First name: ROMEO
Last name: SEBASTINO
Age: 61
Phone: 720-440-5530 UK447700046636
On websites: match
Report: 61 yo widower who was born in Italy, live in the US, germany, scotland and UK, whose wife died 10 years ago , has a daughter in college, works for Vanguard international as a senior . International Fund manager for the last 30 years .Going into business as a consultant. Scammed $360000 US dollars from me to set up a fake business partnership account through Vanguard International UK (fake)and Suisseunicredit Bank,(fake) identical to the letters posted on your site Mark Lyons and LYnn, same names at Vanguard, and Suisseunicredit, Same 11,000,000 in the suisse account and needed money for the Anti terrorist certificate 472,000 needed..I will send documents and letters. Very romantic letters eager to get married , always in Europe or Dubai never met him., thick Italian or foreign accent, mistakes with English in his letters.
First name: william
Last name: smith
Age: 48
Location: California city, california
On websites: Facebook
Report: Scammer, trying to get to women for money
First name: chariton
Last name: matthen
Age: 29 mei
Location: Engeland Manschester
Phone: 00447418469279
On websites: Face book
Report: Probeert met heel veel lieve woorden via Facebook een relatie met je te krijgen......Als het goed loopt Vraagt hij om geld.....
First name: Bernard
Last name: Piton
Aka: berniebela
Age: 46
Location: Wallonie Belgium and France
Address: Mouscron Wallonie Belgium
Phone: +32473182064
On websites: tagged, skype
Report: He started with adding me at tagged and skype then the next day asked info about me because he said he will send big money for me to get in their country and marry me , he asked me to get passport and visa and i send to him then he asked me 20,000 pesos for processing. I send to him as he said when I get there I will have no problem about anything, the next day after I send money, he disappeared and blocked me on both sites. He is a scammer and a friend of mine tried to add him and they become friends and he is repeating again. Don't trust this person.
First name: Pascal
Age: 42
Location: USA, Middle East
On websites:
Report: He calls himself Pascal, says he is a geologist and that he is from Switzerland. We were supposed to meet but suddenly had to travel to the middle east on business. Had a really sad story about his family and having nobody in the world. He initiated the conversation, first on and then via text and email. Also he only communicates at night.
First name: David
Last name: miller and/or Woodgate
Age: 50 something
Location: Syria
On websites:
Report: This particular man told me he worked for the UN in Syria. After a few days of sweet talk, he asked me to buy him a cell phone so he could keep in touch with me when he went into the field. I said I would, and he said I'd have to send cash to his delivery man, in Guana! I searched the distance between Syria to Guana - over 3,000 miles one way. I searched some emails that were very similar and found this one and two others were from Sunnyvale, Ca. Here are the names and emails of the questionable ones that were similar in - no picture until after contact - widowed with one child in early teens - no location (in transept) wanted to house when we got together. There's a new guy that has just started on me but his email in untraceable . I will list their names and emails in order: Andrew Lewis John Jerry T. Scott All working at present. I complained to them and got no response
First name: johnathan
Last name: sadow
Age: 42
Location: kuala lumpur
On websites: google,twitter,all dating sites
Report: Hello (name removed) my sweetheart, How are you doing today?Am always happy each time i get on my Computer and i see that you wrote me.Wow love your dad is old, i would like to meet him, i like to see old people but i wasn't opportune to have any around me. Honey like i told you in my previous mail that if we get married i might like to resign my job, that is why its important to me that we invest on a thing that might give us a regular income, so wherever you find good and nice for us to live there is okay and accepted by me.I woke up early 05:00 AM this morning just sat down for more than an hour thinking of things we would do together and here are things that come up in my mind.. I wish to do with you at some point in this lifetime:Be your best friend. Get caught with you in the rain.Dance with you in the rain.Stargaze on a clear night.Watch the sunset together.Spend all day with you doing nothing.Moonlit walks on the beach.Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment.Go on a carriage ride through the park.Do a crossword together.Go to brunch.Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger). Go for a twilight horseback ride. Watch a bad movie together.Spend the rest of my life with you.Have our picture taken together.Eat ice cream with you.Make love to you passionately.Go to a museum together. Talk to each other using only body language.Give you space when you need it.Accept you totally and completely - flaws and all (I already do).Discuss current events in a heated debate.Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion.Carve our names into a tree/table.Go for a walk at dusk together.Be one with you.Send you a singing telegram.Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you.Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you...and tell you.Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.Spend my life making you happy.Spend my life making our family happy.Feel your heartbeat.Give you a back rub just because.Always being honest with each other.Go hiking/camping together.Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm - together. Marry you.Laugh at someone together.Share a plate of spaghetti.Give you a stuffed animal just because.Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.Treat you like my Queen.Go on a road trip across your Country .Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.Envelop you in my soul.Cook your favorite meal/meals.Know you better than you know yourself.Go to a Renaissance Fair.Plant a tree in our yard together.Look over at you during an office/military/family party and have you know without me saying a word - that I love you.Be able to say
First name: James
Last name: Rodriguez
Age: 54
Location: Kubal Afghastan
On websites:
Report: He contacted me through From April 2014-Aug. 2014. Money sent to Mr. Morris Fynn in Ghana trough moneygram twice total $850 for luggage in customs. And to Anorpansuo Matine in Ghana through moneygram twice total $155 for airfare. Plus 3 ITunes cards total $95. Now wanting $100 today or will post my pics on fb & youtube.
First name: John
Last name: Anderson
Age: 59
Location: Damascus Syria
Email: John
On websites: Skype yahoo messenger
Report: First contact ask to be good friends ,sendet me IDExpired sayed he works in sirya for UN as security councilor asked to send me package with his personal documents thro special delivery of a dr,smith from red crosse .but I have to contact him and pay the fees for the package ..he john will come the 28 of August and pay back all my expenses .gave me this mail.adresse , .and dr.smith Moore wrote me yesterday he wants me to confirmed that I am the right person wife of john Anderson ..his mail This was the end for me I blockt all contacts with him this morning .last chat ,,last night 8 pm
First name: Steven
Last name: Perry
Age: 61
Location: Los Angeles
On websites: &
Report: I met Steven Perry on - his profile name belgy678. He contacted me in March 2014 and he left for Scotland, wherein he started calling and emailing me. He quickly professed his love for me but waited a few months before asking for money. He was on his way to Dubai to purchased 18 million dollars of gems. He ran into trouble with customs and he said he couldn't leave Dubai without paying heavy fines. He told me he was trying to secure loans - he had to pay over $100,000 in fines. He was running short of money and asked for $2,000 in money a pack to pay a custom officer. Then he needed another $2,000 for another money pack. The last time I heard from him was May 28, 2014, when he asked for $8,000 - when I didn't comply - he disappeared along with my $4,000.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Warren
Aka: Kyle
Age: 49
Location: Fort Riley Kansas, El Paso Texas
Phone: 682-232-4916
On websites: Ok Cupid
Report: I met this man on Ok Cupid. We started talking right away, mainly through Yahoo Messenger. something didn't feel right as he started professing his undying love for me right away. He sent me letters one of which is on this site it is letter # 7. He stated he is in the military getting ready to retire, lost his parents and his wife cheated on him. His last email to me was a supposed financial handler top secret position in Amsterdam, Holland.
First name: Bradley
Last name: Hubber
Age: unknown
Location: Orange, New Jersy
On websites: Facebook
Report: Has contacted thru facebook, Usual story, widow, single dad, working away from home.... Told me a woman on f/b was his cousin, but I contacted her and he was romantic with her and even proposed. Have contacted other woman he has links with... same story....
First name: Jeff
Last name: Greenbird
Age: 60
Location: USA Watertown,NY
Phone: 530-589-8156
On websites: was on
Report: Jeffrey Jason Greenbird shared the following with me: 1. Born in Paris, France; both parents died in a car accident when he was 15 years old as well as his sister; Parents: Jason from Los Vegas, NV; mother is from Mexico, Ex-wife still lives in Paris, France, Daughter died. He has a website for his business:; he tells me he owns a home in Vegas, NV; he has a storage unit for his antiques in LA, CA. 6. I have photos of him. He indicates that he is still in Malaysia waiting to obtain he monies he requires to have his container shipped. Still insists that if I could help him, great. He did have a Malaysia telephone number (he still has this). I did verify as much of his details as possible.
First name: Clinton
Last name: Clearance
Age: 58
Location: Kubal, Afghanistan; Oakland, CA
On websites: Match; Yahoo
Report: I believe Clinton is a scammer as he would like me to pay for a package to be delivered via a Diplomat named Eric Johnson. Here is the issue: in order to receive the package, they would like me to pay close to $1,000.00 Clinton informs me that he is a General in the Army, he has a son, and no family. He indicates that he owns property in Paris, France and in Oakland, CA. I do have photos of both.
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Milano
Age: 60
Location: Jacksonville, fl
Phone: 480-818-5536
On websites: Chemistry
Report: He was supposedly on a trip to China buying antiques. But when it came time to ship them back to the U S , he didn't have the money to pay for additional & unexpected taxes & customs. He wanted me to access his bank account and/ or send him money to which I said NO to both. He supposedly worked in Suriname for 26 years with ORCON.
First name: Scott
Last name: Philip
Aka: Chief Engineer of Amtrak
Age: 44
Location: London
Phone: +44-8719743840
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: I received an email for this guy from LinkedIn .. below are his emails to me ...I find it strange so I had to investigate his emails and this is where I found your website ... From: Subject: Hi Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 14:42:15 +0000 LinkedIn scott philip scott philip chief engineer at Amtrak Hello Jean,Thanks for your response.I am Scott Philip from London,England.I am 44years old.Nice to meet you.You are such a pretty lady. I hope we can get to communicate and know ourselves better.I am not always here on LinkedIn due to the nature of my Job. I work onshore and offshore and will be going offshore for 2 months and wont be able to use my LinkedIn due to company policies but you can contact me freely by my email . I will respond as soon as i get your email. Reply to scott ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:53:47 +0800 > From: > Subject: RE: Hi > > > Hello Jean, > > Thank you for taking your time and responding to my message. I am pleased to have someone like you respond to me. I have been away from contact with any woman since i lost my wife and now i have decided to move on and that is why i contacted you. You might think why me? but i also don't know but i know it was a divine direction to be in contact with you and share my story with you. I want to know you better and communicate with you so we can become close and seek to be better friends. You might think how is that possible, understand that everything is possible if we make it work. Please be free with me and not see me as a stranger. My wife died 2 years ago but we were only married for 8months, > > Thank you for been impressed with my email to you. Yes, i have been doing my best to be nice to everyone and think less of myself but life has not been kind to me because i did not expect to lose my wife just 8months after we were married so we could not have any child together. It really broke my heart to have lost her that way, despite all i did to make her stay with me. > > Like i said contacting you was by divine connection and that gives me the confidence to tell you all i told you. I am never wrong when i feel that way. I have made mistakes in life severally and they have helped me to become the winner i am today so i am not scared of making mistakes. Anyone scared of making mistakes never gets to the top. > > I live alone in my house in UK. It is boring when i go home ever time and there is no one there to welcome me home and give me a warm hug and passionate kiss. I miss that a lot and that is why i am contacting and writing you this email. I want you to understand that i have suffered loneliness and it is killing me everyday and hoping that you can fill that void created. Please feel free and be opened to tell me anything. I am an open minded person and free to discuss anything with me. > > I can listen to you and advice you. If we must make this work despite the distance created between us we need to trust one another and communicate frequently and be open to one another. You can contact me by email or by my mobile +44-8719743884 i am always available and will be waiting to get your response and a more elaborate email telling me more about yourself. Your Job, your Family and friends including all other things that you think i should know. > > Here i have attached my pictures for you to see. Please i will be waiting for you to send me yours too and phone number so that i can call you and hear your voice. > > Warm hug > Scott Philip ~~~~~~~ Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 15:17:56 +0800 > From: > Subject: Re: Patience is a virtue > > > Dear Jean, > > I was so much excited to read your mail and thanks so much for taking your time to write me in spite of your busy schedule. Content of mail well understood and noted.Thanks for the beautiful Pictures of yourself .You are really an angel and thanks also for the good command of English and i will never let you go. > > I wish that you were here or that I were there, or that we were together anywhere. How I wish I could be there with you, but distance has kept us apart. Apart physically, but in spirit, you are always in my heart. Friendship which has been tested by distance and obstacles, and has passed that is true friendship. The test of true friendship is not when we are together. It comes when we are not together and realize that despite the distance, thoughts and feelings are still there. I just wish you could see how much you mean to me. God has reason for allowing things to happen. Those who thank God even in every situation turn burden into blessings. > > My Dear Jean, everyday I wake up thanking God for us. Because what started out as a internet contact between us has now turned into a strong bond between two friends who have now discovered the true meaning of friendship the natural way. To me, it is like time is purposely bending and stretching itself out so that it can play its part; in making us feel the joy of what it is to be real friends. All I know now, is that throughout this past few days, I have learned a lot from this friendship of ours and I have seen what it is like to give yourself completely to the other person when you're so far apart. The most important thing I have learnt, among many more things, is to trust and to be sincere to you. > > From the day I came across your profile, I knew that you would turn out to be a good friend and you have more than proved that. Whenever you think of me, please know that no matter how many miles separate us or how much of our lives comes between us, you are and always will be the the true friend I desired all this years. I thank God for giving me the privilege to meet you. Though the miles separate us, the bond we have is far stronger. You are the very one I have spent all these few years looking for. And now that I have found you no distance can separate us. For now, I am contented with the progress we've made and I assure you that with time..our communication rate will improve. Thanks for making my life so much more meaningful and giving me a reason to live again. > > I will be traveling to Australia tomorrow as our company has won a rail contact in Australia so we will be taking materials and men there. So i will be traveling by ship because we are taking a lot of raw materials from home. I will take my phone along and roam it so that we can be able to communicate along as i go. It will take 1 month for us to get there by ship. > > Please feel free to write or call me anytime because i can email you from the ship and i will make my phone available so that we can communicate along the Journey because i do not want to miss you for too Long. I wish you a wonderful day. Just be good always and know that i am here for you always. > > > Warm hug and wet kisses > Scott Philip > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: > Subject: RE: Patience is a virtue > > Dear Jean, > > Please feel free to talk to me and share anything with me like you have been doing. I like you so much because of your openness. I want to tell you more about me and my family. > > I work with Amtrak and I have been with this company since 2001. Holding different position though they are all related to my field. I have different shift, so when i am free i love to travel and learn new things too. I wish i could spend time at home with my kids but i can't because i do not have any yet. > > I am 44years old now and i lost my wife 2 years ago. We were only married for 8 months so we could not have kids. I do not have any kids yet. I live a lone in my home in London. My both parents are still alive though very old now and they live in the home for the old. I am their only child. I love children and hoping we could have some kids together. > > I personally love to go into private boat ownership after retirement. I like you so much because of your openness and sincerity. This is the first attributes i look for in my woman. > > When i am not working, I love to go to the movies, i love to watch comedy drama and i also love to laugh a lot. I love to watch football and i do go to grounds(stadium) a lot. I supported the local team where i grew up in Bradford but i now support Manchester United since i moved to London even though they are not among the London clubs because they are in Manchester but i love them as an International brand from England. > > So tell me about your past relationship. You are very free if you do not want to say anything about it because at times it hurts to think about some people who left your life due to circumstances. > > I hope to get your response and hoping you are having the best weekend so far. Just know that i am also thinking about you now Dear. > > > Warm hug and wet kisses > Scott Philip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RE: Patience is a virtue? RE: Patience is a virtue philip scott Add to contacts 8/3/2014 Keep this message at the top of your inbox Dear Jean, When I opened your email I was so much excited and happy.Baby it is now I know there are still angels on earth.You are a paragon of beauty.Baby sorry for my late response and how are you today?I really miss you. She died from respiratory problem as a result of Lungs Cancer. Baby, my heart is calling out for you. Being miles apart from you is like salt dripping on an open wound. I never thought I could love someone so much as I love and think much of you......even though we are far apart. My heart seems to grow fonder of you with every seconds..... of this great distance that separates us. I know that some decisions are hard to make, but when affection and love prevail over any other interests, then all the roads to happiness become wide open and danger free. First of all, I would like to make sure you know that I love you very much even though we have not met each other and that you are the most wanted and the most desired person than anyone could possibly be. Baby, I also need you to know that there`s nothing more beautiful in the world than what is happening between us right now; I feel we are growing closer and getting along really well. I feel we are becoming more intimate in every sense, and that`s the most gratifying thing two human beings could wish for. That is why I need to remind you even if that takes a simple e-mail, that you don`t have to be afraid on anything, as close and united partners. Distance, like you may have known, doesn't matter if you really love the person, what matters most is your honesty and trust for that relationship to work out. Distance is the key to love's eternity and love knows not distance, it hath no continent, its eyes are for the stars. Even if you are far away, you are always close to my heart. It's good that we are far away because we learn the patient to wait for each other and cherish our love. I long for the day I'll dream of your love no more, when your lips will caress mine for real, when your touch will make me alive again, and the sight of you arouses all my senses. Though the miles may spread out far and wide, and time may wear our faith too thin, I know that the golden bond of love shall keep us close at heart. However far away, I will always love you. However long I stay, I will always love you. Whatever words I say, I will always love you. Even if it takes eternity, I will always love you. Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle, rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be. You are my shinning star. Ever since I read your email, I have been thinking with affection of the moment we will see each other, and satiate all this desire that has taken over us in such an intense but wonderful way. Having a dream about you yesterday night has never happened to me before, i had a dream that i was holding you ,kissing you ,just as we where romancing i woke up to see myself kissing my pillow, oh my God what is this ,i wish i had a dream of me holding my pillow and wake up kissing you that would have been wonderful. My baby,Have a wonderful day ahead and may God bless you and keep you. May His light be always with thee. May He keep you safe from harm, and shield you and your family from all wrong. May He grant you His peace. May He guide you on your way. Bring you joy with each new day. Could you send me a pix. please honey. Warm hug and wet kisses Scott Philip --------------------------------------------
First name: David
Last name: Rossi
Aka: Frank Jason Rossi
Age: 46
Location: Los Angeles, CA
On websites: not known
Report: I was also contacted by this man on July 30th then two days later, He gave me his email address and appeared very charming, too charming in fact. Given the nature of my job, I am a naturally curious person. Which sent alarm bells ringing, so I did an on-line search of scammers and discovered his profile and what his modus operandi was. Which coincidentally turned out to be the same to which he had sent to me. I'm just glad that I found out in time. This man is currently posing as David Rossi on the Los Angeles Meet-Up site but he contacted me via the London site.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Robin James
Age: 61
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: 924-665-0100
On websites:
Report: I was contacted on within a few minutes of joining. He asked me to move to yahoo messenger to continue talking. Robin said he was stationed in Afghanistan and was retiring in 5 weeks and looking for a relationship to come back to in the states. He said he was married for 10 years and widowed for 8 years and she passed from cancer in the blood. He said he had no other family as he was adopted from Berlin and his adopted parents had passed. He asked for an Iphone 5 or a computer as he was using his buddies and his had been lost to an IED. I told hime no...then the big one came. He had money ($7million ) in Ghana that a Diplomat had put into storage for 2 years for him and that time was up. I was to contact Mrs.Paul Fynn at and make arrangements to ship the money back to the states. He would then meet me there and we would start a life together. He also mentioned the manager as Mr Francis Bullah.. He did not receive any money from me and I stopped contact with him.
First name: Murray
Last name: Lysons
Age: 62 born 07.01.1952.
Location: Texas, Woodville,USA
Phone: +1 815-782-2502
Email: ;
On websites:; skype name murray lysons
Report: He first contacted me on site Friend Finder. We switched to gmail and yahoo messenger where we have been chatting until the day before yesterday when he stopped responding. I asked him to meet me on Skype so I could see if he is the person form the pictures but he said that he has no Skype and never used it. He is lying because I checked and sent him an invitation to add my skype address and talk face to face. His responding has stopped after that. I was first alerted when he sent me one typical romance scammer email.
First name: Lewis
Last name: Kartel
Aka: Schmidt Wolfgang
Age: 52
Location: Kansas City, MO
Address: 654 Liberty Branch Blvd, The Woodlands, TX
Phone: 203-296-0029
On websites: Zoosk, Yahoo, Skype
Report: On 7/14/2014, I agreed to receive an email from a gentleman who approached me on the dating website, Zoosk. The gentleman claimed to be ?Schmidt Wolfgang?, age 52, from Kansas City, MO. He claimed to be of German descent, from Breman, Germany, with a permanent residence in Baytown, TX (outside of Houston). He claimed to be working in Kansas City building swimming pools in a luxury area. He claimed to be the CEO of a construction company. In his original email he sent me 5 or 6 pictures of the character ?Schmidt? from Zoosk. We have communicated, through email, video chat (one of the chats he used is posted on your site already), or IM, almost every day since 7/14/14. ?Schmidt? claims to be very wealthy, and has not asked me for any money, thus far. ?Schmidt? claims to love me, wants to marry me, and eventually got around to asking me to appear nude on webcam (I did not comply), and send photos to his email address (which I did comply). He has asked me for my email, home address, and telephone number?which I have given. He also has sent me a flower arrangement and box of candy through a local florist for my birthday. I just joined this website and recognize ?Schmidt? to be Lewis Britz Kartel, therefore I am reporting his newest scam. This is the fictitious information he gave me: My official address of my company. Schmidtwolfgang Building and Development. 1910 Eagle Falls St, Houston,77077 The website is under construction HOME ADDRESS SCHMIDT WOLFGANG 654 Liberty Branch Blvd/ Telephone #2032960029 , The Woodlands, Texas 77389.
First name: Harry
Last name: Green
Aka: Harry Moore, God is Able (wechat)
Age: 50
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom, Accra, Ghana & Lagos, Nigeria
Address: N43 Aber St, West Derby Rd, Liverpool united kingdom England
Phone: +447452276301, +443097112892, +2348121127390, +233505815241
Email: harryluv02@yahoo
On websites: Wechat, Viber
Report: I was first contacted by him on Facebook about 2 months ago. He said he saw my profile picture and had fallen in love with me and wanted to know me better. He told me he is a widower with a 4 year daughter and his wife died 2 years ago. The child's name is Sharon and he had sent me a picture of the two of them. He had also sent me an email where he professed his love for me and some of his photos. He said he was looking for a wife through Facebook as he had a friend who married a woman he met through Facebook and they are living happily together with a child. He said that he was an American who had migrated to UK after he finished his degree and now he is a successful businessman dealing in heavy machinery. His parents had passed away and he has a sister who had migrated to India with her boyfriend and he does not keep in contact with her. He kept professing his love for me and told me that he would come to visit me with his daughter after he has settled his business in Nigeria. He went to Nigeria with his daughter to receive the goods and his client will pay him after the goods have arrived. He was in Nigeria for 2 weeks before he said he had to go to Ghana to see why the goods have not arrived. He then told me that he would be arriving in my country and he emailed me his itinerary . On the day he was supposed to arrive in my country, he messaged me to say that his daughter had fallen from the plane and was hospitalized. She was unconscious and the doctor told him that she needed surgery. He said his company had transferred him the deposit for the surgery but it was not enough. He then asked me to loan him money which he said he will pay back to me when he arrived in my country as his client will transfer the money to him there. I did not asked him how much money was needed. Instead, I told him I did not have any money to loan him and he got angry saying that I did not care as his daughter was dying. He did not contact me after that. I was suspicious as the airline would have taken care of his daughter's hospital expenses if she had fallen from the plane. I also noticed some discrepancies in the itinerary which was purportedly emailed from the airline which I found out later to be via a social site. He had also deleted his Facebook profile and we had been chatting on wechat and viber.
First name: Tom
Last name: James
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 233232569854
On websites:
Report: He is showing as one of your top scammers
First name: Alberto
Last name: Johnson
Age: 50
Location: US
On websites: facebook, singles near me, Yahoo instant messanger
Report: This man approached me on the dating web site called singles near me. We started chatting and got very close. For me it was like being in a romantic novel, he totally stole my heart. He sent me 18 red roses, a cuddly toy with a big I Love You Heart, chocs and smellys. He said he worked for Maersk Line, I used to work for Maersk Line so no need to doubt that. He then said he had to go to sea for some weeks and when he returned to USA he would fly to the UK to set up home with me. Whilst he was at sea he told me the ship had engine problems and that sea pirates were in the area. He asked if he could send me his safety deposit box which container 200,000 GBP by diplomatic courier. That's when the penny dropped for me. I approached him and said he was a fraud and he told me his computer had been hacked and the emails were not from him. We carried on talking every day, falling more and more in love. He now has returned to the USA, told me he was in Texas. Yesterday he asked me to send him 600 GBP to make up his flight ticket money. I refused and said I would rather buy the ticket for him to collect from the Airport. He got all angry and that is the last contact I have had with him. I asked him to get skype so we could see each other live. He wouldn't do it. On facebook, when I liked his profile picture another name came up - Hamza Armani (Alphonse Gabriel Capone) - Works at Hacker Russia - Lives in Denain France - From Casablanca Moroco. I have photo's of Alberto but maybe they are just someones identity that they have stolen from the internet.
First name: James
Last name: Owusu
Aka: James09
Age: 40 ish
Location: Long Beach and Ghana
On websites:
Report: I am not initiating any follow up contact with this stupid scammer. He has contacted me. There will be NO relationship. The following is the email he sent me: (REALLY?????) From: James09 51 | Long Beach, California replyMove James09 to your
First name: Mark
Last name: Bradley
Aka: Marc , Marcel
Age: 45-48
Location: Kuala Lumper , Malaysia . Pensacola Florida US
Address: 4001 Menendez Drive, Escambia County, Pensacola, FL, United State 32503
Phone: +1 (850) 542-2492, +60 10 209 1863, +60 11 1635 9363, +60 10 276 7396, +60 16 948 3267
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted me on Facebook , end of January 14. Was very well spoken and said all the right things a woman like to hear. Has a very flowery mouth and saying all this nice things . Everything was fine until he had to go to Malaysia . He told me he was a general constructor , a got a big project . But needed to go to Malaysia for make sure the supplies , was as good as his quality assurance . He told me it would only take a short week to go there and then he would go back home to Florida . Where he told me he lived. The address he gave me , is not correct . Then after 3 days there , the problems started. He had to pay some taxes for his shipment of his goods. Who was going to us. But he did not have it all . He wanted me to go to the bank and get a short term bank loan, and he would pay back without any problem when got back home . He asked for 8000 euro sent to a Kent Simbere. When that didn't not work , he wanted sent to a Beaven Mawoza. I suspected something was wrong from beginning, because something was not seems right , about his whole situation. He would say what ever you wanted to her. And at one point I really felt in love , he is really profession about make you feel loved. So I played a long on his game , for see what he was up to next. I told him something wrong with the bank transfer. Then he wanted me to send the money with western union to a Scott Escandon, and Nick Hayden. Then suddenly he was in trouble with the hotel management and needed money for his hotel bills. Then he used the name Andrew Utogoho Kosin , he said send the money in that name. Everyday he asked for money and I played a long . Pretending I would help , but I made excuses and excuses for why the money never showed up. He also give me a name is us, Eva Salinas Sachez. I asked for documents for what he have to pay, and copy of his passport. He never showed me any documents. And now I'm grateful he didn't . Then maybe I would have sent him money . My feeling and suspicion was right , he is a scammer. He use woman , especially old woman's to make them believe in his love and help them. He only wants money , nothing else . He really know how to get to you . I have talk to several woman's he have fooled, and the stories are the same. Some of them he show documents , and some not . I could be victim of scam , but I did not hand out a penny. So I'm a victim of falling in love with the wrong person. I did not loose any money only got a broken hart. And thank good for that. Please let us stop this man ... He stopped talk to me in the beginning of June 14. Then suddenly I was a bitch and should go to hell. Because I did not give him any money . Even though he told me several times , his love for me was not based on if I would help him or not. But it was .
First name: john
Last name: bullard
Age: 50
Location: kaubal afagan
Email: chriskathybullard@yahoo.comi
On websites: i dont know
Report: he is going by chriskathybullard . beware he has takn me for alot of money . tells me he will be here soon but have never made it here. says he need more money to get here
First name: Ian
Last name: Johnston
Age: Unknown
Location: UK
On websites: Yes
Report: He said he is the barrister from UK and group with other scammers
First name: Andy
Last name: Richardson
Age: 47
Location: Uk
Phone: unknown447418478228
On websites: Yes
Report: Finding asian for marry him,and ask for the paper process payment
First name: Steve
Last name: Murray
Age: 47
Location: Uk
On websites: Unknow
Report: Pretending to be the head operation of the Barclays bank in UK
First name: Andy
Last name: Richardson
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia,uk
On websites: Yes
Report: Pretending to be the lawyer who making the fiance visa for UK, asked for the payment of the paper process many many times