First name: Eric
Last name: Brown
Age: 57
Location: New York
On websites: facebook (but no more active)
Report: He send a friend request on Facebook, I accepted , when I ask if he was playing Slotomania , he said he is not there to play, when I ask him why he sent me a friend request, he said he is looking for a special friend, in between, I copied his profile picture and downloaded it at Google.img. and it showed the same picture of Eric but his name is Richard Cambell in LINKEDIN . a civil Engineer from United Kingdom. so there in there I knew he is a scammer so I panic, I told him I am not the right girl he was looking for, then he asked me if I am married. I did not answer him and immediately unfriend him, then reported to facebook about his fake account. and his profile was immediately deleted by FB. I also concluded that , he might knew my first scammer RONNIE PERR WILLIAMS because in one of his pictures which I did not even have a chance to copy was he has on his arm a tiny dog(beautiful), my first scammer knew I have 4 dogs and love dogs very much. another proof or sign that he is a scammer, is that even if I accepted his friend request, my name never showed when I click friend, never showed any friend on his profile.
First name: Frank
Last name: Obrain
Age: 54
Location: North Carolina, USA; NY,USA, Nigeria, London, UK
Phone: 12136328908
On websites: facebook, skype
Report: Having a chat for 3 months, he asked for money (I gave him US$10.000), talked on the phone, with him, his daughter and his male friend. His facebook is: His Skype: Gen. Frank Obrain After blocking him he sent these other facebook requests:
First name: Richard
Last name: Marcus
Age: 43
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 7578067919, 01160169162934
On websites:
Report: For months talked. Mr. Marcus stated on Sterling a Gemstones in Virginia Beach, Va. He had secured an account and would be going overseas to obtain diamonds in Maylasia for his clients.once there he encountered issues with the certificate of authenticity. He asked for funds to help secure these. While attempting to return to the county he was detained and required more money for paperwork. Once entered Country, he was to payback funds, however he stated he was suffering from dengue fever. He then returned to Maylasia, because his shipment was detained once there requested more funds to help secure necessary paperwork from country official and a iPad as a gift to the official's assistant. Once received money to return home. Richard was in an accident in which he needed a life saving surgery. Once the doctor and Richard were told that a representative would be enroute to the hospital there in Maylasia he became argumentative and was alright.
First name: robert
Last name: merlino
Age: 50
Location: winter park, fl
Phone: 5612319325 5619722337
On websites: ayi
Report: needs 3000 to come home, he has a friend owing him money and wants to pay him with a check. he cant cash it in Kabul. His mom cant cash it either, she has no bank account. Can you help me cash it and send the cash to my Diplomat to process my leave home
First name: Martins
Last name: Kelvin
Aka: E.
Age: 50
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Email: kmartinse@yahoo,com
On websites:
Report: I found out that he used other man's profile for his in Facebook. His e-mail does not match with his picture. It shows the picture of a woman instead. He shows no other friends in his Facebook. He describes love very quickly and he fly to Malaysia saying that he got the contract there. He can pay for the first class ticket, but he told me he used the internet cafe to contact me and asked me to call him. He did not ask my telephone number. I still got some of his letters. I un-friend him before he asked me for the money. My reason is I got one Scammer before him that ask me the money. So, I read in Google extensively on scammers and I knew that he is the one when he flew to Malaysia. There are lots of mistakes that I found out. If you contact me via my e-mail, I can tell you more evidence.
First name: Bruce
Last name: Brandon
Age: 47 Years
Location: Cape Town south Africa
Phone: +27613998591
Email: bruce.russell;
On websites: Facebook and connecting singles
Report: A while back this person wrote to me on connecting singles and we started emailing and later IM. Everything went fine for a bit and no mention of money lending or finance and in fact I still said that I had been caught with large amounts of money on here by people and was weary of such people. Then he had a business trip to attend to but according hi had to finish his work here and was leaving town to complete his work long before banks open and could I help with R1200, I was putting my ears up and asked a million questions and after a lot of back and forth agreed on R800. a few days later same thing and this time it was R950, not a lot but was still not happy but ashored me before leaving he would give it back. Sunday arrived he was to meet me did not develop as his one worker had an accident and he had to attend to it, with the result no meeting no money. He phoned me a few days later to say he was now starting his new contract and the machinery was more than he thought and his workers hospital bill was more that expected and his bank account was blocked cause he had had a hack it in the past when away on business. He was now asking for a lot over R30,00 the more I told him I didn't have the morehe carried on day and night. eventually for peace I sent R3000 just for hopefully peace but no he carried on and on how I was not helping. He then backed down when he saw I was ignoring him and then asked for airtime first it was R100 then R200 and after it got to a R1000 I halted and said that is it no more. a few days later he phones again and now decides her is going to come back to South Africa and would like a letter from me to say we are getting married and he will then be fine to reopen his account and would then transfer a large amount of money into my bank account. I did not do the letter, he phones the next day asking for ticket money that is when I got very angry and told him e know I have nothing and has put me in a difficult position taking what he has Friday he phones me to say he is back in south Africa and I had failed his test cause his advisor had told him to act poor he actually had everything he needed he didn't need money. He did it to prove if I loved him or not but I had failed . This is a filthy dirty trick to play on anyone and as far as I am concerned who else has he done it too and he likes to brag to the amount he is worth, which did not interest me cause people who talk like that have nothing anyway as far as I am concerned.. This is a sick trick and would like other women to be warned these scammers come in all shapes and sizes.
First name: Jonathan Thomas
Last name: Merris
Age: 41
Location: Kabul,Afghanistan
Phone: 93-256-392-6156
On websites: Was on Tagged
Report: He told me he was a US Marine deployed in Afghanistan & he has a Son Nick, 6 yrs.old & his Wife had been shot &died in his arms. We made plans to Marry & he asked I send money for his Son's Birthday bike , that his check wouldn't make it in time. I sent almost $300.00Canadian. I have the receipt. He wanted more money, $2800.00 to pay off his Maid/Caregiver & have his Son sent up to me in Canada. I did send it but it was flagged at the Moreno Valley Cash Store & I got my money back. When I told him what had happened he wanted me to send it again but to split it up& resend it from two stoes but I wouldn't. He disappeared & so did my money!
First name: KRZYSZTOF
Last name: TKACZYK
Age: not known
Report: Contacted me via FB told me he is a widower with an 8 yr. old son and works as a Mariner Engineer he claimed he was also a business man, who bought hospital equip. in Russia and sold it Brazil. He sent me mail everyday telling me that he had fallen in love with me and wanted to come to Australia to meet me. Contact started in July 2013, then in late August he claimed he had to go to sea. He would ring me but said that I couldn't ring him, he kept me informed of where he was. Then he tells me that they are in the Indian Ocean and he is scared of this ocean, next call I get is!! the ship has broken down and they need to get a part, this takes 2 weeks during that time, he tells me that the Captain has organized a SECURITY COMPANY APEX from MALAYSIA to pick up all personal items for fear of PIRACY. Then the requests for money started firstly from FRANK as he called himself for airfare and documents needed to bring his SECURITY BOX to me in AUSTRALIA, I was then contacted by a MR. JOSEPH ALI from APEX who told me how much and where to send it, which I did. Then I get another call from MR. ALI telling me that customs in MALAYSIA weren't letting his agent go through because they couldn't check the contents of the box and the AGENT didn't have the code to open it. So over the next few months till about the end of November there were all these requests, FOR THIS DOCUMENT, THEN A LAWYER NEEDED TO BE INVOLVED his name was BARRISTER DAN LAWSON. He would contact me by email and inform me of what was needed. I asked him to email me his ID card which he did, except I should have realized that the name didn't match the ASIAN FACE, FRANK was also ringing me and emailing me pleading for me to help him, by now the amount had added up AU$50.000.00 and FRANK promised me that he would pay me back. I GUESS YOU GET YOUSELF INTO SUCH A DEEP HOLE THAT I FRANTIC. Next thing FRANK is coming to Australia gave me a flight schedule but couldn't find it listed, 2 days go by and no word from anyone TOTAL SILENCE. Then I get a call from FRANK that he has been detained by customs in JARKARTA because there was a WORLD TRAVEL DOCUMENT MISSING and they wouldn't release his box without it. So from late NOVEMBER to MARCH 2014 there was more money requested. So I obliged by this time I was nearly having a nervous break down. I sent another AU$35.000.00 same lawyer involved. He then tells me that all the documents are now finalized and he is free to go. BUT INSTEAD OF COMING TO AUSTRALIA HE GOES BACK TO ENGLAND as his lawyer had advised him that this would be the best move and he would go to the bank, cancel his BANK DRAFT NOTE for the money that he was going to buy the equipment and would send me a BANK CHEQUE FOR THE WHOLE AMOUNT. I TRUELY BELIEVED THIS LOWLIFE. DURING THIS WHOLE TIME MY DEAR MOTHER PASSED AWAY MY HUSBAND IS TERMINALLY ILL AND THIS GUY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HOW I WAS FEELING. BUT THIS EPISODE HAS MADE ME MCH STRONGER AND NO-ONE WILL EVER CON ME AGAIN. I HAVE RECEIPTS, I HAVE A COPY OF HIS FB PROFILE THATE HE USES, I HAVE A EMAIL THAT HE SENT ME OUTLINING WHAT WAS IN HIS SECURITY BOX, COPY OF FAKE ID OF THE BARRISTER WHICH I FOUND ON 419 SCAMMERS AND NUMEROUS PHOTO'S.
First name: David
Last name: Whitehead
Age: 34
Location: Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: His first letter: Hello, Thank you for the message. I'm really glad to read from you, I am Sgt Dave Whitehead, am 35 years of age live in New York, presently in Afghanistan. Have been in the US army about 6years now.. I'm one of the squad of infantry soldiers dedicated to protecting our great nation.. We are sent to shithole countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to disrupt or destroy an enemy that has extreme hatred for us simply because we represent the American flag. We might not all believe in the reasons that we are here in the Middle East but I guarantee that those soldiers will fight, if necessary, just for their fellow soldiers. That is why I love my job! We are true Americans, not the greedy and selfish Americans we are mistaken for on a daily basis in the Middle East. I love my country and see no better way to serve it than how I currently am. I'm a very decent guy, good looking people say, but I always tell people to wait and get to know me deeply and you will see that my heart is more beautiful, i m an easy going person and a level headed guy, not into games nor hookups as they say.i m a very shy type, i love nature so much. i lost my ex 2 years ago, he died to cancer of the lungs, so i mourn him for so long as a respect. now i feel its time to carry on with my life, my friend often say to me that i should stop living in the past and focus on the future, and what i want for the future is someone who is ready to love and be loved. who i can love and show that i care for, someone i will love in and out of bed, and someone who will understand me, thru the sun and the rain. and thats why i m here sitting on the computer writing to you. you sound so honest and you seems like that kind of man i have been longing for, i dont want to hang around the site, going from one man to another, i just want someone who will take me to the dream land and take away the growing pains of loneliness. I have some questions for you, Are you single? What are you seeking for? What do you like in a guy? What do you for sex? Hope to hear from you soon.... Which appears exactly as written on your site as a scammers letter
First name: SCOTT
Last name: RICHMON
Age: 59
Phone: unknown233505829605
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: richmonscott81: hello BUZZ!!! richmonscott81: hello BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! barbara_white6: SORRY WAS NOT AWAKE richmonscott81: okay richmonscott81: how are you doing BUZZ!!! barbara_white6: JUST TOOK DOG OUT SIDE barbara_white6: SORE RIBS richmonscott81: okay richmonscott81: okay that cool barbara_white6: NO THEY HURT I CRACKED THEM barbara_white6: LEANING FOR SOMETHING OVER SHEILA'S COUCH richmonscott81: okay richmonscott81: so where are you now barbara_white6: HOME barbara_white6: I DID IS SUNDAY I WENT AND SPENT THE NIGHT barbara_white6: SHE IS 55 AND PATTY IS 73 richmonscott81: at where richmonscott81: okay richmonscott81: that good barbara_white6: I IN THE MIDDLE AT 63 richmonscott81: ok richmonscott81: baby richmonscott81: so how is everyone doing my love barbara_white6: OUR 3 BROTHERS AND A SIS TER ARE DEAD richmonscott81: i really missed you barbara_white6: WE ARE OK ANNETTE HAD FLU BUT IS BETTER richmonscott81: what? barbara_white6: DID YOU GET MY PIC'S richmonscott81: when did it happen my love barbara_white6: THE FLU richmonscott81: did you send it to my mail barbara_white6: SHE HAS BEEN SICK ALL THIS PAST WEEK barbara_white6: ON IM HERE barbara_white6: YOU IM ME LAST NIGHT SAID YOU FELL A SLEEP richmonscott81: no i did not barbara_white6: OH CRAP richmonscott81: hmmmmm richmonscott81: baby am really in need barbara_white6: SO AM I richmonscott81: and i dont have anyone to hlep me richmonscott81: i wish to die barbara_white6: STOP DO NOT SAY THAT barbara_white6: BEFORE YOU WENT THERE YOU KNEW I COULD NOT HELP barbara_white6: AND I AM VERY SORRY I CAN'T richmonscott81: i dont even have money to buy food barbara_white6: I DON'T EITHER SCOTT richmonscott81: i just need 300 dollars to even buy food i dont have barbara_white6: I DO NOT HAVE EVEN $5.00 TO BUY FOOD richmonscott81: so you can help me with 100 or 200 to 300 to buy food barbara_white6: FIVE DOLLARS SCOTT I DO NOT HAVE FIVE DOLLARS TO BUY FOOD richmonscott81: okay richmonscott81: okay richmonscott81: am okay about it richmonscott81: i know my God would help me barbara_white6: YES richmonscott81 is typing... richmonscott81: ok barbara_white6: IS THE SUN OUT OVER THERE TODAY
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Scott
Age: 47
Location: Florida USA
Phone: 13054142313
On websites: Facebook
Report: He sent a message to me on Facebook inviting to be friends with him. I accepted without any doubt and started exchanging email messages. I was not suspicious of him coz he seems to be a good guy with pure intentions, i thought, until I tried to google some parts of his letters and found out that those letters were copied from this site. Good thing I did what my friend told me. We're just starting to get to know each other. I don't know if he is a scammer but hopefully not.. coz if he is i no longer know how to trust anyone anymore.
First name: Leonard
Last name: Sage
Aka: Joe C Sage/Douglas Martinz Sage/Kendig Sage/Mathis K Sage/Marc Sage/Samuel Sage/Leonard Sage/Ric A Sage/James Randy Williams/Eric A Sage/Mozzie A Sage/Joe Kristie
Age: 30-49
Location: Libya/Nigeria
Phone: +23 48166400856
On websites: Yahoo/Facebook
Report: Dating Scammer Leonard Sage comes from Texas USA he is a Widowee with one Daughter call Jennifer-8 years old that lives with the Nanny at home. He's Wife died in a car accident couple years ago and he has no parents!! We started chatting online at Yahoo Messenger and then Facebook April 2014-August 2014. He was working for the US Army in Libya and then he got transfer to Nigeria where there is a Army base. After 2 months he asking for money for part of a airfare to come and see me in Berlin 500 Euro I sent the money to Nigeria by Western Union. He also sent me a email with a Fake Emirates Boarding Pass Ticket he was going to see me in 2nd August 2014 but he diden't arrive due to the insurance fees were not fully paid.
First name: Michael
Last name: Rivers
Age: 63
Location: Dallas Texas, Scottsdale, Az amd Kent England
On websites:
Report: Contacted me with the same story as others reported. Only corresponded with him for 7 days, and I knew he was a scam. We were going to meet and he had to leave for Kent England on business and would not return for 12 days. When he cancelled our meeting and had to leave the country, I knew he was bad news. At that point I emailed him and told him I knew he was a scam and not to contact me again. That was yesterday, and I blocked him from my account. Cant believe I found his picture on the scammers web site.
First name: fred
Last name: williams
Age: 53
Location: UK , Cambridge
On websites: hi5, tagged
Report: Him contact me and say have one son and are busniesman with gold. Ask me if I have my own house or rent and give email of his son to speak ...and ask me if I can let his son tell me mom. First time say his wife die and after say they divorce...I think will make same thing like make with all women after give email at his son to speak and say give money because him is there in Egipt and he can't go to send money at boy.
First name: Jack
Last name: Morgan Edward
Age: 43
Location: Liverpool, UK
On websites: Facebook
Report: I met him on the dating site. I am married but just felt curious of him because he looked religious and cute. Once I sent a message, he requested me to go to FB and become friends. And I did it. On the following day he started to contact me by chatting. At the very first chat, he told me 'I wish I was father of your kids' And at the second chat, i told him 'I will pray that you may get a nice woman for your wife' since he detailed he has been single on his profile and I knew that. Then he told me ' I wish it was you...' Then his love talk have started...I was not so happy with my husband so I have been needing just a mate. He called me to chat for a few times a day, but most of weekends he was not there. He repeated 'I love you so much' over and over and talked me about the dream to live together, how to get divorce to my husband, and having a baby boy in the future. By his words I could feel secure, loved, wanted and cherished. One day he told me suddenly that by his contract of work he had to go to Nigeria and stay there 3 months. After a week he arrived there, he suddenly started to count me his serious problem and ask me $550.00 to send. Of course I didn't send it. But then he asked me to send him money for 5occations.
First name: Edward
Last name: Garcia
Age: Said he was 60
Location: Said kabul afghanistan
On websites: Facebook and hi5 dating site
Report: He said he was sergeant in us army aged 60 retiring in March. Asked for secure line for talking to me at a price. Again asked me to get him leave to see me at a price. I did not fall for this as I checked on army sites and found out they do not require anything like that.
First name: Richard
Last name: Maker
Age: 57
Location: Texas Lewiseville,Ghana
Report: He was coming to Dating Direct.Write sweet e-mails.After he ask me my e-mail.We was chat.After he send me pictures,sweet e-mails,promises.He was in Iraq peace keeping mission,final he ask for money for luggage problems in Ghana custom department.He was ask for 1000?,I was send 400?,he promise pay me beck this money.;.I think he have problems.I was crying.He use my soul,heart.After I find in formation,he is crime person. This money I was send to Ghana in fake police man name Wilson Akampole. i HAVE LEFT ONLY 2 RECEIPTS.
First name: Dickson
Last name: Jordan
Age: 35 to 40 years
Location: Malaysia/ Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60126141096 and +6011126646911
On websites: Face Book
Report: He claim he is from United Kingdom, a widow with one son working in Chevon as an Area IT Manager.Came to Kuala Lumpur for a project with Petronas Oil & Gas.He want to borrow 95,000 pounds for buying materials in his project. He even gave his bank account : Alliance Bank
First name: James
Last name: Grady
Age: 52
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: OurTime
Report: Contacted me on OurTime. Said he was US Army stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan - home in Houston, TX, retiring in 3 months. Also said he had a son, 11, living in West Africa with a friend. Looking for his soul mate, using the account of a friend
First name: Ron
Last name: Wool
Age: 48
Location: Vermont USA
On websites: Last known on girls date for free
Report: Found him on a dating site girls date for free
First name: James
Last name: walter
Aka: jack redd
Age: 44
Location: germany
Email: walterjames122@yahoo,com,de
On websites: Twoo yahoo
Report: This is the third time this man has contacted me as a scammer under different names states he needs money for a project in African countries I recognised him due t chain and ring that he wears then when I said not gets angry he is also known as David Asare on twoo
First name: Loren
Last name: Hoffman
Aka: Loren Hamm
Age: 63
Location: Frankfort
Phone: 1-277-322-16971
On websites:
Report: His profile on Chemistry said he was from Cincinnati, Ohio. He claimed to be a civil contractor working in South Africa. We talked for months and then he started asking for money
First name: James
Last name: Stuart
Age: 53
Location: Afganistan
On websites:, skype
Report: He initiated contact through SKYPE. I corresponded with him from late November 2013---July 2014. He requested money to be used for payments for flights, to a security company so they can send me his $50,000 and the deed to his house in Los Angeles, CA., and for his troop members to get home from Afganistan. He scammed me out of $6500.
First name: David
Last name: Lucas
Age: 41
Location: Toronto, Canada + Miami, Florida
Phone: 805-409-7093, 850-733-8874
On websites: Facebook, yahoo mail + yahoo messenger
Report: He initiated contact with me on Facebook. We are still in contact with each other. He keeps asking for money for plane tickets + taxes to come to me, + now he is asking for money to send all his things, equipment, etc to me. Total amt needed is $10,000.00. He says he will pay me back as soon as his job is finished in Toronto so he can come to be with me.
First name: George
Last name: Griffin
Age: 63
Location: USA. Houston
On websites:,
Report: I was contacted by the State Department in Washington, DC that this man has scammed 5 other women and has received over $10,000 from them. He claims to be a widower, traveling with a grandson and having had an accident in Kaunas! Lithuania , is now in a hospital and needs funds to pay foe his brain injuries. The man who called me told me George's story has not changed. He tells each woman the same story. He says he is from Dublin, I supposedly spoke to him on the phone before he had this injury. The doctor doesn't exist, neither does the hospital. He tells us he loves us and wants to get married as soon as he returns home to houston! Texas .
First name: Harry louis
Last name: Leyte
Age: 54
Location: Kabul
Phone: 0019216631592unknown
On websites: Skype
Report: I chattet with him on skype one monts ago .told me is 4star general in Afghanistan Kabul .wants to have early retirement .i have to help him writhe to get his paper ,should pay 1050 ? to get them ready .i did not .so we stoped
First name: Maurice
Last name: Vanco
Aka: Phill Kress
Age: 50
Location: Australia, Africa
Report: This guy contacted me 2 years ago and wanted to know all about my life. We communicated via Yahoo Messenger. He said he wanted to buy some land in Africa and wondered if I would mind him using my name as the buyer on the deeds title as it was much easier for women to buy land than men. I told him NO and he seemed to be okay with that. We chatted for about a month before he said he was heading off overseas to Africa to check out the land sales. A couple of days after he left I got an email from a female friend of his saying Phill had stopped off at a shop to get some toiletries upon arrival and had left his wallet in the back of the taxi which had taken off with his luggage while he was in the shop. When I told her I was sorry to hear that but couldn't help him out financially I never heard from her again. He still has a facebook page under the name of Phill Kress with the same photos as on here.
First name: Michael
Last name: Robinson-James
Age: 53
Location: Damascus, Syria
On websites:
Report: He contacted me through and after about 3 hours of chatting he told me that I was the one and he took down his profile.
First name: charles
Last name: presten
Aka: bryan webber
Age: 55
Location: Netherlands
Report: This man a.k.a. Bryan Webber has been in contact with my Mom who has recently lost her husband. She is in a very vulnerable state of mind & heart and he knew the words to say to make her feel good. After a couple of weeks of contact via Skype
First name: SCOTT
Last name: MCCATHY
Age: 53
Location: AFGS
On websites: skype