First name: Micheal
Last name: Wilson
Age: 52 anos
Location: Malyasia
On websites: Zorpia
Report: From: To: Subject: RE: Carino, Debo decirles que estoy muy bien hoy, pero he planeado todo el dia y noche sobre como hacer que mi viaje sea un exito, Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 01:24:30 +0800 My beloved How are you, i hope you are fine, i read your message now i received urgent sad news from Malaysia, Am now in the ship working, My Mum and my two sons David and Philip Traveled to Malaysia to See how big property in Malaysia, but i received bad news that they have accident and now in hospital in Malaysia, Can i ask you for a favor, you you won't run away this time if i do? My mum needs a serious help in Malaysia now, she travel over dear for something very important. Can you help me send her $800 today or tomorrow? Is that too much to ask you? I will be waiting for your response. Micheal Honey i love u always Honey send it with this information below OK, honey my mother and my children every body loves you, darling i love u forever, darling send the money with this information through western union money transfer, darling locate to any western union money transfer and send the money OK, honey am waiting for you, Honey after you send the money you let me know OK, WESTERN UNION INFORMATION BELOW: Name: NORPiDAH ABDULKADiR Address: Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 City: Kuala Lumpur Country: Malaysia. Amount: $800usd Dollars 1. Name of Sender 2. Address of sender 3. Western Union MTCN (10-digit) 4. Amount sent or send the western union payment slip to this email for payment confirmation. Honey am waiting for you OK, darling love u forever, God bless Micheal
First name: john
Last name: larry
Age: 49
Location: California
On websites: ok cupid
Report: Says he works in coffe sales had to go to india lost wallet needs 2500 to pay hotel can't reach his boss been in India 4 weeks was supposed to be gone ten days
First name: James
Last name: Grady
Age: 54
Location: Syria
Address: 3316 Rancier Ave, Killeen TX 76543
On websites: SeniorPeoplemeet
Report: Met on Senior People Meet and his ID there is Roostersmithy from Mooreville MS, Divorced 1 children then confesses he has been widowed for 6 years has 13 yr old son Harry sends pics of the kid as well as himself through next asked to? send money gram to child Harry's caregiver name _ Nti Shadrack Country-GhanaCity-Accra Zip-00233 caregiver got married took Harry to Africa with him to meet Shadrack's new in laws and has no money to buy Harry a cake for his birthday . Yes he is madly in love with me instantly and getting out of the military retiring in 10 more days but is on this mission no access to money, no living family. Wants my number so the kid can call me and I say no way not even 30 minutes later the caregiver and Harry have been found bleeding having been attacked when the caregiver is consious and Harry is dying the Dr. calls and sends a pic which he sends to me and says Harrys loosing blood dying but unless Grady sends him money he can't do anything for Harry he types he is crying and he will pay me back but needs me to send money. funny for someone in such distress he uses emotes. When I say no I have no money to send now I have betrayed him. With all the aliases and pictures I see of him here how has he never been caught.
First name: Scott
Last name: Jerry
Aka: Scoot Jerry
Age: 46
Location: San Francisco, California USA
Phone: +12818360586 & +12692012155
On websites: & Viber
Report: I met this Guy on a Dating Site call Cherryblossoms he's name is Scott Jerry (46) from San Francisco USA he works as a Marine Engineering Consultant/Business Owner. I am now showing you some emails he sent to me on Cherryblossoms & my email address
First name: Freddie
Last name: Adams
Aka: Fredrick
Age: 11-07-60
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: 315 565 6342, +27875509639
On websites: Chemistry
Report: We met on Chemistry and he wanted my email address so he could email me . We emailed and eventually he wanted my phone number. He was very persistant in contacting me and he wanted to know all about me. We talked for 4 months, either email or by phone everyday, and as the time went on, he began telling me he loved me. In the beginning I told him I had been lied to, cheated on and scammed and if he was a scammer he might as well move on to the next person. He was very convincing and since he supposedly lived in the same city,he convinced me he was legit. I kept pushing the issue to meet. He said he wanted to get to know me first, then eventually when we were supposed to meet he conviently won the bid on a contract for 1.7 millon dollars and had to fly to South Africa, Milnerton Cape Town. He called and said he wished I was there with him to see how beautiful Cape town was. He was going to be there 2 weeks and when he came back would I pick him up at the airport? He called telling me he was having problems with the foundation and was going to be delayed in coming back. It would be another week or so and would I be able to send him 3 laptops as his credit cards didn't work in Africa. He was an Architectural designer and he needed the laptops for the crew to keep the line of communication open. When I told him no he continued to carry on a conversation and ended by telling me he loved me and couldn't wait to see me. I asked several personal questions that he hesitated on. I told him I thought he was a scammer.. I never heard from him again. He was a mixture of Dutch and British and was from the Netherlands. Father from Holland and Mum is British. Father is late and Mum very much alive and still living in the UK. Has 1 son Chris 22yoa who is attending college in the UK. He was married for 29 yrs , but lost his wife 3 yrs ago in Holland, in a tragic accident. His whole life came crashing down. He loved her so much he couldn't bear it. He had to go to counseling before he got healed. But life must go on as his late wife is in a better place. He has moved to OKC and already developed a business and is here to stay. He sent a link to his webpage for the business. It is
First name: Duncan
Last name: Miller
Aka: Miller Duncan
Age: 50
Location: Miami, Kuwait, Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Gaydar
Report: Miller Duncan first contacted me on Gaydar on March 13, 2015. We began corresponding from that date on. After about the 4th or 5th time of communication, he started professing his love for me. I will admit he is kinda cute. My original intent for going on to Gaydar, was to find gay men, like myself to meet and start friendships with. Even though I'm gay, I was honorably and faithfully married to my wife for 40 years, until she passed away on Feb. 3, 2015. It was barely three days after meeting him, he wanted me to buy him an iPhone 6, so it would make it easier for us to communicate by wi-fi with him in Kabul. Like a dummy, I did scrap up the money to buy the iPhone 6 and ship it to him (I have the receipts), he also wanted me to send him $120 dollars to buy a ring, which I sent to him. Around the end of March, he told me he had a mission to go on to Khost of Kabul (it is a real place). While on his mission he saved the life of a woman and her two children. This woman's husband was rewarding him with $350,000 and several bars of Gold for saving his family's life. Every thing was fine, he said he was shipping it to me, but his
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: James Gregory Scott
Age: 51
Location: Beverly Hills CA
Phone: 210-519-0909, 805-666-0765
On websites:
Report: I have to admit this fella is very convincing. Seems real but is not the same person as in the photo. Said he was active duty Airforce at first contact then turned to Army. Owned home in Beverly Hills CA soon to retie from military after 1 last mission. Wants to star restaurants 3. One in CA, One in Kansas City and one in Hawaii. Loves Spaghetti and meat balls. Very thick French Accent. Says parent dead, only sibling. Mother French he lived in France with her for 14 yrs Father from Toledo OH. Daught Ashley Scott, 18 yrs attending university in Atlanta Georgia. Wants to be a doctor. Just broke up wit her boyfriend and cried all day then 2 days met Frank a guy with Tattoos all over his body. Very romantic in his words. Pushes all the right buttons. Never asked for money or anything else. Called me every day. Email and texts too. Things just did not add up so I told him to send me a copy of his military ID so I could see it. He faked it.. Really bad job too. Said he was an officer and looking at the military uniform this guys was A
First name: frank
Last name: kennedy
Age: 47ish
Phone: unknownfr
On websites: not sure
Report: I met him on badoo and then he started sending me emails wanting money
First name: Oscar
Last name: Cheng
Age: 52
Location: California
On websites:
Report: He made contact first via Him---Hi there, how are you doing? May i have the chance of knowing you? It will really be a pleasure. I am Oscar Cheng and you are beautiful. Me---Hi there, nice to meet you. are you a Chinese? I am not very good at English, and would like you to write in Chinese Please. Him---????????????????????????????? Me---??????,??????????????????? Him---???????????????? Me---???,????Email?? Him---????????? I checked the photoes through Google, the man in the picture is a pastor from a korean church Irvine Global Mission Church, yisuyong,, photo from
First name: Ben
Last name: Wood
Age: 49
Location: Michigan
Phone: 3233124479
Report: I was scammer from a dating web site
First name: Michel
Last name: Gilbert
Age: 51
Location: Castlebar, Ireland. California USA
On websites:
Report: This guy claims to be a widower with twins aged 5, a boy and a girl. He said his wife died in childbirth on the 26th December 2009. His mother who lives in California looks after his children as his late wife had no living relatives. He claims he works for the UN on a contract basis. He is now in Pakistan working on a 6 month contract and he has asked for money to be transferred to a bank in Scotland. He said he couldn't make any contact with me while he was away so he would need a satellite phone to keep in contact. He said he couldn't make the payment from Pakistan and he asked if I could pay and that he would pay me back. He sent me details of where the payment was to be made. It was to go to a bank account in Hamilton, Scotland. The contact name I was give was Carol Ann Munro plus her account details. The amount to be transferred was 735USD. He is also using an app called TEXT ME, This app uses an American phone number, so when you call it, it seems to be genuine. I have a feeling this guy may live in Scotland. He has plenty of photo's to send, not one do I believe to be of him.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Brian Hart
Age: unknown
Location: Arghanistan
On websites:
Report: Email sent by him.. We seem to have a lot in common and it seems like we are both looking for the same things in life, how wonderful. I share the desire to have a meaningful, committed relationship with someone special like you. I guess we're really going to get on very well since we are the same kind, and I cant wait to get to know you better and meet you in person. Well I'm doing really great and very glad that you gave me your email on this that dating website. I want to get to know you better and meet you in person so I decided to write you an email and tell you more about myself so you get to know me better. I'm not sure where exactly to start. Feels like I'm doing my resume lol I have gone through a lot of personal transitions over the last 8 yrs and hopefully with a couple more things to get out of the way, things are finally starting to settle down.... I have been widowed for 8 years now and haven't done any dating since then. I do believe that we have a ton in common. I just registered on that dating website and you are the first person I'm writing off this site and because of this I'm given this all my attention and I wish the best out of this. I'm a single, have a son and live with my dog. My son is called
First name: Alrigo
Last name: Difronzo
Aka: Alfredo J Feronti
Age: 61
Location: USA Whiteplains
Phone: 01147197644 07700034048
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on, exchanged detailed emails about what type of partner he is looking for; correspondence quickly escalated on his side to effusive expressions of love and plans for the future. His backstory is that he is a widower of 10 years who lost his wife in an auto accident. Describes himself as a construction engineer, with a son John who is at NYU studying engineering. Claims to have own construction company which has just won a large contract building a link road in Luanda, Angola. Sent me a copy of the contract awarded for a very large amount. Sent many pictures. Left for Luanda, still writing me emails and calling by phone about twice per week. After about a month, revealed a tax problem with the contract and began talking about the need to meet officials and that he may need me to help with a loan to bridge a financial problem; that he would refund me upon returning to the UK to meet me for the first time. This immediately aroused my suspicions and I began to search for information using reverse telephone directories and google image search.
First name: Steven
Last name: Wood
Aka: Alex Fitzgerland
Age: 55
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 92466502
Email: steven.wood2016
On websites:
Report: This man is very dangerous . We started a chat live on he told me he was in the ARMY getting ready for retirement. 2-28-15 we exchanged emails. In the beginning he would write romance emails to me. This man is very convincing ! After exchanging email over a month time, he told me that he would be retiring from the ARMY and returning home to the United States. He wanted me to wire him $ 1500 dollars as he had explained to pick up a important package that would be delivered to me. The moment he mentioned money I knew something was wrong. He had said the embastor had give him gold bars as payment for guarding a oil rig . We had started talking on skpe I only saw his face once. When I started research on him he had been a male scammer for over 15 years. Yes lady's he preys on lonely women from the ages of 40 and up. When I read the stories about what he had done to all the other women it broke my heart. He spoke of his son William he sent me pictures of the small boy . Then I found out his son was grown. He speaks of his wife passing away although never told me how.
First name: Mike
Last name: Rogers
Age: 59-60
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Phone: 614-398-0576nown
On websites: POF
Report: He contacted me approximately 5 days ago through the POF website. He gave me his email and said we should communicate off the site because he wasn't on it often. He sent me stolen photos
First name: Edward
Last name: Connor
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria
On websites: facebook
Report: Stg. Edward Connor contacted me on facebook and wanted to be my friend. We started chatting and of course he sounded perfect; plays the guitar and piano and sings. Loves me with all of his heart... Parents died in a car accident 3 years ago. Owns 2 houses because of their death. His own house is in Orlando, Florida and there home is in California. He has no siblings. He wants to come meet me and he is in Nigeria. Ask me to pay for a military pass for a month, even though I had the option to also pay more for a 2 or 3 month pass. Stupid me, paid for the one month pass. He sent me a copy of the pass approval. Now, he sends me a message that he has 24 hours to leave the base, and I have to pay for his plane ticket. So, once again, he gives me 2 options, and I pay for the cheaper one for him to fly here. I do know that the army or other military do not pay for flights that are not within their normal duties. So, I paid for this. Once he left Nigeria, he flew to the UK. Once he arrived there, he stated that he needed his Ebola Clearance and he didn't have it with him. So, I needed to get it for him. I needed to send $7,000 to get this... to 4 different people, so the amount wasn't so large to one person on a money gram, to the man I sent the earlier money (not Edward Connor) and 3 other people. 2 of these names appear here on Male-Scammers. I found out that Edward Connor has his money at a Wells Fargo bank and he is insistent that he cant get money out of it. That he has to reactivate it only in the US. I called Wells Fargo and they say that this is not true. I gave him the address of the Wells Fargo bank in the UK and told him to go there, and I have deleted him from my facebook friends. I have gotten a threatening letter from the which I have also found out is not a real military email address. I feel like a fool. But I don't want any other people hurt by this smooth talker.
First name: Stephen
Last name: Mixoner
Aka: Benjamin
Age: 55 to 58
Location: USA, Washington DC
On websites: tagged, yahoo messenger
Report: met this guy on Tagged, chat in yahoo, he said he was a US army General stationed in Syria, we exchanged emails, chat at yahoo messenger, I just saw his picture,but never did some webcam, I was wondering why I cant send him a card or call him, he said its not allowed.but after 5 months, i ask him if he can call me using YM just want to hear his voice,when I heard his voice, funny it does'nt sound like american, its like an african diction,well I didnt tell him that,there was a time also he was accusing me of cheating him, so I said he can check my email if im hiding something from him, and he said he wont do it ,when I got this message that someone is trying to open my google account,well I was not afraid because I dont have anything important documents on it.Before he promised that., he will come to the Philippines,after few months he told me a story that they found a treasure , he wanted to bring it out of Syria, his money is with the govt, and in few months he will get his retirement fee,so he was asking for $1,500 from me to use western union to send it to someone in UK, once everything is paid ,they will deliver the package.,and I told him cant help because I dont have dollars.
First name: Ryand
Last name: Wesley
Age: 42
Location: Nigeria, Lagos
On websites: google +
Report: I met Ryand a year ago on facebook. He said that he was a widower and had a 4 year old daughter named Cynthia. He first said that he lived in Cleveland Ohio but finally after about 6 months told me that he had lied and that he and his daughter were stuck in Nigeria and he had lied to me trying to get money to return to the states. To make a long story short I ended up sending him over $8,000.00-$10,000.00 over the past year. When he returned to the states, he supposedly went to Louisville, Kentucky. He ask me to send all the money to the name of Deji Frank in Lagos, Nigeria because he couldn't get money in his name because he wasn't Nigerian. WWill
First name: Scott prince
Last name: Gary
Age: 48
Location: Afganistan
Address: unknownaddress 41 114th St Apt 110 Troy, NY 12182-2732
Email: Idontknowit
On websites: Tango skype
Report: He asked me to send his son money for some classes his son e needed and his debit Card was not working i asked How and he gave me a name of a guy that lives in Africa (Emmanuel quayson (well our chaperone said you can send it through western union or money gram ...we should his name to received it Emmanuel Quayson acrra GHANA) supposibly he was the kids chaperone, Im still in disbelief, of the level of fisrespect, smh i caught on to his game and told him all about it. Lol what a rat this piece of shit is. Id hate this to happen to any woman out there.
First name: Darry
Last name: William
Aka: Telbot Bekson
Age: 45
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Messenger, facebook
Report: Ok this is a very recent scam. I just found him on this site so I do not know exactly what he was going to try with me. He first put in a friends request to me on Face book. I decide to accept. He contacted me on April 1,2015. He said he was a LT in the US Army on deployment in Team 6 in Kabul, Afghanistan Providence since November 2014. He says he watches for enemy movement and that he will be coming back to the US soonest. That word soonest was what made me think but I asked him what he met by soonest and he said about 3 months he would be done with his mission. He goes on to tell me that his parents died when he was 7 and that he was raised by a catholic priest and abandon by his Uncle. He says the priest name was Father Edward. This raised another red flag to me. After the first day he started telling me he wanted to marry me and that he loved me. He always says,
First name: Jason
Last name: mayo
Age: 30-34
Location: Jacksonville Florida
Phone: 9046248902
Email: deebee@Hotmail. com
On websites: Facebook
Report: he will egg girls on to send him money saying his truck broke down or he has to pay support payments or what not he will get you to send it in a family members name as well name of Leanna Millington cause he is flag so he needs another way of getting the money don't belive him though he us a scammer won't pay u back says he will but never see it and keeps asking he only asks for a cution amount as well 400 or 800 so it's not real
First name: clinton
Last name: smart
Age: 50 yo
Location: Dublin Ireland,London United Kingdom
Address: Kensington,Palace Garden London W8 United Kingdom
Phone: 447031828952
On websites: Facebook,FB messenger
Report: He told me that he loved me after exchange messages in messenger. He ask my address because he want to send a birthday present for me so I gave my work address. He forward the Courrier company site to me for parcel tracking.But when the parcel already here in Malaysia someone called me and says my package is still awaiting clearance at custom,and that person ask me to pay 3 thousand Ringgit,give a bank account number and name of person.I says I can't pay I don't have money that time, Clinton call me and ask me to pay the amount so I can get the parcel.I quite skeptical about that package because it is a huge amount and an expensive things with 20 thousands british pound hiding inside the bag.So I told him that am going to call our man inside the custom f really I have package from london..after that he's not contacting me even he is online.
First name: Scott prince
Last name: Gary
Age: 48
Location: Afganistan
Address: unknownaddress 41 114th St Apt 110 Troy, NY 12182-2732
Email: Idontknowit
On websites: Tango skype
Report: He asked me to send his son money for some classes his son e needed and his debit Card was not working i asked How and he gave me a name of a guy that lives in Africa (Emmanuel quayson (well our chaperone said you can send it through western union or money gram ...we should his name to received it Emmanuel Quayson acrra GHANA) supposibly he was the kids chaperone, Im still in disbelief, of the level of fisrespect, smh i caught on to his game and told him all about it. Lol what a rat this piece of shit is. Id hate this to happen to any woman out there.
First name: Daniel L.
Last name: Wilson
Age: Unknown
Location: Seattle, WA
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: A friend contacted me through facebook messaging saying she got $100,000 from this man and encouraged me to friend him. I did and knew he was not legit right away. I'm giving him to you. I am sure my friend was not the one messaging me.
First name: ALEXANDER D
Last name: JONES
Age: 54
Location: SEASIDE, CA
On websites: OUR TIME
Report: WAS ON OURTIME.COM AND RELATION BEGAN MARCH 20 AND I FINISED IT ABOUT ONE WEEK LATER I CLICKED ON LIKE YOUR PHOTO AND HE ASK ME TO GIVE HIM MY EMAIL ADDRESS SO YOU CAN COMMUNICATE MORE EASILY . I REALISED HE WAS A SCAMMER BECAUSE OF HIS WAY TO TALK, SWEETIE, ETC. AND THE RELATION WHICH EVOUATE VERY RAPIDLY. here is a letter from him like many other scammer uses: From: To: My Dear Danielle I know there's an ocean between us, and I wish that it weren't true, for every day when I arise, I yearn to be with you. Though a lot of distance lies between us, you'll always be in my mind and my heart, And every night beneath the stars, I pray for the day we'll never be part. Every day I will be thinking about you. When my eyes are closed, when I sing and dance to a love song, when I'm checking my email, I will be thinking about you. When I go to sleep in the % of my room and give in to wonderful dreams I will definitely be thinking about you. I know someday we will meet and spend our lives with each other. I have waited for someone like you, and now that I have found you I will never let you go. I love you so much Alexander
First name: lewis
Last name: kasken
Aka: Micheal Hudson
Age: 51
Location: usa
Phone: 661.368.5640
On websites: yes
Report: Tried to scam me for $5000.00 says he is an engineer for SHELL OIL is in Spain , doing a job and ran out of money.
First name: Matt
Last name: Johnson
Age: 45
Location: Texas, UAS
On websites: Yahoo, Waplog, Facebook
Report: Fake us soldier claiming to be in Afghanistan, wants money from me to secure his release, very attentive this weekend because he thinks I am sending him ?1000 this week, no chance, got his phone number by adding him on whatsapp, it's Nigerian as I expected waplog: ssgtmatt Yahoo: johnsonsmart38
First name: Austin
Last name: O'Connor
Aka: Jim Connor
Age: 51 to 55
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: He says he is active duty. Widowed. Has a daughter named Starla. Age 22. Says he us a Brigadier General in the Army stationed Kabul Afghanistan. From Atlanta GA. Says hevhas a hone in FL. scheduled to retire. Will give sob story about money and no access.
First name: Robert
Last name: Williams
Aka: Uwe/ Jack Reed
Age: 57
Location: los angeles CA
On websites: christian american dating
Report: initial contact by skype, after 3 requests
First name: Joshua
Last name: Wayne
Aka: Josua
Age: 41 dob 21/12/1974
Location: Los Angeles, Serbia
Phone: 18318247180
On websites: Badoo & Viber
Report: I started talking to Joshua on Badoo on 03/03/15, he said he was staying in Chelsea London on business for the week then flying back home to Los Angeles to return to his son (kelvin age 7) He asked to meet up in that week but I was busy so did not see him. He asked me to stay in contact with him via the app Viber as it would be cheaper for both of us once he returned to America. After he had been in LA for a couple of days he said he was bidding for a job as he was in the road construction business and said that the name of his company was (Moses Ventures plc). He rang me to tell me that he had won the contract and was immediately flying to Serbia, whilst he was in Serbia he constantly messaged me and phoned me, always telling me he loved me and sending me love poems and songs to listen to. After bombarding me for a week he suddenly went silent one night but the next morning I rec,d a messaged from a man called Angelo to say that Mr Joshua his boss had been in an accident and was in hospital and that he would call me once awake. When Joshua called me he told me that one of his workers had lost control of the machinery and had his legs crushed and that they needed to be amputated, he said he had to pay for this as it was one of his workers, he then told me he was going to the police in Serbia to file a report, when I heard back from him he was angry and told me that he had hit a police officer and that they were charging him with Police assault, tax evasion and negligence. He told me that he had got a solicitor called Anna who was helping him as the authorities had frozen his bank account until he paid a fine of ?55k. He then started to casually ask me to help him raise some cash for both the injured mans legs and his fine so that they would release his funds so that he could return to the UK to come see me. He asked me to send money to his sons nanny (called Carmen Josephina Del Pinal) I told him I didn't have any cash to help him but he did remain very persistent, sometimes getting very angry & abusive to me. We chatted for a month with him making empty promises to come to me in the UK and said that he would look after me as he was loaded, he also sent me pictures of his three cars (Porsche,bmw,mercedes benz) and pictures of his son and his late wifes art gallery in LA called (Diane Art). He also send me pictures of gifts he had bought for me such as designer handbags and watches. I started to get very suspiscious when he increased the amount of pressure for money on me even sometimes crying on the phone, so I decided to check out his businesses online but of course couldn't find them, I eventually found your site and read the first report from another lady in the UK and could not believe I had been scammed.