First name: carlos
Last name: smith
Age: 52
Location: santa clara, Netherlands, Barcelona Spain
Address: agnew road, santa clara, CA
Phone: 2134436168
On websites:
Report: Carlos originated the contact with me through After a couple of weeks of talking, chatting, texting, and emailing, he started to ask for money (because of his bank frozen account!) to purchase tools, lenses, network dish, etc..., claiming he is in Spain doing some work on antennas at a ground site (since he is a aerospace engineer...). First time I sent money was through moneygram (amount=1740, beneficiary Joseph Koduah). Second time was through wire transfer from my bank to a bank in London (beneficiary Evoque Incorporated ltd, amount=12800). Third time was to the same bank (BARCLAYS bank in UK, same beneficiary as above) for the amount of 7600 and last one was to a bank in Ghana (MERCHANT BANK, beneficiary KWALS CONSULT) for the amount of 46000! All in US dollars. He is now asking me for 50K but this time, I found him on your website and won't send the money. I am actually amazed that he was able to do that to me since I am also in the aerospace business and I have a PhD in Physics! He is very good at scamming. The emails were well written but I found that the chats were written in some broken English... Final outcome is that I lost a lot of money but he did not break my heart!
First name: Anthony
Last name: Orme
Age: 49
Location: Minnesota, USA
On websites:
Report: Claims to be an Interior Decorator with two kids. His wife died 5 yrs ago and he's now looking for love.
First name: Sgt William
Last name: Huber
Age: not sure but Sgt Huber has passed away
Location: Syrian and Turkish border, US Army Florida, Austriala
On websites:
Report: This man contacted me on OKCupid. He was very attractive. At first he had a lot to say until he realized that I have some background in the areas that he was attempting to lie to me about. (I was not aware of this yet, it was coincidaence) He said he was in the military but would not tell me what branch or where he was stationed. I figured out (Sgt Huber had spent many years in Korea) My father was in the Korean war/ I told him this and he froze. (I don't think he was aware of how long ago that war was.) He finally said he was deployed at Syrian and Turkish boarder. He wanted me to IM him yahoo but in the process I had his info in my gmail account. I IM him with gmail and sure enough he popped up. What he did not know was Sgt Hubers actual picture came up with the name. The scammers pic on the site looked like 35 yrs old, Sgt Huber 60 maybe. He would not email very often..IM most of the time. Answered questions with questions, but was coming home soon and wanted to meet me.. He then all of a sudden started asking very sexual questions IM... I was on to him before but he didnt ask for money yet...He hinted but I said military should have plenty of aircraft to get you home. I stopped the contact after the sexual questions...It sounded like wanting secrets to use against me if I did not cooperate later. He did email a few times asking if he offended me...etc...I didn't respond
First name: Troy
Last name: Sterling
Age: 55
Location: England
On websites:
Report: He claims he is new to this area. He wants to be friends. He's single, never married but he has adopted 2 boys. He has his home with a pool and a fish pond. He gives you his email address and ask to write him there and not through the website. He claims to be a GeoChemist.
First name: Mark
Last name: Simon
Age: 45
Location: (Madison WI, He said but I dont think so)
Phone: 719-631-8482
On websites: plentyoffish
Report: Plenty Of Fish Dating. I sent him a message. He gave me a gmail adddress and asked to email him there. We communicated from July 24, 2014 thru Sept 7, 2014. Alot of the communication was done via text message. No IM at all. We had sent at least 100 email. After just a few he said he was going to Malaysia to do work for Global X. (he said he is a construction engineer) he arrived and sent pixs of the containers on seaside etc...Then said someone had stold his wallet but not his passport. I asked if I could help. He immidealy asked for 1500.00 for fuel, hotel, etc...I was very specious at this time but yet wanted to give him the benn... He was very pleseant and persistant about the money. He gave me an account number for Global x. I think I would have given him the money if I would have had it. He said the hotel was siezeing his passport because he could not pay and he had to move to a church. He had not eaten in 3 days. He started to get pushy with me because I told him I would contact Salvation Army, they have a mission not far from the church he said he was at, and I would call the embasy and get him home. I know he figured out I knew but he wouldnt give in, I can give more details later.. I did not give him any money and have accidently emailed him at that address, and phone. he does answer me
First name: Emmanuel
Last name: Bradely
Aka: not sure
Age: 47
Location: Phoenix Arizona
Phone: 1-520-314-1573
On websites: OK cupid
Report: He contacted me on OK Cupid, on 9/7/14 and within the first conversation went from the IM OK cupid site to texting and Google talk. . He texted me. He began by saying how much he liked me. Then we were going to meet. He said he got a contract to go to New York and had to leave in 2 days, but the next day he would try to meet with me. He texted me all day, telling me how busy he was. At 10 pm or so, said he was done from the office and we could meet for drinks. A bit later, said he was too tired to meet. So he supposedly left Phoenix for NYC on 9/9/14. we texted daily , and google chat during that time. On Friday9/19/14 while visiting NYC, pt states he lost his wallet, or it got stolen. He sent me pictures (to prove he was in New York). Said he made a police report. On Sunday 9/21/14 he said his hotel was frozen, since all his ID was gone, he couldn't get money from his bank. I told him I couldn't send any money. He kept asking for money. He told me that since his project was more than halfway done, he put me as his beneficiary on his money pay voucher. He continued to ask for money (more than the $60 I said I could send). He said I didn't love or care for him. That I didn't trust him. The last contact was on Sunday 9/28/14. He asked for nude pictures, sent me a nude picture. I refused to send one. I told him that I would see him when he returned to Phoenix. That was our last contact.
First name: Robert Love mohammed ali
Age: 50
Location: Afganistan
Email:, (
On websites: sympatia Polish dating sites
Report: I have met him on the Polish dating site SYMPATIA, have few weeks with him chatted on Skype, but I found out very quickly that this is the scamming went,,,
First name: keith
Last name: wills
Aka: davis
Age: 50 something
Location: capetown/pretoria/south africa
On websites: 2meet/twoo
Report: this idiot contacted me in May 2013 telling me how he loved me and went on and on about coming to visit. I was staying in Johannesburg at the time. Then I get this call he had been mugged and the only thing he managed to save was the perfume that he had bought me and that he was now lying in hospital and needed money to pay bills seeing they had taken his wallet. I then received a letter from the so called doctor treating him to verify that he was in St Luke's hospital. Like a fool I sent him a brand new cell phone but no money .NOW HE is ON TWOO DATING SITE going by the name of DAVIS . I sent a request and as soon as he recognised my picture he disappeared
First name: Robert
Last name: Martins
Aka: Ronald Martins
Age: Unknown
Location: Baton Rouge LA
Address: 3332 Partridge Ln. Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: 727-232-4558
On websites: Kik and Skout
Report: He starts immediately with the typical romance Letters, followed by a story that his daughter is very ill and needs a new kidney. Then he says He flew to the UK to give a donor money for the Kidney. While he's there, he was robbed. He then Needs money for an airline ticket home. He instructs To wire the money into this bank account: Chase Bank Acct owner: Lesley York Acct number: 516353062 Routine (his word) : 065400137
First name: David
Last name: Louis
Age: 62
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Messenger
Report: said he is retired from Nato Defense... living in Kabul, Afghanistan
First name: Mike
Last name: Russo
Age: 51
Location: Newark, NJ
Phone: 617-862-2932
On websites:, kik messenger as MikeRussoooooo
Report: I met this person through Match on 9/13. He gave me an email address saying that his subscription on match was ending ( We talked daily and it seemed we had a lot in common. He said he was biracial, from London, with family in Rome. He was in the middle of a huge contract as an air conditioning engineer and would be leaving for Turkey soon. We were supposed to meet this Sunday, but now he contacts me to tell me that he is short money and needed $750 to pay for his ticket back or else he'd be stranded there. When I uploaded his picture to Google, a lot of aliases for this picture came up and all of the women said it was a scam. They shared similar versions of my story, all ending with being asked for money after 2 or 3 weeks. We maintained contact via email and Kik Messenger. His Kik Messenger name is MikeRussoooooo. We spoke only once, the day he was supposed to have left for Turkey and his number is 617-862-2932 and he has a British accent. My concern is he has my real phone number.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Scott
Age: 49
Location: Florida, New York
Phone: 305 414 2313
On websites: FB
Report: The picture you have is not Kelvin Scott. This picture has been used before under the name of Roland Rogers Lawson. The person using this picture tried to scam me but I caught on before it happened
First name: FABIAN LUCAS
Last name: VICTOR
Age: 54
On websites: singles2meet
Report: I received a request from a lovingyouiseasy54. them I received a chat request from a fabianlucasvictor two different pictures but the same person please see attached documents I am sending
First name: Matthew
Last name: Browder
Age: 33-34
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: gay dating app
Report: I also was nearly scammed by this one, he
First name: John
Last name: Otabil
Age: 54
Location: Michigan
Phone: 001119893147424
On websites: facebook
Report: Continually requesting money while in Accra Ghana and Michigan United States details can supplied by myself.
First name: kenneth
Last name: patrick
Age: 52
Location: malaysia kuala lumpur
Address: new york ny
Phone: 646
On websites: yahoo messenger and datehook up. com
Report: This con artist claims to have been robbed three times in Malaysian and in the hospital twice. He will ask you for your bank account info and probably ask you open one for him. Claims he is stuck in Kuala Lumpur due to no money but has money to pay for rental of an apartment there. He prays on lonely women and claims his affection early to you with corny poems and messages which he probably got off another website. He is a smooth operator.. Be aware and claims that he needs your help to return back to the US. Once he arrives in the US he will claim to pay you back...
First name: chris
Last name: charles
Aka: bull
Age: 50
Location: malaysia kuala lumpur
Address: bronx new york
On websites: datehookup and yahoo messenger
Report: Man claims to be stuck in Malaysia due to non payment of insurance on collapse building. He is a contractor, says his passport was seized by Malaysian immigration and yet the us embassy can't help him. He will ask for money and send you phoney document and ask for 17000 to help him,. Has a foreign accent and uses bad grammar when writing. Beware ladies?
First name: Mickey
Last name: Tibbot
Age: 50
Location: Seaford, DE, Dublin, Ireland, Capetown, SA
Phone: 3022332644
On websites:,,linkedin
Report: Met on Chemistry August 2014, communicated through October 1. He wrote love letters, engineer from Dublin, Ireland. Contract for 30 days in Capetown, SA. Deposit on $8000 jewelry, wanted a laptop, xbox 4, Samsung 5 replaced from lost luggage. Asked for address to mail postcards, no postcards. Compromised Chemistry account, asked for house payoff amount, $5000 for crane repairs and upkeeping until payment from construction draw. Wanted marriage, said had two children Kelvin and Catherine, living in Ireland. Said widowed. Also, emailed with another linkedin lady for 5 months and asked her for $60,000, she thought he was her fiance. Never met him. He will not skype
First name: Jayden
Last name: Lewis
Aka: Jay
Age: 31
Location: united states, Miami
On websites: Plenty of fish,kik
Report: Scammer calls himself Jay met him on plenty of fish on or about 8/20/2014 we start chatting via Kik. Daily for 2 months. He claims to sell real estate and cars. I was in the market for a car and he asked for a down payment, He left out of town on business suposedly has property in Dominican Republic. HE made arrangements for me to meet with a cousin for the down payment. Once he received it stopped taking my calls. I finally spoof called him he answered and cursed me out.I have no car out of $1,000
First name: ANDRE
Last name: CHAMBER
Age: 55
Location: NIGERIA
First name: richardson
Last name: gibson
Aka: barry cowell
Age: 67
Location: china, tx, ms
Phone: 11262116346, 016 3999517, 2145721, 601 9909359
Report: Becareful as he has the means to mess up your computer!
First name: Khaled
Last name: El-Awady
Age: 53
Location: England Manchester Oxford
Phone: 0060102411439/ 08197506449/ 981632233
On websites: facebook
Report: The scammer initiated the contact. He sent me a message on my facebook. Began 30 days he said he was a civil engineer, was a widower and had a daughter. Suspected because soon the first post said you loved me. He did not actually ask for anything because I suspected that he realized he was gone. I have some pictures of him.
First name: Roy
Last name: ALEXANDER
Age: 48
On websites: badoo, facebook
Report: Please be aware that Patrick Wolf is the same Person as Roy Alexander who scammed me last year in August.
First name: marvin
Last name: gravis
Age: 52
Location: Toronto, Canada
On websites: okcupid
Report: Claims to be working as a civil engineer in Toronto, constantly asking for money, constantly has problems, etc. Claims to have no cell phone
First name: James
Last name: Krulak
Age: 59 years
Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan
On websites: yes with me
Report: I met him on Skype from March 2014, and ended in September 2014. He proposed to me from 2nd day of talking on Skype, and wants to settle down in UK when he retires soon. He wants to send a Box to me from Greece which contains a large sums of money, so we can build up home and settle. In order for this box to reach UK one company will be sending it to me. Along the way money was asked by this company to pay to Customs department in Athens. I was sucked in to his charms and helped him to get the box to UK. Finally the box and the contents arrived. But it did not end there. More money was asked even in UK, when it finally dawned on me that this is not right. I had been scammed big time, and lost six figure sums of money in pounds.
First name: Donald
Last name: Anton
Age: 48
Location: Canada
On websites: Meetme
Report: He chatted even called me a few times and asked me to call him as he said he was in Scotland working and had a major accident and was going to be arrested if he didnt get some money asked me to cash a cheque for him I declined I also asked some questions and he was vague . I said I wasnt comfortable cashing a cheque he got mad and said he would be in jail and his daughter was not going to see her dad again . it was very sad but I am not one to believe to easily and asked for more information then he could provide he said he lived in the Toronto Ontario I know the city well he has never even been here I would imagine ,
First name: David
Last name: Lopez
Aka: Newman Peter
Age: 38
Location: Lybia, North Africa
On websites: Facebook
Report: He sent me a Friend request through Facebook. The picture of him here in the white outfit laying on the grass is the one he is using on FB.
First name: david
Last name: moore
Aka: andrew wagner, richard hopper
Age: 59
Location: san diego
Phone: 0019703006884
Report: i meet that man on site us military singles in september 2013 after any mails we meet on chat site Yahoo franki15 As he ask to me money for safe his goods in Ghana i brake all relations . i see this man Under a other name in a scammer site : richard hopper, 49 years, same pictures,, sailor us navy living in sacramento.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Majure
Age: 52
Location: South Korea, New York, studio city, ca
Phone: 239-349-4983, 315-623-0225
On websites: Okcupid
Report: Kelvin Majure contacted me on okcupid. Wanted to use yahoo messenger instead. Said he was a CO in the Army currently in South Korea and about to retire in 3 weeks to studio city, California. He said he had spent 27 years in the army and was originally from Germany. Said his father was from Boston. We then changed to texting. He called often from 2 phone lines that he said he had as an officer and used from his desk. I checked they were registered as land lines out of New York and Florida. He told he that he was going on a mission and not to worry. The next day he said he was grazed by a bullet n his thigh. He wanted me to send a care package with boxers, chocolate and then finally a smart phone. I did no such thing. He is an eloquent writer. I am college educated and it took me a few days to get past the flattery to figure out there were just too many loop holes that this is just not legit. He looks similar to another person on this site with the name James.
First name: George
Last name: Mit
Age: 47
Location: New York, Syria
On websites: WWW.LinkedIn.COM
Report: I have fallen for romance scam with this person George Mourad Mitchel who claimed to be a medical director working with United Nation in Syria, lost his wife and have one daughter (Nicole), his dad passed away 3 years ago and his parents separated while he was 3 years old . First contact is on LinkedIn website,and after that communicate by whatsapp on the phone in September 2014, bait me to get married and finish his job in Syria soon. I searched about his email address and found him on this website with same story.