First name: william
Last name: Bryan
Age: 46
Location: kubal
Email: rbbsol@gmail.comk
On websites: date hook up
Report: William is on date site he is Military due to return to states any time. We talk for 1 month he email me a retirement certificate and said he was wAiting for his leave paper any day. He had a question for me he ask if he could send a package and sent me picture and all how he found this . well it was money and 4 gold bars . I k ew he was scamming me so I played along . I told him I'm not marrying no one but he can mailpackage and do what he wants so I gave him fake address and his friend who is a diplomat was shot and recuperate was comeing to states and will deliver it . well first email said on way . end email said problem not enough stamps and James Scott diopmate didn't have enough money .they needed $800 to finish the expencese . when I told them I'm not giving him mo ey James got very up set. Said he call mysoon to be husband . I said go for it. Well William contacts me said I ruin his life he be killed now and I told him go scamm someone else didn't here no more. Them 3 week's later message me told him I will call police if he continue to message me.e asking to forgive himt
First name: Robert
Last name: Mark
Age: 55
Location: Nigeria, working on a bridge
Address: Aberdeen
Phone: 002348077409636 + 002348108598599
Email:, robeertmark@hotmailcom;
On websites: facebook, yahoo massengers, skype
Report: A very smart and charming man, looks like younger than he said, and his voice hearing younger than he said, I mean it is a young man
First name: Manuel
Last name: Trevaz
Age: unknown
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: This person working in conjunction with Jessica Williams a scammer that scammed me and had been reported in 2012 Wanted me to write checks and send them out. Approximately 50 a day Then was told couple a week. Checks to be sent overnight and printed using a bank account number that was given to me. I verified the bank account number had been closed long ago. This was the second time he approached me about doing this. Jessica contacted me later and wanted to know how it went.
First name: Lucas J, RIchard
Last name: James, James
Aka: rich
Age: 44
Location: Jupiter, Florida
Email: cap,richjames
On websites: gmail google, facebook. netlog..
Report: A man named cap. Richard James comes to me in my google gmail and said he was in Kabul, Afhganistan, and that he can not have permission to call me or meet me on cam, He said that his job was training the soldiers. He said he was single and lonely. He asked me for my email and i gave to him. Them he start to wrote to me and said that he wants to be my friend and them he said i am beautiful and i anwsered that yes i know i am beautiful. And i told him i was divorce and had 60 years old and he said the age does not matter and i said yes, it is matter, because you can be my son, or grandson and he said : really and i said Yes. Them he continue saying that write to him by email and he give me this email: He sent me photo's of a man in the USARMY, white, white hair in a USA ARMY uniform and in a big house with swimming pool, and another photo of him in a town i do not know. Them i received for November3,2014 an email of him telling me this:
First name: Darius
Last name: Luthor
Age: 46
Location: Lybia
On websites:
Report: Hi, i came across the male scammer named Darius Luthor. I met him on the site Username: runwhenyoucan. He uses the picture of argentinial actor, Diego Soldano on his profile. His story: he is enforcement low agent working in Lybia now for US government, has a side business of trading diamonds, divorced, has full custody of 2 children. He is about to retire in 1 months and looking for his true love. I am sure he is a male scammer from Africa, his english is broken with bad spelling and punctuation. He is asking for money due to his problem at work. He is a contractor working for US government in Lybia at present. His account is frozen and he need 2000 USD to finish his work.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Rodman
Aka: Thomas Raymond
Age: 58
Location: New York, USA
Phone: 9173366344
On websites: Meet up
Report: He sent me an email and pretend to be a widower engineer who will repair an oil rig that will earned him millions but he needs Money to pay for clearance from NY Department of Finance. He continuos to beg money and vow to return when he gets his pay. He was able to scammed from me a few thousand of dollars . He stop calling when I decided to confront him and demand to return what I loaned him . I have reported to NY Department of Investigations, NY Dept of Finance and Office of Attorney General.
First name: Glover
Last name: Martin
Aka: Ronald merkel
Age: 56
Location: Manchester gorton in uk
On websites: Dotcomdating. Seniordatingdotcom. Olderdatingonline.
Report: Seen on the above sites by my friend and I recently. My friend actually had some coorespondence with this man. But became suspicious and ceased contact. Contact was on Dotcomdating. He gave my friend his email address after initial contact on the site.
First name: Mike
Last name: Sullivan
Age: 48
Location: united States
Phone: 3305369388
On websites: yahoo, zoosk
Report: Told me he was an army agent and was deployed to Afghanistan, after talking for a week he asked me to western union 250 dollars so we can speak over the phone.
First name: Michael
Last name: Warner
Aka: mykmael
Age: 44
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 9044497471
On websites:
Report: Typical scammer. I sent him $900.00 after his son was robbed (ROLF), and now I believe he's trying to set me up to request further funds. I am currently in contact with this person (now I want my $900.00 of entertainment :)). I've seen the same user name on several sites including: plentyoffish meetzer and glutenfreesingles His latest claim is that he worked with the FSA (Free Syria Army) over the weekend and retrieved some 'treasure'. I'm sure the next request will be for me to sign for something, send money or what not. Should be fun... I have plenty of emails, he writes exactly like a scammer, including wifey after less than a 'week'
First name: Eric
Last name: William
Age: 41
Location: Italy and New Delhi, India
On websites:
Report: Contacted me last night, 11.2.14, on Claimed to be an architect from Italy, a widower with a son. Working in New Delhi, India on a 2.6 Year project building bridges and roads. Tried soliciting my contact info but I refused. When I questioned his username, which was
First name: Karl James
Last name: Maxwell
Aka: jamesmsray123 on
Age: 42
Location: Washington, D.C.
Phone: 609-459-0428
On websites:,
Report: contacted me on poor english, immediately tried to contact me away from website.
First name: Kevin
Last name: Connor
Age: 63
Location: Toronto Ontario
On websites: Badoo
Report: He wrote to me from this encounter site Supposed to live in Toronto Ontario .Never met .Was suddenly offered a contract to Egypt to build an hotel and of course he has to pay fees that he doesn't have the money for and he is asking it from me At the minute he told me about this contract I knew that the request of money was not far and so he requested it from me today I wrote to him that he was a scammer for money ,that I was member on a site against scammer and that I will report him and to never ever to contact me again I'm becoming an expert to detect them ;it's my fourth on in six months It's not really the expertise that I expected to develop (I do have another one exactly the same but in french ;I gave him a little delay to pay me back my money otherwise I will report him too here)
First name: Logan
Last name: Carson
Age: Unknown
Location: Tamale. Ghana
Phone: 233 244 89 0053
On websites: Facebook
Report: We start writing about 7month to each other,him first,was fun for long time,in the army syria,wanted to retire in sept.2014,sad he had an adopted son in Ghana had to pick him up,everything changed,he got sick 2times hospital,no money i paid,mistake,then he needed money for paper for his son,then he wanted money for gold being shipped to my country 3 times,talking big money,than i supposed to be with my name in a company in Ghana oil,to get money in to an USA he still writes and is trying everything, I do not now iff he is known
First name: Harvey
Last name: Connor
Age: 44
Location: United Kingdom
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I initiated contact on Zoosk and he asked for yahoo messenger ID to contact on daily basis. We keep contact almost everyday for 3 weeks before he asked for money. I was skeptical when his bank account officer warned him that the bank license may be revoked. The money requested for was to pay his supplier in China. He claims to be one of the executives of Devon Oil and Gas ( which I suspect is a fake company and website. He used faked photo of a famous European politican. I have lost a forture to this scammer and he has a lot of my personal information. Therefore, I would like not to disclose the information that I reported on this Type Report but only his name and his website.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: cap,Richard James , Kabul , Afhganistan
Age: 44
Location: Jupiter, Florida
On websites: google gmail
Report: A man name cap. Richard James find me in my google gmail and he follow me in my page. He said he was single and lonely, that I am beautiful, but not asked me for money, because I know he was an scammer and I had careful with that, I had a bad experience with an scammer name gen. Andrew LeslieHe was an romance scammer, from California, and had other name Michael Roy and I wrote about this scammer. So, this cap. Richard James have a photo on google gmail , he have white hair, he is in military uniform. He asked me for my age and I told him and he said he had 44 years old. I was think try to find him in www.scammer, and I saw this website and find him and yes I find him with many names here, one of his name: Lucas James. He sent me his email : cap. rich james He said the age is nothing matter. He called me Lovely Queen. He wrote a good English. He said he wants to meet me but I said no, first in cam and he said they do not have permission to call or see somebody in cam.
First name: Marcus
Last name: Mill
Aka: Marcus Alan Patick
Age: 51
Location: Houston
Address: 5050 Westheimer Road Suite 200
On websites: Skype,
Report: Claims to be military personnel based Kabul send photos of a man who is in the military asked for ?2,000.00 for flights home as UN will not pay for them as he wanted to come to the UK to visit me. Says his bank account in the States is dormant until he can get home, he lost his wife and son in a motor bike accident. His ip addresses are from Sunnyvale, California His skype name is linh1777, birth date 7th September 1963 aged 51 There are pictures of him in military uniform
First name: Adrien
Last name: Viennes Deschamps
Age: unknown
Location: cameroon
Phone: +237959564 2377 02275 599
On websites: Facebook
Report: He wanted me to help him with 5000 Euro for documents to collect a legacy after his father...I get documents and a death certificate also a bank account I should put in money on.......he was using photos of Rex G Maughan CEO of Forever Living Products a multilevel marketing program that sells Aloe Vera based cosmetic and other products.....He had a man in his friendlist that using photo of Ariel Sharon 1928-2014 Premier Minister in Israel before...He say he was a cousin to this Adrian Deschamps....I will send you all details when I get a case number........He offer me 0.5% + bonus if I help him with this
First name: Joey
Last name: Stevenson
Age: 42
Location: Denver, colorado, Usa
On websites:
Report: I would like to bring to your notice that I have been victim of a fraud. It commenced through my profile created on The name and whatever details we have been able to collect of the person from our research of the person who started communication with me and his gang members are as below: 1. JOEY STEVENSON: ? Supposedly a medical professional from Denver, Colorado, USA. running his own NGO. Since last six months he was working in Mosel, Iraq and stuck there. Had a shadi profile under Joey S when on my complaint his id was blocked he created a new ID- SH24180917. His email id is and His linkedin id ADDITIONAL DETAILS ABOUT THE SAME PERSON I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEARCH OUT ARE AS UNDER: The same guy was registered on shadi in 2011 under the name of FRANK CULLERS and had a son named CREST. Email id Mobile No: +44 7035920122 Currently the said number is showing under someone called James Smith who has adds posted on under Ethiopia and United Kingdom (Norway) for sale of Brand new apple phones website: which is actually registered in US. In my search I have found some information you can see under the following links. ,, I have also found some interesting information about this scumbag. He is out since 2009 it seems and still not caught you can check the URL 2. George Bekki - (the Guy who brought the parcel an African guy supposedly from South Africa) - Indian Mobile No: +91 9582932605, email id Bank account details given to transfer the amount of INR 155,000 to clear the parcel. Majid Beg, Bank of Baroda, Noida Branch, A/c No 48880100001906 PAN No BUKPB2741 3. Code Mamoudou Age 43 Passport No RO415066 - (Technician who was supposed to be a French guy but another African supposedly from Cameroon) ? Paid cash Rs. 375,000 and return air tickets from Delhi to Ahmedabad twice. The copies of the tickets are attached herewith for your reference. Indian Mobile No - +91 9953069834 email id 4. Morris - (Guy who is waiting for me to send him 5750 US$ to clear the other parcel in Dubai which has 2.3m and send him ticket to travel to India with the parcel) - Dubai contact No +971 527540498. I can get more details about this guy like his id number and email address under the pretext that I need the details to send him ticket and money. I have his photos sent in 2011 and 2014 along with his profile picture from linkedin and a forged document of US department of treasury which they have confirmed is fraudulent. . Your cooperation and support in the matter will be appreciated.
First name: Shawn
Last name: Blat
Age: 52
Location: Nigeria
Email: Unknown
On websites: Kik
Report: This person Shawn blat seemed like a nice guy. He said he was stationed in west Africa. As we talked for weeks he wanted to come to visit me but asked if I would pay for Ebola check up which was $185.00. I thought this was odd as he was in the military and they would do this check with no charge. I really not sure if he is scammer but that's the only info I have on him
First name: Britz
Last name: Kartel
Aka: Michmanuel okere
Age: 53
Location: gharna/spain
Address: yes
Phone: yes
Email: yes
On websites: messenger skype as in los Ahgeles
Report: i have given money and he needs more
First name: Frank
Last name: Peterson
Aka: Peter, Jack
Age: round 50 year
Location: Lagos/Nigeria and the USA
On websites: netlog, yahoo messenger Facebook, skype
Report: He is a scammer and a romance scammer, he operated not alone, with 2 others who live in same building as he does.
First name: David
Last name: Philips
Aka: Daimond12344321
Age: 56
Location: montreal
Address: Town of Mont Royal
Phone: 514 416-4368 & 514 587-3913
On websites: was on
Report: Told me he wasing going to turkey lost his handbag & needed A laptop.
First name: Peter
Last name: Sands
Age: 59
Location: Manchester, UK
Phone: +448719158795 or +918373981956 (India)
Email: or
On websites: facebook, yahoo massengers
Report: Is working as Constructor, just now in India, live in Manchester but I dont believe it. A very nice one and only speak about love not about another things, very boredum.
First name: Michael
Last name: Carey
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Email: general
On websites: facebook Skype, gmail
Report: Working as general in Kabul, Afghanistan, has retired now, but he is not the right General Michael Carey, have seen the right one in Wikipedia, similar outlooking of course so he can say he is it. Just now in India and ill, but is is a lie he wanted only 3000 for an operations, a lier.
First name: Garrison Keillor
Last name: Schwartz
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Address: Benson, USA, cat 14
On websites: facebook Skype, gmail
Report: Working als general in Kabul, Afghanistan, very nice man who can write very very good romantical-mails and as person a very nice person too.
First name: Sean
Last name: Williams
Age: 54
Location: Colorado
On websites: Facebook, yahoo massengers, Viber
Report: Is a very nice sympatical man whos just now working in Malaysia for a contract
First name: Henry Samuel
Last name: Hill
Age: 64
Location: USA- Afganistan.
On websites: Freedating UK
Report: Made contact on Freedating UK where we undertook emails and chat. We then entered into personal emailing, where he declared he was in USA Marines. as senior officer. Based in Afghanistan Kabul. He later declared he was Brig General Hill Henry Samuel , he sent photo of this General to confirm his story. However, an article in the Daily Mail about service men and where they were living, listed Admiral Bruce Clingan US Forces Europe, with the same picture. Article in Daily Mail dated 31st October 2014. Which confirmed this man has a scammer. No money was asked for but he had been detected before he could implement his plan.
First name: Franklin
Last name: Marshall
Aka: Breandan Franklin Marshall
Age: 40-50
Location: Malaysia,his accent is African, said by him is UK citizen
Phone: +447598620980, +447087645377, +60102687340
On websites: cooperate with Atari as a security
Report: Rope by trick $3,300 paid by moneygramm, ( further moreAUD $25,000 but this amount is not agree by me, I want he use his credit ability.) Help him as director of a ship. Atari is a man who is working with
First name: Daniel
Last name: Cookman
Age: 62
Location: Amsterdam
On websites:
Report: He is makes jewellery and is short of money My grandson needs some new clothes money for fees and a few other things . I am tight now and cannot do anything . Can you help me wire $1000 that's about ?650 to my maid I'll pay you when you come meet me in Belgium y he sent this mail
First name: Jamie
Last name: Martin
Aka: Benjamin Lawson, Johny Wayne, Richard Tom, Kevin Smith, Coutin Cole, Wayne Newton, Alexandra K Erick,Ryan Ortiz Phillip Greene James Marks Marcel Lotze Robert James Martin Paul Montiel Wayne Newton Johnny Wayne Matthias Lotze James Hilton J
Age: 52
Location: Accra Ghana (His Gang is in Lagos Nigeria)
Phone: 234812304608,233547323,8327136314,8323032801
On websites:,,,
Report: Romance Scammer. He builds your confidence and your love when he knows there is no one else when members in your family are near death. He signs a loan with you and his attorney and then pretends to fly to your location. He makes you sit at the airport on Christmas Day and stands you up. The entire incident was crushing and left me hating men after a divorce, the death of my dear friend and mother. The lack of regard for life and pure greed is overwhelming to me. There is a special place in hell for this person. Please contact Action Fraud in the UK and the FBI in Clearwater, FL. I will never stop until he is brought to justice.