First name: Philip
Last name: Chandler
Age: 55
Location: I don't know
Report: He sent me an email, telling me that he saw my beautiful picture on facebook. He says that he is a NATO Soldier stationed in Afghanistan. He says that he is 55 years old. His ex wife died of breast cancer His parents are deceased and his brother died during 9/11 attacks. He says he is not a romance scammer I have been contacted by a few scammers over the past years
First name: Jason
Last name: mayo
Age: 34
Location: Jacksonville Florida
Email: deebee@Hotmail. com
On websites: Fwce book
Report: This guy scams girls by different names uses jason Charles mayo as well as goes by Charles mayo he is also into child moleating asking girls for there kids pics and doesn't even know who they are pretty suck guy if U ask me he is flagged through western union and money gram so don't let the guy fOle u hebis a total scammer wanting money very demanding as well needs to b3 stopped now he was demanding from an ex girl friend of kjne and she would send him money then her kids had no good nt eat.cause he always wanted money also will only ask for cerise amounts 100 to 400 or little higher but cwtian amount DO NOT SEND THIS CHARLES MAYO MONEY HE BUSBY REAL HE HAD COST ME LOTS IF MONEY AS SHE STOLE MONEY FROM ME TO SEND TIC THIS GUY LOOSER SCAMMER FROM JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA AS WELL AS HIS MOTHER LEANNA MCMILLION
First name: Anthony
Last name: J Francis
Aka: Tony
Age: 42
Location: Edinburgh Scotland
Phone: +447405628700 +447452186506 +917042083906 +917678013279
On websites: Facebook, Tinder
Report: Hi, This is to bring to your notice that recently I joined Tinder and this is the first time I had ever gone on a dating site. Totally new to this online dating world I liked a profile and within mins I got response from this person. He called himself Anthony J Francis and told me that he is a Mechanical Engineer living in Scotland and he works as contract for Shell company. We started chatting he was like he is very wealthy and he would like to invest in India, buy house here etc. it did surprise me as to why he would want to leave his well established work in UK and move to India. He told me he is winding everything up and coming to India where he would marry me and settle down here. On the day of his so called arrival to India he tells me he could not get direct flight to Delhi so he has landed in Mumbai and then he tells me he was carrying 7 million worth of goods that has been seized by customs and now they are harassing him. He then tells the he urgently needs 85000 eight five thousand rupees transferred in his account immediately so that he can pay the custom duty for his release. It was then I realized that he is no wealthy person coming to settle in India but some scamprter . There is a lot more to it but I am just telling this in brief. Also he would talk with lots of confidence say things like my whole family knows about you and would always just talk of marriage and all grand things he wants in life. From tinder he said come to what's app as its a better chatting app. He would always portray himself as very god fearing person and wanting to do everything in the name of God. I have never felt so stupid and foolish in my whole life. The tinder in India is infected by these Nigerians scammers posing as UK nationals . They have profile pics of some foreigners and when you chat with them they are like they are on business trip to India and then they will ask for your ph number so they can connect through what's app. I wish I could contact the original guy and let him know that his pics are being used to scam girls in India. +447405628700 +447452186506 +917042083906 +917678013279 These are ph number I got calls from. All numbers are unknown and untraceable. He is on Facebook too under the name Tony J Francis. That's the Facebook profile link. Can this fraudster be stopped some how? How can he be reported. Pls help and save other girls from falling into his trap.
First name: Carl Bromwell
Last name: Wilson
Age: 52
Location: Hong Kong
Phone: +85258086957
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Carl is known to ask for money. He has requested it be sent to the following bank... Citi Bank Acct Name: Production, Production (Ricardo Ramirez) Citi Bank Acct# 46037511 Routing #021001486 swift code# citius33 Address: UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017 Carl claims that acct is under ex wife's dad.
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Morgan
Age: 55
Location: West Yorkshire
On websites: Hangouts
Report: This man claimed to be a captain in the royal navy and is based in Afghanistan at the moment but is due to retire and be home on the 30 of this month we have been chatting on Hangouts and he has been emailing me most days very nice might I say but I have gone along with him but known the things he says is to good to be true even tho it has been what I have wanted to hear at this time he told me that he saved a oil billionaire from a terrorist attack and he was awarded gold and a diamond ring to put on his fiancee finger which was ment to be me the ring was meant to be worth 30,000 pounds and the gold 2 million which was going to be for are future together but I never beleaved a word cause nice things just don't happen to me then he came up with some bull story that he needed 2000 pounds to ship it to my address but I said no can do so then he said they would store it till he gets home for 200 pound and then he said he had pleaded with them for 100 pound and gave me a address to go pay it in but I have not cause I have checked him out on here and I dident beleave him I don't know how anyone can do such cruel things to nice people like this
First name: Kenneth
Last name: Wilson
Age: 44
Location: Nigeria, Abuja
Phone: +15123557040
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on Okcupid early this July, around the 4th. It started with usual
First name: Oliver Leo
Last name: Edward
Age: 56 I think
Location: Kent England, France
Phone: +44 70 3190 8413
On websites: Facebook
Report: money laundering scam. Wanted me to transfer his money to my account to pay for a house. I felt agent he wanted to use was also a scammer. He didn't want to us a local agent.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: James Andrew
Age: 55
Location: Edomonton,Alberta and Georga.
Phone: 4046625307
On websites: Mingle2
Report: I meet James on Mingle2 dating site.He told me he was widower with a 15 yr.old daughter.We talked for about 2 weeks and everything was going good.The first time he asked for money was when he said his daughter was going on field trip to Africa with her class mates.She was going to school there because he was in Syria on Peace keeping mission.He could not get money because of where he was.Then I got a mail from a Doctor Phillip Mish saying I needed to send money because Sarah(daughter) was very sick and needed blood transfusion.Then he needed me to send money for her food because she woud not eat the African food( witch I have not done yet).
First name: Peter
Last name: Hinds
Age: 52
Location: United Kingdom, London
On websites: Facebook
Report: He befriends ladies and promises the world to them, especially ladies from SA eventually requests financial help to get off an oil rig that he works on.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Age: 55
Location: Siria
On websites: Facebook
Report: I introduced himself as Andre James.I am asking for money to pay for a ticket from London representative of the United Nations which should bring me the money from Syria. His Skype andrejames490 his phone +19031879290 his e-mail
First name: Notch
Last name: Brandon
Age: 53
Location: California / Canada?
Phone: +1 571 494 8418 / +27 73 854 1779 / +27 748 2023
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I subscribed to Zoosk on the 1st July and received a message
First name: Smith
Last name: Gerald
Age: 30
Location: Birmingham-Alabama, USA
Phone: +2348158231559
On websites: Facebook
Report: Smith Gerald initiated the contact through Facebook. Claimed he inherited money from his dead father. A condition attached that he has to be married to get the money. Proposed to open a joint account and the supposedly wife to be to deposit money into that account through Dennis Len, (Foreign Account Department Standard Bank) Sent 2 documents to authenticate his lies. But on one look both documents had the same serial numbers. The mobile number he gave has Nigerian area code. All these facts confirmed he is a scammer.
First name: Austin
Last name: Calberg
Aka: Willison Gerald
Age: August 10 1974
Location: Houston Texas
On websites: Yahoo messenger, yahoo. Facebook
Report: I was recently friends with this man. He went by the name willison gerald and Gerald Willison on Facebook. He claimed to be commander of Military 1 and serving in Afghanistan. He had another person contact me about a consignment box. The other address was fraserwell simons at diplomat. Com. My story is quite similar to the ones I read here
First name: Richard aka
Last name: Ricardo
Aka: George Richard
Age: 60 - 61
Location: Lisbon, Portugal; Connecticut, USA; Anderson, South Carolina, USA
Phone: (864)558-9615;
On websites: USA
Report: Richard Ricarda, aka
First name: Lewis
Last name: Foote
Aka: Lewis Lukaz Foote
Age: 56
Location: Manteca, Ca
Phone: 209-885-7659; 916-582-9238
Email: lewfotel@gmailcom;
Report: Lewis Foote is still out there trying to hook women in. He says his name is Lewis Lukaz Foote, 56, Nov 14 is his birthday, from Italy, widow for 8 years, was married for 16years, daughter Maria 22 in University in WA to become an aerospace engineer, he is self employed as an Architect works from home. Moved to Manteca 13years ago. He is Roman Catholic regular Sunday church goer. Black Lab called Jojo. He made contact with me from April 30th 2015, he immediately removed himself from the dating site and only communicated via private email. Last contact was via text July 4 2015. He has a very thick European accent. By May 14th he was
First name: Max
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Steve, Samini Matansin
Age: 50
Location: Malaysia England Manchester
Phone: +44798718816
Email: unkown
On websites:,
Report: Romance Scammer Max harrison. but his real name might be Samini Matansin. Contacted first on He says he lives in england but on vacation in Malaysia. Pretty sure he is from Malaysia. Scams women into falling in love When the lady is in love he will record the lady and blackmail her for money. if she doesn't send money he will upload the video on the internet. facebook: Bank information: Acc. Name :Samini Matansin Maybank (bank in Malaysia)
First name: Allen Remi
Last name: Adams
Aka: Remi Adams, Allen Adams, Adams Allen
Age: 52
Location: Los Angeles, CA & Cantou, Benin Republic
Phone: 213.207.6710, 909.353.3931, +2.296.449.4593 (Benin), 936.873.8022, 901.231.7189
On websites: Facebook
Report: I can continue with the story line of where Jessica left off. I was in contact with Allen from 5/4/14 until 7/1/15. During this period of time, I sent him over $15,000 (even took out a loan for $3,000) to help pay for medical expenses after he claimed that he was hospitalized after a taxi cab accident in Lagos (9/14). The money I sent him was supposed used to pay for hotel, food, bribes to officials, hospital and medical, legal/attorney's fees and of course for travel expenses. When I offered to pay for his one-way ticket home to Los Angeles, he declined by saying that credit is not used in Benin/Nigeria. Money was sent via Moneygram and Western Union to Adediji Oladayo Adalano until December and then to Allen after that. We met on Facebook after he introduced himself as a friend of one of my best friends. After I contacted the US Consulate in Lagos, they confirmed that there was no one by that name with a valid US passport.
First name: Marco
Last name: Francesco
Aka: Marco franco
Age: 58
Location: Austin, Texas
Phone: 512 865 5298
On websites: Facebook, OurTime
Report: This person sent me a message on OurTime. He said he was a vet from Austin, Texas. i live in Canada and was wondering why he would want a relationship with someone so far away. He sent great e-mails (the same letter that was sent to Karin from James Andrino), texts on my phone and pictures. i even spoke to
First name: James
Last name: Halsey
Age: 50
Location: Afganistan Kabul / Syria / USA
Phone: +447418460782 unknown
Email: /
On websites: skype - masha_11rus
First name: Gavin
Last name: Binnion
Aka: Gavin Alberto
Age: 29
Location: Malaysia, Pennang
Phone: 1-415-737-5165
On websites:
Report: I was browsing
First name: Martin
Last name: James
Aka: Thomas Shafferr
Age: 55
Location: Ghana, Atlanta, GA
Address: 2295 Briarcliff Rd 30345
Phone: 770*376*7548
On websites:
Report: Birthday August 19, 1959 aka: Selorm Lovebridge, PO Box NT86, Acura Newton Accra Ghana00233 tel # 0246007070 He told me he had an antique and gold business in Atlanta and was gone to Ghana to purchase the gold at a cheap rate. He said he took 500,000 with him and it was such a good deal he got carried away and needed money to ship it back.
First name: Calvin
Last name: Maldonado
Aka: Michael Morrison
Age: 51
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Okcupid. Yahoo message
Report: I was on a dating sight called okcupid an was contacted by Sgt. Calvin Steve Maldonado... Age 51 born 9/18/1963 stationed in Afganistan in the U.S. Army . As was About to retire in a few month an was looking for a long term relationship no children an wife passed away 5 yrs ago... an I feel for it... We started texting back an forth. On the dating sight. An then after about a month we left the sight an started using yahoo messenger ( after about 4 months texting..... around thanksgiving he asked me if he could send his person belonging to me va a mail courier... I did not thing any thing of it because I fell for his scam with out realizing it till it was to late.....the day the package was supposed to arrive (he ) started having problem with the courier ( Excell couriers) around the 15 of November till July 4. 2015 he had problems yes I the idiot sent money to him to help... He states even had to fly to Ghana because the company could not get the package delivered because of problems with customs. He states he had to clear all the problems with excel before he could arrive .. For that last 11 months we have texted. This scam is a long story of love romance... Lies an betrail... I have e-mails an pictures of him.. He states then he had left Ghana, an texted me he had arrived an that I was to meet him at the airport On the 2nd of July he texted he at around 2am that he was in Florida but would get back to me on what time to pick him up. but he needed me to wire 200 to Ghana ... I refused an I have not heard from him since.... Trust me when I say that I did look him up on the net every way I could think possible.... Till I really started digging an behold I stumbled on to this web Sight an found
First name: basten
Last name: boadu
Age: 50
Location: accra
On websites: skype, badoo
Report: I was contacted by skype on the June 15, 2015, he described as a man widowed and orphan, looking for a wife to marry, supposedly is a petroleum engineer who works on a ship that provides energy in the Atlantic Ocean. Has a son named Jerry who is caring for a school and the teacher called Mr. Clinton, he told me he is very worried that the child was very lonely. He was writing love letters every day for three weeks when he suddenly began to ask for money because he was far from his son and could not pay the school, I knew from the beginning this man is a scammer, I did not fall into his trap. I have the same photos published on this site. And I've been reading all these stories and I really do not understand why this man still doing the same for years, should be in prison.
First name: Alfred
Last name: Kissling
Age: 47
Location: United States
On websites: Craigslist
Report: Initial contact How was your day been?I hope you having a wonderful time, Am Alfred I will like to be your friend and get to know each other. i will send you my picture once i read from you.. I will appreciate your kind respond. Cheers Letter 1 Good Day to you dear, It give me a great pleasure to write you this > wonderful morning. Firstly let me apologize for my late in reply, After i > closed from office yesterday, i went straight to church because we are > having our annual youth program and am also part of the organizer.We closed > around 9pm and when i got home i was so tired i just take my shower and > sleep.Please i want you to understand that i will be kind of busy this > week, i may not write you the way i wanted but i assured you, as long as > you willing to contribute to this our friendship,I will surely create time > to reply your mail everyday..I promise not to keep you waiting so long to > read from me.Please find it in your heart to forgive me. Am willing to get > closer to you and spend more time together..Never the less dear i really > dont know where to start, i mean talking about myself.I count my self has a > shy type, am also a good listener, and fun loving to be with. I know how to > make people laugh with my jokes..Like i said in my previous mail,my name > is Alfred Kissling Adalfieri,i am 47 also single and never married ,i was > born in Valencia,Spain,i am a mixed they say.My Dad Spanish > and Mum was Italian ..Moved to London when i was 13 with my parents.I have > an strong but lovely accent .I obtained my degree in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.I > relocated to the States for some personal reasons which is very important > to me months back..,, I find very much peace and tranquility there..I`m 6
First name: Goldin
Last name: Janice
Age: 56
Location: united kingdom/ nigeria maybe
On websites: face book
Report: if you have him as a friend unfriend and report and block. this man is a scammer. wants me to send money and open a bank account. if not said he would post some nude pics and say they were me. he is still harassing me. plz can someone do something about this man. he threatens women and very mean. I have already unfriended and blocked but he is texting.
First name: Bernard
Last name: White
Age: 59
Location: Venice, CA; Daytin, OH
On websites:
Report: Widower that claims he sell safety shoes internationally. Pictures are on pig busters web sure as a scammer. Beware he is active. Duplicates emails sends to other women. Pictures he sends and one on chemistry are different. Be careful he is a sweet talker for sure.
First name: Jack
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Jack
Age: 23
Location: New York brooklyn/ Quezon city Philippines
Email: jackandrson_nyc
On websites: yes in
Report: He says his from quezon city philippines but says he's in brooklyn right now and claim to be half filipino half american. he ask for my skype account and i added him when he gave me his skype address.. however when we started chatting on skype he doesnt agree on opening his cam and i became suspicious that i begin to search for him and found out that the picture he is using is a picture that scamer use often. he's so active in okcupid site and i just wanted for girls to know he's a scammer. i can send screenshot of out conversation and his photos he's been using which i believe is not him.
First name: Cruz
Last name: Edmund
Age: 55
Location: Liverpool England
On websites:
Report: This man ask me for $6000 dollars and i don't him i don't have it. when he called me is accent is a black man accent. please take him off because he is going around scamming ladies for money. he also ask my friend money too.
First name: George
Last name: Simon
Age: 57
Location: Clark, NV; Las Vegas, NV
On websites: Chemistry.cim
Report: This man is listed on pig web site sends the same first email to all the woman. A copy of this identical email is listed on pig First mistake that was made is pictures on are different from pictures he sent in email. When questioned he denied it. Even though he was warned that I do not tolerate scammers-- he still stayed in contact with me-- he appears so sure of himself and his tactics-- that makes him very dangerous to woman not expecting this. He was not given a chance to ask me for money, but did ask the other women for money. Check out emails under the other email addresses he has used in past. He is not active right now on chemistry-- but I am sure he will be back under another alias. Please Beware ladies!
First name: Vincent
Last name: Rojar
Age: 48
Location: Dallas, Texas United States
Phone: +15159926964
On websites: Facebook
Report: He invited me end of April. We were friends for 6 weeks. Only friends, he would only call me 'hon'. I always said my friend. We didn't chat a lot but we made jokes. I didn't suspect anything from him. Told me he had to take over his fathers business. Import/export of scrapmetal. Then told me of a shipment from Australia to Indonesia. He had to go with documents to Indonesia. Then one day he said he is back in the states. Next day he sayd his still in Indonesia. Next moment the shock: They need another document that will cost him more than $5000. He freeze his bank account when his out of the states, now he don't have access to his money. Wanted me to send him the money. I told him I'm very poor ( no lie) He wanted me to apply for a loan to help him. Said I will not get one, I'm to poor. I pretend to care and every few days asked if he got help. Then he ask me again. Now he don't wsnt to talk to me because I can't help him. I blocked him on Facebook. We usually talked on Viber. I had to install Viber because he wanted to communicate there. When I did reverse image scan on his photo's, the one appeared 25 times on different sites. Even on gay sites.