isaac 26yrs old,from Ghana Accra...Am never Daniel..21:17:52 smithjennie280: I already new that21:18:02 danielwest6040: Am really sorry for all what has happened between you and i21:18:09 smithjennie280: Hence why you got no money etc from me21:18:47 danielwest6040: I havent been my self ever since i started lying to you on here that am Daniel and from Miami..21:18:52 smithjennie280: I already knew you were not who you said you were21:19:22 smithjennie280: And what about all the other fake profiles on tagged???21:20:13 danielwest6040: Am telling you all this cos i like you Jennifer and want us to be together cos i felt in love with you the very first day we met on here but i did all what i did cos..I lost both parents at the age of 15yrs no brother or sister..21:20:18 smithjennie280: And the Fake passport and fake military IDIM 3 Oct 2013 21:31:2521:20:39 danielwest6040: I was been taken care of by a very good friend of mine's parents
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: William McJames
Age: 53
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, Ganha
On websites:
Report: BOY I FELL FOR IT GOOD! He tells you what you want to hear that's for sure.....I sent the care package had a new computer and snacks in it just as any guy in the military would request. I had to contact a commander for the mailing instructions down to the T. Cost me over $700.00 to mail his package, we used Skype we chatted everyday, emailed two or three times per day. Had his Pastor email me (which I think is a fake) wants to get married doesn't want to wait, can you help me with money so that I can retire, blah blah blah, stupid me I learned a BIG GIANT LESSON OF $11K. Has a son named Van who lives in Texas I want to take you to meet him, I am coming home on April 5th 2014 please pick me up at the airport, can you get toiletries for me so that when I come in we won't have to leave my place.....I have sent everything over to the military with all transactions , there is an actual man there with this name, he is in Unit 2050 but this mans luck may have just ran out! Ladies please beware. He has a sharp tongue, way with words and makes you feel awesome, he's not real! Talked for two months!!!!
First name: williams
Last name: smith
Aka: williams s
Age: 41
Location: miami
On websites: facebook and tagged
Report: i need to find out if this person is a scammer i been scammed before need help please
First name: Andrew
Last name: Steve
Age: about 50
Location: Liverpool UK Durban South Africa
Phone: +447937426323 +27840235459
On websites: FB and Meet Me
Report: Come forward on Meet Me March 22 and wanted us to talk on Yahoo or Skype...He did not like FB he say.....but we talk there he worked on repair big ships and travel around the world to reapair. He had no family and one of his parent was Swedish.... He wanted us to delete our profiles on Meet Me and only talk on FB....he write long love letters on messenger and should come to Sweden before he had to go on next job....Coz he not get the time some emergency come up and he need go to South Africa, and I must ask him several times where in South Africa and after a while he say Durban. He wanted me to call and call often to...he had a accent it not sound English and sometimes hard to understand...I go on and talk to him and he get to South Africa March 30 and March 31 he ask me to send 300? coz the Visa card not working and he must wait 72 hours for the bank to fix that......say I not have so much, he ask if I could send him 100? and I should get them back on Friday he should send me them
First name: MARTIN
Last name: WHEELER
Age: 54
Email: live:martin_wheeler_14;
On websites: YM, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook
Report: Hello, My name is Sarah, I am a resident of Thomastown, Victoria, Australia, I was contacted by this man in, started our friendship in Yahoo/Ym and then in skype now, fro the last 2 months, claims to be a MAJOR in US Army, sent me his profiles and pics in the military, became in love with me and proposed to marry me to come and live with me in Melbourne Australia. I am an idiot and I believed soo too, since he chat with me on Ym, Fb and now Skype. He recentlly had his Bday on March and asked me to buy him iphone5s, and Beats ear plug, chocs and cookies, and sent to his friend another Major who he said was assigned in ACCRA, West Africa. I sent my gift to him thru Australia POST. He previously asked me to send him some money which I did thru moneygram to his contact in Paris France, he has asked me to pay a courier named for his parcel to be delivered to my address as he is going to come and see me here in Australia, and be my husband. The courier also contacts me on email and ask payment from me and I sent pre payment also...I communicate with him every morning and night in Ym or skype or ask a friend to call me to go online with him when I am available. He is asking me with pressure to pay the balance of $6000 to the courier for him to come here. He tells me that he cannot come here to see me unless I dont pay his shipment, all his awards in the military and personal belongings. He sent me a bunch of flowers today, thru delivery, and asked me to keep our love and relationship a secret to my family and friends until he arrives. He promises a lot of money, comfort living, ranch, his daughter Diana who resides in USA, who I believed is a fake too and emailed to me 2x. IF YOU WISH FOR ME TO SEND THE LEGAL DOCUMENTS, LIKE MY MONEY TRANSFER TO HIM, TO HIS ACCOMPLICE CONTACT (Courier) AND HIS PIXS I WILL GLADLY SEND COPIES TO YOU. I really pray that he will be caught and I wish that I have known this scams and your website before in my life, I am soo devastated with my heart break and mostly my financial loss. These men takes advantage of women like me who are vulnerable and lonely. I have to become a member here even I pay so that I can report the others who has previously scammed me also over thousands of dollars as well. From this day forward, I never send anyone any money anymore. Kind Regards, Sarah
First name: Anderson
Last name: Maxwell
Aka: Sgt Andy Maxwell, Super Max
Age: 48
Location: Washington, Calf.
Email: loveonemilitary
On websites:
Report: I gave him $ he come home to me . He was going to retire fro the service to be with me , he loved me so much and wanted to help me.. So when he got the money he couldn't come because I have to send more money because he had taxes to Afghanistan, pay for lost weapons and airplane ticket need around $2000 more
First name: JOHN
Last name: JACKSON
Age: 56
On websites:
Report: says he is a civil engineer. scam goes out off country for job and then asks for money as he does not have enough start up money. also says he is widower and has a horse.reportts he is 6'6
First name: vijay
Last name: patel
Age: 50
Location: pittsburgh USA
Phone: 0014124280626
On websites:
Report: He express interest , sent me sevral sweet loveable mails and after sometime he ask me Money and said i will pay you back. i said come on webcam and he avoid, and he becomes very rude on me,, cause he was a black. all profile photos are fake. Thanks god i start doubt on him and i am safe ,, so please first confirm his id and force them for webcam . thanks
First name: James
Last name: Freeman
Age: 54
Location: Ontario, Canada
On websites:
Report: Ip address: Contacted indiscrimately 248 woman on the site. An example of a letter sent by him, which is copy and pasted from other scam profile on Dear -------- I have to start apologizing for the late response. and I was so much excited to read your mail and thanks so much for taking your time to write me in spite of your busy schedule. Let me start by saying that I thank God since I met you. As you may have known, the fountain of any relationship must spring up in the mind. It is very important for me to express to you how much this really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person while gazing into your eyes,but since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this. To me, you are first of all my friend and then...... something more greater in the near future..... God willing. To be honest with you, I am really short of words here, but one thing I do know is that I have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about. through chat, mail or phone, and I have a heart; a heart that is aching to see your smile. I would like to use this opportunity to say...I am delighted to have met you. To tell you more about me, I am an honest, kindhearted, hardworking man who does need the support of a loving woman. Ideally, l am someone who is confident in what he want and who he is. We all face tough situations in our lives and we sometimes tend to be mislead by it. A lot of times we often tend to give up. In this life, I have chosen to give up numerous times but I am proud to say that I have also chosen to stay strong and be patient all these years..... which has now led to my finding you. and i hope we achieve good friendship and maybe something more.. He who seek happiness; they say, by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts and multiply the grief which he purposes to remove. Your living is determined not so much by what life brings you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. This is the reason I have decided to move on in life in spite of my in calculable loss. I like nature i like life i like kids. children are one thing that i love so much. i have 2 grand kids and i really spend a lot of time with them each time i get to see them and they enjoy my company and my time with them. especially my grand daughter she love to play and i give her more play time. not long ago i took this picture with her. she is cute isn't... I like Swimming, Dining, Cooking. I like sport, Music Movie. I like soul music, jazz, classic, and romance. i like comedy, documentary drama. and i like indoor sport like futsal and basketball, outdoor sport i like soccer, baseball and golf game.. i also like tennis game also. i am really outgo person and i never get board because i have a lot of activities to do and i like doing them all when i have free time. but recently i have been busy with work and it has not been easy but i thank god for making it possible for me...i hope this help you learn a bit more about me and you are free to ask me any question if you wanna know anything because i know it's not everything about myself that i can tell you at a sport except when you ask. so i hope to read back from you anytime soon and have lovely time.
First name: Bernard
Last name: Norton
Age: 51 born 26 March 1963
Location: Offshore Miri, Malaysia & offshore Malta
Phone: +601113008121
On websites: Facebook
Report: Received a friend request on Facebook approx. 3 1/2 weeks ago, had been chatting with him, said he was an independent Engineer working on oil rigs. Says he went to collect shipment of drilling equipment in Malaysian port and was told it has been confiscated, that he had to pay $10,000 USD to have it clear customs and that he was $6000 USD short and asked if I was able to help him. I have asked him to prove that the photos I have seen are really of him but has not complied and has now deactivated his Facebook page. I have been in contact with another lady in US who says she has given him almost $40,000 and he asked her to marry him.