First name: Stuart
Last name: James
Aka: Martin James
Age: 50 but here 55
Location: Military in Kabul
Phone: 5123871218
On websites: Tagged and Hi 5
Report: He contacted me on tagged and told me he is a sargant in Kabul. He told me he has a house in Texas and sent me a picture that was suppose to have been taken there.He sent me a picture of himself and another person on the field but who knows where that was. He said I had turned his life upside down and that he wanted to marry me. This is one of the letters: Hello sweetie, How are you doing today? I just got back from patrol and i've missed you so much darling. I knew that we were destined to be together. It has been so long since a woman has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did that cool day. I took a deep breathe and sent you a message. ,I am so glad and Thank God, I made that right decision. You always light up my entire spirit. You always fill my heart with joy, and I have no doubt that you are the woman Heaven has made specially for me.. Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
First name: Alex
Last name: Jordan
Aka: USA
Age: 48
Location: GHANA
Report: when i lose my husband in may 2011 i went on tagged to close down mine and my husband and Alex came on to me. hit said the words i need to hear and sweet talk to me. now i am 500 out which am not mad with but standing in cold waiting for this man to come to me and been told he was killed in ghana cut me right up. now i dont know if i can trust other man near my heart again,
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Sadow
Age: 44
Location: Kualu Lumpor Malaysia/California
Phone: 415-251-0976/60-11-2339-0916
On websites: BB People Meet
Report: I met Jonathan in April 2014. He ask me to pray with him that he would get the contract that he had bided on. Of course he won the bid and had to leave California for Malaysia. After about two weeks in Malaysia he stated the equipment had arrived but was being held by customs and he needed 20,000 in order to get the equipment to the company to do the drilling with. He would ask that the money be sent to his agents wife bank account Andrea Augustine. Like the other report on this site I too have all the emails that was sent. He is always referencing God and church. He is a smooth operator and very believable. Pease beware!
First name: James
Last name: Lawson
Aka: Martin James
Age: 46
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Daddy Hunt
Report: Ladies, this man is also targeting gay men! I almost fell for it, he is a very smooth talker and promises paradise, he said he was on the verge of retirement from his work in the military, he was stationed in Kabul. He was pressing me on to send him a care package, which I never did because I was on to him and then he said he saved a little girl and her dying mother from an explosion a a sultan have him a huge treasure chest filled with gold which he was going to send to me. When I received the email, I checked the address which had a .com address and I knew immediately it was a scam as military never use such an address. I decided to do a little online research and found this website! L
First name: Brown
Last name: Warren
Age: 38
Location: USA, Hartford, CT
On websites: US Military Singles
Report: Yahoo Messenger: warren.brown11 ************************************************************************************ Currently stationed in Libya until Dezember 2014 (his second tour as a E-6 Sgt.) - He is working with 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, out of Fort Riley, 'Dagger Brigade' aligned to U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM... Although his patch on one photo shows he is clearly in the 2nd Infantry Division. His last relationship ended three years ago, his brother 'Graham' stole his fiancee three years ago. His dad (Graham) was an AF guy, died 2006 because of an heart attack, his mom (Barbara) was killed by a drunk driver ('Brown' says he was 8)... His bank acc was frozen after his brother and ex-gf had to be kicked off the bank acc (they took all the money?).
First name: Raymond
Last name: Hesley
Age: 53
Location: Agoura Hills CA Dubai UAE
Phone: 405 241 6117 916 398 7174
On websites: unknown at this time
Report: Claims to be Austrian-is not Widowed with 17 yr old son named David or Malcolm Worked in New Jersey now supposedly in Dubai Claimed to be in love after 8 days. Has an accent, possibly from Ghana. Made many spelling mistakes in emails and texts Tried many times to get me to send money. I did not send any. Do not believe a word this man tells you. I was lucky and read about scammers before he could get me to send money.
First name: Michael
Last name: S
Aka: Mike/Mike Williams
Age: 42
Location: Florida, USA; Philadelphia, PA, USA
On websites: sugardaddyforme
Report: Seemed too good to be true, and well, he was. Back-searched the pic he sent me and the only result that came up was on here so that was enough for me. Just dont bother, it sucks.
First name: Amar
Last name: Allel
Age: July 22 !984
Location: Kolea, Tipaza Algeria
Address: Attatba Halloula Sahilia Kolea Tipaza
Phone: unknown+213 776 678 133
On websites: Tagged
Report: I knew him in tagged and we were talking since 2010 then i invited him to meet somewhere like Kuala Lumpur twice then start asking money for help as he has no job then asked helped for his family too and money to to fix his teeth n buy tv laptop computer shoes clothes and to buy Ice cream machine for his business but never had a business at all then now still bothering me asking to buy a house and a car cause he told me i was wasting his time but i found out that he asked from other women too.
First name: Alfeo
Last name: Fabrello
Aka: Alfee
Age: 61
Location: Rye NY
On websites:
Report: Said he was an engineer in road construction owned own company Fabrello Road Construction! Widowed with one son John. Received numerous letter pledging undying love .... Alarm bells very early on ..... Took about 5wks for him to ask for money ... Email finally came asked for 32,000$ ....just sounded like a scammer from start spoke to him a couple of times on phone very strang accent!
First name: Jim
Last name: Mancini
Age: 64
Location: Orlando Florida, Toronto Canada
Phone: 321--236-8482
On websites: Facebook, dating websites
Report: He contacted me on an online dating service ( - working for company So-Hum Foundation - construction for charity organization - We exchanged phone calls, emails, and IMs for 6 weeks. He showed contract and check payment-- both fake - he asked me for money to renew business license ($1850) and then more money ($5000) to activate business bank account. I declined - he pursued - I checked with So-Hum Foundation - who indicated they had no contract in Florida and had no knowledge of this individual. I reported fraud to Anti-fraud Crime Division. I have 3 photos of the individual if needed.
First name: JACK
Last name: REDD
Age: 59
Phone: unknown233505829605
On websites: trying to get me to send money
Report: he has tried to get me send him money i did 2 months ago to victor nii adjei richmon Ghana Africa.
First name: brown
Last name: james
Age: 54
Location: afghanistan
On websites: facebook and msn
Report: met him on he spoke to me 1st i have been speaking to this man for a few months now first he wanted me to send money to his daughter yvonne who is 15 and in giana as she had had everything stolen and needed a laptop then she needed food then he had some gold bars from a family in afgan had given him he wanted my address and phone number for the shipping company so he could send them to me for safe keeping luckily i havent given him any information or sent any money
First name: James
Last name: Sundera
Age: 47
Location: England, oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico
Phone: 713-588-5672
On websites:
Report: I was contacted via email on by James. He requested that I use his personal email to contact him. Being new to Match, I obliged. He sent a brief introduction and 6 photos. 3 were photos of himself and 3 were pictures of the oil rig he was financing. A few emails were exchanged, then he wanted to text. We texted one evening for 5 hours. The next day he needed $5000 to help him charter a helicopter to get off the oil rig to come see me. The texting stopped after I told him no.
First name: Derrick Alexander
Last name: Heinrich
Age: 50
Location: Bedford, Texas; Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 276-601-1178
On websites:
Report: I was contacted by Derrick initially through a chat request. He asked if I liked men in uniform and would I be opposed to a long distance relationship. We chatted for a while, then he sent a request to email him. The first email was introductory and included 4 pictures of him in his US Army fatigues and a military issued brown sweater. He used nicknames such as
First name: Fabio Pablo
Last name: Aldo
Aka: Fabio Pablo
Age: 50
Location: South Africa, South Chelsea London
Phone: 352-229-8379
On websites:
Report: On the 15th of August I received an email from Fabio on my account. He stated that he was about to give up his search when he found my profile. He requested that I email him on his personal email account. The first email he sent was about
First name: raymond
Last name: crawford
Age: 51
Location: Wilmington,N.C.&Instanbul, Turkey
Phone: 910-260-5964unknown
On websites: yahoo, outlook, hotmail,google
Report: He went to Turkey to buy goods he said for his company and now falls in love over the internet then starts asking for money. People need to leave him alone. He is on a lot of date sites.
First name: James
Last name: Mason
Aka: Martin James,James Grady, Morgan James...
Age: 54, Juy 12, 1960
Location: Boston, MA, USA
On websites:
Report: I am on dating site and received a mail from this creature. The instant I saw his picture I remembered that I had seen him on male.scammers and immediately checked. He joined the site today. I answered his male but I am going to stay on the site, not giving my mail. I will report abuse on the site, but they do nothing about it, I guess the profit from paying to be on the site is more important.
First name: Raymond
Last name: Chandler
Aka: Raymond Chandler
Age: 52
Location: Siria
On websites: skype
Report: sono stata contattata su Nirvam una chat di incontri. dopo poco mi ha chiesto e-mail e skipe.mi ha chiesto di cancellarmi dalla chat per non avere distrazioni. solo contatti skipe o via e-mail perche lui un generale dell'esercito USA.diceva di essere Raymond Chandler 25/08/1961 SERGENTE MAGGIORE che ha prestato giuramento il 1 marzo 2011.dopo una decina di giorni mi ha chiesto di inviare somma di denaro per formalizzare il suo pensionamento e poter venire in italia.sono ancora in contatto, perche con una scusa sono riuscita a posticipare invio di denaro. scoperto che qualcosa non andava perche Raymond Chandler e tutt'altra persona ,presente su Wikipedia e Facebook ed eimportante, dovevo inviare denaro a Samuel Korateng box P.O 23miles 7 Accra Ghana. contatto su skype: raymond.chandler399 raymond.chandler252
First name: Murray
Last name: Lysons
Age: 62
Location: Malaysia and Ghana
On websites:
Report: Chatted with this person for month of August and realized finally that he was setting me up to ask for money, Originally he said he was widowed, then said he was divorced and his ex took everything. However he has an impressive website for an international construction company. He will not talk via telephone just ignores the any request for personal conversation. Chats via yahoo chat and is quite a romantic. His profile is tailored to match similar experiences in the woman's life so beware of any profiles that mirror your own profile. I am so thankful my friend noticed that the picture he posted on his website had the romance id on the photos.
First name: Robert
Last name: Larry
Aka: Rob2
Age: 49
Location: Chicago, Il; Manchester, UK
On websites: Guardian Soulmates (UK based dating site)
Report: Robert send me a direct message on the Soulmates site, asked me right away to leave the dating site and get in touch via Yahoo Messenger, because he removed his profile too within a day or two. He said he was on a secret mission in Afghanistan and platoon leader as well as part of the Military Police there. Within a day he asked me to deliver a package with 'stuffs' as he called it, for the orphans and for his birthday (the list grew longer and longer) and he said it could picked up with a carrier from which I got an e-mail address ( He asked me to send the email to the carrier to make sure the package could be picked up, while we were on messenger and was very persistent i did. When I did I got an instant reply from someone called Prince, who constructed sentences much the way Rob/Robert did. I found out that the messages he sent me via messenger and email were cut and paste from different romantic sites and some showed up on your site too. it was all about trust, love and inspirational quotes. I got suspicious right away and confronted him.. He denied everything and said he was deeply deeply hurt. He was only able to get online at night (Amsterdam time), while he was in Afghanistan. He told me he had two months before he was going to retire and was referring to himself as my husband and was making plans to fly straight out of Kandahar to the Netherlands to spend the rest of his life with me.
First name: mike
Last name: William
Age: 48
Location: london
Phone: 4474071803744/4915730491446
On websites: facebook
Report: He contacted me through Facebook, Said he is in London and traveled yesterday to Germany. He is apparently coming to SA in two weeks.
First name: Charles
Last name: Preston
Aka: Marco Albert
Age: 15.11.62
Location: Appeldoorn Nederland
On websites: Skype
Report: He called me this morning on skype ,,,Marco Albert ,,oichija71 and a few weeks ago under the name john Snyder ,,Kyoko2421 I told him that I know him already as my first romance scammer under the name Robert Brian webber .so he canceled skype imidiatly
First name: Scott
Last name: Jones
Aka: Richard Hansen
Age: 50. 53
Location: Lego Nigeria San Rafael California
Address: 9532,bel at ct nobesville in 46060. USA
Phone: 011 44701174225. 001 571 350 0685
Email: Rich
On websites: Millionaire match Be naughty
Report: I recognised this man Scott jones here on this site I've been touch with man from millionaire match dating site . He called himself.
First name: Fransico
Last name: Nery
Aka: Mavin
Age: 50
Location: Cape Town/Canada
On websites: singles 2meet
Report: He contacted me via the dating site. We sent messages back and forth for about a month. Then he said because of his job he did not always find time or get his messages so could we chat privately on the chat line. This has been going very smoothly and he was telling me how wonderful I was and that he had been on the dating site and never met anyone as wonderful as I. Then I requested we meet if he was that serious. He told me he was staying in Saldana bay Cape Town and it was a 5 hour drive to me on the other side of Cape Town. I then said we should make an arrangement for a long week-end whereby he could manage that as he said he was busy with a big contract coming up. he sent me pictures of himself his daughter and ;grandchild;. He then started with he needed money for a big machine and he asked his 80 year old mom to help but she is unable . The minute I mentioned we are all in the same boat the line went dead and his excuse was he lost signal. He is now , so he says in Johannesburg trying for a new contract and will be back on Thursday. I have spoken with him on the phone and he sounds like he has a Nigerian accent, I am just worried that I am being conned again
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Rechard Tyler
Age: 54
Location: Ghana
Address: Texas Huston
Phone: +77132944758, +233241572666
Report: This man wrote me 3 month. He said that he ud working in UN. He asked money from me. He wrote that he has a son, who is studying in Turkey.
First name: lawrence
Last name: george
Age: 50
Location: western cape/Johannesburg /sandton
On websites: facebook/singles 2meet
Report: he contacted me and said he would want to chat with me but not via the dating site. he asked for me to give a different e-mail address, unfortunately I did. Then he started telling me I would be his wife. He also said he had a daughter by the name of Sophia with so happens to be my second name. He told me he was going through a divorce because his wife is an alcoholic and that she tried to sell off all his property. He then told me never to mention her again, As time went by he said I must send him pictures of my jewellery I design and make because for him to believe that I was creative I needed to show him. I started getting very suspicious and did not want to go on line when he kept buzzing me. Then all of a sudden he started telling me I was mad and that I must be talking to a lot of men because I am on the chat line until late. Never the less he started becoming threatening and abusive and I told him I was not prepared to continue having this so called friendship going any further,he sent me a letter saying I must read it to prove he was no fake.
First name: Tony
Last name: Adams
Age: 51
Location: St. Louis
Phone: 601126613408 314 828 2919
On websites: POF
Report: I met him on plenty of fish he is in love in a few weeks and then coming to visit when he got a contract job in Maylasia was there one day and text me he was needing money and wanted me to send it I did not send the money we looked him up and found him all over the scam sites stay away from him
First name: Ruddy
Last name: Morgan
Age: 55
Location: Nigeria
On websites: yahoo messenger - offline
Report: I have been corresponding with this person for over 6 years already and he really scammed me badly. I have been scammed out of $71,319.89 US & CDN. He used every trick possible and when it came time for him to come here to Canada, he always came up with a problem, excuse or delay and has been lieing to me. He is asking me for another $200.00 and he said he would be coming for sure and I don't believe him at all any more. He said recently he was in the hospital due to being in a UPS truck the engine blew up and he got hurt by the Boko Haram in Nigeria. Today he said he is being released from the hospital and is very demanding asking me for more funds. He kept promising to put this ring on my finger at the Airport when he comes to Canada which is nothing but lies. Any man I do believe that asks for money is nothing but a Scammer. I have asked him for my funds back several times and he said I would get them back for sure once he comes here and he wants to marry me, buy a new house and car. He said he is filthy rich. I have all the proof that I sent these funds.
First name: Alfred
Last name: Feronti
Aka: Alfeo Fabrello. Alessandro Marcello, Alfred Johnson
Age: 61
Location: Rye. New York
On websites:
Report: Firstly, is indifferent when a scam such as this is reported. A report is already on record regarding this man. He is very plausible but falls down on his use of grammer. Poses as the President of A Fabrello Road Constuction, a multi million dollar company with it's head office in Milan.His wife died 10 years ago in an car accident. He reputedly has duel nationality due to the fact that his mother was English, his father American/Italian. Lived in Scotland untl the age of eight. has forgotten all his Italian. Not an option with an Italian father. Pretends to be on large construction projects all of which check out . ( presumably someone has secured the contract, just not him) backed up with photographs of both
First name: Tristan
Last name: Moretti
Age: 46
Location: Paris, France
Address: 23 Avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris, France and Afoke Oyetunji 125 Broad Gauge Way Wolverhampton UK Wv10 0BA
Phone: +44 70 87620550
On websites: yes, Facebook and Linkedin
Report: Tristan messaged me through Facebook because he saw me on a comment I made on a famous person's page. For two months he has convinced me that he is on an oil rig, has a seven year old son and is temporarily based in Newcastle, but lives in Paris. He has provided many photos, and we talked everyday on Skype but he said his phone was broken so it wouldn't allow video chat. Now he is supposedly on leave and he needs money desperately because a client won't pay him. He wants me to wire him $1000. He refuses to video chat even though he is supposedly back on land. When I said I didn't have money to send, he started questioning my love and commitment to