First name: Michael
Last name: Smith
Aka: Mike
Age: 44
Location: Washington, D.C., nigeria
Phone: 2348053638484
On websites: Okcupid
Report: Claim he is on a construction contract with Nigerian govt. Coming home in 3 weeks. Strings you along and then claimed his wallet and credit card was stolen and needs 600 usd.
First name: Jones
Last name: Ownes
Aka: Jonathan Owens
Age: Steven Owens
Location: Colorado/Springs
Address: Kabul/Afghanistan
Phone: 409-527-5780
On websites: Facebook
Report: He first told me his name was Jonathan.. And later after he told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me after the first day.. He did say his name was Steven Owens that he goes by Jonathan because that was his father's name.. Then I looked up Steven he has a wife Lisa he said the were divorced.. Then he wanted me to send money to his adopted son in Ghana and the address for the son is.. The name is Rufai Sadat Country is Ghana W/A city Tamale N/R zip 00233.. Now he is trying to still get money for a plan ticket home and that is 3,000.00... Lady's he is using every name he came think of he also goes by David.. I have the picture that is on here and more but don't see where to put them
First name: Gregg
Last name: Eleonore
Aka: Kisses mom
Age: 50's
Location: usa
Phone: 408-471-6815
On websites:
Report: Very charming. Claims to have lost his wife and son in a car accident, and has a daughter who is now in medical school in Scotland. At the beginning, he said he was working as a aviation mechanic and had a huge contract in San Diego area to repair helicopters and was robbed and beaten when his cab was pulled over by men
First name: douglas
Last name: walker
Age: 52
Location: u s a
On websites: skype
Report: This guy had the nerve to say the guy who scamed me was on a web site.And he would help me st him.In return for my trust.Then after s few weeks of sweet talking tryed to get money from me.
First name: Casper
Last name: Holger
Aka: Holger Casper
Age: 47
Location: Uniting Kingdom
Phone: +447031966823
On websites: Skype, Le,, Viber & whatsaap
Report: I met this guy online in Cherryblossoms Website he's name is Casper Holger (47) a German Nationality but lives in UK as a Oil Engineer/Contractor-Oil Drilling
First name: Oliver
Last name: Richardson
Aka: Ollie
Age: 01/05/1964
Location: London UK
Phone: 447596225524
On websites: Tagged
Report: 1) Oliver 2)Tagged 3) 4 months 4) No 5) Boat engine, via western union 6) shevonne carter 6k in total, 2 times. 7) Hired private investigator, turned out to be fraud/no records of someone by the name of Oliver Richardson in area he said he lived in, and there were also other cases regarding the same guy, same story line, and again asking for money.
First name: Maxwell
Last name: schmitz
Age: 01/24/1960
Location: Accra/ Ghana
Phone: 360- 860-7288
Report: This man contact on and told me his history. He said was a doctor in the Army and he was getting retired sooner we see on Skype almost every other day then he said about some package was going to sent me with a lot of money and gold, soon someone else contact me said he need money to pay the customs to make legally the documents under his name I send money then they ask for more all the time when i did send money it was to someone else in Ghana the name Dallas Dela Henyo, i have pictures and love letters that he sent me and fake documents
First name: Maxwell
Last name: Park
Aka: Max
Age: 9/30/1965
Location: Wheelersburg OH; West Ham London E15 UK
Phone: 7407620135; +4475879603233
Report: He was first to contact. Contact was made through Christian Mingle around 2/10/15. The relationship has continued thru today, 3/23/15, when I began to accept that I was likely being scammed. Then I found an almost identical letter on your website that I
First name: austin
Last name: carlberg
Age: 42
Location: Panama City Florida , Syria
On websites: Ok cupid
Report: Has just contacted me on ok cupid. Did not fall for anything thanks to this site. He says he is deployed in Syria but lives in cleveland ohio. But his profile says panama city florida. When he asked what I did for a living and I told him I am a quality inpector in a factory he did not know what that ment. Huge red flag to me. Then coming on this site it confirmed it for me. Thank you
First name: ross
Last name: nelson
Aka: dean freeman
Age: 43
Location: usa new york and greece athens
Address: yasmine road flushing new york and hotel in athens
Phone: 00306945492529 and 0017185697888
On websites: facebook and skype
Report: I have been talking to this person from june 14 till jan 15. Was skyping so know he's the same person as his photo's. He says he's from New York but is currently working in Greece on the railways and is due to leave soon and wants to fly to vienna to meet me before he goes back to the state. He has just been paid by the company he works for, but with the economic crisis in Greece, the bank won't release large amounts of money so will have to cash it in the UK. In the meantime his workers won't let him leave until he pays them, so friends and family are rallying around to get him the money. He also asked for a ?!,000 off me and gave me his details to pay through Western Union.
First name: David
Last name: Lopez
Aka: Tiberiu Lopez
Age: 52
Location: Tampa , Florida
On websites: Facebook, and Skyp
Report: This person I meet first time 24.12.2014. on Facebook, and then on Skyp. He told me that he is in Army and send to me some pictures in uniform and some in civil dress.Also told me he is from Tampa, Florida, and now is saergent in Army US, in Afghanistan, Kabul. He had three kids , and one of them he adopt. In December last year, and January and February this year, I send to him total $ 13.500,00 via W.U. for the meny things like cellphone, new laptop, and also some gold , and he told me that he will come to meet me and married me.He had three profile on F.B., but too late for me,on name Tiberiu Lopez, Steve Lopez, Donald Greg, same person....I sent money on other names or address in Ghana, Awal Jamalden, City Tamale, Sumaila, Ghana, or YAHAYA, City Tamale Sumaila, Ghana, Zip code 00233
First name: jonas
Last name: marius odkar
Age: 51 years old
Location: pensacola, floreda usa or kiev ukraine
Address: pendacola gloreda or 1080 Nimitz Avenue Suite Ca USA
Phone: +1850-332-1813
On websites:
Report: i meet him in that seti, he is very good man and also i meet his mother in law. we talk by email and jonas we talk by viber. we stay for 4 months and he work in global diving & Drilling Inc. st 1080 Nimitz Avenue Suite 440 Vallejo, Ca USA. as Engr. Jonad Marius Oskar. he give me his passport, contract certificate, enfordrment of contract and license of certificate as Engr.
First name: Paul
Last name: Walsdorf
Age: 53
Location: Cotonou, Benin, South Africa, Minnesota
Phone: +229 68 99 31 55
On websites:,
Report: This man contacted me through a South African dating site. And I fell for him. I sent him money and he sweet talk me into sending more money. I started to realize it was a scam after he sent his commission cheque to my bank account and then the mail that I have to pay money to a cashier to get the money into my account. After research on the internet I saw his picture on many websites. With quite a few names like Tom Chris, Alfred Coleman, David Young, Terry Blay and George Romney. Paul Walsdorf is not on the internet. I have photos, email and other documentation.
First name: Redmon
Last name: Jones
Age: 50
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233230939589
On websites:
Report: He said he has 10 years old daughter Kim or Charlotte. Divorced because his wife cheated him with his best mate. He is American but moved to UK Richmond after the divorce and now working in Ghana for building construction. Having trouble with retrieving his containers that was delivered to a wrong port in Africa and ask for ?22k!
First name: Steve
Last name: Ford
Age: 53
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Address: Parklands Guest House
Phone: 321-373-8583 276-321-40562
On websites:
Report: I met this man on in 11/2014. He said he was self-employed contractor in Texas. Won bid on a job in South Africa and had to be there by end of the month. Claimed to have been born and raised in Swansea, UK. Wife killed in auto accident 6-30-2008. 17 year old son named Smith who still lived in UK with his elderly father. Was picking up son first and then going to S.A. Once arrived, bag was stolen and his son was distraught because phone, game station, laptop, etc was in bag. After he convinced me to help that first time, a few weeks later another disaster. Mis-calculated funds and was unable to pay water and electric to keep project going. When I said I couldn't help, became angry and said I cared more about money than him. Then said he just needed money to get flight ticket back to US. I refused. I contacted him several times after that asking where my money was that he owed me. The last reply I got was
First name: meeks
Last name: wilson
Age: 52
Location: kabul, afghanistan and borno,nigeria
On websites: badoo
Report: Contacted me. Said he saw my profile and was interested in talking. Said his friend, Fred, had met his wife on the site. His pictured showed him in an Army uniform. Meek, said that was his first name but it appeared on his uniform so probably someone's last name, said his wife had died from lung cancer. Said he had a daughter, Ashley and granddaughter, Kim, in San Francisco. Said he was originally from Dallas but graduated from HS in Washington. I could not find him listed at that HS. Said he was stationed out of Ft Drum in NY. Was stationed in Kabul, complained that he had no food to eat. His friend Fred would share his foodstuffs with him. Earlier this week 3/16, was sent to Borno, Nigeria to help keep the peace during elections. Today, asked me to sent $450 so he could buy food. I offered to send a care package but he refused to give me his address. Got rude and accused me of being .uncaring when I explained I did not have money to send him. Told me not to contact him again
First name: brian
Last name: jeffrey
Aka: allan
Age: 46
Location: uk
Address: uk
Phone: +2347068214874
On websites:
Report: Flight summary Flight: Lagos - Manila - One way USD 1,676.33 Fri 20 Mar 15 Departure: Lagos - Manila Fri 20 Mar 15 10:55 Lagos (Murtala Mohammed Airport, Nigeria) Fri 20 Mar 15 19:45 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands) Class: Economy Flight number: KL 0588 Aircraft type: Airbus A330-300 | view seat map Operated by: KLM The waiting time until the next flight is 12h05 Sat 21 Mar 15 09:50 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands) Sat 21 Mar 15 18:35 Manila (Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport, Philippines) Class: Economy Flight number: KL 0875 Aircraft type: Boeing 777-200 | view seat map Operated by: KLM Total travel time 29h40 Passengers Mr Brian Jeffery (adult) Please note that your name is spelled
First name: Harry
Last name: Desmond
Age: 50
Location: UK
Address: Malaysia
Phone: +447031936036, +60102732657,+60102732545, +601131704980
On websites: Facebook
Report: Not publicshed report He contacted me throug facebook, very sweet and send many love message to prove he fall in love with me after a few days, he said he is German but his wife in Oklahoma USA, move to London UK, he is Civil engineer, divorced and has the girl 14 years old lived with his mother in UK,after that got the contract in Malaysia and moved threre. After moving to Malaysia, he says have problem then run out the money because the cost of materials very expensive but Malaysia government not yet pay the first payment so he need much money and ask I send to him...... When I refused and keep silent, he closed Facebook account and create new account with same neame but different picture..
First name: Terry
Last name: Williams
Age: 45
Location: 8617 Cimarron St, Los Angeles, CA; Hainan, China
Address: 90047-3216
Phone: +16697775806, +8613431088791
On websites:; Viber
Report: I knew this man from, we start communication on viber on early February 2015. He claimed as a muslim, has a 8 year old daughter who lives with his mother in texas. He also claimed as engineer and geologist with excellent track records of educational background in well known university and experience in several companies (I keep his resume for prove). In the end of February 2015, he claimed he got a contracts with CNPC for 110km pipeline project at Hainan district, China. We always maintain communication directly or send a message through Viber. On 11 March 2015, he informed that he got first term of payment through check from CNPC and he couldn't get the check cleared since he had to submit registration to China Ministry of Commerce to get certificate (I keep scan of the check for prove). For the registration he ask me to send him US$2000 as short term loan and I said I didn't have that number, so on the next day i only sent him USD$1000 and ask him for Bank account. He said he didn't have chinese bank account right now and i had to sent it through western union to his translator Jiarong Chen. On 13 March 2015, he said he already submitted the document and will be proceed on 16 March 2015. On 16 March 2016, he told me that his documents not completely processed because the Ministry said the local government tax payment receipt is missing, so he need to pay tax worth about CNY 29.800 (USD$4500). Therefore, he ask my help for the money issues. I'm very curious at that time, and the next day i try to gather information from China Ministry of Commerce until how to open Bank account in China, also try to find out whether this man is a scammer or not. And voila, i found his name on this website as well as i found all the information in his resume including address, phone number, etc were mismatched with all information that he gave me. I busted him, send him last messages on viber and he replied with impolite words and threteaned me. After that i block him from my contact list. Thanks a lot for this site i was able to save myself from getting harm. Ladies please be careful with this man. He looks very polite, decent and could make you fall into him easily, but he truly scammer with a nice outfit.
First name: Frederik
Last name: Bastiaan
Age: 44
Location: Missouri, The Netherlands. London, UK. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +447990413319, +60126108431
On websites: Facebook
Report: This scammer contacted me first through facebook. The correspondence lasted for about 1 month. The strange thing about this guy is that he was just too good to be true and i was such a fool to believe in him easily. But thank God i still have my senses. And i also found it strange when i hear his voice on the phone, he said he was a netherlands but the accent he brought was like an india or malaysian guy. One day he said he wanted to come to meet me , he sent me a copy of an airline ticket through facebook, but the ticket scan was blur, i couldnt see it clearly. He said he would transit in malaysia before he finally got to my country. When he was in malaysia he said he had trouble with his credit card and asked me to help him, to transfer RM 1820 to an account under the name SANTY USANG. I searched information on the internet regarding this name and then i found out that this account were once used by a male scammers already posted in this site (letters from fred richard to elisaveta). Thank God i was saved, Big thanks to this site.
First name: Alfredo
Last name: Durante
Aka: Freddy
Age: 48
Location: Mexico, Barcelona, London
On websites: Tinder, Linked-In
Report: -Sociopath; womanizer; fake photojournalist who steals other photographer's work; preys on women in hostels while travelling. -has stolen thousands of dollars from women. Constructed history: -he was educated in Jesuit schools and he lived in Tehran for a period of 1-2 years until his family was forced to leave; -he lived in London as a child; -he travelled to Jamaica and Mexico several times as a child; -tells people he has three passports: Italian, Jamaican, and Mexican. Sometimes, he says he has British citizenship Several citizenships have been revoked or cancelled. Does not speak any language fluently. -Says he has flats in Oslo and Barcelona; -says he spent three tours of duty as photographer in Afghanistan. This is a lie. Tells people he was blown up in a hummer in Afghanistan. -denies having children, but has at least one. -indicates that he is 37 or 38. He is 48 or older. -preys on women as he travels, telling them stories to get money and whatever else he can from them.
First name: Adam
Last name: Simon
Aka: Dean Simon, Simon Edvin, Edwin Dean Simon
Age: 61
Location: US
Phone: 615-625-5070, 011 48 22 307 27 71
On websites: Linked, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger
Report: A man that calls himself as Adam Simon AKA Dean Simon, Edwin Dean Simon, Simon Edvin was on protraying himself as a 61 year widower, arquitect, with one son that lived in England. Adam states he lived in Lenior City TN and had to travel to Poland where while there fell down the stairs and underwent have back surgery. He said he could not travel back to the US alone therefore his son Michael had to accompany him back home. It took him a while to indirectly ask for money to pay for his plane ticket, hotel, and hospital expenses. Adam would call me from a number from overseas, messaged, and email constantly. I began to get suspicious when he forwarded a certificate of completion which had nothing to do with arquitecture but with oil rigs such as pipelines. He told me that the people he subcontracted would not let him leave Poland because they wanted him to pay them. Just to test him out I said I would pay the subcontractors and when the time came to wire the money I held back. Adam got furious and made threats against me. I was not out of any money but this person needs to be stopped because he is using photos of a man that is not the scammer which include photos of this man's grandson and son. I kept a copy of the certificate of completion.
First name: Arthur
Last name: Patinson
Age: 55
Location: Ontario, Canada
Phone: +15077886055. +60163347367
On websites: Facebook
Report: i meet the guy through Facebook. He said he is fron Ontario Canada but had received a contract to do construction in Sabah Borneo. He gave me a number both for Ontario Canada and in Sabah Borneo. In just less than a week in Sabah Borneo, He informed me that he cannot cashed the lical currency cheque he was paid. He needs to open an account requiring him to deposit $10,000. He is short of $3,000. He said he cannot cintact anyone in Canada and he will be unable to buy materials to continue with his project. He asked if i can helped him with the $3,000 and he will pay in a few days. i said I don't have that money. he then suggested i borrowed from friends. i told him why not used his credit card. he said he does not any credit card. A businessman travelling overseas on business with no credit card. He was annoyed i cannot raised the $3000 for him and started talking about trust etc. i blocked him on my facebook and yahoo messenger. I just found out same pucture listed in Oasis and had reported it to the site management. i have photos and messages to prove this
First name: Michael Dan
Last name: Clinton
Age: 53
Location: South Africa,Cape Town
Phone: +27789928222
On websites: Badoo, Facebook,Whatsapp
Report: We started chatting on badoo and he told me he was a widower with a 12 year old daughter. He send me photos of the daughter after a week we chatted on whatsapp and he told me he was madly in love with me so I googled his picture and saw that the picture he used was of Mikheil Saakashvili. I did not let him know of this I wanted to see his plans then he phoned me and told me he had to go to Texas to get his money for a previous job and his is leaving the next day. Two days later he phoned very upset because he could not get a hold of his nanny. Then he phoned and said she took his daughter with her to Johannesburg with out his consent and I need to send them R3000 so she will take a bus and bring his daughter to me. When I refused he screamed and shouted at me he then gave me the so called nannies number and she said her mom was sick in Soweto and the girl is with her but when I wanted to talk to the girl she was sleeping and that was 6 in the afternoon. He then asked me for less money again I told him I did not have it and he said I did not care for him and his daughter. Please be aware this person is bad news
First name: taylor
Last name: robinson
Age: 51
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Costa Mesa, CA
Address: Diamond Square Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: (717)739-7986
On websites:
Report: I met this man on He said he was in Malaysia in the army getting ready to retire. Thousands of dollars later, and even after I informed him that I saw military ID on romancescams web site, this man continues to deny he has done anything wrong. I discovered on pigbusters yesterday, that the ID he uses is actually a
First name: Michael
Last name: Austin
Aka: Austin Carlberg
Age: 41
Location: Kabul Afganastan
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: I was contacted by Michael Austin. Aka Austin Carlberg Feb 21st 2015 on chemistry.comThis man has been trying to scam me since mid February and almost did, fortunately I found out about him on this site before handing any money over. However, my address, phone number and ID were given. He is sweet and romantic and makes you fall for him almost immediately. He told me his hobbies, that he lost his parents at a young age and was raised by a Catholic Reverend Father who introduced him to the West Point Military academy and he has been a soldier ever since. He just turned 41 and is currently serving as a leiutenant 82nd airboirne 1-504th PIR, division peace keeping force, special forces. He did not ask for any money until last week when he said he wanted to ship his his personal items to me. He said I would have to pay an immunity fee of $2250 because active soldiers are not allowed to pay that. It had to be the receiver. He told me he was shipping 4 gold bars, personal documents, uniforms and his salary of $80,000 dollars. This is what alerted me. Since I am somewhat familiar with military procedures I became suspicious and made a few calls and Internet check. To my surprise and astonishment I found his pictures on this site.
First name: James
Last name: peters
Age: 52
Location: England and Florida and Canada
Phone: 8503128166
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: I mmet this man 2 years ago on a dating site. He and I have talked on the phone and texted. Not once has he asked me for money. I did see him email address on another list for scammer. He has never told me he loves me and does not want to rush. I'm feel he is but this seems odd. I know he is because of seeing his email on a scammer site.
First name: Joshua
Last name: Wayne
Age: 40
Location: Los angeles
Phone: +18318247180
Email: No email address available contacted me via websites only
On websites: Badoo,viber
Report: He contacted me on badoo and said he was on holiday in London for 2 weeks.he flew home jan16 th 2015 to Los angeles,as he said he had lots of work on so changed his ticket as he said he was meant to be going to Thailand but had so much work he needed to get home.he said he was a widower and had a young son,his wife dying of cancer 4 yrs before .he sent me pictures of his art gallery ,his 3 cars,porches,bmw and Mercedes .he sent me pics of his son,his nanny,his home hisself and his works as he also had a road maintenance company.he immediately said he,d fallen for me and constantly said he loved me .after returning to LA he was waiting for a bid to come through for a job ,which he said was in Europe,and Belgium.he said he had to fly the same day he got the bid ,.it was at times like talking to 2 people,from really chatting to complete avoidance,and when I text to say this he got very angry in his reply. He flew and when he got to the hotel he said he was in Syria,which wasn't where he,d said he was going,we chatted for over a week and then I never heard anything for 24 hours,till I woke up the next morning with a Hello,which wasn't how he normally messaged me.the text said there had been an accident on the site the night before and he'd been asked to contact me by Mr Joshua as he couldn't use his phone, but within a couple of hours he was phoning me from the hospital,and telling me one of the injured needed his legs amputated and he had to pay the bill s as he was workingfor him .he then said he had to give a statement to the police and needed to discharge hisself and get to the police station. After the police station he phoned and said they had frozen his bank account as he hadn't paid tax on the money he was going to earn . The next day he said he had a solicitor sorting it out for him but needed to raise the cash till his bank account had been unfrozen to pay for the mans operation and asked if I could help him .i said I wasn't financially able and that's when he started with the abusive messages .i asked about liability insurance as that would cover the hospital fee and any claim the family would make against his company and he said I,m in Serbia not the uk or America,and I replied with the fact liability insurance covered the company not the country your in ,but he would,not have it and continued the vile tirade of abusive messages so after a couple of days I never relied and haven,t heard from him since February 6th 2015 .
First name: Douglas
Last name: Walker
Aka: Marcus Donaldson/Marc Williams
Age: 59
Location: Accra Ghana
Email: was on FaceBook
On websites: FaceBook
Report: He or his photo was used on FB under the name Marcus Donaldson In the past 60 days. I reported him to FB .
First name: Milton
Last name: Brando
Age: 54
Location: Tampa Florida
On websites: Facebook, Skype
Report: Supposedly work independently on an oil rig , 1 daughter 17 years Women in Tampa Florida. Writes for 3 months love letters , poems and wants to marry . Warning: Do not send the woman in a bridal shop, wedding dress to buy, to organize hotel and celebration! Then he suddenly had money is defective as a machine ! Prompts 10th 000 euros for the help. Account is in Ghana or MoneyGram ! Women are under pressure to marriage ! If there is no money , he insulted the woman apologizes and swears again the big love! This is constantly changing. His alleged daughter writes E -mails and puts pressure ! ! Contact on Skype and Facebook ! Humanly very bad because she can organize the whole wedding! He always appeals to the conscience of the woman to get money!!