First name: Philip
Last name: Parrish
Aka: Christopher Marlin
Age: 46
Location: Los Angeles California USA/Syria
Email:,, &
On websites: Facebook
Report: Thank you for your message .How are you doing today? This is a little about myself. Am an orphan, my parents died when i was 2 years old. I grew up in orphanage home later went to live with my auntie
First name: Lewis
Last name: Britz Kartel
Aka: Paul Smith, General Thomas Billy
Age: 57
Location: Madrid Spain, Syria
Address: Ghana
On websites: Skype, Facebook, Yandex, MailRu
Report: He had come to me in November of last year. Began to communicate with me. Told that he has no family, his wife died in a car accident. Name is my hero Paul Smith. Since the first days treated me respectfully. Gradually began to throw me compliments. I thought my happiness, but it was not there. Said that he has two sons. They live in boarding school. I asked why they had to live in the boarding school. But he replied me that he is in Syria in agnostic doctor. Then he began to confess to me in love, I reciprocate. But he was always on guard of your health. He then began I to send their pictures. He picked up the generals in the form and put your head to this photo. Was photo shop. As he told me that he needed to send money to 35,000 million. in Russia. He took a picture of a box and sent to me. But when the need to pay for the box $ 1,500. But that kind of money I was not. A week passed and he asked me for $ 1000. He wanted to send their children to Nigeria on a tour together with the teacher. I was killing time. Then he said that the eldest son had an accident and needed blood. Me, it was disturbing. He wept bitter tears, unmoral to send money. Said that the teacher had sold the computer for $ 400. Was not much venireman told me that he was 4 days and nothing was eaten. I told him I was sorry. Then it became me to beg you to send at least $ 350. I did not send him the money. Then he postal me a lawyer. Name advocate Sam Okydzeto. Then he felt that I don't want to give money then he became together with the lawyer to step on me. I was less to write and my relationship is gone. A month has passed, look, he again went to my page, but in the role of General Thomas Billy. I realized that he breeds me for money. As if nothing had happened he told me that serving in Afghanistan, in Kabul. Always invited to come to him. But I am still friends with her head. He again told his tale of the family. Said that the family had no wife died in a car accident. Again began to envelop me with their compliments. I'm not attracted his attention. I think he has something with his head, he wouldn't remember us. But just now he told me that he has a 14-year-old son there. I asked him on Skype. He gave me Skype, I chatted with his son. Boy predestine, talkative. He misses her father. Told me that his dad works a lot. Then he asked me to send my passport, I thought, but otpravka. He gathered another box, put down $ 1.2 million diamond ring. Sent it all with diplomata, but on the border diplomat checked and the box was selected. Box was already in Russia. Of course reserves it on me, brought me to be rude and in the end we parted. He wormed his way into my family, into my soul. I can't forgive him. I want to say to all the women do not give money to these Americans. For white Americans are Negroes. They correct them. Beware, beware of scams, not David EIM money, block them. Wilson.william23@germail.rcom --
First name: Peter
Last name: Asama
Aka: Christopher James Alex
Age: ?
Location: Ghana
On websites: Skype
Report: Peter Asama is a scammer from Ghana I have pictures of him and his alias .He is on Pigbusters site.Jeff has verified he is a scammer.I think he works on his own but may also be Diplomat Philip Win.This criminal has also be proven as a scammer by Jeff maybe two people or maybe the same.I have hundreds of emails and evidence that these criminals stole a lot of money from me and I mourn the loss
First name: nelson
Last name: maurice
Age: 48
Location: arizona
Phone: 6464992801 3473056923
On websites: hot or not
Report: He initiated contact from hot or not.I corresponded approx. 4 weeks.After a few days he started requesting $750 so he could submit a request with employer for time off.He states he is a spy for the US Military being stationed in AZ.He asked for access to bank account info daily so he could withdraw the $750 he needs for time off.If you tell him you cant afford it he asks for small amounts to get food.He is fluent in several languages and will speak to you in them if you make him mad.I have several photos and emails
First name: Frank
Last name: Davids
Age: 48
Location: Georgia USA and Cape Town S.A.
Phone: +26 61 920 3622 and +27 73 525 3004
On websites: badoo
Report: We met at Badoo site and had communicate via emails since September the 5th till October 20. He supposed to be from Georgia USA, engineer, divorced, adopted daughter. He has to go in cape town S.A. because of his job. Few days before he wanted to arrive at my country asked me for money assistance. I was suspicious, had tried to get his passport number 'coz
First name: Trey Clarke
Last name: Peterson
Aka: brian peterson
Age: about 45
Location: afghanistan
Phone: 419-365-6160 and 419-520-7970
Email: or
On websites: date hookup
Report: I met trey on date hook up and we talked for about a year. He said he was in army and he was stationed at army camp in ohio. He said he wanted to take leave and come see me. Then he asked for me to help him with the cost of going on leave. He said if I did I would get it all back when he got to me. I trusted him and knew nothing about how the military leaves go. So I sent him the money. over $3000.00 he got from me. He asked me if I could open up a bank account at usaa bank to have his pay direct deposit into it while he was with me. So I did, because I trusted him and he scammed my bank for $19000.00. I am now responsible to pay it back. This guy is very good at scamming. He uses some truth mixed into lies to make you believe him. He showed me a reimbursement form that was partially filled out to get my money back. He is working with a lady named dawn langenderfer in scamming.
First name: jeff
Last name: wellinton
Age: 50
Location: syria
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: We chat for almost 4 months,he told me he is a sailorman.,he told me he want marry me..i have doubt cos i feel he is not true....he want me to send money on the bank for transfering money on line,he told me after the money i send,the money will transfer on my name.then he come to my place and we get married but i cant believe him.he ask me to send my picture.and ask my real he angry with me cos until now i didnt send the money..he told me if i dont send the money today he send my picture and real name in my embassy,(philippine embassy),i dont know what to do now,,pls help me to stop this....
First name: James
Last name: Alvarez
Aka: capt.JamesAlvarez
Age: 47
Location: Afganistan/Hiaheah, Florida
Phone: 646-481-8493
On websites:,meet me
Report: He started talking to me on tagged and went to texting and yahoo messenger. Within a week if even started telling me he loved me (lol) and asked me open a google wallet card and claimed I had to put in a leave for him from Afghanistan which was over $5,000 I told him no and he said his bank would send it to my google wallet card which I did open. We talked 2x daily - when he woke up and before he went to sleep every day until 11/9 and that is when I went to google images and put in his e-mail and there he was all over the page
First name: Kevin michael
Last name: Dubois
Aka: Ian Phillips, Andreas Bierhof, Alvin Dubois
Age: 47
Location: Evans( Georgia), Augusta( Georgia)
On websites: facebook
Report: I get in touch with this guy one year ago, and we exchanged by email during one year, when i supposed to be scammed, i did my investigation, and i find his real profil on facebook, this man is an us soldier who is veteran after 21 years of service in us army, he is married with the woman who is a real estate contractor at Gerogia, i attempt to warm her wife by sending her a message,but she does'nt reply, now i think this man his the real person who speaks with the all of women, he is not a victim like us,because after leaving army he worked like: analyst network at CICA inc: the agence of Department Defence of USA, i think one part of scammers have in fact two life, one with his wife and family, and another at network with different full names, he gave me the detailed of his real life (his souvenir, when he was at Hawai ), i'm shocked because he has no courage to produce evidence online if he was innocent person,in conclusion all of scammers don't come from Nigeria or Africa,
First name: Andre
Last name: Haynes
Aka: awesomesoul65
Age: 48, 31.12.1965.
Location: San Bernardino CA; Turkey
On websites:
Report: He wrote me a message on dating site FriendFinder, said he is a gem-stone dealer working now in Turkey on auctions. He claims to be a widower with a 12yr old son who lives with his grandmother in the Phillipeans. We started writing mails on an chatted on yahoo.messenger. He has a nice profile, very polite. I checked his pictures on google but with no result. On Email Header Analyzer he seems to be in Nebraska. After a short time he asked me, as a favor, to send some amount of money to his son because he had
First name: Darryl
Last name: Davidson
Age: 50
Location: Kuwait
On websites: okcupid
Report: I was getting suspicious, because i was asking him for his pictures and he kept giving me excusrs then he close his account on okcupid , and asked me for my email address so we can chat on yahoo messenger , So i waa just getting a weird feeling , he also had a gmail and just had a bad feeling and i saw your sight so i forward, Your sight to him and never got a email evet again from him . I also read alot of what i seen in your warning like the emails he sent me were simular to the ones i have read on your sight ! He never had the chance to asked me for anything ,he was always telling me that all he does is keep looking at my pictures and can't stop looking at them !
First name: Samuel
Last name: Parker
Aka: Samuel Gilles
Age: 34
Location: Oklahoma City and Nigeria
On websites: Badoo
Report: Samuel contacted me in October. I was asked first for a phone. He only wanted the chance to talk me for his birthday which is November 26th. By way of an $800 iPhone 6 that could be sent by courier for an additional $100. When I was unable to send the phone, the story about having to hunt animals for food started. He explained that another shipment of rations wouldn't be sent until December. He then asked if I would send him $500 for food to the person who accepted the western Union payments on behalf of the soldiers who were on patrol in Nigeria looking for a group of girls who were kidnapped. Somewhere in the middle of this he hinted at wanting to get married.
First name: Jason
Last name: Lopez
Aka: Larry Horice
Age: 64
On websites: Unknow
Report: Larry Horice is now going by name of Jason lopezj claiming to be from Brazil. Email: He is posted on this site as Larry Horice
First name: Eric
Last name: Smith
Aka: Eric O'Connor Smith
Age: 56
Location: Afghanistan, Kabul - Denmark, Copenhagen
On websites: Badoo
Report: 1. Eric Smith initiated the contact 2. He contacted me through the dating 3. We corresponded almost three months 4. I knew from the very start he was a scammer, but had to let him show it to me 5. He told me he became a very expensive reward in a value of more then 330,000 dollar. He wanted to send it home to me, because he wasn't alowed to keep it in the camp. He would send the reward home with the help from a diplomat. I never paid him anything 6. The reciver Mr Bukharim asked me to send 7,000 Euro through Western Union. At least, when he found out, that I didn't send any money he asked for 500 Euros /. I told Eric Smith, that I knew from the very begining, that he was a scammer, and it in the end was me who had played with him. I pointed out for him everytime he had lied and made a fool of himself. After that I never heard from him again
First name: John
Last name: Fellaini
Age: 66
Location: Cape Coral, Florida
On websites: was on
Report: He contacted me by email & we emailed back & forth several times. He stated he had been born in Belgium & later moved to New York & then Florida. A Widow, no family, doing business buying and selling luxury used cars from Brussels Belgium, then told me he was traveling to Dubai to accept a shipment of cars from Belgium. I have heard this story before & him that a scammer had told me the same story recently & asked if he might be a scammer. Did not hear from him again. From this, I suspect that he is. I have pictures if you want them.
First name: Greg
Last name: Miller
Age: 46
Location: Florida United States
On websites: Not sure
Report: He is supposed to be a Surgeon doctor working for Tullow Oil on an Oil rig in Libya Sea. He wrote to me for about 3 weeks . I realised that his command of the English Language and punctuation was not up to the standard of an American who would have gone to University and studied to become a doctor let alone a surgeon. I told him to stop writing to me. He had suggested he came to South Africa to open up a Real Estate Business and after just three weeks was talking about marriage which I told him was impossible as I am 76. He kept saying age is not important and he needs a mother for his 17 year old son called Hanky. After just a week I had my doubts about him after warning him I didn't like scammers and he went into detail about how the UN were paying back money to people who had been scammed and kept asking for details of how much I had been scammed for. I told him I had not paid any money. He never asked for money because I realised he was a scammer before he could. He did mention his son was going to Canada on a school excursion so maybe he was going to. He contacted me first on Skype. I accepted him . He gave a Florida address on Skype. He first mentioned only that he had lost his wife but later that he had re married and she cheated on him and they were divorced. This only when he said he was hurt by woman and I asked why.
First name: Louis
Last name: Brown
Age: 40
Location: Lagos Nigeria juba southern sudan
On websites: Yahoo messenger and sometimes Facebook
Report: The scammer on my ex partner. He initiated contact via Facebook. She is still involved 11 months later Photoshopped pics heads placed on different bodies and the hours of talking didn't match with being military plus the face was of someone who is early 20s not 40. Medical treatment, leave, food, Internet and ammunition and supplies. Donald ossai chukawata. Mon of $200 Aus per week. He is still on the loose and scamming
First name: Clark Douglas
Last name: Dwayne
Aka: Angelo Totta
Age: 54 and 44
Location: Rome, Italy
Email: he connected on tagged
On websites: Badoo, Sociimates, VK, Tagged, Facebook(2 profiles), skype(2 profiles)
Report: He told he is self-employed, has his own cargo ship, leading now to Dubai for business, but when I asked where he is now, he told he is in Kumasi city. This city is in the middle of Ghana and has no entrance to the sea!!! Widowed, wife lost in accident, has 14 years old son. From the first talk asked for seriuos relationship...while he got rise to doubts i have just googled about him..and found him here in scamers list. So Women, stay cautious with this man!!!
First name: Michael
Last name: Andersen
Age: 57
Location: Istanbul Turkey, Odder Denmark
On websites: (Not anymore)
Report: He stole romantic letters from otter sites and pictures of a very butyfull man. He lies abaut living in Denmark. Finaly he ask for 400$ We corresponded in a week. When i was sure, tha the was a Scammer, i wrote to the and told them and they bloked him. Nekst Day he had made a profiler again on the same site whit a new photo of the same man and White the same profile. Nok he bloked me, but I reporter him again and again he became bloked by It was him contacting me from the beginning I didn't send the mony The money was to insure some gemstone in Istanbul, where he told me he was, and he could not leave and come homejoy whithout the money. Then I told him that I knew he was a criminal and Thisted was the end off the lovestory
First name: John
Last name: Figureroa
Age: 62
Location: Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul
Address: Santa Ana, California
Phone: 760389-1467
On websites: Match
Report: He makes contact, wife passed, daughter now married, wants to find a individual to share life. Claims his daughter put him on match as he was all alone. States he is new to dating, please bear with him He calls frequently, the conversation does not match the letters. When asked about his demeanor on phone indicates he is shy. He was in Los Angeles be back 4 days, going to New York for a contract. Time in New York for contract delayed. He calls although static on line makes communication difficulty. It also noted and he is asked regarding a heavy accent. States time in EuropeHis responses are irregular claiming he is very busy with meetings. He then indicates he will know on a particular day if he got contract. Indicates contract in Istanbul, he is not going sending a representative. Shortly thereafter he tells you he has to go to Istanbul will be there a month. Wants you to be his lady, please wait. He goes to where he indicates, Istanbul, calls and communication, it then begins to diminish as questions are asked. When tell him going to discontinue communication, he asks why, he wants to build relationship. He sends pictures, one is in tuxedo on private jet, another he startes his daughter took he is in open shirt, well toned body, he sends wedding picture walking daughter down aisle. He attempts to draw one in with is appearance, promises,.
First name: Aiden
Last name: Taylor
Age: 63
Location: Istanbul Turkey, Los Angeles
Phone: 011905338215812
On websites: match
Report: Initial contact, in Istanbul Turkey, completing project 4 days, mining for emeralds and sapphires. When finished his gets his monies 14 million, will return to Los Angeles He sends pictures, including what he indicates is a selfie He has a british accent, claims raised in UK, yet profile and his communication indicate born raised in Los Angeles He sends multiple romantic lengthly emails, begins to profess his feelings. He calls in am and late evening claiming tine change. The connection is clear. . indicates that he will be finished in a week and will return to Los Angeles. He texts frequently. throughout the day thinking of you. He then texts accident at site, please call me. He explains a tractor somehow broke free and destroyed his office. The computers are all destroyed, his scanner. Would I please go to Apple and obtain 2 MacBook Pro and ship to him at reduced value to avoid tax. He will give you his credit card. This does not occur. He then wants you to purchase and ship to him, he will pay you back. Offered to obtain and bring to him, he is excited you are coming. Then wants boxes of computers picture taken to verify bringing computers. Indicates he has not been working, can't without computers. Getting close to travel and he indicates not able to pick up at airport, he will send someone. Express your concern white women in country of unrest. Then further indicates he will be working, behind schedule, and will not be able to spend any time, including evenings or nights. what he indicates is almost abandonment in strange country.
First name: Bradley
Last name: Thompson
Age: 47
Location: USA, Jacksonville
Phone: +27(60) 3534948, (904)800-8329
On websites:
Report: He initiated the contact from Within a short amount of time, he suggested we begin emailing each other through our personal email addresses and started using chat applications such as Viber and Whatsapp. We emailed daily and he quickly made me feel very special. Our online relationship via email and chats progressed quickly. About a week or so after we started talking, he informed me that he had to go to South Africa for 3 weeks to finish up a construction project in Johannesburg that he was working on. It was an office building that had Chinese investors and was the largest project he had ever worked on. Ironically, on his way to South Africa he said he had a layover in Amsterdam and left all of his person information there. Passport, credit cards, ID, money, everything. He mentioned it was difficult to get into the country however he explained the hoops he had to jump through to get into South Africa and even though it seemed far fetched, I bought it. We continued to talk almost every day either via chat, phone or email. He sent the most amazing emails about us, how he felt about me and our future. Within 2 1/2 weeks, he told me he was falling in love with me and I believed him because I thought I felt the same. After a few days there, he needed money. He had purchased some additional supplies and he didn't have enough to do that since he lost all of his information. This occurred three times and I sent him a total of $275K. I never sent it to him directly. I sent it to two different banks but with different depositor names. He was scheduled to return to the US on November 12th via Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and I received an email that he was being detained because the check he was paid (a supposed $2.8M) exceeded the allowable amount and he was going to be penalized by the Dubai government. He asked me to complete a wire transfer from his bank account in the UK to the Dubai Customs bank to cover the costs that he was being fined (approximately $450K) and that I could also transfer $300K to my personal account to cover the money that I had borrowed him. I was sent an email from the Customs Department (false email address and phone numbers) outlining the details however I was unable to verify the name of the person on the email and when I called Dubai Customs, they weren't aware of any such situation. I also received an email from his supposed banker and his information too was either associated with the +40 77 numbers which are associated with known scams. I did not agree to help with this transfer and although he said he was still there and would
First name: Jack
Last name: redd
Aka: unknownDoctor David Michaels
Age: 52
Location: texas
Email: dont have it
On websites: skype
Report: This guy is so stupid be contacts me twice as two different people one Fred Smith and other is Doctor David Michaels He goofed and showed me himself twice on camera sent me real pics of him under Frank Smith same as posted on this site then different ones as the doctor. When I demanded to see his face live as doctor his camera came on showed me same guy going by Frank Smith Jack Reed and dos other names . He has a accent African I think but white. He says he is in Syria on usa mission as civilian engineer. Widower only a 17 year old daughter in England in school likes cyber sex.
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Cohen
Age: 50 ish
Location: Says he's in Malaysia returning to New Jersey
Phone: 720 248 7236
On websites: Our time
Report: We contact acted each other via Our Time dating web site. He says he's a Veterinarian Surgeon. He's doing research in Malaysia on live stock with viruses. He says he was born in Colorado. Parents are from Denmark, dad died went back to Denmark with his mother till he was an adult moved back to Colorado wife died of cancer five years ago. Told me he had a house in Colorado and a Ferrari . Said he's relocating to Trenton NJ...... No children just two Jack Russel Dogs. I thought he sounded shady so I did my own online research and couldn't find anything on his name in Colorado or Denmark!!!! So that's when I discovered this site.. He never asked me for money!!!!! These people are scum of the earth.
Last name: ANDREW
Age: 58
Location: BRISTOL UK
On websites: facebook
Report: this dr came on my facebook request we became friends, fell in love then he said he is going to Russia for Ebola research he has a littlie girl age 6 and pretty soon he created a family photo . Once in Russia he said he is sending me a parcel with a laptop phone shoes and jewels I said ok and gave my details. I receive tracking information from Interlink express and soon my parcel was in South Africa and a request to pay 1500 rand for charges which I did it was ok although this had to be paid into a private persons account, They promise me delivery as soon as they get proof of payment. Next day I receive a email I have to pay r2600 for insurance then i knew something was wrong I spoke to Wallace and he said I must just pay inside this parcel was money and I can take fromt hat after I receive the parcel, he also said he sending his child to me I wrote to teInterlink Express and they confirm they do not have an agency in Cape Town They kept on pushing me hard for that money and the Dr as well and the love went away and the insults started . and I backed off blocking him every were but they still persistent I must have this parcel delivered.
First name: Sergio
Last name: Celestino
Age: 49
Location: now in Zimbabwe
Phone: 0840381591
On websites: yes
Report: I would like to inform you that Sergio Celestino is a scam he is posing as my fiancee on f/b and has asked for money and have also been told by Maria Velaz that he is a scam wanting money, I do not know where else to report this so I am doing it here before he flees, his tell no is; 0840381591 he has 3 email addresses next go to my timeline and see rhe pic there of him as well. I would like to inform you that Sergio Celestino is a scam he is posing as my fiancee on f/b and has asked for money and have also been told by Maria Velaz that he is a scam wanting money, I do not know where else to report this so I am doing it here before he flees, his tell no is; 0840381591 he has 3 email addresses next go to my timeline and see the pic there of him as well.
First name: Bryan
Last name: Larios
Age: 51
Location: West Africa
Phone: 816 -659-2108
On websites: Facebook
Report: He says he's in the Army deployed to West Africa. He is station in Orlando, FL. He hasn't asked for money or anything. I just want to know if he's for real. If he's in the Army. I google his name and pics but can't find anything.
First name: Lawrence
Last name: Kings
Age: 48
Location: Houston Texas
Address: 3802 Faulkner Street Houston Texas 77023
Phone: +1 832 356 8366
On websites: yahoo messenger, viber, facebook
Report: Hi This man contacted me on the 13 of June this year. He claimed to be a independent Contractor for Oil Company Zion. I checked and he has never worked for this employer. Very charming, claiming to be a widower with 10 years old daughter.His wife died in a car accident on 20 of March 2011. He said ''hi'' on FB...and I accepted his friendship. Said that he spotted me observing one of Christian sites on FB. Good Christian, very romantic, likes walking on the beech, very often regarded his words to God's will. After first month of loving romancing messages, he started to ask for money.... The pump broke down and he couldn't got to his personal account to get money for fixing. Apparently he claimed as well being wealthy and living comfortably... Dear ladies..I had to admit I was scammed by this man. The photo he sent me belongs definitively not to him, his voice belongs rather to young man with dark skin complexion. He is a scam. was asking for money many times and his contract was extended ...3 times... Don't believe a single word . He scammed me for almost 7 thousands pounds and left with loan and credit cards to pay...He asked for money many times...Actually at the end when he was asking the question ''what are your plans for today?'' His next question was'' what time will be able to get to Western Union ?''
First name: Henry Samuel
Last name: Hill
Aka: Henry Samuel
Age: 60
Location: Leeds uk, Florida usa, Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: Free dating
Report: Talked to him for three weeks. He said he had a property in Leeds, lived in Florida, but serving in the US Marines as a four star general. Was retiring and looking for someone to share it with. Declared undying love, sent pictures, which turned out to not be of him. Finally said he had
First name: Daniel Perkins
Last name: Muller
Age: 52
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan - Berlin, Germany - Logansport, Indiana
Address: 2130 East County Road 300, North Logansport, IN 46947 USA
Phone: +233 57 607 6909
On websites:,
Report: Contact initiated by Daniel via date site to - then pictures exchanged and communications via and and phone number above with cell phone in Canada. Period of communications from October 20, 2014 until November 9, 2014. No mic working on his end, broke computer on his end so had to borrow computer to communicate. Asked me to send another one to him, then his 16 year old son, Alex Anaman was in Ghana (Accra / Tema - taking language and cultural studies at School of Mines) with Daniel's adult friend Terri Cox (who is posted on FemaleScammers under name Terry L. Cox and has identical address in USA as female posted). Daniel forgot to tell Terri to take cash to Ghana and Terri could not use his VISA with $20000.00 on it in Ghana but he and Terri did not know that! Money asked to help out his son for fees and food until Daniel could get money from his bank but would take 3 weeks. Money was sent twice via Western Union and then the third time with Western Union was cancelled. Have picture of Terri Cox and Alex Anaman together and (2) pictures of Daniel Muller and did have joint visual Skype communication with Alex and Terri on Oct 30, 2014 and Oct 31, 2014 and numerous text communications with Alex and Terri between October 31, 2014 and November 9, 2014 when all texts ended due to power outage in Ghana that started and lasted more than 48 hours.