First name: Ricky
Last name: Campbell
Age: 61
Location: Ghana Tamale
Address: Mishad Makdad
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: Meet him thru Face book and he used a generals picture. When I caught him he sent me new Pictures. Said he needed money for his son and then he needed money to get home. He made his last contact with me this past week. I called him a Scammer because his pictures are on this site. So watch out for a nice looking blond hair gentleman that pretends he is a general in the Army.
First name: Mark
Last name: Bradford
Age: 58?
Location: Dubai AE
Address: Astoria NY
Phone: 917-383-1703
On websites: Oasis Active Skype yahoo mail
Report: I got talking to Mark Bradford on Oasis Active and then moved the conversation to email and Skype. He professed his love for me within a few days. He said he was on a business trip to Dubai and he would come see me after his business is done then he wrote me one day and said his ATM card as damaged and needed someone to cash a check for him and send this money to a contact in canada.i will forward the pictures and documents.
First name: Sam
Last name: Watson
Age: unknown
Location: Ireland
On websites: okcupid
Report: He contacted me on okcupid one week ago. He asked me for my email address and after I sent it asked me to close my profile - made me a bit suspicious. He emailed me on the 24th, 25th, 26th and 28th of February. When I google a small section from each email the entire email practically word for word comes up on a number of scam websites.
First name: Jordan
Last name: Williams
Aka: scott Freeman, James Angey
Age: 48
Location: Bridgton nj 08302 USA ?
Address: 39 N Lawrence
Phone: 2017318513
On websites: Facebook
Report: Friend request via fb thanksgiving time. Next day profile disappeared. He said sclient
First name: Craig D.
Last name: Riley
Aka: Kevin Williams, Daniel Walker, Fred Orchard, Fred Jackson Amah, John R. william, Mark Bernard James, Richard Webb, Stan Cook, dennis webb, Nicky Hector, Jeff S. Morgan, Jose Mario, Alejo Alcander, Nicky Hector, William Ray
Age: 58
Location: USA, UAE,
On websites: facebook as nicky hector and william ray
Report: This poor guy in the pics has had his pictures used in these scams since 2009.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Belcher
Age: 53
Location: UK, London, Westminster
On websites: b2d82- dating site
Report: I found him as a scammer on the site through Google images. Fake photos. He wrote me lovely letters, but I always check everyone who rites me. So, I reveal this scammer.
First name: Jeff
Last name: Hunter
Age: 47
Location: West Africa
Address: po box 996
Phone: 18622073976
Email: hunter,
On websites: facebook
Report: he connectedme Feb 2 I am going thru divorce and he texted every night themn starting posting o face book how much he loved me the=n ask for a phone candy and I sent him a ring then he ask for 250 I sent then he asked 1000m or he was getting kicked out of army suppose to be E6 Sgt In west Africa he used a diplomat to get money and packeage which is the address aboe the money I sent by money graham I have all rcipes theres two work 1-862-207-3976 new jesey number 14302004887 texas number he said he was in the Peace keeping West Africa in a camp near aurr the Diplomat is named tahiru kassium that's his PO boc\x
First name: David
Last name: Brinke
Age: 54
Location: Brisbane, Australia
On websites: RSVP
Report: Hi David made contact on RSVP, he said he was a civilian engineer working for the UN forces and currently deployed in Kabul, he stated that he was due to fly home after a couple of days, this he then said his leave was cancelled but he would put in a request, he wanted me to sign up to a satellite company so we could talk on the phone, the link he gave me took me to a site and it did say military phone connections but down the bottom was a fee of over $ 500 but it said this would be refunded once connected. I did searches and they all took me to advice about scammer sites, apparently military personal can call home at no charge, that this web site was a scammers. Also other request he asked were unusual as well, so after warning bells and repeated searches which would take me to a scammers advice site I decided to try a trick as stated on how to find out if they are really a scammer using the military scams they do and that was to ask him for his personal address over there as I would send a care package to him, as stated military personal can and do receive packages from home, scammers will deny and say they are unable to receive parcel etc, well he fell into the trap, after this I have not spoken to him again, I think he knows I'm on to him for he hasn't contacted me again either.
First name: DAVID
Last name: WILLIAM
Age: 30'S
Address: David William 14 Adekunle Adedotun St Ojota, Lagos Nigeria 23401
Phone: 1 (847) 790-4061
On websites:
Report: He is a SCAMMER that takes advantage of women. He is NOT WHITE. He is BLACK. I will send pictures of the real scammer. He says that he is WHITE. HE IS ABSOLUTELY BLACK and from Lagos, Nigeria. I will submit his pictures, later.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Smith
Age: 48
Location: usa new Jersey
On websites: crewdating badoo
Report: scam me for sum money making it seem that he as money and property he will scam for all he an get from you
First name: Sergey
Last name: Trebutov
Aka: Ilya
Age: 19
Location: Russian Federation Seratov. IP Check puts him in Kiro and Yoshka-ola
Address: 53 / 57A Zarubin Street , Saratov 410012
On websites: daddyhunt,,
Report: This lad contacted me on and we subsequently exchanged man emails over 1 month. His username was panthelon but he has deleted that profile
First name: Prince
Last name: Castro
Age: 50
Location: South Africa, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Phone: 3213367184
On websites:
Report: Everything he did fits a scammer completely: went off site to personal email and phone number to text. Emails and pictures were beautiful. Less than one week asked me to help him transfer money. Then the next week after this said his daughter had been in a bad accident in South Africa where he works and needs me to help pay for her surgery. Ask if I had a Wells Fargo Account to send him some money.
First name: Gary
Last name: Bale
Age: 51
Location: San Fransico California
Phone: 408-780-8576
On websites: UNknown
Report: I just emailed pictures and letters of Gary Bale. He asked for a loan and 2500.00 for his job. The certificate that was needed to continue work for him and crew was not in order. Gary needed this money to continue working. I have many letters most proclaiming his love. HAHA
First name: Paulinus
Last name: Muomara
Age: 45
Location: Ghana
On websites:
Report: This guy using American picture lying to me for almost 1 year he take my money 10000usd plus the diplomat he said 4000usd he was from Afganistan then run away from the camp go to Ghana then asking tickets but when his friend buy ticket it was fake again I sent for buying passport and ticket then when he go to London going Japan catched by immigration then return to Ghana I sent again for going japan ticket ,I said if you used youre American passport youre already in japan for a long time why you use other name,He said to me his true his black ,and now asking me to accept him I said I don't like black he said his fall in love to me,want to come japan for marrying me.i said no need then asking me to accept him as my best friend as his mother father brother and sister he will be my side forever.and now buying true ticket coming japan
First name: Ramsey
Last name: Jim
Age: 48
Location: Malaysia
On websites:
Report: He ask me to pay his bag that was sent from UK to Japan 20000Usd then he has no money to buy ticket Isent again 1500usd then his son and sister from Usa and Canada come to Japan stranded in Malaysia for not paying 10 pcs Bags they will put in prison I pay again 2000usd then his son was dengue fewer 1000usd again lost passport 2000usd again buy ticket isent 1000usd for 1 person but sister and son wants to come all of them then from apartment to international airport taxi accident 2000usd coz operation then again blood transfusion 1500usd then again tickets going japan 1500usd cant come police catched but I stop calling him his saying many problems again to me.
First name: Gianni
Last name: Harry
Aka: Vincent Muphy
Age: 50-55
Location: Liverpool, UK
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted me on Facebook. Sounded very interested in a serious relationship, marriage to be exact. Had a lot of questions about what Iam looking for and what I want and seemed very serious and charming about wanting to be married. After only a few days he started declaring his passionate and grand love for me. Said he was coming to move in with me and coming to me to Canada from the UK to marry me and buy a house for us. He said he told his company and that they had a branch in Canada so he would have a work permit upon coming here. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary to me yet at that point, I was happy and believed every word he said, oh he also claimed that he had a 9 year old daughter and that he was a widower after his wife died in childbirth. He seemed real and legit, obviously a professional at what he does, wonder how many women he's made money off. He had quite a lot of pictures of himself and his daughter to prove his claims and initial story but then things got weird and seemed to be off. Upon the time that his journey to me was to occur which he claimed he was going to fly down and take a plane, he changed his narrative and told me that he had to journey to Australia on business on his company ship, so yeah weird and off for me right there but I said ok whatever do what you have to and them he started to declare his grand love for me again as if he senses by change in attitude toward him. He also claimed to be a successful marine engineer and told me how much he made/ his salary which was pretty attractive. Anyway it seemed legit to me for an engineer. On his journey after a few days or almost a week, he tells me that something is wrong with his ship at sea, that the brain box is acting up and that they have slowed down and that they are also close to sea pirates off the coast of South Africa. This to me already sounded pretty ridiculous. He claimed to be really afraid of the sea pirates robbing him lol, so he asked me to have him send his safe box with his money/cash as he claimed to me, he asked for my address and then a fee for the shipment to be delivered. The fee that he and this delivery company asked for was close to 4,000 dollars which I couldn't pay even if I wanted to but didn't because it all seemed to be too off and fishy. What finally gave him away to me his mention of a diplomatic delivery agent coming to my door to personally deliver this box. Now that to me really seemed too outrageous. I researched this on the Internet and through google found out that this is one many scams going on now from primarily and mainly operating in Nigeria. Of course they are all different scenarios but all lead to this bullshit of having to pay some shipping fee for some box of money to be personally delivered to you.
First name: Harry
Last name: Sprangler
Age: 58
Location: Suffolk, VA; Jackson, MS
Address: 235 Jonathans Way Suffolk VA
Phone: 754-999-7290
On websites:
Report: Emailed me via Suggested immediately that we move to a chat feature (yahoo messenger). Multiple delays and reasons why we could not meet, including that he was donating stem cells to his 5 yr old granddaughter with leukemia. After a few weeks, told me he was going to Ghana to release materials for a contracted roofing job he was hired to do but no longer wanted to do because he wanted to be here with me; contacted me and reported that his credit cards were frozen and he could not complete the transaction in Ghana and asked me to wire $1500 via western union, to be picked up by MARK QUARTEY (who is listed on the aka list). Sent me
First name: David
Last name: Osborne
Aka: dofengineer, interspeedelivery
Age: 62
Location: New York, USA
Address: 2416 N. Main St., Warsaw, New York 14569, USA
Phone: 0019173829166
On websites: Myzamana
Report: I have recently met a man on a dating site going by the name of David Osborne claiming he's originally from Denmark and living in the US since the early 70s and, that he owns an engineering and handling businesses in New York. He mentions that his wife passed away and that he has a kid and looking for the perfect woman to share his life with. Turns out, he's a Nigerian scammer looking for the perfect woman to scam. I have known him for almost a month, bunch of phone calls, text messages and amils, he acted like i was the one for him, started being nice, using kind words and such. Then, he said something about going in a business travel to UK for a month AND.... --->>>>> That he bought presents and waited to send them, all he asked for was the residential address and that he was going to send the case that contained the gifts through a diplomatic friend of his called
First name: Jamie
Last name: Fidel
Aka: Michael Dario, Bryan Caldari
Age: 64
Location: USA, Mason, Ohio, UK
On websites:
Report: This scammer starts out by saying his subscription is ending, takes a person off the site to chat at private email.
First name: jeff
Last name: brown
Aka: jeffgreg99
Age: 57
Location: USA Houston
Phone: 281-810-3027
On websites: and Yahoo
Report: We met on jeff brown contacted me on there website.We corresponded for ten months. Nothing strange happened for about a month then he said he was going to africa on business then two weeks after it began.He said he maxed out his credit card and could not get his money from the states to pay his hotel and food bill so I sent it too him by way of western union which he said he would repay when he returned.Then his son got hurt at the work site and went to hospital and he needed money for his treatment so that was sent to.then it was plane tickets and food then it was taxes he had to pay for the job he was on.then money was asked for a lawyer so he could get his money from the job he worked on.then on the way to airport got into car crash needed money for hospital stay.Then he shows up in Houston Texas and wants plane fare to come see me. It all amounted to twenty thousand dollars. The person I was sending to in Africa was EMEKA EZE AND EZE CHUKWU All sent Western Union. He kept asking for money I said no he told me to get lost.
First name: Douglas
Last name: Walker
Aka: Kindheart
Age: 52
Location: Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, California, USA
On websites: www.IQ
Report: Contact Me Site IQ, widowed, has 1 child in a boarding school in UK and works in a boat by the extraction of oil and gold also imports from Asia and Africa, and after two weeks requires 2000 pounds sterling for the celebration of the birthday of his son. I refused. We denounce IQ Elite, I have assumed the photos and copies of your emails with the story that I send.
First name: Donovan
Aka: Donovy
Age: 51
Location: United Kingdom
Address: Solihull
On websites: Zoosk
Report: This guy makes out he is a Geotechnical Engineer, currently working away in the States and has now been sent to Malaysia. He talks about falling in love with me and encouraged me to come off dating website straight away and use the email instead. Then he asked me to start contact using Yahoo mesenger. He said he is half Dutch and English, both parents died in a plane crash. His yahoo account is
First name: James
Last name: Norman
Aka: Glen Edwards and Peter Jorge Alfonso
Age: 55/56
Location: Chelsea, London, England
Phone: +447443664751
On websites: Lexa
Report: I got into contact with Glen Edwards (James Norman) through Lexa. He sent me the most beautiful mails and phoned me several times. A sentence in a mail caught my eye: 'I always tell people that a relationship is like a piece of Cake, where Friendship is the cake itself and Love is just the icing' . I googled this and found the same sentence mentioned in an email to one Susan in New Zealand on your site. In fact, his letters to her were almost copies of the ones he sent to me. He was a railway consultant, his wife had died (of Ovarian Cancer he told Susan, in childbirth he told me), he was wary of women just looking for 'recreational sex' and 'was looking for true love'. He also told me he had an adopted son, Mike, and sent me two pictures of him with this supposed son. He claims to have been born in Florida, to an American father and a Dutch mother (who now lives in Amsterdam) and to live in London. As he wrote to this Susan and to me he's planning to retire from his railway company as CEO, but has to finish some last deals. Check Novus Rail / Glen Edwards on Linked-In. I have photographs that I would like to submit. Kind regards, Anne
First name: Fredrick
Last name: Marcello
Aka: Edward Marcello
Age: 61
Location: Fruita, CO, UK,
Phone: 9706390114
On websites:
Report: Saw the letters sent to Mary and realized after one week that this was the same man. Even had picture of me printed and posed with it. The letters were the same as what she had received, he just changed the name from Edward to Fredrick. Thank you for your site so I never met him in person and was able to end this so quickly.
First name: Craig D.
Last name: Riley
Age: 58
Location: UAE Dubai, US Texas, US NYC
Phone: 408-484-7504
On websites:,
Report: Met this Craig D. Riley on, started emailing, started talking. I did all the research on him: he was on LinkedIn [until today], he was on Facebook [until today], we exchanged pictures and I did a google reverse image search, checked his IP address - all came back 'clean'. Said he had to go to Dubai for 1-2 months for a job. We kept in touch. Then the Torch Tower in Dubai caught on fire on 2/21, we spoke, he told me he was very concerned re: theft of his apartment especially since he had a briefcase of $65K cash [to pay his workers] and 2 Rolexes. Spoke later on 2/21 and he told me everything is lost. He then asked me for $5000. Which of course was the nail in the coffin.
First name: Jean
Last name: Blaise
Age: 50
Location: West Palm Beach, FL USA
Address: 2381 Greengate Circle, West Palm Beach FL
Phone: 561-541-9166
On websites:,
Report: This was a romance scam. I met Jean Blaise on I felt that it was a reputable service because of the website appearance. I had not had any success before because I am extremely cautious. I screened very carefully. In a momentary lapse of judgement, I went along with an IM request. It was summer and I decided to give it a try because he said to me: "Are you open for a relationship?" He came across as genuine and honest after our first face-to-face conversation in a restaurant. We continued meeting once a week to try to get to know each other from what I could tell. After our third outing, he texted me with a desperate plea. His sister in Haiti was very ill. She had a heart attack and needed $2500 for her hospital bill. I was already becoming attached to him somehow, but I told him that is a large amount of money to loan someone you barely know. I told him that I would give him $500 as a donation for her hospital bill instead and he would have to gather the rest elsewhere. He asked for $1800 at a later date to repair his car. He had a way of making it seem urgent. He would not be able to take his son to school or get to work. The third amount that he asked me for was $1000. When I refused again, he became distant, cold, and mean. I knew then that I had been scammed. I had paid him smaller amounts of cash hoping that I was helping somehow, but he called me cheap and said he could get money from other women if he wanted and that they offer him more than that. He seems to prey on the Christianity of women.
First name: Maxwell
Last name: Schmitz
Age: 55
Location: USA; Afganistan
Phone: ?447765018377, +48000000026
On websites:
Report: This man contacted me on sight Soon he wanted to continue on Skype.He was an USA army doctor located in Kabul, soon to get retired. His wife had died for 4 years ago and he had a daughter, who was 13 years, by name Nicole. He wanted to find a wife now. His profile was registered in Holland, he told this was because his friend who made the sight was from Holland. He told his father was German and mother american, but he came from Hoquiam, Washington in the States.He worked on this for a long time and very much, hours a day, before he found out an story to make me to pay him money. He would send me some of his property before he came here. At this time there was another man, delivery agent , in the story. This agent sent me his id card with picture so I would know him when he came. he wanted me to send a copy of my passport by e-mail, which I did not. So i have pictures of twoo men, telefonenumbers and adress to a bank in England.This delivery agent wanted me to pay him money, because he could not get paggage out from the customs in England.
First name: Jason Philip
Last name: Andrew
Age: 44
Location: United States, Bakersfield, CA
Phone: (661) 381-1186
On websites:
Report: He contacted me via match. He says he is an owner of a International Building Material Supply company who lives in says he lives and works in Bakersfield. He owns a home Kensington, MD (in which he gave me an address of and it checks out on the County property tax site, and has a friend in Carlsbad. He says he travels a lot. He called (from London he says) and said he misjudged the custom costs. He eventually asks for help monetarily and will give you a Bank of America account under his so called
First name: jack
Last name: redd
Age: 55
Location: ship
Email: unknow
On websites: skype
Report: *** Nickolas Philip did i was on skype maybe 2 days i thought i remembered his face from another time when he scammed me out of 150.00 i did not report it i felt stuped this time i told him i though i new him he wanted me to tell him about it he had a diferent name then so i did an he asked me if i turned him in i said yes an hour later he left not to be herd from again so i know it was him jack redd
First name: Breitner
Last name: Hamilton
Age: 52
Location: Hunts Point, Bellevue, WA Camp Eggers Kabul, Afghanistan, Milton Keynes, UK
Address: Milton Keynes, UK
Phone: 924-665-001??, 408-513-6645, 980-202-4181
On websites: Datehookup
Report: He initiated the contact back in October 2014, via the Datehookup website, we conversed up until 2/13/15 at which time he claimed to being held at the Amsterdam Airport customs due to a large amount of gold bullion he was transporting. His story was that he was stationed at Camp Eggers, Kabul for 22 months and was ready to come home and resign his commission. In November he asked me to buy his son a birthday/Christmas present of a PS4 play station as he did was not able to access his funds. I had been given one by a close friend and since I did not play games I told him I would be happy to do so but did not let him know that I was re-gifting a gift but instead told him that with freight the unit cost me nearly $1,000.00 which I could not really afford. Said he would pay me back when he got home. He claimed to be a widower who lost his wife 5 years ago. As of late 2/20/15 I started getting text messages again. Just a comment, the resemblance between Breitner Hamilton and Jack Redd is amazing.