First name: James
Last name: McKay
Age: 60
Location: Beverly Hills, LA
Phone: 440-941-2618
On websites:
Report: Person is not who he claims to be. He says he lived in and grew up in the Caribbean then moved to Cleveland at age 34, then BH about 1 year ago. Has 17 year old son Steven. He is only child, with both parents deceased. Claims to be a widow. Claim to have own private IT business and travels a lot. One of 4 pictures sent was also listed on the miliionaire dating site with person living in Chula Vista CA-- when confronted he stopped responding to emails. Never gave him chance to ask for anything. His IP address is from Redlands, WA not CA as he claims. He immediately wants to IM-- but only on very computer literate??? Very bizzarre for IT person. Talked on phone one time, he does not have Caribbean accent. Went back on Chemistry to look at profile-- had already been removed. Pictures he sends are not of him, so please Beware he is active.
First name: Benoit
Last name: Williams
Age: 50
Location: Helsinki Finland, New York US
Phone: viber +15854966600
On websites:
Report: This scammer claims to work in the off shore business as an enviroment engineer, living in New York City (born in Panama). He told me that he is now in Helsinki closing a big contract with a finish company. It ended up, after almost two month, with he ask me to lend him money to make a shipment from China happend, with chemicals that he needed for his new big contract. I did not lend him the money.. His is really a great talker and have advanced skills. I have been spoken with him on Viber for many days and hours. Send me beautiful mails (have found the same words from other scammers). He says he is a widower with a 20 y old daugther who lives in Pasadena, Carlifornia.
First name: Robert
Last name: Giogaia
Age: 48
Location: New York USA
On websites: connectingsingles
Report: This man, ripped off the name of a US army officer,retired, and used it to contact me on connectingsingles dating site. He stole his photo's from facebook,3 and another of a man and a young boy who he claimed was a friend with his son. He spoke to me on messenger, via for 7 weeks. He tried to trick me out of money, by several ways. First was the military phonecall to the base via a general for ?565, refundable. Luckily, I didn't have that in ready cash! Next military leave, next he lowered the cost of the phone call to ?250 and said he would pay the rest. Finally he tried for my bank details to deposit a large leave payment, which I could pay him via moneygram or western union. Then I woke up! Thankfully. I googled the real man, found he had retired and also the real General Charles Jacoby. I spoke to the real man on facebook to warn him.
First name: Leonard
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Yap Sing Hui, Kok Chik,Ravintran Muniandy, Young Chew
Age: 48-56
Location: Edinburg UK, Lenggong Perak, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Address: BLK.B Panorama tambun ,Ipoh, perak,Malaysia,Blk G,Ampang Seri Condo Bandar 6/120 Ampang Kuala Lumpur 52100 Malaysia
Phone: # 601126657132, mr Chew # 60146167885
On websites:
Report: Mr Anderson initiated the contact from Corresponded from january 2015 till may 2015. Not suspected him to be a scammer. The money was requested after he said he was hit by a car and robbed and broke his leg. He needed money to send to his daughter Amanda Irene a medical student of 24 yrs and for the nurse of his mother of 82yr. It was send to mr YapSing Hui. First he wanted me to send it to the Royal bank of Scotland but changed it later to send it to mr Yap Sing Hui. The amount was 1700 in pounds. another time he requested Myr 8460 send to Ravintran Munindy ,as he said Yap had gone home. He said he was working in Malaysia as a consultant to install oil-and water pipelines. He was given a check and was leaving from Lenggong on the 19th of april but was held in custody and ask for a money by Mr Chew, being his lawyer?, Money 2000 euro send for his release to: Kok Chik Soon , suppose to be the assitent of mr Chew. Another time they wanted a Myr 4760 ,but I was at time ( maybe a little too late finished with them). I dont know if this is a group of scammers, as even the daughter has send me emails under the name of Irene M anderson, email: Last mail I received was on the 21st of may.
First name: Shawn
Last name: Stewart
Age: 57yrs
Location: Florida/Dubai
Phone: 00380937750124
On websites: Messenger
Report: He struck up a romantic relationship with me and then told me his mother was ill in Ukraine and needed ?600 to pay immediately so she could go to hospital. So, I paid! He then said after two weeks that his mother didn't have enough to pay the hospital bill and he wanted me to pay a further ?400. I did not pay this time! When skyping he said his camera was not working although my systerm said it was, and his picture was blacked out. He would continue to make me feel guilty for not paying for the rest of the hospital bill, he said his credit card would not work. He was at this point apparently in Dubai on business from Florida. Any questions I would ask he would go silent and not respond.I asked which hotel he was in and when I telephoned the hotel they did not have his name of the register... he said they were mad and who should I believe him or some idiot on the receptions desk!
First name: Hughes
Last name: Prescott
Age: 50yrs
Location: Helmand Province Afghanistan
On websites: Was on Mingle2
Report: USAA Sgt Hughes EPrescott. Bagram Base. Padre. Email samples attached: To Jun 16 at 10:04 PM On Monday, 15 June 2015, 1:48,
First name: charles
Last name: neal
Age: 49
Location: miami beach florida and uk
On websites: tagged facebook
Report: hbecame friends with me on tagged said he was doing a job there and said he loved me his job was spose to be in the united kingdom we talked made plans for 2 weeks then he asked me for money 4000 i told him i didnt have itthen he waned my bank account information again he didnt get it
First name: Joseph
Last name: Miller
Aka: Sgt. Joseph Miller
Age: 41
Location: Manassas, VA
Phone: 9148608462
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Supposed widower with two young children, serving in Afghanistan. Wanted to meet me. Asked for me to request his leave. Supposed answer came back saying I needed to pay money to get him home.
First name: Derek
Last name: Tucson
Age: 58. Also. 61
Location: USA , Pa, NE, Lakeland,Florida,, Omaha,NE, Arkansas
Address: Lakeland,Florida,,Philadelphia deleware ?? Pennsylvania. Arkansas, Omaha Regency, NE
Phone: (302) 365-0646
Email: ,
On websites: Badoo. Speed dating , Facebook, viber google hangouts yahoo messenger
Report: Claims to be Telecommunications Engineer,for Bechtel group corporations, on Facebook his secretary turned out to be woman thought she was his wife Paula herald Keys. Cardiac nurse whose disabled now Supposedly is project site supervisor for them Has sent many gifts and emails if love and promise to marry after he retires soon Now claims unable to send supply money to his employees Needs me to pickup money from colleagues And forward to them in nigeria
First name: Raymond James
Last name: Griggs
Age: 52
Location: Syria
On websites: Skype
Report: [13/06/2014 10:26:33] Ana Ana: [8:51:44] Admr raymond james griggs: Dear Friend, Greetings,I know you would be surprised to read from someone relatively unknown to you, but Before I go further I will like you to understand that, I am writing this mail to you With due respect trust,I got your contact from your profile. There is a lot of massages which made thing very difficult for people to believe anything that comes through the internet, but this is a different case, My name is Admiral Raymond James Griggs AO, CSC, RAN and am also the senior officer in the Royal Australian Navy and has been the Chief of Navy, I am presently serving here in Syria. I really wish to have you as my good friend and also wishes to entrust some funds into your care, but I have already send the fund out of Syria, I feel quite safe dealing with you.I need your sincere and truthful friendship. Now i urge you to take this message seriously and with An open mind. so with good faith and trust join me and i am assuring you now that you will never be disappointed. now my question is: can I give You This Trust? and I assure you We can achieve It successfully.I have $5.6 Million US dollars that I successfully moved out of the country. I need a good partner someone I can trust. It is oil business money we did with Syria citizens worth of $5, 6 million US dollars, but the $5.6 million us dollars stated is my share on the business and it's legal. I have successfully moved the funds out of Syria as a family valuable items with the help of UN Diplomatic. The most important thing is Trust between us ,Once the funds get to you, you take your 30% out and keep my own 70%. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where my part of the funds will be kept save, until I came to meet with you for discussions on investment plans, but I have more interest on real estate or any other profitable investment. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times. I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation waiting for your urgent response.i wait for your Respond so i Give you all Detail of my UN Diplomat for you to Contact on how you can Receive this Funds for me. my Email..{ } My Best Regards,
First name: Albert
Last name: Lucas / Morgan
Age: 56
Location: UK
Phone: unknown+447053831709
Email: Albert
On websites:
Report: He is a real scammer sending an email with promises and saying his false love in a very short time .he did not answere my questions directly in my email.
First name: Patrick
Last name: Ray
Age: 45
Location: Norfolk, United Kingdom/ Guadalajara Mexico
Phone: 447937411634 / 5213315764899
Email: patrickray10@hotmail
On websites:
Report: This man initiated the contact. This was on the website tagged. It all started in April so far. He went to work in Mexico for contract work as a construction engineer. Once there told me I need to pay a tax and 10% of the contract as a guarantee for the Mexican government. I borrowed money to pay for this but could only do by sending Western Union and on behalf of other people because he was afraid to pick up the money for being in a foreign country and it was dangerous. This man first asked for 5000 dollars each week after pedia 2000 dollars because he said he needed to gather all the money. The total amount you wanted was 15 000 dollars. The names that are owed money are sent Bruno Gohier, Jose Andres Garcia Ruiz, Abraham Schiaffino Barrera, Jose Andres Castro Garcia, Jacqueline Carrasco Olaguivel. It seems that they are Mexican. I sent the money, until I realized that he is a scammer. Now he tells me you need 4000 dollars more but I told him I no longer have money. Even so write me or call. I do not want to face and tell him that I already found out that everything is a scam.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Massey
Age: 59
Location: Malaysia. San Francisco
Phone: 60178709662 ,409 2377329, 510 936 7501
On websites: okcupid
Report: Michael contact me on okcupid June 1, we exchange emails, I found him here now. He did not ask for money yet, I never see him, his
First name: Ross
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Garry Abbort, Boubacar Cisse. .plus other names previously listed
Age: 47
Location: Same as already listed
Phone: +1 646-494-0284. Plus numbers already listed
On websites: Tinder. Hot or Not
Report: Met via Tinder March 28, 2015 he asked to email me first. He said that he was here in Rotterdam, Holland for a job interview. That's how he was in my search radius. We had contact via Skype it was his request and we continue to communicate via Viber. He sent me flowers. He requested money via Moneygram and western union and also bank transfers. Money was to pay for his workers and the taxes in Greece. He couldn't cash his paycheck due to economy in Greece. I am still in contact with him, I don't want him to get suspicious and run.
First name: Roland
Last name: Greenwood
Age: 55
Location: Kabul
On websites:
Report: Active on Says his wife died of cancer. Just looking for a new wife. In US Army in Kabul looking after the oilpipes
First name: michael
Last name: cannon
Age: 46
Location: stockholm, Sweden
On websites: Eharmony
Report: Was contacted by this person claiming to be Michael Cannon and he has written exactly the same mails to me as to the woman that has already reported him here but its a different age and pic to me but otherwise its the same procedure and mails .I am happy i went on here when i did feel that it did not seem right of the way he was writing his mails and also cause you have been warned of these scammers so i am happy i found this out niow before i got involved in him and was asked for money . Beware of this man cause he seems very charming and nice and its easy to be fooled by him.
First name: Mark
Last name: Wilson Brown
Aka: several names
Age: 55
Location: Afghanistan
Address: NY USA
Phone: 233 237 352 608
On websites: twoo skype
Report: Contacted me by datingsite twoo; knew he was a scammer, this time he was a major general in Afghanistan wanted to come to me with gold and asked me for 2.500 euro. Skype mark_ad571111
First name: Gary
Last name: Rubb
Age: 46
Location: greece athens, claimed to be from new york
Phone: +16464940284
On websites: Tinder
Report: I've met him on Tinder App on 4 of June 2015, the tells a heart breaking story that is family passed away and no sisters and brothers at all. His mother from Peru, his father from the US... this was the explanation when I heard his weird accent when he was speaking in English. He has a Nigerian accent when he speaks and he makes mistakes when he writes in English that is not common for an American neither if he types fast. He claimed to be about to finish a job in Greece and that next assignment will be in my country so he says he wants to come for a week vacation in my place and then start his job. He claims to be a contractor to build train tracks.. nothing confirms this point. When I asked him with which company here he will be working he didn't answered, and from the pictures he has sent me I had the feeling something was wrong, anyway we kept talking and exchanging emails, when he said someone stole his passport in the metro in Greece and he asked me money to support him till he gets paid for his job that is in few day, I decided to look on line and found in this site the scammer report. So he is still in activity. He answers to the above reported number, also on Viber. He show also a fake reservation for the flight toward my country
First name: CHARLES
Last name: PRESTON
Age: 57
Location: GHANA
Phone: 0012332434888660
On websites: our and
Report: He is currently going by Richard Tribolet...he has been on Our Time,, etc..... He also does Skype tribolet richard, He is good...I have to give him that credit. He is in Accra Ghana. he has an assistant my the name of Christopher Opokumensah-24 Spintex Rd, Accra Ghana. Who knows, this may be Richard's real name.....He uses the phone number 011-233-248-836506, 011-233-243-488660, or (414) 286-9793. He used the address in New Berlin, Wisconsin. 4265 S. Victoria, New Berlin, Wisconsin. The real owners are named Richard Tribolet, but he is 70 years old.
First name: Maxwell
Last name: Park
Age: 45
Location: London
On websites:
Report: Person showed interest on dating site and subsequently contacted via email. Said he was doing business in Singapore. Wife died 3 years ago and have a 14 year old son.
First name: Mark Richard
Last name: Oliver
Aka: Kelvin Majure
Age: 53
Location: South Korea, New York, Toronto, Boston
Phone: 315-623-0225?.can't remember his TO # but it started with 647
Email: It appears all his email addresses are the same format.
On websites: OKCupid
First name: smith
Last name: Johnson
Age: 53
Location: Birmingham Alabama
On websites: badoo
Report: He asks you to set up a Yahoo messenger and the told me he was being posted to lybia and asked for care package he later said he needed money because he needed medical treatment that he could not get from the army later he he asked for more money for food because the army food was not very nice
First name: Fred
Last name: Louw
Age: +_ 50
Location: South Africa
Phone: 074 417 7807
On websites: Facebook
Report: Has 6 profiles. Contact women. Tell them after a short while that he loves them. Use words like love, babe, angel, honey in his letters. Says his wife died in motor accident. Says his daughter is Karen and lives with his mother in Madrid. Says he is a engineer and work most of the time outside RSA on contracts. Need money to complete his contract and ask women to help and he will pay back when back in RSA. Says he work for Hunt Oil and is at the moment busy with a contract in Namibia.
First name: Michael
Last name: Golden
Aka: Duke Amato
Age: 42
Location: Kabul and COLORADO springs
Phone: 3038323852
On websites: Badoo Plenty of fish
Report: Now he is on Facebook with the same name but he writes in Romanian .He says he lives in Kabul and he was born in COLORADO springs .
First name: Thacker
Last name: Lopez
Age: 51
Location: Tamale, Ghana and Alabama, New York
Phone: 011233504129328
On websites: Facebook
Report: I met this person on Facebook. He sent me a friend request. He told me his wife died in an accident and he had a 7 year old son named Michael. That his sister Cindy was taking care of Michael. While he was deployed to Ghana. He requested I send Michael a care package and himself a care package. He wanted me to sale my furniture and move with him to New York. That's where he told me he was from. That he was in the Army for 20 years and about to retire at the end of May. May came and as he was supposed to be retiring his friend supposedly stole 5 rifles from his work as his is responsible he was to pay for the missing rifles. He asked that I help him pay for this, so he could retire. I'm reporting this as I found him suspicious, and today I found his pictures under the name David Lopez.
First name: Fred
Last name: Louw
Age: _+ 50
Location: South Africa
Phone: 074 417 7807
On websites: Facebook
Report: ?????? Sun Jun 14 07:32am ?????????????????Fred Louw Fred Louw is a major scammer. Telling his prey he is busy with a contract in Namibia. He will call you babe, love, angel and much more love names. He will ask for money and you to help him so he can complete his contract and will be back in South Africa to be with you for the rest of his and your life. He is a liar and scammer. His email adress His celno 074 417 7807. He is clever enough to use more than one email adress and cellno. He is a Fred Louw also use Facebook. Has more than 1 profile . If you go to his profile you will not find one friend on his profile. His email His celnr 074 417 7807 He will call you babe, love, angel and other love names. He will beg you for money to help him complete his so called contract to came back to you the woman he want to be with for the rest of his life. You must transfer the money via Checkers or Spar for his bank account is on hold till he is back in South Africa. His daughter Karen lives with his mother in Spain because most of the time he needs to work on contracts out RSA and because his wife died in a motor accident. He will tell you he is a electric Construction engineer working for the company HUNT OIL He is a scammer and liar ect. Don`t allow him to catch youig scammer.
First name: Mark
Last name: Carlton
Age: 54
Location: New York, USA
On websites: okcupid
Report: Met on OKCUPID in May 2015 ... apparently he is no longer there. Communicate thru emails. He sent photos to me and I googled and found he is a fake and scammer. The real person is Alan Laguda ...
First name: Anthony
Last name: Priesley
Age: 42
Location: Seattle, USA
Phone: +12146178323
On websites: Tagged
Report: Met Anthony Priesley on Tagged in October 2014. We talked on VIBER most of the time. Suspected him to a scammer, when someone from a Facebook, asked for information about him. Apparently he cheated a woman of much money and she is seeking him. Stopped communicating with him after two months.
First name: Michael
Last name: Golden
Age: 42
Location: Arizona Texas Ikeja Nigeria
Phone: 3038323852
On websites: Badoo Plenty of fish
Report: He is active on plenty of fish also
First name: bian_220
Last name: unknown
Aka: lawerenceg
Age: 50
Location: South Africa
Address: Tableview Cape Town
On websites: dating south africa and facebook
Report: This scammer I reported 2 years ago when he was going by the name of Lawrenceg from Sandton. When I found out he was trying to swindle money out of me he started to threaten me.HE CLAIMS HE HAS A DAUGHTER AND THAT HIS WIFE either died or that she was a drunk and stole all his property and he got custody of his child which is a girl.He is now going by the name of Bian from Romania but staying in Cape TOWN. The scary part is that he gives his residence as the same area I live in Cape TOWN.I have reported him to the dating site but see he is still active. I have photos of him