First name: Solomon
Last name: Smith
Aka: Jorge Robert
Age: 40
Location: Said he is in Iraq but mentions Ghana
Phone: 5417164919
Email: I do not know that
On websites: Facebook
Report: Same guy friended me on Facebook under the name of Jorge Robert it is found /Jorge.robert. Talked about 2 months and said he had fallen in love with me and he wanted to file his retirement papers and come and see me He asked me to wire him $5000.00 and I said no and then he started talking abusive to me and cursing me and told me to get lost. He is back on Facebook again. He need to be put off for good. He is a very nasty person. He said he was in Iraq. But he kept mentioning Ghana
First name: Kenneth
Last name: Ogugua
Age: 50
Location: Omaha nebrasak
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: The photo corresponds to Johnson David.My scammer found me then professed love after 2 weeks,then went to Turkey on business,needed money to release goods,than Hotel bills.When refused unfriended me.would like further details if any.
First name: David
Last name: J miller
Aka: Eric Miller Jefferson
Age: 47
Location: kabul Afghanistan
Address: 0568 18th street Massachusetts ave. Washington d.c
On websites: sometimes
Report: He fb requested me about 1 mo.says he's in love with me wants to marry me.his wife died 12 yrs ago in car accident has one son named jeff.that I need to send 700.00usd to barr.maduka larry ambassador in Nigeria so he can marry us and I can obtain his funds transfer into my account woth millions because he had been in the service for 25 yrs an he is a 2 star major general. He says he can't wait till I send money so he can start working on his leave to be with me as his wife.
First name: james
Last name: taylor
Age: 52
Location: nigeria
On websites:
Report: claims to be american working in nigeria, self emplyoed engineer . Will try to get money because his mashine is broken. will tell you he is returning to your country of residence to live with you. He is trying very hard to gain your trust and love by writing to you every day. luckily I found out about him here ...he is a good scammer, dont fall for him, run a mile.
First name: Clifford Benson
Last name: Brown
Age: 54
Location: Netherlands, USA Texas
Phone: +233541940320
On websites: unkown
Report: Hi, Met scammer on skype. He never wants to show himself
First name: James
Last name: Mckay
Age: 60
Location: South carolina
Phone: 1 440 941 2618
On websites:
Report: James says he is Caribbean Borned and raised. Has a son named Steven and had a IT company and sold to prepare for retirement in five years. Very intelligent and expresses self well. States he is a widow and wife died of congestive heart failure Mother died while having a surgical procedure and father died of cancer. He has one son whom is 17. States he travels all over the world doing installing vast communication towers. We talked for a month or so but never communicated verbally by phone by did via text message. When I called number I could not understand the message that was on phone only got a message with a different ascent. He wanted me to send 5000 dollar to lome Africa and stated the Steve his son was in hospital very sick and awaiting. Surgery for appendicitis and he could not get money from travelers checks for two weeks. I did not send any money. Thanks to,looking at this site and seeing his pictures and other report on him. Beware ladies he is out there and speaks a good game.
First name: Frank
Last name: Jones
Age: 39
Location: Kabula, Afghanistan
On websites: Unknown
Report: This man found me on Facebook and has been instant messaging for weeks. Saying he is on a Peace mission for the past ,3,years. He sounds just like the others scammers but I don't know what to believe. He has ask for money for his child.
First name: Donald
Last name: Johnson
Age: 62
Location: Texas
On websites: okcupid
Report: He initiated the contact, wanted my email address. His profile sounded like another one that was a scammer, widower, raising child, etc. Also sent 3 pictures of him and one of him and his daughter. The dating website is OkCupid. We've only corresponded 2 days.
First name: Eric
Last name: Morgan
Age: 57
Location: UK
Phone: 15087854139
On websites: okcupid
Report: first contacted me on OKCupid then he registered me on skype and also he registered on Facebook. I saw his picture on Pig Busters and confronted him and he apologized and said someone used his picture about 3 years ago. I then did more research and found pictures on sergio c. He asked me for $500.00 for food he said he's working in UK at a worksite he's a building contractor with 19 workers. he sent me copy of contract and also a check that he was trying to deposit then he asked me for money to help pay for work permits to work in UK. Moneygram was to go to a Jonathan Adams. I am so stupid i believed in him because he sent me copy of contracts and he sent me letter from a Barclays bank regarding check that cant be released please help me and let me know if he's a real scammmer. Now he's asking for more money because he has to pay shipping company
First name: lawrence
Last name: raymond
Age: 50 (37)
Location: lemessos cyprus
On websites: badoo
Report: i'm so tired from internet scammer!!! seems they occupied all internet space by lie and asking- demanding money they act in one way writing so sweet letters, even making once phone call, never exists dialog, just their monolog about sweet the best things ..they never answer for yours questions and can not confirm real look in to web cam, they ignore yours asking to see in to web cam to identify they personality.. after a few letters they say tragedy hystory about car accident with their kids and demand from you pity and say that you are just alone his friend who must to help to him by money cause he is far from his home and kids are in hospital and need urgent medical help... now they creat revenge if you ignore them and say about that they are scammers, they write on web site which your use and ask to delete profile of unguilty people blaming them in fake photos!!!
First name: Bismarck
Last name: Haroun
Age: 38
Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dortmund Germany
Phone: +4915216707056
Email: -
On websites:, Skype, Viber, Whatapps & KIK
Report: I am Engineer, I work with the USA Military in Germany, my wife is dead and I have a daughter, she is 13 and Ella is her name. I am an Engineer we take care of the Military equipments
First name: Verati
Last name: Amari
Aka: Alonso
Age: 50-55
Location: CAPE TOWN
On websites: Zorpia-Zoosk,singles2meet.whatsapp
Report: This disgusting man gave me a story of being widowed,had a brother named Dante.Says he was an Engineer and was busy in Angola,that I must whatsapp him as he is not always on the internet.I asked for his number and when calling it ,the voice was that of a Nigerian I have now come to know voices very well and placing nine scammers with my previous reports already of other scammers.I have pictures of him which I will forward as this idiot is brazen enough to send pictures that might differ slightly but very obvious the same person.Whether he tries to comb the hair in different styles he cant get away with the profile.
First name: Steve
Last name: Ford
Aka: Steve Edison Ford
Age: 50
Location: Cape Town, SA
Phone: 540 307 6060
On websites: Chemistry
Report: So glad I found this before it was too late
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Jones
Age: 49
Location: Caledon, Ontario; Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: 613-519-1485, +27 839 894 224
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Kelvin introduced himself as a 20 year widow, his wife having died during childbirth, the daughter survived. He said her name was Sherry, age 20 and living in England studying law. He stated that he was a structural engineer having been born in Germany and growing up in Australia. Stated his father was German and his mother Australian. He initiated contacted with me on Plenty of Fish, after 3 days of contact he asked that we move to email contact; he said it was easier for him. He said that he was 1 of 273 businesses presenting their building designs (I could not find his name listed anywhere as a structural engineer, a business under the name of the contracts he sent me, listing of any symposium that he attended) On the first conversation he told me that he wanted to the first person to talk to me in the morning and the last person at night. It took roughly 4 days for him to proclaim his undying love and devotion to me, despite not seeing but one picture of me, not meeting, no extended phone calls. Whenever he called me, if I didn't answer, he didn't leave a message but was very insistent that he had left me messages.
First name: Benson
Last name: Titarenko
Age: 55
Location: Texas City, Houston Texas
Email: ben. titarenko
On websites: Facebook, Badoo Skype
Report: I went in to Badoo to look for friends and I seen him so I sent him a message. He told me he was in the military service and that he deployed on a Peace keeping mission and he has a son and his wife is no longer alive. That right there make's me think his a scammer.
First name: christopher
Last name: smith
Aka: willem poul
Age: 22.11.1967
Location: ghana kasoa
On websites: badoo and Facebook
Report: willem poul contacted me through a dating site called Badoo,he then quickly moved chats to whatsapp and Facebook messenger he requested money to be sent to him through moneygram and the person who received the money is called Michael Adjei at first it was ?200 as his bankcard wouldn't work then ?300 for ticket home now he is asking for another ?600
First name: Tim
Last name: Ekman
Age: 52
Location: From Sweden/lives Cape Town
Phone: +27 84 026 1878
On websites: Face book/Twoo
Report: Chatted to me for over 3 months Supposedly cell n love with me and I believed we were to buy a house together and he worked offshore as an
First name: Raymond
Last name: Dardanos
Aka: Ray Dard
Age: 51
Location: Istanbul Turkey
Phone: 204 813 6943 Or 709 400 1818
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I first contacted the scammer on August 2 on zoosk ... Correspondence ended August 31st ... Phone text email based on refusing to send a second money instalment Claims to be a Greek national, widower, civil engineer by profession who has worked the past 7 years in Istanbul Turkey. Just received a job offer from a large canadian based multinational engineering firm, after spending his holiday time in Canada to work through his application and interview requirements. Claims to have to return to Istanbul to resign In person as his current employer was unaware of his job application in Canada .. Needed to go back to officially resign and to wrap up his household and paperwork for the employer benefit payout . While there former employer creates undue bureaucracy ... Reluctant acceptance of resignation ... Causes delay. Then father has coronary emergency back inLarissa Greece , requiring him to fly to Greece immediately to attend to family emergency ... Has to opt for private care surgery for heart bypass operations paying in excess of $ 40,000 . Travels back to Istanbul to sign final discharge papers ... But final payout takes 30 days ... Now cash strapped .. Cannot pay for one way ticket to Canada asked for $2700 ... Which I stupidly paid ... Another delay... Now proof of travel allowance of $ 5,000 bybturkish authorities if travelling one way to US or Canada . Uses other player ... Daughter emailing ME ... And alleged HR employees of SNC lavaling emails to me to maintain legitimacy ... End to end plot took 4 weeks . Very good English skills almost too good , claims he went to engineering school in Cambridge . Claims to have a 22yr old daughter Athina studying micro biology at Heidelberg university in Germany . Wife died of mandular cancer in 2009 . Claims to have been between two job locations with SNC lavalin group as part of his engineering job application process : London, Ontario and St jjohn's Newfoundland. Final permanent placement is London Ontario.
First name: David
Last name: W Taylor
Age: 52
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 332--509-4635, +233 55 454 7882
On websites: Date Hookup (originally), not anymore
Report: This man contacted me on Date Hookup. I had not found this site or other scam sites until last fall. He has been talking to me over a yr... He claims to be an Engineer, doing building projects. Originally he was doing a new building for the Navy, in Cape Town South Africa. He called me using the internet phone. It was a different one than the one listed above. He said his home is Philadelphia PA (phone was listed in that exchange). Then he went to Cape Town for the contract and.. asked me to send him some clothes to SA. I told him I did not have the money, nor the shipping costs. He never said he was military, in fact he said he HAD been military years ago, but was a private contractor and this was his last job before retiring. Then his son got sick from a previous accident when his wife had been killed in a car accident years ago. He has a college age daughter (he said, but her picture was found on several scammer sites)
First name: Willies
Last name: Meyersen
Aka: BCarroll26
Age: August 28, 1956
Location: London UK, Port Hartcourt Nigeria
Phone: 447031983298 2348130225662
On websites:
Report: 1. I winked and he wrote to me. 2. 3. July 3, 2015 to present 4. His daughter was in an accident at his worksight 5. He never directly asked for money but said he wasn't sure how to get help for his daughter surgery. I offered to help through western union and money gram 6. Willies Meyersen $5,800 over a course of several days 7. He is still talking to me and states he is coming here to marry me when his contacted work is completed.
First name: ALVIN
Last name: PERKINS
Age: 52
Phone: 00233263718928 233266021892 e
On websites: skype and E-mail
Report: He contacted me in the middle of february 2015. It lasted till august .There were strange events like the man under the name Alvin Perkins although an army officer he couldn t pick up his compensation salary and needed my help. I WAS SOMEHOW MESMERIZED. In the beginning i was told to send money to the USA but then his compensation fund was transferred to CITY BANK AND LATER TO UBA BANK ACCRA GHANA. This was organized crime with many people involved in many countries. Everytime i suspected them they had a more convincing tool to use to make me feel quilty for not sending the money.Isent at least 15 times about $20000 all together.i keep all bank dekonts if asked i can send. the recepients were many like joyce A Nemeth in USA, Bruce Louis Ojenima,Moses Roland,Rose Zowonu.There s a letter from UBA BANK signed byPhilip Oduoza and Kwame E. Ogba.
First name: Robert
Last name: Wilson
Age: 55
Location: Australia, Melbourne
Address: Emerald, Victoria
On websites: Oasis Active
Report: This man says he is in Maylasia on business. Will ask to talk on yahoo messenger. He will video call you but will tell you his camera is not working, so you will not be able to see him. He will also ring you. Will ask for money or ask if goods can be delivered to your house to send to
First name: David
Last name: Odlin
Age: 53
Location: South Africa, Cape Town
Phone: +22961325169
On websites: yes
First name: simon
Last name: lister
Aka: lister43
Age: 63
Location: uk
Email: listersimon43
On websites:
Report: he uses the photographs of the real commander Simon Lister that you can look up in wikipedia, english not perfect
First name: Mark
Last name: William
Aka: Mark Williams
Age: 60ish
Location: Austin, Texas USA, Napa, California
Phone: 512-368-993, 707-681-1161
On websites: Facebook
Report: He found me on Facebook and introduced himself in an email. We corresponded by email and spoke on the phone. He gave me the phone numbers above but each time I tried to call him all I got was voice mail. When he called me the 709 number above showed on my phone. He told me he was going to Thiland on business and planned on stopping to meet me on his way home. He wrote beautiful love letters and repeatedly told me he loved me and wanted to marry me and make me happy forever. He wrote and called me at least once each day even when he was supposedly in Thiland and told me I could reach him at his 709 number while he was overseas. When I called the number I got his voice mail. Then he called me and stated his MasterCard would not work in Thiland and he had run out of money. He requested $500 first and then $200 and then $700. When I told him I didn't have any money he tried t get me to go into my retirement account to get it. When I would not send him money he called me sobbing and kept pleading but I did not send him money. I accused him of being a scammer, which he denied. Then I told him goodbye and have not heard from him since.
First name: Charles
Last name: Lance
Age: 58
Location: torrance, California
On websites: facebook
Report: has asked for money, romance. It started out as friendship and within a 2 week period told me he loved me, in a month and a half traveled to Legos, Nigeria for business and got in some financial trouble and asked for money.
First name: Dave
Last name: Simon
Aka: Dave Simon Longson
Age: 61 DOB March 2, 1954
Location: New York City (lives in) , currently working two months in Cyprus
Phone: +90 (533)885-6623 (+90 is country code for Turkey) +90(548)871-5603
On websites: Facebook,
Report: Dave Simon made the initial contact by messaging me through He responded to my profile. We were in contact about 2 weeks. He came on very strongly and was charming and flattering. I noticed some little inconsistancies - said he was born in Israel but went to school in Germany. Later said he was born in Germany. He mentioned we began our relationship in May - we actually began writing in August. Claimed English was not his first language so I expected poor grammar but parts of letters were in perfect English. He worked for an oil and gas consulting firm in NYC but when his laptop and camera for his work was badly damaged on a job site in Turkey while working for the Turkish Petrolium Corp., he asked if I would express send him new equipment so he could finish his contract sooner and we could be together sooner. I sent the camera and laptop to his
First name: Steven
Last name: Brown
Aka: Bennette Richard
Age: 50
Location: Lago Nigeria
Email: Bennette Richard @
On websites: facebook and yahoo
Report: He has asked several times for money but I was already scammed before by one of his friends so I refused.
First name: Douglas
Last name: Walker
Aka: Henry William
Age: 54
Location: Afghanistan?
Phone: +44 07933 976395
On websites: smooch
Report: This guy claims to be a secret agent in the MOD currently serving in Afghanistan. After a couple of weeks he asks you to send money so that he can send you his personal belongings for safe keeping. He claims to be a widow with no family.
First name: Cesc
Last name: Navas
Age: 40
Location: Burundi
Address: 4153 W. Kenyon... denver
Email: Navas_cesc@yahoo.vpm
On websites: OK cupid
Report: I have been totally taken in by this person. He says he is a us serving soldier on UN Peacekerping mission in Burundi. His rank is Sargent he says. He apparently has been divorced 5 years and has an 11 year old son living in Florida with his ex wife. He wants an older woman as younger ones just mess around and are not serious. Beware this person. He is not a serving soldier and will eventually ask for money.