First name: robert
Last name: ortwin
Aka: joseph d fountain
Age: 42
Location: miami fl usa
Phone: 4692130683
On websites:
Report: posing as an Italian architect - met me on OK Cupid dating website and developed a fast romantic relationship then developed a ruse to con me out of money
First name: Raymond
Last name: Brinkman
Age: 45
Location: USA
Phone: 0234 803 873 1382
Email: no one
On websites: Waplog
Report: This man says that he are a Sargent in US Amy in Afghanistan. And he lives on a camp and cant reach his bank accounts. So now he want me to by a calling card from Nigeria.I am told to send a email to adress in Nigeria. And also has he ask me about my money.
First name: Gary
Last name: Wilson
Age: 55
Location: Houston
Phone: 832-384-4935
On websites: eHarmony
Report: After meeting Gary on eHarmony, we communicated for over a month before he had to supposedly had to go to Dubai for business. While there, he began asking for money in amounts of $100-$300 to cover
First name: john michael
Last name: otis
Aka: jon sowden
Age: 52
Location: laayoune
Address: rue ousama ben zaid
On websites: 70 dating sites particularly bbw sites
Report: this man john Michael Otis has scammed hundereds of women and his wife has scammed hundreds of men,they work as a team.I personally was scammed out of 16,000 dollars,with the help of a private detective I have his home address where he really lives,a big problem with catching him was that no one knew where he lived,his usual scam was to pretend he is an engineer in various countrys and will be paid between 1-3 million dollars of which he promises to llove you and you will live together rich as kings,the truth is he is one of the most skilled scammers in the worls,my info,with his actual home address will allow hundreds of you to report him to the Moroccan government,police,fbi and Interpol--please act on this information-he has been at this addres for years and travels a lot on his scam runs to outlying countrys to pick up western union money sent from people mostly in the usa. john michael otis may 1962 true birthday massatussetts he usually says he is 42 or 43
First name: Curtis
Last name: Bradley
Aka: Damon Jeffrey
Age: 37
Location: Cambridge MA, Syria
On websites: KIK,
Report: He contacted me on and was extremely kind and sweet. Started saying that he wanted to get married and start a family after only a few days of talking. Then he made the big mistake of asking me about my finances. That's when I got suspicious and started checking online to see if what he was saying was true. Of course it was not. I let him know that I know what he's doing and I am not very happy. Even though he did not get any money from me, he lied to me and used my faith and Christianity to try to persuade me and that is worse than trying to take my money.
First name: David
Last name: Tharon
Age: 39
Location: Austin, Texas
On websites: Facebook
Report: Accepted friend request on Facebook, emails and talks of his love for me, when I searched some of the things he said on facebook and his emails, this website came up on google and it is word for word.
First name: Alex
Last name: Williams
Aka: Frank Andriano
Age: 49
Location: Canada, Toronto
Phone: 289-975-2121
On websites:
Report: This guy is a scammer, I met him on said he was a widow, lived in New York, Nova Scotia. He's a gemologist or geologist, lives in Yorkville. Birthday July 17, 1965, tried to scam thousand of dollars out of me by trying to get me to send money to Turkey where he was in trouble. Upon further investigation this guy is on LinkedIn as Frank Andriano who worked in Texas.
First name: Theodore (Matt)
Last name: Meyer
Aka: Ted
Age: 47
Location: Denmark
Address: Pistolstr?de 4, Copenhagen
Phone: +45 6991 2627
Email: ?
On websites:
Report: Started communicating with this guy on December 1st 2014 and he told me that he was looking for the last true and honest love of his life. He was very romantic and eloquent and soon he claimed to be very much in love with me even though we never had the chance to actually meet IRL. Something always came up so our first date never occurred. He told me that I was the
First name: Scott
Last name: Arnone
Age: 34
Location: Anchorage, AK
On websites:
Report: scammer originally posted an ad on the Anchorage AK craigslist looking for a long-term relationship w/a man 50+ - I responded to his ad, & we exchanged several emails. His poor English tipped me off, so I started researching the few details he gave: 1) he said he grew up in Montserrat, 2) said his dad was deceased & mom was infirm, and 3) said he was a gas turbine contractor working on a bid for a project in South Africa. These details exactly matched a reported scammer on this site, so I ended communication. (our correspondence hadn't yet reached the point where I was asked for money)
First name: Roman
Last name: Shomin
Aka: Andrey Glushkov
Age: 22
Location: Kazan, Russia
Address: Bauman Street 36, Apartment 5, 422527 Kazan, Russia
Phone: Unknown
On websites: Planet Romeo
Report: This person and I began a correspondence on Planet Romeo. I have since discovered he has several user names on the site, including Teador1me, Millented and Yeahtead. He is also known as Andrey Glushkov. He claims to be looking for a serious, honest man but in reality he is an adept scammer. After a few weeks he wanted to come to my country and told me he began to make a booking and arrange and pay for documents with the Russian travel agency, Pegas. To check whether this was true, I contacted Pegas via their website and was told that this was in fact the case. I therefore assumed Roman Shomin was genuine and sent him money to assist with his trip. He contacted me from the airport at the last minute to say he couldn't board the flight because he couldn't prove he had sufficient funds for staying in my country. This was both untrue and unnecessary as he was to be my guest. He also lied about having a visa. Pegas seems to be implicated in this matter and the latter is now being investigated. Shomin works as a waiter in a cafe in Kazan, lives with his mother Ludmila, sister Katia and cat Eliza. He often sends photos of himself holding a sign saying things such as
First name: James
Last name: Packers
Age: 46
Location: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 6018433854, 2394914157
On websites: Skyrock
Report: I met this man on Badoo where I saw his photo and I iniated contact. We spoke for 6 months where I fell in love with him. I had red flags but denied them because he sounded perfect. He spoke well, he wrote well but I had some suspicions. After about a week he asked for $3000 because he had a contract in Malaysia and some equipment got lost when he arrived. He stated he was a construction engineer. He continued asking for money. Every other month in which I gave to him. I suspected him to be a scammer because he always needed money. This was sent through Money Gram. The person who received the money was Ning Kandrawasia Kanchi. The outcome came when I totally cut him off because I saw the same pictures I was given on another dating site.
First name: JOHN
Last name: T
Age: 45
Location: DALLAS, TX USA
On websites: TAGGED
Report: HIS MESSAGES TO ME AND MINE TO HIM. Hi,I am new here..How are you and how is all in all there? I'm here looking for dating and a serious woman to spend the rest of my life with.Add me on yahoo messenger with John_r919 or on gmail Johnrobert919 or give me your yahoo messenger id or gmail so that I can add you there to make better chat. Hi,I am new here..How are you and how is all in all there? ME: I DO NOT CARE, I AM NOT INTERESTED.
First name: Andrey
Last name: Polushin
Age: 30
Location: Volzhsk, ?????? Russia
Phone: + 7960 0933883
On websites: Planet Romeo
Report: This individual replied to my initial contact with him. In about only one week he expressed very politely his desire to meet me, perhaps begin a relationship but said he couldn't afford the airfare to Australia and intimated he was relying on me to pay for him to come here. I said I wasn't prepared to send any money unless I could see him on Skype and match his photos with him, or not. When I pushed the point he wrote
First name: Gabriele
Last name: Vicenzio
Age: approx 54?
Location: not known
On websites: Facebook
Report: Uses face book message to make contact then asks for email address. I did an image search and found that the photo used on face book actually belongs to an actor GIOVANNI ARVANEH and lives in Berlin Germany
First name: Laurel Richard
Last name: Albans
Age: 49
Location: Nigeria,New York staten Island
Address: 258 Amboy Road Staten Island,New York City
Phone: 00234 703 442 4272. 001 347 559-8967
On websites: Tango,Viber
Report: He contected me on Tango,after a while he told me he has a contact in Nigeria for his duty as a geologic and engineer . This job takes him to Nigeria for about two month.He told me he has a daughter she is in England for school.She wrote to me a mail of this I told him,that I never believe in life that this writing is from a girl if the age of 13 years.He wanted me to reply to her,ok I did and never heard again of her!Now since a while he is asking me for money,cause is sooo expensive in Nigeria and he has to pay his workers and getting material for his work..I told him I don't have money I got scammed and payed all money to a scammer.But he keeps on asking me for money,I don't pay,he contacts me all time by Viber. Now I found him here,with a other name
First name: Peter
Last name: Terry
Aka: Tyler Terry
Age: 60
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 323-609-4437
Email: Do not have an email always phone or Viber
On websites: Skout, match
Report: He contacted me over a year ago and said he was working offshore in Oil & Gas. After a couple of months, he said his daughter was in an accident in Nigeria and they needed $500 to start treatment on her, which I sent. He disappeared for a year and now has showed up again. Said he had a contract in Nigeria that would last 3 weeks then he would come meet me. Once he got there his credit card would not work and he needed money to be able to get a motel room. I refused to send it. Now he is asking for $300 to be able to fly here for Christmas. Told him no airline would have a ticket for $300. When I refused he started cursing and saying that if I cared I would help him. I am now ignoring him. He is really smooth and says all the right things.
First name: Park
Last name: Lary
Age: 47 years old
Location: Londres ,Reino Unido
Email: ;
On websites: Badoo
Report: This man contacted me, I found your photo in their reservas.Esta on Badoo and is called Park Lary and UK, Londres.Tiene 47 years old..We wrote nearly 13 veces.Al search their photo files I found another name Thank you
First name: Henry
Last name: Bromley
Age: 55-60 year
Location: England London
On websites: Internet exploer
Report: We at the HSBC wich to inform you that as the correspondence bank of the Central Bank of Nigeria had yesterday October 21st 2014 carried out an express release order we recived from ouer client the Central Bank of Nigeria to remit into your account the sum of US$50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million Point Zero Zero United States Dollars) as attached is your copy of the confirmation documents hence it is confirm able in your account within 72 banking houers as detailsof the transfer was yesterday forwardes to the Financiel Action Task Force (FAFT) for their accent in line with the banking regulations after of 9/11 and 7/7 we are here to serve you better while wating for response from FATF
First name: David
Last name: Pambowei
Age: 55 year
Location: Nigeria
On websites: internet exploer
Report: It isabout an over-invoiced contract from a goverment contract that was awarded and i am the director of the goverment department that awarded the contract and the goverment approved the contrasct and it was awarded and paid the original Contractor the original amount remaining the over-invoiced amount wich they have just approved for payment this last quota hence i want you to please provide me with any account that can carry the amount please if you are willing to assist me, let me have your number so i can discuss with you and until I hear from you reain blessed
First name: james
Last name: campbell
Age: 45
On websites: facebook Yahoo
Report: james Campbell is an American soldier. he needed some money to buy a new phone to $ 1,000. After a few days he told me wanted to leave the Army but had to pay charges $ 400 a month. he asked me this money via Western Union to send to Nigeria.
First name: barr
Last name: barry
Age: 45
Location: Afghanistan kabul
On websites: facebook Yahoo
Report: barry barry is an American soldier stationed in Afghanistan, Kabul. He told me that she is not allowed for security reasons to banking. but he must pay from his daughter Jessica, the nominal charge. it takes 400 dollars a money should be sent to Ghana but his daughter attended the school in the usa
Last name: SCOTT
Age: 55
Report: he ask fr money to get the medical for (fiance)which he is fake too.i send him money through western uniom,to Istanbul Turkey.he keep telling me if I don't send money ,my fiance will not be released from Afganistan..I payed for his medical report,and I also payed for his flight he is asking me for more more money,like insuriance,and to open an account
First name: Dave
Last name: Howard
Age: 54
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
On websites: Facebook
Report: He iniated the contact from Facebbok. I accepted his request to be his friend. I have been in contact since Oct. 13, 2014 to Dec. 8, 2014. We corresponded through Facebook messaging and one time at He is apparently a Colonel in US Army ND serving as a peacekeeper in Syria. I started suspecting him when he asked money for his military leave 4 weeks after communicating with me, supposedly for Insurance before Approval. He made his General Tom Kelly emailed me a letter for this request. Apparently, it will cost me $6,300 and the money will be sent to Standard Chartered in Malaysia under the name of Khadijad Binti Ismail private account that made suspect even more. When I received his demand I played along with him and he also said that he will pay me back when gets to see me. I started digging the source more and I found out more it was all totally scam. I told him to wait until the money gets transferred to my other account because they way I handles my finances it's different as I am cash broke. He waited until lately I told him that my lawyer will look after the whole thing and my bank will call the Malaysian bank to make sure everything's done legally. He was pretty much upset and I unfriended and blocked him.
First name: Ferdinando
Last name: Galluccio Armando
Aka: Australia
Age: 53
Location: California USA
Address: Tujunga
Phone: Need to found
Email: Need to look for that but
On websites: Facebook
Report: Charming romantic fall in love fats. End ask for a laptop for his daughter wanted me to sen her money to buy a new one so she can finish school project disappear after I say no.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Edelson
Aka: Ghana
Age: 55
Location: San Francisco
Address: California
Phone: 4155787993
On websites: No sure.
Report: Ok, this man is very romantic charming fall in love fast and push you to trust in him fast. Send poems romantic songs. Text many times during the day. E mail you and messenger yahoo every night from Ghana he is doing a work there as a mine engineer he just finish his contract there, planing to return to USA but his company could no pay all his money for his work so the are paying the rest with a gold dust 125 pounds good amount but he said is the first time he is going to bring such amount of gold. This week he is suppose to talk to a lawyer to help him with a documentation to bring the Gold, so I always felt he was an scammer for the way he acts and he did not have family and wanted to spend of the rest of his life with me. So I play the game and I pretend I trusted in him and I loved him finally he said. I have you ask you for a favor my lawyer told me can you receive the shipment of Gold and put in your place until I arrive to USA my lawyer said is important you to have someone you can trust, so my love can you help me. I answer No absolutely no I hasn't even meeting you and I can not do that no matter what. Big turn off. Is over don't contact me anymore he said oh is ok I won't force you to do that but common you turn such a way. I said no. End everything
First name: Jason
Last name: Parker
Age: 59
Location: Denver, Colorado
Phone: 720
On websites:
Report: This man lives in Denver, Colorado, travel the Ghana for construction contract, send me a teddy bear to my adress I only gave my second name and last name. I am worry that he ended doing something with that information also he has pictures I email him. He was in dating site but picture is different. When what he appear on webcam look more like this man also he wanted me to buy a cell for him ipod5 to send this to Ghana but I myself try to send it through but I am glad I did wrong because instead putting my adders and full name. I put Denver to Denver American Express card he gave me was rejected. Here what he gave me. 371243027761003. Expiration date. 07/2017 his addres. Jason Parker. 11428 w. Ford place. Denver, Colorado 80226 was American Express card credit card green level. Later after I told him not doing this he has a daughter who can help him I am not the person he disappear
First name: David
Last name: Ramos
Age: ?58
Location: Phoenix ?, Norway? Nigeria?
Phone: 5122563806
On websites: yahoo messenger; facebook, gmail, aol
Report: One David Ramos first contacted me using a newly established FACEBOOK account. I rejected his
First name: christopher
Last name: smith
Aka: darren
Age: 55
Location: in Khandahar in us army
Email: Darren
On websites: deactivated from mingle date site
Report: He said he was Darren Smith in Khandahar serving in us army. Retirement very soon waiting for confirmation said he would have to pay for his travel back to Stafford uk.. Wife died of cancer 3 years ago. His parents killed in car crash when he was 18. Has a son of 19 going to Liverpool university next year to study medicine. Said his son called eric and late wife Belinda Johnson. Emailed me for about 3 weeks. Said he originated from Adelento in California.
First name: Joe Scott
Last name: Morgan
Age: 53
Location: Nueva York
On websites: Myzama
Report: Hola Xenia, Estoy tan feliz por nuestra comunicacion abierta. Aunque, no es comun que le en linea. No estaba seguro de citas en linea es el mejor sitio para conocer a alguien especial, debido a que algunas personas dicen que estan llenos de perdidas de tiempo y las personas que no estan comprometidos con la busqueda de una relacion. Pero lo que yo siento por ti es muy diferente, lo que siento por ti es persona real. Tambien aprecio el hecho de que usted es un buen companero que quiere conocer a un hombre. He estado mirando su foto una y otra vez, y debo confesar que usted es naturalmente hermosa. Me gusta tu sonrisa y tu tipo de cuerpo tambien. Su pelo es tambien muy nice..You son tan naturales. Usted no ha aplicado mucho maquillaje en su foto. Su apariencia es tan modesto. Me gustan todas estas cualidades. Realmente no suelo dar mi correo electronico personal. Pero despues de pasar por su perfil. Tuve buenas sensaciones sobre usted. Soy una persona genuina, sincera y muy honesta. Soy cauteloso del sitio del sitio de citas y yo soy muy selectiva, en quien me gustaria conocer, parece que estamos en el mismo estado de animo! Pero creo en el amor natural, no creo en la belleza interior la belleza facial. Yo soy un hombre carinoso e interesante ... estoy buscando una relacion a largo plazo que conduce al matrimonio. Soy un hombre muy independiente. Disfruto de noches tranquilas en casa, cenar fuera, ir al cine, jugar al billar, nadar, bailar, etc. Me han dicho por amigos que soy muy amante de la diversion, puedo ser pronunciado en ocasiones, romantico y carinoso. Me gusta tener tiempo con la persona que amo y poner una sonrisa en su rostro. La gente tambien lo hacen me dice que soy muy atractiva y bien parecido. Estoy seguro de eso, pero para casarse con la persona que le corresponde es el mejor y lo mas importante es la alegria que podemos traer a la otra, la quimica, lo romantico, como cuidar y como experimento estamos sobre la construccion de su casa y familia en unidad, el amor, la paz y la armonia. ?Cuanto tiempo ha estado en este sitio de citas. ?De donde eres originalmente de? ?Ha de ser viajar a menudo, ?que clase de hombre es lo que quieres? Su trabajo ?. Estoy en el negocio del oro (compra y venta) tambien yo proporciono polvo de oro y joya de diamantes en bruto de corte para las tiendas de joyas. Pero en este momento, quiero invertir y tener mi propia empresa de joyeria aqui en Nueva York. Pero tambien quiero encontrar a mi pareja para que podamos planificar juntos y ponerse de acuerdo sobre donde vivir por el resto de nuestras vidas. Larga distancia no es saludable para relacion exitosa. El amor es como un bono, el apego y la union. Besos diarias son importantes para mi. Me encanta todo sobre usted, por tanto, mis primeros saludos y espero escuchar mucho de ti tambien .. Su casa, sus animales, sus gustos, sus disgustos ... Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en preguntar, 'yo' cos estoy centrado en una relacion
First name: Shaw
Last name: Nicholas
Age: 40
Location: Afganistan, Kabul USA, Waco, TX, Muncie IN
Phone: 234-706-955-7595
On websites: Mingle2, Facebook
Report: He contacted me on mingle2 then wanted to move to facebook messenger corresponded about 1 month He wanted me to pay for a calling package for him to be able to call me from a US military base there were various amounts it threw a red flag up immediately but like and idiot I did relent and sent $110.00 via money gram to Tracy Eiteljorge In Indianna he called me could barely speak English and I just had a bad feeling so wont accept any no caller ID phone calls. I have not yet but plan to block from facebook and messenger deleted mingle 2 account