First name: Michael
Last name: Edwards
Aka: James Edwards, Josh Edwards
Age: 50
Location: Iraq
Phone: 5108597847
Email: edwards,michael62
On websites: OKCupid
Report: He contacted me on site as Major Michael Edwards stationed in Iraq with a son Josh Edwards who contacted me from the phone number given They both wanted me to send the son money for Prom in 2 weeks, although the phone # is a California area code. This started 5/3/14. Yesterday the father said he was going to be deployed to Nigeria for Boko Harem and will be retiring when the mission is over. of course he is coming to the states to meet me and see the son he has not seen in 2 yrs, who lives in Florida with an Aunt (dead wife's sister) He has sent me photos which I found on TinEye as a romance scammer on romance He also stated he met his late wife at a party and they began texting before dating. If his son is 17, they could not have texted before he was born.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Gonzalez
Age: 50
Location: London, England
Address: 3 carey gardens london SW8 4HJ
Phone: 9034943826
On websites: Mingle2
Report: Like the way he looked and liked his profile, sent him a I would like to get to know you. Then his letters became really serious very fast. I started getting suspicious because he had inconsistencies in his letters and sometimes I felt he was writing to someone else. Started searching his photo found nothing, googled his phone# discovered it was a land line, then searched some quotes from his letters and found exact letters. Dude didn't even try very hard.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Hill
Aka: South Africa
Age: 58
Location: Mims, Florida
Phone: 227-20100681
On websites: Chemistry
Report: New scammer, you get him on date sites. Starts ok, all of a sudden needs money to buy food stuff for his daughter , who is with him in South Africa, where he is building bridges..
First name: george
Last name: fischer
Age: 53
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites: badoo, mingle2
Report: asking for money to come home,is there to purchase gold bars for his gold business in Toronto, Canada has been stuck in Accra for 4 months has no more money for ticket home,has contracted Malaria..
First name: Christian
Last name: Giovanni
Age: 54
Location: San Francisco, USA and Spain
Phone: 1 415-856-9703 and +34 602 18 53 13
Report: contacted me via Facebook in February then asked me to email direct. Said he was a widower with a 5 yr old girl living in San Francisco. Everything seemed ok but never answered any direct questions Phoned him several times and believed we were in love!. He went to Spain on a work contract and after 2 weeks he suddenly got into financial difficulties with 'spanish residency tax' and his alleged construction project was closed until all monies amounting to approx 35.000usd were paid. Claims he paid 25.000 with his credit card but couldn't release any more funds and needed help urgently. Stupidly thinking it was love! I sent 2 moneygrams - ?200 on 4 april 2014 and ?100 on 25 April 2014. I had to address them to EFE EMMANUEL POTOKRI, CALLE 0RTEGA 21,2a, 29011, MALAGA, SPAIN. Since sending this money, he became very elusive and I have not had any contact with him. This is when I read up on scammers and realised I have been a fool. Have pics/letters if you need them.
First name: Steven
Last name: Morgan
Age: 49
Location: Manchester City, UK
Phone: +44 161 884 1292
On websites: facebook
Report: Hello The scammer who wrote me his name is Steven Morgan. From 04.Jan.14 till 25.03.14 he wrote and phoned me. After a while he said he has to travel to Nigeria. There he wants money from me because he said he is getting robbed. I have to transfer by western union 1.500 ? and 1.000 ? for BTA. At first he said I shell transfer money to Ero Ernest, 11 3rd Victory Lane, Benin City. And then he said I shell transfer the money to his name (Steven Morgan). I didn`t transfer the 1.000 ? because I googled
First name: Jeff
Last name: Scott
Age: 50
Location: Afganistan
On websites: Oasis dating
Report: I was approached through oasis 3 weeks ago he asked me to communicate via his email address he said he has a son called Dave who is15 he is divorced he is in the military in afganistan and is retiring in a month within days he is sending me long emails declaring his love I wasn't sure this was ok so searched the web found you and the first photo that came up was him thank you for having this site you have saved me a lot of heartache stay away from this man
First name: Patric
Last name: Jordan
Age: 48
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Tagged but now he's off and came back and is using Henry Jordan he goes by different names.
Report: The first time i meet him i had just signed up to and that has been a good while back 2012 and we got to be friends on. And we talked for a long time like for 6 months and i thought he was a good man. Then he asked me for 2000.00 and i was head over heals for him and i sent it to him. Big mistake. Said he fell in love with me and wanted to come see me and that he was in the US army and couldn't leave to come over here unless he had the money to get him a plane ticket. So i sent it to him in Nigeria cos that's where he was stationed. Never heard from him again for a yr then he buzzed me again and i told him to leave me alone. Well last week he buzzed me again and wanted money said he love me and wanted to come here to be with me and i told him to go to hell and blocked him.
First name: egan kluvaat
Last name: harold
Aka: stephen jacob
Age: 59
Location: Chicago
Address: Chicago. IL
Phone: 773-492-2758Thee
On websites: ok cupid 1 yers.
Report: He wanted me set up account on Zappos to order clothes for him and when I said I didn't have the money wanted to send money 200$ so he could buy the clothes in Turkey. He said he owned a construction company. Eganh Construction Contact email on that website is really Nova nz. He told me the money could be sent to Kaseem Olalekan Adejumo. AddrI did not send any money realizing this as a scam. Address North Cyprus. He was supposedly doing a job remodeling a hotel in Lefkosa, Cyprus. He said that Kaseem would pick it up and bring it to him since he would be monitoring his workers there. In the white pages home phone is Boca Raton no address 561-600-0162 not sure it is real. He said he was from Holland moved with parents to Miami, Fl and had been living in Chicago,for 11 years.He contacted me first, on April 6th and started texting me on April 9th,2014 asked for me to order clothes on yahoo and texting about 4 times and then just end $200 - 1 time .
First name: Martin
Last name: James
Aka: Lucas James
Age: 55
Location: Kubal Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: This man initiated contact with me a couple of months ago and I am ashamed to say I fell head over heels for it/him. He has never asked for money, actually said he is not allowed to receive anything from me. He states he is a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army stationed in Kabul Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission, sent me the same pictures that are posted here. He has called me so I have spoken to him over the phone and explained his heavy accent as a result of spending years in Germany, he says he has a home in Miami Florida and that he will be retiring soon and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He says he has a 16 year old daughter named Mary who is in Accra Ghana in a private school and being raised by close friends, he said his wife died over 10 years ago from a kidney disease. I cannot believe I have been so stupid to fall for this. My biggest worry is that I have Skype'd with him, he never showed himself saying he cannot because of his job in the military that he is not allowed to show himself on camera, but I have showed myself, too much of myself if you know what I mean. I am not sure what to do. But who is tis guy who he is using the pictures of? And, is this guy even aware of this person using his pictures?
First name: Ashton
Last name: Purple
Aka: Michael Ersland
Age: 55
Location: Raleigh, NC
On websites: Craigslist - Raleigh
Report: The scam man (Ashton Purple on your site) posted this ad on Craigslist in Raleigh this past Friday May 9, 2014. Note that he claims to be a 55-year old widow with a daughter in this Craigslist ad. I replied to his Craigslist ad and got the following response and pictures from him within an hour: Hello Phoebe, I'm a Colonel of the Us Army task force white eagles I'm currently on deployment in Afghanistan for peace keeping. I'm willing to return to the states as soon as i find myself a good woman that's why i came online to begin a new Journey, A new chapter in my life. Our future is like a book never know what the future holds until you turn the page.. I'm Responsible for integration of all United States units into the appropriate Task Force missions and operations. Focused on combined operations with Afghanistan National Security Forces in the areas of Security, Governance, Development, and information operations... I love To share my time with People I Love and care eg,Friends and Family.well about my family I'm from a small unit Family just my parent and I both of them are late .I'm an honest man that's looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship.I am not interested in games or drama.I enjoy fine dining and am always looking for someone to share the appreciation of good food and fine wine. I love to dance: All styles.I like getting out and checking out local talent and live concerts, here or anywhere. I enjoy movies and music for relaxation. A quiet night at home is also enjoyed and welcomed. I am open to try different activities and up for the challenge. I love spontaneity and being a bit impulsive. I am continually attempting to function from the inside out and to go with my intuitive impulses, because sometimes the spontaneous actions are the most fun, not expected and purely delightful. I generally try to live a healthy lifestyle and exercising...I consider myself to be a fairly honest and truthful person and expect the same in return;I believe that times pent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship and makes the time we DO spend together even better. I'm not one who cheats in a relationship; one woman is enough trouble ; I don't have the time or energy to juggle 2, 3, or 4 at the same time - haha. I am generally an optimistic person with a sense of humour, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work.I like to do things with the other significant person in my life, but I also encourage her to go out and spend time with friends and pursue her own interests and hobbies as well.I believe in total communication... I believe in getting to know my partner and communication seems to be the best way to do this. I am adventurous. love to see new places and experience new things. please send me your email address. mine is... Notice there is no mention of a daughter in above description of his family unit. P.S. For some reason, I cannot get the pics he sent me to cut and paste onto this report area here. I will email to you under separate email.
First name: david
Last name: rossi
Aka: frank rossi , frank jason rossi
Age: 46 or 47
Location: los angeles, palermo
On websites: meetup singapore 40s sites
Report: David Rossi contacted through meet up Singapore 40's site. He emailed me letters which were exactly like those I saw reported under Frank Rossi on your site. However the photo was different. We chatted on Yahoo messenger for 2-3hrs every night. He writes good English and it's quite a charmer. When I saw the report here, I stopped contacting him and he did not email me further. I am thankful for not being cheated by a scammer due to your website. He is also reported under meet up. It seems he was operating 2 years ago and recently appeared on meet up.
First name: Peter
Last name: McLean
Age: 56
Location: Canada - Calgary, South Africa - Capetown
On websites: (was)
Report: I met Peter McLean on and between Feb. 14, 2014 to Mar. 6, 2014, he sent me 8 e-mails, with his e-mail of Mar. 6, 2014, professing his love for me and that he would be coming to Calgary to retire. He claimed he was an electrical engineer who was widowed four years ago, losing his wife and only child, but would not disclose the circumstances. He asked that I meet him at the airport and that I should not disappoint him. He claimed to be working on his final international assignment in South Africa and that he also had a house in Tuscany and another house in Michigan. On Apr. 6, 2014, I received my final e-mail from him, when he explained that he wasn't coming to Calgary because he needed $35,000 U.S. to get the contract. His final e-mail was in a different font. He wanted $7,000 U.S. to help him out. I e-mailed him and told him he was a scammer. I have not heard from him since.
First name: victanno
Last name: Vick
Age: 50
Location: Miami,UK, South Africa
Address: Flat B17,Riverside Mews Dartford Drive, Parklands cape town,south Africa.
Phone: 7865929941,27847709910,4474183888859
On websites: Zoosk, badoo ,linkedin,facebook
Report: This guy is scamming me now. How do I stop him. Thanks to Denise's letters I became aware that I am being scammed ,but after sending him a playstation 4, mac laptop, i phone 5 and over 1000 in shipping. Please help me.
First name: John Felix
Last name: Crispin
Age: 46
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Phone: +447842396191
On websites: Facebook
Report: He sent messages on my facebook profile. All the messages were about how he felt close to me and how he wanted to join his life with mine. Never anwered to my questions about the way he came in contact with me, never answered about his life's style, about his job. He wanted only know all the most possible about my life, if I was alone and so on. I found the text of his messages on the web under the name
First name: Robert
Last name: Glover
Aka: Robert Martin Glover
Age: 60
Location: Beenleigh Brisbane Qld
Address: Wincore Construction Ltd.
Email: winc
On websites: Australia
Report: Hasn't asked for money yet, I have been looking to find out if he was a scammer. I am still writing to him and waiting to see if he requests money now that I have found him in your reports already. Photo proves he is the same person
First name: Joseph
Last name: Dunford
Age: 58
Location: Afghanistan
Email: General Joseph Dunford ;
On websites: skype (geej04)
Report: The person asked to be added to skype. When I asked him his full name he presented himself as General Joseph Dunford currently in Afghanistan. I instantly looked him up in male-scammers com but did not find him. When I googled his name I found out he was really a scammer. Since when do Generals of US Army have time to chat on skype? He wanted my e-mail so he could tell me about himself and send some pictures and he did so. When I asked him what he wanted from me, maybe to receive a package or send him some money he automatically left skype and is no longer in my contacts. I am starting to believe that there are no honest men online
First name: Hendrik
Last name: Robin
Aka: Ashley Albert
Age: 51
Location: Apeldoorn Netherlands, Accra Ghana, London UK
On websites: Skype, Match
Report: He works for Tullow Oil Company offshore Accra Ghana. Has a son Morris, age 12 living in the UK. He lives in the UK but originally from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Wife died 6 years ago He contacted me through Skype and we have been chatting via IM for about 3 months. Originally contacted me in April 2013 as Ashley Albert, but there was no real correspondence besides, Hi how you?, and then I would tell him I had to go. In March 2014, I started regular communication, then he became Hendrik Robin, when I questioned him about it, he made some excuse about certificates being in the name of Hendrik Robin. I filed it in the back of my mind and didn?t think too much about it after that, but our communication stopped recently when he started becoming a bit demanding. He has never asked me for money. We have also been corresponding via whatsapp. I deleted his skype and whatsapp profiles from my contacts. But I do have all the messages saved and photos he has sent me. I was actually looking at the site, to check for someone else and his photo popped up on the site, in all honesty I wasn?t surprised, and thought I would send in his new alias, I don?t think he has used Hendrik Robin in previous scams, from what I can tell.
First name: Harris Tanner
Last name: Pennington
Age: 53
Location: Logos, Nigeria
Phone: +23408130299876
On websites: Face book Tag,
Report: He contacted me through Tag Singles website...was talking to him for about two months...then started asking me for money..Asked for money about 5 times told me he wanted to come home...I said no way. I did not have it.I I knew enough that the Army pays for their own...Dropped me like a hot potatoe.
First name: Jefferson
Last name: Alonso
Age: 51
Location: Long Beach, Ca Bryssels Belgium
Address: 1118 Water St Lis Angeles, Ca
Phone: 281-946-7555 +3225885695
On websites: Unknown
Report: I met Jefferson Alonso on a dating website through Facebook, he is no longer on there. He supposedly went to the Nirth Sea for work as an instrumental engineer for Shell Oil. Some issues arise and he needed money. After speaking with his daughter Jessica Lawrence who claims to be a registered nurse in Cleveland, Ohio, I sent him the money with her assurance he would repay. He stopped communicating with me in March except for one shirt conversation in April telling me he was in Belgium.
First name: Ethan
Last name: Ethington
Age: 53
Location: Herndon, VA
Phone: 571-250-6933
On websites: e-harmony (but was terminataed)
Report: I was initially contacted by this person identified
First name: Frank Henry
Last name: Hoffman
Aka: Frank Hfh
Age: 34
Location: South Africa cape town
Address: 225/2 voortrekker road Bellville south Africa western cape town 7530
Phone: +27611283029
On websites: Facebook date sites military us
Report: I found this man on a date I message him first we have known each other since October I have proof of him asking me for money I gave him
First name: Steve
Last name: Kessler
Age: 47
Location: London, UK Aberdeen, UK, Dubai UAE
Phone: +44 1753208452
On websites:
Report: Initial contact made via dating website. He made initial contact on 04/03/14 and sent first email with photos attached on 06/03/14. Emails were sent daily and provided lots of details of his past. Claimed to be French/South African engineer working in middle east. Gave previous employer as Vitoil but was now self-employed trying to set-up business venture in Dubai. He was a widower with a 29 year old surgeon daughter who still lived in Durban, South Africa. Relocated to UK from South Africa in 1999 after death of his wife. On 08/03/14 informed me he was leaving for Dubai on business for 2 weeks. On 14/03/14 requested I set up Yahoo IM account so contact would be easier while he was away. Over next few weeks contact escalated with daily emails, IM and provided phone number to contact him. He deleted profile on Deal was taking longer than expected as didn't have funds required to close. On 24/03/14 via IM he asked if I could send him money. I told him at this point I thought he was a scammer and only reason why he was contacting me. I then ignored all communication over the next few days. He was persistent and adamantly denied that was what he wanted. On 28/03/14 we started to communicate on IM again. Although he never directly asked me for money again he said his situation was becoming more desperate by the day and was unable to even afford food to feed himself. We continued to communicate daily and eventually agreed to meet in Dubai as I had visited several times before and it was looking like he would be staying for several more weeks until his deal was finalised. We made plans to meet in Dubai on 27/04/14 but he never showed up at the airport. The address he provided in Dubai was incomplete so was unable to locate. I remained in Dubai for 4 days but received no communication from him. On 03/05/14 he sent generic message making no reference to reason why he had failed to meet me. On 04/05/14 he communicated that he had been robbed and beaten which was why he didn't show up. Since then he has persisted to try and contact me via text, IM and email. I have not responded to any of these communications.
First name: Robert
Last name: Korschun
Age: 71
Location: Miami, FL
On websites:
Report: I received an email that was identical to the one already posted here verbatim. He told me he was a 71 year old widower whose wife and only child had died in an accident.
First name: James
Last name: Ramon
Aka: Cutt
Age: 56
Location: Kabul
On websites: Wayn
Report: I was contacted on Wayn and slowly started conversation. He soon said he wanted life long partnership and developed from there. Said he had a 16 year old son, Eric, living with his grandmother n Germany and as his birthday was in December would I send a laptop or ipad via a friend of his in Berlin - this is the only thing I refused. He then said he would like to send his personal goods to me in NZ so I said yes. Then there came the shipping fee, customs and taxes etc. Then advised that NZ Customs would not accept goods so had to be returned. Then approached to contact lawyer L Kennedy of Cathline & Hammond who was at a branch in Accra, Ghana to obtain documentation for customs. Then came the 2nd costs - NZ$11000 for these documents - of course they didn't arrive as there was a timely buyer for the goods... soon after I discovered the
First name: kenneth
Last name: fox
Aka: ken fox
Age: 58
Location: shelby north carolina
On websites: christian mingle
Report: contacted me wanted to email, sent copy and pasted typical internet stuff
First name: Larry
Last name: Douglas
Aka: Angelo; Mrwilliams2014
Age: 55
Location: Manasass
On websites: larrydouglas@larrydo11781493
Report: I like so many of the other women, met Larry on one of the Date sites (DateHookup.) We had been chatting on line for a few week: and was planning on meeting for the first time. He then sent me an email that he had to go out of the country to Greece for a contract work that he had been waiting for. That this assignment would have he out of the country for 16 weeks and said how much he loved me and wanted me to wait for him. He wanted us to start chatting on Skype while he was away. We had talked for awhile and then the favors started happening. He stated that he was from Italy, but lived in the Virginia area for several years. That his wife had died 6 years ago and that he had a daughter that was going to school in Italy,where he was from. Since his assignment was near the sea he was unable to send his daughter any money. I did not send any money, but regret that I did send her a cell phone.But regretted doing so right after I did it, luckily it's being held up in customs.The red flags started going off, but he kept saying trust me. I told him he sounded more like a scammer, then a lover. He acted like he couldn't belive that I would think that (Angelo) would be a scammer. Then he kept repeating how much he loved me. Yet we had never met. Then the final flag was raised when he stated that he had run into a problem with his contract, and needed my assistance, (money) to by the supplies he needed to finish the job:and then he would be able to finish this job and come home with a lot of money. That he wanted us to spend the rest of our life together. I too want this person to go straight to HELL!
First name: Raymond
Last name: Agapito
Aka: Walter Cliff
Age: 53
Location: UK, Bristol
On websites: Facebook
Report: Said he work for Maersk Line and are Chieff enginer on the ship. He wrote many lovely mails, an call by phone. Said he was born in Berlin.
First name: john
Last name: romeo
Aka: king
Age: 64
Location: brooklyn, ny usa
On websites:,
Report: came in like gang busters about how wonderful I was, beautiful, sweet, his match for life. within 3 days he was positive he wanted to marry me. He was widowed 3 years ago, wife had cancer. was pilot for Delta and KLM,retired now and sells diamonds and rubies for King Diamonds llc. Claims to be CEO/founder, has a page on linkedIn. Says born in europe, educated in england and Canada with graduate in US. REAL founder King Diamonds information available on that website. Oh claims to drive mercedes benz G63 6x6--ugly, massive vehicle more like a tank, not feasible for NY!! Send many Emails with
First name: Andreas
Last name: Mueller
Age: 51
Location: Massachusetts
Address: Heritage lane, Andover, ma
Phone: 978-494-0471
On websites: FarmersOnly
Report: We started corresponding on March 26 th. He then left for turkey for a job on an oil rig. We have talked on the phone everyday along with emails, texts and IM. He was return on Wednesday but called last night saying there was a problem that would delay his return. While he talked about money that he used to pay for the problem, he never asked me directly for money. This was a big red flag. I since had a friend do some research and that's what got me here. He is very good. Thought it odd that he started professing to love me early on.