First name: Marc
Last name: Pierce
Aka: Marc Zach Pierce
Age: 40
Location: Seattle, Justin, New Delhi
Phone: 13602143476
On websites: Viber, Skype
Report: He is a doctor, his father has a second heart attack, and he took him to New Delhi to be treated and operated, but his father's american insurance doesn't work in India, and he needs to pay everything before his father has the operation. He most pay it in cash, but he doesn't have the cash to pay, because his check can't cash between 10 to 15 days, so he needs assistance to pay the operation as soon as possible. He want the money in Western Union as soon as possible ($3500) to complete the cash.
First name: Eric
Last name: Adams/ Kennedy
Age: 44
Location: Barcelona Spain & San Francisco
Address: unknown2145 Franklin Street San Francisco, Ca 91409
Phone: 951-215-6894
On websites:
Report: He contacted me through, we talked through texting at phone number above and facebook. He said is mother was dying of cancer in Spain. He never asked me for money. But when he got to Spain this was his email to me. Eric Perez Kennedy Address: 2145 Franklin St Apt 7, San Francisco, CA 94109 (951) 215-6894 ACC NUMBER: 40076497 SORT CODE: 602725 pincode: 08241025 your last deposite -August favourite colour: blue,white and black place of birth: spain BRITISH BANK OF UNITED KINGDOM Email: Tel: +44-740-423-3295 :+44-131-510-3072 Philip Edgar Ask of Mr Philip Edgar when you call the number, thanks sweetie Eric K
First name: james
Last name: mosqueda
Age: 57
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: j
Report: I have been talking and emailing James for just under a month I have fallen for the smooth way he works he told me he is in the army and is stationed in Afghanistan and due to retire soon I stupid gave him my home address on the Thursday before Valentine's day received 12 red roses to my home then came the big one he asked me to send a email to have a box delivered to my house with his medals in also a lot of cash as he could not get out in time to retrieve it I was then emailed back asking for 3250 to get the documents changed to my name. When I sent some of the money not all I thought this is not right when I asked James about it he said why would he send roses and flight details if he is not real now I don't know what but I can not believe he took the good name of a soldier he should be stopped
First name: Adam
Last name: Simon
Aka: Simon Edvin, Dean Simon, Edwin Dean Simon
Age: 61
Location: Lenoir City TN USA
On websites: Yahoo Messenger, Linked, Removed from Facebook
Report: Six months ago I met Adam Simon on We hit it off quickly and in less than two weeks he was professing his love for me. He told me he was an arquitect, Swedish with a son Michael 26 who lives in England, was self employed and working on a project. Went to NY to do a presentation then had to leave for Poland where he fell down the stairs hurt his back, and had surgery. When it came time to be discharged he said he did not have enough money for airfare so I offered to pay and that is when the money expecting began but he never put pressure. After that it was the hospital bill and hotel bill and until he paid the hospital bill the hospital was holding onto his passport. He made promises of returning home soon but all of the sudden the issue of paying subcontractors came up and he said that they would not let him go until the money he was receiving from the company he did the consulting with cleared the bank. He did show me a Certificate of Completion for the project he worked on from a legitimate company but not sure if this is real. I looked up the name of the person I made the deposit to and it turned out that the picture of Alvin Kadwell from Big Rapids MI is the same as Adam's. Adam's picture also is shown under the name of Dean Simon of Simon Ventures where on Link it says he is CEO and his picture on Google Image Search is also listed as Simon Edvin. I strongly believe that the man on the pictures I have is not the real scammer and is victim of identity theft and these poeple are using his image to scam women. The only thing that got me suspicious was that one of the pictures he sent me a few months ago from Facebook had the name Simon Edvin underneath. This week I emailed him the images that a friend of mine found of him on the internet and I spoke to him about and he said he contacted his attorney to have to images removed but then I found this site and sent him the information here just so he would know and he went into a tirade of worry and was saying that my friends were trying to destroy us and all sort of other things to the point he said he was done with me. When he thought I was going to hold back in providing more money afterwards the mental manipulation came into place and it was bad. He said I was killing him and to the point where he was rushed to the hospital. I'm out of some money but not much but I strongly believe this person is in the US and has acquired a phone number from Poland to call me quite often. He also has a TN phone number. I also asked him to do a Skype or facetime and he said he would to prove me wrong and I asked him to send me recent picture of his son and him and got put off and the picture he sent was an old one that was on Facebook. He always said that he would try to pay me back. In addition, it seems that there is more than one person involved since lately he has asked me to deposit money into an account of a woman in Galloway, Ohio. What is interesting is that Adam is very eloquent, has good grammar and the times we spoke on the phone had the Swedish accent and we've had itelligent conversations on Yahoo Messenger and for a person that does not want to talk to me he still has me as a contact on Yahoo Messenger. His picture on this site has been posted under Edwin Deam Simon but I have more pictures that are the same face as this one. Places where money was sent. Alvin Kadwell 513 South State St. Big Rapids, MI 49307 Bank Name: Lake Oseola State Bank Bank Address: 790 North Michigan Ave., Baldwin, MI 49307 Bank Phone: 231-745-4601 Savings Account: 5800141 Linda Reed JP Morgan Chase Galloway, Ohio
First name: David
Last name: Smith
Age: 47 or 50
Location: Tamale, ghana
Phone: 233206129183 C
On websites: Facebook
Report: I received a friend request from a David smith and was curious as I new a David smith years ago. When I accepted his request He claimed to be an E6 staff sergeant in the us army. The 1st conversation was light and friendly no issues at that time; however the 2nd time he started calling me sweatheart... He first claimed to be 47. He avoided direct answers to all my queries of his work and what he was doing there. I know the U.S. Air Force had bases there during the 1st world war but not army. I became suspicious and asked for his contact details. He gave me a mobile number and personal email. I then asked more direct questions. He did not answer and had quite a hissy fit when I mentioned that I had told my daughter of him, claiming he had breached protocols and his work was need to know etc. At this point I asked him for his U.S. army email and other formal us contact details. He refused and again gave me his personal details. I asked him for a picture with my name printed on a piece of paper; talk about photoshopped. He finally asked me for ?100.00 when I said I couldn't afford it he lowered it to ?70.00 then ?50.00at which point I had my own hissy fit. He has been chatting for a couple of days and has asked if I have a credit card( I don't) and is once more asking for cash, apparently no amount is too small. All this has taken 10 days. I have now blockedhim on F/B and have not paid him a penny but thought others should be aware.
First name: Ryan
Last name: jacob
Age: 56
Location: Afeganistao
On websites: Facebook
Report: coup that deceives people saying amalas and asking in marriage saying that will buy home address and asked bank card then of a scam steals everything he can the person
First name: Charlie
Last name: Neymar
Aka: Gregory Creighton
Age: 54
Location: Florida, USA; Stockholm, Sweden; Malaysia
Phone: +46769111686
On websites: Motesplatsen
Report: He told me he moved to Sweden 10 month ago to work for Statoil. He says he is an engineer and is working on oil- and gas platforms at contract basics. He says that he is from Canada, moved to Florida about 10 yeras ago and now to Sweden. He says he own a house in Fort Lauderdale which he now rents out. He says he is now between contracts for Statoil so now he is in Malaysia doing a job at a platform,for his own company. He will be back in Stockholm first week in March. Born 5th of May. He has a small dog named Cas.The vet. is taking care of the dog when he is away. When I offered to greet his dog the vet was
First name: Lewis
Aka: William Fox Clark, Jack Redd, etc.
Age: 54
Location: Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
Email: Not known at this time.
On websites: Senior singles .com
Report: Just seen Lewis, aka William, on this site, office won't open till Monday to notify them. I had dealings with this guy so recognised him. Also known as Jack Red. Senior singles . Wearing glasses. Age 54. From Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I sent a report about this guy . No 6263 He has just this day joined.
First name: Matthew
Last name: Bradford or sometimes Ford
Aka: Robert Cotton
Age: 58
Location: UK Birmingham
Phone: 447522041589
On websites: Senior Christian Dating
Report: Contacted me through website saying he got divorced 5 years ago and very painful etc etc. Very plausible and took a while to suggest we swop emails, then a few weeks to mobile numbers. Kept fondness to an appropriate level. Said he was a marine engineer and had to fly to Dubai on business. kept in contact whilst there and told me that he was having problems topping up his mobile and didn't want to loose contact and could I top it up from UK - only small amounts but it was the tester and then asked for how much was the maximum I could afford as roaming was very expensive out there. I started checking on web and found his photo on your site. Shame I didn't know your site existed before I joined the dating site. On reflection emails were likely to have been written by different people with various levels of English and Spelling (he apologised and told me that as he got tired he realised he made spelling and grammar mistakes!), my name was only ever used once and never answered personal questions.
First name: Pieterse
Last name: Malize
Age: 1954
Location: stokcholm, sweden
Phone: 17856580026
On websites: had on facebook
Report: He contacted me on facebook, to add him as a friend. as soon as i did, as i thought he was a friend of a friend, he started using letters of love, that i know see are matching to the ones on your site. i have all the letters from him, as well as pictures.his facebook acct is deactivated now, and he started calling me. i did not get to see how much money he wants, as i stopped this right away. this only lasted 1 week as i felt something was not right.
First name: charles
Last name: preston
Age: 57
Location: ghana
Email: hertbert
On websites: tegg dateing
Report: also uses the name charlie dosah charlie preston or dosah ask me for alot of money telling me how much he loved me ,he was going to merry me , he also goes by the name herbert tayler the email i dont remember he says his son james is in a school he told where i looked it up and it was not true charlie dosah told me he had a bad heart and was in the hosiptal in ghana ,he had someone call me and tell me he was there he is very good at what he is doing i dont understand they know where he is why not do something about this . he has hurt me real bad and is a very lier
First name: Mike
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Jerryson Samuel Babikian
Age: 54
Location: Ghana
Phone: 011 233 23 353 7010
On websites: Facebook, Chemistry
Report: I was approached by this scammer on December 7, 2014 through We corresponded for approximately 1 month. He claimed to be the president of an international construction company and the owner of a jewelry store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He claimed to have to go and supervise the start up of a shopping center in Accra, Ghana for a period of 2 weeks after which he would be returning to Santa Monica, CA. While there he claimed to come across an opportunity to buy gold for a lower price than market and paid $200,000. He claimed he could not cash a check he received for $1.2 million and asked me if I could
First name: Anthony
Last name: Edleson
Aka: Michael Pendleton
Age: 49
Location: Accra Ghana
Email: Kindheart and Armybase1964
On websites: Unknown
Report: This picture of this man is the same as Michael Pendleton a supposed recently retired officer in the Army. He said he left Afghanistan and went to Accra Ghana to make arrangements to receive gold bars that he purchased in Afghanistan from miners. He lead me up to all this over a month and a half of sweet talk...wanting me to believe he loved me and wanted me to allow the gold to be shipped to me till he could get back to the states. I quit talking to him as I suspected he was a scam. He kept texting me for several weeks afterward.
First name: Stanley
Last name: Fazier
Aka: Mark Mayer
Age: 54
Location: Liverpool - England but later in Benin City -Nigeria
Phone: 002348131885364
On websites: Badoo - Hi5 - Tagged
Report: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ From: To: Subject: Denounces Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2013 23:47:01 +0300 Dear Sirs! Come communicate and report a people crime on the Internet. I met a man through a website Love in Christ who said he was American and who lived in the UK, but soon after announced that he was traveling with his 13 year old daughter to Nigeria called Sofia and traveled on business to the Edo state in the city Benin City. For a time not asked me for money but told me he had spent his money during his work with the acquired wood and your card blocked, even traveling to the capital Abuja failed to solve, but had sent all his wooden containers for port in the UK. When they said they would travel to Brazil to meet me, Sofia girl told me that her father was arrested in police station moments before shipment to Brazil at the airport, because he could not prove the payment of taxes on the wood sent to the UK and their passports were stranded at the station. Thus began the whole story and how I believed, I felt sorry for the girl to be in a strange land and alone at the time of the situation, but the manager of the hotel Mr Kelvin was with them at the time of his father's arrest at the airport, with whom he became friends . Anyway, I sent the money needed and started extortion, always with false promises of their great desire to come to Brazil and that terrible things were happening to them, as their kidnapping for their contract workers to work in cutting the wood, and serious illness of Sofia girl and needed surgery, and many more things that always demanded a lot of money. I am a simple person working, I have 62 years, I am still beautiful and although it was suspected that something was wrong, they were very convincing. Anyway, I sent all my money from my work the month of December, a few days ago to finally could get out of Nigeria and so am waiting until today, without further news, gone! This story has been since March last year, when I met him until last week day I sent the money and was without any further news, the name he gave me is Harry Jones and daughter Sofia and they were from California and lived in the UK in Liverpool. The remittance of money to them was made through Western Union and who was his friend received the hotel manager Mr Kelvin Uyi Evbadazehi - address: - NOT 9 EDO STREET - Benin City - Nigeria. As I was denying sending the last shipment of money, he decided to convince me and send to an important man of the aviation office for the purchase of tickets, whose name is Precious Enoma Igunwe Address: - 13, OMOZOGIE STREET LANE OFF USELU - Benin City - Nigeria. As I was searching the internet, I found this name in Benin, a 26 year old guy according to his pictures is a boy who is attending college but has humble origins. . Harry Jones call me a phone number 002348131885364 when I was in Benin, then I also phoned a hotel in Abuja the capital, told me that the phone was the manager of that hotel borrowed, 00971509271554 00971553431963 and. I hope you get some response from his lordship in relation to the immense extortion that made me through lies and deceit .. My phone is 047-84037390 or 47- 96483265. I live in Timbo - Santa Catarina and the mail Harry Jones is
First name: Armande
Last name: Vittorio
Age: 50-55
Location: San Fernando, Ca
Phone: 626-344-7065
On websites: Badoo
Report: Claims to be an Interior Designer that goes on a business trip to Thailand Loses his wallet with credit card. Client gives him his $5.5 million dollar check but bank won't cash it, and he needs a
First name: William
Last name: Clark
Aka: Red
Age: 60
Location: Syria Damascus
On websites: SeniorSingles
Report: Says he's a surgeon with UN/Americam army, due to retire in 3 weeks, sends lovely love letters, very convincing, says wants to come to England to see you. Doesn't ask for anything, then luggage stuck in customs, wants ?3500 to get it released in order to get home to your loving arms. Couldn't get that from me, so asks for ?1000 as getting desperate. Still no joy from me. So sends a video of what's in suitcases, gold bars, and documents. Still no joy from me, very persistent. Before this he keeps disappearing from Skype due to patients needing him. No sound on Skype as its broken, only dare come on so you cam se him for a few seconds each time as its against regulations. So types messages, starts to call himself your husbands. Some of the text in his letters seems to come from books, think 5O shades of grey. No mention of your name on letters, could send these to anyone. Sometimes felt as if I was talking to someone different. When texting. Probably was. Knew it felt like a scam after first week, so went along with it, saying my undying love etc. was waiting for scam to start, and it did, found his face on your database, on there about 9 tines. Listed as one of most prolific.
First name: Josh
Aka: Unknown
Age: 35
Location: Hollywood, California; United States
Address: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: Male Fake/Scammer: PunishthePink 35M Hollywood, California; United States Started a Profile on Alternative Lifestyle/BDSM, Fetish & Kink Personals as 24-year-old Homosexual male living in West Hollywood, California -- using a photo of retired Australian rugby player, Kayne 'Kayno' Lawton. Several people reported fake Profile to the Abuse Team -- the Abuse Team only removed the photo, thus allowing this fake to roam freely on the Website. A few days later, this fake uploaded another photo from the Internet posing as him, changed his date of birth and location -- now 35-years-old and living in Hollywood, California. Response from SiteSupport on 02/05/2015 at 16:52 PST -- Thank you for the post. It sounds like his images of other men have not been a successful ruse for him. As I said before, if you have a copyrighted image you would like to report, please do and we will take the appropriate action. Otherwise, I would just advise you to ignore the user and enjoy your time on the site. You and others like you are here to actually enjoy the site and each other's company. If this member is only here for 'ideas' then clearly its his loss. Antonio = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I sent the fake an E-Mail, here is the reply they sent me 02/04/2015 at 09:09 PST -- Sweetheart: Ha! You make a good living checking people?s IDs? Thailand, no less! This board is pure fantasy. You really think that many people actually get connected from this site? Have you ever gotten connected from this site? People don?t meet on websites, they meet at parties and organized BDSM events. They meet in person. This site is just for in the meantime, late nights, people messing around and gathering ideas. Some of these people live in Nowheresville, and so can?t even travel to a regular sex partner until massive prior plans are made. I only picked that photo because five wks ago my computer got stolen with my entire photo library on it. So tried to find one that closely resembled myself, came up with that. Interesting. I thought the guy looked totally average. Must be cuz I live and work-out in West Hollywood, ?Boy?s Town.? Everybody here?s an actor, a model, a porn star or something like that. He would fit in fine. And so do I. Why you snooping into gay boy's business anyhow? Unless you got a huge cock hiding up your twat, STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS! Non, je ne regrette rien! = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Clearly admits that the photo is NOT of him! I guess it is okay to put a photo onto your profile that
First name: paul
Last name: woodhouse
Age: unknown
Location: malaysia
Phone: +601123149015
On websites: yes
Report: he sucked me in and i gave him thousand off dollars he as a daughter named jennifer and uses jennifer saying she as cancer and needs treatment
First name: Vincent
Last name: Muphy
Age: 55
Location: Gulf coast, Florida
On websites:
Report: I do not believe this is his real name. But his alias he goes by. Claims he on a rig at sea off Florida Coast. He is very charming, aggressive, wants a real relationship he's from Berlin Germany. Has heavy accent. He is a great actor and liar. Although it became comical once he asked for me to be his Valentine he told me to send his gift to W.Africa. ( Wow!)..No I did not send...Then he asked for money to help him pay for his daughter's Bday party in her boarding school in Berlin who is 14. Both all in the same time frame discovered his Valentine to me was from a man named Keith Mah from Richmond, BC who signed the credit card. Then he was hoping for money for his daughters BDay party to be wired Western Union to Istanbul Turkey to Etinosa Imarhiagbe..Seriously!!!!.....daughter is in Berlin told me they would send her the money???? Haahaaa...NO I did not send money......SCAM..SCAM...Seriously who is dumb enough to believe anything like this.. he is not even that good about his lies...Told him he's a German Gigolo....THIS WHOLE PROFILE IS FRAUD.... I did see his live face on Facebook as I believed it was a Fake profile....He had been communicating with me on Facebook but I asked proof this profile was in I wanted to see him live he told me he had to create a profile ..What????...more Red Flags so someone was using his profile to communicate and pretend they are this man.....I think he is getting paid for his profile by Scammers posing as him.. He is good looking but do not believe he is the guy communicating. I could understand him sometimes and other times seemed like a man from somewhere else with all together different accent and really bad English....This is SERIOUS SCAM!!!
First name: Christopher
Last name: smith
Aka: steve h perry
Age: 48
Location: Kabul - Afghanistan
On websites: steve perry
Report: he claimed as peacekeeper in Kabul Afghanistan, and will complete its work by mid-year. he has 2 children and lives in Texas - United State of America.
First name: steve
Last name: perry
Aka: steve h perry
Age: 48
Location: Kabul - Afghanistan
On websites: steve perry
Report: he claimed as peacekeeper in Kabul Afghanistan, and will complete its work by mid-year. he has 2 children and lives in Texas - United State of America.
First name: Cann
Last name: Scott
Age: 57
Location: Brooklyn New York
Phone: 9187709025
Report: My mother has been corresponding with this man and possiably a group. He sent this letter last. Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don't know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don't know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you. It might be all the things I see on the surface, the things that everyone notices and admires about you, qualities, capabilities and a wonderful smile obviously connected to a warm and loving heart; these things set you apart from everyone else. But it may also be the big things ... the person you really are that I hope to know more someday. And it might also be the little things ... the way you walk and all your actions and love for GOD , I receive so much joy just being able to see a smile in your eyes. If I ever figure out the magic that makes you so special, I'd probably find out that it's a combination of all these things. You are a rare combination of so many special things. You are really amazing. Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. There are even times when I awaken, I realize that you've been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there's nothing I'd rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you. Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now, I realize how deeply my life has been touched by you.
First name: Mark
Last name: H
Aka: Morgan James
Age: 53
Location: Syria, Massachusettes
On websites: HI5
Report: This man is a piece of work. I called him on his deception with me and he friends me under another alias on Hi5. Now either he is STUPID, or he thinks he can convince me a lot of men look like him! He signed on Hi5 today... after I asked him about the counterfeit check he sent to me! $4760. Thankfully, my bank was there to protect me from him. Now he's a Surgeon in Syria. This morning he was a contractor in Lagos, Nigeria. Beware. I have reported him to HI5 as soon as I saw his picture.
First name: Andreas
Last name: Wolf
Aka: other name Polocsanyi Bela
Age: 53
Location: Switzerland ,Laussane,Hungay
On websites: Social sites..on his own business sites..Polocsanyi Bela
Report: this is a long story of him asking money..I googled him and found out that he has so many aliases..since 2012..his name like Michael, Dave, Erick..Andreas..I found that he was doing GOLD above aliases...I looked for scammers and found his picture also in Thai scams .com..Indonesian sites..Since he unfriend me in FB..after I told him that I could not help him...further..I noticed. his profile photo in my FB..changes.a lot .like he also represent a woman named Lyndia Sutton..and when I message him..his picture appeared and deleted this profile... now he is still in FB as Andreas Wolf also seems working hard in his networking he has many sites..I also recognized and confirmed he is the one when I saw his video on one of his sites ..I feel sorry for this he used other people,he may need psyche help stop him from hurting people .He talked with a lot of sweet words..long story.. My Request..please keep my name confidential,,I just want you to investigate..thank yoiu
First name: Michael
Last name: powers
Age: 50
Location: Ettiswil, Switzerland
On websites:
Report: He got his UK project work done, but can't cash his cheque. Need cash to cash cheque.
First name: Gary R.
Last name: Vermeulen
Aka: Gary Williams
Age: 50
Location: San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210 560 3612
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: Contacted me through This masterful phony tried to scam $6,000 from me when he became delayed in China for extra fertilizer days, unplanned. Even sent me his American Airlines itinerary to justify his whereabouts. Because of social media tools, I found his IP log-ins taking place within the USA when he supposedly was in China. Belgian parents, son Earl in San Antonio TX, wife died at childbirth, sent flowers to me and wrote daily with the term
First name: Bright Asare
Last name: Okyere
Aka: alias Derrick Martins
Age: 35 ? alias person are 57
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: Kumasi
On websites: Skype, and norwegian datingpage
Report: He are operating at Skype, as
First name: MARK
Last name: DAVIES
Age: 57
On websites: SKYPE
Report: Contacted me saying he is a Dr working for the UN in Syria. He asked if I was married and I said yes at first and then no to see where this went. My husband and I played the game as we have heard of these sick bastards preying on women. He started getting very soppy very quickly and spoke alot about trust and coming to see me and getting married. Talk about fast work! WHAT AN ASSEHOLE !!!! Our suspicions were confirmed when he said he needs help to get 700,000 USD out of Afghanistan and emailed me a document to be filled in. The grammar and use of English was a joke and we could see immediately it was a complete hoax so I surfed the net and low and behold found him on here so I can now add another alias to his long list and another email address.
First name: Gareth
Last name: Henderson
Aka: I_am_henderson99
Age: 54
Location: USA
On websites: OKCupid, Yahoo Messenger
Report: The scammer is imposing as a petrol engineer. His wife died in the London bomb attack on 7/7/2005 but the name he provided is not between the victims list. That was the second sign
First name: Biyi
Last name: Kayode
Aka: Debiyi...& Adebiyikayode
Age: 37
Location: Nigrigra &iltaly & Germany
Address: A.r.c.i.via Victoria 17 novolia lecce..73051 Italy
Phone: Weher Strl.. 163.32369 rahden Germany
On websites: Facebook 5 accounts twitter two acounts ..tryed badootoo
Report: Biyi Kayode contacted me over four yr ago after watching me online for 6 months ..he used the gospel and love scam to suck me in for over 4 years I have receipts where I bought things as iPhones DVD players etc..$6000 worth of items he ask for ...when I meet him he was in libyia Africa but he is from nigria but moved to itlay where I sent his items then moved to Germany where he requested more items ...then I realized by a school mate of his he lied to me about his age he said 42 but he's 37 two school mates confirmed this .. I also found 5 Facebook pages where I contacted women freinds they confirmed he tryed asking them for things .... He changes his SIM card to advoid the calls from women who he taken ... Even pomised my 11 yr old daughter he play soccer with her ...he uses his real pic s but profiles pic on Facebook he uses a cd cover ... Very evil to take over 4 yr of my life ... He still doing scams and he in Germany right now