First name: Harrison
Last name: Van Owen
Age: 52 (22 June )
Location: London, UK
Phone: +447700308793unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: We were friends for about 5 weeks. A gentleman. Very bad English. I had to pray for a contract that he want. He wanted my adress to send me a present. I gave it to him. Then he 'bought me surprise gifts' Send me photo's of the presents that will be send by courier. Then I new something is very wrong. It was the same kind of gifts shown on a tv program about scammers. Was also an article in a newspaper. My son told him I'm in hospital and can't receive his gifts. I got out of it unharmed. I still pretend to care and he still send me loveletters on e-mails. He blocked me now on whatsapp and only send e-mails. Pretend his phone is gone. Could see on my other phone he is still on whatsapp. When I did reversed image search on his photo's. One came back,
First name: Kenny
Last name: Park
Age: 44
Location: Springfield Virgina US
Address: 7713 Martel pl, Springfield , VA 22152
Phone: (703) 451 -7307
On websites: ;;
Report: I want people to be aware of the online dating scammer since I 've been a victim of this. He is registered under some dating sites. He acks as if falling in love very quickly and very successful in his career with nice pictures of him. Within less then a week of conversation, he already secured future with me. Then once he establishes the relationship, he asks for money. I was scammed by his manipulation (he is a wonderful talker) and fasely wrote a check $4200 to him. Currently, I am tracking down on him to get money back, but he is completely hide in Korea. He has changed his phone number, blocked me from texting him and emailing him. Recently, I found his new online dating site profile created in
First name: Paul
Last name: Albertson
Age: 51
Location: Indiana, Iraq
Phone: 1-361-667-4616
On websites:
Report: Was a deployed with U.S. Army to secret mission, widower, one son 13 years old. Long monologues of the close relationship he wanted and I was the answer to his prayers. Even suggest a fast to seek the Lord about us. Said would retire in about 5 months. Said his phone was bad, asked could I send a new iphone 6 ($600) phone. Wanted commitment.
First name: Jeremy
Last name: Fredriksen
Age: 54
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
On websites:
Report: 1. He initiated contact 2. He sent an email on 3. 3 days 4. I checked the pics (supposingly to be of him), that he sent to my private mail and one of them
First name: Michael
Last name: Morrison
Aka: Calvin Steve Maldonado
Age: 51
Location: Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: Let just say this his good at his scam.... He say he in the army about to retire.... I have new pictures of him .. He is very handsome an smart... Ladies becareful
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: David
Age: late 50's
Location: Afganistan
On websites:
Report: Contacted me on claiming to be retiring from the army in a couple of weeks. Only spoke to him for one day so he hadn't asked me for anything yet but very smooth. Said he was a widower and his wife & child had been killed in a car accident 8 years ago.
First name: Jerome
Last name: Fantaguzzy
Age: 44 years
Location: Malabo -Mali-
On websites: lovepedia,net
Report: another scammer JEROME FANTAGUZZY Goodnight my love, I'm in the shit, I'm in the shit, do not know and who do have hands tremble my love, I do I attacked by bandits armed himself on the way back my love I do not know that do, and what worries me the most is that injured Pascal my love, he is in a critical condition, they took my credit card, and all you had my love I'm in the shit, I do not know and who do my love I need your help, my love, I need him will I be allowed begun to pay hospital expenses Pascal or my love, the hospital claims the sum of 1225euros to start care and deal him my love, you do not know I only hope my love I really need your help, I tell myself if you like is what you can help me ?? I'm really in the shit, I have so much shame to ask you that, but if it was not urgent, I would never ask that of my love, I am terrificar not know who to my love tells me me is what I can count on you, it is necessary you made me get this sum by cowboy movie binding, is a transfer agency which is fast and secured my love, I hope your answer if you do me this loan I promise reimbursed once again come to France, I really need you, my love you are my only hope me straps not every single face this situation my love expect an answer of you tomorrow my love I still have the hospital, I came to change to turn around I have the hospital my love answer as before me, I really need you I'm in the shit, I'm in the shit my love Be more who do I write to me sooner afraid my love
First name: Bernard
Last name: White
Aka: has many on google image
Age: 59
Location: Venice, CA and Dayton OH
On websites:
Report: Profile of this man on chemistry said he was from Venice, CA. However, when he wrote back he said he was in Dayton, OH. The three pictures he sent me are of someone else. Googles imaged the photos and came up with about seven different names. He claims to be in the safety shoe business, and travels the world-- but in reality is just another scammer. He also says he has a 13 year old daughter that lives with him. PLEASE BEWARE since he is presently active. Had his profile removed from I sent him an email indicating that I knew he was a scammer.
First name: james
Last name: sturat
Aka: james lyon james herry
Age: 57
Location: troy mic
Phone: 586-991-9808 1-443-981-5772
On websites: ok cupid pof
Report: he wote me on cupid june21 2915 told me he was rich gold d and miner for a company and we talked off line he never give me face to face told me his wife died of canner he had a 37 year daughter who name was annbele he I email every day then he told me he was going on trip to accra and be back on july 4th he email told me could not leve the country and he is very good at his game I told I did not belive him he give a name and address of a person in rosevillle mich that was he bortherein la he needed 300$ to get home I told him no started looking on innet he told me he was being set up buy his ex girlfriend and it was all fake and he got my phone number and address he emailed me today I told him i was sick and could not talk last i herd form him
First name: Frankie
Last name: Ballack
Age: 53
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 2243 Dansoman st
Phone: 233-246-484126unknown
On websites:
Report: Has already scammed me out of thousands and is asking me for more to release this Gold he says is going to be shipped to my address(mistake on my part) has shown me only one photo of him in ghana and some photos of some workers digging there. Of course has promised to pay it back. I have not sent him anymore money. Just not right and it feels wrong, no video from him though. There is another name that i have sent the money to. A Prince David? at the address above. He supposively lives there in Accra. No pictures of him either. He has also sent me a document saying i'm the beneficiary for the Gold that is supposed to go to my house also. I just want to know if he is legit, which I doubt but for my peace of mind.
First name: Larry Milton
Last name: Woods
Age: 60's
Location: Barcelona,Spain;Miami,Florida;Dallas Fort Worth area
On websites: How about we dating website
Report: Larry contacted me late November early December 2014. He was headed to Barcelona for an engineering bid for a job. His bid started going sour late dec. that is when he started asking for money. To make a long and stupid story short between dec and February I sent him approx $3000.00. I did a couple of other favors for him too. When he realized I was not giving him anymore money the contact grew less and less. In the last few months he never would let me send him the money personally. It was always to a third party. There is nothing connecting the 2 of us except the emails and text messages. Unfortunately I was so angry with his last email,prob first part of June,that I deleted almost all. I do have all the money receipts that I sent. A lady by the name of Brooke posted some emails on Google concerning Larry. I kid you not some were so close to what he had sent that he just changed the receipients name. I know it was stupid and a very expensive lesson for me. I hope he didn't get too many others to send him money
First name: Johnson
Last name: David
Age: 55
Location: Bedford, UK and Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 447031921016 and 2349023908637
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook and Skype
Report: Received a friend request from this person and we started talking.He said his wife died 4yrs ago and he's left to raise a daughter (Vanessa) Who is 6yrs old. He has an accent, but it doesn't sound like anyone from England, he sounds more African. After a couple days he started talking about how he love me and want to marry me, etc, etc. A couple weeks later he said he had to go to Lagos for a job. He Skype me a document from Nigerian National Petroleum Company in the amount of $20million dollars for a contract to put in oil pipeline replacements. He said he & his daughter flew from Bedford, UK to Nigeria & was staying at the Eko Hotel on Victoria Island and that his Visa card was damaged and could I send him a few thousand dollars until he get it fixed because they were gonna throw him and her out, and his petroleum job didn't start for another week. It all sounded ridiculous to me so when I confronted him about a scam, he became very very angry with me and started ranting on until he finally hung up on me. The sad thing about it all is that I really looked forward to talking with him until he started asking for money. Don't want another woman to go through this.
First name: john
Last name: Porter
Age: 52
Location: Columbus, OH USA Milan, Italy
Address: Ross Rd.
Phone: 614-715-9599
On websites:
Report: he lost his money in south africa. my tracking system told me from the beginning he is in Nigeria. I played the game to see if he was really telling the truth... nope says he is Italian but has a French accent.Food tastes didn't match being raised in italy. Want pictures, he isn't afraid to send you many of him!
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Mark James, Mark Henderson, Evans Brooks
Age: 55
Location: USA, Alexandria, Ohio, Amanda, Ohio, Amlin, Ohio, Long Beach, New York, Michigan, San diego, California, Las Vegas,NevadaCalifornia
Phone: 15594253604,17027473682,12482917106,1-916-389-1978,1-916-243-7196,1-559-425-3604,
On websites: OKCUPID
Report: I have corresponded with this man under various names, mostly in the states of OHIO, MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA. He claims to be military, has a young daughter, or a 26 yr. old daughter, or a 15yr old son. He is a widower having lost his wife in and accident or due to cancer. He claims rather quickly that he is in love with you, and he has at times asked for various types of money, or asked me to receive packages for him and than I was to send them on to GHANA, or he wanted to send me trunks filled with gold, or money. I have spent many late nights chatting with him as he claimed to be in military stationed in Afghanistan, than short missions to Iraq or Syria. Claims he will be home soon. He also claims to be a civil engineer / building contractor/ construction.
First name: thomas
Last name: Wood
Age: 57
Location: Ghana
Address: beaverwood lane silver spring md
Phone: 917-383-8797
On websites: OK Cupid
Report: classic scammer. Younger, gorgeous, called out of country suddenly,trip extended twice. Hit me up for telephones Admitted to me he was 29 yo scammer working out of Ghana,
First name: Michael
Last name: Robert
Age: 59
Location: Los Angeles, South Africa
Email: michrobterm@
On websites:
Report: Contacted by this man on He emailed me one time with elaborate story. Claimed to be aerospace engineer making $250,000. Beware he is listed on since Jan 2015 as a scammer. He shows a picture of a man standing on ski slope with skis.
First name: James
Last name: Marvin
Aka: manofgod6323
Age: 57
Location: Amlin,OH
Phone: 233377084495; 386-968-8531
On websites:
Report: I wrote about him in my firts report. Just added 2nd phone number of him. He said that he worked for GLO in Ghana and South Africa and was still using the number for international calls. He also announce himself to live and work in Akron.
First name: chris
Last name: walker
Aka: Nardo Lorenzo
Age: 50
Location: florida usa
Address: Salt lake road
Phone: +1 305 742 0929
Email: chris eugene walker
On websites: facebook
Report: he contacted me on facebook he is on facebook now as Nardo Lorenzo
First name: Chris
Last name: Turpin
Aka: Tisnoworwnever
Age: 57
Location: Pensilvania
Phone: +1 805 500-3193
On websites:
Report: The guy claimed to be the same widowed man( his wife died fr lungs cancer), raising a 12 y.o daughter Keyra. He was Military. No Viber, he said that he didnt have any phone He wrote to me 2 letters and said that he was able to write only on Friday Unfortunately he is no longer has an account. I have got 3 photos of him.
First name: Bruce
Last name: Thomas
Aka: Brucethomas3351
Age: 57
Location: Los Angeles,CA
On websites:; mingle 2
Report: This man also is writing to me in the usual manner
First name: James
Last name: Marvin
Aka: manofgod6323
Age: 57
Location: USA, Amlin, OH
Phone: 233277084496
On websites:
Report: The man, announcing himself as a Telecommunication engineer fr Akron, OH preferred to use via Whatsapp with a nick
First name: Jack
Last name: Smith
Age: 49
Location: United States
Phone: 2348030855321
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted through Facebook. Jack Smith Age: 49 Email: Tel: +2348030855321 Jack Smith scammed a friend of mine. Claimed he is in trouble and needed money time and time again. Asked to send money to Mr. He is still in Facebook and which I will report him Have since stopped communicating with him.
First name: Ray
Last name: Watters
Age: 63
Location: USA Leesburg, VA
Phone: 1-703-859-8513 & 011 60 14-925 6816
On websites:
Report: I meet him on POF dating website. We exchange email addresses and I emailed him first. He said he was in construction and was widowed for five years. His wife died from cancer. He is 63 years old and DOB IS 7/10/1951. He said he was from Scotland but moved to Virginia when both of his parents died. He lived with his aunt. He said he had bid for a contract to do construction work in Malaysia. We corresponded from 6/8/2015 to 7/4/2015. We also talked one to two times a day on the phone. I Googled him and only found him on LinkIn. I reversed the 1-703-859-8513 phone number and it was a business at 1122 N. Kirkwood Rd. in Arlington, VA. He professed his love early in the e-mails. On 7/1/2015 he called and said he was going to Malaysia with his son, Rick, the next day. When he got to Malaysia he e-mailed me his contract which I have a copy of. I Googled a dream that he said he had of me and found it here word for word on your website. I confronted him in a e-mail about everything I knew about the lack of info about him on the web, the reverse phone number, and the dream. I never heard from him again.
First name: Benoit
Last name: Williams
Age: 50
Location: NY, USA - Helsinki, Finland
Address: 1337 Gipson St Far Rockaway, NY 11691-2311
Phone: 001 (585)496-6600
On websites: Match, unknown german datingsite under the handle
Report: Victim initiated contact with a reply to one of the scammers photo's on He introduced himself as Benoit Williams, he claims to be a native american who's part of the Cupeno tribe. His wife died of cancer and he has a daughter in college. After his reply they moved the conversation to Skype, email and telephone calls. This lasted for more than three months. There were no strange occurances according to the victim and she never thought of his as a scammer. He told her he was an independant engineer hoping to get a big contract for maintenance on an oil rig with Neste Oil in Helsinki, Finland. After he got the deal, they made plans for her to come and visit him in Finland. She had to book the planetickets and he paid the bill. Also he transfered an undisclosed amount (20,000 Euro, but could have been more) to her account. She was told to spend some of it and then put it in her savings account. Once he was done with the job, he would move to her country and they would open a mutual account. Previous attempts to meet him had failed because his associate Jones, who was in China to order some parts, got into problems with the chinese customs. After that they were just waiting to meet, but a few days before her so-called trip, all went silent from his end and she smelled a wrath.
First name: Michael
Last name: Chalmers
Aka: Michael C or Michael Chalmers
Age: 48
Location: Minnesota, USA
Phone: 8326721785
On websites: Tinder, Linkdn
Report: He is using Michael Chalmers identity but I?m sure he is not the real Chalmers. He even sent me pictures of his kids. He is using all the pre-writen letters used by scammers.
First name: Rick
Last name: Jones
Age: 51
Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Phone: 16468204416
On websites: FB
Report: He contact with me in FB. We corresponded almost an year, with short breaks. He wanted money- three times, and all around- 400-600Euro. Never gave him money.He knew from the begginig that I don't have money.He wanted money, first- to buy a phone to his son, then to pay exams to his son in France, and last time to go back in Turkey to take his money/ according to him he worked in Turkey from sept. to New Year- 2014/ but they didn/t pay him.And if I have to be honest, last time he didn't want money- just expected to offer him, but I didn't.Then he block me, becaude I understood he wrote with another woman, or because I didn/t give money- don/t know.
First name: Christoper
Last name: Links or Linkers
Age: 55
Location: now Nigeria befor Georgia
Phone: 706 538 7229
On websites: Craiglist
Report: He started to tell me he wss an engineer for drilling and he will go in Nigeria for a big job. Once he was there he found out that the main equipment disappared and he start asking me for $8000 and then going down to $100. In the meanwhile he was sending me pics if his doughetr Vicky, telling me he ws a widow since 12 tears and ready to start a new family with me, relocating. He told me he was linving in Georgiam but her dougher was living with her aunt because of his job, He wrote me he wanted to retire andhe was ready to start form the beginning
First name: Ronald Damien
Last name: Dexter
Age: 53
Location: londen UK -Fairbanks AlaskaUSA -Queens NY USA
Phone: +1(718)264-7649
On websites: Datebook-facebook-meetme
Report: we met on meet me. he said something about my smile. Asked to talk through ms messenger. We had contact from february until june in messenger. than I reported him as spam in facebook. he asked me for money all the time. he said he was a federal agent and could not pay anything with his personal bank account because of that. he. Was working for the UN Already thirty years and would retire earlier because his wife died two years ago. the children where left allone with the nanny. he still had to work. I felt so sorry for the children thats wat trickered me. 29 th of june he would come to the Netherlands. I paid him a bog amount forhis childrens tickets. total amount I have send him through this months is euro 3685 cash through Western Union payment to his Nanny Mrs Michelle mc Ghee in Winterhaven. Another person send me a message by mail on ghe night of 28/29 june that he had a serious accident and was in a coma. but he would be al right. i should not worry. He says now he woke upfrom his coma and sends me messages to my email. he says he will pay me back when he will be back home.His phone number is probably fake. I tried a fewtimes to call it. but it was mentioned on facebook.
First name: Bill
Last name: Smith
Aka: billsmitt
Age: 55
Location: california. afganistan afryka zachodnia
Address: nie znany
Phone: nie znany
On websites: gg , skyp
Report: Dziekujemy za mail i tresc sa dobrze zauwazyl. Jestem Diplomat Pascal Barnes, starszy Diplomat Narodow & Afganistan Wielka, odpowiadajac Panstwa w odniesieniu do dostawy skrzynce dzialki od generala Billa Smitha oficer, ktory jest obecnie tutaj pod Czerwonego Krzyza przy odlotach, Kabul Miedzynarodowej Organizacji lotniska, ktory jestem personel dostawczy odpowiedzialne za tym dostawy dla wszystkich beneficjentow w poszczegolnych partii do Dubaju tego, Londynie, Grecji, Polsce, Rosji itp Dolaczyc ponizej harmonogramu dostaw, bede pozostawiajac Kabul International Airport do Dubaju po poludniu, a ja wzywam was, gdy jestem w Warszawie International Airport Polsce. Szczerze, Zanurz Pascal Barnesilona
First name: Albert
Last name: Brown
Age: 42-45
Location: US, UK, Spain
Phone: 34 60267 0627, 444 143 8894, 492 893 9916
Email: and
On websites:
Report: He contacted me by mail since both were members of Catolicos Solteros (Single Catholics). We keep in contact from April to June 2015 He told me that he needed money to contnue his work at Spain, I sent him in total 5,200eur through Western Union and a Bank account of a Bank in Spain called Caixa Bank S.A I sent money supposedly on behalf of his employees, Friday E Sosa, Edward Michael Frank and Micheal Samuel. Last June 29th he sent me a copy of a flight ticket since he must travel from Madrid to NY and was the last time that I had news from him. I'm sure he is a scammer since today I notice at the Catolicos,Solteros web site that he is posted now with other name and residence