First name: Chris
Last name: Conley
Age: 47
Location: Afganistan, Kabul
Phone: 1-319-849-7604
On websites: Yahoo and Facebook
Report: This is a Military Leave Scam asking for funding to leave and come home. Scammer falls in love with victim quickly claiming how much he needs you and want you to be with him as his wife.....This scammer is persistant and does not give up but, calms down only, to come back at you again with a different approach each time.
First name: Bob
Last name: Nugent
Age: 58
Location: Afghanastan, Kabul
On websites: Facebook,
Report: This man originally contacted me through After several weeks of talking he asked if I would do him a favor. He wanted me to send over a PS4 console with extra controller and game. He provided an email for a Dip. Bernard James who would coordinate the shipment. That man in turn asked me to ship this to Accra North, Ghana. I did some searching and found that this man has at least 6 different profiles on Facebook under the name Nugent. Looks like the real person for the photos is Jon Nugent. How can this person be stopped. It looks like he has been doing this for years.
First name: Tom
Last name: Gregson
Aka: Datak G Tom
Age: 46
Location: USA.Nigeria
Address: Scotland, Indiana
Email: tomgregson@outlook.c46om.tomgregson1
On websites: facebook,Skype
Report: Diluting the scammer on the money that he needed to activate your credit card BTA
First name: andy
Last name: philip
Age: 43
Location: newark new jersey
On websites:
Report: the scammer calls himself andy anderson philip philip or be very wealthy widower powerful construction magnate named Alice his wife, and his son Henry, the used two facebook accounts one like andy philip philip anderson and once as the second anderson philip was removed by me and another girl got a report to remove this account and if it was deleted but not before the other girl a thailand i told her find the man who stole the identity ah this man drove like a man so handsome who had been fat, but the commanding big photos turned out to be from another country flights I have pictures all necessary files what he did to cheat was to send a gift box with many dollar that was the first time no cai second that grabbed many dollars for money laundering also I have numbers and messages stored on my phone in case one day deal for take the necessary legal action
First name: HENRY
Last name: UPOJIU
Aka: Tuncay KIRICI
Age: 50, AND 37
Location: USA and Turkey
On websites: Oasis and TWOO
Report: I am ashamed to to say yes i fell for henry's charm and gave him a lot of money. Only suspected when the stories kept changing and the long silences after each payout.
First name: James
Last name: Moore
Age: 40
Location: USA, (he said so)
On websites: facebook
Report: Befriended me. Expresses love. Has a child named Linda. Active on facebook. I have pictures of him.
First name: Rck
Last name: H
Age: 59
Location: UK, Cadnam
On websites: Tagged
Report: I was contacted by this person who immediately asked for my yahoo e-mail and told me he would be my lovely husband. Typical scammer. Using photo of Preston Manning. I only had contact with him for one day
First name: steve
Last name: collins
Age: 49
Location: ghana
On websites: hi5
First name: Alfred J
Last name: Feronti
Aka: Alfeo (Alfee) Fabrello, Alessandro Marcello, Alfred Johnson
Age: 61
Location: Rye, New York and various
Phone: (646)837 7968; (646)820 4804; 07700030228
On websites:
Report: Same emails as those sent to other ladies. Became suspicious early on, strange emails, language, poor grammar for President of what purported to be fair sized company. No office, no secretary, no staff. Would you really abandon an established company to a student fresh out of Uni? Photographs appeared to be photo-shopped.
First name: Eric
Last name: Melvin
Aka: Eric Benton
Age: 45
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: +447763556382
On websites: Tango
Report: He is saying he is a USA soldier in Kabul . He is in skype but indicates he cannot show himself due to security reasons. He indicated he wanted to pay for my divorce but would me to pay for this courier service. I've spoke with a other woman who said he wanted her to send money to a lawyer in Nigeria so they could marry. He sent me many photos (including a few of the woman I spoke with which he claimed was his late wife who had passed from cancer) and each if the e mails he sent. I communicated a lot with him on viber. After I confronted him I never heard from him again..however I never deleted any of his information. For a while he was using profile of a woman under the same phone number in viber. Recently he has gone back to the same photos he used with me but is now using the name Eric Benton which he is also using on his tango profile and skype
First name: Mark
Last name: Johnson
Age: 44
Location: Florida, USA
Phone: 305 848 5442
On websites: Metrodate
Report: We met on dating site profile name Johnson03/Judemark01 and we got talking, building up interest. He told me that he was travelling from USA to South Africa for work. I fell in love with him so much.Told me he was send parcel in advance with some of his luggage to make him lighter when travelling and sending a few gifts for me. Few days i received a call from a lady supposedly from South Africa that i had a parcel and needed to pay clearance for it. I must have been blinded with love for this man as i went ahead to send money via western union to her. Funny enough the parcel did not come because the next thing was there was a huge sum of money in the parcel and they would not release. He told me he was on a plane to RSA and the next thing was he arrived in Dubai, connecting flights but lost his passport. Few days later, asked me for to process express papers for his travel as he would reimburse me once in RSA. I sent this money via western union. Next thing was he was delayed in India on route to RSA as the persons who processed his papers gave him fake. Then it really dawned on me that i had been duped!! I was blinded by love, i lost $9700...
First name: General James
Last name: Stuart
Age: 55
Location: world
On websites:
Report: Hi There fellow women You are all awesome women and ..i know we get lonely.. This man General James Stuart aka.. known under many names (Listed as some under..below) but the pictures are the same.... He has approached me and asked me to be his wife.. Then his story was changed a bit and when questioned.. he said he was tired and affected by Peace Keeping duties. He change his son to his daughter then back to his son.. etc.. So I went on the internet to find out about him.. He is listed with photos.... as a scammer.. So I connected you all together here to share this information. Reason is because of the following real information and research.. Do you know that pictures are all over the web, saying he not a person but a group of people who steel identity theft.. Do you know that he/they take away people's hope and will to live.. Do you know just in Sydney that 56 And growing each week, people die from suicide cause by Scammers..Like this.. That is real case history.. and just imagine on the state of NEw South Wales and then nationally and internationally... All adds up.. You not only take money.. you take hope and the will to live.. Your killing real people. And when you are caught, Do you know that they are changing laws and developing laws that will charge you with death.. as you are killers. The photos you use are plastered over the net and your id's is listed as scammers. The people pictures you use, as also committing suicide, as they get the rough side of people's anger....and that is also why the laws are changing for scammers... Your country is going through unite nations to stop all assistance from international countries.. so your really stuffing up your own country. The Federal, FBI and Interpol are all watching you.. as a nation of scammers. Even the many emails which you sent and sending me are all monitored. You have caused great international pain. James Parker, ... banner=pwa since 03/12/2013 IP: /Decimal:1654567405 / / ISP:Hosting Services /Services:Network sharing device or proxy server Recently reported forum spam source. (1) Type:Corporate Geo: United States,Utah,Providence Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 17:51:02 0700 (PDT) Email Sender:[more info] IP address: IP address country: Ghana IP address city: ALSO ON FB Jackson Miller Lives in New York, New York Jackson Miller, by Bix on Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:49 am SMH jackson556 53 y/o male - new york, USA - English, English, English - milltary - Have 1 children - ID: 90361 Description: Hello, my dear,friend, I am very pleased to address you. My name is jackson miller, I am 52 years, I am from new york, I am a U.S.A soldier currently serving in Libya in the armed forces with 3rd Army Infantry Division. I am a widow, I lost my wife 5 years ago in a car accident, May her gentle soul rest in peace I gave birth to a son who is 15 yrs now, studies in London. I contact you because I'm seeking a soul mate to share my life after retirement in the army Ideal match description: I'm seeking a soul mate to share my life after retirement in the army Hello, my dear,friend, I am very pleased to address you. My name is jackson miller, I am 55 years, I am from new york, I am a U.S.A soldier currently serving in Libya in the armed forces with 3rd Army Infantry Division. I am a widow, I lost my wife 5 years ago in a car accident, May her gentle soul rest in peace I gave birth to a son who is 15 yrs now, studies in London. I contact you because I'm seeking a soul mate to share my life after retirement in the army me with my email address (jacksonmiller556@g From: DrDavid Smith At Tue, 9 Apr 2013 23:34:43 -0700 (PDT), the email sender sent you an email from the IP address located in Ghana, Accra. Email Sender:[more info] IP address: Su, 3 Mar. 2013 Email Sender: Greg Washington ( Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 03:05:15 -0700 (PDT) From: Greg Washington Reply-To: Greg Washington This is the latest email I got from Coby James X-Originating-IP: [] Message-ID: <> Ja Loe , His Facebook with photo of Stuart James Received: from [] Accra, Ghana From: James William He now is using an email address IP The phone numbers that he used 233247004669 233236220926 233241677411 233264888381 and of course the one that showed as Private Flight information: Date Accra > Miami Thu 25 Apr 2013 - Fri 26 Apr 2013 Booked by: E-mail MR JAMES WILLIAM JAMES.WILL202@YAHOO.COM Booking status: Here is another one using the pictures of Stuart James: his name at isnice890 Take a good care of your self for me and also let me hear back from you as soon as possible.. Regards, James.. FB: James Smith Lives in London, United Kingdom Joined Facebook September 28, 2008 ! Steven Larson Jackson; by IceFM on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:20 pm Email give a Hit in FB for Mark Lee from Ghana Mark Lee Worked at manger Studied at University of Ghana, Legon Lives in Accra, Ghana Person: mensah USER ID: 4798538 Age: 58 (Mar 23, 1955) Gender: Male Country: Ghana State/Region: Greater Accra City: Accra Distance: N/A Registered: May 21, 2011, 04:35 Last login: May 21, 2011, 05:14 by Bix on Sat May 04, 2013 2:08 pm James W, 55 new york, Malaysia His photos are making the rounds once more. He is now going by the name Davis James. Email address:
First name: Brian
Last name: Bottcher
Age: 53
Location: Camden ,Me
Email: Brianboettcher
On websites:
Report: Please,please get this man ...he has stolen a lot of money from me...PLEASE
First name: Mathew
Last name: Bowe
Age: 44
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 13862447704
On websites: Okcupid
Report: He contacted me On ok Cupid. We have been speaking for two months, He ask for money for his supposedly satellite phone. I never sent any money kept making excuses that I never had the money even lied and said I sent. He eventually stopped talking to me.
First name: Mark
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Mike William
Age: 46
Location: London uk Germany
Address: 4 lavender gardens battersea London sw11-1dj
Phone: 4915730491446 447407180374
Email: N/a
On websites: Twoo Facebook
Report: I meet him on the twoo site was the first time for my with no experent and he approach me and he told me he is not have account with the site and to move to Facebook and we did that was on February some time and everything was good for around 2 months one day he told me he have some job to do in Germany he was self employe and something to do with wire communication and after he live to Germany after short time he ask me to help him with 2600? because his cutting machine broke and he can't finish the job and he put all the capital on and he can't lose the money and I send to him that was the first mistake I make in my life always he found the reason to ask for money and always he was seeing if he don't finish the job he can't send the money back to me and he continue until he empty all my saving and even I borrow money from my credit line thinking on my mind if he don't resolve the problem I lose all the money and in the end but was to late I ask him to send a pic because I don't trust him anymore I ask him to write on the napkin my name and to hold that and make the pic and he refuse to do that but was to late because I send him 40.000 dollars I was so stupid to go for something like that I I have fake document he send to me I like to send that I want this guy to be on this site I don't want someone alls to get in his hands I think he is Nigeria and the money I send in 2 names one on his and the second is Yassine Yamine
First name: RONALD GLENN
Last name: THOMAS
Age: 57-59
Location: Jacksonville Florida and Dubai UAE
Phone: 904-800-5042 and 971.510.033149
On websites: our time as RGT2457
Report: Met on OUR TIME. Exchanged Pics and general info. He suggested I call him--I call blocked my #. He claimed to be a Gold and Diamond dealer...going to Dubai for the Expo to buy and sell diamonds and gold. 2 days after his arrival he asked for $20,000.00 US or $10,000.0 or what ever I could help his daughter
First name: Simon
Last name: Stevensson
Age: 57-59
Location: Spring Texas and Kuala Lumpar Malaysia
Phone: 281-766-9687 754-227-8734, +60102629816
On websites: Our Time as Coolsj27
Report: Meet thru OUR TIME.COM He was in Spring Texas...had to go to Malaysia for a construction job as he was an International Builder ( Roads and Bridges) sent me 6 dozen roses
First name: Alfeo
Last name: Frabello
Aka: Alfredo J. Feronti
Age: 61
Location: Rye new York
Phone: +1 (646) 820-4804, +1 (646) 837-7968
On websites: Facebook
Report: Origin contact was thru He requested email, provided to him. He then contacted me via email I sent him . He is still communicating with me,he has no knowledge I am aware. I am maintaining contact so that he maybe traced. I am leading him on. There were comments made which I questioned. Further the pictures, I questioned picture of who he indicated son,background not currently .the picture in tux I'll fitting, picture with plane in white shirt pants. I noted inconsistency in where he said he lived, the value he placed on home, the reported size of home, not consistent. He then began to request I check out items for him, home,car,saying he would pay cash. Stated had received a contract in Africa,would not be on scheduled date, gave new date. Send what was suppose to be copy of certification of contract. Became much more romantic in communication, I knew he was leading up to a con, I continued to play along, increasing my romance, and sexual desire for him, I suspect he is about to ask for monies, allowing to play out. I am continuing communication in the hopes that a site such as yours, or police will be able to catch him in the act, I am also reporting to local police
First name: Addison
Last name: Casey
Age: 49
Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom
Email: addisoncasey@outlook .com
On websites:
Report: im met him on tagged dating site and he's not the first scammer that i met, he's the fourth one. the reason why i think that he's a scammer is because there are signs that he's one. he never showed his face on cam.
First name: Alex
Last name: Baker
Age: 38
Location: Malaysia
On websites: Mature Dating
Report: Alex Baker, said he was born in USA but grew up in Denmark, and came back to the USA five years ago, he said he was widowed and has a 15 year old daughter, he said he lives in Texas and also has a house in Richmond, Virginia. He says he imports cars to Asia and Africa, and said he does business in Nigeria. He went to Malaysia and said he was mugged in the taxi and was asking me to help him by sending $800 via Western Union to a guy in Nigeria. When I asked him why he said the Money to pay for hotel had to go thru Nigeria and the name of the person I had to send the money to is James Edeh.
First name: Francisco
Last name: Dorsett
Aka: hectamayer
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Mature Dating
Report: He contacted me on Mature dating, said he was divorced, wife cheated on him, and has a daughter. He said he lived in Arkansas, and worked as a spokes person for the Army. He was suddenly sent to Nigeria to rescue the 265 girls stolen by Boko Haram, and said he was in danger and needed my help.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Jacobs
Age: 40
Location: USA; GA
On websites: dating site
Report: He belong to the same team of scammer of THEORY M MEYER. Both are from sudafrica but they have America citizen status. Daniel is marry w a salvadorena woman.
First name: Orlando
Last name: Johnson
Aka: James Bease
Age: Aug.11 1957
Location: Dallas Texas
Email: Facebook
On websites: Facebook
Report: He contacted me from black people meet then he said he was going to cancel with them and ask me to get on facebook. I corresponded with him about a month then he wanted 200 dollars,said he needed it so his daughters care taker could buy his daughter some groceries.I got to feeling sorry for the child and i went to get a money order but when i told the clerk i was sending it to accura ghana, she advised me not to do it,she said thatwas a scam.He told me his name was James Bease but he had another name as his user name on black people meet. I can't think of it.I told him what the clerk said and he seem to have gotten a little angry,but he did he stop contacting me.
First name: Jasper
Last name: Eriksson
Age: 56
Location: weisbaden. hesse Germany
Phone: own4915213005295
On websites:
Report: Need. To find. Out. If. Real. Person. As Scammed. Before. On
First name: John
Last name: Gallagher
Age: 40's
Location: London, travelling to Australia this month (sailing)
Phone: +447452266587
On websites: Linkedin but already erased
Report: Sending msg thru linkedin but then asking to send email in his private email, replying email with given details with phone number
First name: Gary
Last name: Bale
Aka: maybe: Laurell Williams
Age: 54
Location: California / Nigeria
Phone: 4242741541
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: This person contaced me on LinkedIn with a message in January 2014. Later he asked me to write emails to the above address, then he wanted me to intall the Yahoo Messenger. I asked him to open a profile on facebook what he did. He said to be a private contractor. Then he went to Nigeria for a project. Called from USA, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria. At the end - May 2014 he asked money from me as he had problems because of a bomb near hs site killing 2 of his workers.....
First name: Marco
Last name: Lorenzo
Aka: Fred Ricardo
Age: about 45? / 30.April.....
Location: Manchester,UK
Phone: #00447596800781 and #+44 701 008 7599
On websites: facebook
Report: Fred Ricardo contacted me via facebook in July 2013. He said that he is widowed, has a daughter, that he is half Italian / American. Below I copied some text passages he wrote to me via facebook: Hello !! Thanks so much for your response, I trust you and every member of your family are fine and in good health ???... I know we don?t know each other, i am new here on Facebook, and i don?t use it much...i was searching here for an old friend of mine, but during the search, i came across your profile, and your looks actually furthered my interest in contacting you. I am half Italian and half American,and am based in Manchester united kingdom .... that?s just a few basic things about me though. Anyway, i would appreciate if you write me and tell me a few things about yourself. Are you married? Single? Have kids? I hope you are kind enough to write me again soon.. I lost my wife to cancer in 2008 and i also have a daughter Trish who is 13 years now(what a coincidence)and we live together. It was really nice hearing your voice...I hope you are enjoying your dinner with your friends...You can sms me on #00447596800781 or call me on my hotline#+44 701 008 7599 Shortly said: at the end -> in December 2013 he asked money from me because he had to pay the customs in Malaysia for his tile ex/imports.. I refused that - then he accused me of not being helpful... I disconnected with him politely wishing him Merry Christmas...
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Dr. Raymond Patrick
Age: 53
Location: Bakersfield CA
On websites: Google and Skype
Report: He wants me to send money to Ghana because he says he can't send anymore money because he was already banned from sending money using the WU and money gram.. He says that this agent were thought he was a victim of scam..He's going to ask for an account number and username and password. But the check he deposited on my my account is a fake check that will makes my account to overdrawn.. This man is really a scam. He said he work from the United Nation Development corporation and he is a doctor.. He introduce his name to me as Dr. Raymond Patrick and he sent me an Identification..
First name: richard
Last name: hansen
Age: 50 23RD MARCH 1964
Location: califona
Phone: +1(813) 618-5293 FL USA
Report: This man has placed himself on millionairematch as rich120. He contacted me through this site since then we have made contact through our personal emails . He has asked me for money saying there is package arrivng from dubai to my adress. He sent me an email adress to track it the courier stated it had arrived at heathrow airport awaiting fees to be made. He said he couldnt access his money from dubai there was a problem with his bank ????. I stupidly sent 3,500 pound to the courier Global shipex. He said the package was gold jewerly the name of the person I had to make payment was Anthony Franklin address; 550 nw 5st apt 805 Miami florida 33128 bank name ;citibank account number 9138090358 routing number 266086554 swift code CITIUSSS BANK ADRESS CITIBANK 100 CITIBANK DRIVE SAN ANTONIO TX 78245.... HE CALLS ME HIS APHRODITE
First name: Mark
Last name: McCartney
Age: 60
Location: Houston, TX
Address: 3402 Blaylock Rd, Houston, TX 77080
Phone: 713-900-5120
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Responded to my add on Christian Mingle. Claimed to be a construction engineer living in Houston, TX. 4 days after we started talking, of course already professing his love for me, he lands a big contract he has been working on for 6 months and will be going to Dubai. Once there begins to ask for money, his bank account in the states has been frozen because someone hacked it and he cant get any money. Foolishly I sent him money via W. Union, after receiving money always came up with another excuse which I foolishly fell for. Ended up scamming me of $20,000 before I blocked him entirely thru email. Still continued to call so I told him to lose my number. He said he would be back on day and still loved me. Advised him to lose my number forever and blocked all phone numbers.