First name: derick
Last name: randoll
Age: 47 something
Location: Cape Town South Africa
On websites: face book singles 2meet
Report: I was contacted by this person months ago. He SAID HE WAS A DIVING INTRUCTOR AND A ENGINEER. I have received e-mails almost on a daily basis and he tells me how much he loves me. Don't know whether this was by coincidence but he so happens to have a daughter with the same name as I have being my middle name Sophia. He is now on a oil rig and also has a contract coming up in Angola . He says he wants to marry me and that he needs a partner in his business and that he has sent me these documents and that I must complete the one and then later on he will need my banking details as money must go into that account.. I have not seen him in the flesh only in the photos he sent me. I have spoken with him telephonically and his accent is not that of a white male. It sounds like maybe Nigerian or Angolan. I am not too sure if because I have already sent you 5 scammers that I caught out that I am getting too paranoid . Please help me with this one as I don't want to lose him if I am wrong , but also don't want to be caught in a scam .
First name: Lewis
Last name: Britz Kartel
Aka: Jeffrey, Jeff
Age: 01 Feb 1961
Location: Berlin Germany, Houston USA, Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 00447418455070, 004915217665619, 0015054074212, 0019406031257, 002348155613419, 002348103006226
On websites: Badoo, Skype
Report: First time this man contacted me in March this year on Badoo dating site. He introduced himself as Jeffrey Rameses, 53 years old, widowed man with 14 years old son. He said that he was a freelance journalist, who temporary lived in Berlin Germany, since his late wife was German. He described her death in so many details after being ill with cancer for many years, that I started to doubt that it was a true-life story. At this point I was ready to cut off any further correspondence immediately. However, he sent me so many pictures of so-called son, lovely boy in his early and teenage years that these pictures made me take a chill pill and it had extended our correspondence up to last week. This man worked very hard to keep me beside him and encourage my attention. He wrote me day and night and often kept very late on Skype. He made a tremendous plans about get married in the nearest future, have a happy family life and growing old together. Sometimes he was really very obtrusive and exalted his feelings to the skies and again it made me fell that it could not be true. Later he said that beside of his work as a journalist his main income derived from the Gold and Diamond industry in one of the African countries, such as Sierra Leone. In May he said that his partner and friend Raymond died tragically in car accident in states and he had to travel to this country to settle their common business matters. According to him his later partner made him the recipient of the whole business and after the settlement of the necessary paperwork he should travel to Lagos, Nigeria to overtake the business. First time he asked me for the financial help in August, having said that his company driver hit the local person and he as a company owner had to cover all medical expenses and emotional distress of this damaged man family. He started with 5000 usd and finished with ??please please send me at least 300usd?. I refused to pay. The second and final approach he made one week ago. Last week a man, who presented himself as Jimmy Anderson, remittance manager of the bank in UK, called me and in very broken English informed me that Jeffrey Rameses would like to transfer to me as next to kin person 1.2MM GBP. I called JR and asked him what did it mean. JR said that he urgently needed money to cover his living and business expenses down in that country. Since I was the only person he could trust to, he asked the remittance manager to take a contact with me. The remittance manager sent me the papers, which should be filled in, and send back to him. I filled in the papers despite of I was very much suspicious and sent to him. Next day this manager called me and said that the transaction could be made only upon the upfront payment of 4500GBP for the Power of Attorney which should be issued by Ministry of Justice??! I said that I never heard about the Power of Attorney, which should be issued by the Ministry of Justice, and I most probably I was dealing with quite unprofessional people. I reported this case to the police. JR still had been trying to contact me via Skype this week.
First name: Curtis
Last name: Bradley
Aka: Damon Jeffery
Age: 38
Location: Boston as home town, currently deployed to Syria
Email: not yet disclosed
On websites: meetme & KIK
Report: He swore his everlasting love to me and told me he had no family. His parents died in a car accident and his dad left him some property in the UK. He started out professing his love and telling me how much he wants to take care of my daughter and I. Then a few days later he started asking about my finances. He has been very insistent on me opening an account where he can have a friend from Spain wire money into my account to help him and me. He claims his lawyer in the UK who handles his properties there is requesting administration fees to be paid and wants me to help him with that. I told him I have nothing to give him, and played dumb on what he is requesting from me. Every conversation we have ends in him pushing for me to open an account. Unfortunately before I caught on to what he was doing I sent him a few pictures of myself and my kid. I also made the mistake of giving him my current address because he said his general wanted a favor from me. I didn't think much of it at the time. Every time I tell him I am working on opening an account and tell him that I don't have any money to open an account with he all of a sudden has to get back to work. Not sure what my options are here other than to confront him on his BS now that I know he is a scammer based on this website. I also have several pictures he sent me. They are all of him (well the person he is claiming to be anyway), as far as I can tell. Oh he also told me that the ring I see on his finger in some pics is just a promise ring from a past relationship 6 months ago and she cheated on him with his best friend back in Boston. Is there anything I can do?
First name: Michael
Last name: Janson
Age: 53
Location: Denver co, USA
Phone: 720-606-2638
On websites: Chemistry
Report: Contacted by Michael through Chemistry, giving an email address to contact, I contacted him and he of course said all the things a woman would want to hear. We continued to talk for about a month when he had to travel to Cape Town South Africa to work on a contract. In a phone conversation before him leaving, I informed him to not call me for money or anything while he was there, as I would be unable to assist him. I have not heard from him since Sept 22, 2014
First name: Williams
Last name: Berry
Age: 63
Location: Leeds UK
Phone: 011-447-872216484
On websites:
Report: Contacts middle aged single women. Poses as a funds manager. Begin correspondence. After a couple of weeks says he is in love with you and wants to marry you. Then he suddenly has to go to Dubai, UAE on business. While there he makes a deal to buy TruWorth International stock, but he tells you that he had to put it in your name, because he works for TruWorths. In due time you are sent an official looking stock certificate. He tells you to write to TruWorths and ask for stocks to be sold. The total sale is 11,731,000. Then you get a letter from TruWorths sayin you need to open an off shore account with Meaglier Spring Bank. Then got letter trom TruWorths saying you need 28,600.00 to open the account. You are given several places to wire money. Once this is done you get a email from Meaglier Spring Bank stating a that a Fund Entry Tax Clearance Certificate fee is due. You need to send 234,600.00 to TruWorth for them to send to Meaglier Spring Bank in order to access the 11,731,000. This fee must be sent within 10 days. Then Williams Berry starts to pressure you into sending 234,600.00. This amount is in addition to the 28,600 already sent.
First name: Jason
Last name: Reid
Age: 57
Location: USA,Burlington,NJ
On websites: Was on OKCupid
Report: I have been corresponding via email. He was posted from Atchison, KS in the Army til he retires in December. he removed himself from the site yesterday.
First name: Chris
Last name: Fuller
Aka: Sgt jedege
Age: 47
Location: Afghan Nigeria Lagos
Email: Sgt.chrisfuller@
On websites: Zoosk mature dating facebook
Report: Active scammer wanted by US Miliitary for fraud using the name Chris Fuller aka Sgt Cleb Jedege both wanted by US Millitary for fraud ing women Both where n Afghan but Chris Fuller pic displayed on Facebook is actually of an dead man.. SAD Bastard for doing this .. Hp he rots in hell !
First name: Anthony
Last name: Bedrick
Age: 44
Location: afhganistan
Phone: 406 823-0240
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: I met him on zoosk he said he was a sgt in the us army and was originally from Santa Barbra California and was stationed in Afghanistan. He said he was a widower and had a five yr old son named Michael that his mother was taking care of him while he was away. I caught him up right away and I still continued to listen to him. we stayed in contact for many months he ask for money a couple times said that his mother was disabled and that his identity had been stolen and his bank account was locked up until he got back to the states. His mother and son are supposed to be in Kentucky and that when he got back to the states he was going to get stationed there so he could be closer to me. I have basically the same emails that he gave another lady from this site. I know that he is using a couple fake profiles he also goes by the name of Sean Lawrence both of these profiles are being worked on zoosk and on yahoo messenger. He is a scammer and possibly working with others.
First name: Eric
Last name: Williams
Aka: Lucas, Lukas, Williamson
Age: 40
Location: Austin, MN - Boston, MA
On websites: OKCupid
Report: A man identifying himself as a US Army soldier contacted me on OKCupid. Said he lived in Boston, MA and that his Mom was killed in 9/11, which prompted him to join the military. Said he was from Austin, MN
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Cohen/ Cohenn
Age: 50
Location: colorado, UK,
Report: This person contacted me, told me a story about how he is a vet and makes over 100k a year and he was always out of the country when we were planning on meeting he would be home one day and the next day he was in the UK, sounded weird to me. Then he started telling me he had some issues with getting the money for some bills and then he was asking me for it, his pictures are not the same.
First name: Robbert
Last name: Anderson
Age: 42
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan and Texas
Phone: 707-440-9228
On websites: Unknown
Report: Robbert Anderson posed as a U.S. Marine and has scammed me out of $14,000 and would have had more if he could. He is very smart. He came on to me like he loved me and he kept the relationship going. I made it clear from the beginning I had no money, so he invented other ways of making money, like giving me an $8,000 check that bounced after he rushed for me to give him the money right away. My bank froze my account. Then I went to another bank where he deposited money that was someone else's tax return. My bank caught that one too. He also asked me for access to my Pay Pal accounts which are now closed for good. He really done me over royally. He was supposed to come here and straighten things out for me and ended up getting shot that same day, all the while asking me for money. I just blocked him all over. I was so fed up.
First name: aaron
Last name: mcmiler
Age: 44
Location: detroit,united states
Phone: 313-744-5795
On websites: badoo
Report: I met Aaron on date hook up last year. We were talking up until this month on a regular basis.He quit talking to me because I didn't send anymore money. I sent over $600 so he could come home on leave to me. I sent the money to him and he still never came. He wanted me to let him deposit his check he has from his fathers life insurance policy into my account for half million dollars n army. He was in Afghanistan and deployed from there to Nigeria after the girls went missing.. Because I wouldn't send 400 more to him no longer talking to me as this week. He sent me photo copy of the check to prove it to me. He is divorced with custody of his 3 kids.
First name: basten
Last name: logan
Age: 45
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: 231-846-3098
On websites: okcupid, facebook, linkedin
Report: Scammer Basten Logan. D.O.B. 9.18.69 (45 years old). Has been scamming me since May 1, 2014 via okcupid. Refused to Skype. Had contact via phone, email, text messaging and photos. Tried to solicit money twice from me. First time was for $500 towards a plane ticket from China to NY on July 9th. Second time asked for $650 for immunizations to board plane from China to NY on September 26th. Claims his US Visa expired, so he is now in South Africa. Earlier claimed he lived in TriBeCa, NY as an architect originally from Brussels, Belgium. Had 2 identical Facebook pages and recently changed one to show yet a different face. He has 4 physical identities tied to one name. shows 3 different accounts for him - 1 in Nigeria, 1 in Madrid, Spain and 1 in U.S. Cell phone is google voice 231-846-3098, but also uses Magic Jack 914-269-7321.
First name: Godwin
Last name: Smith
Aka: Mark Smith,or Godwin Mark Smith
Age: 48
Location: Afganistan - Kabul
Phone: Agent +233236132874
On websites: Friends Worldwide, yahoo messenger
Report: He contacted me on a dating Friends Worldwide, he asked me for my email and invited to yahoo messenger, where it is now. I am in contact with him for 2 weeks. After about 10 days, his wife called me and asked me for money to tranfer his personal belongings and money initially wanted 1000 - and later of Euros 50,000 - Euoros. Agent: Bismark Orsei Nketia, / Diplomat Bismark /, Airport street, ACCRA -Achimota, Ghana. Phone +233236132874. I did not tell him that I know he's a scammer. I have not sent any money. I have his contact still on yahoo messenger.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Miller
Age: 48
Location: Afganistan - Kabul
On websites: skype
Report: He contacted me on Skype using James Stuart, who was in contact with my sister. The contact I had with him was 1 month. After about 10 days, he asked me for money for the mission package with his belongings and money.Name of agent to transfer money via Western Union: DuagjaiJavunongnok, Bankog Thailand, telephone number: +66830939526. I have not sent any money and I ended contact with him.
First name: Ben
Last name: Rowlland
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 60
Location: New York, USA; Afghanistan
Phone: +19084553734
On websites: Skype
Report: The man on the photo contacted me on Skype, under the skype name jamuna.240, pretending to be from New York City, NY, physician by profession, now working in Afghanistan on a peace mission. Here is his presentation (original spelling):
First name: James
Last name: Stuart
Age: 52
Location: Afganistan
On websites: skype
Report: this person (James Stuart) contacted me via skype in April 2014, and started his sweet talk. After very short time he pronounced ever lasting love, sent photos and copies of his personal document (fake ID which was done by JERRY SWANSY, his driving licence and pilot licence), he said his wife died in September 2011 in New York, has son called Alex (using photo of model Cody), who is in school in UK. He said he is retiring soon and going to be posted for another year in California. At the final he asked for 2.000 USD to pay for registration of his parcel containing personal documents, documents to his house in California and 50.000 USD part of which he wanted to spend during holiday with me in Spain. I was stupid enough too pay 2.000 USD to Thailand to diplomatic agent KAVINTIDA SUPASSAY, NO.46 ONNUT ROAD, BANGKOK, THAILAND, tel.: +66994539126, of course instead of parcel the demand for more money came. I refused to pay more as I realized i have been scammed. He than turn attention to my sister using name Godwin Smith but as i warned her my sister did not pay any money but has been asked for 50.000 ?. Ladies - this guy is very dangerous, using his charm and well written letters to blind you. Do not fall for it !
First name: Michael David
Last name: Copeland Moore
Aka: David Copeland, Mark Schwamm, blueeys4u###
Age: 49
Location: Malaysia, North Carlina, New Jersey
Phone: 856-258-0876
On websites:
Report: Similar to the other report on David Copeland, Michael is a very smooth talker using a daughter named Sherry hook you. She picked out my profile, she wants daddy to get back out there, she is in college and he is on his own once again since his wife died. Although later he says he has waited all his life for me - some one he could really love (what about the wife - it wasn't a perfect marriage). First clue - he moved to
First name: Michael
Last name: Tucker
Age: 46
Location: LA, USA
On websites:
Report: Michael contact me first on .We emailed each other for about a month. Michael claimed that he is a US military officer, serve in Iraq and a son left behind in a boading school LA. Late on his son Scott Tucker start sending me emails and said that he need go to a football competition, need money for his travel and acomendation. I was alarmed inmidiately, and asked for the name of the school and the teacher, I was given a school and a email to contact.since then never heard anything from michael. I then looked the IP it was from41.66.194.175 Nigeria
First name: owen
Last name: Michael
Age: 58
Location: Michigan usa
Email: Owen .
On websites: face book....skout
Report: The man on this page as a scammer is jack rudd but his name to me was owen michael he contacted me via face book 6 months ago he never asked me for money until he got comfortable with me he was leaving the usa and going to nigeria for business he was a car sales man and was doing business there while he was about to leave he asked me for 1800.00 to send him cos all his money got stollen but this was alot of money but I asked my bf for help and she did ...a few days later he said it was not enough and asked for 2500.00 I told him I had no more money to give and he got angry and said if I loved him I will do it was then I found this site I realised omg that is the man I was having a relationship with ..I lost all my money and a man from nigeria tryed to call me and say to me that he is an honest man and I said to him that I saw his picture on a scammer site ...anyway I lost alot of money and wasted alot of time on a man so powerful as a scammer ...I hope this helps other ladies in not trusting a man in person Tracy australia
First name: david
Last name: lawson
Age: 56
Location: afghanistan
On websites: us military singles worldwide friends
Report: i meet that man on us military singles his name was Davido Lopez we chat and mail any weeks dec.13 january 14 he was military in afghanistan retirement in january he want i send money for hospital costs and a handy to a diplomat contact in Pensylvania i stop contact
First name: Mark
Last name: Owen
Age: 54
Location: Scotland
Phone: 447053821035
On websites: Badoo, WAYN
Report: I was contacted by this individual, and we started emailing for a while. Then he told me that he has to travel to Nigeria for a offshore contract. Not long after I found the same pictures on another website where he has been reported as a scammer. The picture used is that of an Australian model ans actor. I have been scammed many times and have learned my lesson to be cautious. I am placing this report to warn other ladies. Also I have stopped all communication with this individual. Thank you so much for your website and fight against these scum of the earth
First name: Steve
Last name: Jordan
Aka: Edward Cole, Williams M, Charles Bruce, Calvin Cekarmis, Dusan Ceramis
Age: 49
Location: Aberdeen, Grampian (UK),Riverton, Manitoba, CA, Paris, Ile-de-France, France, Montreal, QC, Canada, Dallas Texas, Alabama, USA (Lagos), Cliffside Park, NJ or New York, NY
Phone: 1 (253) 242-3907, 1 (360) 515-7875
Email:,,,, firstofall34,
On websites:,, FMF:dcalvincekarmis35, MS m
Report: A few short message, and he turned out to be a scammer. Doubt arose as soon as he got in touch with the Finnish language. Finnish is a difficult language, no one should take a first contact entirely in a foreign language. He is still active on page but not a long time anymore. Greetings Karin
First name: Jason Dunn
Last name: Williams
Aka: Emmanuel J. Williams, Williams Emmanuel
Age: 34
Location: Nigeria
Address: 43ojojord ondo Nigeria 23434
On websites: badoo
Report: I was on FB and friended Jason. Over a period of 14 months a relationship developed and he scammed me out of 32 thousand$$$. These were loans and he promised to repay me. He says he is US Army Special Operations SGT. He disappeared about 1 month ago and I can't find him anywhere except he is on BADOO but not active. He still has the Yahoo address. He was on Google email but no longer as far as I know. He has a FB page of Emmanuel J. Williams. It shows Lavender Fields in France with a Woman walking among the fields. I have messaged him to get no response. He may be back in the US but I don't think so. The PICS on BADOO are genuine soldiers whose id has been stolen I think!
First name: kelvin
Last name: adams
Age: 37
Location: nigeria
On websites: tbd in 2008
Report: I have been scammed 1200.00
First name: Capt. William
Last name: Hawkins
Age: 57
Location: Afghanistan
Address: P.O. Box 1166 ACH-MKT ACCRA ? GHANA, 00233n
Phone: 254-252-4341
On websites:
Report: Came a cross this guy on We corresponded for a few weeks. He initiated the conversation with me. He told me he was in the military over in afghanistan. He is a charmer. Tired to con me out of a cell phone. I am going to add some of his letters because they sound like others I have read online. He calls himself Capt. William David Hawkins, his email address is When he texts you his phone number comes up as. 254-252-4341. I hope this information will help someone else. I believe he stole this picture because the mans name tag does say Hawkins. I ran his phone number and it comes up as a land line out of Marlin Texas. I caught on to his scam when he gave me his address. I googled it and it has been used for many scams. Using this address: Chris Wallace P.O. Box 1166 ACH-MKT ACCRA ? GHANA, 00233 Good morning my Angel, I wonder what you think of too would it be the same as me, As missing you is such a way of sharing all my grief, Just can't stop thinking of you as it's my work and i enjoy doing it, as thinking of you is the most best and exciting thing i've always love doing and will forever keep doing it, as i know thinking of you and imaging and you together are the best thoughts i've ever had and the best thought that always makes my day.....I am forever yours! Kisses and Hugs all over. Love Always, Capt William. Good morning Sweetie, How are you doing for me ..i hope all is well with you and your family.. a good morning hug I'm sending to you Wrapped up in love With big smiles too My special wish Is you'll have a good day I hope things are pleasant Each step of the way A day filled with sunshine No clouds overhead Feelings of peace As you climb out of bed Enjoy the fresh air Be good to yourself Find time to relax We only live once A good morning hug For you my babe..Have a good day From beginning till end May your day be filled with sunshine! God created a new day for you.May you be blessed the whole day through. I'm pouring you some sunshine to spend this time with you a warm toast of the morning with honey words to chew. Here's a mug of happy tea, and as your heart is fed slowly sip each moment of this lovely day ahead. Now as you take your shower ,please know that I will pray that with each drop a blessing comes to carry you away. I hope there?ll be a spring in each every step you take, a stretch or two before you leave for goals that you will make. Mornings are the best of times to get us on our way, knowing a lovely friend like you can share another lovely day.. take care and have good day.. Sincerely, Capt William
First name: jack
Last name: benson
Aka: jacob
Age: 57
Location: La
On websites: tagged
Report: He is a scammer took money says he's an under cover cop he went to Nigeria to get a scammer for me and for 2 months all he wanted was money no details for me was rude
First name: Beckham
Last name: Landis
Aka: Williams Berry
Age: 63
Location: Kent, UK
On websites:
Report: He may be posing under several names with many pictures that he uses. One story is that is a Fund Manager with Truworths Investments Intl. Also uses Yahoo for email. He always seems to meet women via and says his subscription is about to expire, then gives
First name: William
Last name: Peltola
Age: 63
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Address: washington, DC
Phone: 2025948801
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report: He contacted me thru face book, said he was working for the United Nations as a veterinarian in Baghdad, Iraq with the military dogs. Was due for a vacation in middle of Nov. Then said they had canceled his vacation and wanted me to write a letter to the militart vacation and posting dept requesting leave for him as his financee, on behalf of his 15 yr old daughter as she was too young to request emergency leave. I wrote the letter, one came back to fillmout a form and to tell me I had to pay for the airfare for him. Long story back & forth finally he said to send him 2200.00 for plane ticket today, I was so mad, I deleated all of the info, but if I can find it I will send it to you. I have a screen shot of him if you want it He is the 4th scammer who has contacted me, they all fall in love with me within a week, quote poetry, when all else fails, they beg and cry. Let me know how I can send his picture
First name: Michael
Last name: Hughs
Aka: Kelvin Miller
Age: 62
Location: Beverly Hills Calif
Phone: 323-596-0175
On websites: -
Report: I met this person on interracial, on August 30 or so this year. His name on the website was Hughs2kg62. The first red flag I should have known was no photo, when asked about it he told me he wanted to stay private because he was on this site before and some woman tried to take all of his money. So we started communicating,on the site at first and then he gave me his gmail address. After 2 weeks of doing that I suggested we at least start texting. He told me he sold diamond and gold buillion as precious metals and that he worked for I Stern Division a year ago. I checked I Stern website but could not find him as a worker there, so I thought