First name: George
Last name: James
Age: 55
Location: Miami, Florida
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: If it appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. This guy contacted me via POF just yesterday. He claims to be in Afghanistan and coming home in 2 months. He sent a picture of a young boy who he said is his son. The son lives in Ghana. We have only shared a few emails back and forth. I didn't know this website existed but for some strange reason I felt compelled this morning to try to find info on him via the web. His story didn't add up. I stumbled across this website and am shocked! Well ladies this is a first for me!
First name: David
Last name: Tarawallie
Aka: Bongo Man
Age: 29
Location: The Gambia, Sierra Leone
On websites: Facebook
Report: The man will sweet talk any woman, any age, and any nationality once has has got you into a relationship he will start giving you sob stories about how poor he is and how poor his family is and he will cry crocodile tears until you offer money. He will then keep on asking for money and things to send for him and his family. As time goes on his needs are far greater than yours and as he has got you in a relationship, his demands get bigger and bigger, if you cannot give what he wants, he will get very aggressive. He will also cheat on you and has several girlfriends on the go. He is a known tourist beach bumpster in The Gambia, he will rip off any tourist. He will convince you that you are the only one for him. Beware of this man, he is a cheat and a liar. Do not be taken in by his charms. He also uses several dating sites and several social media sites, mainly on Facebook.
First name: Pal David denis
Last name: Zie
Age: 15/061979
Location: New york Sudan
Address: 2b militar zon, 19832 azalia khartoum Sudan servis Number : 69210
Phone: 002348170177199
On websites: Badoo
Report: Contact via badoo... Im from Sweden so is not good to write in english Name Pal he Said that he was from new york. Hade a svensk mam, want a svensk girlfriend. Contact 23 november to 5 december His commander use yahoo mail that gets me suspect. Money was for a care package for lov to a soldier. Mail Name to transfer Daniel shalewa Ades to the receiver 2 Continental Suite sucre abeokuta Ogun state Nigeria zip Kode 234039 Gopher paid $100 to western union He just disappeared last night. He Wants to gett home, i'll got an adress to that they want me tu pay him to go home for christmas Agent Name tobi ajayi City abeokuta State Ogun Contry Nigeria Zip 234039 Mail adress Thats he Said was His commander.. At that adress :
First name: Lemuel
Last name: O'Connor
Age: 49
Location: Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan)
Address: Camp Qargha, APO AE 09320
Phone: 254-307-4424
On websites:
Report: This man is pretending to be a Captain in the Army and states he has 1 son by the name of Ludwin Reimmer. His son supposedly lives with a friend at PO Box 641 Nii boitown, Accra (Ghana). He sent 3 video games to a store by me and asked me to pick up 5 more and ship them to his son for Christmas. I did but then I had recently been fooled by another scammer so I contacted the Army Recruiter who stated he was 99% sure it was a scam. He said his pay grade was 0-3 and he would be retiring in 10 weeks. The recruiter stated it would be impossible for him to retire at that pay grade and by that he knew it was a scam. The recruiter said to have him send me an email from his military email address. He refused which again confirmed I had been scammed.
First name: Robert
Last name: Palmer
Aka: General Sir Palmer
Age: 52-56
Location: Texas, US
Phone: 0044 7537 196230
On websites: AYI
Report: 1) The scammer initiatet the contact. I got 3 invitations from 3 different men the same day from AI (Facebook). I am 95% sure that there were one scammer behind all three requests. I answered all Three in a slight different style. 2 and 3) I corresponded with Robert Palmer for just two weeks before I was sure he was a scammer. I had never been aware of scammers before, but a visit to some of the stop-scammers websites did it for me. 40 years of computer experience as a consultant helping Companies with the safty issues, made me curious about how these scammers operated. I wanted to play their game for some weeks, 4) What made me think he was a scammer? a) That he fell in love with me after few emails b) Asking about my house, car, my savings, my Company c) Asking about my loyalty to him, if I trusted him and how much he trusted me d) When I started to questioning him about Things I had found that didn't seem right and some facts that I could prove wrong - he always talked about his stolen ID and that I had to trust him 5) Because I was playing the game, I had very early in the communication limited the scammers? possibilities to ask me for money. But I knew it would be a topic sooner or later. Robert told me he would come and see me when he was going home for good. He was currently stationed in Syria and was retiring in the end of November 2014. He asked if he could send his uniform, medals and distinctions together with some valuable goods to my address. I told him no and also said if this was an effort to have me pay anything, he shouldn't send this box to me. Some days before Robert was going home (that is - coming to visit me) he explained that an UN diplomatic currier would come to my door and deliver a package and that I was requested to help him if some extra COSTs were added on the way. I said NO and argued that this couldn't be a serious businessman if he didn't know what expenses he would have to deal with on his way. I got a copy of the diplomat's passport and the travel document for the box. The name of the UN diplomat was Mohammed Suleiman a businessman from Syria. I soon after got an email from the diplomat asking for 2564 EUR to pay for the papers that was necessary to have to protect the package on it's final transport from Amsterdam to Norway. I said that I would pay the currier when he delivered the package, but Robert said I had to pay him in front because he didn't have more money and no credit card. I answered him and said that he should address this need for more money to General Palmer. Robert urged me to send the money to the diplomat, but I refused. I told Robert that I didn't trust the diplomat and also told Robert I had evidence that the diplomat?s passport was false, the airfreight papers for the box was false and the website for the company that hired the diplomat was set up just 2 days in advance - to fool me. Robert was angry I didn't do as I were told and didn't like that I had done this investigation of his trusted man and wanted me to pay him. I refused to pay any money at all. 6) UN diplomat Mohammed Suleiman was asking for 2564 EUR to be sent to Youssra Lazaar, Amsterdam, Netherlands. No bank account and no address. 7) the outcome of the story - I don?t know, I will stop all communication and be on the alert for some days, but don't think anyone will turn up at my doorstep. I will not encourage anyone to play with these people. They are not taking a No for a NO and they can do things that can harm your reputation, your data, your computer / PC or other things. They have made a false Facebook profile with my name, and they also asked for an email address in my name from Google / gmail. I have not been able to get in contact with Facebook or Google yet (10 days after sending them emails for help, I have still haven?t had any reply to my emails that told them about what happened. I have had to do many things to prevent that there will be more trouble the days/weeks to come. What did I gain? I have the false diplomatic passport, I have the false transport documentation, I got a voice message from Robert on my cell phone and many reports that tells me were my emails have been read, their IP addresses and tracing route, who and when was the websites published and much more technical information from tracking and tracing.
First name: Jimmy
Last name: Williams
Age: 52
Location: United Kingdom , London
Address: 35 Strand , Charing Cross WC2N H2 London United Kingdom
Phone: + 011 39 351 096 7062
Email: I dont know
On websites: Facebook
Report: He's still asking for more money .
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Ramsey
Aka: Douglas Lambert
Age: 45
Location: Ireland, UK - London
On websites: skype
Report: This guy contacted me with name as Douglas Lambert, originally from Ireland, widowed father of one daughter. I was not interested as suspicious of scam so he did not have chance to ask me for phone or money. But send me emails : Witam. jak twoj dzien. mam na imie Douglas Lambert. ja jestem z Irlandii, ale ja na podstawie Londynie wykonywac moja prace. mam 45 lat. mam syn ma na imie wilson 10-letniego chlopca, ale moja zona zmarla, czy nie. ja zostane sam. moi rodzice nie zyja. jestem jedynakiem u rodzicow. jestem przedsiebiorca. mam do sprzedania samochody, ze to moja praca. jestem tak szczesliwy poznac. prosze, opowiedz mi o sobie. hello are you. how your day. my name is douglas lambert. i'm from ireland but i based london doing my work. i'm 45 years. i have a son his name is wilson 10 years old boy but my wife she dead. i'm single. my parents is dead. i am the only child of parent. i am a businessman. i sell cars that is my work. i'm so happy to meet you. please tell me about yourself. Shortly after this : hello honey how are you. how your day. honey happy weekend thanks for your massage you send to me. i will send you my daughter picture the name is wilson and my showroom now.
First name: Lopez
Last name: Kelvin
Age: ?
Location: Ghana where money was sent but he said he was in Syria
Email: and
On websites: Skype
Report: Lopez Kelvin or Kelvin Lopez - he would not confirm which was his Christian name He initiated contact through Skype April - August 2014 He told me he was in the Military and sent many photos - obviously of someone else He told me his son, Elvis wanted to make contact with me, which I accepted. He said his son has to go into hospital - emergency operation but could not get money to him to have operation. Promised me he would pay me back when he came to England. I begged him for the return of money sent by Moneygram, in total ?2700.00 because I had borrowed it to help with the operations Mr Isaccs, his son Elvis, school carer along with a Mr Roberts collected the money their end I finished it when they came wanting more money for his dying son. He then sent me further emails on 1st June and 2nd July 2014
First name: Oliver
Last name: Revilo
Age: 40
Location: Benson, NC
On websites: hi5
Report: About Me :I am an intelligent and good man looking for a relationship and emotional woman. a woman that is caring loving and trustworthy. i wish to associated with someone who will understand me better. i will prefer an open minded woman. and one who is a real man and good manner who respect a woman, who is serious building relationship, who is faithful and honest, affectionate and romantic man......
First name: Darshan
Last name: Patel
Aka: Krishna Mani; Alonso Nadim
Age: 47
Location: USA; San Rafael
Phone: (+1213-529-1759); (+1213-254-5704) on viber;8688508654
On websites:
Report: I contacted him on He has since been writing softly romantic love letters to me for 4 months. Says he is an architect. Parents died when he was 20. Met Wife called Sonica in London in 1999 and had daughter called Sneha. Both died 6 years ago in a car crash in Paris. Born in London, primary education in London, school in Cape town then studied architecture in Ireland and Denmark and now living in San Rafael California since 10 years. Got one dog and one horse as pets called Bunny and Bruno. Said he has been to India only twice in his life. He don't understand or speak either Hindi or Gujarati and no relatives in India. Said his father was an aerospace engineer and his mom was a travel nurse. He would not provide me any information about his parents death or their photo or his dead wife's photo or his dead daughter's photo. Made me suspect him. Today he called me from an India number 8688508654 and said he is calling from California. Suspect ! The relationship has not concluded yet because I have not warned him that I know he is scamming me. What should I do? I want him to be nabbed and booked for scamming.
First name: James
Last name: Campbell
Age: 49???
Location: Lagos Nigeria
On websites: Facebook Yahoo Messenger
Report: I met Captain James Campbell on Facebook on December 3 2014. After a few conversations here he asked me to chat right away on yahoo messenger. Talking very romantic to me and already talking love and marriage then he asked me to buy him two pair of Nike shoes two shirts and a real gold watch. I played along and looked up the shoes and shirts on the internet. He also asked me to buy him a ps vita for his son who was living in the UK.Affter I searched for awhile he thought it would be better if I wired him 2000 cash through western union to purchase the items there. He kept asking me my plans for the next day about the money. I asked him if he could call me. He said he is going to buy an iPhone with some of the money I sent him.Thank you. Sincerely Laura Owen
First name: JEFFREY
Last name: RAMZY
Aka: James Louis, Jeffrey Daniel, Ramzy Jeffrey, Jeffrey Ramzy
Age: 44 / 47
Location: London
Address: Hotel in Accra Ghana
Phone: +233541605689
Email: /
On websites: Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Facebook,
Report: - Which party was first to contact the other? Jeffrey Ramzy first. He sent messages to me in He asking for skype and ID Messenger. He keep pursuing me. - How long did the relationship last? 4 Months, we chat everyday, cam and call each other. - Were there any strange events that occurred that would make you suspect him to be a scammer? He said he has a Showroom in London, and a PT from Ghana make a contract for 15 cars with him. Then he go to Ghana and will come to my country (Indonesia). But then he said his mastercard can't be use in Ghana, so he tell us to help him and sent him money. After that, he said his 15 cars is already arrived at Ghana. So he finish the contract and go to the airport to buy a ticket to Indonesia with the Hotel Manager. And after that he said he can't fly because he had a car crash. I ask him for his injury pic, he said he hurt his leg. and sent us the leg injury photo (he didnt want to sent his injury leg with his face). The car crash photo, we can found it easily at Google. The Showroom photo is at Google too. And also the hotel manager injury pic. But it was too late, we are already sent him money for 6 occasions. - What was the money requested for and how was it completed? 1. 400 EUROS. He said for paying his hotel room (he said he doom, he also call us by phone to help him). 2. 400 EUROS. For Hotel again and food. (because cant use his mastercard) 3. 800 EUROS. To help him get his 15 cars out from port (he said he will pay us back when he can use his mastercard in Indonesia) 4. 800 EUROS. For his plane ticket to Indonesia. 5. 350 EUROS. (He said his plane ticket money is not enough, so he tell us to sent 350 euros, so nothing can delay him again to out from Ghana). 6. 350 EUROS. (He had a car crash, and the 350 euros we sent him before is already use for his hospital treatment, and then we send him AGAIN 350 EUROS for the next day). We sent this through WESTERN UNION. - How much money was spent, how many times, and who was the payer and recipient? We spent 3100 EUROS. 6 TIMES (Nov 11, Nov 15, Nov 17, Nov 20, Nov 22, Nov 25) Within 14 Days. The Payer: Funnyati. Recipient: 3 PEOPLE: (IGWEZE GABRIEL CHINWEIKE, AMPEM DARKO DOROTHY, DARKO RICHARD AMPEM) they was a team. - What occurred at the end? After the last we sent him 350 Euros, he said the airport delay him and ask him for BTA (Basic Travel Allowance). And he tell us to sent him money again, 550 EUROS for the BTA. But we didn't sent him, and we are started searching for the information about BTA in Ghana, they said Ghana doesn't need BTA. And no such a thing like BTA in Ghana, we find it on Yahoo Answer. So we already know he is a scammer, but it was too late. And he still convince us that he is in Ghana by cam. And he force us to get the BTA for him. He start talking rude, and getting angry easily. Last chat before we end up with him this morning at Dec 05, he said he want me to kill my self. I think this guy has a Mental Disorder or Insane. please to take steps to publish this report, before there is another female victim again.
First name: James
Last name: Collins
Aka: James or Micheal Peterson
Age: 48
Location: Miami FL
Phone: 9043480931
On websites: hot or not facebook with Peterson and Collins
Report: James is very active on hot or not with the names Micheal Peterson and James Collins.After he friends you on fb he will ask you to friend his 9 yr old daughter Courtney Collins and mother Katrina Collins.Once he has gained your trust he will tell you he got a contract and needs to go to the UK to drain oil lines.After he is there he will begin skyping with you but you can never see him on video because he says his phone is broke.he will then began asking for money to pay for chemicals from China to flush his pipes.He will ask for $750.He will beg and offer to take whatever you can send him.When you refuse he will start calling you screaming names and will continue to harass you until you block him.He will tell you he is commiting suicide if you do not help.Once he is blocked he will start using skype to call you and will use yahoo messenger to SMS you.He will have his daughter Courtney ask you if you will buy her expensive things and if she can move and visit you
First name: JEFFREY
Last name: RAMZY
Age: 44
Location: LONDON
Address: Hotel in Ghana
Phone: +233541605689
On websites: skype, yahoo messenger, facebook
Report: i met him in dating site, he said he was fallen in love with me. he have a son of 10 years old, name Wilson. he live in London and left london to sell cars in ghana. he said his mastercards only accept in london. he have a contract sell the cars but no money to claimed it out. he have an accidental car crash with the manager hotel, so he need money to pay the hospital . he want to buy a ticket and need BTA, BASIC TRAVEL ALLOWANCE to leave the horrible country. i have been scammed and lose the money 3.315euros.
First name: Adam
Last name: Gowin
Age: 51
Location: Malaysia
On websites: craigslist
Report: he starts off so sweet and nice. post picture of himself holding grandson on his lap. Claims he is Canadian and is a Petrolieum Engineer, working in Malayasia. Gains your trust and immediately starts to send out beautiful love letters to you. He also ask to communicate on IM right away. And he talked to me EVERY night via IM from Aug to Nov. and then he started asking for $$$$$ in the form of a wire transfer, just could not get to the states fast enough to see me, his Queen, supposedly BUT ITS A SCAM STRAIGHT FROM LAGOS.
First name: William
Last name: Peltola
Age: 59
Location: Baghdad, Iraq, Washington, D.C., Compton, CA
Phone: 202-594-8801
On websites: Facebook
Report: He found me on Date Hookup. After only 3 weeks, he proposed. Then he got the contract he had bid on working for the United Nations and had to leave the next day for Iraq. Claims to be a veterinarian and caring for the dogs over there. He was there about a week or two when he started asking for cards, the ones at Wal Mart for $50 and $100 each. He claimed his charge cards were not accepted in Iraq and he ran out of cash cause he thought he could use the charge cards. Then in another week or so he wanted more cards so I sent them. Then he needed money sent to a place in Texas for medicine for the dogs..So I stupidly sent that too..Then it was a plane ticket to come home to me..But he couldn't board the plane without $2000 as BTA money..Something about pocket money. said they required it..I finally got it together , it took a couple weeks to get 2600 for him..and a good friend looked him up on a scam site and there he was..He had tried to do it to another woman while he was supposed to be in love with me..I feel like such a fool...all in all he got me for more than I care to say. But I am hurt and embarrassed. I don't know if I will ever get over this mess..He even sent me flowers and a ring..
First name: George
Last name: James
Aka: Lucas James
Age: 55
Location: Dunedin, Fl and Afghanistan Army base
On websites: POF
Report: George James E8 1st Sergeant in Army, based in Afghanistan, due to leave Feb. 30th (his mistake in date creating red flag). Had profile on POF web site Swans99, contacted me by using POF. Switched to talking by yahoo email address. Said he was divorced for 7 years, has a son age 12 named Paul living with childhood friend in Ghana. Ex-wife remarried with twins and told him to raise their son by himself (red flag, no woman would give up her son). Said he is retiring from the military soon, picking up Paul and returning to Dunedin FL. Sentence structures have many grammar mistakes. He asked lots of romantic type questions, copies some of his statements and repeats them again in answer to a question, therefore makes no sense (another red flag). Spoke to me online using IM for two weeks, then asked if I would mail his son a cell phone. I said no, he asked again. I was on to his scam then and located him on this site. It is reported at this site that this is really a black man, age 20, in Uganda scamming women. So the pictures of this man are most likely stolen ones. I have pictures of him standing in front of the monument Mt. Rushmore, of him at a house with a swimming pool supposed to be his home in FL. I did not contact him again, he received no $$ from me. Claimed he did not have an APO address on base.
First name: Rob Reynold
Last name: Paulsen
Age: 50+
Location: Boonville, NC , Nigeria
Phone: 661-727-3714
On websites:, Facebook
Report: Mr. Paulsen first contacted me in July of 2014. He was looking for a wife and mother. Before we could meet he had to leave for work in Nigeria. From there he lost his wallet and asked for money . He said his credit card didn't work there. I didn't send him money and he got mad. I didn't hear from him for about a month and he contacted my cell through texting to see if he could get some money I told him no. He contacted me again through texting Dec 1 and wanted money again. I told him no.
First name: Farrell Francis
Last name: Edward
Aka: Kent UK
Age: 61
Location: Duluth Minnesota, Aberdeen, Scottland, Kent, UK , Reims France
Phone: 447872209729
On websites: Facebook
Report: Farrell first wrote to me in August, it started out just friends, then he started talking love and wanted to live with me. Then he supposedly put stocks in my name through Premiere Investment corp. and sold those stocks with my apparent aproval and now wants me to send 12,000+ dollars to Megalier Spring Bank 28 Wakefield Road Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS98 1FD. England UK after they sent a setup code for my investment. Set up Code number (00V7CODE917) through a Mr. Dennis Harmston. When I looked up Megalier Spring Bank it showed me your site.
First name: Allen
Last name: Mark
Aka: Christian Foddis
Age: 52
Location: Florida
On websites: Linked In
Report: I was contacted by this person via LinkedIn when he sent me the following message. I googled him and found him on your website under another name, Allen Mark. I want nothing further to do with him after seeing this. I can send you a copy of the email I received with his picture on it from LinkedIn. christian foddis Engineering,Oil and Gas at BP I love to know more about you and let?s see how it goes. Little about myself, my name is Christian , A 52 Years old man and a widowed. I am 5'11 Height and 75 KG weight, I am working in the Oil and Gas Sector as Drilling Contractor, I hope you do not have problem with the age and distance because i believe friendship should be built under understanding and trust and friendship is the act of caring, sharing, respect for each other and making each other happy. The ability to make each other happy is the guarantee for a true relationship because life is incomplete without a true friend. I am a hard-working man, I love playing golf and watching soccer on my free time. I love travelling and shopping, I love nature and everything that is natural. I would love to know more about you so that we will see what the future brings for us, I would love to spend my free time with you every day and get to know more about each other. I would love to have your email address and phone number so that we will be able to spend free time together every day. I will be looking forward to read from you. Cheers, Christian
First name: Jens
Last name: Kanngiesser
Aka: Dr. k - music
Age: 34
Location: Germany
Email: dark@Googlemail.coom
On websites: Twitter, facebook, reverbnation
Report: He's on most dating sites, will lure you into thinking he's a singer, he puts stolen songs on his site, once he has your money, he disappears.
First name: Paul Fabio
Last name: Tonito
Aka: Fabio Tonito
Age: 51
Location: USA Ohio
On websites: facebook
Report: He said he had a big business in England London last summer (about 1,5 millions ?) and after that he would come to see me to my country. Some weeks before his work were ready began the problems in London. First he needed money for the taxes, then for the payments for his workmen, then for the rent for the machines...I sent money for him because he seemed to be so in panic and lonely there. Then he said he cant open the account in London for to get his money (1,5 millions ?)...I should have sent him again money, but then I said I dont have more....After some months he send me a message that he has made a payment for me to Santander Bank in London, but for to get this money I should pay there about 2000 ? for to get a cot-code for money transfer... All his promises was lies, he never came here and never paid me my money (many thousends euros).
First name: ashley
Last name: albert
Aka: harrison
Age: 52
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: krobor 1 teshie accra ghana
Phone: +233549715665
On websites: whattsapp
Report: sent money to him for a plane ticket to the netherlands and to activate his offshore account in ghana
First name: Eric P.
Last name: Jose
Age: 58
Location: Austin Texas, United States, Doha Qatar
Email:, ericjose306
On websites: facebook and yahoo messenger
Report: This scammer first contacted me by sending me a message from Facebook. I replied to him and then we started communication per private email. attached are a number of messages from him. He wrote me everyday most of the time the messages were sent between 3-5am U.S time. He was a very good writer and was very romantic in expressing himself. He claimed to have one daughter who was in school and he had been a widower for seven years. He claimed to be new to internet dating but said he chose to do so because his work kept him to busy to go out and meet anyone .One red flag that first caught my eye was in his introduction from Face book he said he was from the US, I wondered why would he say that if he really was in and from the US. also some of the phrases he used were not what is normally used for someone who lived here, but he told me he was raised in Mexico and had been in the U.S for 25 years. He also claimed to be a citizen. I found it odd also that he would not accept a friend request from me for face book, his face book page looked sterile to me, no family only one picture of himself and no friends, later I found that as a big red flag. It did however confirm he was from Austin Texas and was an architect . I did searches for him also on goggled and white pages his exact name never would show up. I also looked up architects in the state of Texas and found nothing. He first claimed to be an architect living in Austin Texas. After about 3 weeks of emailing each other he tells me that he has to go to Doha Qatar to complete a job. It was after he supposedly made the trip and only then he contacted me via phone even though I had given him my number and asked him to call me. I don't think he ever was actually in the united states. About three weeks after the trip he set up messages to make the move to ask me for money. He was nearing completing the job and lost his wallet, then he asked me to send him $1500 to last until his next check from the job. This was only going to be the beginning, I believe if I had sent him the money it would not have stopped there I am thankful that I listen to my inner spirit, and children and did not send him any money. in one of his letters he asked me not to tell anyone about us until our relationship had bloomed. Ladies fair warning if something doesn't feel right and someone tell you that, it is best to find someone you trust to tell most likely than not he is running a game on you. When we want so much to find that special one we become vulnerable and sometime blinded to what the truth is. I kept asking myself how is it this man can love me so much and we have never even met in person? As the days went by and I continued to read his letters I focused more on maybe this is true love than what the truth was. I have attached some of the letters, but there were many more.
First name: Erik
Last name: Nielsen
Age: 58, April 8
Location: New York, Philadelphia
Address: 19103
Phone: 14845809326
On websites:
Report: He has nickname as rhapsodysss in a dating website He pretends to be a maritime engineer. He goes with oil vessel to Gulf of Guinea. He has told that he won a bidding contract before leaving for trip. Later on, due to poor internet connection, he is not able to pay and asks for money to pay for contract expenses. He uses mostly Skype or email. No talking or seeing him alive. When I required to see him and hear his voice, he was irritated. His identity was verified by dating site. Our conversation lasted one month. I did not meet him. Just saw his picture, once talked through Skype. Mostly emails. He asked to pay in half of expenses, when he was as he told in email , in the open sea. Amount is about 20000 dollars. Transfer supposed to be to Hova Chemical Company, Bangkok, Thailand, sales manager Daniel Murrel. I blocked all contacts with him after asking for money and when he did not through Skype and on web cam reveal his identity. He does not have Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter accounts. His email IP address is from Ghana. Home address is 2040 Market Street, which is questionable.
First name: James
Last name: Wilson
Age: 40
Location: Ondo State, Nigeria
On websites: OK.Cupid
Report: 1.He initiated contact 2. Hi sent a message to me on OK Cupid 3. I've been corresponding with him since 26 November, just about a week 4. His English is poor, confessed his love after two days, he wasn't really going deep in the conversation no matter how hard I pressed. 5. No money has been requested as of yet 6. N/A 7. I was looking up his name, and tried photo searches on Google. I finally hit on a match and found who the photos belonged to. I'm mad!
First name: Richard
Last name: Morrison
Aka: Hastrup Eniola
Age: 48
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada / Greater Accra, Ghana
On websites:
First name: Hector
Last name: Lino
Age: 42
Location: Nigeria / San Francisco, CA USA
Phone: 0112348089481424
On websites:
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Mack Wilson
Age: 54
Location: Syria
Address: Albany New York
On websites:
Report: Says on peace keeping mission in Syria. Been in USA army for 25 years. Italian mother American father, retirement soon. Immediately declaring love, requesting trust. 13 yr old son at home in Albany with Nanny, widowed, parents dead, sending romantic emails declaring love and his personality traits but using cut and paste from some letters on the scammer site and not changing the gender. Never discusses any subject for long , never gives much info , changes the subject to his feelings Full on romantic stuff, reels you in. Spent a week on skype and email by which time my scammer antennae raised its head as video and sound didn't work. Too much too soon, didn't get to money stage except he asked if I would financially help a partner.
First name: Alvin
Last name: wilson
Age: 56
Location: afaghan
On websites: POF dating
Report: I met him on POF. We starting taking on Skype and we even sent emails back and forth. He emailed me pictures of him self and of his son. He was getting out of the army in 2 weeks. Then he said that him self and a few other men received an award from the diplomat from Afghan. He said that me and his son was the only family he had. He told me that he wife was dead of 5 years. and both of his parents were dead. He wanted me to accept the award for me and I told him I would. Then he told me that I would have to send an email to and let know that you are receiving the gift for Alvin Wilson. He said that they need your full name, address phone number and the nearest airport in which I did. A Friend of mine found this site there he was bigger then anything, I see his real name chris Smith. He contacted me and we chatted for about 2 weeks I have 2 pictures of him and they are the same one that are on this site.