First name: Glenn
Last name: McPike Webb
Aka: Glenn McWebb
Age: 50
Location: USA, Beverly Hills
Phone: 323-744-8367
Email: glennmcwebb@
On websites:
Report: Glenn claims to be a sergeant major with the US Army, stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. He woes you and expresses his love for you, then suddenly asks for you to send 2 NEW iphones. He states the phones MUST be brand new and within their original package. They must be bought directly from Apple. He states that he is on a
First name: Vincent
Last name: Van Ellis
Aka: Vince Evans; Clark Douglas Wayne; Steven Nick; Hence Van-Daar Ellis
Age: 46
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 1 818 639 8579 and 1 773 757 6305 and +34 911 981 009 (in Spain)
On websites:
Report: He made contact with me through Told me he had a 15 year old daughter (which he sent pictures of) who is in boarding school in St Louis and his parents lived in London (sent pictures of them as well). He lives in Chicago but wanted to relocate outside the US to get over a heartbreak. He claims to be from the Netherlands but relocated to the US 10 years ago and is US citizen. He sends a lot of pictures and loving texts (very kind and romantic). Wants to know everything about you and enquires about your kids. Within a short while of knowing you he states that you are the one he wants to grow old with. He will talk to you over the phone and over webcam. Calls from the country where he pretends to be on business in. He pretends to go to church every Sunday (devout Catholic). Look under Clark Douglas Wayne Age 42 for a picture, however, he dyes and styles his hair differently so I have numerous pictures with different looks from this individual. there are probably numerous victims out there and he is difficult to track due to his ever changing appearance. He sends pictures of himself at his job (in a boardroom with other people who are professionally dressed) where he is senior manager of marketing for a gold mining company in Chicago. After gaining your trust he tells you about an investment which he has whereby he has to refine gold to increase purity, send pictures of Assay Reports; asks for assistance to pay for chemicals to refine gold bars. He then has to pay to ship the gold bars from Latvia to Alaska ( sends pictures of the certificate of ownership of the gold bars in his name) from the Ministry of Mining in Latvia with the Latvian Government Seal. Then gets called off to business meeting to Spain and Ghana; while away the gold shipment is in risk of being labelled as abandoned goods by US customs, asks you for some money to ship gold to his associate in California for safe keeping. Says he has a buyer lined up and will pay you back with interest once it is sold and he gets back to the states. I grew suspicious when I did not find a Ministry of Mining in Latvia and his business address did not check out when he finally provided it. He works with a group of people one in California named Kiyoki J Lockler in Rocklin CA and Danette D. Totten in Achorage AK. who he asks you to wire the money to (never to himself). Both individuals have numerous aliases. He wants to come to visit you in order to propose. This individual needs to be stopped before he endangers someone not only financially.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Aleksander k Shashiasvhvili
Age: 53
Location: kabul Afganistan
Address: King St., Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1
Phone: 00447743437284
On websites: Facebook
Report: Hij heeft mj benaderd op facebook 15 september 8 dagen heb ik met hem gechat tot er achter kwam dat hij een scammer was Hier heb ik hem meer geconfronteerd en ook de relatie direcht beeindigd
First name: james
Last name: smit
Age: 57
Location: maryland washington united states
On websites: gmail chat
Report: this gentleman started talking to me on skype on the 18 th september. this weekend he told me he wanted to have money send to me as he is and soldier in afghanistan. before i knew it he has arranged evrything and now wants me to pay his agent 5,500$ to receive his 2,000,000 for him in a briefcase
First name: Kelvin
Last name: tyrone
Age: 45
Location: Kuala lumpur - Malasie
Phone: +60 182192072,. 0044 7514219812
On websites: facebook
Report: I've been using this man from may 2014 written via chat on facebook until he asked me for money first, he was robbed in Kuala Lumpur and of course I am there in kicked and sent him 500 dollars is money but then he asked me that I haven't done more , I've found that this scammer goes
First name: Tony
Last name: Robert
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Twoo
Report: This man made contact on Twoo dating site..was in the UK? Then got a contract for work in Nigeria for two months..has asked me to send him a phone so we can stay in contact due to giving his phone to his daughter for her 9th birthday..I just feel uneasy about sending the phone.....he is forever professing his undying love and when I mention our age difference he just says ahah..I have ticked the box saying I am absolutely sure he is a scammer but I just don't know it just feels rediculous... Thanks...jeanne
First name: Antony
Last name: Alma
Age: 50
Location: not sure
Phone: 940-569-6352
Report: I was contacted on by a woman! strange. She said she had a friend that had seen my profile, on her account, and was bugging her to give me his phone number or email, for me to contact me because he thought I was an incredible woman. I did text him. He texted me back asking me to email him instead. I did email him, and when he replied, he sent me photos of him and a little bit about himself. We exchanged emails only for 3 days. From the beginning, I thought strange that a civil engineer would have such poor english. But then he told me he was the son of an Italian man and a british woman. That would explain his accent, when he called me just today for the first time. It didnt really sound like an Italian accent though. He had told me he was doing field work as a contractor in South Africa, laying pipes for gas and oil. I asked him where was his home. he said in Miami! So I asked where was his daughter, and he said she travelled with him too. She was supposed to be 17 and she is travelling with him all the time? I asked how does she go to school, but he acted as if he could not hear me. His conversation was uninteresting and obviously didnt match his emails. Also, his third email seemed more well written, not written by the same person at all. I suspected immediately this was a scam, but wanted to see how far this would go. And I asked him a few more specific questions that he never replied to. I finally called him today and confronted him, and he hung up on me! What made me suspicious: it didnt make sense that a very good looking and wealthy man would seem so desperate to get married to me! after emailing me for 3 days and without having seen my pictures yet! Also, if his mom was british, although his dad was italian, it didnt make sense to me that his english was so poor! And his daughter traveling with him for work???? Then I searched one of his pics. And sure thing it is here on your website alreadY! BINGO!
First name: eheneden
Last name: eweka
Age: 34
Location: ghana accra
Phone: +233245591428unknown
On websites: face book
Report: he work as agent of gold company !! and his friend William Miller works with him together. so every time he need money .. and i was in love with his friend William Miller !! he used me and my feelings for money ..i know that he and his friend William Miller is a scammer ..
First name: James
Last name: Alvarez
Age: 57
Location: Afganistan@
Phone: 646-481-8493
On websites: Tagged
Report: This person contacted me on a dating site called Tagged. I am not sure if he is still active on it or not. I canceled my profile on this site. He says he has a little girl that lives with his mother in Florida. He wants me to give him my bank info so he can send me money to pay for his plane ticket home from Afghanistan. I told him I didn't give out my bank info so he then wanted me to open a PayPal account and his bank would deposit the money in it. He says he is a Captain in the army. I never opened an account and quit chatting with him.
First name: Larry
Last name: Woods
Age: 46?
Location: London/NewYork
Phone: +447086464634
On websites: Facebook
Report: This Guy. Is a scammer. On Facebook
First name: Morris
Last name: Skinn
Age: Unknown
Location: Sirya
On websites: Skype frommetoyou427
Report: He contacted me few days ago ,calls me mom ...I send you pics and chatts.i am sure he is one of this scammers
First name: Cliff
Aka: Unknown
Age: 47
Location: Lambeth (London Greater), UK
On websites: International Cupid
Report: He sent me a message from International Cupid website, with an intention to get to know me better. He gave me his email address above and said that he preferred to communicate using our personal email. First Red Flag : his English was off (for someone who claimed himself an Englishman). Second Red Flag : he's using someone else photo and probably without his knowledge, it's the Malaysian Prime Minister's son! Lol. To confirm, I google image the photo and showed similar images of the PM's son and his FB account. I did not email him but replied his message saying his photo looked like someone I know and if he's still interested to get to know me, we can chat thru the dating website platform. Of course he didn't reply but instead blocked me from his list! Lol Ps. I did a screen shot of his messages for proof.
First name: mark
Last name: crowder
Aka: Deari Markie, craving4love
Age: 47
Location: claims to be in Norway, then Afghanistan
On websites: hi5, Facebook
Report: After presenting a tearsquizing story that he is a single parent with two kids, his wife left him, he asked for money to help him supporting his two children, claiming that he is serving in the army and cannot acces his money and the nany who is taking care of his children while he is away needs money, otherwise will leave the children alone. OF course he asked the money to be sent trough western union or moneygram, but when I asked him to show his ID or any official id's he stopped asking for money. I did not sent him any money, though he tried some emotional blackmail. such as I need your support, I would have helped you if you were asking for help and support blablabla
First name: James
Last name: Carothers
Aka: George
Age: Morgan
Location: Spokane, Washington
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: I met this person on Christian Mingle (CM) - he calls himself James Carothers age 56 widower with 2 children - have emails and photos of him from CM - he asked me to email him at private email and then sent long email saying was Independent Drilling Contractor. The English was broken and sentence structure was poor - I entered a line from the email and it connected to someone already on your site - George Morgan. The photos match. I can send emails from CM, from gmail and photos to update your files.
First name: Richard
Last name: Erwin
Aka: Mike
Age: 45
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: Richard Erwin claims to be a Master Sergeant in the Army stationed at Fort Stewart GA. He sent a pic in dress blues labeled Mike. When I questioned him, he gets irritated. Asked if I knew about military phone TS2... (bogus) as there is no special military phone..scammers use that name to get money. He said he was stock broker and into oil and gas..and he would contact me needing money. I looked up an IP address and it came back to Sunnyvale CA. when questioned, he said he had family around there and was irritated I asked. I spent money on Spokeo and People Smart to look up more info on this man, received another IP address with no pictures or other information available.
First name: Anderson
Last name: Dwayne
Age: not sure late forties I would guess
Location: Nigeria
On websites: facebook yahoo
Report: I was approached by this man because he liked y beautiful eyes.He approached me with amessage on facebook wanting to be myfriend,and I allowed that as I wanted to see what it was about with an idea he was a scammer.I have been approached by a few and pretty know the routine so if he was I was going toreport him.Of course he was in the army and home state was Florida and he wanted to befriendme in hopes of more than friendship as he was in love with me already.,and hoped in time I could love him.We exchanged a couple e mails but I did not respond t his last one,and he hasn't bothered me so far and I thought I had enugh to report him even though he didn't have time to ask for money,I really had to get away. It just makes me sick when these thieves portray themselves as soldiers.and I am sure break some hearts along the way
First name: John
Last name: Raymond
Aka: Jay
Age: 46
Location: Asia, Syria, USA
Phone: +963854642263
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I met
First name: Michael Fabian
Last name: Ross
Age: 60
Location: Pretoria South AFrica
Phone: 727-493-8177, 405-241-6117
On websites:
Report: This man noticed me on He wrote emails very similar to those listed by others. He claimed to be a geotechnical engineer, working in South Africa for 8 weeks mining for diamonds. He claimed that the car he was riding in was attacked by rebels and was badly injured and wanted me to send $1,000 to him via Western Union. I refused. He continued to insist. I was finally able to get him to tell me his address in Phoenix. Checking tax records he did not own that home. He was very persistant!
First name: Sam
Last name: Vaughn
Age: 68
Location: Afton, Mn USA
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Sam needed money to fix broken equipment and then money because overstayed visa in Malaysia $4500
First name: logan
Last name: kross
Aka: lorenzo thompson mills
Age: 40 something
Location: paraguay
Email: iamlogankross@gmail
On websites: sugardaddyforme
Report: see report about lorenzo thompson mills. It is exactly word for word. Has picture of him and a little girl on gmail and google+
First name: Matthew
Last name: Browder
Age: 34
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Hornet, Google Hangouts
Report: Pretends to be a sargeant in the US military, stationed in Kabul. Targets gay men. Pretends to love you and wants to move in with you when his tour of duty isdone. Pretends to have no family. Pretends to have invested in paintings and art which is in storage in China but the storage contract is expiring soon so he needs to ship everything to you. Provides a legitimate looking website where you can track the shipment. Suddenly shipping and customs fees are payable and he asks you to wire the money to a third party. When you refuse he has a third party mail you a forged cheque. Fortunately my bank confirmed this before any money exchanged hands. His first contact was on the gay dating site Hornet. His emails ended 3 months later when he realized that my bank and I knew the cheque was forged
First name: Micheal
Last name: George
Aka: Daniel Okemun
Age: 60
Location: Sydney, Australia
On websites: Facebook
Report: After losing a large sum of money, I contacted the FBI. I was told this was scam & the scammer was found and put in jail.The scammer contacted me himself and told me it was a lie. He them asked me to sponsor him in the USA, and adopt him as my son.He turned out to be 20 years old, if that was even true.
First name: Tony
Last name: Wayne
Age: 46
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: We met on Facebook. We started a friendship. He said he was in the U.S.Army statioed in Camp Oregun in Kabul. He wanted financial help to get out of the military and come back to the State's. He said he had money but couldn't get to it til he was back in the State's. He promised me the world. I did send some $ to an
First name: Davison
Last name: Dodson
Age: 48
Location: Kabul, Afghanistn
On websites:, Facebook
Report: He stated he is in the US Army. E-6 SSG stationed in Kabul. He had a 14 year old adopted son in Tamale, Ghana. He was due to retire from the Army. Divorced and wanted a home for his son and a wife to enjoy a new life with.
First name: Billy
Last name: Thamos
Age: 50
Location: Cotonou, Benin, Africa North Carolina, Australia
Phone: 2522936440
Email: , ,
On websites: facebook, yahoo
Report: Taylor Burrow ontacted me in 2012 on facebook, but i didn't see message till february 2014. Email & Yahoo Messenger for 4 months. Promised marriage. Told me he moved from North Carolina to Benin, Africa in March to build a road for the government. Provided approval certificate. Stayed in contact and covered the time difference. I broke up with him several times because he would not provide any photos or webcam or voice calls. But he sent a photo he said he took there. He wanted me to visit him in Africa, but i couldn't afford the passport fee. Contacted me in May to ask me to take possession in the States of consignment boxes of cash ? i needed to contact the accounting company and have them shipped to his fiancee, me. When I found out that the cost of advance fees was $1,800 i told Taylor that i couldn't afford it. He came back and said the'd accept half, which i also refused. He dropped it and never brought it up again, until my final email to him. The end of June I discovered that i could upload photos to google and see if they existed elsewhere on the Net. I did with the pix i had of him and the consignment boxes of cash. The pix of him appeared all over the net on dating sites, including the one he said he took for me in March. I contacted him on June 29th to tell him
First name: David
Last name: Puzzo
Age: october 3 1965 ...49
Location: uganda
Phone: 760 459 8435
On websites: Mingle2 .com
Report: I meet this guys in Mingle2 dating website , he send me his picture , also his daugther too name Sandra , after two week chatting , he asked if I can help him to paid his debt with his best friend leaving in UK , as $15000 by wire account transfer , well i shut him down ...rigth away . I blocked his number , reseached his Ip adress quest what! , this guys use a address from california st jose , he talked to me he was in Uganda working for a Dyncorp International , as a classefied mission , so far after I research how his written is , and the way his express himself , exaclty as a big SCAMMER LIAR CON ARTIST TOO ..
First name: Dominik
Last name: Walsh
Aka: Raymond Chandler
Age: 51
Location: Akra(Ghana)
On websites: skype , dating site
Report: contacted me through dating site
First name: maxwell
Last name: hoppar
Age: 46
Location: tempe az
Email: maxwell
On websites: na
Report: Hello my name is gloria hernandez my gmail is I meet a guy name also chat with me on says he is in military in Afghanistan on his mobile usarmy moble wants to send me money western union and transfer money to Africa to a deployed soldier he says he is a Sargent goes by maxwell mcdonald. He say so he can come home yet swears he is not a scammer. His pic was in the walls of shame. He says they were stolen. Pic of him he gmails me all the time and chat with me for 3 months . Its hard to belive its him yet he send me a lot of pic this stress me out. I so wish I knew if he is real. I have not talk to him one phone nor skype he say he hass no actess to his acc never ask me for money he chat so real and say I can not get info on him its top secret. He is very loveable. Says he is staion in Afghanistan. He will be 47 sept 20 I have all his pc to email you if need thank you for hearing me out
First name: Michael Fabian
Last name: Ross
Age: 64
Location: South Africa?
Phone: 727-493-8177, 405-241-6117
On websites:
Report: This man contacted me through He was so very convincing and assured me of his great feelings for me. Said he had to go to South Africa for diamond mining for 8 weeks, also claiming that he usually lives in Phoenix. After 2 1/2 weeks he claimed to have been hijacked by militants who injured him, took everything and he was in the hospital. He wanted me to send $950.00 via Western Union to Lawrence Lolo Okoduwa, Pretoria. I realized them that I was being scammed! He continues to insist that he needs the money even though the injury supposedly happened on 9/14/14.
First name: Richard
Last name: Olsen
Aka: Lon5111
Age: 52
Location: US- Chicago
Phone: (815)390-7883
On websites:
Report: emailed a few times back and forth through site. then he asked for personal email so it would be easier to communicate.