First name: Patrick
Last name: Cook
Aka: Van cook
Age: 64
Location: Tampa fla.
On websites: Zoosk
Report: He was on zoosk . He had has a Dutch accent and passport. He talks about his deceased wife the pasture is a fake too. Taken from randy scott again A very good actor ....Patrick cook. Also goes by Patrick van cook
First name: Sir Patrick
Last name: Adonis
Aka: Sirpatrickgoodman
Age: 59
Location: (Claims) USA, Atlanta, Ga
Phone: +1 (305) 306-0352
On websites: dating site
Report: This scammer asked me to put himself on my credit cards as joint with him. When I refused became upset and Incenuated I was the crazy one. I blocked him totally. This is not the first scam for me , I learned a very valuable lesson this year that cost me dearly.
First name: Rick
Last name: Perry
Aka: Richard Witty
Age: 64
Location: Hillsborough North Carolina, Orlando, Florida
Email: And
On websites: Our time, and Facebook
Report: Richard Witty message me from and after several letters I detected that he is a scammer. I told him to stop sending me messages. After two weeks he message me again but this time he is now Rick Perry. He was kicked off in and claims he was hacked. He continued writing letters but each time he has a different line of work and claiming to have a 16 yr child. My suspicion is that this is a child using stolen photos and playing with women's emotions. He is a brat. He needs to be caught and to be stopped scheming.
First name: Albert
Last name: Hanson
Age: 62
Location: USA Greenwich,Connecticut
On websites: paranormal dating; hartford connecticut dating
Report: albert asked to communicate through email in first conversation. He says his father is Italian, yet he has a norwegian last name. His occupation is a gemologist...description is word for word of of google. Says he owns a home in Connecticut, a condo in Florida, and a yacht. He travels to mines for gems to sell. His wife died of cancer 5 years ago. He asked me several questions: my favorite color, describe myself in one word, my idea of a perfect relationship, what do I drive, my birth date, and where do I stay.
First name: Walter
Last name: Whyte
Aka: Ken Lukas
Age: 57
Location: Winter Haven, Florida & Fairburn Georgia
Phone: 407-255-2554
On websites:
Report: I am on Elite Singles and was contacted by this man, Walter Whyte, who claimed to be in his profile from Fairburn, Georgia. He asked for my email and we corresponded via email and google hangouts. He only wanted to chat via google hangouts and I kept missing him so I gave him my phone number. He called and had a voice like an African male. I have deleted all his emails/messages but I have 3 photos of him to send to you. He claims to be Walter Whyte the founder of this African Orphanage:!about-the-founder-/c1cp0 Of the other pictures he uses on his facebook page (, one is for a real estate developer named Ken Lukas in Ontario Canada. The other looks like actor Christopher Walken. I don't know if he goes by any other aliases or if he is listed here at as I cannot search your database.. Since at least one of the pictures was listed of someone else, there is no doubt in my mind that he is a scammer. And I know the difference between white and black male voices. I also searched the land records in Polk County Florida and surprise ... there is no landholder named Walter Whyte. He never got a chance to ask me for money or anything else as I nipped this in the bud as soon as I discovered he is a scammer. I
First name: Richie
Last name: Mulligan
Aka: Richie Hawkins
Age: 55
Location: USA, St. Paul, Minnesota
On websites:
Report: Chatted on, then on Yahoo Messenger. Chatted for a couple of days on Yahoo Messenger, claimed to be on his last military tour of duty in Afghanistan prior to retiring. when I wrote I was baking cookies for visitors, he asked me to send him some. When I agreed, he said he was asking his comrades for anything they wanted. It became quite an extensive list. To get shipping instructions, He gave me an email address for Moses Bezore, and said to use the name Richie Hawkins, which he responded was his real name. The last item: he asked what cell phone I used so he could use a compatible system in order to chat. I told him I did not have the funds to buy a cell phone
First name: Gary
Last name: Bircher
Age: 63
Location: Orlando Florida
On websites: Senior people our time
Report: Claims he is an architect specializing in interior and exterior design. Widowed and has two sons studying in Switzerland. He claims he stayed in Los Angeles with his wife before he moved to Florida. Presently has a contract in the Philippines and about to finish project. He asked me to help him out to pay $7,000 for his taxes before he can collect his final payment for his job. Sent me several letters and pictures of him and his project.
First name: Lorenzo
Last name: Capello
Age: 63
Location: New York, United Kingdom
On websites:
Report: Contacted me on Claimed to be a widower of 10 years, working for Barclays as a foreign funds manager. Within a month, his mother alleged died, and his company was inconsiderate in their treatment of him. He tendered his resignation and decided to join in the last fund trade with his retirement money and money from the sale of his house in Texas. He then asked if he could name me as a partner in this transaction instead of using anyone from his family. I guess this would have been insider trading but I did not realize that at the time. After the alleged transaction was complete, the funds were to be sent to a Swiss account from Barclays and then transferred to my personal bank account. This was done, except that suddenly a transfer tax was necessary, amounting for more than $422,000. How was this to be paid? He asked for my help
First name: Drich
Age: 35
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60149896568
On websites: Skout
Report: Mr. Ricky who claims he is the German Contractor working in Malaysia for LNG CO., contacted me from SKOUT. He said his car was broke then he lost his briefcase in the taxi and lost USD 7,000 with other documents and now he is living with his little money. He asked me to meet in KL on coming Aug 21 and his contract will finish by Aug 17. Then on Aug 5 he made a story that the machine broke down and need some money to fix it. He asked if I can help to get USD 2,200 but I didn't make any transfer. His mobile phone # is +60149896568.
First name: devita
Last name: sari
Age: 55
Location: canada-afganistan
Phone: +1(719) 966-4426
Email: facebook
On websites: yes
Report: Devita Sari 08.07.2015, Capt. Devita Sari, I'm from Canada but work here in Kabul Afghanistan.He started with a message on facebook,It lasted a month.NAME: IDA RAME CITY: JAKARTA COUNTRY: INDONESIA AMOUNT: ?1,825.00 EQUIVALENT TO 8,363.37 RON.because, I have not agreed to pay , got angry and blocked me on facebook you can write them not.He and a contact person from Curieuse,Yours Faithfully, Mr. Newton Tel: + 62-858-9114-7177 International Customer Care SMART POST DELIVERY SERVICE & DISPATCH SERVICES EXPRESS MAIL Send instant messages to your online friends
First name: Jaimie
Last name: Martin
Aka: Chris A, Reid and C. A. Reid
Age: 53
Location: Victoria Island, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: This man contacted me through around Spring of 2012. He asked me to email him at these different addresses:; and also messaged me through yahoo messenger: He professed love and admiration for me and called me and emailed me almost every day. He built a strong bond with me and I began to love him with all my heart. He was so caring and so attentive. He sent me videos of himself wishing me a good morning and to profess his love for me. He sent countless love songs in the last 3 years expressing his deep feelings for me. Then, on November 14, 2012, I received a letter from dr,, informing me that Chris was injured while driving his truck. However, the injuries did not match a car accident of that nature, so I was suspicious. When I emailed Chris, he replied that he was back at home and not working. He needed money for medication and treatment. I did not send him money. As time went by, he needed me to send him him a cell phone, which I purchased for him from He also needed 2 cell phones for his two friends, which I purchased from As time went in, he needed me to buy him a Phablet. I purchased it again from As time went in, he needed money to buy an Internet bundle, then another cell phone and in July, he dropped his cellphone in the bath water and needed another cell phone. I send him $400.00. I must have spent about $5,000.00 buying him devices, paying for Internet bundles. I have always been suspicious of him, but each time, he convinced he that I should not be suspicious. I checked a few days ago and saw one of the photos he sent me on page 71, I think it was. But he had a different name of Jaimie Martin.
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: Mr. Scott Wilson
Age: 55
Location: Gro?britanien/Bristol
Address: 29 Russell Grove, BS6 7UF, Bristol Somerset.
Phone: +447749144636
On websites:
Report: Hello! I want to warn all women of this man! The man is an impostor. The right photo to refers to Charles Presten aka Scott Wilson. At least that's the name with which he was able to wrap around your finger! This man here with Robert Williams (50) outputs the same as Charles Presten (55) and Scott Wilson (55). The man I met more than a Daiting site. He first showed the photo of Charles Presten - Scott Wilson (as I got to know this man named) .Schicke me but then the email 2 pictures of Robert Williams. When I then asked about it, he said: Excuse me, these are photos of the brother of my late wife. I believed him because he gave me then some photos sent as the person Charles Presten. He scickte me 10 Bacara roses with DHL and we wrote about 3-4 weeks, when he said that he would travel to Ghana because he participated there as a car dealer in a competition of the African government and won this. I got his phone number and we phoned, wrote in Skype and email.Then he wrote me that he had a lot of problems in Ghana and be the black there all just criminals. He asked me to send him 250 euros, because he would have in the moment Problene with his money. He would need it to buy food themselves. I then sent this money. However, not at Scott Wilson, but to his agent. I then sent this money through MoneyGram. Then he thanked politely and at first it was also the next 2 weeks everything okay. He said that he would have to work a lot there because the containers were geschippert from England to Ghana and he has to make the decrease there. But from an other on the day he called me from a number of Ghana and said that he had problems again. He said the shipping company would not release him the container, if he did not pay a sum of XXXXX. He wept bitterly and told me that want to jail the police. He wept so bitterly and said that I was his wife and should help him. He promised me that he would come to me and my children to Germany when he has finished his business in Ghana. Then I sent this man once more a large sum of money. Then he said: I'll be in Germany to you ... He adored me for months to .... promised marriage and then gave itself out as the father of my children.I gave him a loan of 50,000 euros. Then came more and more problems and he needed money again. Actually, I wanted to give him anything more .... But I also wanted to have the money back what I paid scon this man. So I gave him what. But only because he sent me a Dukoment by showed that he had to pay over 30,000 euros to the shipping company in order to escape the prison and that he was doing to himself something. This man has cheated me out of 97,000 Euro, because he threatened me with jail and suicide. I would have no human lives on his conscience, because I am perhaps guilt off later, because I have not helped. I stand today with the man in contact, because he still continued to ask for money from me. I think he's still out until Monday, because I hope that I may be saved until then. I have already turned on the police and hope that I may be saved, to arrest this man. This man has destroyed all my life and that of my children.I just want to put this man in jail . By the way, is this man as Adrian Webber . He can be found on Facebook and . There he is to work for the company Drilling / Production Engineering at Tullow Oil PLC in Britain . Likewise, there is also a car dealer .... I like it, because I entered his cell phone number in Googgle and then came to this site ..... This website he started towards me the deception! Please ..... This man must be found ! I have it all under way to get him to get on the track ! For any advice I am grateful and I'm about to reach my email address . I have taken already in touch with the shipping company and got to know through the Director , which is falsified the document . Even with whom I am still in contact .
First name: Richard
Last name: Lahm
Aka: William Lahm
Age: 57
Location: Las Vegas Nevada
Phone: 702-829-4365
On websites: linkedin
Report: Using the profile name Smilingeyes1290 on
First name: George
Last name: Alexander
Age: unknown
Location: Ghana
Phone: 2173026367, 233548070932
On websites: facebook
Report: I got a friend request from someone I did not know. Claiming to be in the military, stationed in Afghanistan. Being a military veteran, i know how lonely it can be. So I accepted the request and we started chatting. I sent him my phone number. He started texting me, nonstop. His phone number was from Illinois, he said he was from Florida. I contacted the US Army, they had no info on the man. Then he called me, the phone call came from Ghana. I knew it was a scam. I told him that I reported him and he took down his facebook page, and stopped texting. Now all of a sudden he has contacted me again.
First name: Mark
Last name: Anderson
Age: 45
Location: London
Address: Battersea, London
Phone: +447407180374, +4915219180052
On websites: Two, facebook
Report: Introduced himself on Twoo but after a couple of messages suggested Facebook as easier to message. His first message on Twoo was a typical scammer message saying he viewed my profile and wanted to know me better with a view to becoming a couple. On Facebook he told me he was Canadian, widowed with a 17yr old daughter called Juliet. He had been widowed about 8yrs. Lived in Battersea London for 19 years, and had no contact with his family in Canada. I was suspicious from the start as he English was not good but I just played him along knowing that eventually he would reveal himself. He then had to go to Germany on business, which was cables and wires, and after a couple of days he asked for money. Actually it was quite a small amount for a scammer it was ?700. He needed to hire a truck so he said. I refused as I don't have any money or savings. He said he would try somewhere else for help. During our time on Facebook I had a friends request from someone called Corine Baussart, her and mark where friends. She wanted to introduce me to her business which was loans, I'm not sure if the two are connected but it does seem a bit dodgy. I blocked her. On his Facebook profile he has no friends shown, so you cannot ask anyone how they know him. I tried googling his comp as nothing and I looked at several scammer pages nothing, but I knew he was one. Then a friend suggested googling his phone number and hey presto up he appeared on this site. I hope he doesn't scam anyone else as I see some poor woman lost loads of money last year
First name: Scott
Last name: Tony
Age: 46
Location: Abuja
Phone: +23481318665 or +447031867279
On websites:
Report: Scott Tony claims to come from the UK London in Abuja for art exhibition,he conned some money by claiming that he was stuck in Abuja with a sick daughter called EXCEL in hospital.He send me fake flight ticket to my country.
First name: Hooper
Last name: Renteria
Age: 49
Location: Kabul
On websites:
First name: Lewis Prezo Ryan
Last name: Aggio
Age: 60-63
Location: Oscar, OK, Kent, UK< London, UK
Phone: 940-602-3948, 44-797-834-7902
On websites: was on
Report: On June 12, 2015 I was contacted by him on as his daughter had set up the account and only got it for 1 month. That his subscription was getting ready to expire, I looked at his profile he claimed to live in Oscar, OK. We communicated for a few days on the site then he asked if I would contact him through his personal email since he could not access anymore. This was in June 12, 2015 and we talked until July 29, 2015 everyday on email and at least 2 times a week on phone. He claimed to be a Senior Consultant Funds Manager working for Bains Capital Investment International, out of Kent UK but was closing a large deal in Dallas, TX with investors that has taken up to six years to complete. He said he was a widow for 10 years and that his father and son died in a car accident in Fresno, CA. He has a daughter that was living in Italy with her grandmum and her aunt. Upon his return to Kent, UK his mum living in Italy became very ill and he went to visit her and she died 2 days after he left Italy to finish up work in London. He returned back to Italy July 4th the day she died to make all the funeral arrangements. He then went on to Dubai with investors and he had been asked to become a partner with a 10% commission but could not except because it was(against company policy) he put me down as the partner investor for shares with Bains Capital in the 11 million dollars plus in my name. He told me he had turned in his resignation and now with these monies he could start his own fund manager business. He stated all the proper documents were in order and that he had spent close to a million dollars for Tax Certificates and Clean Report Certificates and only had $1500.00 to his name now and needed this money badly, so at this point I started my research and found he was scamming me... He kept pressuring me all was legal and then he asked me for $30,000 USD for the deposit to the bank to open up the Online Gold Checking Account to a bank in Switzerland, I finally emailed him back and told him I knew what he was up to and to back away now and don?t contact me again after reading him the right act. Deborah USA
First name: Mark Jeff
Last name: Newman
Aka: Jeff
Age: 59
Location: CA, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Contacted by this scammer claiming to be from CA, with a daughter living in UK with grandmother. Looked up his email address header and it says he is from Nigeria. Beware ladies he is new to the site and on the prowl. Will contacts chemistry to have profile removed immediately.
First name: michael or mason
Last name: jones
Age: unknown
Location: ghana
Phone: 233243196024
On websites: facebook, whatsapp, hangouts
Report: He first told me his name was Micael Jones then later said it was Mason Jones. His English is very good, well educated, said he was in army getting ready to retire.
First name: Richard
Last name: Johnston
Age: 55
Location: Sydney, Australia
Email: Unknown
On websites: Face Book
Report: Claims to be a 54yr old widower with a 16 (nearly 17) year daughter. Johnston claims to live in Sydney, Australia and is a contract project manager for BP allegedly working a 90 day on / 5 week off work rotation on deep sea rig in Texas. His daughter allegedly lives in the US with her guardian, and was apparently a missionary. Language skills are quite good, but lacks the understanding of common place Australian slang.
First name: Bob
Last name: Williams
Age: 55
Location: Colorado
Phone: +852 5808 6553, +27 631018802, 701-354-8902, 630-489-9130
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: This individual contacted me via Christian Mingle. We talked via email and Yahoo IM for about a month. Two weeks into our communication, he Began to inquire about my occupation, the balance on my mortgage, my annual salary and very personal and intrusive. He bragged about his opulent lifestyle. Yet he asked me to help him financially. I refused because I think it is rude, in poor taste and lack decorum to ask someone for money; especially someone you have never seen. I also have an aversion in women giving money to men. He also claim to be from New Zealand, but spoke with an African accent. I will forward email from Bob Williams to Male Scammers
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: james raymond
Age: 55
Location: kabul
On websites: POF
Report: Claimed to be a chief warrant officer stationed in Kabul, widowed with 16 yr old son, retiring next month.
First name: Michael
Last name: Alvaro
Aka: Zach Douglas
Age: 52
Location: New York and Aberdeen, Scotland
Email: Zach.
On websites:
Report: Zach Douglas, known also as Michael Alvaro contacted me on Christian Mingle. We have been texting and emailing back and forth for over a week. He says in work on at Montrose North Sea oil rig in Aberdeen, Scotland. I had some red flags. He could only text or email and no video, skyping. He said he could not call me. He ask him how I felt about long distance relationships. He said he was a God fearing man who loved the Lord and he would do what ever he could to be sure we are together. Crazy talk for just one week.
First name: Don
Last name: Raymond
Age: 67
Location: UK, Malaysia,
Phone: +447749833483, +447031919942
On websites:
Report: Scammer contacted my mother who is widowed on facebook a few weeks ago and started chatting without becoming friends. Within a few messages told her that he loved her and wants to have a good life together with her and then talked about marrying. His profile is very limited, talking only about his university Cambridge, and his company
First name: Robert Emmanuel
Last name: WILSON
Age: 57
Location: Seattle
On websites: Facebook and yahoo massenger
Report: He introduced as Brigadier General. He used the photos of GLT Jeff A. Sorenson and he has destroyed my life. I have a lot of debts and I will never be able to trust or to love again. He left me yesterday and my only wish is to die.
First name: Timothy
Last name: Lonsdorf
Aka: Timothy Linsdorf
Age: 63
Location: Colorado
Phone: 715-602-0904
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Timothy expressed interest on April 25. After two email messages, suggested to cancel my membership. First clue he was sincere when he asked if I had received some photos he sent and wanted to confirm the email. He wanted me to confirm as he stated he did not want to say the right thing to the wrong person. Meaning he was falsely pursuinga someone else. He reported that his wife died of lung cancer, his daughter, son-in-law and one grandson died in a car accident. He stated that he had a grandson John that he was caring for since the tragic death of his family. He reported that he had to travel oversees for contractual assignment. Two days post his arrival, I received a text message from his supposedly to alert me that his grandfather was mugged and he needed $17k for surgery and medical care. I immediately stopped all communication. They contacted me a few times but have never responded.
First name: ryan
Last name: Cecile
Aka: richard lowe
Age: 48
Location: USA
On websites: facebook
Report: He told me his name was Richard lowe. That he was a going to Dubai for a job. That was a year a go this month. Told me many times that we were going to be married. Made manu promises. Asked for a lot of money that his wallet was stolen and his daughter Sandra was with him. For along time kept saying that he was going to be back in the states over many months.stolen hundreds of dollars from me. If I wouldn't have seen this picture and a different name I would have never known. The phone number I have is for california.this is devistating.
First name: Jim
Last name: Carrabba
Aka: obi mark, mersha kaye, lawrie vance
Age: 47
Location: chicago, nigeria
On websites:, Whatsupp
Report: Jim is a charming man, wrote me for months everyday,promising love, a good life, marriage.He has 1 child, named Williams,and is a engineer.He writes letters everday in your email, will talk to you on the phone and is intimidating when you don't send money. Jim goes away on business and is delayed in south africa on a business trip where his machinary is detained and needs thousands of dollars to get them released. He asked for that loan and then his flight is detained and then his visa expires, then his son gets sick and dies, they are starving, and they live in the london airport.he scammed me , me sending help for his son and money for food, I was fooled thinking he would return and pay me back. The latest i heard is he gave my phone number out as his own, because he know i don't answer if i don't know who they are.
First name: mg
Last name: Krugert
Age: unknown
Location: manassas
On websites: various for me flirchi and aol.
Report: first contact on Flirchisite he requested my email and used this site to send emails. was told all was secret and he wanted to move money from the middle East to the states. sad e would pay me to help then wanted me to pay huge so called customs charges. he was told he would forward any charges and I would not invest any thing in his what appeared to be a scam. he got mad then said he would lower customs charges by a half. I suspect his deal was a scam and that he was fraud in saying he was a maj general in the American army.Its illegal to impersonate a military person in all shapes and forms Edmund Biggs