First name: Frank
Last name: Obrain
Age: 54
Location: Chicago and Parsippany-Troy Hills, USA
On websites: facebook
Report: This group of scammers is sending now another facebook request from: Jim Raymond Roger. They keep sending new men with the same characteristics, with children and new member from current month.
First name: mark
Last name: Bradley
Age: 45-51
Location: New York, calefornia
On websites:
Report: He is already in the database. This is new picture and web site
First name: Mike
Last name: Rafik
Aka: Mike Rafik, Mark Ciqala
Age: 48
Location: Houston Texas and Victoria, Labuan Malaysia, Dallas Texas
Phone: lost, but i am looking for it on my computer
Email: lost, am looking for it again on my computer
On websites:,, https
Report: He is claiming to work for Petronas and work with FBI together becouse of many scams. I have the confirmation from FBI Houston that he is a scammer Mike Rafik 03.05.2013 03:12 Let me know if you have confirmed so i can give you FBI name so you can transfer 1000 Euro for his flight ticket, let me know as soon as possible Mike Rafik 03.05.2013 03:19 Mike Rafik Anna Transfer 1000euro to Terry Benson, country Canada, He is on duty in the Canada at the moment from there, he can take off either Malaysia or Manchester, write me control numbers here after you do transfer
First name: Nelson
Last name: Muller
Aka: Desmond Muller
Age: 62
Location: Philippines,South Africa,Spain,Texas,UK
Phone: 281 638 9494 /512 666 1187
On websites: and facebook
Report: received/requested money transfer....75K was sent...over a period of 6 months..reported to fraud police but nothing was done...scammer is still in touch..but no more money is being sent to him..he is scamming other women..this man must be stopped..he is not working alone,,it is an international operation.. 2 other women have connected with me ...he did the same to them... scammer uses fake pics and is a liar...very good with words ... Hoping Interpol fraud will find this man...soon..put him behid bars and to repay all funds he received..
First name: Anthony
Last name: Hurst
Age: 49
Location: Nigeria, Sango otta
Address: Ogun state, 23401
On websites:
Report: Tony approached me on We exchanged a few messages, and then he wanted to start talking on yahoo messenger. He claimed to be a family practice doctor working in Nigeria for the state hospital in Ogun state, Nigeria helping under privileged families. He would also send me two or three emails/poems every day, and we talked on messenger daily. One day during an online conversation, Tony said he had received a letter from an orphanage, and said he was trying to raise money. He asked me for $500.00 initially which I said no to. He claimed he was supposed to donate $1500. By this time, he was 'in love' with me, and talking marriage as soon as he would be home in a few months. When I turned him down on the $500.00, he lowered the amount to $70. He then started to remind me about when I would be sending the money via Western Union. Tony had claimed he would pay me back when he returned home. In our final conversation last week before I cut off contact, he claimed he had not been paid in three months. He is a very good looking man, and I wanted to believe everything he told me, but the asking for money raised my suspicions.
First name: Eng M, 51 New York City, NY
Age: 51
Location: NY
On websites: Tagged, Skipe
Report: Eng M, 51 New York City, NY NEW LAST PROFILE ON TAGGED
First name: Logan
Last name: Kross
Age: 45
Location: Paraguay/Virginia
On websites:
Report: Hi, its good to hear from you, so sorry it took a while to respond, let me tell you about me, my name is Logan, I'm a Marine Engineer, I own and manage my own construction company. I also referee high school and little league sports. I love kids and I'm a father of 1 child (A Girl) Samara.. that stays with my Aunt, I live outside of Richmond,Virginia, but i am currently on the coasts of Paraguay (South America) for a construction work, its a big project though but i will be done within few weeks. I have been dating online for the last 9 months, and I'm at the point in my life where I am tired of random dating Too many fake people on the sugar daddy site, i hope you are not one of them. I am starting to believe that there isn't any girls on that site that are serious about finding a partner to meet, and go through the normal steps of getting to know each other, talk on the phone like real adults, meet up, get to know each other, go out on real dates, and see if there is chemistry. I truly am looking to meet a girl that has all the qualities that you are looking for in a guy. I would also want to know if you would be able to come down to my place in Virginia, so we can get to meet in person for the first time or i come too see you. Let me now how soon you can come over, i shall be coming back to Virginia in few weeks time. I like to play cards, pool, watch movies, camping, hunting, fishing, beach walk and shopping. I am a bit shy, but very kind, loving, honest and most of all funny when I get warmed up. Dear I am a very honest, caring, loving, and an understanding type, with an easy going and an open mind. I do travel around the United States often, so if you won't be able to come and see me i'll have to create time to come n meet you. I'm looking for a best friend to share my life with!...i want a woman who will truly love me. care for me. someone that will always be honest with me. someone who will always be there for me. someone i can trust and rely on.. am full with, honesty loyalty, loving, kind, generous, classy and my very best friend, confident, lover and teammate. I'll spoil and cherish you once i can gain your trust. Tell me more about yourself. I am a very adventurous person, I love to travel too and have fun because you only live once and life is too short to waste. I enjoy movies, bowling, comedy clubs, beaches, I love the outdoors, camping, boating and picnics and many more... I am a real Guy. I am not a computer guy. I love to be outdoors and work with my hands, and stay very active. In doing so, I don't spend a lot of time on computers. If it is ok with you, I would really appreciate it if maybe you feel comfortable enough to tell me how feel about me, let me know anything you need and consider it done! I would love to spoil you from now till we meet sometime next month hopefully. Send me your number, i will call u as soon as i can, my personal number inactive now and its unofficial to make calls personal calls with our official military line here.. the working site is not far from the military base, they jam both incoming and out going signals but will figure a way out to reach you because i might get real busy on the construction site might not be able to check my emails... so it my take a while before i respond. Please tell me more about you what's your real name? your occupation, your relationship status, let me know if you have kids and let me know if we can take this further than this further am really serious about this. don't get mad if i don't respond to my email on time i get busy most of time.. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. I hope you have a great day!!!
First name: John
Last name: Markhurt
Aka: John Hurt
Age: 15.9.1961
Location: Syria
On websites:
Report: I was contacted by this scammer via skype, he introduced himself as Ray adn asked me to add him to my contact on Facebook, he than revealed that he has profile there under name Jon Markhurt. He said he is a doctor in Syria, working under UN.He said is widower and has 14 years old son Andre in military school in Ghana. He gave me his son?s telephone number (ANDRE - +233543315017) and asked me to call him if he is ok. I did not called him but sent SMS to get in contact with his father per email as he is worried about him. Sooner after i received SMS from the son starting : Hi mom....I am happy my father found new mom for me...The contact with both father and son took couple of months, during which his facebook profile has been suspended, he created new profile as Hana Markhurt - suspended again. We used yahho messenger for our chat. when father asked me if i would by a mobile phone for the son and send it to him. I was silly enough to do it, together with 300 ? - as i was asked to do by father - as son is in trouble to pay his medical bill over there. Son had 15th birthdays, i send him card with another 70E and small presents (not very big value). All was supposed to be sent to Ghanian man Uyameda Uwadia, who was supposed to be teacher in the school, as the son was only 14 years old he is not allowed to leave school premises and all post will be collected for him by this teacher. John further send me an email saying that large amount of money has been disclosed during one of the attack , where he was present in rescue mission. All parties present decided to keep money and his share is 2,000.000?. this money will be delivered to my home by Diplomatic Agent named Frank Williams after i pay fee 3.000 ?. I told him that all story is nonsense and i am not paying. Fee has been than discounted for 1.500 ?, amount to be sent by bank transfer to Nigeria to FIRST BANK, FBNINGLA. ACCOUNT NUMBER.3021013268. NAME : ODU BLESSING AMAKA, because i refused to use Western Union.I never sent any money to Nigeria. Odd about all was that there was no trace of this man (John Markhurt or John Hurt) in any US sites, his English was good but clearly he is not English native speaker. As for his son - he made a mistake one day, instead of calling me his usual
First name: Gary
Last name: Mann
Age: 46
Location: Iraq
On websites: Facebook
Report: He ask for money he has to boxs of money in the uk storage and he in the miltary in Iraq also he email a form to put my information and western Union $7000
First name: Fillippo
Last name: Rosario Andrea
Age: 64
Location: Witchita Falls, Texas
Phone: (+444)7700014400 UK phone #
Report: This scammer hacked the email of and came onto me quite strong with his lies and wrote me the identical letters as described in the information on this site I received the scammer email through #11 and have not had one since Saturday, October 11, 2014. He has called me from Witchita Falls Phone #1-940-604-2235
First name: Richard
Last name: Marshall
Age: 54
Location: Kabul (Afghanistan), New York (USA)
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sent message to my Facebook profile. He has mutual friends which is why I entertained. Claims to be in the US Navy for past 34 years. Retiring November 1, 2014. Claims to have a 14 year old daughter. Claims to love and miss me and wishes to live the rest of his life with me because he is so happy. He talks really sweet and makes the ladies feel very special. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
First name: joshua
Last name: kiok
Age: 62
Location: United kingdom
On websites: match,pof,chemistry
Report: Says he is 62 in England going to school to get his PhD for philosophy. Says, he has a 9 year old daughter whose in Africa on a school trip.needs money because he said the school needs it for unforseen costs. He's asking for $5000 for the school for his daughter'S trip. Says his wife left him for another man when his daughter when she was 5 years old. Has a family home in florida.
First name: Francis Aaron
Last name: Lancelot
Age: 64
Location: United Kingdom Manchester
On websites: tagged/hi5
Report: I gave him my hotmailadress. He sent some pics to me. I did not trust him, for he wrote full of love to me a woman he never met personaly! But I can play the game too
First name: Jeff
Last name: Haggard
Aka: Sadik
Age: Abukaari
Location: Ghana Nothren
Address: 00233
On websites: facebook
Report: He sent me a friend request on facebook about a month ago with a picture of a soilder named Jeff Haggard. He said he was a sergeant in a military camp located in Kabul Afghanistan. He would talk to me every night for about two to three hours he told me he was in an office talking on the computer. after two days of talking he was telling me how much he loved and cared for me he never seen my picture because i never had a profile picture. then a week later he told me he adopted a son in Ghana and needed me to send him money through western union i told him i did not have alot of money then he kept saying i did not love or care for him his spelling was awful. then he asked me to send him a care package i agreed because i thought he was a real solider until i asked him for his apo or fpo address he told me i had to send it through a diploma with a card in the box with Jeff Haggard the name and address he gave me was: Sadik Abukari Ghana Nothren Tamale 00233 post office box 814 then i knew he was a fake he told me not to put his name on the box to send him an i phone 5 and lap top because his fell when he broke up a fight i did not send him any thing i just want to make other women aware of him so there heart isn't broken. i finally befriended him after he got mad at me gor not sending him the stuff. He is using several names: haggard Jeff jeff haggards jeffrey haggard miller haggard all on facebook
First name: Michael
Last name: Burroughs
Aka: Michael /Mikey/ Mickey
Age: claims 58
Location: New York./ UK/
Address: 616 sherman ave New York.. 24 Lindsey close mitcham surrey cr41xq UK
Phone: (914)265-2684. (914)363-2268 (914)586-3596
Email: .
On websites: Mate 1
Report: What I have been told: accent is from Trinidad. Buys and sells gold and diamonds. His business is called Burroughs minerals. Sold his house in New York to go to the uk to do businss.leaving his 5 year old grandson with friends while he does business in uk ,isreal, and south Africa. Grandson is sick . Needs money to have is friends take care of his grandson
First name: Garrett
Last name: Smith
Aka: Gary
Age: 50
Location: Washington, DC
Address: 73 Hawthorne CT NE, Washington, DC
Phone: 202-553-8774
On websites: moved
Report: I meet this guy on a dating website it profile said he was 37 years old from the Washington, DC area. not long after we meet he wanted to move the conversation to text messaging so I gave him my number. He begin texting me right away he told me he was a physician and that he was looking to marry with the right women he told me that he like me and that I was very special and amazing. Less than a week he told me he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He had a large home in VA and wanted to move me there and start a family. I found love I was so excited...he sent me a picture of a large diamond that he had gotten for me. He told me to start looking for a house and that he wanted to move to my town he wanted a big house for a family. The first few visit he lied and never showed up he always had a tragic event that was going on in his family. Finally he showed he booked a high dollar hotel for us. We did what couples do we had sex and it was unprotected sex that worried me but we are in love. Not long after that the text messages slowed down and until he block me all together...I was so hurt I wanted to hurt myself. I no longer feel that way but I wanted to share my story to help other women if they run into this master serial dater. He lied about his name and where he lived...he lied about where he worked everything was a lie...I also found out that he is engaged to more than 9 other females who he is scamming too. Dr. Garrett Smith AKA Gary Smith who is not 37 years old but 50 years old one of the worst Con Artist on dating sites he changes his profile so you can not catch. beware of this guy.
First name: James
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Orlando Johnson
Age: 54
Location: Tampa Fl Afganastan
On websites: Facebook,
Report: This person first contacted me on free black and then went on to facebook, and as of now we are still communicating through emails and messenger. Just this minute did I find he was a scammer. He hasn't asked for any thing yet. He told me his name SFC James Johnson 3rd Infantry Division on active duty in Afghanistan. Retiring in 4 weeks time. He lives in Tampa FL and has a daughter named Mary. He is very eloquent in the way he writes to you,doesn't use scammer language. I can tell now that he is scammer because he losing patience with the conversation. He gets upset when I ask him specific questions. I have all our conversations from email and messenger. I had almost got scammed before so I followed my instinct which was true. He just posted a new profile on Tagged October 8, 2014. Maybe you can get ahead of him this time. Thank for this site it saved me again.
First name: Kellum
Last name: Richard
Age: 45
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Contacted me by Yahoo messenger. Told me he was in Nigeria on peacekeeping mission the Army. Eventually said that he needed money for foodstuff and provisions. Gave me a contact for supposedly agent who would buy items for him Have received that same name from other scammers.
First name: Henric
Last name: Elov
Age: 59
Location: Fulham England
Phone: +447452183028
On websites: Facebook
Report: Met Henric during September and within a week he was so in love want to come to South Africa marry me etc and he will pay for everything. BUT then he has this softwear he had to install for a company in Malaysia. Once there he ran out of money and need me to give him $5000 for taxes. (in my currency R50.000) I said I struggled with the bank and kept this up for a few days to get more info out of him He gave me this address where to send the money through Western Africa Bank to this address:: Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur 3 Jalan Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur 5047o Malaysia He is there now waiting for the money If you move quick you can caught him and put him in jail
First name: Nick
Last name: Weels
Age: mid 50's
Location: Bloemfontein
Phone: 0846919048, +447700026850
On websites: Single 2 meet
Report: We communicated via email for awhile. Then just before we were about to meet, his son is involved in a serious motor vehicle in the UK. He flies off and a week later his son has passed away. In the meantime he is setting up business in Bloemfontein. He requests assistance with the registration of the business. A lawyer contacts you and gives you banking details to deposit the money. A couple of days later I was contacted by my bank and was informed that this was fraudulent and that there were several other women involved. All have different photos. The bank's fraudulent department investigated and found that this person does not exist.
First name: Jeffery
Last name: Willingham
Age: 52
Location: Denmark, Copenhagen - USA, Colerado - Syria, Damaskus - Dhana, Accra
Email: Skypeadress:jeffery.wllingham1
On websites:
Report: 01 Contatact initiated by scammer 02 Scammer comtacted me through the dating site Badoo 03 Was in contact with scammer around two weeks 04 I have tried this before, so it was a Little suspect that every letter looked like the letters I recived erlier from another scammer 05 To
First name: Robert
Last name: Delgado
Aka: Robert B Delgado
Age: 59
Location: Croatia
Phone: 818-275-0692
On websites: Twitter
Report: Met this man on and have been talking to him for over a year now. He has requested money from me and also has promised to come here to the UK to see me several times but has not showed up. I checked him out and found him to be a verified scammer and using someone else's pictures.
First name: Taylor
Last name: Clark
Age: 57
Location: Verified to be in Nigeria
Phone: 321-345-7843
On websites: Marriagemindedpeoplemeet
Report: He says he lives in Utah and is working in UAE. He has been verified by Pigbusters to be in Nigeria I do not know if he is on your site
First name: clement
Last name: lopez
Aka: homan lucas
Age: 50
Location: usa/colorado springs
Phone: unknown+17197 358485
On websites: U.S military
Report: He send wink in U.S military dating site and after two messages he asked my email and he gave his. He claims be Afghanistan U.N forces E-6 Staff sergeant and about two months retiring. We were chatting gmail emails , yahoo site and then skype.After few weeks he said he want to send his 6 goldbars to me which he has earned in Afghanistan. Man diplomat called Benard Kyeremeh was fetching them from him and take them to Berlin and shipping from there to me finland. I gave him 800 euros via western union then he was asking more 1500 euros to more payments.I did not give. He still is begging that but now 800 e. He wants come here ,go to usa get retired papers and then arrange our lives together. I still contact with him.But now know he is scammer. He is also Homan lucas in syria Kabul usa army, age 41 and sniper there. That man has asked 350 euros to come here finland vacation and money is needing to leaving from that army base.He was in firstdate side by his name. He is very polite also.I was asking APO email .He said it is not aloud to say to me. That dont I know ACO acount is only to army life.We have been in skype now about two months but there have been sometimes week we have not write there. He dont likes when I am suspecting he is cheater.
First name: Bernard
Last name: Champoux
Age: 2 June 1958
Location: Syria Nigeria
On websites:
Report: I was investigating this person for a friend. Put friend request on his Facebook page and later he accepted and contacted me through Facebook message. Said he was Lieut. Gen. Bernard Champoux from the United States and that he was in Syria on peacekeeping mission. I know the real general is stationed in Korea head of the 8th Army. He then after a little chitchat said he was going to buy an oil company in England and wanted me to manage it. Before that transaction could take place he said his son Kelvin who was in Ghana had been hit by a car and the doctor needed $2000 to start medical treatment and transfer him to a better hospital in Nigeria. He asked me if I could help and I said I would try just to get more information. The person posing as the general gave me the name and place to send the money. it was in Nigeria instead of Ghana where his son was posted be. I have also received that same name from another scammer who is trying to scam me which I will make another report on that person. He finally unfriended me and block me from Facebook and quit talking to me.. When I 1st started looking into him he had 4 profiles on Facebook. He would not answer any questions about any military subject and when I told him it would take some time to get the money he kept after meto find out when I would get it. I have the full text of our conversation on Facebook over three-day period. I asked him how I could contact him and he said use Facebook.
First name: David
Last name: Mark
Aka: mr mark
Age: 57
Location: Dublin Ireland
Phone: 0717492439,0781315409,00447087626243
On websites: singels2meet
Report: He told me he was detained at OR Tambo because he had to much money with him and he need money to bribe the officials
First name: Paul
Last name: Stevenson
Aka: Pablo
Age: 50
Location: Limpopo South Africa
Phone: 0735147950 , 00447087626243
On websites: singels2meet
Report: He told me that he is going to the UK to sell his house while he was so called there he asked me for money for his son and his nanny and he will repay when he get to me he even gave me a number for his 13 year old son Terry
First name: Micheal Adams
Last name: Smith
Aka: Gold
Age: 38
Location: Grabouw South Africa
On websites: singels2meet
Report: He told me he had to go to Kenya and that he needed money for the bid and now he is gone with the money. He told me that it is a $25m project and they will bring me the money he have a 8 year old son and he want us to be a happy family.
First name: James
Aka: Lt. Col James Carter Smith, Jimmy Carter Smith,
Age: 53
Location: San Diego
On websites: Facebook
Report: I fell for his charm he said he had adopted a little girl called Mona. I sent him over 1,000pound. I first met him on Tagged. I've still got the e-mails that he sent me and the notification of money picked up that I sent by Western Union. He is still on Facebook.
First name: David
Last name: Scarpelli
Aka: Desmond
Age: 45
Location: Rawleigh.NC/Fort Benning,Georgia
On websites: Facebook
Report: David Desmond Scarpelli saying he is a soldier in the military.Will have a check sent out from a company called Stericycle,the check is non traceable