First name: Micheal
Last name: Scott
Age: 30
Location: Lagos Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Hello this person has been reported already hes a scammer with the real names Olusanya michael Olusegun any information please post here
First name: Allen
Last name: Bale
Aka: Robert Cameron, Johannes Evert, Terry walker, Jeff Maxwell, Christopher Martin, Louise mike Hester, John Fagadama
Age: 52
Location: Afghanistan, UK , accra ghana
Phone: +233546953309, 07719360412
Email:,, Christopher.,, com
On websites: Lovoo , Oasis
Report: I've first got talking to Robert cameron back in March 14. He was on the dating site Lovoo and he got in contact with me. I was just seperated and felt lonely and he made e feel good and after a few month I fell in love with him. To cut the story short he scammed over ?6000 out of me. then I came across the same guy but different name. So then I started digging more and so far I've found about 16 pics of him on dating sites.
First name: Kerry
Last name: Walsh
Aka: Wesley William
Age: 59
Location: Accra, Ghana and London, England
Phone: 233577028289
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: Started communicating in May 2014 through then moved to chatting on Facebook and latterly on Google Hangouts. He said he had been a widower for 5 years and had no children. His mother was Spanish and his father Dutch and he was brought up in Holland but his parents were now dead. He said he ran an Import/Export business in London and in June 2014 was going to do some business in Helsinki. He then said he was going elsewhere and flew out to Ghana to buy gold that he said would make enough money for us to retire and live a very comfortable life. He was short of ?10,000 for the gold so I sent this and he was going to come here when the deal was completed and he would pay me back the money. He then said he needed more money to ship the gold but I said that before I send any more money he would have to prove that he is who he says he is. He sent me an address in England which is not registered to him but when I asked him for more proof he got annoyed and accused me of not trusting him and treating him like a child.
First name: Eric
Last name: Bullard
Age: 63
Location: Georgia
On websites: Christian Mingles
Report: I emailed back and forth with this person for several weeks and he presented himself as a loving man who was interested in a relationship with a Christian woman. After a few weeks he asked me for a large sum of money. I have sent you a copy of the contract he emailed to me. My computer is currently down so I cannot retrieve the emails and I cannot figure out how to get both the pictures he sent me and the contract. If you will please tell me how i can include the pictures i will. Since i cancelled my email address over this scam and my computer went down right after, i have not had the opportunity to create a new email address. Therefore, I asked my friend, Charlene Domini, to send a report for me. I would actually like it to be put in my name and send you my new email address as soon as I create one. Thank you for your time and I am grateful for your site.
First name: Bill
Last name: Evans
Aka: William Chambers Evans Jr., Andrew Edward
Age: 45
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +23464223254
On websites: Facebook
First name: John
Last name: Clapp
Age: 59
Location: Accra Ghana Jacksonville NC
Phone: 9105180667 233230994874
On websites: oasis Active Oasis ActiI've UK yahoo messenger hangouts
Report: I met John on Oasis Active about a month ago and we struck up a quick friendship. We then started to get romantic I also started to talk to his daughter Amanda who is a student at CambRidge University in the UK. We got along great.Her dad now tells me he has business in Ghana Delivering cars That he bought in Berlin to sell to them.Amanda in the mean time lost her cell phone And wanted me to buy her a ATT iPhone 6+. As John and I was getting so close that marriage was in our future so Amanda said I should do that because I was going to be her mom. She also requested a lap top (Intercorei7-4510 8GB Memory/256GB SSD.. Her father arrives in Ghana and loses his cell phone at the airport and gets searched for money laundying Of a large amount of cash he had on him. The story shifts and he tells Amanda that she Has to wait for hers.he has to finish up the business there so he could come home to me. We discussed how to ship thesE goods to Ghana.We finally agreed on EMS I told him I was going to ship them today. He has called My phone off the hook today.i have avoided both of Them.
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Age: 55 yrs
Location: Accra,Ghana
Phone: 233547197009
Email: roben.mart(robenmart01)
On websites: skype
Report: contacted me on skype.Corresponded since February 20015 on skype and email.Told me that he had a briefcase to send me containing 6 milllion dollars and that he send it to me for safekeeping until he finished his contract at end of May with Tullow Oil. He said he was an engineer with the company. Asked me t help the delivery man - Diplomat Perry Smith - with 1500 US dollars to go through customs,as he did not want the briefcase scanned. Being very trusting person, I tried tor raise the money but was blocked all the way - through God's protection - so could not send the money. He was very angry.Told me that his son Leonard 12 years old, would b very upset if they could not visit me in South Africa. Accused me of lying to him about the money to be sent. A few days later he contacted me again and told me that he loved me so much. Then asked me again for 1500 US dollars so that Diplomat Perry Smith could bring the brief case to me. Came to my senses and never replied again.
First name: Eric
Last name: Bullard
Age: 64
Location: Georgia
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: Asked my friend for $11,000 after talking to her 2 weeks.
First name: Peter
Last name: Dos Santos
Age: 43
Location: Miami, Florida
On websites: Chemistry
Report: he started with very nice words, and fell in love right away? Than all of a sudden has ATM problems with his expired ATM card, while he still need to buy Art work for his family business. Asked to send him money and send this example to follow: Babe here is how to send the money to me.... Go to a western Union Store and send the money to me with the Shipping Agent's information through Western Union Money Transfer; Receiver's Name: Alex Eke Receiver's State & Country: Cotonou - Republic of Benin Sender's Name: ........... Sender's Country: ......... Amount: US$4,500.00 Text Question: For Who Text Answer: Peter MTCN: .......... Babe once you send the money, you get back to me with the Sender's Name, Sender's Address, Money Transfer Control Number (10 digits MTCN control Numbers) and all the information used in sending the money.. Babe I'm so worried out here and i want you to know that i will cherish and appreciate it when you help me out with this and also pay you back upon my arrival to see you.. Don't forget to buzz me on Yahoo Messenger as i will be online waiting for you sweetie... Thanks my lovely Queen... Your King, Peter...
First name: Frank
Last name: Martins
Age: 45
Location: Capetown, South Africa / Phildelphia
Phone: 1 (215) 821-7179
On websites: Tagged
Report: This person has scammed me for $4700.00 USD, he asked me to order items from Amazon and ship them to this person and address....... this person was supposedly to be his assistant in S. Africa and Frank(the scammer), was suppose to be in Africa on business. Frank told me he was an Construction Engineer. This is the name and address I shipped the items to: Vincent Idie Ehigbai 53 Olive Park Folkstone Way Parklands Table View CapeTown, South Africa 7441 +27 (74) 340 1565
First name: Evan
Last name: Thomas
Aka: Bie
Age: 50
Location: Benbrook, USA
On websites:
Report: He says his name is Evan Neil Thomas, originally from Dublin and he now lives in Benbrook, TX. He moved here when he was 28. He has an 8 year old daughter named Kerry. He divorced his wife when she cheated on him and her boyfriend got her hooked on drugs. He is an engineer that does contract work and just got a very lucrative contract in Cape Town. His writing was horrible, but at first I put it down to being from another country. He seemed to be moving very fast and it just never felt right, so I decided to check him out and found him on this site. Thankfully, it never went any farther than a few emails.
First name: Raymond
Last name: Ellis
Age: 52
Location: Brussels, Belgium
On websites: yahoo
Report: Caught up in a love romance scam with this man for 2 years sent him several thousand dollars I am to heart broken and embarrassed to say anymore. I met him on Imesh and then on to yahoo messenger I have reason to believe he was on facebook at one time has Raymond Ellis when I sent him a message there the profile and pic disappeared.There is now a new person I have seen there has Raymond Ellis and the same pic has Ben Ellis also in the past few months just recently the Ben Ellis dissappeared. It was strictly phone calls for over a year and a half. Sometimes I would hear other phones ringing in the background and people talking like there were several people in the same room. He would tell me it was someone outside talking when I would ask about it, I would sometimes hear a man singing like a call time for prayer. The money that was given to him was done thru money gram, western union, green money pak cards, Then they stopped the scratch off area on the back of the cards and they went to a card called Reloadit with scratch off numbers on the back and another card called Vanilla. When he would send me emails I would run the IP and it always went back to Brussels belgium
First name: James
Last name: Anderson
Aka: James0065
Age: 45 more or less
Location: EAU Dubai, LA California
Address: Al Karama Dubai UAE; 121 McCoy Lane, Santa Maria CA93453
Phone: 001-802-368-1754
On websites: OkCupid
Report: I was contacted by a man who assumed to be from Santa Maria, California on OK Cupid on August 8th 2014. We correspond on the same website until the end of August and than we start to comunicate with emails and on yahoo msn. Nothing made me think he was a scammer until i got through male-scammers. My brother came suspicious and start to check for info about him so I was told to be aware that these things could happen. I honestly denied my implication, but i have to admit that I was scammed and romance tricked. The first request was of 1000? (more or less) and it was something so desperate, urgent and well organized to trick me. The 2nd and last request was of 2000?. I sent the money to Mr. Micheal Kelly in Al Karama Dubai with a money gramm. As soon as I sent the money I found out he was a scammer. I never told him i found out the true, even if i have accused him to have tricked me cause of money. We carry on to chat on yahoo msn until end of January 2015. He doesn't answer me anymore. I never stop to chat with him cause i wanted to find out more about him and help to have more info about this bastard. I have a document from UAE Court (to convince me to send him the money), letters and pics that he probably stolen to someone of course.
First name: Mikhail
Last name: Rozman
Aka: Branimir Sebastjan
Age: 54
Location: NYC Portugal
On websites: facebook
Report: He Initiated contact w/no photo. I told him I needed a picture and he sent one he is drop dead gorgeous He said he had just moved to El Cerritos California from NYC where he had a gallery called Trouper Antiques. We spoke for 4 months and I was very much in love. I didn't give him very much money but he was stuck in Kenya with antiques and some clients were helping him but only wanted to deal in US or Canada so he would send me etransfers and I would forward it on to him or Catherine Mwenebe. Of course, I was very naive and in love and didn't realize I was laundering money for him When I caught on after the bank closed my account and made me liable for $1000.00 I didn't tell him I made up a story about a death in the family and money to come. I actually got him to send me $100 for my light bill He had many pictures but the one with the easel and a love message on it I've seen three times I still love him. I believe I am suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and I don't know what to do. His likeness is Joao Miguel Liberios from Portugal and has Liberios Leisures I don't know if he is Joao or just using his image He is on Utube
First name: Ronald
Last name: Sutherland
Age: 49 ?
Location: washington, massachusetts
Phone: 9517081607
On websites:
Report: Met them on sent a letter telling sad story etc. instant messaging me. until I got a letter to my wife.. checked it out.. it's a form letter that scammers used. first letter looks like this; Hello, Thanks for your message ..I am so happy i came in contact with you.You are extremely beautiful.I will be willing to start out as friend with you and see where it goes.Let's share some vital information about each other. My Name is Ronald Sutherland I am 49 years old. I'm residing in | Walpole, MA . ..I grew up in Belgium.I was born and raised in Brussels.I came down to the states in 1981 to finish my study.I had a Degree in Electrical Engineering.I lost my wife 11 years ago due to car accident and now intending to move on with my life with that lovely,honest,faithful woman with so much love to give because I am tired of public settings with dishonest,unfaithful women.i heard that dating site is very boring as many women are not honest. I am not looking for someone to replace my wife but someone to be herself,know what she wants out of life and someone willing to forget the past and intending to move on for a better future.. I am now willing to enjoy life,spend,share time together with that lovely woman that could make things right between us.. Being single has been a challenge for me.. Having a very strong faith really helps to get one thru the hard times and I thank God for everything..God is a big part of my life.I don?t know what I would do without him.He is my rock
First name: Frost
Last name: Augustine
Age: 42
Location: Ibadan
Email: Augustine@fordgeorge555
On websites: Friendilife
Report: Met the Guy on Friendlife where he had one account as augustine@frost_augustine age 42. From the getgo I had doubts because his English sucked. He asked me to remove myself from the site. I did. Then I went back on and found that he had added another profile as Augustine@fordgeorge555 age 42.He told me he was born in New York, Texas. He told me his wife cheated on him with his best friend when he was deployed and that is why he divorced her. He told me that he has a 3 year old daughter named Kate, who is turning 4 on the 29th of March, and of whom he has full custody. He sent me a picture of him holding her, dressed as a ladybug. When I asked him who was taking care of the baby girl he said it was his brother's former wife. When I asked him where they lived he said that Kate and this woman live in California, but that he lived in Florida. He started asking me for money and told me he was deployed in Lagos. I never sent him anything and I am reporting you this because I believe someone is using pictures of a real US member of the Military Force. I asked him his christian name and he said he didn't have one. I think it's time to intervene and stop him from using the pictures belonging to a real soldier who appears to like his job.
First name: Keith
Last name: Edwards
Age: 64
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: Scottsdale, AZ and Jackson, WI
Phone: 480-500-8752
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Met about 18 mo. ago on CM. Told me he had just relocated to Scottsdale, AZ from Jackson, WI, because his father died a few months prior. He said he was a widower as he lost his wife about 5 yrs. prior in a car accident. He said he was a mechanical engineer, and studied in London. He was born in Rome and maintained his Italian citizenship. He was raised by his Grandparents in Italy as his mother had died and his father moved to Scottsdale. He is a scammer from Ghana and had me send money to Dr. Michael Afful, Stanley Amoaka, Abraham Adji in Accra and a few people in the US including Theresa Mfum who resides in Lowell, Mass. There are other people from the US and I can provide the information. i also have a copy of his passport, Afful's VIsa and photos. I will ne happy to share all of the information I have. Do NOT believe any of his stories, tney are all lies. I believe this is a large ring if scammers in Ghana. I have submitted a IC3 report and a local police report. His information does not exist! H
First name: gabriel
Last name: james
Aka: james lucas
Age: 54
Location: san francisco
On websites: google plus hangouts and profiles
Report: this person sent me an email first then contacted me on google hangouts several time. He also sent me 3 pictures. I found his picture and story on your website and wanted you to know he is still out there tryng to scam for money. He told me his son was sick and asked me to send him $1000. I played along with him because I have been trying to find out who he actually was from the beginning. i only today found your wetsite and saw his picture. I did not have any intention of sending him money and did not. He claims to be in Afghanistan and getting ready to retire. Says he has a son 14 years old named Chris and his wife died of cancer 4 years ago. I do have the pictures of him and his son that he sent me and an email. He is listed on your site as James Lucus. Please tell me how to get the pictures and email to you.
First name: james
Last name: mccalla
Age: 50
Location: Westminster co
Address: 4901 w 93rd ave
Phone: (937) 280-6680
On websites: ok cupid
Report: James mccalla Works for solor company can't cash check Lithuania Needs money broke cell phone but woman answers Sent phone to him a charles kolawole picked it up dhl At vytauto pr3 26 Kauanas Lithuania Clames he has daughter Dorothy I have pictures Also wanted money 1500 colone off ebay
First name: Robbie
Last name: Thomas
Age: 52
Location: Nigeria
On websites: He is on Linkedin Professional Web Stie
Report: He is on Linkedin Professional Web Site as Contractor from Austin, Tx. I reported him to them but I pulled my profile and had my daughter pull hers so he could not find us. I don't think he should be allowed to be on the site
First name: James u
Last name: Watson
Aka: Nelson dimetri kelly
Age: 52
Location: Johannesburg africa
Phone: 339-987-4548
On websites: Face book
Report: Thank you for having this site. One thing is is its too good to be true. He's promising a lot of things. And not only that he is using that little boy goes by the name Terry. So they can scam women. Especially who happens to be a mother who has a soft heart when it comes to a kid. This man need to stop that is abusing and neglect to the kid.His story is that the kid has a heart problem that he needs his medication and it will cost him $650. By tomorrow. I sort play along with him. But off course I won't give him money. Today I just got a text from the 339-987-4548 which is MA USA number. Which I traced. And also some unknown number. He has a nerve to skype and show his face using God that he is honest and true. Most of the picture that was in data base are the ones Was posted on face book. It's worthted what I pay for. Women out there. Just be careful.
First name: hams jefferson
Age: 44
Location: riverside california
On websites: si
Report: Buenas noches! .. Tambien he recibido correos largos de este Senor ... aduciendo cosas para conquistar, pienso que los mismos correos se los envia a todas las chicas repetidamente,,, deberian tener en cuenta que asi pierden credibilidad en estas paginas ... ya estoy curada de esta clase de gente .. me llamo tanto la atencion porque sus mensajes son tan perfectos de un hombre con valores y buenas cosas pero todo es falso ... Asi que pongo en consideracion a todas las chicas que sean presa facil de este tipo de hombres, que no caigan en su juego . Todo lo que dice es falso
First name: Larry Elliot
Last name: James
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afgnaistan
On websites: Linkedin
Report: He approached me on Linkedin . General Major in US Army, shortly before retirement. Lost his wife and son in car accident 5 years ago. Daughter went on drug since then she has a kidney problem and need a transplant. Writes nice letters, send song text lyrics to express his feelings...although doubts are coming up as the email sometimes look like just copied from somewhere. He is very busy in Kabul, so can not chat always. Urged to open yahoo messenger account. always stress his believe in god. He very soon mentioned things which ddi not fit. asked on this he was getting aggressive, but afterwards apologized deeply. After some chats- he saw me as the wife of his life...and therefore he has deleted his linked profile...too many approached him:-) He then came with the story he need 15.000 EUR which i need to bring to Ireland to a diplomatic lady (
First name: James
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Martin.James
Age: 57
Location: Baghdad
On websites: Senior People
Report: 1. He initiate contact from SeniorPeople - wrote for 3 weeks 2. Education did not make sense nor some of his emails. Noticed repetitive sentence structures. Questioned look like same email - cut and paste. 3. After 1 week of letters started to profess his love 4. Said in Baghdad - working for the UN - Soon to retire on may 1st. 5. Told me about his son in Ghana - in boarding school attorney taking care of him 6. 3 week had an accident - needed 1500.00 7. Liked to IM - only 5 times did not like 7. I refused - no money sent 8. Tried to contact me again - blocked
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Mark Davies
Age: unknown
Location: Sirya
On websites: Skype
Report: Mark Davies contacted me on Skype. quickly he introduced himself as an Licensed Doctor from Austin Texas. Orthopedic Currently in Syria with the UN. Wanted to get $ 720 00 out and will share it with me immediately searched scammers and found him on your site. Played along a bit and sent his picture on your site to him. he got very arrogant and i told him i am on to him and he immediately removed me from his friends. kept on trying to get my full names and e-mail address but gave him his aliases and e-mails.. Also said i must just pay the receiving fee but his contact from UN will send me the amount details Skype address esakimotoharu315 was to quick on him to get to much info.
First name: Cort
Last name: Henrick
Age: 52
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233 554 595751 or 233 231 826319
Email: we never emailed. Does have a Google+ account
On websites: Google+, Facebook, Flirt Cafe, Meet with Love, love.tysa
Report: Met
First name: Chris
Last name: James
Age: 54
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan and Los Angeles, CA
On websites:
Report: I was contacted on 03/10/2015 by Chris James on the chat line on He requested that we switch to corresponding on Yahoo Messenger where he uses the name sgt.james49. We have been corresponding ever since. A friend of mine whose sons are in the army were never allowed to report where they were when stationed overseas. He did state where he was, that he could call his son but not me. He said his father died in the 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center but later said after working at the UN, was a manager of a mining company In another state. So things did not jibe. He did not ask for money. He wanted to meet me immediately upon retirement from the service on May 20, 2015 and asked me to pick him up at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL and gave me an address.
First name: Scott
Last name: Dickey
Aka: Craig mikhail Resnekov
Age: 55
Location: California nigeria
On websites: badoo
Report: He contacted me and quickly fell in love it was four months before he needed money to pay taxes on his income He lived in California when I first met him online and went to Nigeria to sell vaccines. Which the government paid him In a check which he needed to pay the taxes first that were 3400dollars. Then he could come home to me and start a life! When he asked for money I started searching and he had been talking to about 12 women on facebook messenger, which is where we communicated and many phone calls! He did not get money from me.
First name: Chris
Last name: James
Age: 54
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan and Los Angeles, CA
On websites:
Report: I was contacted on 03/10/2015 by Chris James on the chat line on He requested that we switch to corresponding on Yahoo Messenger where he uses the name sgt.james49. We have been corresponding ever since. A friend of mine whose sons are in the army were never allowed to report where they were when stationed overseas. He did state where he was, that he could call his son but not me. He said his father died in the 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center but later said after working at the UN, was a manager of a mining company In another state. So things did not jibe. He did not ask for money. He wanted to meet me immediately upon retirement from the service on May 20, 2015 and asked me to pick him up at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL and gave me an address.
First name: Norman
Last name: Wills
Aka: Marco Romanov
Age: 51
Location: Swansea, SC
Phone: 307-840-9835 and 2348036179164
On websites: Match
Report: This scammer