First name: Brian
Last name: Jason
Age: 47
Location: Canada, Norway
Phone: 0012508002785
On websites: and Skype
Report: Has his own fake website
First name: Marcel
Last name: Pedretti
Age: 60 (about)
Location: Sherbrooke Quebec Canada
On websites: facebook and may be badoo
Report: This man was supposed to live nearby .I never met him.He had daughter who studied in england This daughter(Odile Pedretti) even spoke to me on Facebook.She was given in adoption to M.Pedretti because her mother died when she was borned This man that i correspond with almost 2 months received a message that the natural father of her daughter and that he had to go with her to collect the inheritance in Mali I do think He asked me to lend him money because outthere they would accept only cash to pay the hotel rooms I refused because I don't have money Later on I received a message that her daughter who had a weak heart had passed away and later again I did receive a call from the hospital in Mali to tell me that M Pedretti has tried to commit suicide To bad I didn't know you site because since I didn't engage money I just delete everything but I see that I can see his Facebook page still what is sad is that I do have other ones .I will check on them if you give me a free membership otherwise I do wish this report will protect somebody else .I'm amaze how these people are expert
First name: Alexander
Last name: James
Age: Claims to be 50
Location: Kabul
Phone: Pinger account +14074872978
On websites: growlr
Report: Claims to be in us military working on secret mission in Kabul. Claimed he saved the life of a young girl whose family were very wealthy. The Sultan, an oil baron, arrived and thanked him for saving his girls life. handed him 2.5 million us dolllars and 25kg gold. his senior commander has instructed him to send everything home for safe keeping!! having read various reports my suspicions were confirmed, he is a scam artist and thankfully I never parted with any money to receive these alleged goods!!!!!! guys and girls be aware of this low life as he is using straight and gay sites to prey on vulnerable people
First name: Karl
Last name: Graham
Age: 38
Location: Australia Gosford, Australia Central Coast
On websites: Zoosk Dating Site
Report: Four days ago I received a message on a dating site from this guy asking if we could communicate via email. He told me he sold & bought art worldwide & wrote lengthy emails, so I took a sentence & googled it only to see it all unfold on this site! I only read about this stuff but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen to me!
First name: Nass
Last name: Wilkinson
Age: 39
Location: Libya
Email: dylen_wilkinson
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: I report this guy bec I think he's scammer I been talking with him for more than two years and get lots of money already from me
First name: Mickey
Last name: Tibbot
Age: 50 or 51
Location: cape town africa
Phone: 3022332644
On websites: yes
Report: Mickey Tibbot contacted me..first he fell in love with me then he wanted after awhile money,said his luggage was,nt found and it had his credit card and wallet in it..for days this went on then he ask for money so he could stay in his hotel and eat ..he said the hotel cost 500 dollars a day..i did,nt send him anything then all of a sudden he disappeared..not heard from him since
First name: Frank
Last name: Edward
Age: 54
Location: Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg
Address: Monrningide mannor, Sandton, Johannesburg.
On websites:
Report: This man contacted me on a single website 40Fun. His name on the website is Edward. He immediately asked my e-mail adress to communicate. First e-mail he called me angel and sweetheart, tellin me that he was born in SA but parents immigrated to England where they only spoke English. He was the only child....but 'we grew up' in our parents house and they eventually died then he studied for a Civil Engineer at the Georgia university in the USA. His beloved wife passed away years ago and he worked for Ringway Construction since 2001. He recently came to SA and says he lives in Ratcliff Rd, Rivonia, Sandton. He said he still works for this company, but I checked they are not listed as a Civil contruction cpy in SA. He has also registered to commence his own Civil company in SA as there is a big demand for this type if work in SA. His english writing was pathetic. I requested more photos and the photos that he then sent did not resembly the photo on the web site at all.The person had construction overall and a hard hat on with the name of Jason. Clearly not Frank Edward.
First name: Jim
Last name: Fellows
Aka: James Fellows, James Fellows Jr, Fellows James
Age: 40
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan; Houston, Tx; Newark, NJ
On websites: Facebook
Report: The text messages and instant Facebook messages I received from this man were exactly the same as email messages listed on this page from James Underwood to Linda in Canada. I was first contacted on Facebook. He sent a friend request to me first, then once I added him, he contacted me via Facebook messenger almost immediately. After a day or so of talking, he requested my phone number, then asked for photos of me through his email. We corresponded for 2 days. During our correspondence, I got pretty suspicious because of his poor grammar and vague/evasive answers to direct questions, so I started investigating him on the internet. I found 5 different Facebook profiles with several of the same profile pictures and several different pictures of the same people, and similar background information, but with some discrepancies, which made me even more suspicious. I kept digging, and I found this website with the exact words he used in his first messages to me. Despite my suspicions, I was not completely sure it was a scam until I found this website and the words were identical to his first messages to me. During our correspondence, he did not directly ask for money, but put emphasis on how stressed out he was that he could not provide a good birthday party for his son who was in West Africa with his mother who is a missionary and just had back surgery and was broke. He went on to say that she could only receive money via Western Union or Money Gram and that because he was in the desert, he could do nothing. It seemed like he was hinting around for money, but as I said, he did not come out directly and ask. I did not offer to help. Once I found this website, I told him to stop contacting me immediately.
First name: Benard
Last name: Gressier
Age: Claim to be 45
Location: Claim to live in Dubai Marina UAE
On websites: ( groups relating to singles; dating etc)
Report: Scammer Regarding profile Benard Gressier, Good day, Trust you are well. His profile that he posted on is fake. My best guess is that the person is Nigerian based on his use of language, grammar, punctuation and African Slang ( I know this as I am African) He contacted me on email via meetup. He said he's single - lost wife and child in car accident; is an Engineer currently on project in Poland; is 45, living in Dubai Marina and from Manchester UK Early on I realised something is amiss as he didn't want to exchange messages on what's app claiming that he tried to download the app and that it keeps crashing/ and also didn't want to speak on phone as he wanted to get to know me better first via email; He ended two of his messages with the name Joseph( and after claimed it's his middle name); his use of the English language is not same as what a UK person uses; his emails showed he copies and pasted a lot, All of a sudden he professed he loves me so much and keep on telling me how much - and in his baby etc- that really exposed him for me as he has never met me, or spoken to me in person. He increased his expression of love right before the email he sent asking for money In the yahoo messenger chat he didn't know the abbreviation UAE and that the area he claims to live in. , the Marina, is actually in the UAE, the part I was waiting for and expected finally came - where he asked for money. He claimed he was fined by government for using illegal workers which he didn't know was illegal- they got injured on project site and he has to pay their hospital bills: and that he's short of 2400 Usd And that he would pay me back with interest I replied to him that I'm no longer interested and that he's not the right person for me. I didn't indicate to him that I know he's a scammer so to allow for the authorities to catch him I am a trained ex- Intelligence operative (ex military) and lucky for me so and could recognise early that he's a scammer. I never revealed this info to him, so he didn't know about my past work experience and background I am expressing the hope though that he hasn't already conned some of the female members of and possibly other sites, out of money I dis report his email address to the relevant international authorities - the FBI: as he is using actual photos from people unknowingly, and my take is that he will be using mine as well- unfortunately I did send him two early on in our email exchange before I realised what he is; Thank you for your time
First name: David
Last name: Anthony
Age: 55
Location: Harrisburg,PA USA
On websites:
Report: this man claims to be an only child of deceased parent from France. He claims to be a widower of 5 yrs with an 11 year old daughter. He claims to live in Harrisburg and work as an engineer all over the world. He will send you emails asking you to tell him everything about yourself.His emails to you will be extremely over the top with compliments about your photos and written profile on dating site. He emailed photos of himself in a pale colored hawaiian print shirt gray hair good looking,him standing at a rolls royce,at a small private plane and in NY or somewhere in a horse drawn carriage sitting with a young girl with long red hair.
First name: Robert
Last name: Hopp
Age: 68
Location: Hyde park n y
On websites:
Report: Robert contact me , On very respectful , religious , loving. Said working on contract , pray for him . Sent award of contract , said was in cario Egypt , had to leave right away , otherwise. Would like me to go with. Him and his daughter . Said arranged telephone number and computer so would not loss contact. Sent stop work orders , that has to pay money to government. To continue work he is short Had sent me two names at same address to send money by western union too.
First name: Michael Richard
Last name: Burroughs
Aka: On this site. Richard Hansen
Age: Claims his birthday November 24,1958
Location: Thornwood Ny. Mitcham Surrey UK
Address: 616 sherman Abe thornwood ny /24 Lindsey close mitcham Surrey uk
Phone: all magic jack...9142652684 9143632268 9145863596
Email: Mate 1 .. Mickluv58. Mickbur
On websites: Mate 1
Report: Owns his own company Burroughs Minerals. Raising his 5 year old grandson
First name: Steven
Last name: Morris
Age: 47
Location: Austin
On websites: my space, and e-vow
Report: I met this man on a dating site don't remember witch one. A week later he and his daughter was traveling to India to receive a huge inheritance that was left to his little girl., it was millions. After he reached India he claimed he was out of money and needed help to get the documents for the inheritance. He ask for 2500.00 usd. He begged and begged saying I don't love him enough eventually he gave up on me and I haven't heard from him. I did check his picture with goggle images low and behold there it was under another name Cookie witch was on my space. The last time he spoke to me I called him Cookie he seemed agitated and haven't heard from him since
First name: Paul
Last name: Bindo
Age: 25.11.1960
Location: lives in Manchester Unitedkingdom. Is from Italy
On websites: Facebook
Report: He contacted me on Facebook. I didn't answer for 10 days. Then I asked him, why he is writing to me, i don't know him. I got a long mail and so we started to write each other. But i thougt, here is something wrong. When i asked him, why i cann't see anything on his profile, he had a stupid excuse. He told me to like walking on the beach, and i answered that Manchester is not on the sea. But he did not replied. Sometimes his english was good and sometimes it was bad, strange. Anyway we continue the contact and he gave me his email adress, because his has to go to Australia by ship. He is a ship engineer. Again doubts. He wrote many love letters and he always said, after this trip i come to visit you in your country, don't worry, we will love us... and so on. I thougt, when he ask for money, i will stop. I entered one text in google and i saw your website. I entered an other text in google and i found this website ans So i found the most of his letters in here or in Malaysia lawyer website. So now i reported FB, but his profile is still on.
First name: peter
Last name: swansea
Age: 60
Location: Guelph, ON
On websites:, single senior's
Report: Scammer claims to be an architect who works overseas often. Claims to be widowed, with 2 married sons. Has an account on you tube for music, which he uses to encourage ladies to believe he is very sensitive and caring.
First name: Richard
Last name: Martin
Age: 59
Location: Newton, North West England
Report: I met this man via He was very polite. He invited me to google hangout that we could chat. After few days I asked if we can talk via video call. He said that he must figure out how it works. I was surprised and I said that it?s very easy. He told to me he must do it by himself. After few hours he told that now he can make a video call. And we spoke. The video was really bad, it stopped very often, and I did not heard very clearly what he was saying only that he repeated the same phrase all the time. And very soon the connection was off. He send a message and told that his computer fall down. Really!! How he could send me a message if his computer falls down. We talked about in the chat for a few hours and he sent me in the morning an email and a photo of him with a red rose. I had been looking of information of him and made a image search his photos, but I was not able to find any information of him. When I got the new photo, I did an image search and surprise, surprise, the photo was found links to two different google + service. I checked them and then found more links. When we were on video call he had used the YouTube video , that is quite a different man. And all the photos were also stolen from this other man. I must say that the scammers are very skilled. I don?t answer to his messages anymore. Karin
First name: Patrick
Last name: Grant
Aka: Collins
Age: 56
Location: Montreal,Canada Leistershire United Kingdom
Phone: 514 317 8580
On websites:
Report: Patrick initiated contact via email on Correspondence lasted just over 5 weeks. He never answered the phone, computer generated message, took awhile to give date for moving (reason for looking out of province) took stepmother's body back to England, Had mentioned going to the UAE for a client. Before returning to Canada decided to go to the UAE, suddenly no contact for a few days, was in Dubai jail for smuggling. The money was requested to pay Dubai customs for bail or fees. Asked for 5300GBP Patrick requested original amount with a promise to pay back funds after returning to England. then the correspondence came from Alexander Brooks. It had dropped to 3800GBP then went back up to 5200GBP because of delay. I asked for the banking info to send the funds which was a bank in England then came up with an excuse not to be able to.
First name: James
Last name: Hopkins
Age: 48
Location: Gurnee, Illinois
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on the danish wbside: the 28. of September 2014. After 2 days he gave me his Email-adress and after I gave him mine. He could?nt write danish, and I was?nt very good in writeing english so... After a few days we became good friends and later on
First name: Tom
Last name: Campbell
Age: 52
Location: united states los angelos
Address: 90211
Phone: 44 750 953 0169
On websites:
Report: i am in so much pain that i need to post my story on your page i met this man call Tom Campbell on the dating site call badoo we have been talking on the site since march of this year until we become close friends and start talking on watsap and then g mailing untill he start asking for money from me telling me he did a contract in italy and they have not paid him yet and it and he wants to transfer the money into my account and keep it for him and he will come here and marry me and live here so next thing i know in april an email come to me saying i need to pay $15.000 Euros for a probate for me to be the beneficiary of his funds i paid that stupid me and then they send another email to say i have to pay 25.000 Canadian for transfer fees i said i had no money he determine that i get the money i went to the bank refinance my mortgage and use the equity of my home got 45.000 Canadian and send 25.000 to Italy and the rest to some friend in Spain and on top of that he make go back to the bank and increase my loan to an additional 30.000 and send it to Spain i almost run mad i was going crazy i have all my wire transfer and western union receipts to prove it lots more to talk they even hack in to my gmail and delete all their emails and photos too but i save some o my desktop By: Ameena Persaud
First name: richard
Last name: collins
Age: 40
Location: lagos nigeria usa
Address: richmond virginia
Phone: unknown804-322-0888
On websites: yes
Report: This man email me months ago saying he saw my pic on Facebook and wanted to get to know me better after talking to him for about a month he says he have to go to Nigeria for his job get there or where ever soon saying he need money for his internet then need money for to eat. Finally he is coming home back to USA now not enough money for the flight the he need money to have in his pocket the last was he need money for a yellow card before he can he clear I sent his man crook all this money was at the airport waiting to pick him up to start our life together and his man was never there. Tex me say a friend suppose to pay for the yellow card got rob. How stuip I was I really love this man He wanted me to sent the friend another 200 dollars no. If u richard will read this u are a poor excuse of a man u will get what coming to u
First name: sean
Last name: jackson
Age: 54
Location: Beverly hills
On websites: interracial
Report: This is Constance again! I forgot about this person, he contacted me through interracial claimed his wife died of cancer, and he had a 10 year old child named Kevin who was living with his sister while he was on a 3 year building project in south Africa. He said we could not talk on the phone because he didn't have one! And he was upset because of the hotel he was staying. He asked for money for a better hotel. When I told the IT administrator of that site thy said he was suspected because of his IP address. They took his profile off of the site. He emailed me and asked why did I tell them he asked for money!!!
First name: Stuart
Last name: James
Aka: Steward James
Age: 58
Location: USA Los Angeles
On websites:
Report: He introduced himself on as Steward, and asked to correspond through regular email. I would send his letters he wrote, but I can not access the proper folders in that email site. He pressed me to hook up messenger to correspond. I didn't fulfill his wish promptly enough, luckily. He had already moved on.
First name: John Wade
Last name: Wood
Aka: Lillian Moran
Age: 57
Location: Iraq
Address: 137 113th St. Spc#1Orofino Idaho 83544
On websites:
Report: John Wade Wood approached me on date in early October. He wanted to email using our private emails instead of messaging on date hookup. He claims to be in Iraq doing peacekeeping and will be back in two months, and that he has a teenage son who is in school in Orofino, Idaho. He sent me pictures of himself. It did not take long for him to profess his undying love for me, and be very dramatic, John has asked me for gifts for his son as well as money. He wants me to send $200 to a Lillian Moran who John calls the
First name: Rodrigo
Last name: Butler
Age: 50
Location: Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-644-5003, 239-491-4157
On websites: Badoo, on Yahoo IM user name Butlerrodrigo
Report: I signed up at the Badoo dating website. I was curious and was browsing. A man named Rodrigo Butler contacted me either the tail end of August 2014 or beginning of Sept. 2014. He told me out of all the women on the site, I was the most beautiful. I'm the one he wanted. He has 4 pictures on the site. He looks Hispanic. I think he's attractive. He wanted to call me and I said I'm married, I can't talk right now. So we talked on Badoo website for awhile. Then we went to Yahoo IM. Then to texting on the phone. We would talk on the phone only a few minutes here and there. He has a very sexy Hispanic voice. He will tell you he loves you right away. He will call you
First name: Richard
Last name: james
Aka: e6 staff sergeant mayor
Age: 54
Location: Afghanistan
Email: Richard
On websites: yes
Report: States he's leaving get army in 2 months keeps getting his son to ring from Texas to ask for money says he's going to fly straight over to me when he leaves the army but never answer any questions you ask him .can supply telephone number if u need it .
First name: Fred
Last name: Smith
Age: 44
Location: USA, Bowling Green Ohio
Email: Freddy234,
On websites: Date Hookup
Report: Claimed to be in Puerto Rico then someone stole his wallet. was there for a project. He's an Architect and needed to buy equipment. Asked to borrow money for the equipment until his credit card comes.
First name: Lincoln
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Alex Grea
Age: 50
Location: USA, Dallas
Phone: 760-678-5692, +27 (61) 7003284, +27 (61) 2019156, +27 (73) 7471574,
On websites:
Report: He first contacted me on, but mentioned he was also on He quickly wanted to go to personal email and wanted to talk by phone. We corresponded for a total of 8 weeks. He had me when he played the kid and God cards. In retrospect, I gave him all the information he needed to play me by the seemingly benign getting to know you kind of stuff. Next thing I know he's won a big contract in S. Africa for multi-national oil companies and he's put all of his wealth into winning this contract. He said he was a petroleum engineer. He had a Facebook and LinkedIn pages, that seemingly backed that up. He would call me 4-5 times a day to hear my voice. Sent me loving emails with family photos. Then he would call me at night and pray over us...went so far as to plead the blood of Jesus over us. He knew exactly how to hook my heart deeply. He never called that he did not ask about my son and even talked to him several times and let me talk to someone who he said was his daughter. Next he needs me to send an iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 for him and his daughter because they were stolen at the airport in S. Africa upon arrival. He wanted Sokapase Busisiwe to pick them up, but package was sent to his name and customs would not release it without a copy of his passport, which he never provided. He said he couldn't get a phone there because he's not a citizen. Next he needs $800 for his daughter because he's on the rig and can't get to her. He sent Ncumisa Dianah Snyman to Western Union. Next story is there's a mishap at the job site and he has to replace the drill bit and needs $150K. He can get $125k from parents and friends and needs my help. Convinces me to borrow $25K, which like a fool I did and wired it to G-Roots Mobile Communications through Absa bank. Next contract is done, he's got his $3.6M check and is hurrying to me in the US when he gets detained by immigration at the airport and he's in jail for tax evasion and needs $41K. By this time, I'm realizing I'm screwed, but I play along. By then, I found this website and saw his photo. I tell him I saw him on here and he swears a jilted woman was out to ruin him. I told him there was more than one report, but he keeps trying to convince me he's in jail and needs my help. He goes so far as to make me believe a S.African Home Affairs employee by the name of Perry Mbasa who is emailing me from is trying to help him. They went so far as to send me a fake check drawn on BNP Paribas bank, a fake letter from S. African Revenue Service, and fake credentials for Perry Mbasa. When they realize they can't get the $41K, they go down to $20K of which Perry Mbasa is going to loan him $10K and they want me to sign a document with Alex stating I will be responsible with him to pay back the $10K he is loaning him while they are trying to get another $10K out of me, which they did not. Next call is he's out of jail and needs $300 for food and air time on his phone, which I did not send. Next call was asking for $1000 so he can get through customs at the airport, which I did not send. He also left me with $712 phone bill for two months of calls to S. Africa. He scammed me out of a total of $28.405.
First name: Christian
Last name: Rattigan
Age: 53 as of April 2014
Location: Freehold NJ, USA, Accra Ghana Africa, Las Vegas, NV USA
Address: 344 Dartmouth Way, Freehold NJ was his address before he left the states but says he sold the home the first of the year 2014. Address he used in Ghana was 17 Street, Kanda Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone: 23-354-598-9994 260-408-0978
On websites: I think it was Zoosk we met on. He wrote me first. It's not there anymore.
Report: I met this guy online in March 2014 and we emailed & talked on messenger.. He said he was an engineer and got a job in Accra Ghana Africa in April. Because of our age difference, I told him I could only be his friend. I gave him my cell phone number and ask him to text me when he got there so I would know he made it safe. He said he was taking his daughter Doblay Quarshie with him. I think he said she was 19 and would be 20 in June. I started texting both of them and couldn't help but fall for him. He said everything a girl would want to hear. I sent them a package of snacks and an old cell phone to the address in Accra. He told me to mail it to Doblay and she signed for it. He called me ask told me he was in love with me and ask me to wait for him. He would be there for 6 months. I told him I wouldn't say I would wait but we would see how things went. Long story but things started happening and he needed money. He did get some out of me but I caught on that he wasn't who he said he was. It made me not trust anyone though. I had already had several to try to scam me before him and told him that. I even paid to have him checked out and no one by his name had left the USA. He didn't write like other scammers though so I can understand why he is getting by with so much. He sounds really educated.
First name: Jake
Last name: Wilson
Age: 53
Location: UK, Bristol
On websites: Parship He is remover on my reconmandation
Report: they are using pictures from Ken McCord from Canada I have Googled THE pictures and came at THE LinkedIn site. I don't have pay THE spammers because I don't trust them. I have Googled there e-mail and I couldn,t find of there was something wrong. But when I Googled there last picture I found out That THE man in THE picture was Ken McCord on LinkedIn from Canada. I have pictures from Ken McCord. I have told them That I have Googled there ip adres and That THE ip adressen are bad and That I know That they are scammers, I broke all my contacts whit them and I didn't here from them again THE lost cople of days. They have my phone nummer and adres. If you wand know more you dan contact me by mail
First name: derick
Last name: randoll
Age: 47 something
Location: Cape Town South Africa
On websites: face book singles 2meet
Report: I was contacted by this person months ago. He SAID HE WAS A DIVING INTRUCTOR AND A ENGINEER. I have received e-mails almost on a daily basis and he tells me how much he loves me. Don't know whether this was by coincidence but he so happens to have a daughter with the same name as I have being my middle name Sophia. He is now on a oil rig and also has a contract coming up in Angola . He says he wants to marry me and that he needs a partner in his business and that he has sent me these documents and that I must complete the one and then later on he will need my banking details as money must go into that account.. I have not seen him in the flesh only in the photos he sent me. I have spoken with him telephonically and his accent is not that of a white male. It sounds like maybe Nigerian or Angolan. I am not too sure if because I have already sent you 5 scammers that I caught out that I am getting too paranoid . Please help me with this one as I don't want to lose him if I am wrong , but also don't want to be caught in a scam .