First name: David
Last name: Ramos
Age: ?58
Location: Phoenix ?, Norway? Nigeria?
Phone: 5122563806
On websites: yahoo messenger; facebook, gmail, aol
Report: One David Ramos first contacted me using a newly established FACEBOOK account. I rejected his
First name: christopher
Last name: smith
Aka: darren
Age: 55
Location: in Khandahar in us army
Email: Darren
On websites: deactivated from mingle date site
Report: He said he was Darren Smith in Khandahar serving in us army. Retirement very soon waiting for confirmation said he would have to pay for his travel back to Stafford uk.. Wife died of cancer 3 years ago. His parents killed in car crash when he was 18. Has a son of 19 going to Liverpool university next year to study medicine. Said his son called eric and late wife Belinda Johnson. Emailed me for about 3 weeks. Said he originated from Adelento in California.
First name: Joe Scott
Last name: Morgan
Age: 53
Location: Nueva York
On websites: Myzama
Report: Hola Xenia, Estoy tan feliz por nuestra comunicacion abierta. Aunque, no es comun que le en linea. No estaba seguro de citas en linea es el mejor sitio para conocer a alguien especial, debido a que algunas personas dicen que estan llenos de perdidas de tiempo y las personas que no estan comprometidos con la busqueda de una relacion. Pero lo que yo siento por ti es muy diferente, lo que siento por ti es persona real. Tambien aprecio el hecho de que usted es un buen companero que quiere conocer a un hombre. He estado mirando su foto una y otra vez, y debo confesar que usted es naturalmente hermosa. Me gusta tu sonrisa y tu tipo de cuerpo tambien. Su pelo es tambien muy nice..You son tan naturales. Usted no ha aplicado mucho maquillaje en su foto. Su apariencia es tan modesto. Me gustan todas estas cualidades. Realmente no suelo dar mi correo electronico personal. Pero despues de pasar por su perfil. Tuve buenas sensaciones sobre usted. Soy una persona genuina, sincera y muy honesta. Soy cauteloso del sitio del sitio de citas y yo soy muy selectiva, en quien me gustaria conocer, parece que estamos en el mismo estado de animo! Pero creo en el amor natural, no creo en la belleza interior la belleza facial. Yo soy un hombre carinoso e interesante ... estoy buscando una relacion a largo plazo que conduce al matrimonio. Soy un hombre muy independiente. Disfruto de noches tranquilas en casa, cenar fuera, ir al cine, jugar al billar, nadar, bailar, etc. Me han dicho por amigos que soy muy amante de la diversion, puedo ser pronunciado en ocasiones, romantico y carinoso. Me gusta tener tiempo con la persona que amo y poner una sonrisa en su rostro. La gente tambien lo hacen me dice que soy muy atractiva y bien parecido. Estoy seguro de eso, pero para casarse con la persona que le corresponde es el mejor y lo mas importante es la alegria que podemos traer a la otra, la quimica, lo romantico, como cuidar y como experimento estamos sobre la construccion de su casa y familia en unidad, el amor, la paz y la armonia. ?Cuanto tiempo ha estado en este sitio de citas. ?De donde eres originalmente de? ?Ha de ser viajar a menudo, ?que clase de hombre es lo que quieres? Su trabajo ?. Estoy en el negocio del oro (compra y venta) tambien yo proporciono polvo de oro y joya de diamantes en bruto de corte para las tiendas de joyas. Pero en este momento, quiero invertir y tener mi propia empresa de joyeria aqui en Nueva York. Pero tambien quiero encontrar a mi pareja para que podamos planificar juntos y ponerse de acuerdo sobre donde vivir por el resto de nuestras vidas. Larga distancia no es saludable para relacion exitosa. El amor es como un bono, el apego y la union. Besos diarias son importantes para mi. Me encanta todo sobre usted, por tanto, mis primeros saludos y espero escuchar mucho de ti tambien .. Su casa, sus animales, sus gustos, sus disgustos ... Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en preguntar, 'yo' cos estoy centrado en una relacion
First name: Shaw
Last name: Nicholas
Age: 40
Location: Afganistan, Kabul USA, Waco, TX, Muncie IN
Phone: 234-706-955-7595
On websites: Mingle2, Facebook
Report: He contacted me on mingle2 then wanted to move to facebook messenger corresponded about 1 month He wanted me to pay for a calling package for him to be able to call me from a US military base there were various amounts it threw a red flag up immediately but like and idiot I did relent and sent $110.00 via money gram to Tracy Eiteljorge In Indianna he called me could barely speak English and I just had a bad feeling so wont accept any no caller ID phone calls. I have not yet but plan to block from facebook and messenger deleted mingle 2 account
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Mark Blienford
Age: 57
Location: Australia
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: Claims to be a heart surgeon with a 21 year son in the USA and was working at Roma Australia but flew to the Uk and then Ghana and needs money for documents to bring gold into Australia.
First name: Bernard
Last name: Champoux
Aka: champoux Banard Gen Bernard Champoux
Age: 56
Location: United States. San Francisco California
On websites: Yahoo messenger Facebook
Report: a friend was talking to this person and she wanted me to talk to him. Talk to him on Yahoo messenger for a couple of times concerning her. He tried to scam her previously and was reported. December 11 came back on messenger and I contacted him asking about my friend and he proceeded to say that his bank was closing and he had a security box he needed to get transferred. Wanted me to take possession of it. Gave me an email address to send my information and request that I was to take possession of the box. Received a reply back. One inmate to send ?3200 to a person in Ghana and they would deliver the box and give me the password to open it. The box was to contain $1.5 million. That was the same scam he tried to pull on my friend.
First name: robert
Last name: cahill
Aka: alex kelly
Age: 45
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 2348053448244
On websites: tagged ,facebook
Report: He is write womens and every lied womens and ask money,i see many report about him.
First name: levine
Last name: kamer
Age: 43
Location: Nigeria
Email: levinekramer30
On websites: Zoosk plenty of fish
Report: I meant him on match, he said he was in the army in Afghanistan and he wanted to transfer so he wouldn't have to ever go back. He asked me to open bank accounts in which he would have money deposited from a friend and take it out and send it to him. He also hacked my cell phone and got my personal information. He got someone else to get a loan and he used my name and bank account to repay it. He got the information be hacking my phone while I was doing online banking.
First name: Anthonio
Last name: perez
Aka: pedro franco alfonso
Age: 51
Location: Milan, Italy & Costa Mesa, Ca
Address: 35 iyobanosa street, benin, nigeria
Phone: 347-395-4404 (pinger) 27-71-842-7437, 27-84-813-4040, 234-805-607-2842, 856-528-4848,
On websites: Facebook, badoo, Pof,
Report: he contacted me in July 2013, via facebook messaging. Very sweet and attentive, night club owned, widowed, no children. A couple months into it, his club and assets were sized by Italian government. He needed money for bail, various documentation. I will provide names in which money was sent to in South Africa. I suspected and called him out, he came clean, told me the truth and I stopped talking with him. After about a month I gave in. Knowing the truth and that he had gotten no money, he had said this was his first time and that he was in love with me. I believed him. He had a job at the time and was in Nigeria and going to South Africa, in December. Once there he was working in antiques and needed me to collect money sent to him by client and forward on to him. We also made plans for my visit in Jan 2014. I went and fell deeper in love. I was going to apply for k1 visa. After my return things changed a bit. He becameI had taken a phone with me there so we could facetime. I paid the bill of course, yet he seemed to have less and less time for us. After seeing the phone texting records, I questioned him. That's why he was so busy as he had new clients for antiques. I became suspicious and began searching for the name he had used a year ago . I contacted the client he had been having me collect from and told her of the alias name. Anthonio. She thought she had been sending monies to lawyers wife. After calling him out he dumped me decided he was i. Love with her and she went to South Africa in Sept. Upon her return, she quickly found out that her Anthonio and the real man were two different people, and I found out that who is was with me and who is really is are two different people. Now he is using new name like Bruno franco, pedro alfonso and Mark Lucas He now says he is divorced and living in Costa Mesa. Poems include the
First name: Brian
Last name: Scott
Age: 52
Location: washington
On websites: tagged
Report: After some weeks he told me his daughter was sick and he needed money. Of course I didn't believe him. Then he send his daughter to contact me by email. Then I told him he was a lier and I ask him not to contact me. I asked him to call me, he never did it, aways had a excuse. He said he was a Log House BUILDER AND HAD A CONTRACT TO AFRICA
First name: Andy
Last name: Wood
Age: 53
Location: UK
On websites: Speed Date foir Seniors
Report: He stared emailing me and finally told me he was visiting his mother in UK. She was in hospital with cancer. He asked first for 850.00 but I didnt send it and stopped emailing him. He started emailing me back and told me he loved me and he always would. So now he is asking for 450.00 to get to me buy Christmas. So I told him I would send him the money, knowing I wouldnt. So he told me today to get the check back and get it at Western Union and get it to him. It is going to an address in North Carolina. The guy its going to is Tony Haley. So like the smart person I am I told him the bank told me not to do anything for a week, give it time to get back to me cashed or back as a returned mail...Havent heard from him since. I have pics he sent me but I dont know how to send them to you.
First name: Moore
Last name: Raymond
Aka: moore kelvin
Age: 41
Location: Afghanistan
Email: Mooreraymond034
On websites:
Report: Moore told me he is a soldier that is deployed overseas and looking for a relationship. However, he wanted me to help him with his leave so he can. spend some time with him. I did what felt was right by helping him with a ride to my home, slowing jim to stay with me during his leave
First name: Michael
Last name: Powers
Aka: Alex
Age: 850
Location: Zwitserland Zurich
On websites: Internationale Cupido
Report: He aded me on Internationale Cupido he ask my E-mail adres i give him my adres and he send me three E-mail Whenn i read the E-mails from him i know this is a scammer. After three days i blockt him
First name: Donato
Last name: Agapito
Aka: Fabio Tonato; Paul Fabio Tonito
Age: 49
Location: Ohio,Alliance; from Rome Italy
On websites: Facebook, Linkeln
Report: He took contact in Facebook, sending me mail. I responded him after a month on 13.October and since then chatted in FB, in phone and e-mail 2 months. He had a contract in London since 12.November and promised to come Finland to meet me with his 12 years old daughter when work is finished, on 15.December,sent a copy of flight ticket, which was odd, No relatives, parents dead, wife died 6 y ago,alone with his daughter. A week before coming to Finland began the troubles. His and her daughters passport was taken by police, cause he didnt pay taxes of his 1,5 mill.? contract (sent a copy of contract) in England before starting work with 100 workers. For the sum 7000? he didnt get loan from anyone, so he cried in phone,so I said I have the money, but want to be sure it goes for taxes. Next morning I checked your sites of scummers and found his name and photo added on 5.December! 4 days earlier! Iwas shocked, lucky me, I didnt send the money, cause I began to realize what he is doing.,I got him to to send account where pay the money, its the same as Lisa Germany
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Fred Lota
Age: claims to be 52
Location: Ghana
Phone: +233554348467
On websites: Too many to name
Report: I was updating my Skype software one Friday and I hit the accept button with his name by accident. He demanded that we use Yahoo messenger. His style is the same with all the woman. He uses a child to soften your heart. With me he told me his son's name is Alvin and has leukemia and has a Spanish patron called Moses and goes to a catholic school in the UK.
First name: michael
Last name: banner
Age: 55
Location: chicago,il ...nigeria
Phone: 312 ?
On websites: evow
Report: Met this guy on evow. Says he was a contractor and won a contract to build a hospital in Accra africa. Texted me the lay out plans and his cashiers check he was awarded. Has a 19 year old son, Bryan. He sent me flowers but the phone number he put on the order was out of Canada. How can that be when he is suppose to live in Chicago? I called up the bank that issued him the cashiers check. I have account there too. I've been through a few scammers so I check everything about any guy that I meet on the dating sights. The bank says that the check was BOGUS. It wasn't one they issued out the numbers didn't match their system. Then he is in Africa to start on the project. But his phone isn't working right could I send him a iPhone and he will pay me back when he comes back to Chicago in a couple of weeks. He never called me only texted me. Got him to Skype me but couldn't see him very well. But skyping doesn't prove who he is or where he is..wouldn't give me his address in Chicago. Never sent pics where he was at. Only old pics..
First name: William
Last name: Peltola
Age: 59
Location: Baghdad, Iraq, Washington, D.C., Compton, CA
Phone: unknown2025948801
On websites: yes
Report: I already wrote you a report and you sent me a number but I lost it. I need that number so I can send the emails he sent me and the pics too. This man is definitely a scammer..He asked me for money repeatedly and I want others to know what he is. Please send me the report number so I can finish the report. Thank you.
First name: WALTER
Last name: CREWS
Age: 52
Location: HOUSTON, TX
Address: 825 S 25 TH ST
Phone: 5408374016
First name: Philip
Last name: Chon
Aka: Philip Denis
Age: 51
Location: Nigeria
Address: unknDelta Regionown
Phone: u2348158709934/+44 7509 531995nknown
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: This person contacted me some three months ago. Very friendly and just the type of man I was hoping to meet. Eventually having declared his undying love for me ,he said he was a Petroleum Engineer Living in the USA and working at Daytona Beach. He apparently was in England when he contacted me .then he said he had to go to Nigeria on a contract. Suddenly the contract could not be fulfilled because he needed ?850 for the contract to be closed. He has tried every trick in the book to get me to send him ?850. When I said I did not have that sort of money he became angry. I smelt a rat and obviously did not send him any money. I asked to see him on video which eventually he did ,but it was not the man in the photo that he portrayed to be, I confronted him about his and he got angry yet again. He realised he was not getting anything out of me and give up trying. there is a man who is genially an Engineer at Daytona beach and I assume the scammer has stolen his photo. I hope this information is useful
First name: Mark
Last name: Lorent
Age: 55
Location: Benin Africa
On websites: Yahoo Messager
Report: He is doing what these reports are saying..
First name: Micheal
Aka: Clark Douglas Dwayne
Age: 46
Location: dublin, Ireland
Email: unknown only chat on EuroDate
On websites: EuroDate
Report: I came across this man on EuroDate. I messaged him first. HIs profile said he was from Ireland. He asked me to give him my facebook ID. I gave him my skype address instead to see his face. He would not do this. I finally gave him my facebook. I was looking on this site on there he was. Not from Ireland and not the same name but same person
First name: Michael
Last name: Dario
Age: 61
Location: Kent UK
Phone: 9406187566/447700018713
On websites: He was on
Report: He contacted me in October and then we have ben conversing over e-mails. He started conversing with me 10/27/2014. He said he worked for Capital Financial as an advisor. Then he said he was going to Texas and then to the UK Kent for a meeting. Then he said he lost his mom in Italy Palermo and then he went to Dubai. Made a private deal and then he asked me to send him money of the amount of 5,000.00. Trying to put a stop on the wire transfer to a George Wu at Chase Bank his account number is 203587530. I have called my bank and his and have put a stop payment on the money.
First name: Guy
Last name: Pearce
Aka: Donald Foster
Age: 59
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone: 204-514-5157
On websites:
Report: claims his undying love.. very quickly. Needed to go to Zimbabwe to reclaim a valuable piece of art that belonged to his late father. The painting is in the hands of a gallery owner who says it was given to him as collateral for a loan that his father took. Court case, blah blah.. i am just waiting for this guy to ask for money to get back home. Unbelievable that some men can think we are so stupid! I have spoken to him on the phone.
First name: Mark
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Mike Owen
Age: 55
Location: Dallas Texas
Phone: 60143122674
On websites: Facebook
Report: He was telling me he had to go to Malayisa,he ask me for money. I added it up to be 2500.00
First name: Michael
Last name: Cannon
Aka: Mike
Age: 51
Location: Malysia
Phone: +60 11 2632 3465
On websites:
Report: He pretend to relocate from California to Switzerland, devorsed, has son - Nathan, 1-year student. Live with son and mother, had company which buid industrial and civil objects. Was in Malaysia for the building a pedastrian bridge, then lost ots of money due to incident with on of the machines, paid compensation and all this kind of. In the end ask money.
First name: Brian
Last name: Edmond
Age: Unknown
Location: UK but now he's in Malaysia
Phone: 44-7031851663/ 447031802953/ 6616-3893097
Email: /brianedmund123
On websites: Not anymore
Report: I am a scam victim of Brian Edmond , I don't know what to do , please help me my family dont know about it and I dont want them to know my problems that may cause quarrel in the family . First we chatt and sharing informations and he said he's falling in love with me and promise beautiful things , he borrowed money because of some problems regarding his project in Malaysia because he's a contractor according to him , and he promised also that he will give 30 percent additional for what he borrowed but up to now he's not responding anymore when it comes to money . I can text message to his celphone up to now but there's no reply . I want my money back , I have all the receipts remitted the money in his name and the three malayans name that Brian Edmond told me to remit the money ... I have a document copy also from Brian Edmond A bank cheque and contract of certificate award from the Government of Malaysia , I remitted the money through western union .. Thank you for your kind consideration , more power and God bless !
First name: ashley
Last name: benstorm
Age: 46
Location: manchester united kingdom
On websites: indonesiancupid
Report: he add me in indonesiancupid. then sent his letter to my email address. he said he will meet me soon and marry me soon after second email. he doesn't even know who i am.
First name: allen
Last name: schwinn
Age: 50
Location: Africa
On websites: yahoo,and all dating sites
Report: He scammed me for 1600.00. Said he wants out of the army. He also said he had a friend named King that is in Nigeria
First name: Martin
Last name: James
Age: 61
Location: Miami, FL USA
On websites: Plenty of Fish, numerous sites
Report: This person sent me a message of wanting to meet me on 12/14 on POF (Plenty of fish) site. The photo of him is in an U.S. Army Uniform with the name
First name: Abhik
Last name: Sunandan
Age: 48
Location: San Jose, CA, UK
On websites:
Report: Abhik started contacting me on The game is the same. A widower with a child, he's claims to be a civil engineer who travels. He calls you, makes promises to meet; but something always comes up and he can't. He asked me for $3,000 which I never sent. He claim he was shipping oil back to US, and would pay me back once he got his