First name: larry
Last name: mark
Age: 50
Location: UK, US, Syria
Phone: +447511410786, +12486338178
Email: he didnt mention yet
On websites: facebook, viber
Report: I'm not sure about who and what he is, but i suspicious with his english language, and topic he was talking about. Seems so weird.
First name: Paul
Last name: Whittle
Age: 50
Location: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), UK (Durham)
Phone: +44- 7754 787980, +60- 17-346 5391
On websites: Facebook
Report: This scammer contacted me in April 2014 via Facebook. Claimed he is a widower with a son, his wife and other child was killed during car accident. We agreed to meet however he said he has to travel to Malaysia to collect his cheque for work he has done there. He said he is a constructor, providing maintenance on oil rigs for company called Petronas. The trip should take only 2 weeks, but when he get there he realized he has to pay taxes, than was ill, and asked for financial assistance. I never met scammer before and believed his story. I checked all information he gave me on internet (the company in Malaysia exists). So i lost with this scammer in total around 4.000?, sent partly via Western Union to his name and by bank transfer to his friend : Acc. Holder : SARIMAH HAMYAH Acc.No. 1-01026-0111224-1, Bank : RHB BANK, Swift code : RHBBMYKLJOB, Bank address : Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia He stayed in contact up to December 2014, asked for more and more money, wanted to marry me and re-locate to Spain. By December I realized - thanks to this website - scammers scenario and decided to reported him. His contact ended when he realized no more money are coming. This scammer did also fake bank transfer, using the same account.
First name: Martin S.
Last name: Sunborn
Age: 56
Location: Nigeria (Lagos), India,
Phone: +91 97 11 896182
On websites: Facebook,
Report: Martin Sunborn contacted me via dating site, claimed that he is a community pharmacist and works in USAID mobile hospital, currently in Solomon Islands. He sent as ID his driving licence (fake). He is very clever, writes very good English, claims he has been contacted by womens scammers. Also claims he will be retired very soon and as he has roots in Europe would like to re-locate to European country. We have been in touch couple of months via FB messenger and emails, he wanted to come and spend Christmas with me, look for property to buy in Spain where he wanted to live. He sent his retirement letter and other document which he wanted me to fill my personal details (I refused) to be officially his next kind. He sent his travel bookings (also fake because the flight he was supposed to come to Spain did not exist). At the final he asked for assistance with 19.850 USD to pay taxes in India for money he has deposited there - 2.000 via Western Union to WERNER FISCHER, 27 IGNOU ROAD, NEB SERAI, NEW DELHI INDIA and rest via bank transfer to Paris, France to bank Societe Generale. He also called several times, speaks with heavy West African accent. Martin Sunborn claims he has sister Jeanne Fortuyn and recommended me to be her friend on facebook. I have find on her profile most disgusting porno photos under
First name: James
Last name: Romas
Age: 52
Location: Ghana, Accra
On websites: skype
Report: Contacted on Skype by a James Richard claiming to be on Oil Rig and working as Engineer for international oil concern. Then name changed on Skype to James Romas. Assured by him that it was him and that Richard was his middle name, and Skype name used for work. Very charming and extremely convincing man. Claims he has son named Sean in UK living with care-giver named Ben. His wife passed away when Sean still a baby. Have searched online for James Romas and his son, to no avail. They do not exist or are very social media shy. His son Sean sent me emails, which I found very strange that a child would ask questions such as,
First name: Buck
Last name: James
Age: 51
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Email: don't know
On websites: facebook
Report: This guy contacted my on facebook. He said was in Kabul, Afghanistan and that he had a 15 year old son in Ghana. He got real personnel with me quick. But I started to see that he didn't know how to spell or use grammar correctly and his story was starting to sound a little fishy. So while I had him on facebook, I got on google and happened to run into this site and there was his picture. I blocked him right away and I knew by the way he asked me questions that he was not for real. So now he uses the name Buck James beware
First name: David
Last name: Moore
Aka: David Smith, Fredrick Washington
Age: 52
Location: Houston, TX USA
Phone: 281-886-3934
On websites: Christian Mingle, Match
Report: I met
First name: Franck
Last name: Marchand
Aka: France
Age: 50
Location: France and Cote d,ivore
On websites: facebook and stepout
Report: I just found out that Franck Marchand is on facebook and also on Stepout as Mario, 50 years old. The picture he has and both profile are from the same scammer that I already reported here. He is using others pictures on diferents profiles. Someone has to do something about this sick man. sincerely Rosana
First name: Alex
Last name: Kris
Aka: Eric Alex
Age: 51
Location: Columbia sc
Phone: 864-280-9918
Email: Ericalex2345@yahoo
On websites: Yes
Report: He claims he is in maylaisa on rig and they want let him go till he pays 20,000 dollars heh says he works for exonp
First name: Simon
Last name: Kingsford
Age: 03/06/1960
Location: Uk Crewe
Address: 7 Mere Street CW1 Haslington 5pp
Phone: 447517535289 and 441618182136
On websites: easylove
Report: I have with this man also had 6 months under the name ..... Are total 6000euro rid of him, did after two different places money sent after Ghana after one Appiah Hene Jones after Richard Tetteh and after Jerry Kingsford after Denmark, I also sent after the name: Samuel Kube .... Have him a passport No. 308993402 phone No: 447517535289 and 441618182136 has an email address that he uses Have other photos he used, say me that he lived in the UK that was address: 7 Mere Street Crewe Cheshire CW1 Haslington 5pp sent me a few times myself things like, flowers, wine, bras, pills, an imac but I had to sell and money after sending him ..... also has a flip my phone loaded with a Visa card .... .. called me 2x This man has made me inwardly broken Has a profile on called simonking19 His mails I've also all the mails he sent under the name Jerry .....
First name: Riley
Last name: Jones
Aka: Dawuda Mohammed Bello, Abdul Rauf Mahfuz
Age: 63
Location: Iraq, Tamale, Ghana,
Address: Unknown
Phone: 1110440601
On websites: Facebook
Report: He initiated the contact, he said hello and wanted to know where I was from. I asked him for a picture. It was initiated on Facebook. We corresponded from Nov. 13th through Dec. 14th. I suspected him somewhat after he first got money from me, because he wasn't talking very much about how his son was doing. He supposedly took his son from the hospital very easily without giving them anymore money after he had told me they wanted the rest of their money before his son could leave. The money was wanted for his 14 year old son who had been hit by a car & needed surgery. Riley was supposedly in Iraq on a secret military mission & had no access to any of his bank accounts. He also said it would be too dangerous for him to contact any military officers, cause there were some after him to kill him. He told me I had to at first, he asked for $500 & I refused & said no, I can 't do that & he kept on at me that his son would die if I didn't help him. He told me he would pay me back as soon as he got his feet on American soil. Then he asked me if I could send at least $300.00 to the Doctor, so he could go ahead with the surgery. He kept telling me if you love me you will help save my son's life. His son (Joshua) was in a hospital in Tamale Ghana. while Riley was in Iraq. A friend of his had taken his son Joshua with him to Tamale, Ghana & then the man who had taken Joshua there, died while they were there in Tamale. He kept begging me to save his son until I sent the money ($300) to the Doctor's assistant by Western Union. The man it was sent to was Dawuda Mohammed Bello, & the doctor was Abdul Rauf Mahfuz. So riley got military papers signed to allow him to fly to Tamale Ghana & see his son. He somehow got Joshua out of the hospital then he said they were in a safe house there. Then soon after that he started wanting me to send him $200 for decent food, cause the food there was very bad. I kept telling him
First name: Michael
Last name: Power
Aka: Ahmad
Age: 50
Location: Ettiswil Switzerland
On websites:
Report: This personn active on with Ahmad as a name is a scammer, he used theses typical letters.
First name: Desmond
Last name: Nicholas
Age: 50
Location: Malaysia
Phone: . 7573040496. 6018780560
On websites: Ok Cupid
Report: Desmond contacted me on the dating website Ok Cupid. We texted, emailed and had phone conversations from October 20 1 4 thru December 2014. He told me he had to travel to Malaysia to take care of his sick mom and that he had to collect his deceased father's money from his place of employment before he died. He sent me travel documents traveling to Malaysia from the United States and documents traveling from Malaysia to the United States. Before he left the United States during our texts, emails and phone conversations he told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to marry me when he come back to the states. Once he got to Malaysia he called me and told me he needed money to help collect his deceased father's money that he had the money but someone robbed him in Malaysia. He even had a man to call me to confirm his story. I told him I did not have any money and I will not be communicating with him anymore. For two weeks he had a woman to call me telling me she is his daughter and her dad really love me. I told him if he contacted me again I was calling the police have not hear from him again.
First name: Raymond
Last name: Mudd
Age: 46
Location: New York
Address: 116 Greenpoint Avenue
Phone: (home) 347-851-7531, (cell) 526-535-9263
On websites:
Report: This so called Raymond Mudd contacted me on (Swedish dating site) om Nov 22. We started to communicate daily and he wrote that he was a widower since 4 years back and have a son Conrad 4 years old. His wife died from lymphoma just a few months after their son was born. Raymond himself claims his parents died in a car accident when he was little and he was raised by his grandmother. His childhood was tough ? he didn?t get enough food and his grandmother was mean to him. He wrote that he is running his own Construction Management company. He gave me phone numbers to his home and his cell, but I could never reach him on either. It was always him calling. He claims to live in Brooklyn on 116 Greenpoint Aveny, but when I search his home phone number it says that his landline is in Bronx. His cell phone is a Google subscription and cannot be traced. He or his company is not to be found anywhere on the internet. I have friends in New York that has tried to search, but could not find him. Some weeks back, he told me he was about to get a big construction contract in Turkmenistan and that he was travelling there to set up the building site. He was arranging with his bank to bring a check over there for payment. He claims that he travelled to Turkmenistan Dec 20. In the mails that came after ?arriving? there he started hinting that he had trouble with the bank ? they needed him to pay a conversion fee to be able to get the money paid out from his check. Money he did not have. Reading this I was quite sure that he was going to ask me for the money? and I was right. Dec 24 he called me on Skype and there the question came. I played along and pretended I didn?t have any to send. His last line in the Skype chat conversation was ?bye for me and thanks for listening to my BS? [bull shit]. Since then he has not written or called. Prior this conversation he had written 40 mails in which he swore his love to me, he wanted to come and live with his son in Sweden etc etc. He wrote fantastic emails ? I was very sceptic since the text sounded like it came from famous writers. I have saved all our conversations and I can send them over. The few times we spoke on the phone ? his voice and spoken words did not match the way he wrote his emails. I have been suspicious from the start. Told my friends that he is probably too good to be true and most likely a psychopath. And I was right. He has sent pictures of himself and his 4-year old son Conrad. Doubt that it?s him on the pictures. I have reported him to the dating site and they immediately removed his profile. I bought a one month membership (Dec 21) on your site just because I wanted to see if I could find him there, but didn?t find anything. Again had that gut feeling that he was too good to be true and Dec 24 the question for money came.
First name: Theodore Maxwell
Last name: Meyer
Age: 46
Location: Copenhagen, Lagos
Address: Pistolstr?de 4, Copenhagen
Phone: +45 69 91 26 27
On websites:
Report: This man contacted med on 1/12 - 20/12 2014 (They have now blocked him and all his pictures) He told me about his past, parents both dead, mother is from Denmark (Odense), farther from Ireland. He grow up in USA, married and lived in Florida until his divorse. Lost his only child, a son, in a age of 12. Moved to Denmark 2 years ago, work with a licens from Cisco. (they are too informed about this Scammer using their Company name) Travel to Nigeria for a business trip, here his credit card is hacked and the Bank closed his account. He ask for a loan of 2640 USD to be send through moneygram. He send a lot of fake documents to try to improve that he is for real. He tells that his identity has been stolen. I ask for a selfi with a paper with my name on, but as excuse is his camera defective. He use whatsapp with the phonenumber +45 69 91 26 27 (Danish mobil number) He has a profil on linkedin Theodore MattM I have recieved almost the same letters as Helle from Denmark has recieved
First name: Roman
Last name: Shomin
Aka: Andrey Glushkov
Age: 22
Location: Kazan, Russia
Address: Russia, 422527, Kazan, Bauman str. , 36, apartment 5
On websites: Planet Romeo
Report: Roman asked to borrow 380 euros towards the cost of his mothers funeral. I didnt send him money because his story was fishy and didnt add up. He said his mum fell and had a broken leg in the florist. He needed to borrow 440 euros to cover her medical expenses.
First name: Patrick
Last name: Genzel
Age: dont remember
Location: said Kabul
On websites: was removed
Report: I only corresponded with this scammer for a couple of weeks. A client of mine was concerned that I was being scammed and showed me exact same picture on this site. I have kept all correspondence and email. If you want let me know how to send this information to this site. Thanks, Gayle
First name: Gary
Last name: Smith
Aka: Specner Dieterich
Age: 52
Location: Lagos (Nigeria)
Report: He is stealing his profile photos from Australian Actor.
First name: Ralph
Last name: Williams
Aka: Jefferson Brown
Age: 45
Location: Orange City, Florida USA
Email:,, &
On websites: & Yahoo
Report: I met this guy in a Dating site call Cherryblossoms from last week he's name is Ralph (45) from the USA. He is a Engineer and a Business man.
First name: William
Last name: Benanti
Age: 54
Location: Redmond, WA, USA and Macau, China
Phone: 64279715759, 64279751309, 00447564685293, 8615363508825
On websites: Be2 Dating New Zealand
Report: I was contacted by him on the above dating site. I believe he is using the name given as an alias, and photos sent to me I believe are not him. I was told he worked for a company that does not have him in their employ and tracked emails have revealed IP addresses for 2 places. Contact for approximately 3 months. I was suspicious due to phone lag initially, then he lost his wallet and although there was no asking for money he hinted.. when I said I may be able to loan he got insistent to phoning me and then when I said I had no money ... NO contact from him at all. No more contact from him as I wasn't stupid enough to send money.
First name: bilgihan
Last name: gultekin
Aka: billy
Age: 29
Location: australia, sydney
Phone: +610402683168
On websites:
Report: I post my profile on a dating site. he sent me message and get my email address. He is australian turkish. but after checking his email address through email tracer. it said that the email IP address was in US. I would like to know wether he is a scammer or not, because he said he wants to mary me and to Indonesia soon. I am affraid he will kidnap me. Thankyou so much
First name: Martin
Last name: James
Aka: General James William
Age: 52
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Skype
Report: He told me he is a 52 year old widower, and he has a 12 year old son in Texas staying with his house worker alone, do not have any family. Wanted to start a relationship and got upset because I did not want to, I saw this site luckily before we chat for too long and before he could asked for money. I did confront him for being a scammer and then he started to say rude things, did block him immediately.
First name: Brian
Last name: Forman
Aka: William Forman
Age: Williamson Forman
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Phone: 01160149316994
On websites: ok cupid LinkedIn
Report: Met on okcupid 2/2014. Exchanged email phone numbers. He went to Malaysia 5/2014. Needed money to remove heavy equipment from customs. Money in July to pay a fee from overstaying work visa. Thanksgiving asked for $400. Didn't send that
First name: Wesley
Last name: Murphy
Age: 50
Location: california, kabul
On websites:
Report: I have kept all correspondence received from this individual. I feel stupid and embarrassed but there must be other ladies that could get swept off their feet as I was. Luckily I have a techy friend that knew about your site. It is horrible that this scammer is using the military as a ruse!!! There are way too many emails to include in this report but when I have more time I will not hesitate to send all the info I possibly can. Regards, Gayle
First name: frank
Last name: brown
Age: 57
Location: London..devon
Address: holsworthy...devon
Phone: 447418353885
Report: I met frank brown on a dating site he told me that he lived in Devon but worked as a geologist on off shore oil he worked on rig in mexico when I started messaging him.He told me that he was born in Germany and moved to Australia when he was young he attended Melbourne university where he did his degree he told me very little about himself only that he was an only child and that he was married but his wife and 3year old son had died in a car accident. He started asking me for money as someone had tried to use his card and his bank had frozen his account which he had to get home to the UK to sort out he told me that he had sold his oil to gulf field logistics for 11million pounds and once home he would pay me back every penny as crazy as it now sounds he was very convincing I can't believe I fell for it
First name: daniel walter, daniel wayne
Last name: walter on facebook
Aka: usa, and brisbane
Age: 51
Location: usa, and brisbane
Email: danielwayne On websites: yahoo and facebook yahoodanielwalter692
Report: He is on facebook, and yahoo asked me for money to pay for freight after a long and drawn out scam and become abusive towards me and threaten me saying I know where you live , I am in sydney.
First name: Kane
Last name: Smith
Aka: Joel Adkins
Age: 48
Location: Lagos,. Nigeria
Phone: 6304899130
On websites: Facebook
Report: He uses some else's pictures and keeps changing his location.
First name: Derrick
Last name: Heinrich
Aka: Alexander
Age: 51
Location: Bedford Tx, and afghanstan
On websites: Match
Report: First he wanted to go to Yahoo Messenger, said he was in Kabul Afghanistan, then after talking a few weeks, he said it was his birthday and asked for a phone because he dropped his on patrol. Then later he asked for my Bank account so he could send me money to ship his stuff to my address wanting my account, ss number, pin, online log on. Said he was retiring. I called him on it. I have proof and pictures.
First name: nwaokeafor
Last name: uzochkwu s
Aka: Paulson Rogers u morgan jones
Age: 45
Location: nigueria
Phone: 2348135427872
On websites: Facebook / skype
Report: Hi, has requested me money anda claims yo be an americano soldier anda send me email false.
First name: James
Last name: Walton
Aka: Christopher Smith
Age: 45
Location: Gutenberg, Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: 01127846747966 and 347-762-8271
Email: christophersmith231@yahoo.coza
On websites: Facebook, Christian Mingle, Loaves and Fishes,
Report: Christopher has been in touch with me for the past year he calls himself Hank. He claims to be from Germany and is in touch with women on Christian Mingle. He has no idea I am on to who he really is. He talks to me every day on these two numbers. He has a friend named Ani and Ani collects the money. He calls his son Terry. His birthday is December 11th and He claims to have a big house in Brooklyn, NY His one phone is a land line in New York City in Manhatten. He claims to be there often. He is with a woman named Monica and a woman named Mary who he has affairs with. In cape town he is with Mary. He claims to love women and becomes abusive if you do not send him money. He gathers womens personal information and on His face book is talking to a women in Canada with a child., I saw her on his facebook page. He gets very mad when I post to him there. He claims to have brothers in Germany and his mom died of Breast Cancer. He has taken me for thousands of dollars. He claims to be coming to Brooklyn in Febuary. I keep asking questions about Terry and why he is not in School. He never answers me. I have receipts addresses pic the whole nine yards at this moment he trusts me. He is always in car accidents at the airport.
First name: michael
Last name: powers
Aka: Ahmad
Age: 50
Location: switzerland, Zurich
On websites:
Report: I found a similar report by Nancy (France). the difference is he clams that his name is Ahmad and he converted to Islam a year ago. The dangerous is he claims that he is doing some business projects though UK and Chaina with million US dollars.. im sure he is trying to scamme women from Saudi Arabia, as in live in Arabia. The website is a Muslim website to find someone to marry. I just exchanged couple of emails with him and was not comfortable to continue, when i googled him, im greatful to find the info written by Nancy from France.