First name: Arthur
Last name: Patinson
Age: 55
Location: Ontario, Canada
Phone: +15077886055. +60163347367
On websites: Facebook
Report: i meet the guy through Facebook. He said he is fron Ontario Canada but had received a contract to do construction in Sabah Borneo. He gave me a number both for Ontario Canada and in Sabah Borneo. In just less than a week in Sabah Borneo, He informed me that he cannot cashed the lical currency cheque he was paid. He needs to open an account requiring him to deposit $10,000. He is short of $3,000. He said he cannot cintact anyone in Canada and he will be unable to buy materials to continue with his project. He asked if i can helped him with the $3,000 and he will pay in a few days. i said I don't have that money. he then suggested i borrowed from friends. i told him why not used his credit card. he said he does not any credit card. A businessman travelling overseas on business with no credit card. He was annoyed i cannot raised the $3000 for him and started talking about trust etc. i blocked him on my facebook and yahoo messenger. I just found out same pucture listed in Oasis and had reported it to the site management. i have photos and messages to prove this
First name: Michael Dan
Last name: Clinton
Age: 53
Location: South Africa,Cape Town
Phone: +27789928222
On websites: Badoo, Facebook,Whatsapp
Report: We started chatting on badoo and he told me he was a widower with a 12 year old daughter. He send me photos of the daughter after a week we chatted on whatsapp and he told me he was madly in love with me so I googled his picture and saw that the picture he used was of Mikheil Saakashvili. I did not let him know of this I wanted to see his plans then he phoned me and told me he had to go to Texas to get his money for a previous job and his is leaving the next day. Two days later he phoned very upset because he could not get a hold of his nanny. Then he phoned and said she took his daughter with her to Johannesburg with out his consent and I need to send them R3000 so she will take a bus and bring his daughter to me. When I refused he screamed and shouted at me he then gave me the so called nannies number and she said her mom was sick in Soweto and the girl is with her but when I wanted to talk to the girl she was sleeping and that was 6 in the afternoon. He then asked me for less money again I told him I did not have it and he said I did not care for him and his daughter. Please be aware this person is bad news
First name: taylor
Last name: robinson
Age: 51
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Costa Mesa, CA
Address: Diamond Square Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: (717)739-7986
On websites:
Report: I met this man on He said he was in Malaysia in the army getting ready to retire. Thousands of dollars later, and even after I informed him that I saw military ID on romancescams web site, this man continues to deny he has done anything wrong. I discovered on pigbusters yesterday, that the ID he uses is actually a
First name: Michael
Last name: Austin
Aka: Austin Carlberg
Age: 41
Location: Kabul Afganastan
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: I was contacted by Michael Austin. Aka Austin Carlberg Feb 21st 2015 on chemistry.comThis man has been trying to scam me since mid February and almost did, fortunately I found out about him on this site before handing any money over. However, my address, phone number and ID were given. He is sweet and romantic and makes you fall for him almost immediately. He told me his hobbies, that he lost his parents at a young age and was raised by a Catholic Reverend Father who introduced him to the West Point Military academy and he has been a soldier ever since. He just turned 41 and is currently serving as a leiutenant 82nd airboirne 1-504th PIR, division peace keeping force, special forces. He did not ask for any money until last week when he said he wanted to ship his his personal items to me. He said I would have to pay an immunity fee of $2250 because active soldiers are not allowed to pay that. It had to be the receiver. He told me he was shipping 4 gold bars, personal documents, uniforms and his salary of $80,000 dollars. This is what alerted me. Since I am somewhat familiar with military procedures I became suspicious and made a few calls and Internet check. To my surprise and astonishment I found his pictures on this site.
First name: James
Last name: peters
Age: 52
Location: England and Florida and Canada
Phone: 8503128166
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: I mmet this man 2 years ago on a dating site. He and I have talked on the phone and texted. Not once has he asked me for money. I did see him email address on another list for scammer. He has never told me he loves me and does not want to rush. I'm feel he is but this seems odd. I know he is because of seeing his email on a scammer site.
First name: Joshua
Last name: Wayne
Age: 40
Location: Los angeles
Phone: +18318247180
Email: No email address available contacted me via websites only
On websites: Badoo,viber
Report: He contacted me on badoo and said he was on holiday in London for 2 weeks.he flew home jan16 th 2015 to Los angeles,as he said he had lots of work on so changed his ticket as he said he was meant to be going to Thailand but had so much work he needed to get home.he said he was a widower and had a young son,his wife dying of cancer 4 yrs before .he sent me pictures of his art gallery ,his 3 cars,porches,bmw and Mercedes .he sent me pics of his son,his nanny,his home hisself and his works as he also had a road maintenance company.he immediately said he,d fallen for me and constantly said he loved me .after returning to LA he was waiting for a bid to come through for a job ,which he said was in Europe,and Belgium.he said he had to fly the same day he got the bid ,.it was at times like talking to 2 people,from really chatting to complete avoidance,and when I text to say this he got very angry in his reply. He flew and when he got to the hotel he said he was in Syria,which wasn't where he,d said he was going,we chatted for over a week and then I never heard anything for 24 hours,till I woke up the next morning with a Hello,which wasn't how he normally messaged me.the text said there had been an accident on the site the night before and he'd been asked to contact me by Mr Joshua as he couldn't use his phone, but within a couple of hours he was phoning me from the hospital,and telling me one of the injured needed his legs amputated and he had to pay the bill s as he was workingfor him .he then said he had to give a statement to the police and needed to discharge hisself and get to the police station. After the police station he phoned and said they had frozen his bank account as he hadn't paid tax on the money he was going to earn . The next day he said he had a solicitor sorting it out for him but needed to raise the cash till his bank account had been unfrozen to pay for the mans operation and asked if I could help him .i said I wasn't financially able and that's when he started with the abusive messages .i asked about liability insurance as that would cover the hospital fee and any claim the family would make against his company and he said I,m in Serbia not the uk or America,and I replied with the fact liability insurance covered the company not the country your in ,but he would,not have it and continued the vile tirade of abusive messages so after a couple of days I never relied and haven,t heard from him since February 6th 2015 .
First name: Douglas
Last name: Walker
Aka: Marcus Donaldson/Marc Williams
Age: 59
Location: Accra Ghana
Email: was on FaceBook
On websites: FaceBook
Report: He or his photo was used on FB under the name Marcus Donaldson In the past 60 days. I reported him to FB .
First name: Milton
Last name: Brando
Age: 54
Location: Tampa Florida
On websites: Facebook, Skype
Report: Supposedly work independently on an oil rig , 1 daughter 17 years Women in Tampa Florida. Writes for 3 months love letters , poems and wants to marry . Warning: Do not send the woman in a bridal shop, wedding dress to buy, to organize hotel and celebration! Then he suddenly had money is defective as a machine ! Prompts 10th 000 euros for the help. Account is in Ghana or MoneyGram ! Women are under pressure to marriage ! If there is no money , he insulted the woman apologizes and swears again the big love! This is constantly changing. His alleged daughter writes E -mails and puts pressure ! ! Contact on Skype and Facebook ! Humanly very bad because she can organize the whole wedding! He always appeals to the conscience of the woman to get money!!
First name: Henry
Last name: Bauber
Age: 60's
Location: Barstow calif
Phone: 442 220-7232
On websites: Match
Report: Correspondence began match .com his first request was to go off site into the private email. Once on the private email he began to tell the story of how he and his daughter settled in Barstow California following his wife death. He was originally Norwegian, and comments about his heavy accent He indicated he was on a contract in Japan when his wife was an accident. She was in hospital for 14 months Her kidneys were damaged, he reported the bedside and cared for her. He said that he lost the contract as a result business. He stated that he moved to Barstow after she passed to start a new life. In Barstow You've been in Barstow with his daughter for a couple of years. He said that his daughter at the time we spoke was in London in medical school. ( this was a contradiction saying how he?s moved here with his daughter as she was about to finish medical school and he indicated he been here two years With her) He indicated he was so depressed he was unable to work. He said he was a geologist and usually work for the oil companies. On initial contact he stated he was in the process of getting a contract with Texaco. He described his days is being very busy and getting everything ready to present to Texaco and he was waiting for this letter that he had an appointment. After several days he indicated that his letter and he had to go to Alabama. When he made contact he indicated there was a lot of people applying for the job. He was supposedly in meetings for two days. He then made contact with me indicating there was a fee of $3000 that had to be paid to submit his contract. He indicated he remains there continually meet with Texaco in order to work something out on the certificate fee.. He then asked for money again I told him I did not have He repeatedly call on the telephone asking for monies. I question him and one telephone conversation that I've never heard that you have to pay a certificate for you to submit a contract. I asked him if perhaps this was a bond and he said no. He said he was staying at a friends and this friend had gotten the appointment for him. And he would be paid a commission for setting this all up. I asked him why he doesn?t ask his friend from monies as he had much gain when the contract granted. He kept calling asking for money I kept saying no and eventually stopPed asking. He sent couple short messages yahoo general conversation. Not heard from again
First name: James
Last name: Lucas
Aka: Craig James
Age: 55?
Location: Kabul
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: Contacted me via Linked. States is army doctor stationed in Kabul and says has 6 yr old child, dead wife of cancer 2 years ago. Wanted to talk via Yahoo Messenger. Sending romantic messages and love letters.
First name: john
Last name: edens
Age: 55
Location: lnigeria
Address: unknownlagos 23401
On websites: yahoo IM waplog badoo gmail linkedin facebook
Report: hes back asking for money hes a romance scamer preys on the women he also goes by another mail address
First name: ROBERT
Last name: chambers
Aka: robert faitH
Age: 56
Phone: 8478683491
On websites: BADOO
First name: oliver
Last name: connor
Age: 47
Location: USA Milwaukee Wi
Phone: 1 608 579 2865
On websites: ok cupid
Report: This man contacted me on February 11th of 2015. started a friendship with me and posed as a businessman engineer working in South Africa. Sent me numerous letters and correspondence ,photographs of himself, contracts and pictures of his work sites. Eventually he asked me for money for his shipping charges for equipment for his company. He said he had to go to Nigeria to rent equipment for his drilling in Cape Town. I have all pictures , correspondence and fake documents from a contract he posted to me to support my allegations. I contacted him on okcupid. He was listed as. Cupidshytype After a few texts back n forth he asked me to do email. After our first email he deleted his profile on ok cupid. He pretended to be an engineer who was a widow with a teenage daughter. He sent several pictures of himself and her. They were all fake . Several pictures were of the same man but others were similar but not the same person. I think he sent pictures of 4 different men. He gave me a yahoo address as well. He also sent me a fake contract. I do not know how to send these pictures can you help me send them to you? He is also on facebook.
First name: Harry
Last name: Smith
Age: 58
Location: CA
On websites: dating sites:,
Report: This is one of the worst crimes and this man is a notorious male scammer. He is a known scammer. wish I had looked at this site before he scammed me out of everything. He gave me an address in Ca. I bought a plane ticket out to see him but he did not or could not meet me. He is such a bad person. He takes women and does not think twice about what it does to the woman. I have become nervous, had a heart attack and totally desolate. He is a conniving one of the worst criminal minds in the world. He uses and abuses women and gets away with it. He prays on lonely women and he doesn't care if he kills them or not as long as he gets money from them. How can we stop him from doing this to another woman.
First name: Stanley
Last name: Young
Aka: David Watson
Age: 53
Location: Seattle, Washington
On websites: eVow, Date Hookup
Report: When I looked at the newest email of March 13, 2015, and the newest scammers I immediately recognized the person using the name of Stanley Young. When I talked to him, he used the named David Watson and said he was a veterinary surgeon in Seattle. We talked last August after initially connecting on DateHookup. At the time, he also had a profile on eVow. Supposedly he had traveled to Africa with a group of other veterinarians, and at one point asked me to send him a $50 gift card he could use for time on his phone. Before he left, we would email and text, and he called me a few times.
First name: Frank Raymond
Last name: OHare
Age: 64-65
Location: Beverly Hills Ca, Nigeria
Address: 520 Cresent Drive
Phone: 2347054041428
On websites:
Report: He followed the general scammers profile. He began the communication saying he was in Los Angeles. He began very strong with emotions, he was told such. He did step back. He claimed his wife was killed I auto crash, he has raised his son alone. His son?s name is Dennis and is senior in High School. He claimed he lived in Beverly Hills using an address on Crescent drive, a prime area in Beverly Hills. He claimed he had just purchased a new Lexus 400 series, he also had a 3 year old BMW. He represents himself as a very successful individual. His first mistake was stating his son was going for a degree in computer sciences- the school he indicated he would attend was a trade school. He claimed he handled contracts for United Nations and World Bank. He was an architect/engineer. Shortly there after he said he had a contract, was leaving for Nigeria to rebuild a pedestrian crosswalk. Questioned relative to necessary travel immunizations, malaria pills had he already received. . Once again he made errors. He was getting inoculations and then leaving. There is period of time for effectivesness, especially malaria pills. There was also a Ebola epidemic. He was taking his son with him, out of school. Said he would be gone approx 2 weeks. He wrote regularly with the letters becoming increasing stronger his feelings of love. He was making plans for a life together. Originally work was going well, project on target. He indicated he was coming back to US shortly. He forwarded a reservation for the return flight. The cost of the tickets was $16,000? . This was about $4,000 higher than should have been. Then he emailed saying he showed up to site and the tool company had picked up the tools. He claimed to be about 3-4 days from completion. The tool company wanted $27,000 for the rental. He asked to borrow the monies. He then said he made a deal and they would take less he wanted to borrow that amount. He said he needed to finish the job he would be paid $4 million. Would pay back at that time. Then he began to say he was meeting with Governor get their involvement. Originally he indicated they could not assist. He said he kept speaking with Governor, kept asking for monies. He then said they will let him out of contract and pay him for work completed which would be over $2,million, but he had to pay a certificate fee of $5,000. He then asked for that monies. Suggested he return his plane ticket, that was $16,000, he claimed he paid cash. He could take the monies, pay the certificate fees, still plenty for return tickets. He then claimed he could not get a refund, the airline would not refund. He asked again for monies, began somewhat aggressive. He continued to press for monies. I spoke to loan company who would lend him monies as long as he could proved US/ Calif residence. He gave all kinds of excuses why he could not get a loan. He kept pushing me for monies, wanted me to get a loan, sell something to get him monies so he could return. It gets to point I told him if he mentions money I hang up, and this did occur several times. He then emailed a document from Govenor to demonstrate they will pay him the monies with fee. He further said he could not leave as passports being held until certificate fee paid. He then again asked for monies, said he was being ridiculous he lived in a home worth over 4.4 million, drove a car over $100,000, he can take loan against house, he should have bank relationship. He always had a reason none of this could not be done. He kept changing what was needed $$ and I kept saying no. He would send loving, romantic letters. Then when he would call monies came up. The monies he was asking for kept reducing claiming he was able to borrow small amounts of monies.
First name: Jordan
Last name: barry
Age: 43
Location: USA
On websites: facebook
Report: goes by Jordan barry... Tells me he's barry ken Jordan...his email says he's barry Moore... Construction/steel business says he's originally from france
First name: Okechukwu
Last name: Kingsley
Aka: James Packers, Henry Kingston, Lee Bruce, Allen Scholes, Hassan Muhammad
Age: 33
Location: Okalohma
Phone: 60163453843, 447871908817,16472865984
Email:, etc
On websites: Badoo, Loveagain, Shaadi
Report: Please be aware of this guy, he is a Nigerian based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He will find victim on Badoo, Loveagain & Shaadi and Facebook. He used an Arab Man Picture to con woman. I am one of the victim that he has scam me on Shaadi website in nov 2013. I did saw the arab man that he post the profile pic on skype webcam twice, this is a conspiracy as this arab man is used to be a puppet. After seeing that the man is real, i gave my hp in singapore. Thereafter he communicate with me through viber only. Not knowing that i was actually talking to a Nigerian, Kingsley wrote and speak very fluent American English. I have transferred lots of money to him. After a year of chatting i get a PI to do some research about this man. and we found out that he is also called James Packers, Henry Kingston, Allen Scholes, Hassan Muhammad, Peter Griffin & Lee Bruce. I am working very closely with Malaysia Police on this case and if any girls in US, Canada & Malaysia had came across those names i mentioned above, please update me more on how he has scam you girls and how much have you girl gave him and what kind of money transfer has he requested you to do. I need to upload his pictures to your database, and also my police report that i have made in Singapore and few other evidence. And i need to upload the Kingsley pic and the arab man picture as well to keep others aware of this Nigerian Scam in Malaysia
First name: Michael
Last name: Raymond
Aka: Micuael
Age: 54
Location: Cape Town, South Africa , nashville, tennessee
Phone: 713-999-3250
On websites: Facebook, ourtime
Report: Claimed to own MKR CONSTRUCTION. 1045 tabor street, Houston, Texas. Living in nashville, but left for Cale town South Africa to complete a mall. Claimed equipment broke down, needed 42,000 dollars, needed computer, needed money for tickets.
First name: Manfred
Last name: Mcthompson
Aka: Manfred
Age: 54
Location: Kabul, afghanastan
On websites: Ourtime
Report: Claimed to be from Ohio, but currently serving in military in afghanastan . Said he was retiring, but needed money to pat taxes on early retirement On skype as manfred76110
First name: James
Last name: Campbell
Age: 44
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: tagged
Report: Met him before the holidays last year. Am 16 years older than him yet he claimed he loved me. Was kind and sweet, knew all the right words a female wants to hear. Became suspicious a few weeks ago when I asked him where he was from. He said Chicago. I told him I was from the Chicago area first. When I asked him what area he was from he gave me an answer that a true Chicagoan would not say. Yesterday he said he was coming home soon and could accept a package for him - said it would include most of his valuables. I know about this scam and told him if it was delivered and I owed money I would refuse delivery. He became irritated that I acted in such a manner. I called him a scammer and he became highly upset. Claims to have a 7 year old daughter. Sent me a picture of him and his daughter yet at the top of the photo it said Gabriel. Claimed he was using Captain Gabriel's computer. Uh huh.
First name: Simon
Last name: Clark
Age: 55
Location: Stanford, CA, United States
On websites: skype
Report: This man Skype'd me saying he needed a friend 2 days ago, he has already said that he loves me Haha, he is using this same picture calls himself Simon Clark from Stanford, CA, United States says he has a 16 year old son in military school which he missed allot and first said he works on a oil rig now saying he works in an office for a shipping company and his contract will end in 3 months - he Skype video called me but there was no sound so i don't know whats up with that, thought I would check out the photos posted on potential scammer's and of course there he was I did not even need to scroll down - so pathetic- anyway I will be cutting ties with this bloke and blocking him immediately. This one is clever as he makes webcam calls and is available on weekends and after working hours, usually this is the first way one can recognize them. How on earth do we get rid of these assholes, there is a never ending supply of them.
First name: Lucas Zachary
Last name: Wiliam
Age: 45
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Phone: +1323446610
On websites:
Report: He's reaching me by the dating site of He claimed he would get a large sum of money, about 1.2M, from a construction contract of his late father in Malaysia, he went there in Oct 2014 and asked me for some money to sustain his living there as he claimed he has paid all his money but still inadequate, to the Malaysia government for the tax before he could get the money from the construction company. I did transmit him US150 though he asked for more as I treated him as a friend and I'm afraid he has real need of money there. Besides, he said he has asked his business partner to trandfer money into my account so that I can transmit it to Malaysia for him but I haven't received it before I closed my bank account this month (Mar 2015). I discovered he's a scammer was because he kept asking for money from me and I quoted and google some phases from his email which were appeared on the scammer site. That's why I am pretty sure he's a scammer. Unfortunately I did provide him with my personal details by accident, just hope I won't be on the list of theft identity.
First name: craig
Last name: smith
Age: 49
Location: Los Angeles, Ca (USA)
Phone: 310-307-1830 & 985-720-0752
On websites: zoosk
Report: I met this guy on Zoosk in October 2014. He told me his father was in the military and met his mother in England. Supposedly his father was originally from Bakersfield, Ca. Supposedly Craig lived part of his life in England and then his father moved them to Bakersfield, Ca. Said his mothers name is Cynthia and that he has a 19 year daughter named Cindy. They supposedly they still live in Bakersfield. His father is supposedly deceased. Of course his wife is deceased, killed in a horrible car crash.He said he owned Lupkin Construction in the L. A. area and that he constructed oil rig platforms. I could not find any Lupkin construction in or around L. A. Lupkin construction is on linkedin, the profile on there is Craig Sedoris, and the picture is that of a black male. A whole different from the picture this so called Craig sent to me. Supposedly Craig had to go to the Phillipines to do a job there. then supposedly there was a typhoon there and all the banks were closed. Of course he needed money which he did not get from me. He wanted me to send money to
First name: Roberts
Last name: Miller
Age: 57
Location: Rockford, Il
On websites:
Report: Met this individual online through I pushed for specifics about his living, as he claimed to be a mining engineer.
First name: james
Last name: banks
Age: 59
Location: afghanistan
Email: james banks
On websites: lovoo, dating site
Report: he was very nice to talk to ,would send love songs tell you he was very in love with you .would ask for your email or skype,,would send you lots of photos of him, ,and i fall for him , ,then he said his daughter was 24 . and his wife die ,, then he said his daughter money went missing, she need to pay her school fees .her name charlotte school in texas ,and james home virgina ,. i was just going send money off to him i found him on male scammers list ,,,and when said could not sent it ,he changed his ways , so ladys dont talk with him ,i got hurt with him
First name: hams
Last name: jefferson
Age: 44
Location: Riverside County, California United State of America
Phone: +1 ( 951 )382-3067
On websites: OKC (
Report: he messages me with sweet sayings which can get a woman heart because of his words..says he own a company and he is busy running it.. then with just several email he sent a parcel to my place he said then the ameican airline cargo message me because i have to pay for some amount causing 681 US dollar because of violation of the parcel coz hams jefferson included a money inside it which will cause me to think suspiciously...and now i have found out because of this dite that he is a scammer..thanks to this site i was able to save myself from getting harm..
First name: Hams
Last name: Jefferson
Age: 44
Location: Riverside County, California United State of America
Phone: +19513823067
On websites: OKCUPID
Report: asked my email through okcupid then started email and sent photos, usually long and sweet emails, he said he went to Paris and asked my address to send me a gift. the box contained gadgets and cash, then the cargo later will send text and email that the package has been placed on hold by the Authority. because they detected that currency were included in the parcel. They required to pay the required Charges for the immediate release of the package upon Confirmation of payment. and they asked 30,000pesos
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Aldrich
Age: 49
Location: UK London, Malaysia
Address: 51 Farm Street London WIJ5RP
Phone: +447743419299
On websites: Facebook
Report: I met him on Facebook. He said he is a marine engineer, he is from Dublin, Ireland, now he lives in London and works with Ship Line as a director of operations. He said he is a widower, with no children, his wife died after fatal accident. He sent me his pics. He said he was sailing to Australia and asked me my direct phone number and my pictures. I gave him my phone number, pics and e-mail address. Then his FB page was blocked and he sent me letters on my e-mail during week or little more. He called me several times. I'm non-native speaker but his accent was strange (not London or Irish), it was like African or Arabic. Then he registrated another FB account and we continued our conversation on FB. He fell in love and sent me romantic letters and said about our great future. He was very persistant. He said he want to flight to my city as soon as he get to Australia. This romantic chatting continues during one months or little more. Then, as he said, his ship was broken near Labuan Isle and sea pirates was near to this area. He asked me if he can send all his things to me and said that one insurance company can help him. I was so stupid and thoughtless and agreed. Then representative of this
First name: Mark
Last name: Cleavon
Age: 49
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Phone: (509)739 7788
On websites: Facebook
Report: He contracted me about 5 months ago. We were chatting as friends. In November 2014, he said he wanted to invest in property in Thailand. In November 2014, I told him that he can invested in a company in Malaysia where is stabilized and will have s great returned. He said, he had money in Affin Bank which he can transfer to my account. He had a local banker contacted me to open on line account with Affin Bank. The account was opened in my name through the link from email. I went to normal bank's web site, I saw that the link was from scam web site. I pretend that I did not know anythings about that and continue to pay his game. Finally, he ask me to transfer money to unknown name to pay for taxes that involved about the fees in the amount of $26,000. I told him that why don't the officer from the bank deducted that such fees from the account. I told him that I did not have money. That fake bank's officer contacted me by calling from Malaysia by reducing a fee to $13,000. Last time, around the 15th of February, 2015, that bank's officer sent s mail that he will returned money in my account to Central bank of Nigeria. I knew for sure that I was scammed. Until today, around 3:00 p.m. This person sent me a massage, I ask him that whom he is chatting to at a moment, he said he did not know, then he blocked me. I saved his profile pictures to send it to you. After all, I lost around $ 1500 to scammers.