First name: Gareth
Last name: Henderson
Aka: I_am_henderson99
Age: 54
Location: USA
On websites: OKCupid, Yahoo Messenger
Report: The scammer is imposing as a petrol engineer. His wife died in the London bomb attack on 7/7/2005 but the name he provided is not between the victims list. That was the second sign
First name: Biyi
Last name: Kayode
Aka: Debiyi...& Adebiyikayode
Age: 37
Location: Nigrigra &iltaly & Germany
Address: A.r.c.i.via Victoria 17 novolia lecce..73051 Italy
Phone: Weher Strl.. 163.32369 rahden Germany
On websites: Facebook 5 accounts twitter two acounts ..tryed badootoo
Report: Biyi Kayode contacted me over four yr ago after watching me online for 6 months ..he used the gospel and love scam to suck me in for over 4 years I have receipts where I bought things as iPhones DVD players etc..$6000 worth of items he ask for ...when I meet him he was in libyia Africa but he is from nigria but moved to itlay where I sent his items then moved to Germany where he requested more items ...then I realized by a school mate of his he lied to me about his age he said 42 but he's 37 two school mates confirmed this .. I also found 5 Facebook pages where I contacted women freinds they confirmed he tryed asking them for things .... He changes his SIM card to advoid the calls from women who he taken ... Even pomised my 11 yr old daughter he play soccer with her ...he uses his real pic s but profiles pic on Facebook he uses a cd cover ... Very evil to take over 4 yr of my life ... He still doing scams and he in Germany right now
First name: Vincent
Last name: Alonzo
Age: 50
Location: Long Beach, CA
Address: 90814
Phone: 424 265 4726
On websites: OKCupid
Report: This is exactly the same person... Beware! he uses a Southern Ca phone # can tell you he lives in your town close to you, and works at the Port of Long Beach, this is a very smart scammer....... I was lucky & smart enough to pick up on the scam in a very short time.
First name: Norman
Last name: Keene
Aka: Norm
Age: 59
Location: USA, Federal Way
Address: P.O.Box 25620 Federal Way, WA 98093
On websites: mate1, Spark, Christianmingles
Report: This man is a Professional SCAMMER. He is a smooth talker,Sweet but very Dangerous. (Head Games, Mind Player...Lies about everything He says) He has many user names and Yahoo Chat ID's and the popular one, he uses is and .....The picture there is him, the Scammer. Be AWARE folks & Don't be a Victim!
First name: James
Last name: Wette
Age: 50
Location: Chicago Illinois USA/Hawaii USA
Email: &
On websites:
Report: I met this guy in a dating site call a couple days ago he's name is Sgt James Wette (50) from Hawaii USA. He works for US Army as a Peace Keeping Nation in Iraq. I am now showing you some emails he sent to me in my Cherryblossoms inbox & my email address.
First name: Norman
Last name: Keene
Aka: Norm
Age: 59
Location: USA, Federal Way
Address: P.O.Box 25620 Federal Way, WA 98093
On websites: mate1, Spark, Christianmingles
Report: This man is a Professional SCAMMER. He is a smooth talker,Sweet but very Dangerous. (Head Games, Mind Player...Lies about everything He says) He has many user names and Yahoo Chat ID's and the popular one, he uses is and .....The picture there is him, the Scammer. Be AWARE folks & Don't be a Victim!
First name: George
Last name: Brooks
Age: 45
Location: Garland, Texas
Email: georgebrooks74@yahoo. com
On websites: Google+ and Tagged
Report: He contacted me through Google+. Says he's deployed to Afghanistan and has been there since September of last year. He says he's a sergeant, and asked me to pay $250 for the firm so he can come home to meet me. Good thing I know that some troops were back after being in Afghanistan from deployment. I didn't send him any money cause the Army pays for everything. And since I said no he got mad and stopped texting me. Good for me that I don't have to deal with him.
First name: nicholas
Last name: rians
Aka: nikki rians
Age: 45
Location: ohio and NYC
Phone: 7863536958
On websites: facebook, yahoo messenger
Report: Was on OKC dating site and was contacted by the individual. we chatted a bit and exchanged numbers. Texted and then he wanted me to add him to other sites. Looked him up on Facebook and everything looked right. Decided to google the name he gave me and the pictures all matched but a bio came up of a personal trainer in California. I sent him the pic and he said it was him. He sent me another pic so i googled images and found it there and another persons facebook page came up. He claimed he was a widow with a little girl. I dont know what his game plan was/is. i reported him to the dating site and notified the real Nick Rians on facebook that someone was using his identity.
First name: Austin
Last name: Carlberg
Age: 40
Location: Afghanistan, Kabul. orginally Florida
Address: 2167 Del Prado Boulevard South cape FL
Phone: 1 940 618 6384
On websites: OKcupid but now removed
Report: Met him Jan 23rd on Okcupid. says he was Captin Austin Carlberg .He approached me with an introduction of himself his hobbies and what he was doing in Afghanistan as special forces on peacekeeping mission with ISFA. Sweet talk and promises of love until he asked money for he was stuck in camp eggers and have not returned home in years as firstly had no family but was raised by a reverend, and wanted to visit me. Insisted it was UN requirement not the u.s army for some bond reason that marks his safety outside of camp. Asked how much i could contribute and sucked two payments in two weeks amounting to 800usd I had my suspicions where money was concerned i went in here and other sites on scamming tactics etc..there had been red flags but i was suckered into his words , reassurance. I knew something wasnt right all the way until he asked for payment next about shipping his precious belongings of his vital docs, uniforms medals even gold , listing it as Family Treasure. The receipt of redcross cargo shipment that uses diplomatic shipment gave showed up as picture used by scammer. We fought a lot he got angry each time i suspected him of being a scammer and then came insurance of box that amounted to usd1150 and now gold certs amounting 4780usd with threats of smuggling. i wish i signed up here earlier as i found from the emails of him and diplomat Simon fraser were sent out of New york, nebraska and canada this was no way as i followed simon fraser on twitter and no afghanistan.
First name: Kevin
Last name: Muller
Age: 53
Location: Houston, TX USA
Phone: 832-608-7330
On websites:
Report: Was contacted by Kevin on his name Closetowater. contact started on 12/31 and I ended on 2/7 It was strange that his match profile had him in Harrisburg, PA but he claims to live in Houston, TX and just recently relocated from Germany. In one text he wrote daughter and in emails is was always his son. he moved way too fast, and all seemed to be too good to be true. The text of his email as almost exactly the same as a report on this site. When I discovered this I asked him the name of the ship that his crude oil was being transported and he responded
First name: Daniel
Last name: Godefroy
Age: 46
Location: Brest, France, Abidjian Ivory Coast
Phone: 225- 40503952
On websites: outlook, yahoo, skype facebook
Report: I met that man on Facebook first , he was staying in Brest France at the moment, then he had to go to Abidjian Ivory Coast, that was in July 2014, then the story start there, he have been robbed, and so on, i have sent him $650. for his return in France, but after it wasnt enough, so i told him to called his family but everyone is dead ???? except his 2 children but they cant do nothing cos they are too Young and the women who take care of them dont have money, but the money i have sent him it was Under his name i have send it, i didnt hear from him since i told him to get out of there from himself, but 2 weeks go he came back online with a new phone number and new email address on Skype its daniel GOd, i have some pictures of him and his children, i saw them on the cam, he is french he speak french no English, and his written in french have many mistake im the pro in
First name: Godfred
Last name: Lawson
Age: 57
Location: Virginia USA, Ghana
Address: 320 Valley St, Austinville, VA
Phone: 233- 274805507
On websites: messenger, yahoo, outlook
Report: i've been also scammed by him, since 3? years i have sent him for over $200,000 also, to received the money he's using a friend name ??? who is Edward Nelson, he have another email address: and, he had a son who die 3 years ago ???? i have his pictures and i also have fake letter from Ghana government and a doctor from an hospital in Ghana
First name: Mark
Last name: Wilson (Will)
Age: 57
Location: Norcross Ga and Ghana, UK
Address: 320 Chastain Manor Drive
Phone: 233-576677269
On websites: messenger, skype,gmail, outlook
Report: I've been scammed by him since 3? years now, i have sent him for over $200,000. he have all those email address: , , markwilson392 (Skype), , , , mark.wilson8693 (Skype) and this is all his phone number he get: 347-692-1549 (USA) 447-716 706092 (UK) 233 261621684 (Ghana) 233 265011935 (Ghana) 233 570378010 (Ghana) , his address in USA is 320 Chastain Manor Dr. Norcross GA , all the money i have sent him was never Under his name it was always Under a friend name ?? i have all their names and phone number and some i have addresses they are all in Ghana if you need more informations and pictures i have all of them and he put his own son in his scammed cos i saw him (Mark and his son) on the cam and talked with them
First name: Sergio
Last name: Alvarado
Age: 55
Location: USA Port Orchard
Phone: 405-563-0963
On websites:
Report: This person has not scammed me yet. I didn't give him a chance. I asked specific questions about his location and to send me proof that is where he lived. He lied to me about some of the questions I asked because I was asking to many questions. He wouldn't answer my questions and wouldn't send me proof. and keep saying he was an honest man. I just did not feel comfortable. His emails always started the same. He told me if I couldn't trust him that our relationship is over. His accent was overbearing and I could not understand him. He said he had moved from Spain and had been in the states 15 years and had dual citizenship. Becky
First name: John Roberto
Last name: Carlos
Aka: Chimaeze Linus Anaeto
Age: 59 born 12/30/1955
Location: Lisbon, Portugal; Norco, CA, USA; Idaho, USA; Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: (208) 920-8113
On websites: USA
Report: He contacted me on 1/3/2015 on Told me his name is John Roberto Carlos born 12/30/1955 Born in Lisbon, Portugal and speaks fluent Portuguese and is learning English. Says he moved to Idaho, CA in 2010 after his friend George invited him to come start a new life in the United States so he left Lisbon Portugal. His phone number is an Idaho, USA phone # (208) 920-8113 but when I try to look up the name from reverse phone number search, it is listed only to a mobile phone store. He told me he worked as an
First name: Lawrence
Last name: David
Aka: Celio Amsel, Celio Bergmann
Age: 51
Location: Perth
Address: Mounts Bay Road, Kings Park
Phone: 0479032001 +60189743919
On websites: Tinder, Viber
Report: Celio is on here already, second listing on page 4. We planned to meet next week, he had exactly the same storyline as listed on page 4. Wanted to advise that he is now using the name Celio Bergmann. His identity it Todd Hunter, NZ musician/pianist fromt he 1970s band 'Dragon'..
First name: Shane
Last name: Butler
Age: 47
Location: Liverpool, UK
Address: Blacklow Brow, Huyton
Phone: +447087693575 & +447045767970
On websites: eHarmony
Report: He contacted me via the web site e-Harmony. He says he was brought up by his maternal grandmother in the Canary Island after his parents died when he was 2 years old. He says his accent is because he was brought up in Spain. He says he was married to Anne for about 20 years but she died in 2005. He has a son, Fred, who is 14 and in boarding school in Scotland. He says he is a drilling engineer working for the UK government and completing his work soon and will be returning to Australia. He says he is dealing with an attorney, Kayne-Watson-Chambers 1119 Langton Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 2HG, UK. He says he is getting an anti-terrorism certificate so his money can be transferred to Australia. He has a think Spanish accent and doesn't sound as if he as been Australia before. He states he is Christian and he does sound religious at times. He likes to send flowery and romantic e-cards and professes love at the drop of a hat. He has asked for money several times, I am embarrassed of the amount of money that I have sent to this individual, a total of $15,715AUD. I only wish that I had found this web site beforehand.
First name: mathew
Last name: klaus
Aka: raphealchike; bijusharma
Age: 47
Location: Madison Wisconsin ; nigeria
Address: 32 E Wilson Madison Wisconsin 53703
Phone: 715-318-7191; 90-548-825-7910;559-382-6223
On websites: badoo; Yahoo Messenger
Report: Claims to be a Civil Engineer and an Architech with International contracts. Daughter Barbara lives in Mexico with a house maid. He went to school in London and is employed by Chevron Oil and Gas. Will have a female fill out a next of kin form with a passport photo attached and ask it be emailed back to him. Claimed to be working on a project in Madrid Spain and was waiting to be paid on a contract he completed a year ago in Germany. Suddenly gets email of approved payment and has to fly to Turkey to get the International Bank draft. Can only open an account there and requires $1800 euro to do so. His credit cards do not work and asks for money. Wants money sent to account representatives that happen to be in the United States on business. Claims if you send the money to the representative they will get the money wired to him in Turkey so he can open the account and cash his $865,000 bank draft.
First name: Bismark
Last name: White
Aka: Solomon Dannon
Age: 55
Location: Ghana
Phone: 1-479-795-1195
Email: &
On websites: Christian Mingle, All the dating sites
Report: He supposedly went to London, then to Ghana in July 2013 and had car accident going in cab to airport need money to help pay his hospital bill and get him home. $5160.00 Total sent
First name: Forster
Last name: Stockstill
Age: 39
Location: Libya
On websites:
Report: He started writing saying he is an american soldier based in Libya, first he said he is a navy seal, then he said he's a soldier, and gave a detail of how many medals he has and said his parents died in 9/11 which is a lie, that his wife died two years ago, when I googled some of the text he wrote me your site popped. With the information of a guy kevin Mcdonnald who sent the same text to Pam
First name: Jason
Last name: Andrew
Age: 44
Location: California and Maryland
On websites:
Report: Very charming -Very good-Claims to be australian living in California, one son lives with ex in Maryland. Owns home in Maryland, import/export office furniture to UK. Starts asking for money to get items cleared thru customs. Sometimes the austrailian accent sounds more like maybe african american.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Collins
Aka: Staff Sergeant Daniel Collins
Age: 52
Location: Harker Heights, Texas & Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: 323-985-3764
On websites:
Report: highly suspicious. Asked me to send him an iphone 6 and other various sundries to an address in Ghana, which will then be delivered to him in Afghanistan where he claims he is stationed with the 216th Engineering Battalion. I told him that all my money was stolen and he immediately said that I believed it was him and got defensive.
First name: thomas
Last name: wing
Age: 52
Location: ghana
On websites: yahoo
Report: Scammed me said securtiy compamy was holding his goids and needed payment to renew cintract to hold his things ive sent hundreds of dollars to this scammer
First name: Joseph
Last name: Coiley
Aka: commander
Age: 58
Location: Kabul, or Rapid City
On websites: facebook, skype
Report: That person has scammed me, I've sent a lot of money, stupid me
First name: Antonio
Last name: Giuseppe
Age: 49
Location: Syria
Phone: +447933916120
On websites: Linkedin
Report: This person contact throung Linkedin and Viber, he had a perfil open there saying he is an Executive Director of an oilfield services company, he claimed to be working in Syria, working with the United Nations in a project, he said that he was from NY, widowed with a daughter living with his sister in the US. Later, he asked my bank information to receive a deposit from Shell UK and then he asked my help to pay his lawyer in UK, I have blocked him since that moment.
First name: Henry
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Basten Boadu
Age: 50
Location: Afghanistan - Kabul
On websites: lablue
Report: He told me, he`s working for the US Army long years. At the moment as a Staff Sergeant, often outside from Kabul, then he claims to be in Khandahar and there it`s not easy to have net-contact. He said, he is making sure to create a launching point for armed drone missions there and across the border in Pakisten. He is divorced and his wife died some years ago. His son Jason is 15 years old. I met him on dating side lablue - henrymorg2. We have contact via skype: henrylove2012. His mail id: I found the same pics he send to me on this side.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Age: 02/10/1964
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites:,
Report: James contacted me through I responded with him for about 2 weeks. He asked for a care package after about a week. He said he did not have access to his bank account and needed a few things. I told him he was getting out of the army in a few weeks and good wait. The clincher was that he asked for a holy bible. I told him I was not going to send him anything. After this discussion he did not ask for anything else. We just chatted.He told me how happy he was since finding me. He was in deeply in love with me. He wanted my address and phone number. I did not give my phone number to him right away but did end up doing that. I never gave him my address.
First name: Chris Shawn
Last name: fitzgerald PhD, MD
Age: 65
Location: Beverly Hills Ca. London, Ghana
Phone: 818 949-6636, 909 219-4125,818 794-6571, 441515288525
On websites: match,, linked in
Report: Summary THERE IS CONCERN WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL HE PROFESSES HE IS A MEDICAL PHYICIAN AND AN UNDERCOVER CIA AGENT. ?Chris began communicating at first very professional, pertained to business. He was opening a new business and being new to area he called me for referrals. He said he was a clinical pathologist but was opening a medical supply and x-ray sales. He wanted to be home. Yet he was born in Italy, He became a physician to help his mother, she passed before he graduated. He talked very little about his father other than he was a farmer- Chris had lived in China for many years teaching clinical pathology. he then moved to Sweden to head a department there. Yet he called Los Angeles home, but did not indicate living in US. He stated his grandfather was American and lived in Malibu. He was very wealthy and left everything to Chris, as he was the favorite grandson. Chris had an unusual accent; it was European with a heavy Chinese aspect. At certain times the Chinese was prevalent, other time it was foreign but not Italian. He stated he spoken Italian, Swedish and Chinese. At times in the beginning he was a little difficult to understand. He moved the romance along very rapidly. A lot of communication was either on phone or messages. He was very careful not to put too much in email. He followed the general pattern of a scammer. I decided to follow thru as to what was the scam. I feed into what he wanted to hear. He made a point of wanting to Skype, we set a time. It was short and there was visual, except the people on the other end did not move, breathe, it was more of a picture. This was communicated to him. His comment was did you not see me throw you a kiss. At first if was casual, then he begun to profess his love. There were three dates set to meet. The first he stated could not make as tied up in a meeting. A second meeting was set, I attempted to confirm, did not hear back from him until a day after the scheduled meeting. Stated he fell in the shower, his daughter who was in medical school was visiting and se put some medication on his ankle. He took something for pain, intended to make meeting but slept thru it. Told him that was it, he begged me for another opportunity he promised he would make this meeting no matter what. That he needed to meet be with me etc. He called me at 2 am saying he wanted to do a joint Skype with his daughter. It turned out to be just the individual who he claimed was his daughter. She was nervous, did not know what to say, she was being coached in the background. The voice sounded like his voice. She indicated she was worried, he cared so much for me, did not want to lose me. Interesting to note, her English was not good, yet she was suppose to be a medical student, in London, was going to graduate in her last year of medical school. Yet she had a 6-8 week in Nov to December. I asked about this Chris stated they took a break. I gave him the opportunity, he said picked a place and he would be there no problem. He was having difficulty driving Jodie may have to bring him. Just prior to this meeting he had an urgent need to fly out the night prior. He said it was to Arizona and be back in a day. The day turned into weeks. He asked me to fly to Arizona would send a ticket- ticket never came. . Continued communication while in Arizona, then he needed to confide in me. The reason he had been so secretive is that he was retired CIA, he had been recruited to infiltrated a cocaine group. He said 18 were recruited only 6 at the end. He said his partner was killed in 2012. They brought down the mother of cocaine. He was concerned for my safety, why measures had to be taken to Make sure I would safe. Now this was really getting bizarre. If he were CIA he would place me in increased danger just knowing the fact My birthday came up while he was gone; he wanted my address to send a gift. I gave him my office address. He sent a gift basket, which indicated a Daniel Lee purchased it. I questioned this he said it was his daughters boyfriend. He could not charge on line because he was fearful to use his black card. He kept probing for personal information, which I did not provide. In many cases the information I did give was modified from original enough to distort but easy to remember. I told him I was going to stop the relationship, just wanted more than text and telephone. He called me and said he wanted to come home, and would be home that Sunday. We made plans I would pick him up at airport. On Saturday I had not heard from him, send an email he said he was in a meeting will call me later. Later that day, late afternoon I got an email from Jodie, she was worried she had not been able to reach him all day. He had said he was flying in at 8 am to her-, which was strange because he told me she was arranging. I replied to her never got a response. At Christmas time I email a holiday card which he responded. Professed his love. Stared he had returned to Los Angeles but then flew to London to be with his daughter over the holidays so as to not be alone. He indicated his love and could not live without me. Wanted to put our relationship back together. I went along to see how far he would take the game he was playing. He said he would be back in LA in a week. The week stretched into two weeks. He then asked me to cone to London, said I would, this did not occur he always indicated he had to travel somewhere. After a couple of weeks of back and forth and his communication of love, he asked for money, said there was something wrong with his back card. At first it was a lump sum, explained did not have. He pushed to sertal times to get monies. Then stated he had been on an assignment and he had to go to Ghana for some evidence, and he would get paid for the work he had done. A friend was going there if I would cover the hotel with a credit card he could return to Los Angeles. Told him could not did have limit for hotel he chose ( $ 500 per day, 3 days ). He kept beginning, I agree to only make the reservation, and he would have to pay on end of stay.. I requested name etc, which he supplied. I contacted hotel explained situation, they provided a dummy reservation number, if anyone showed they would notify the police. When he contacted for reservation number, gave him the reservation, he said he told his friend the reservation was in my name, I was his future wife. I told him not in my name, in name he had given me. Reminded him room charges needed to be paid on check out. . He called once or twice after that, said he was coming back to L.A. He would say he was going to call at specific time, did not I then told him take his chances whenever he can call, then call, I may or may not be available. This went on for several weeks with no contact from him. At that point it was obvious a SCAM, romance for Money? ??.
First name: Philip
Last name: Marini
Aka: Jason Marini
Age: 50
Location: Texas, NYC, UK, Georgia(Country)
Phone: (469)2247096(424) 2565725 011447031992832
On websites: ourtime
Report: I met this person on ourtime. He claimed to be a widow and the father of an 8 year old who live with his sister in Italy. He claimed to be an international trader. We never met, however, he pursued me relentlessly and even sent a roses and a card to my job. I have several photos of
First name: Lawrence
Last name: Cisse
Aka: Roger Watts
Age: 47
Location: Hong Kong or lagos Nigeria
Phone: 4088371780
On websites:
Report: He sent flowers to me said he was going to hong kong on business and when he return he will move in and he need help with money for sick daughter I refused but want to date until I saw a picutre of him on internet and call I was upset and mad I did want him any more.