First name: Dave
Last name: Pagan
Age: 46
Location: USA
Phone: unknown1-587-786-2652
On websites: yes tango, whats app badoo
Report: Dave started texting me back in May 26 2014we talked and he said he was in the Army in Zurick which I dont believe now it took lots of reading and searching on the internet to come to find one of the beautiful letters he wrote me in th he mornng hours and sent to me he has asked for money many of time but as you can see I am madly in n with this man. I have confronted him various times on the subject with no avail when only he talks me out of it I also paid the Army $175so we could speak on phone once a week on the phone but that rarely happens only when money is to be sent then I'll get a call and it doesnt matter then if its our day which is Saturday or not. I believe that I saw his pic on your site alobg time ago when I started out on Tango. Thats where we first met then he said to follow him to Whats App which I. Did till today. I have afew of his pictures and would really love to get your help. I see if I give you a scammer you give me free registration so this is what I'm trying to do. If you need photos get in contact with me. Thank You Sonia Martinez Mohr
First name: Teddy
Last name: Gray
Age: 49
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: When he calls the number is unknown but shows from South Africa - claims that the telephone system reroutes calls that way for military security... I have pics from him but no where to put them.. Here is the introductory letter he sent to me and I have saved all others................ Teddy Gray To me Dec 24, 2014 Hello XXXX, my name is Teddy Gray I'm sure you have figured that out by now and I am a 49 year old male. I live in the vicinity of Denver, CO. But grew up in and around New York and Buffalo and still looking to relocate to a place i will finally call home. I stand 6'1
First name: Richard
Last name: Oliphant
Age: december 15, 1965
Location: afganisthan
On websites: facebook
Report: he initiated the contact in facebook, asking friendship to me. first he noticed that was kindly and friendly, all the contact at first was in facebook messenger, and then by gmail. He wanted to be by yahoo but I didn't accept. This correspond it's about 2 weeks, the events strange that happens it's that he said that he love me, and want me to send a care package with a laptop. the money was requested to buy a smartphone. The name of person who received is Richard Amenyo, Ghana /Accra, bank, moneygramm/vigo Western Union, was requested by Richard Oliphant. this doesn't occur because I realized he's a scammer, so now he believes it's gonna happens next monday
First name: Richard
Last name: Stevens
Aka: unknown on other names
Age: 40-47
Location: Dubai
Email: Have no emailaddress
On websites: Skout
Report: Claims to be in Dubai engineer says has a contract with company called she'll ask for my bank details says made me his next kin want my bank details so money owing to him could be paid in there it's been two months no money has showed now says he needs money for workers hotel bill and his hungry please help me is he listed on scammers he has posted me
First name: Charles
Last name: Scott
Age: 48?
Location: Malaysia
Address: Minneapolis MN
Phone: 612-562-8627 via MO+(http:/
On websites: Yahoo messenger (charlesscott214) oasis active charlesheart
Report: I met Charles Scott on Oasis Active in Dec 2014. It didn't take long for him to profess his love to me.he immediately asked for my Email and phone number. We talked on the phone a lot and he said he loved me. I went along and said I loved him too.i figured out he was a scammer because of the large amount of money he requested to pay a fee for the certificate he needed to finish his business there and come back to the US to start a life with me.i wouldn't talk to him for a few days and he got really upset. He said he was going to kill himself if he didn't talk to me. Then on messenger a Micheal Brown started talking to me and said he was Charles friend. He said he sent him one thousand dollars but he needed my help for the rest. I talked to Charles by phone early that morning. And I would send him the money on Jan 2 I did not. Documents to follow
First name: james
Last name: goodnews
Age: 44
Location: london
On websites: badoo
Report: Hello, I am a Spanish woman of 44 years.I Contacted an application in Spain called Badoo. A guy contacted me, told me he was Captain of the British army and was in Spain for the wedding of his friend. Seemed noble and started chatting. Then I asked if we could talk to me on skype and sent me some photos, including his 'supposed' 12 year old daughter, Amanda.We chat daily and started to send mails. Shortly he told me that armed sent him on a mission to Nigeria.We spoke daily by Skype but he said he had no webcam. The I sent many messages of love, saying he had been in love with me and soon asked me if I wanted to marry him. When he was supposedly in the mission in Nigeria said I needed to go from there to marry me and start a new life together and was so afraid of die. he commented that had died four of his men and sent me a record of this.Then he told me I had to apply some papers to his commander and sent me a mail .He said the army had blocked all accounts, it was a normal process during missions. At the end I received an email saying I had to pay 520 pounds to process the permit. At this point stop communicating with because I was certain that it was a scam.
First name: Peter
Last name: Thornton
Aka: Alex James
Age: 57
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (587-402-4706
On websites:
First name: David Donald (uses only
Last name: Clintine
Age: 56? (data from dating site)
Location: Ghana (Accra); Ireland? GB?
Phone: +13108569690
On websites: Yahoo; Dating.Singles
Report: We introduced to each other through dating site, writing to each other aprox. 2 months. He said to be businesman and that he must travel to Africa. Being in Ghana he mentioned that his Visa card isn't in force there and give the request to get 800 euros, he liked to get it via Western Union. The second money request was 465 euros for paying the taxes to the government at Ghana (details are in his letters). That sum I sent him, as he ppromised to pay all back to me, coming to my homeland. He also sent 2 (fictive) air plane tickets. When I understood that he's a scammer I requested to pay money back to my bank account up to the 1th of January 2015, but surely he didn't it. He also tried the third time to get money from me, but I refused. (I hope to be the report understandable, however the English isn't my mother tongue).
First name: Harry
Last name: Green
Age: 57
Location: Jacksonville Florida
Phone: +27 788696178
On websites: Badoo & Facebook
Report: according to him he works in Ivory Coast, he has a son Larry in the American Army< Larry is his name. His contract ended the end of November. He promised me a house and marriage in Florida. He wanted to come and visit me in South Africa on the 22 July and then he did not and then he refuse me to come and visit him in August. Then he did not come the beginning of December always an excuse. He asked me for money R20,000.00 which I send to him, for the house he was building. then he want money for an air ticket and visa renewal and I send him the R7,500.00 to pay that and then there was another excuse and he did not come. Now he again start to get money from me and I contacted a lady on his Facebook profile and she told me her story and 3 other ladies were also scammed by him. His voice sounds like a Nigerian but his ways of speak and expression let me think that he was white. I nearly paid R7000.00 for him as cell phone expenses. He is very dominant and you are the one who has to listen he is the only one to talk.
First name: Sunny
Last name: Ng Lee
Age: 45
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +447849071965
Email: +447509758795
On websites: facebook
Report: When I was getting very skeptical about the Mark Bill that I have befriended in facebook, I happened to have another friend frequest from somone who looks ok to me. He said he was looking for a relattionship but I told him I would not mind us be best friends since I have an ongoing relationship with Mark Bill. I told him about Mark Bill more and more each day and he always advised me to break up the relationship because he believes that Mark Bill is a scammer who wants to get all my money till I die. When Mark Bill went missing for about 2 weeks, I was very sad and turned to Sunny to tell my problems. He told me that he wanted me from the day he met me and would like me to reconsider a relationship with him and forget about Mark Bill. I thought I should accept so that I can quickly forget about Mark Bill. During one of our chats on facebook, the account was suddenly closed and I could not carry on the chats. Within minutes he called to wish me good morning again. I questioned as to why he greet me again when we were just chatting earlier on. He told me he could not go into his facebook and it seems that his facebook has been spammed. So we chatted through Viber since then. But one day, he called for emergency help to ask me send money to a herbal doctor who is waiting for the money urgently befoire can send the herbs to his aging and sick mother. He said that he could not do the money transfer that day because he is in class and will pay me the money the next day but till now he kept quiet about the returning my money. He was planning for us to get married as soon as he complete his study in real estate in the UK in February. I questioned about his relatives and I found that hiis maternal uncles are not in Singapore but in the US, but earlier on he said they are in Singapore. Recently, he said he wanted my approval for him to invest in business with his friend, Moses, who is studying with him in the UK. His friend invested in an oil shipment business and has been making lots of money. He even got his friend to talk to me, who asked me to promise not to hurt him as he loves Sunny very much. But Sunny did not want to talk to me after that because he said he feels very emotional every time he talks to me. The following day, he asked me for my personal particulars because he wants to put my name for insurance purpose on the business. I advised him to write his mother's name as she is his closest next-of-kin. But he insisted he wanted me to be the beneficiary or else it will cost a lot to transfer names later on I was skeptical so I asked him to send me a copy of the documents before I can give him my details. Last Monday, when he was chatting with me on Viber, suddenly I could not send my chats anymore, I emailed to him and he replied to ask me to call him on a new number or his facebook because he lost his phone. But when I went to facebook, I realised the chats are on the same account which was earlier on supposed to be hacked and spammed though the name is Peter Steve instead of Sunny Ng Lee. At about the same time, a lady emailed to me an alert that she is a weekend girlfriend to Mark Bill or Carly and told me that he is a Nigerian who stays in Penang and his having a good time. She told me to be wenaware of the skinny Sunny. She said she will leave Mark Bill because she realised that they are hardcore criminals who will kill. But till now she will not tell me where they stay. I am wondering if she is actually Mark Bill who his outdoing his friend in crime, Sunny Ng. Or may be Sunny Ng or Sunny Wong Sunn or Peter Steve are the same Mark Bill or whatever his rreal name is. But both sound so different through Viber.
First name: Mark
Last name: Bill
Aka: Carly
Age: 56
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +1 (415) 371-9806
On websites: facebook
Report: Scammer initiated contact followed by request to form a relationship through facebook. Posed with facebook photos as Mark Bill who is supposed to be a French American working in Penang, Malaysia as a Construction Engineer of his own company. Corresponded for about 6 months. Always having problems after problems with his company and needed financial help with reason that he is a foreigner and has nobody to help in Penang or in the States. Received 3 times request for quite big sum of money to settle problems plus monthly allowance for food to live on and to send to son in the States. Got very distant with reason that he was having headaches and lots of worries when not given big sum of money. I needed a friend to talk to and happened to make friend with another guy on facebook who appeared to be very concerned and advised me to stop giving money to Mark Bill. His name is Sunny Ng Lee or Sunny Wong Lee, supposed to be a Georgian mixed with Singaporean Chinese mum based in Las Vegas. He was working in Houston but decided to take a real estate course in UK to change his career. But this guy also had a problem with his aging and sickly mother and needed help with money to send to herbal doctor urgently because he is in school and could not go to the bank in time. But after a few days, he never mentioned when he is returning the money. Suddenly, I could not get through our chats while chatting. He contacted me to respond to his new contact number and facebook account. I realised that I have chatted with someone who is supposed to have used his account but was spammed through this new account under a new name, Peter Steve. At about the same time, I received an email from a lady who claimed that she is Mark Bill's or Carly's weekend girlfriend and she overheard them mocking at my stupididy. She wrote to me to alert because she is a woman who tries to help another woman and that she will leave him. She told me to be careful of the skinny Sunny. But she did not respond to my request about the place they are staying. I am wondering if this lady is actually Mark Bill and that Mark Bill or Carly is outdoing or betraying his friend Sunny Ng or Peter Steve to try to get more money from me.
First name: Godwin
Last name: Palmer
Age: 56
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: Fort Worth Texas
Phone: 6824785251
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: I found Godwin on oasis active in a December 2014 and he immediately professed his love the same day. We also exchanged cell phone numbers and have been texting also.He told me that he had to go to Accra Ghana and work with the Casa traasacco valley construction company in Accra Ghana. He left on Dec 31 2014 from Dallas Fort Worth and arrived a couple hours ago He wanted me to send him $1650 where $1000 would be used for the care of his two daughters Nicholine and Lawrencia ages 9 and 12 and 650 to pay the driver for his transportation.i was supposed to send this by money gram . The address is Godwin Palmer City Accra country Ghana zipcode 00233 text question pets name Drelon. He is supposed to be here for about 6-8 weeks. I hope this helps stop him. Thanks Laura Owen
First name: David
Last name: Michael
Age: unknown
Location: Texas
Phone: 19406040028
On websites: hhtp://
Report: Sent me several promissing love-letter + photos
First name: Charles
Last name: Freeman
Aka: Captain Charles Freeman
Age: unknown
Location: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: I received an email from this person on 31 Dec 2014. He had managed to obtain a photo of me from Facebook and I do have privacy settings on this site, however, I believe the photo was posted around 2008... He was basically requesting for some response from me as he found me beautiful! I have no intention in communicating with this person so do not know of any further details relating to him.
First name: Stephan
Last name: Ohlsson
Age: 53
Location: Weber City, Virginia; Johnson City, Virginia USA
Phone: 1 804 993 2221
On websites: Linked In
Report: In mid August 2014 I received an invitation to connect with Stephan Ohlsson via Linked In a professional website. As I use this site as a networking site and had noted that he had connections with me via a recruiting agency I am associated with me I answered as thought this could possibly lead to future employment. He replied and stated this was not for networking but for personal reasons. His story was reasonably plausible and I thought I would accept - and was also mindful this could be a scam. The correspondence lasted until 23 December 2014. Initially the correspondence was polite as he built and conveyed a profile which he felt would be acceptable. By November he was professing his candour for me, which I felt was odd as one does not fall in love with someone they have never met; he then became quite insistent on us progressing to a more serious relationship. In early December he stated he was having difficulties with some of the tools he was using on the
First name: Edward
Last name: Schiller
Age: 57
Location: USA, Miami
On websites: Facebook
Report: Edward initiated the contact by sending a friend request through Facebook. Correspondence was 2 days. He requested that we use gmail chat. He claimed to have received an inheritance which was care taking of an Orphanage in Africa.His storyline did not match his English skills. He claimed to be the only son of deceased parents that were Italian and American. His typing skills constantly revealed iliteracy. Spelling and grammar errors were repeated over and over. Then suddenly he started inserting complete well thought out and intense sentences about relationships. Here is an example of one of those sentences. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this..Love is like a wonderful feeling of compassion and satisfaction. It should be given respect and trust; and it should receive that love back. I checked online and found many of his sentences were all over the male scammers pages. He claimed the words were his own from his heart. He was consistently available until I asked him to call me. He said he would and vanished from Facebook and from gmail chat.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Edelson
Age: 55
Location: Ghana
Address: San Francisco
Phone: 415-578-7993
On websites: Millionaire Match
Report: I also have had the same communications with this scammer. as written below in the post. When he asked for money, so that he could have Barrister Alexader Baas Kofi from Ghana send the Clearance Certificate to ship the Gold dust-120kg, I knew there was something not right about this individual. I have blocked him from texting me and have notified Millionaire Match to block him there also. Unfortunately, he has my cellphone number and he phoned me today (12/31/14) several times. I answered the first time, but quickly hung up and shut off my phone, so he left a message and called several more times, at least 11 times, but left no further messages on 12/31/14. This person has to be STOPPED somehow before someone really gets hurt both financially and emotionally! He is very convincing and persistent in pursuing someone who he thinks might have money. Posted on this scammer site: Name: Anthony Edelson Aka: Ghana Age: 55 Location: San Francisco Address: California Phone: 4155787993 Email: On web sites: No sure. Report: Ok, this man is very romantic charming fall in love fast and push you to trust in him fast. Send poems romantic songs. Text many times during the day. E mail you and messenger yahoo every night from Ghana he is doing a work there as a mine engineer he just finish his contract there, planing to return to USA but his company could no pay all his money for his work so the are paying the rest with a gold dust 125 pounds good amount but he said is the first time he is going to bring such amount of gold. This week he is suppose to talk to a lawyer to help him with a documentation to bring the Gold, so I always felt he was an scammer for the way he acts and he did not have family and wanted to spend of the rest of his life with me. So I play the game and I pretend I trusted in him and I loved him finally he said. I have you ask you for a favor my lawyer told me can you receive the shipment of Gold and put in your place until I arrive to USA my lawyer said is important you to have someone you can trust, so my love can you help me. I answer No absolutely no I hasn't even meeting you and I can not do that no matter what. Big turn off. Is over don't contact me anymore he said oh is ok I won't force you to do that but common you turn such a way. I said no. End everything Name: Anthony Edelson Aka: Ghana Age: 55 Location: San Francisco Address: California Phone: 4155787993 Email: On web sites: No sure.
First name: John
Last name: Roberts
Aka: Roy Hogson
Age: 57
Location: USA Los Angeles, Nigeriaq
Phone: (213)471-7115 , (213)725-7763
On websites:
Report: Roy/John contacted me in November and continued to text me and e-mail about his endless love for me through December. He stated he was a civil engineer in Iraq and that he had been there for 7 weeks. He stated he had a 14 year old son, Brian living with his mother who was 87 in the San Fernando Valley, CA. Right before Christmas he said he had an opportunity to leave Iraq on a military jet that landed in Dubai and that he needed the funds to make it to LA. I offered to pay for the plane ticket but he stated that he had to have it sent to a special person to book it by the name of Chris Beyers at Bank of America an account set up in LA.
First name: David
Last name: Tharon
Age: 40yrs, May 12
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook, email
Report: Contacts you through your Facebook account first, then proceeds to email account as well.Preys on single women. He professes his love for you. That he wants to be with you. Says he's in the service in Afganistan. Preys on your heart and emotions. And if it gets for enough wants to send you personal things from there and will have a Red Cross person contact you about it. That person is under the email address of He will then contact you by email and ask you to send money because there wasn't enough given by this David to ship this so called package. The amount I was asked to send was $580.00.To send the money to this shipping company via through Turkey.
First name: c. Shaun
Last name: Bush
Age: 49
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Met Shaun on a free dating site. He claims to be so very lonely where he is at Christmas time, that he cried most of the day. He claimed to be stationed in Nigeria. He eventually tells me that he is getting to go home on leave, and has to pay for some of it. He came up with what he needs except $250. So he asks me to help him and he wants to come see me and make up for it. I ask him to email me from his official military email address (which every soldier has) and he tells me of course, that he was scammed by giving some lady his email, and was ordered to not give it out. I know that's bull. So he eventually says maybe he would show me his military I.D. which could even get him into trouble. He did, and I am sure it's bogus, because the photo is taken with other things in the background. I believe it's always a clear photo with a white background, and there is no I.d. number, nor chip code. Sadly he tries real hard to try to get me to send selfies of body parts. Please don't anyone ever do that.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Alfredino
Aka: Terry
Age: 59
Location: USA Los Angeles, Capetown South Africa
Phone: 213397447670, 2134436246,01227745189962
Report: I met this man on match. Com. He contacted me through a supposed friends account. It was a female. He sent me a letter stating that he was not a member of any online dating site, but was with a friend who encouraged him to look for a nice lady while he was there, and before the friend deactivated her account. He then asked if I would please respond to his private email where he will be able to send pics. He said he was widowed and has a 17 yr old son, and is finally wanting to move on with his life and needs a loving wife by his side. The romance was so sophisticated and seemed so genuine. Long story short he ends up in South Africa for his last big job before retiring and coming home to me. After using all his funds to buy supplies and hire men and rent a home and groceries, he is strapped for any petty cash. While he moves from one rented place to a better one, items come up missing. I saw that red flag, but he was good and making me feel foolish about doubting him. I helped pay for those. Eventually his son who went with him to this job has had a long line of kidney problems, and while he is in South Africa ends up so sick, he needs a kidney transplant. Terry gets friends to help raise money to pay for his sons transplant. He has the hospital..The doctor the doctors personal number, and so on. I know it's a scam by now, but he is still pretty slick. He cried real tears, and prayed with me. I ended up giving him some of what he supposedly had left for the surgery, but it didn't end. His son on the mend, was planning a trip home. He used his passport to use as collateral for cash. And just needs be to help get it back. Scammed me for over $3000. Worth of cash n prizes, of which I am still paying for in some way.
First name: jones
Last name: shawn
Aka: shawn jones, Alhassan wunpini
Age: 50
Location: Ghana tamale
Phone: 0233248125335,0233541594809
Email: ,
On websites: facebook Yahoo
Report: Jones shawn is a soldier and businessman he sells car too . He have a adopted son where live at a friend in ghana . He need money for his son because was in Iraq can't go to bank because the war he told me
First name: james
Last name: joe
Age: 44
Location: Ghana tamale
Address: c/o james joe country Ghana tamale zip code 00233 , cellnumber 0554504054
Phone: 0554504054,0233504860956
On websites: facebook Yahoo
Report: James joe is a soldier in Ghana he has a adopted son he ask me send money to his son . And he need a new mobile phone want 500 euro for bought a new one
First name: Edwin
Last name: CampBell
Age: 34
Location: Ghana
On websites:
Report: I'm Fred a business man in Usa,California who was looking for a genuine gold agent to help me buy some gold in Ghana.. I searched over the internet and came acros this agent called Mr.Edwin CampBell through a website i thought its genuine cos it also talk about Gold Scam and even issue a warning about scam .. I was soo convinced his website and also his services and wanted to work with him cos he also said he work with the PMMC which is a government Organization in Ghana..He asked me to pay him an agent fee of 200 dollars by WU before he can assist me which i did thinking he's a genuine and proffesional in gold field ..We started started this business and he told me he has some gold bars for sale which was about 20kg and willing to offer it at a cheap Price.. I wanted to come to Ghana but he told me not to come cos everything will be all right cos he will be shipping me the consignment himself through PMMC after i've made part payment first .. He asked me to send him $250,000 which also include shipping fee by bank transfer to his bank in Accra Ghana which he sent me the bank details .. I then contact PMMC to verify if this is genuine before i make any payment and they replied with a warning that its a scam and i shouldn't fall for it .. They told me not to deal with anyone in Ghana who claim to be a gold agent and the best way is to contact PMMC if i want gold to buy cos they are the only genuine and trusted company in Ghana that deals in Gold. So i blocked contacts with Mr.Edwin from that point onwards and thanks to PMMC for helping me not to loose out my hard earned money
First name: Raymond
Last name: Mudd
Age: 46
Location: New York City, US
Address: Greenpoint Avenue, NYC
Phone: 1(347)851-7531
On websites:
Report: Raymond Mudd contacted me on 13 November by this mail:
First name: Steve
Last name: Genert
Age: 57
Location: Taber, Alberta Canada
Phone: u913-667-9441
On websites: okcupid
Report: Steve Genert is the person I'm reporting as a scammer. All the information he has given me about himself isn't matching. When I ask him questions about himself, he doesn't answer them. Just wants information about me.
First name: Desmond
Last name: Nicholas
Aka: Hafizuddind Bin Abdul Hamid
Age: 52
Location: Slangor Malaysia--Virginia USA
Phone: 7573040496
On websites: Soul singles
Report: He will contact you asking for your number you will never be able to meet him or do Skype FaceTime or ovoid with him because the pictures he posts on the site is not him. There will always an inconvenience preventing a meeting of any sort. His most common is traveling to Malaysia to claim his dead father's pension on behalf of his mother because she is too ill to travel. He will send you a Malaysian phone number he sets up online and get forwarded to his us line. He will go to the website and email you an itinarary travel schedule for a first class ticket that has no reservation number or payment confirmation to make you believe he has actually travelled. When he is in Malaysia after meeting with the company's responsible parties to release the fund something will suddenly happens where they will require additional papers the Malaysian government has to do he has to pay for the papers himself without the papers he will not get the pension that is where your help will be solicited to assist with the payment of the paper usually in the thousand of dollars. He will also have to retain a lawyer to assist him. Since there is complications he will have to spend more time in Malaysia he will also need help to pay for food and hotel stay. He is on all the dating sites , he has a different picture posted on each one .look for his name and email address.
First name: Anthony Kevin
Last name: Osborne
Age: 56
Location: United Kingdom Glucester
Phone: 44 7960 195264
On websites:
Report: On 7 November 2014, sent the first email. With the translation into Polish. Then knowledge lasted for 5 weeks by skype - osborne014. He wrote that he was going to the US on business. Between 15 and 20 December had to be in Milan (Italy), to provide materials for your business. On 16 December 2014, asked for the borrowing of ? 7,000. Here is the content of his speech:okay my love ... I have really miss you and I went to the port and there a little problem that I had with them ....there was increases of taxes and I was ask to pay 65,000 euros to clear the materials and the money I have with me is 50,000 my love ... and I try all all my good friends and what I get from them in 8,000euros so now my love I need 7,000 euros to add and clear the good tomorrow. and my love ... and like you to help me with a little that you can so that I will know what to do by tomorrow because am really sad and I don't this is going to happened to me here. And I have to clear the good in 48 hours time if not that the taxes will be still go high my love I mean the little you can get in the 7,000 euros and when I come on Saturday am going pay back in. and my love .. I said I want you to help me with a little that you can get out of the 7,000 euros so that when I come on Saturday I will pay you back Yes my love [2014-12-16 22:04:04] Osborne Kevin Anthony: Even the little you can get from that I will be ok [2014-12-16 22:04:35] Osborne Kevin Anthony: and I promise to pay you when I come to you on Saturday Okay my love .. I know that and just tell me how much you can get for me out of the 7,000 euros [2014-12-16 22:07:08] Osborne Kevin Anthony: am not asking you for all my queen [2014-12-16 22:07:17] Osborne Kevin Anthony: and they little you get [2014-12-16 22:07:36] Osborne Kevin Anthony: I will pay you in hundred fold by Saturday okay my love .. I really understand and am not asking you all and please you can help because am really sad here and I know God is going do rest for us why are you asking that [2014-12-16 22:13:45] Osborne Kevin Anthony: are you serious or is it because I ask you for help [2014-12-16 22:14:41] Osborne Kevin Anthony: what the fuck are you talking about and why that question that if am the person you talk to in Skype. I ask you for help so am not the one you talk on Skype. Listen to me ... am very sad today and don't you ever write me again I can see you not serious woman [2014-12-16 22:16:36] Osborne Kevin Anthony: with a doubt mind bye bye [2014-12-16 22:17:19] Osborne Kevin Anthony: because I ask you for a help looking what you are asking me Of course, not borrowed. He broke contact. I wanted to find something else, because I knew that it oczustem, but said nothing more. I am writing to warn the next person that can fool you.
First name: Shola
Last name: Ademola David
Aka: Robert Smith,Robert David,Robert Edward,Robert Edward John,Tim Sand
Age: 24
Location: Pflugerville,TX-Houston TX-Dallas TX US London England,Manchester England UK Nigeria Africa
On websites: Facebook,Tagged,Topface,Google Talk,&Yahoo.messenger
Report: I first saw Robert Smith on Tagged, I was so.drawn to his pic and.profile there,but he never spoke to me at all until I initiated conversation with him approx 3 weeks.after I had been on that site then he.would.say very little to me. I kept pursing him and about 2 mos later he asked me to talk to him on yahoo messenger, so I began talking to Robert Smith there and.everything was slow but consist ant there,nothing out of the normal..the man even called me twice from a Texas phone he spoke well and fluent American English!! Not once did he asked me for any money on there!! But had told me he was leaving retirement and going to work again if he could raise the $400.00 registration fee, I thought that was rather odd, but still continued talking with him,he told me he sold his truck for $500.00 a lot less than he really wanted to sell it for and a friend had bought it. Nothing really abnormal to me. Then about 2-3 weeks later told me he was going to Dallas TX to work in a factory building automobiles and his job would start in a week and would call me when he got settled in his job,nothing peculiar to me...but I waited for 2 weeks and instead of calling me he messaged me on yahoo messenger where he told me he no longer wanted to stay on yahoo because all of sudden he didnt want me talking to anyone but him when I asked him if he was the jealous type he said he didnt think so, he just wanted his lady to only talk to him. I found that away from his orginal charachter, he even worded things differently but I just put it out of my mind telling myself it was just my imagination! Once on Google Talk with him for about a month he then requested that I get a bank account and I told him I didnt want one and he kept pursing that issue and I did get one, he then told me he wanted the bank infoo and I told him I wasnt giving it to him,my husband didnt even have that info and for him be asking me for it anymore. For about a week he didnt say anything more about it, then all of a sudden he got rather demanding and pretty aggravated about me giving him the bank info and I still refused, he told me he needed it for his work place to be able to send his money and once in my account I could send it to him! I thought that sounded odd and told him at that time if he didnt stop hounding me about it I wouldnt remain with him any longer! He just told me fine if I wanted it that way,I never loved him or trusted him anyway! I told whatever and didnt talk to him on Google Talk or yahoo messenger for nearly 2 weeks he then appologized to me and begged me to talk to him,he didnt want my bank account that he loved me very much and he didnt want to lose me over any bank account! I resumed talking to him&forgave him, by that time I had fell crazy in love with the man I knew as Robert Smith!! I did give him my bank info stupidly so!! He NEVER took any money out of my acct never asked me for money!! It was maybe 2 mos later that a check came into my acct for $2500! My nank at that time told me they sent the cjeck back because it was fictious and fraudulent. It had been sent from a Trailways bus depot in South Dekota!! I told him about it and he told me it was from the person he sold the truck to and hadnt paid..believing him once again I let it go. Then shortly after that he began asking me to send him money for various reasons. I sold all my personal possesions over the next couple of mos just to send him different amounts of money, in the name of Ademola Shola David always in that same name. I stopped sending him money about 2-21/2 mos before the end and told him not to ask me for anymore and he never did. Then for the last mo before he (scammer)
First name: Patrick
Last name: Genzel
Aka: Sodiq Muritala
Age: 50-60
Location: Turkey, Northern Cyprus
Phone: 905488892101
On websites: match
Report: Scammer who has a very good website promoting his business which gives him